how to use a condom

(Super-fast idea, because I found this picture and after laughing at the Sheriff’s face for two minutes straight, the idea hit me straight in the face)

Several years in the future, Derek and the Sheriff are kind of buddies.

Derek is a consultant for the Beacon Hills police when any kind of supernatural crime occurs, or when they need his super sniffer in critical urgencies (Derek found the lost little girl almost immediately, while the K9 unit from the next town was still lost in the wood. The Sheriff was proud. They never talk about the fact that they had to circle the town in the John’s police car, Derek’s head hanging out of the window like a poodle on a roadtrip).

So the John and Derek sometimes hang out, they watch football match together, they have a beer, they talk about Stiles’ news from college. They enjoy each other’s company in a very quiet, simple way.

Then, Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills for Christmas, and immediately comes out as bisexual to his dad.

The Sheriff blinks, then hugs him. And that should be the end of it. He is genuinely glad that Stiles told him, and happy that he seems to grow up happy in his own skin.

John honestly doesn’t mean to search stuffs online, but he’s bored, and one innocent question about LGBT rights typed into google quickly devolve into following all kind of links and falling deep. Too deep.

He manages to keeps the anxiety at bay all the way to Derek’s home, and his knock on the door is barely frantic. But Derek opens the door as if he was expecting the Sheriff to be on fire, so John guesses that he didn’t control his panic-stricken heartbeat as well as he thought.

After a few minutes of assuring Derek that no, Stiles is fine, John is fine, everyone is fine, no Stiles isn’t hurt, nobody’s kid got missing again, Melissa is fine, there is no monster eating anyone, Stiles is totally ok, and getting a glass of perfectly good whisky from Derek (who apparently keeps it around just for John), John finally explains.

Because Derek? Derek is bisexual.

They have talked about it in passing several times. Derek’s ex, Jeff, used to be a cop in New Jersey until he got shot in duty and became a teacher. Derek spends some nights drinking at the Jungle and he glared while talking about shitty techno music. Derek gives money to an association for LGBT kids and go there to help sometimes.

To the Sheriff, it never seemed like a detail more important than knowing that Derek hates cheap beer or that he is a sore loser when his sport team get slaughtered.

But now, now it is important. Because the Sheriff needs someone with answers, precise answers, about things that he can ask directly to his kid.

About giant sex toys and trip to the ER and drugs use and STDs and biphobia and bullying.

He kind of blurt it all. Derek’s eyes look gigantic and his eyebrows almost fly off his forehead.

So that’s how Derek becomes the Sheriff’s mentor in everything LGBT.

It’s not as weird as it could be.

Derek answers all his questions as best as he can, tries to reassure him and, when he doesn’t know, they look for information together online while staying far away from certain websites.  

(all the while, Derek tries to ignores really, really hard, that Stiles is bisexual and apparently single. It’s impossible).

Then I don’t know.

Maybe the Sheriff brings Derek back home in the hope that Derek will talk with Stiles about all these stuffs (because he’s not sure he has mastered the details enough to give the bisexual version of the Talk, and also, the image of the gigantic dildo is still haunting him).

So they end up all around the kitchen table, Stiles looking bewildered, Derek resigned and awkward and the Sheriff looking at them with crazy eyes (again, gigantic dildo. And ER trips. Melissa works there, this can never happen to him) until they start talking.

Stiles knows all those things. Derek knows that Stiles knows. They talk about it anyway because, well, the Sheriff look kind of grey in worry.

Then Stiles finally understands that Derek is bisexual. And single. And Derek knows that Stiles is bisexual. And single. The awkwardness quickly turns to vague innuendo, then overt flirting, then eyefucking over mugs of coffee.

The Sheriff gets his colors back progressively. He wonders for a second if he should protest this development (the whole, 7 years older and a werewolf thing may be a problem), but really, Derek is a great man.

And he apparently knows how to use lube, condoms, and would never be stupid enough to use a gigantic dildo then lose it somewhere in his son.

All in all, he’s ok with the direction this whole thing is taking.


2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt:  “Is it too soon to say that we’re fucked?”

Pairing: firefighter!Jensen x Reader

Requested: @atc74

You’re pacing frantically in front of the Austin Fire Station, doing your god damn best to not hyperventilate. The fact that you even made it here is a fucking miracle. You literally sat in your driveway for a good hour, stupidly turning the ignition on and off in your car.

Considering the predicament you’re in, you appear to be quite pulled together. You’re even donning clean clothes and light makeup, a vast improvement over the last few days.

So now here you are at your friend Jensen’s place of employment, meeting him to spill the news that has you in such a tizzy.

“Hey, hun.” Jensen somehow appears out of fucking nowhere, the sound of his simple greeting startling you.

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  • Oscar: Hey, your name is Ruby, right?
  • Ruby: Yep! You must be Oscar.
  • Oscar: I am. It's very nice to meet you
  • Ruby: Qrow said you were new here. I am too! Wanna go exploring with me? I mean, unless you have other plans...
  • Ozpin: Ask her to take her tits out!
  • Oscar: Wha-NO! Of course not!
  • Ruby: Awesome, where do you want to go? We could go to the market, down main street,
  • Ozpin: Take her to your place!
  • Oscar: My place?
  • Ruby: Your place?
  • Oscar: UM
  • Ruby: Don't you you're moving a bit fast?
  • Ozpin: IT'S ON! You're getting some tonight!
  • Oscar: No I'm not!
  • Ruby: Oh, well, I mean, I guess it can sometimes be normal to, well, I mean, I've never, uh-
  • Ozpin: Alright, you know how to use a condom, right?
  • Oscar: I don't even have a condom!
  • Ruby: ..........
  • Ruby, running away: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!

marino-kun  asked:

Do you take prompt? What about Stiles having a secret crush on Derek but when saw him, taking care Scott's son, he fell in love.

I’m not much of a kid fic person, so this took me a while, but I tried. Hopefully it’s kind of what you were angling for!


“Do you think I’m ready for fatherhood?” Stiles asks, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. He’s not freaking out about this. He’s not.

Boyd says flatly, “Stilinski, you’re twenty-one years old. You’re supposed to know how to use a condom by now.“

Stiles’ hand spasms and he accidentally squirts a huge glob of ketchup on his mound of curly fries. Fuck. He has the ideal ketchup-to-curly-fry ratio down to a science, and this is not it. “No, absolutely not what I meant. It’s just. Did you know Derek had a kid?”

Boyd meditatively takes a bite of his burger. “No. But the nice thing about Derek is that he doesn’t go in for personal talk.”

Stiles shoots him a weird look. Of course Boyd would think that was nice. Stiles, though, has been trying to break down Derek’s walls even just a little bit for months now—sitting with him in class, sharing his notes, studying with him in the library and getting late-night waffles together afterwards, little by little pulling Derek out of his shell. He’d thought he was getting somewhere, but obviously not, not if Derek failed to mention this kid even existed.

Which he does. Stiles knows, because he can see him right now, over by Prof. Martin’s pool. Apparently his name is Jamie.

He’s one of only two kids here, which is not really unexpected given that this is the end-of-semester party for Prof. Martin’s honors criminal psych class. Not too many college kids around here with children. Stiles had assumed, like an idiot, that that was true for Derek, too. Or, more like, he hadn’t ever thought to wonder about it. He probably should have. At twenty-six, Derek is older than everyone else in the class except the professor. It’s totally plausible for a twenty-six-year-old to have a kid.

What seems less plausible is that that twenty-six-year-old with a kid would be Derek Hale. He just doesn’t look like Stiles’ idea of a dad. He came into class the first day in a leather jacket and tight jeans with this don’t-talk-to-me smolder, and Stiles spent most of that session pretending to look over the syllabus with the rest of the class while actually wondering what Derek looked like naked. He feels kind of skeevy about it now, if Derek is somebody’s dad.

It seems more and more likely that he is. The kid is a dark-haired little boy, not very talkative, and not five minutes after they arrived, he’d already bitten Prof. Martin’s daughter on the arm and been banished to time-out. That was about when Stiles felt he had to accept that yep, that was probably Derek’s kid.

Now Jamie and Derek are sitting together on the edge of the pool, dipping their feet in the water. Jamie is sniffling, but as Stiles watches, Derek pulls a kleenex out of the pocket of his leather jacket and carefully—tenderly, even—wipes at the kid’s face with it. Derek’s saying something to him, and he’s got this achingly gentle smile on his face that Stiles has never seen before, and then he’s pulling a quarter out of his pocket. At the flash of silver the kid stops crying, looking tentatively interested. Derek winks at him and pretends to put the coin back in his pocket, then reaches up and plucks it from behind his ear. Jamie stares at it, and then at Derek, dumbfounded. Derek does it a second time, faster, tickling the kid’s ear as he “finds” the coin, and Jamie giggles. It’s basically illegal levels of adorable.

Yeah, that confirms it. It’s definitely more than a simple lust-crush thing at this point, and Stiles is fucked.

Stiles looks over at Boyd. He’s busy on his phone, typing out a meticulous, grammatically correct reply to a wall of emojis from Erica. “So…” Stiles prompts. “Fatherhood?”

“I think you’re closer to needing adult supervision yourself than providing it to others,” Boyd decides, hitting send on his text. “You can be the fun uncle, at most.”

“Hmm,” Stiles says, and morosely eats a curly fry.


Stiles is over at the cooler on the patio, digging around through the ice to see if there’s any beer left, when someone clears their throat behind him. He waffles and snags a Sprite and turns around to see Derek hovering there, leaning an elbow on the railing.  

Stiles pops the tab open on his can and tries for a casual bro nod. “Hey. ‘Sup.”

“I like your shirt,” Derek says, biting his lip. “I am Groot.”

Stiles smiles and runs a hand down his chest, over the baby Groot on his shirt. “Yeah. I wasn’t gonna buy any more graphic tees, but then I saw it and I was powerless to resist.”

“Have you seen the sequel yet?”

Stiles throws his head back and groans. “No, and it’s killing me. I can’t wait. I’ve watched the trailer like ten times. I’ve been forcing myself to stay in my dorm and study, though. No movies for me. I mean, the way everyone was talking, I thought for sure Professor Martin’s final was going to torpedo my GPA. I’m actually feeling pretty good about it, though. I think I probably got, like, a low A. You?”

“Same. I feel sorry for anybody who didn’t keep up with the readings, though. That would torpedo their grade.”

Stiles snorts. He knows exactly who didn’t do the readings, because most of them are huddled together in a glum little group at the picnic table at the edge of the yard. “Definitely. There was so much on the final that was never even mentioned in class.”

Derek looks at him, lingering in a way that makes Stiles’ skin feel too hot. “I guess now that that’s over with, you can finally see the movie.”

“Yeah.” Stiles laughs, nervous without quite knowing why. Maybe it’s just that when Derek looks at him, it always makes him kind of nervous. “Guess so.”

Derek picks at the peeling label on his lemonade bottle, asks, “Do you maybe want to go see it with me?”


On the one hand, YES, hell yes, Stiles wants that, and the fact that Derek wants that makes him feel like breaking out dancing right here, right now, but—maybe Stiles feels slightly less like he should want it now than he did, oh, say, this morning.

In the distance, he can hear Jamie shriek-laughing down on the lawn as Heather tickle-attacks him. Dating Derek—seriously dating, because Stiles wouldn’t be down for casual, not in this case—would mean being in that kid’s life, maybe even eventually being that kid’s step-parent. And yeah, Jamie is cute. So is seeing how good Derek is with kids. But… Stiles’ gut reaction is “Yikes.”

Stiles agrees with Boyd on this one: Stiles should be the fun uncle at most. Stiles as a dad, responsible for the well-being of a small child? Yikes. Double yikes. Infinite yikes.

Derek is still staring at him, his smile fading to something more closed-off, more nervous, the longer Stiles doesn’t say anything. By the time Stiles says, “No, I—I’m sorry. I wish I could, but I can’t,” Derek doesn’t even look that surprised, more… resigned. Sad.

“Okay, well…” he says. “Thanks for considering it.” He nods, once, without quite looking at Stiles. Then he sets his lemonade down on the railing and walks away.


Stiles doesn’t really feel much like partying after that. There’s nothing like rejecting your crush—after a whole semester of trying to get them to ask you out, no less!—to ruin the mood. And anyway, he’s already eaten and socialized and done his time sitting around in the sunshine. He’s probably going to have sunburn all over his face and neck tomorrow to go along with his Derek-asked-me-out-and-I-said-no moping. He can be both emotionally and physically miserable at the same time. Great.

When he opens Prof. Martin’s front door, heading out to his Jeep parked up on the road, there’s a man jogging up the porch steps. He slows when he sees Stiles, shooting him a friendly enough smile.

“Everyone’s out back,” Stiles says. The guy looks a little older, like Derek’s age, maybe, and he has a tattoo on his arm, two thick dark lines. He definitely wasn’t in their class this semester. “Are you a friend of Professor Martin’s?”

“No, actually, I don’t know her. I’m Scott. I’m a friend of Derek’s. I’m just here to pick up my son for his dentist appointment.”

Stiles isn’t sure what his heart just did in response to that, but it’s probably nothing good. “Your son as in, the little boy who likes to bite people?”

“Yeah, it’s a bit of a phase he’s been going through,” Scott says apologetically, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck. “We’re working on it. Hope he wasn’t too much of a problem today. Derek asked Professor Martin if he could come, and she said it would be fine, so…”

“Yeah, it’s been good,” Stiles manages to say through his inner mantra of Stiles, you idiot.  

“Awesome. When Jamie heard Derek was going to a party, he just got so excited, you know? Kira—my wife—she tried to tell him it was a grown-up party, but he was really insistent. He’s kind of obsessed with Derek right now. Everything Derek does, Jamie wants to do.” Scott laughs a little. “You should’ve seen how excited he was when Kira hinted he might get a jacket just like Derek’s for his birthday.”

“Oh my god,” Stiles says faintly, because that mental image is almost too cute to handle. Also… apparently he isn’t leaving yet after all.


Stiles lingers as unobtrusively as possible on the back patio until Scott has collected Jamie from Derek, and then he heads over. For once, he’s able to sneak up on Derek, even though this time he’s not even trying. Derek’s clearly lost in his own head, standing alone over by the pool and staring down into the still water.

“Hey, Derek,” Stiles says, drifting to a stop a few feet away.

Derek jumps a little, then sees who it is and looks even more startled.

Stiles snorts. “Sorry, dude. Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t,” Derek says, unconvincingly.

“Right, well. I just… I was just wondering if you still wanted to see that movie.”

Derek eyes him, wary and kind of puzzled. “Thirty minutes ago you said—”

“I know what I said. What I said was stupid.”

Derek’s expression doesn’t change, except to look incrementally more confused.

Stiles sighs. He’s just going to have to say it. “Thirty minutes ago I thought you were Jamie’s dad, okay? Now I know better.”

Derek uncrosses his arms. “Oh?”

“Yeah. And I figured… The date was probably going to go pretty well, and then there’d be another one and another.”

“That’s confident of you,” Derek says, cautiously pleased.

“Well,” Stiles shrugs, “I think I’ve spent enough time with you by now to know we’d be pretty great together, and honestly? I’m crazy about you. Any relationship with you, I would work like hell to make it work.”

Derek looks a little stunned.

Stiles forges on, hoping he’s not creeping Derek out. “So yeah, I figured if I said yes, it wouldn’t be just one date. And I figured I shouldn’t just jump into that without being prepared for what it might mean. Long-term.”

Derek steps in a little closer, and he’s just staring at Stiles and not saying anything and it’s wreaking havoc on Stiles’ nerves.

So, of course, he keeps talking, and talking. “Before you get creeped out, trust me, I know you’re just asking me out, not proposing marriage or whatever, but listen, I’m not going to jump into something with you if I’m not ready for the possibility of it getting serious one day. When you showed up with Jamie, I thought things getting serious between us might include your kid, and… Honestly, I’m not sure I want kids, and that’s not even getting into whether it’d be a good idea to give me a child. I feel like that could actually be a very terrifying idea, both for me and for him.”


“I mean, I’m happy enough seeing other people’s kids once in a while and then sending them home to their parents, you know? So I guess what I’m trying to say is, finding out you don’t have kids was basically the best news of my life because now I can say yes, like, the most enthusiastic of yeses—”

Derek kisses him. Stiles agreeably stops trying to talk, letting his eyes fall shut and his hands drift down to twist in Derek’s shirt. Who needs talking, anyway, when he has Derek gently coaxing his mouth open with his tongue. That’s the kind of communication style Stiles can really get behind.

After the third wolf-whistle from over by the picnic table, they reluctantly break apart. Derek looks satisfyingly dazed. Stiles feels like he probably does, too, because wow.

“I guess that was a yes to my yes?”

“That was a ‘Stiles, shut up before you run out of oxygen.’” Derek smiles. “And it was a yes.”



Velvet Box (Mafia AU)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Summary: Hoseok is kind, charming and friendly, but there are some lies behind the blinding smile of this strip club owner. Jungkook is a mysterious, passionate musician- and don’t you know that you need to sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams… sometimes even your morals?

Genre: Ansgt, Smut, Fluff

Pairings: Reader x Jungkook, Reader x Hoseok

Word count: 5k

Trigger Warnings: Smut, swearing, strippers, criminal activity, thigh riding, oral

“You suspect that whenever he thinks like this, it means your question might have an answer he doesn’t think you’ll like.”

Part 2

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BTS Reacts - Finding Out You’re Pregnant

request via dms : “a little react of BTS finding out that you’re pregnant?”

Min Yoongi: ‘I’ve never thought about raising a family,’ he casually says in passing, as he watches a happy family walk past, through the window. You’re a week into your pregnancy; you haven’t told anyone. You know Min Yoongi is focused on his career, and having kids wouldn’t really fit into his lifestyle. You don’t want to burden your boyfriend of several years, but you know you’re going to have to let him know about this sooner or later, no matter how hesitant you are. ‘I’m pregnant,’ you curtly confess. His turns around so swiftly; his jaw hangs open for awhile, processing this knowledge - he is going to be a dad. It scares him, and he is resisting every instinct in his body that makes him want to run out of the room yelling at the top of his lungs, but when he looks at you, all he sees is the person he loves, about to give him the gift of his life. The truth is that Min Yoongi has never thought about raising a family - until he met you.

“I … what? Are… are you serious?”
( You nod in reply. )
“… I guess I’m gonna have to get used to more than one person calling me ‘daddy’, now…” 

Park Jimin: You’re nervous as to how he is going to take the news of an unexpected pregnancy. When he emerges from the elevator, he explodes with enthusiasm - ‘jagi, did you watch us on television last night?’, ‘did you see us accept the award?’ - an endless stream of questions pour out of the singer. Hoseok asks if you’d like to go out for drinks with them, but you refuse. ‘Why, are you pregnant?’, joked Namjoon. You stare at your boyfriend while he’s on his victory-high, but the look you’re giving him causes his bouncing to slowly come to a stop. An awkward silence hangs in the air, and Hoseok constantly switches his attention between your still bodies. He mouths a visible ‘oh my god’, exchanging glances with Namjoon. You mutter a weak ‘yes’ - hearing you say that you’re about to give him a baby makes him queasy - but little does Jimin know, down the road, he would be a proud father of three sons, and he would wonder why he ever overreacted in the first place.

“J-Jagi, are you for real? I… can’t even… what!? How!? We… we used a condom, didn’t we!?”

Kim Seokjin: You’re having lunch together, when suddenly, your body convulses, and you make a break for the bathroom. He’s concerned for you, so he gets out of his seat and walks over to the door, calling for you from outside. You quickly retort for him to stay out, and you start retching between words. His brows knit - did you eat something that didn’t agree with you? He’s noticed you taking trips to the toilet a lot more, but he’s always thought it’s because of how much water you’ve been drinking lately. A pang of realization hits him when he thinks of the last possible reason for your sudden illness. The last time you’d slept together was a month ago. Seokjin definitely sees children in his future, and even though he has trouble stomaching all this right now, he’s unable to contain himself. He would want nothing more than the person he loves to bear his child. Having kids would mean the world to him, but he needs to ask you one thing before he accepts this turn of events.

Jagiya… I know you’re pregnant. I want you to know, that I’m ready as ever to embark on this journey with you. I want to be with you and our child forever, if you’ll have me.”
( What are you saying, Jin? )
“… Will you be my wife?” 

Jung Hoseok: You’re at the doctor’s office - you haven’t been feeling particularly well lately, so you decide to take your problem to the clinic by yourself. When the doctor informs you of your unplanned pregnancy, your heart stops. You’re not sure how to get this news to your boyfriend. You ring up Hobi to tell him that you’re dropping by Bighit. His ears are sharp - he is able to detect the anxiety in your shaky voice. He pesters you to tell him why you’re upset, and after at least five minutes of his persistence, you cave in, announcing your pregnancy. There is a long silence on the call, and you’re concerned that he hasn’t digested this news well. Hobi is a family man - the thought of spending the rest of his life with you and his new kids gets him amped to a maximum. Jung Hoseok runs at full speed into the practice room, yelling at the other six members of Bangtan as you hear him wail over the call:


Kim Namjoon: ‘I’m flipping out, what do I do?!’, Kim Namjoon eavesdrops on your phone call as he stands idly outside your bedroom. He’s noticed how tense you are all night, and he’s tried breaking the ice with both affectionate kisses and playful humour, but none of it unwinds you from discomfort. Hoseok finally returns your calls after hours of you dialing him. You had to tell someone, just not Namjoon yet. He urges you to relax, and to just talk to your long-time boyfriend. When you’re through with the call, you find the man himself seated down on the sofa, having been left to a state of uncertainty after hearing the word ‘pregnant’ escape your lips. Namjoon’s undecided about his opinions on having kids - it’s not that he’s unwilling to start a family with you - he just can’t believe it’s actually going to happen. Watching you freak out puts him on edge, so he tries to remain as calm as possible, making the first move, struggling to keep in his panic:

“… Is there something you want to tell me, babe? Like, I don’t know… BEING PREGNANT!?”

Jeon Jungkook: The answering machine on the desk beeps as Jungkook screens through the calls in the apartment. He’s decided to make himself comfortable at home before you return from work, so checking his calls is the first order of business. A medical clinic calls, ‘the results of your blood test for pregnancy are in, and it’s positive - please get back to us if have any more inquiries’. Jungkook has reached a whole new level of freaking the fuck out - he is so shook, that he simply goes about his regular routine around the house, making himself a bowl of cereal before sitting on the couch, waiting for you to return. His brain has short-circuited, and he just stares blankly ahead. Some part of him is wondering why he’s so scattered about you bearing his child - sure, he is young - but if there’s anyone in his life he wants more to have kids with, it’s you. This line of reasoning results in him being more accepting of the fact that he’s about to be a father.

“… I wonder what’s a good name that goes with Jeon…”

Kim Taehyung: He’s casually brushing his teeth in the bathroom, when his eyes catch something unusual in the dustbin. ‘Jagi, what is this?’ You hear Taehyung’s voice from your bedroom, and it clicks in your mind that you haven’t taken the trash out yet. Ohmygod, you think, starting to feel the dread set in. You fly off your bed, scuttling toward the bathroom in haste, panting hard from racing your way there. You find him examining your pregnancy test closely. You’ve been meaning to tell him, but you wanted to make sure through a doctor’s visit, first. You bite your lip, anticipating his reaction - however, when he turns to you, you see tears well up in his eyes. You’ve been afraid to bring this news to him, but you should have known that Taehyung loves kids like nothing else, and to him, discovering that the love of his life is going to bring him even more happiness than they already have, makes him realize: one by one, all of his dreams are coming true.

“Yah, pabo… I can’t believe you’re pregnant… do you know how much this means to me?”

This was hard to do, mostly because I kept juggling back and forth between them reacting as ready, future parents, or unexpected recipients of the news. Either way, I sincerely hope you liked how it turned out - thank you for requesting, please enjoy! <3

When We Collide (Part 7)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

A shaky breath escaped from your lips so loudly and deep it echoed in the otherwise quiet bathroom. You had made sure you were the only one in here in fear of someone else showing up but now it was as if everything around you was blurred.

The stick in your hand was just as blurry as everything else. How could this be possible? How was it even possible? None of it made sense to your mind.

“I can’t be fucking pregnant.” You stated to yourself but when you looked into the mirror to see your devastated expression reality hit you hard.

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“And Then She Ran” Daryl Dixon

Words: 2,023

Summary: After Daryl’s daughter dies, he finds her diary and learns more about her than he wanted.

Warnings: This is dark. Death, some swear words, angst

A/N lol I cried writing this

Link to part 2 here!


Daryl can still remember his daughter’s death like it was yesterday.

It was her on her eighteenth birthday. Daryl, not one to show his emotions, had gone out of his comfort zone that day to make sure it was a special one. He’d had Carol over to cook her favorite breakfast (at least, her favorite out of the few options they had), and while on a previous run, he found her a beautiful diamond necklace in a house that was still in good shape. He managed to find some paper to cover it with. He had everything ready to go. It was not often that she got to feel like she was special.

They had a fight that day. This was not just any normal fight, not like the ones that they usually had. And they had fights often. This fight was different.

Everyone had noticed that she had been acting differently lately. Nobody brought it up with her, but everyone knew something was wrong. Daryl was the last one to catch on, and when he finally convinced her to tell him what was going on… It turned into the worst fight they’d ever had.

She had run off after that fight, but Daryl didn’t pay any mind to that. She had a habit of “running away” for a few hours. The first few times she did that, Daryl freaked out. He looked for her up and down until the minute she came home. Usually she came home drunk, which would just piss Daryl off more, but at least she was ok. So after a few times of her pulling that act, Daryl stopped worrying.

“She’ll be back soon.” Daryl told himself that day, not bothering to run after her.

She didn’t come back. As a matter of fact, she never came back. A few days after her disappearance, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn went out looking for her. In her place, they saw something they wish they never saw.

She was dead. She was a walker.

Daryl broke down after that, crying harder than he had in his entire life. He just lost his little girl. When he got back to their house later that night, he grabbed the necklace and threw it out the window, sobbing.

It took Daryl a while to be okay after that. In reality, he knew he’d never be okay, but he was okay enough to move on. It took almost a year before he could even go into her room again. It smelled like her; he could almost feel her presence in there. That was comforting for the first few days, until he realized he was never getting her back. She was gone.


This was the first time he’d been in your room since that night. Daryl took in the surroundings- it was a mess in here.

‘She was definitely not a tidy person.” Daryl thought to himself, laughing softly. He sat on the bed, taking a deep breath.

“I shouldn’t be in here.” He said out loud to himself, getting up to leave. But something stopped him. He noticed a notebook nudged in between the mattress and the floor. Hesitating, he picked it up and opened it to the first page.

‘I’d been caught with Carl more times than you could imagine.

At first it wasn’t anyone important catching us, only people like Maggie or Glenn who I knew wouldn’t say anything. Then, Rick found out. Rick was pissed, and told Carl to stay away from me.   “She’s too much trouble, Carl. Don’t get involved with her.” Rick had told him. I know he doesn’t like me. He only tolerates me because I’m his best friend’s daughter. I know he’d kick me out of the group if he could. So when he promised me that he wouldn’t tell my dad if we stopped while we were ahead, I agreed. I cried, and told him I’d keep it friendly between the two of us.

Carl didn’t listen. I didn’t either. I just played it up so he wouldn’t tell my dad. We just found other places to sneak around to and have sex.

But, oh boy. The look on my dad’s face that day when he saw me on top of Carl, clothes scattered everywhere. I hadn’t seen him scream that loud at anyone in his life. Daryl Dixon is not a man to piss off. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write in this but I’ll try to as much as possible. Don’t exactly get too much free time around here.’

Daryl knew he shouldn’t be reading his daughter’s diary, but he couldn’t stop himself. Despite the conditions of the world forcing them to be together all the time, he knew absolutely nothing about his daughter except that she and Carl were together and that she was good with a gun.

A part of him knew it didn’t matter anymore. She was dead.

He turned to the next entry.

My dad is keeping me on a leash now. He’s mad at me. I don’t care. Carl’s the only person that genuinely makes me happy. My dad doesn’t make me happy. He just wants to control me.

I know this put a damper in his friendship with Rick. Rick’s saying it’s all my fault because I’m a bad influence. My dad stood up for me, but I know deep down he agrees. I’m a “problem child.” I have attitude. I’m dramatic. I like to venture out on my own and go explore, sometimes bringing Carl with me so we can have alone time.

I know my dad wishes he had a better daughter. Sometimes I wish I was. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born, and that my mom gave birth to a different kid. A kid that wasn’t me. I bet my dad would love that. He hates me.

My 18th birthday is in two weeks. I don’t know if legalities matter anymore in this world, but I’ll be an adult. I want to be treated like one. I want off this leash. I want to be allowed to be with Carl without being told no.

I won’t stop seeing him.’

The more Daryl read that, the more his heart broke. He never knew that she thought he didn’t care. Tears starting forming in his eyes, but he wiped them away quickly. He refuses to cry about anything anymore.

‘I’m sick. I can’t stop throwing up everywhere. It’s odd, because I feel fine other than when it just hits me out of nowhere, and no one else is sick beside me.

I refuse to even think about the other option. I’m sick, that’s all.

I got to kill a lot of walkers today. I haven’t got to do that in a while. It felt nice to hold a gun again. Carl is sweet with me. He’s always making sure I’m okay, being protective and all. He loves me, he told me that today. I think I love him too.’

Daryl didn’t know Carl and her were that serious. He thought they were just hormonal teenagers, doing things that teenagers done. He didn’t know there was feelings there. That was an odd thing for Daryl to imagine, love. He hadn’t ever felt it for a girl that wasn’t family.

‘It’s confirmed. I’m pregnant. I did something to piss off my dad, so then it would start a fight, and I ran off without him trying to find me. If I ran off without a reason he’d be suspicious.

I found the tests in the town over. It wasn’t a long walk, but the coldness was getting to me. I ran home, and hid the box in my coat.

My dad didn’t even look at me as I walked past him.

I don’t know how I’m going to tell Carl. God, how am I going to tell anyone? My dad? Rick? I don’t understand how this happened. He pulled out every time. We didn’t use condoms, they’re not exactly easy for either of us to obtain, but I thought pulling out worked, too. I guess I was wrong.

I suppose I didn’t really have anyone to teach me this stuff.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’m sitting here writing in a diary like a little girl for God’s sake.’

Tears spilling, Daryl slammed the diary shut. He couldn’t read anymore. He stormed off the bed, and punches the wall near him.

“Daryl?” Rick appeared. Daryl turned his body to face him, ready to break at any moment.

“She thought I hated her.” Daryl says slowly, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

“I doubt she thought you hated her. She knew you loved her. You wouldn’t have gotten so protective of her if you didn’t love her.”

“Rick, I foun’ her diary… I shouldn’t have read it, but I did. She said she wished she wasn’t born because she thought she wasn’t a good enough daughter for me.”

Rick could see the man in front of him, broken to pieces. He felt for him.

“I’m going to finish reading it, I think.” Daryl said after a few moments of silence. Rick took that a que that he wanted to be left alone, and made his way out of the room.

Daryl’s hands shook as he reached for the small, brown notebook once more. Turning it to the last entry she made, he took a deep breath and continued reading.

‘I told Carl.

He took it okay. We were in the middle of eating breakfast that Carol had made for the group when I pulled him outside to talk. He was mostly freaked out. I don’t know if he was more freaked out at the fact that he was going to be a father, or the fact that he would have to tell HIS father. But in the end, he knew his father would be supporting regardless. He gave me a real big kiss and told me we would get through this together.  

I told him I didn’t want to tell anyone until I told my dad first. I’m telling him today. It’s my birthday. I figured it’s as good of a day as any to tell him.

I found the necklace he got me. The paper he had it all wrapped in was torn and it was falling out. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen anything to beautiful in my life. I don’t think my dad’s ever gotten me a gift. It makes me happy. Not because its material, but because it’s meaningful. I don’t get attention from him like this. It makes me want to cry.

Stupid pregnancy. Makes me emotional.

I can’t wait for him to give it to me. I feel like maybe it’s his idea of trying to open up to me. If he’s willing, I’m willing.

I have this idea that if my baby turns out to be a girl, I want to give the necklace to her when she gets older. I want to keep it in the family. If we live long enough for that.

I love this baby so much already. I’d do anything for him or her, I can already feel it.

I’m going to tell him whenever he gets back from doing whatever he’s doing. I know he’s going to kill me. I’m getting anxiety about telling him. I considered just not telling him at all, letting him figure out on his own that he’s going to be a grandfather. But I need to tell him. I’ll write in this later and-“

It stops mid-sentence, not continuing. Daryl notices stains on the side of the paper, a puke-ish color, like she got sick while writing that and forgot about it.

He slowly closes the journal, mind numb. He knew the rest of the story.


He had home early from checking out a possible un-scavenged pharmacy with Glenn when he saw her sitting outside, deep in thought.

“How did it go?” She had asked him, attempting to build up a conversation with him before dropping the bomb.

“Overrun by walkers, but mostly un-touched. Rick’s sending in a team tomorrow to clear the place out.”

“Awesome,” She had said blankly.

“Look, I know we’re not the perfect example of a father daughter relationship, but if somethings wrong I need you to tell me.” Daryl told her, taking a seat next to her.

“Dad, I’m pregnant.”

Daryl looked over at her in shock. Her eyes were rimmed with tears, and her stomach felt nauseous, although she wasn’t sure if that was from more morning sickness or the anticipation of waiting for his response.

“You’re jokin’, right?” He looked at her dead in the eye. All she could do was stare at him.

“Fuck.” He cursed, getting up from next to her. “How could you do that? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“It’s not like we wanted this, dad!” She was angry.

“I’m gonna kill him. I’m gonna rip his head off.” Daryl was fuming.

“Dad, please-“

“God, I don’ understand, why couldn’t you have just been a good kid? Why do you gotta run around causin’ problems for everyone. I shouldn’t even be surprised.”

He had hit a nerve. She looked at him, no response. He looked at her one last time before storming into the house, slamming the door shut.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you.” She talked to her baby, rubbing her stomach. She was so angry that she forgot to grab her gun.

And then she ran.

When We Collide (Part 8)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”What do you mean Holly is going to be my girlfriend?” Luke’s confusion was clear on his face, eyebrows furrowed and jaw falling slowly.

You were having the exact same expression on your face but kept quiet after your small outburst, you were just so shocked you didn’t know whether it was actually a real statement or just a simple lame joke.

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me and @jackmcknightley were talking and came up with this headcanon

  • Imagine Otabek sending Yuri dirty pics while he’s sitting next to Viktor. 
  • And Viktor is shocked and all Yuri says is “calm down old man" 
  • And later Viktor is crying/talking to Yuuri because he thinks Yuri is still to young for these kind of things even though Yuri is already over 20 
  • Viktor decides they need to have “the talk” with Yuri
  • He insist they should teach Yuri how to use condoms by practicing on bananas
  • Otabek has to come too
  • So both of them sit on the couch while Viktor shows them and tells them all they need to know and Yuuri is like "I’m going on a walk with Makkachin”
  • And then Yurio - bored expression on his face- says “you know we did it multiple times, right?”
  • Viktor’s expression is scandalized and terrified at the same time
  • He looks at Otabek and he only shruggs his shoulders
  • Then Yuuri would get back and absolutely scandalized Viktor would tell him all this and Yuuri would pat his shoulder and say “they are dating for four years. What were you thinking they do?”

Hey guys! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, so I thought I’d do a little summary of what’s been going on my blog so far this year to update you all.

I’ve been unusually prolific, so I’ve got a lot of new Sterek fics up, including some old WIPs I updated this year.

So, without further ado, here’s the masterpost, as of early May 2017. Happy reading!! And let me know if you think a post like this for my older fics would be helpful as well.

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|| Yours To Love || [[smut]]

{summary: will he still love you if he knows about the new life growing inside of you?}

this is a day late and i’m sorry ;w; work was so crazy yesterday that i really couldn’t write for this au as much as i wanted to.

this short series is almost done with, with the next update being the EPILOGUE. I may do the first and second parts of this story in bucky’s POV, but we’ll just have to wait and see, because i’m not TOO confident when it comes to taking on a male’s POV.

ps i am so sorry for sinning on easter.

[ {I’m Yours} series tagging list ]: @iamwarrenspeace , @topkay , @imagine-thingsandstuff , @acunningstargazer , @sea-kale , @marvel-fanfiction , @sebatianstanisbae , @boom-boombang

warnings: brief usage of bondage (namely handcuffs), oral (female receiving), thigh riding/fucking (idk what it’s called but if you readers are brave enough to read this poorly written smut, then you’ll know what i’m talking about)

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


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anonymous asked:

how do you think the rfa would react to an mc who was nervous about having sex with them because she'd never done it before? like she's nervous about not being good at it or making a mistake

Sure thing! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Before I start this off, I do want you (all of you and the anon!) to know it’s perfectly okay to be nervous your first time, or your first time with a new person.
You can get better at sex! No one ever seems to talk about that, but guys and girls get very worried over having to be the very best on the first try. I can tell you my first time with a guy wasn’t very satisfying due to both of us being nervous as hell, and that’s completely normal, okay?
If you sleep with someone and they’re mean about the first time not being super duper amazing, kick em to the curb! Find someone who’s willing to help you be more comfortable, and you help them as well!
Okay, lecture over, headcannon time!


- When you first admitted it to him after an intense make out, he ended up blushing and pulling away a bit to look you in the eye.

- “Am I going too fast?”

- “No- I mean, well… I don’t know.” You wrung your fingers nervously, feeling your spine light up with anxiety. “I wouldn’t mind to keep going but… I just want you to know I’m going to be terrible at it.”

- “Babe, no.” He kissed your forehead, slipping his hands together with yours. “Don’t think like that, okay? You won’t be terrible.”

- “But I haven’t done ‘it’ before.”

- “So?”

- You clammed up, not really knowing what else to say. You kinda ruined the mood already…

- But Zen wasn’t letting the topic go so easily. He brushed your hair away from your face, kissing your cheek this time. “The only way you could make it bad for us is if I wake up the next morning, and you’ve left and broken up with me, okay, hun?”

- You scoffed a bit, rolling your eyes, but… That did kinda make you feel a bit better.

- The next time you two ended up getting a bit too handsy, he gave you a questioning look. After a brief pause, you nodded, and the two of you ended up moving to the bedroom.

- You were nervous- Shaking and almost even tearing up from worry- but Zen just calmly and carefully led you through it. Small kisses, going slow, asking if what he was doing felt good.

- When the pleasure was getting to you, you finally let your guard down a bit, and just flowed along with the motions- Doing what you felt was right.

- Zen gave you small praises as you acted on your own- Telling you how good you felt and how every brush of your lips was driving him wild

- Admittedly, it didn’t take too long for either of you to finish. I mean… It had been a while for him too.

- He shyly slipped an arm around you after the two of you cleaned up. “Princess, do you mind if we cuddle?”

- You ended up laughing quietly, pulling him closer to you and nuzzling his shoulder.

- Yeah… That wasn’t too bad.

- I mean, practice makes perfect too….


- He ended up confessing that to you at first. Shyly admitting it one day after a long cuddle session on his bed. 

- “Yoosung, I haven’t done anything like that either…”

- He was actually kinda glad. He didn’t feel so unmanly now if you hadn’t either!

- But…He still didn’t know what to do if the two of you ever went that far…

- Over the course of a week, he ended up privately talking to his guild mates and Zen (Seven would Not take him seriously, there was no way he was going to ask him for advice!!). Zen offered him pretty legit advice. How to properly use a condom, how to try and hold out, what he had personally discovered girls liked.

- And…Since a lot of his guild mates were girls, they were more than willing to give tips for your sake. I mean, girls gotta look out for each other!

- (It would take him ages to admit that he had to ask for advice from others)

- Your main research was the occasional smut fic or two, or the heavy romance scene in a game/novel.

- So, the two of you weren’t completely clueless about sex, but you both were nervous

- One night you came over to a dimly lit apartment with a few flowers in a vase, Yoosung looking completely red-faced. He was trying his best to be romantic but also letting you have a way out if you needed it.

- When it came time where you both were half undressed- Yoosung ended up shaking more than you. He didn’t want to hurt you at all, but he knew he was probably going to screw up.

- It ended up with the both of you slowly helping each other out- Settling each others nerves with sweet kisses and burning touches

- (He was so relieved when he managed to last long enough for you to cum first holy shit )

- Afterwards, the two of you shyly cuddled. Him asking you if any of it felt good, and you doing the same. Both of you blushing and giggling as you two realized you made each other feel pretty damn good.


- He actually expected it when you first admitted it to him. Some previous conversations had hinted at you never going that far, and your blush when he teased at such things was another clue as well. Either that, or you were very shy.

- He hadn’t slept with anyone before either, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know what to do. Before he had met you, he did check out a few Expert Playboy books for research, in case he ever needed/wanted to sleep with a woman

- Also to figure out some terms he had overheard some of his business partners say in gross conversation

- Needless to say, it wouldn’t bother him in the least. “That’s alright, I believe I’ve done enough research for the both of us. Regardless, no matter your experience, when we do have sex, you won’t be getting much sleep that night.”

- (Jumin calm the fuck down jfc)

- Even though he sounds like he’s going to be rough (and some various hints that he may like it rough), he would plan to be very careful with you the first time. 

- He would set it up to be romantic, but also have strong hints about it during the say so you have plenty of time to tell him no if need be. He doesn’t ever want to force anything on you.

- When it finally comes to the night where the two of you have sex for the first time, he would initiate a lot of foreplay for your benefit only- Getting you relaxed and calmer about the situation.

- Fingering? Oral? Yes yes yes. Even a small break of just kissing in between the foreplay and the real deal.

- And even then, he asks to make sure you’re ready, that you can still stop him if you don’t want to do this.

- He’s gentle through the whole thing. A few hickies, very light nips, trying not to grasp your thighs so tightly. But by the end the both of you are worn out and he lazily pulls you to him to cuddle.


- She’s had sex before, but…Not with a woman. When you admit to her you’ve never done it with any gender, she’s very understanding and doesn’t mind it.

- But she’s nervous as well. Due to having to research things constantly, she also researches how to have sex with you. She mostly goes by what feels good for her, but who she slept with wasn’t really much for focusing on a woman’s pleasure, rather than his own, so…

- Regardless, when the time comes that the two of you do it, she’s very gentle with you. Makes sure her nails are clipped and short, nothing to hurt you, and focuses on the first time together to be mainly for your pleasure, and to lessen your nerves about sex in general.

- She focuses on kisses, on your neck, on your breast, as she circles the pad of her finger around your clit

- The first time between you doesn’t last that long- After fingering you for a while you do cum easily (WHICH ISN’T BAD IT’S NORMAL), and she refuses for you to try anything.

- “I just want to focus on you tonight, dear.”

- She does insist on cuddles, and for open discussion on anything you didn’t enjoy.


- Buddy.

- He is a huge virgin right next to Yoosung. Granted, if it wasn’t for his job, he would probably have had sex before, but that’s a different subject.

- When you shyly admit it to him, he just smiles. “Yeah, me either! It’s okay though!”

-( He has probably watched a lot of porn, though…)

- But, really, he doesn’t mind. And why would he? He hasn’t had sex either, he can’t really judge anyone, nor does he want to.

- He does want the two of you to have a slow pace, though. He doesn’t want to have sex unless the both of you are very ready for it, and after it’s been a bit into the relationship.

- He doesn’t want you to think he’s using you for sex. You’re the light of his life, he never wants you to even come close to thinking he’s using you for anything.

- When the time does finally roll around, he’s very nervous but tries covering it up with bad sex puns. Some so bad you’re even smacking his shoulder and telling him he’s killing the mood.

- But, when the two of you finally get to the point where he’s inside of you, he’s constantly muttering praises to you.

- Watching your features to make sure he’s not hurting you- Watching you as he gives you some of the best physical pleasure you’ve ever had.

- All during sex he’s peppering you with kisses- Anywhere he can touch. Shoulder, face, neck, chest. Just anywhere, because he wants to make sure you know he’s doing this out of love, and not just to seek pleasure.

- Afterwards, the man is all over you in cuddles. It’s probably the only time he’s not talking or joking- He’s so tired and happy.

- He does check and make sure he didn’t hurt you, though.


- When you admitted it to him, he blushed rather harshly. You were slightly taken aback, because he didn’t blush too much unless it was due to PDA.

- He looked off to the side, trying to contemplate exactly what to say to you.

- “Are…You okay with someone like me being your first?”

- “I don’t mind, I’m just sorry in advance. I won’t be very good, at all actually.”

- He gripped your chin lightly, turning you towards him. “Hey, don’t talk about yourself like that.”

- Right…He really hated it when you talked down on yourself. The first time you did it he held your hands so tight as he explained all your negativity about yourself was bullshit to him.

- He loosened his grip on you, slowly leaned over to give your lips a soft kiss.

- “I’m glad you’re willing to accept me as your first…”

- God, was he still blushing?

- He wasn’t very good at being romantic on purpose. Most of the time when he swooned you, it was on accident. He was just saying what he truly felt. Who knew that actually worked?

- But when the two of you were cuddling, and you felt him get hard, you turned around to face him- Purposely kissing him a bit deeper than usual.

- “Saeran….If you want to…”

- He didn’t need to be asked twice. 

- He was used to the rougher stuff- Just quick hookups in bars and the like- But he didn’t want it to be like that with you, not your first time.

- He carefully traced his fingers over your nude body, swirling his his pads over the spots he loved the most, carefully watching your face for any sign for him to stop instantly.

- He was happy that he at least knew the basics of sex. Sure, in the past when he had done it, it was mainly for his own pleasure, but…The girls said he was good? He hoped he was good to you, too…

- He left marks all over your neck and jaw- Hickies and nips that were a bit too harsh (”…Sorry, do you need me to stop?”)- His fingers dipped into you and hit your gspot on nearly every pump (”A-Are you okay?”)

-By the time the two of you were done, your legs were shaking from how he managed to rock you through two orgasms. 

- He slipped an arm around you, burying his face in the nook of your neck.

- “I told you, you were fine. Stop doubting yourself.”

Used Pt. 2

Originally posted by nctinfo

You looked at the bright screen of your phone and smiled. You wanted nothing more than to be in front of him right now. Quickly, you sat up from your bed and put on the closest pair of shoes you could find.

You made your way down the staircase quietly and were careful not to wake your parents or brother. They could never find out you were sneaking out in the dead of night to meet a married man. What would they think of you?

As you trod to his house, you noticed a dark silhouette by the wooden door. Your heartbeat sped up and you felt a tingling sensation on your lips, remembering the kiss from earlier.

“Y/N,” Lee Taeyong greeted, a hint of mischief in his voice.

Before you could respond, he was dragging you inside the house.

“Don’t make any noise, Jaehyun’s sleeping upstairs,” he whispered, placing a thin finger over his lips.

Quickly, you nodded and he continued to take you in the direction of where you had been earlier, the dining room. I guess this was the room farthest from the bedroom.

When you two reached the intended destination, his grip on your wrist automatically loosened. He stood just in front of you, his tender eyes peering into yours.

“You wanted to find out how good I can make you feel, baby girl?” he smirked, his fingers gingerly pulling the waistline of your pants.

Although his touch distracted you, your eyes never left his; you were completely captivated by his demeanor. In this moment, you wanted nothing more than for him to take ownership of you. What was this sudden change of heart?

He took your unresponsiveness as a yes and proceeded to lower your pants, leaving you only in your light blue panties. He attached his lips to yours. The kiss deepened as he backed you up until you felt the sturdy edge of the table below your ass. Teasingly, he bit at your now swollen lips and dragged his fingers over your clothed heat. 

“Mr. Lee, please,” you whined against his mouth. 

“Kitten, call me Taeyong.” 

“Taeyong, please…” 

“Please what?” he breathed, the warmth tickling your neck. 

“Fuck me.”

His gaze turned dark. Within seconds he had you pinned on the Victorian table, your panties discarded on the tiled floor while his middle finger steadily pumped in and out of you. You whimpered, a weird and foreign feeling in your stomach beginning to form. When he added a second finger, a loud gasp escaped your mouth. Instinctively, he cupped his hand over your mouth. 

“Sweetheart, if you can’t keep quiet, I won’t be able to give you what you want,” he groaned.

You felt him press his hard member against your inner thigh which in turn made your stomach churn. All you wanted was to feel him inside of you; therefore, you willingly cupped your hands over your mouth and nodded. He smirked and continued to pump his fingers in and out of you while his other hand squeezed your right breast and his tongue made circles on your neck. 

“You’re dripping, kitten. I think you’re ready for me.” 

He sat up on the table and hastily stuffed his hand into his pocket, bringing out a small, square-shaped wrapper. 

“I’ve actually never used one. Can you help me put it on?” he confessed smiling shyly at you. 

You returned the smile and seized the small package from his hands. Although you hadn’t used a condom either, you had learned how to put one on a banana in sex ed. Carefully, you obtained the condom from its wrapper as he lowered his pants, his hard cock springing out. Usually, you would’ve been shy and hesitant on sliding a condom over one’s private but right now, you needed him to fuck your brains out. You slid the condom over his erect member as your lustful and needy eyes swallowed each other. Hesitantly, he moved in between your legs as you remained seated on the dining table. 

He held his throbbing member and slid every inch of it into your dripping pussy. His warm, wet tongue played with yours as his hips grinded onto you. Never had you been granted this much pain and pleasure in your life. 

Your breathing soon became shallow; the unceasing thrusts granting you an overwhelming amount of pleasure. Unable to suppress your moans any longer, you tightly cupped your mouth with one hand and grasped at the table with the other. Taeyong sped up his pace and cocked his head back, on the verge of release. 

Within seconds, you felt the knot in your stomach snap but Taeyong didn’t stop. His rough hands squeezed your breasts mercilessly as his thrusting became erratic. As you lay there, you felt your body being pushed up harshly against the cold table.

“Taeyong, I can’t,” you begged, your heat beginning to ache from the over-sensitivity.

“Shut up,” he demanded, his eyes shut as he pounded into you continuously.

After a minute of senseless thrusting and you not trying to think of the discomfort, he orgasmed. He pulled out of you and disposed of the seed-filled condom. 

You dressed yourselves in silence. The libido, which was present seconds ago, had vanished and left only a pair of embarrassed individuals. As he walked you to the front door, you realized you were the only one who was left feeling disconcerted and vulnerable. The look in his eyes said it all. This hadn’t been the first time.

“Can I taste you next time?” Taeyong teased, biting his lips.

You smiled as your cheeks glowed red under the dim light just outside his house; you couldn’t muster up a single reply. 

“Goodnight, Taeyong,” you said timidly. 

“Goodnight, Y/N.” 

In the cold winter night, you trudged to your safe haven. You weren’t exactly sure how you felt after the careless act. It had brought you more pain than pleasure. Would it feel better next time? Why were you even thinking of a next time? You expelled the thoughts from your head and drifted into a deep sleep. 

 Once again, you found yourself in class on a snowy Monday morning. The weekend had allowed for much contemplation and newfound regret. 

You found yourself asking infinitely many questions, one which rose above all. What made you think sleeping with a married man would be a good thing?

During your Mathematics lecture, your eyes never met with Taeyong’s. He called on you once to solve a problem on the board. You went up to the board, solved the problem, and were able to avoid his icy stare. 

Four days had passed without any contact. It was Friday morning and you were anticipating the weekend. Your family had planned an out of town trip and you hoped it would clear your head of all things Taeyong. 

Mr. Lee began the lecture as per usual and you jotted down the examples he was writing on the board. Somewhere in between derivatives and integrals, you stopped listening to the lecture. The events of Friday night held your thoughts captive. How could you act in such a horrid manner? Had your morality completely vanished?

A faint voice off in the distance released you from your thoughts. You hadn’t realized the frustration and annoyance in the voice until your full focus was on the tall figure in front of you. 

“Y/N, this is no place for daydreams.”

“Be prepared for an hour of detention after school,” Mr. Lee announced, his tone irritated yet his eyes told a different story. 

You sighed and rolled your eyes. You knew you not paying attention to the lecture was not enough for detention on a Friday. 

You went along with your day and at four o'clock, you headed to Mr. Lee’s classroom. You were going to explain to him how your family was planning to leave before evening. 

As you walked into the classroom, you observed Mr. Lee leaning against the desk, a stack of papers in his hands. You had to admit the view was nice. 

His platinum-colored hair was messily combed to the side, as if he had used his fingers to comb it, and he wore a black button down with matching slacks. 

You knocked lightly on the door which had been left ajar. 

“Come in,” Mr. Lee said, his eyes never leaving the papers in front of him. 

“Actually, I- ” 

“Don’t say anything.” 

He set the papers aside and ambled to where you were. His hand reached for your wrist and you were tugged into the classroom. He slammed the door shut behind you and turned to you. Now, his gaze was solely on you. 

Again, you were left speechless. 

“Why have you been avoiding me, Y/N?” he questioned, gently placing a wintry hand on your cheek.

You flinched due to the coldness. He swiftly retracted his hand and his once clement demeanor changed to one of predation. 

“You know what I think?” 

He didn’t let you answer. 

“I think you’ve been a very bad girl, Y/N. You come to me in the dead of night and give yourself to me. Did you expect for it to end there?” he questioned, tilting his head to the side.

“If you did, you were mistaken–Baby girl, I think you need to be punished,” Taeyong stated, and this last was in a different voice. It was playfully taunting yet sinister. 

In his eyes, lust was evident. However, why was there no sign of affection? Of love?

Because it was sheer lust.

anonymous asked:

Ur descrip says ur open to headcanons but can u imagine being aomine or kagami's or murasakibara's friend? It would be Pure.

AN: YAAAAAS the holy trinity of really awkward friendships if you’re a female tbh


  1. At first, he’s the friend that you aren’t sure if he considers you a friend. You’re around each other almost all of the time, but you didn’t start getting to know each other until a bit later. So it kinda looked like he just tolerated your presence at first.
  2. The more you got comfortable around him, the more he did the same. He teases you a lot and ruffles your hair because you’re shorter than he is.
  3. The friend that would casually watch porn in front of you.
  4. The friend that would put porn on your laptop’s browser so that the minute you open it, the website is in full view.
  5. He gets very protective of you. He doesn’t appreciate others flirting with you without his approval or referral first. If you’re talking with someone in the hallway, he’ll stare them down until they leave.
  6. Likes to use your shampoo.
  7. Makes you cook him dinner whenever he’s over.
  8. Will flirt with you once in a while because he likes to see the disgusted look on your face.
  9. Is never prepared for anything ever so your backpack is his backpack and he uses all of your things.
  10. You’re the only person he turns to when he’s upset. You were very surprised at first because you thought Momoi would be his go-to, but he never did that in the beginning of their friendship and didn’t want to bother starting. So he’ll call you, show up at your house randomly, or just straight up use your spare key that you hide in the bushes to sulk on your couch as you feed and comfort him.


  1. Kagami always takes his friendships very seriously, so he treats you with the upmost respect while at the same time showing you how much your friendship matters to him.
  2. He wears a friendship bracelet you made for him every single day. He only takes it off when he’s showering.
  3. Whenever he’s preparing his lunch for the next day, he’ll always bring you a little something in a separate container.
  4. You’re his guinea pig when he’s trying new recipes.
  5. Shoves food down your throat if you’re over at his place and refuses to let you leave on an empty stomach.
  6. Always asks you to help him with basketball; not with his technique, but more like he wants you there to support him and carry a bunch of water bottles and towels.
  7. Refuses to eat or cook anything penis-shaped in front of you because he gets embarrassed.
  8. Had to ask you how to put on a condom using a banana.
  9. Always sets time for you two on Fridays to go to Maji Burger. He lowkey looks forward to it every week.
  10. Will give you a complete care package when you’re sick; packs you a large thermos of homemade soup, various medicines, and rental movies that you both can watch.
  11. He gets nervous talking to anyone cute, so you have to be his wingperson while he’s a blushing mess behind you.
  12. Refuses to let Alex meet you because he’s afraid she’ll make out with you and he’s protective of your virginity in a weird, brotherly way….


  1. You call him over to your house to clear out your fridge because some of the food is reaching it’s expiration date and you can always rely on him to eat it all.
  2. Likes to sleep in your bed while you study at your desk.
  3. He is very comfortable around you and gets kind of clingy. He doesn’t like being away from you for too long, so if you stayed home from school one day, he’ll use bringing you our homework as an excuse to see you. He would definitely never admit that he missed you.
  4. He eats everything in your pantry and it annoys you every week because you spend so much money on groceries. Sometimes he feels bad, so he’ll make you lunch and an apology cupcake.
  5. Really looks forward to your birthday because it gives him an excuse to bake you a cake. On any normal day, he’d be too lazy to bake.
  6. When he’s upset, he becomes a big cuddle bug. He’ll barge into your home and will sit with you on your couch with a blanket wrapped around the both of you. He’ll become a big baby and lay his head on your shoulder and pout. He doesn’t mind if you both sit in silence watching tv - in fact, he prefers it that way most of the times - but if he’s so upset that he’s crying, he’ll want you to play with his hair and tell him everything will be ok.
  7. You’re the only one he allows to touch and play with his hair.
  8. He thinks it’s cute when you have to ask him to get something on the top shelf.
  9. He is also very protective of you and gets jealous easily when he sees you talking so casually with other people you don’t know. He doesn’t like the idea of people stealing his friends.
  10. He thinks it’s funny when you gag when he jokes about being hung like a horse.
  11. If you can’t make it to every single one of his home games, he pouts the entire day.
  12. His favorite pass time is annoying you in class by poking your cheeks, playing with your hair, flicking your ears, basically being a big child around you.
First Time || Peter Parker

this was inspired by JustKiddingFilm’s ‘your first time’ video. it was really interesting to watch and I just had to write something for Peter! I’ll get back to working on the requests that I’ve amassed so far a bit later, just let me indulge in this one quick story ♡♡♡♡♡

for this story, it’s set sometime in the future, where Peter and the reader are in college and are both around 21 years old. 

warnings: SMUT!!! There’s gonna be a lemon, and if you don’t like lemons then I don’t recommend that you read this !!

**don’t repost/plagiarize this plot! reblogs are fine!


When your best friend invited you and Peter to hang out with her and her boyfriend at Starbucks, you didn’t think that their conversation would go into such dangerous territory. 

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ate-wapakels69  asked:

Let's take the excitable skellies (Papyrus, Blueberry, UF Paps and SF sans) and have them reacting to their brothers impregnating someone. (Like one night stand)

Undertale Papyrus

HOW CAN SANS BE SO IRRESPONSIBLE??!?!!! Papyrus scolds his older on the importance of safe sex, even going as far as demonstrating how to USE A CONDOM! Meanwhile Sans just stands there awkwardly, remembering how he had to teach this stuff to Paps when he was younger. Afterwards, Paps calms down and asks Sans on what he plans on doing. Whatever he decides, Papaya will always be there to support him, including helping him raise the kid, but what he would NOT do, is let Sans abandon the child and the mother. In fact, he wants to meet her, and offer his condolences for his brother’s responsibility and take care of her if she decides to have the child. 

Underswap Sans

B-Blue’s going to be an uncle? BLUE’S GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!!! He doesn’t care it’s because his brother was being irresponsible, IMAGINE ANOTHER BABY PAPYRUS AROUND!!! He could just DIE from happiness!!!! Blue’s going to meet the mother and help raise the kid, being the best uncle he could be! That is, if the mother decides to keep it. Blue respects her choice, but he’s going to be very sad and disappointed if he doesn’t get a little nibbling to play with now and then. 

Underfell Papyrus

HAHAHAHA SUCKS TO BE RED! Fell is laughing so hard, clutching his “stomach” and rolling over with laughter. Oh man, Red? A father? That poor kid! Somehow, Fell is not surprised that this happened and finds it absolutely hilarious because of course Red would screw up like that! He’s on his own to be honest. Fell wants no part in helping raising the kid, maybe some time babysitting or bringing gifts, but yeah Red’s screwed. 

Swapfell Sans

Huh. It’s not like Rus to slip up like that, but Black just rolls with it. On the outside, he acts aloof and unfazed, not wanting anything to do with the child, but on the inside, he’s secretly giddy and excited to be an uncle! He’s going to train the kid to be his apprentice and how not to screw up their life like their dad did. Oh man, he could already see himself throwing knives at the kid, nine years from now. It’s going to be awesome.  

having some tsukikage/kagetsuki feels

platonic/romantic kgtsk/tskkg under the cut! (the post got pretty long so there should be a part 2 coming up?)

  • they go out of their way to disagree with everything the other says
  • no, like literally, they will do anything to piss the other off
  • tbh, they actually have pretty similar tastes and preferences but whenever they find out about these similarities, they lie their way out of it
  • eg. yams: “what do you guys want for lunch?” both: “SUSHI” kags : “no i meant ramen. cold food disgust me like how you *looks at tsukki* disgust me” tsukki: “like you are not disgusting yourself, king
  • yams sighs because why does he have to do this every single day 
  • and wtf kags? you are literally drinking a cold carton of milk
  • sure, they may mess around a lot like this usually but when they are discussing about volleyball, they’re both surprisingly mature and co-operative
  • they can literally discuss plays and strategies and when to use them for hours at one go
  • in their third year (with c-tsukki and vc-kags) competition season, they always meet up an hour earlier in the club room to discuss plays
  • the rest of the team understands and gives them their space to discuss (they know the two will eventually share the results of their discussion with them)
  • there isn’t a practice where they are not snarky towards each other
  • “wow your tossing form looks so regal... just like a king
  • “well then, you better start using your legs and actually jump or are they just for show?”
  • they have bets with each other all the time
  • and those bets usually revolves around them like
  • “bet you can’t talk to the girl without making her cry because your face is so disturbing” or like “bet you can’t ask for an extension for that homework because the teacher hates your face
  • they collate the score and the one with the most wins at the end of the month have to treat the other lunch
  • if anyone talk shit about karasuno to their faces, they are going to wish they were never born
  • their mouths are so mean and their stares/smirks are so unholy
  • really, say something remotely deteriorating about karasuno and you have their team dad and his smol tol angry blue birb after your ass
  • they are also really defensive about each other’s honour??
  • like someone from another school can start saying shit like “kageyama don’t deserve to be the starting setter with his erratic setting” and tsukki will be all “yes i know how his dumb face can make you think that he is erratic but what’s really erratic is how the condom your dad used broke and had you*pointedly looks down at person through his glasses*
  • or they can talk crap about tsukki like “that blonde megane only has his height. his read blocking is only efficient enough for small one-touches” and kags is just “sure that long french fry is unnaturally tall but his one-touches are one touch more than you will ever get on your small d**k*smirks, turns, walks away*
  • because nobody can talk about how dumb the other is except for those karasuno idiots

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Like She’s Mine (part three) - Stiles Stilinski

part one here
part two here

warnings: swearing, teen pregnancy, depressing content that’s possibly triggering (???)

We left the building in silence

We drove home in silence.

We walked inside in silence.

It wasn’t until I sunk to the floor by my bed that I spoke to her since hearing the news.

“You can’t tell Stiles”

I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror as the shower was warming up.  I pulled my shirt over my head, and took off my shorts.  I still stared at my stomach in the mirror, turning to different sides, wondering if I’d seen a change.  Sure, three weeks along I’m not gonna have a full on stomach, but I thought I’d notice a difference.

Tears welled in my eyes as the situation really caught up with me.  I was pregnant.  With Theo’s child.  The lying dick twitch never used a condom like he said he did.  How stupid was I? I looked down at my belly, rubbing my hands over the skin smoothly.  What was I going to do? What do I tell my family? My friends? Only Allison knew.  She could keep a secret but could the others? Could I even? This was hug what if it accidentally slipped? Sooner or later guilt would catch up and I’d force myself to tell them.  Scott, Lydia…


No no he can never know.  He’d be too disappointed, it would just ruin our friendship, it would ruin everything-

What about college? Could I even go if I got in now? A freshman girl in college expecting her baby any day now? Who wouldn’t ridicule me?

The tears spilled over the longer I thought, and soon I was just standing naked in the bathroom sobbing to my reflection.  When I got cold I sat in the shower, curling up in a ball and sobbing there some more.  What mess had I gotten myself into?

I was sitting in the living room, binge watching Netflix when Allison called me.  It was about nine, and I figured she was home from her date.

“Hi Alli” I said softly into the phone.

“Hey, hey honey how’re you holding up?” I shrugged, knowing she’d figure out the answer without my verbal one.  “I was thinking you’d want someone to talk to, ask questions” She offered.

“Yeah, that’d be nice” I whispered.

“You wanna talk in person tonight? Or tomorrow?” 

“Tomorrow would be good, maybe we can get coffee or something” I said, and I could tell by her voice that she smiled.

“Sounds good y/n.  I’m here for you for anything, okay? No matter what, I love you so much, and I want you to have all the support you need” I teared up at her words, or maybe it was the hormones, but I think it was her.

“I love you too Alli” Your voice cracked.  “We’ll talk tomorrow for sure okay?”

“Yeah, yes of course” Allison said, and you took in a shaky breath.  “Take it easy honey, goodnight”

“Goodnight Allie”

“I love you”

“Love you too Al, I’ll text you in the morning”

With that the call was over, and I sunk further into the couch.  The show currently playing was a dull background noise.  But it will all be okay soon.  Well, at least, manageable.  I’ll talk to Allison, and we’ll sort everything out.  

“It’s going to be okay” I whispered to myself.  “It’s going to be okay”

I accidentally fell asleep on the couch, but I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable.  It just happened to be I’d pushed myself to far in the day without rest, and I couldn’t stay awake anymore.

I dreamed about paint, swatches of pastel pinks and blues, buying little stuffed animals and lots of rattles, bottles, blankies.  I dreamed off bouncing a little baby on my knee, tickling their face with feather light kisses.  Of rocking a little boy or girl in a chair, holding them in my arms and gazing lovingly down at their angelic features.

I awoke to my phone’s alarm at nine am the next morning.  I stretched, rubbing my hand softly over my stomach as I made my way upstairs, plugging my phone in as I went through my dresser.  I easily settled on jeans and a loose tee shirt.  I brushed my hands over the material, slipping under the fabric and skin running on skin.  I did this for a few minutes before Allison texted saying she was ready whenever I was.  I told her she could swing by and get me anytime.

Ten minutes later I was sitting across from Allison at the cafe by Lou’s Flower Shop.  There was a fresh cup of french vanilla coffee in front of me, and Allison sat with her legs crossed and her hands wrapped around a mug of caramel machiatto.

“Let’s take this slow, yeah?” She murmured.  I nodded in response.  “One thing at a time, go ahead and say or ask anything, it’s just me” I licked my lips as I thought about where to start.

“I guess… I guess we begin with what I’m going to do with it- them” I caught myself.  “I can’t keep them… I can’t afford to I don’t have the time to raise a.. A baby” I whispered the last part out of paranoia.

“There’s other options, lots of people are out there wishing they could have a baby, there’s adoption.  But if you don’t think you can handle the pregnancy-”

“No, no not abortion” I said.  Yes, I was all for pro choice and I guess I’d thought about it before in these situations.  Of course back then I didn’t think it would be bad.  But now, looking down at my belly, there was a little boy or girl in there, my little boy or girl.  I couldn’t kill them, I couldn’t abort them.

“Okay” Allison nodded slowly.  “Are you thinking adoption?” I chewed on my cheek as I nodded.

“There’s lots of good parents out there who can’t have children, and I’m in the opposite pair of shoes” I said.  “It would be wrong of me not to give the responsible adults- they deserve to be happy, and if I can do that for them, then I must.  It just seems like the right thing to do” Allison smiled softly and nodded.

“How noble” She said, and I laughed lightly through my nose.  I didn’t say anything. But took a drink from my coffee.  “And, and the other day you asked me not to tell Stiles-”

“No no he can’t know” I pleaded.  Allison’s eyes widened in shock.

“It just surprised me, I figured you would’ve told him first” I ran my fingers around the top of my mug.

“I would disappoint him Allison, he just got through telling me I wasn’t a whore because it was safe” I ran my hands through my hair.  “What will I do? What will I do about college?”

“You can still go y/n-”

“No Allison that would be humiliating” I said, shooting down the idea of going.

“Alright, well there is online courses as well, if you’re still interested”

“Yeah…. Yeah that could work” I whispered.  And suddenly an idea sprung.  “Stiles could go to Washington DC, I’ll stay here, take online courses, have… have the baby” The slightest of smiles grew on my face.  “It could work Alli” She pursed her lips and nodded.

“I’m staying here for University, I could help you out, you know if you get cravings or… just anything like that” I smiled softly and nodded.  “Are you going to tell anyone else?”

“I guess… I guess Lydia?” I said, and Allison nodded again.

“And Theo-”

“No.  No, no, never” I decided.  “That would end.. No I can’t, we can’t, no one can” I rushed.

“y/n he is the father..”

“No, no he’s not, whatever man choices to adopt them, that’s the father” Allison gave me a look.  “I’m serious Alli, he can never know” She nodded, slow, a barely there movement.

“Okay, just me and maybe Lyd” I nodded, finishing the last of my drink.  Allison reached a hand over the table, placing it on mine.  “It’s going to be okay y/n” She said gently.

I was laying in bed, knees propped up and holding a book against them.  There was a can of pringles next to me, leaning against my stomach that was now half empty.  I’d long stopped reading and again my mind was plagued with thoughts of the baby inside of me.  I’d barely even thought about telling my parents.  But at the same time they were hardly around.  I mean, I guess I could always pick up a few extra shifts at Lou’s, maybe make enough for an apartment and I could live on my own.  That’d keep the secret well.

But it felt a lot like going into hiding.

My phone began to ring, and I answered without looking at the screen.

“Hey it’s y/n”

“y/n, y/n come over!” Stiles’ enthusiastic voice came through, and I began to shuffle out of bed and pull on a pair of red socks.

“Okay what is it?” I asked, rushing down the steps, phone in hand and in search of shoes to wear.

“The letter from that detective place- it’s- just come here as fast as you can!”

“Okay I’m out the door”” I yelled, hanging up as I ran through the neighborhood.  The shoes I’d picked, flats, were not exactly the best for sprinting, and soon I was wheezing but in a  few minutes I’d arrived at Stiles’ house, clutching my stomach, and rolling my ankles to relieve the pain in my feet.  I opened the door, and Stiles was pacing by the stairwell.

“It’s from George Washington University” Was all he said, holding out an envelope to me.  My eyes widened as I stared at him.

“That’s the letter-”

“This is the letter” He confirmed, begin to chew at his nails.

“Have you opened it?” He shook his head rapidly.

“No, no I wanted you to do it I want you to- will you open it?” I hesitantly stepped forward, taking the letter with trembling fingers.

“Slowly or quickly?” I asked.  Stiles shrugged, still biting his nails and shaking his head.  “How about on the count of three?” I suggested.  He nodded, and I took in a deep breath.  “One… two… three!” I ripped it open and hastily pulled out the paper.  “Mieczyslaw Stilinski we are proud to inform you that you have been enrolled-” I stopped reading, my excited squeal taking over as I jumped up and down, shaking Stiles as he grinned so big his face probably hurt.

“I got in!”

“You got in!” I screamed happily, and his arms wound around my waist, lifting me and spinning me around in the air.  We were both yelling and laughing, and it just felt… good.  One of us achieved something actually worth everything.  One of us will live an amazing life.  When he set me down, I was catching my breath from the immense enthusiasm that was just surging through my bloodstream.

“Have you heard back from Corcoran yet? Miss school of the arts” He grinned and tickled my sides.  I laughed, but shook my head.

“No not yet, but any day now I’m sure” I said, mustering the best smile I could.  Stiles gave a pout.

“It better, I can’t go across the country without you” My face grew pink I’m sure, as a wave of guilt came over me.

“Don’t worry Stiles, it’ll come in soon I’m sure” I said, smiling and nodding again.  Then put my hands up on his shoulders, shaking and squeezing him slightly.  “You got into your dream school Stiles” I said, giving him a real smile.  “I’m so proud of you” He smiled and hugged me close.  I buried my nose in the crook of his neck.  “I’m so proud of you” I repeated, a few tears in my eyes.

“I’m proud of you too y/n”

It felt like someone grabbed my heart and squeezed it.

“But I haven’t done anything” I said, pulling away.  Stiles gave me a half smile.

“You have” He said surely.  “And you still will”

I could nearly see my heart in the hand of a black leather glove, spurts of blood dripping and the pink flesh being squished through the cracks of their fingers.  The guilt was more than I could bear.

We’d decided on celebrating later, with Scott, Allison, and Lydia by going out to dinner.  But for now him and I just plopped on the couch and picked out something to watch.  It was probably two minutes in when I abruptly asked if he had any popcorn.

“Yeah I always do” He said, standing up.

“I’ll make it I know where it is” I said, and made my way to the kitchen, grabbing the bag and ripping the plastic off faster than you can say craving.  I put the bag into the microwave and tapped my foot impatiently as it began to slowly pop.  When it was ready I dumped the bag into a large plastic bowl and made my way back to the living room.  Stiles pushed play on the show and I laid down across his lap, my head on the arm rest.  I set the bowl on my belly, and Stiles snatched a few pieces.

“This show’s sorta dumb” He said as we were both eating my snack.  But I didn’t make a scene about literally needing to eat it and needing to eat it now.  Because then he’d start asking questions.  Stiles is a smart guy, he’d figure out the tie between an abrupt popcorn craving and getting sick a lot.

“It is” I replied, trying to eat quickly.

“Why do we watch it?” I shrugged.

“Because we watched everything else” I responded.  It was quiet as we just watched intently.  The people were all fighting now, trying to kill the girl in the pale blue dress.  I hadn’t caught onto her name yet, she wasn’t really an important character.  But I jumped when one of them drove a sword through her stomach.  She died crying to her lover about a baby he never knew about.  My heart rate was so fast I thought it would leap from my chest and plop into the bowl on my belly.  I looked to it, and shifted it off of my stomach and onto the floor.  It was empty anyways.

I must’ve fallen asleep, because my eyes felt heavy when I opened them.  I yawned and stretched, taking in the brightness of the room.  The tv read would you still like to continue watching Netflix? I fumbled for the remote sitting next to Stiles, and turned it off.  Then rolled over and curled back against him.  He was passed out, his head sitting on the back of the couch as his soft snores filled the room.  I chuckled quietly, pillowing my head on his arm, breathing in his scent.  I would miss that a lot when he’s away.  His hand moved, brushing across my cheek and stroking through my hair just barely.  He wasn’t awake enough to do much else but comb my hair.  So I just smiled a little and fell back asleep.

I was dressed in a black dress that fell a little above my knee, long lace patterned sleeves that stopped at my wrists.  It was a nice restaurant, so Lydia and Allison came over to get ready with me.  Lydia was curling her hair at my vanity, and Allison was sat on my bed, already ready to go.  I had to hand it to her, she always was flawless.  They both were.  But Allison just zipped up a white dress that hugged her just the right way and she combed nonchalantly through her hair and she was ready.  While Lydia and I took our time, she was just.. Ready.

“So MIT Lyd, we’re celebrating you here too” I chuckled, but she rolled her eyes.

“I knew I was going there since I was ten y/n, this isn’t about me, it’s about Stiles” She told me.  I smiled at her, still feeling proud of the strawberry blonde.  “How about you? Hear back from your art school?” I bit my lip, looking at Allison for a moment.

“Um, yes actually” I said softly.

“You did?” Allison asked in shock.

“Sort of?” I said, walking over to my desk.  Lydia raised a brow, releasing her last curl and turning off the iron rod.

“y/n.. What does sort of mean?”

“Well, well I got a letter” I said, opening a drawer, and pulling out an envelope.

“WHAT!?” Both Allison and Lydia yelled.

“I haven’t opened it-”

“Why not?” Lydia asked, and I looked down to the paper with my name on it.

“I… I’m scared”

“Honey I’m sure you got in” Lydia assured, stepping forward and putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.  I swallowed thickly.

“That’s what I’m afraid of” I whispered.  Her brows cinched together, and now Allison had gotten off of the bad to stand next to me.

“I don’t understand” Lydia said, shaking her head slightly.

“I can’t go to Corcoran because…” I said quietly again.  Lydia waited patiently for me to finish.  “Because I’m pregnant” Her brows raised, but no one said anything.

“Okay” Eventually she murmured out.  “Stiles’?” My head snapped up, and despite the situation I let out a choked laugh.

The next twenty minutes was the three of us sitting on the floor and me spilling about the situation.  I felt a lot more comfortable now, explaining the story to Lydia knowing that I’d already done this once and Allison made me feel so cared about and protected that I wasn’t afraid this time.  It took some further talks when she asked why Stiles couldn’t know, but eventually we reached an understanding with each other.

“Are you sad that you won’t be going to DC together like you planned?” Lydia asked as I went through my jewelry.

“Yeah… yeah it’s one of the worst parts” I replied with a frown.  But the baby is due in early February” I said.  “So he’ll be gone for school while I’m visibly pregnant, and I’ll give the baby up for adoption and it’ll all work out okay” I said with a grin.  Lydia gave me a sad smile.

“What about your dream school?” My heart fell at her sad tone.

“I’ll take online college courses, I’ll still get a degree, and that’s… that’s what’s important” I think I said this more for me than her.  Not that it worked.

“I wish I was sticking around to help you out” Lydia told me.

“It’s alright, I’ve got Alli here and I know how to take care of myself fine” I said with a watery smile.  “Thank you so much Lydia, both of you, you’re the greatest friends a girl could have” ‘

Cue group hug as I held back tears to not ruin my makeup.

I walked into the restaurant, behind Lydia and next to Allison as the waitress led us to our table.  My eyes were scanning over the beautiful place.  It was like in the movies.  Red velvet looking floors muffling the sound of our heels.  Murals on the walls of gorgeous women, most having to do with flowers in their hair or scattered on their skin.  Even the light fixtures were designed like chandeliers.

“Here’s your table” I barely heard the woman say, still staring all around me.  I’d managed to turn myself around, gazing at the tables with candles, and smooth white tablecloths.  There was even live music, cellos, violins, an elegant grand piano.

“Wow” I spun around nervously upon the voice, and smiled anxiously at Stiles.

“Hey” I said, giving him a more genuine smile.

“You-you look really nice y/n” I looked down at my dress and short black boot wedges.

“Thanks” I replied, surely blushing.  “You cleaned up nice yourself” I said, nodding to his deep blue button up and khakis.  Stiles couldn’t bite back his smile as he put his hands in his pockets and looked down at his shoes.

“Whenever you two are done” Lydia chirped.  “I’d like to talk about this school of yours, Stiles” I giggled softly, making my way to the seat next to Allison at the circular table.  But Stiles beat me, pulling it out.  I raised my brows as I couldn’t stop another giggle, but sat in the seat.  He pushed in the chair and sat next to me.  Lydia on his other side, Scott next to her, and then Allison.  It was the perfect sized table for us.

Allison held my hand under the table the entire night.  As Stiles talked about his excitement for GWU and about how him and I were gonna visit all the monuments in DC, maybe even get an apartment together because god knows he sucks at laundry.  Everytime he smiled my way, saying how excited he was for us to slay college together, I squeezed Allison’s hand, but nodded reassuringly to Stiles.

Food came and we ate our soups and salads as well as whatever expensive meal we bought.  Scott talked about going to UC Davis, and how he’s mostly excited to be able to stick around with Allison.  Lydia MIT was too far from the shopping in NYC, and Allison spoke little of how she was staying in Beacon Hills for community college.  But that she would manage.

I was comfortable, until the waitress came over with a glass of celebratory champagne for us, saying one glass wouldn’t kill some underage teens who sure deserved it.  I gave a secret look to Allison, knowing I’d have to think of some excuse for not wanting any.  She’d poured Lydia and Stiles’ glass, then went to pour one for me, but I held up my hand and shook my head.

“No thank you, not for me” I said.  She nodded simply and gave the glass to Allison.  Stiles gave me a funny look.

“Since when do you turn down free booze l/n?” Stiles asked.

“First of all, it’s not really booze, it’s champagne, and it’s not free” I said.  “Second of all, last time I drank I ended up sleeping with Theo” I gagged on his name, but luckily no bile rose in my throat.

“One glass isn’t going to get you drunk” Stiles said, brows furrowed.  I began to squeeze Alli’s hand, just to know I wasn’t alone at this table.  But I shrugged to Stiles.

“I just don’t want to be reminded of it” I said coldly.

But the cravings and morning sickness told me I’d be reminded of it for the rest of my life.

“Hey, y/n?” I was stood outside on the curb, trying to enjoy the crisp nightly California breeze.  Allison had gone home with Scott, and Lydia, my ride home was in the bathroom inside.  I turned to Stiles, who’d just walked outside next to me.

“Hi Stiles” I said softly, not protesting him being near.  It was strange how he brought me comfort, but every time he was around I just felt guilty.

“I’m sorry if I upset you, I don’t want to force you to do anything and that’s probably what it sounded like I was trying to do-”

“Don’t apologize” I whispered, eyes falling to the gleaming city around me.  It was prettier in these parts of Beacon Hills.

“I just feel bad it was dumb of me-”

“Stiles” My voice cracked on his name and he turned to me instantly.  I did as well, but was unable to look up to his eyes.  Mine were watering as I stared at out feet, toes inches from touching.  “Stiles I have to tell you something” I whispered.  He nodded and hald out both hands for me, but I wrapped my own arms around myself, refusing to hold them.


“I didn’t get into Corcoran” I said.  I looked up at him through my eyelashes, and his features visibly fell.

“Wh- you didn’t?” He sounded out of breath, and a few tears spilled onto my cheeks.

“No… no I didn’t” i whispered.

“How.. how long have you known? I don’t understand how did you not get in the site said you qualified-!”

“Stiles you’re yelling” I said, looking around at passing by people, of the upper class might I add, scowling at me for causing a scene.  He sighed, and put his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s okay, we’ll figure it out” I pulled out of his hold, and shook my head.

“You’re going to George Washington, Stiles” I whispered.  He began to shake his head, and more tears flowed from my eyes.

“y/n not without-”

“It’s your dream school” I choked.  “It’s all you’ve ever wanted” Stiles’ brows furrowed, and his eyes swelled with tears.  “I’ll be here when you’re back” I reached my hands up, curling them on the base of his neck, running along his shoulders and back to his collarbone softly.  “There’s FaceTime, and you’ll be back for the summer” You told him.  “We’ve still got a month left of this summer, we’ll make it count, right?” He nodded, and my hands curled around his jaw.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get in” He murmured, and I sniffed.

“Me too” I whispered back, eyes flicking up to his.  “But hey, maybe that means it wasn’t meant to be”

“But your paintings they’re-”

“Not good enough” I finished.  “Don’t bother with flattery now Stiles” I let out a bitter chuckle, and his own hands cupped my cheeks.  I sighed, pulling my lips into half a smile.

“But they were perfect” I shook my head.

“Not by their stand-”

“But they were” He said, voice final.  I accidentally let out a sharp breath, the tears taking over.  “I’m sorry y/n, out of everyone, you deserved it most” I leaned up, and he pursed his lips.  I buried my head in his shoulder, and Stiles hesitantly hugged me.

“Hey y/n ready to- oh” Lydia stopped as she exited the building and I pulled away from his hug.

“Yeah I’m ready to go” I said softly.  I nodded to Stiles, then followed behind her to her car.

The whole ride home, I was sure she wanted to ask what happened between Stiles and I, but thankfully she didn’t.  One of my favorite things about Lydia? She knows when someone doesn’t feel like answering questions.

She dropped me off, told me to take it easy and that she had a nice night, then drove off again.  I went upstairs, unzipping my dress, and pulling on a pair of cotton shorts.  Unclipping my bra was probably the best thing I felt in the past week.  I put on an old band tee shirt and wiped my face clean of makeup.  I was about to crawl into bed, when my eyes landed on something on the floor.

My envelope.  I hastily made my way across the room, picking it up, and hooking my index finger into the flap of the letter.  I paused.  If I threw it away now, I’d never have to know.  Never have to know if I lied to Stiles, if I truly was not good enough, never have to know if what could have been, actually could have.  But if I left it closed… I would always wonder.  I’d never know, I’d never be satisfied.

I ripped open the envelope, quickly yanking out the folded piece of paper.

Dear y/n l/n” I read aloud.  “We are privileged to inform you that you have been enrolled in the next semester at the Corcoran School of Arts-”

My hand clamped over my mouth, the paper shaking as my whole body trembled.  I sunk to the floor against the bed.  I’ve never screamed while crying before, but I sure felt helpless now.

Maybe it was the hormones and mood swings.

Maybe it was because now I’ve let everyone down.

oh no she lied to stiles, what will come of that? 

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