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drawings from the stream!! thank you so much again to everyone who came it was really fun <3!!

i crawled into my bed tonight under three blankets. my toes scraped against the cotton of my comforter as i shivered myself warm. all i could think was how much nicer climbing into bed would be if you were there too.

guess!! who @jkvlr dragged into podcast hell! the penumbra podcast is so good it hurts. i am injured. i cannot get up. ((ik there’s a canon but i drew this before i found out? i did give nureyev his glasses as an add on but. im unfamiliar w podcast fandom etiquette so lemme know if i overstep? bc i have and probably will draw more of them ahaha.))

when u think abt harry hitting all of those notes in his graham norton performance and being so pleased afterward, when u think abt harry playing guitar in esny on snl, when u think abt how beautiful his smile is and how much it warms ur heart, when u think abt harry doing more promo in the future for the 389834 things he’s got planned, when u think abt harry…..


The Easter Sunday adventure with @torestoreamends @ohscorbus & CD =D 

(please click photo for caption hehe)

@thisguydan // jemima, she/they
@artistphil // lucy, she/her
@averagesunflower // meg, she/her
@rosemarydan // beth, she/her
@dangoghs // ester, she/her
@cloverphan // cass, she/her
@trashcandan // ella, she/her
@blueskyplum // anna, she/her
@eucalyptusdan // alex, she/her
@starryhtml // charli, he/they
n me ofc @malafelis // felis, they/them

triggers to avoid:
trypophobia, eating disorders, self harm, vomit, homophobia, suicide, and gore

i really like thinking about teachable perks. like the survivors actually taking time to teach one another skills they have. like claudette showing the others how to perform first aid on themselves? meg waking everyone up to go running with her to build up stamina? jake teaching them how the hooks work? and then there’s grandpa ace whose like ALRIGHT KIDS, WHO WANTS TO LEARN HOW TO C H E A T