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Tied Up [Part 2]

Sequel to BusinessMan!Derek and CollegeStudent!Stiles

because I’m a slave to Torah’s whims

“Do you often catcall people in suits?” Derek asked, a lot less uptight now that he wasn’t entirely out of his comfort zone in the middle of a park, having been jeered at by a spiky haired college student.

They were now sat in a nice little restaurant of Derek’s choosing, which was a much classier place than Stiles would have brought them considering Stiles frequented a local diner primarily for their curly fries. 

“You’re the first, Suit.” Stiles winked, stretching out in his comfortable chair as he got a feel for the environment. He was glad he dressed up for the date. He was still wearing jeans but he was also sporting a black button down shirt, no tie, although he had considered a bowtie, and he actually did something with his hair instead of letting his bedhead take control.

Derek, however, was wearing another fine pair of dress pants for an even finer ass that he was currently sitting on and keeping out of view. It was a crime, naturally. But most importantly, his light blue button down shirt was topped off with a dark striped tie in a passable half Windsor knot.

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