how to treat your little

Dad Shawn

  • Sleepy Shawn rolling out of bed to get the baby at 4am
    He’s shirtless, and his hairs a mess, but the baby isn’t crying anymore
  • The way he’d look at your newborn like she’s made of gold
  • He’d always be willing to change the diapers
    Because thats the one thing he actually can do
    Since you’re almost always on feeding duty
  • “She rolled over, SHE ROLLED OVER! Babe, did you see that?”
    “Do it again sweetie, I want to record it, can you do it again?”
  • Shawn smiling proudly anytime someone calls your baby cute
    Almost like he’s thinking, yeah, I made that
  • “She said ‘Dada!’”
    “Shawn, she didn’t say anything.”
    “But she wants to, I know she does.”
  • He’d sing your kids to sleep
    And it was always the fastest way of getting them down
    When he was traveling for work, you’d put him on speakerphone
    So he could sing to the kids at night from wherever he was 
  • He would throw your children in the air and catch them
    Almost giving you a heart attack every time
    But they’d be laughing so hard
  • Saturday mornings were for cartoons
    And you don’t know who looked forward to it more
    Shawn or the kids
  • Every time Shawn returned home from a work trip
    He always brought toys, always
    Despite you telling him that they already had too many
  • Shawn taking your daughter out on “dates” when she’s like 7
    So that she would know how she deserved to be treated by a man
  • “So uh, babe, you know how you told us not to get a puppy?”
    “Well, the shelter had so many cute ones.”
    “So we didn’t get a puppy, we got two. One for each kid.”
  • Anytime your kids were brought up in an interview
    Shawn always had a new story to tell about them
  • “She can sleep in our bed, just for tonight, please babe?”
  • Shawn helping your kids with homework
    “Um, I think we should ask your mom about that one.”
  • He’d always be in the backyard with your kids
    Showing them the best way to catch insects 
  • Your kids always like it better when Shawn pushes the cart or stroller
    “Vroom!” Crash! “Oops”
  • He’d build forts with your kids in the living room
    And you’d come home to see Shawn’s legs sticking out the back
    Because he’s too big to fit inside
    But he’s in there anyway
  • Shawn coaching your kid’s hockey team
  • And taking off of work early to watch them in the school play
  • He’d make sure your little men knew how to treat girls
    “Buddy, you gotta hold the door open.”
  • He’d write so many songs about your kids
    Most of them would never get released
    But you’d play it for them when they got older
  • “I’ll buy you ice cream if you stop screaming.”
    “Shawn, that is not how you’re supposed to parent.”
    “But it worked.”
  • Shawn would always be telling your kids he loves them
    In the most random moments too
    Your son runs inside while playing hide and seek with his brother
    And Shawn’s like “Hey son, I love you.”
    “I know dad. Help me hide.”
  • You never thought you’d see Shawn as passionate about anything
    The way he was passionate about music
    But then he became a dad.
Jealous pumpkin. Harry styles imagine

I know it’s very long time that someone request this and I’m so lazy in updating. I’m sorry though. Hope you enjoy

:both are arguing about something stupid and the have sex by anonymous :


I throw my dress on bed as Harry pulling off his tie “are you stupid what were you thinking about?” He shout referring to the time when I was talking with one of his female friends and the models about some fashion thing.
I wasn’t export in fashion but I have my own opinion about the clothes and the sense of fashion that I have was special and I really want him to respect it. But that’s because he was furious and maybe ashamed of me talking about the things I like with some model

“what’s your problem” I shout at him “are you ashamed of me?” I ask him , he laughed an angry laugh “are you crazy? Of course I’m not ashamed of you, I just don’t like it when you argue with some person who doesn’t deserve it, and you just make a joke of yourself there everyone was laughing at you” he said throw his clothes on the chair.

“it wasn’t only me they were laughing at ,your little model friend was there too” I pushed him hard on his chest “no no no don’t start it” he said hold my hand, his eyes are red from madness, I know this is his weakness, however it’s so cruel to use this card against him but I’m so heartbroken and my pride is hurt. I love harry with all of my heart but still I don’t like when he care about his ex-girlfriend

“I know you still have a little crush on your Little cute ex-girlfriend” I tried to free my hand but he doesn’t let me “shut up y/n of course you know I don’t, why you think this low of me?“he looks hurt a moment but other emotions hide it in his eyes. I push him harder with my wrists in his hands "I don’t think low of you ,I knew she’s better ,more beautiful ,taller , with that beautiful body that everybody wants , why you choose me over her?” He hold me tight in his arms “then tell me y/n, why are you thinking this slow of yourself?”
I look everywhere but him. One of his hands run around my waist and the other Cup my face, make me stare in his eyes “tell me y/n why do you think you are less beautiful than her or than anyone ?”
I shake my head trying to push him but he hold me in his arms"I think every part of your body is way better than her or anyone” he said makes me blush in his arms. It’s just like always, out argument will end with his beautiful words, he knows what to tell me or how treat me to make me feel calm.

“your little cute eyes when they are shining of excitement” he kissed my eyes slowly and with passion “or your little nose when it crinkle when you concentrate” he slowly kissed nose “oh god don’t let me talk about her lips” he leaned on and our lips touched each other’s. his hand sneaks around my shoulder and he slowly unhooked my bra, with so passion and need.

We ran out of air but our lips which is still connected. He brushed his hand on my breast before squeezing it make me moan in his mouth. “I love these little breast of yours that are mine and only mine” he said push me on bed while unbuttoned his shirt and pull down his tight pants make me swallow my drool.

I stare at him in lust while he pull out a condom “do you like what you see?” I nod at him scared to open my mouth and moans leaves it.
He smirked before lay on me and pull down my panties “and don’t let me talk about these long legs” he ran his hands everywhere, every part of my body while he makes love to me.

He laid beside me breathless and I was run out of words. He pulled me in his arms “and your heart baby, it’s way more beautiful than any other in this world” he kissed my head as I kiss his chest “I love you harry” I told him while resisting sleep , it was a long night “I love you too little jealous pumpkin” he said before I fall sleep

CEO!BTS reaction when you tease them while they’re on the phone 

(requested by anon: Hi! Could I request a bts (as CEOs) reaction to you teasing and grinding on them while they’re taking an important phone call? Thank you!)

warnings: smut, swearing, dominant-submissive behaviour, various kinks

He was on the phone all day, he didn’t even change out of his suit. Since you’re a little pabo who wants trouble, you straddled him, slightly grinding, while he was on the phone on the sofa. You knew that would piss him off but what can you do if a girl wants her daddy’s attention?


He hung up, looking into your eyes with his dark and furious ones. You got a bit scared so you started running away thru halls in your big house. Of course that wasn’t gonna work. „You better stop before I catch you and fuck some sense into you while you’re being tied so fucking hard to the bed, little kitten“


He apologised to the other line while hanging up, as you walked a bit away with a smirk on your face. He stood up removing his belt viciously following you step by step. „You better finish what you started or this belt is gonna teach your braty little ass a fucking lesson on how to treat your daddy with some respect“


He continued to talk while watching you grind on him slowly. As he finished soon you moved away a bit. He looked at you breathing rapidly. „You should run or come here, willing to do whatever the fuck it is I want. Be aware that by choosing running you will get the second option plus a really unpleasant spanking lesson to teach you some fucking manners“


He hung up after a few minutes. The word „turned on“ couldn’t even start to describe his current state. You started to move off of him as he grabbed you roughly with one hand around your neck and the other around your waist. He pushed you back on his dick so that it almost hurt you bc of how hard he was. „Don’t even think about moving away. The only way you can move is to fuck me here and now princess and to obey my every wish. If you even think of disobeying I will spank you and later fuck you so hard you will be crying my name out“


He hung up immediately closing his eyes in frustration. He tried to keep it all in. You were still on him unable to move bc he was holding you around your waist. He slid his hands down to your ass grabbing it making you gasp in pain. „You should apologise baby“ he said grabbing you more furiously making you cry out. „If you dare to make a sound bigger than the one you are doing right now I will make sure your gasps aren’t the only thing you’ll be choking on“


Once he was finished talking he was watching you with a pissed off expression, while you were at the sofa right next to the one where he was. He was never this angry. „I didn’t manage to finish my contract because your wet pussy couldn’t wait 15 fucking minutes longer. If you’re so desperate does that mean I haven’t taught you how to control yourself yet? Do you need a reminder princess? Bc I’m more than willing to give it to you“ he moved over to you, hovering over you while grabbing your neck softly.


He somehow finished the call with a few slight groans. He was furious and turned on but he tried to keep it in the best he could. You ran away into your room slamming the door in front of his face. Jungkook came inside angrily looking at you with a dark gaze while licking his lips slightly. „You really want trouble you little stupid girl. Don’t worry I won’t go gentle on you and I won’t stop even if you beg me to“ he said as you fell on your bed breathless while he got on top of you rubbing his hard dick against your clit causing friction which made you moan.

xx I hope anon is satisfied as well as all of you, keep requesting babes xx

Just Rogue One Things (I Noticed in the Movie)

I know a lot of people have made these posts already, but I wanted to make my own. Sorry if I point out stuff you’ve seen on other lists.


-8 year old Jyn runs like a girl. Just sayin’.

-Saw seems like a great guy, and I’m not trying to attack him or anger his fans, BUT… What the HECK was he thinking, leaving 16 year old Jyn in a BUNKER of all things??? Literally ANY OTHER PLACE WOULD’VE BEEN BETTER. Does he not remember finding her so many years ago, alone in the world, scared, mourning her mother, missing her father, IN A BUNKER??? *screams for days*

-On I calmer note, I love the outfits in this movie. Jyn (and everyone else) dresses SO modestly. Like, the most skin she ever shows is her wrists. I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate that. 

-Jyn is trembling a bit when the Rebel Commanders and Cassian explain why they busted her out of prison. 

-We get to see Cassian put on/take off that coat SO MANY times. Actually, he changes his clothes a lot in this movie… THANK YOU DISNEY

-Cassian says, “That’s Jedha” in an awkward attempt at small talk, and Jyn is having NONE OF IT. It’s basically the equivalent of him coming up to her and going, “So, crazy weather, huh?” Nope, try again, sir.

-Cassian loves the way Jyn talks to K-2SO. Don’t even pretend you didn’t notice.

-”You seem awfully tense all of a sudden.” Girl, have you been paying ANY attention to this guy? He’s the very definition of tense. Seriously, look up the word ‘stressed’ and you’ll find his frowning face. (A related search will probably ask you “Did you mean /stress/?” Click on that and you’ll get Jyn’s picture.)  

-Right after Jyn shields Cassian from the explosion behind them, he gives her a very brief look of complete shock. Blink and you’ll miss it, though. 

-I’m sure most of you saw this the first time, but it took me 3 viewings to realize that Chirrut. SAT. ON. A. DEAD. STORMTROOPER. Ah, to one day achieve that level of sass… 

-So, to sum up Jyn’s actions in Jedha: She saved a little girl, destroyed several Stormtroopers, protected Cassian’s butt, and topped it all off by JUMPING IN FRONT OF K-2SO TO KEEP HIM FROM GETTING SHOT BY BAZE. And y’all are wondering why Cassian couldn’t just leave her behind???

-What was Saw thinking as he watched Jyn’s REAL father tell her that he loved her, that he thought of her every day, that the pain of losing her was almost more than he could take, that she was still his beloved, his stardust…? I have so many feelings. 

-Saw approves of RebelCaptain when he says, “Go with him [Cassian], Jyn!”

-Also, Cassian pulling out his blaster when he sees Jyn on her knees, like, “WHAT’D YOU DO TO HER, YOU MONSTER??? FIGHT ME!!!” is gold. 

-Poor Cassian. The man just wants to do his job, his horrible, murderous job, and now he finds himself surrounded by people who are huge fans of the Erso Family. Even K is starting to warm up to Jyn. He’s doomed if he kills Galen, doomed if he doesn’t. 

-You can actually see the sheer panic on his face when Jyn starts defending her father. He looks like he wants to throw up. Outstanding acting there, Mr. Luna. Well done.

-These guys would be dead so many times throughout the film if not for Bodhi. He is arguably the most important member of the Rogue One team. (And he has no idea.)

-”Your father’s message. We can’t risk it. You’re the messenger” is THE most bull crap excuse ever. Cassian could’ve said, “No, this is a job for men” and he would’ve fared better. 

-Seriously, though, watch Cassian’s body language in this scene. He won’t face Jyn, won’t look at Jyn, does his best not to talk to Jyn. He’s an experienced spy with hundreds of secrets buried in his mind, and yet, around her, he’s a mess. 

-K is probably so confused after getting yelled at by Cassian. “I’m finally civil with your little girly-friend and this is how you treat me? #humansarecrazy”

-Jyn calls Galen ‘father’ once. After that, it’s only ‘papa’. Why? Because, deep down, a part of her is the same little girl who hugged him and told him she loved him. That part resurfaces when she sees him after SO LONG, and it’s painfully clear how much she wants to be his little girl again. This scene has so much psychological depth, I can’t even

-Also, Galen’s body was so twisted. Getting blown up is not a gentle way to go.

-MEANWHILE: Bodhi manages to steal an Imperial cargo shuttle. But apparently that’s too boring to show on screen.

-AND IN OTHER NEWS: Chirrut shoots down a TIE Fighter. From the ground. With a crossbow. Also, he’s blind. “Is he a Jedi?” “No. The Jedi wish they were HIM.”

-At some point when Cassian and Jyn are having their little spitting contest (just kidding I love that scene and both of them so much), Chirrut stands. Check it out. He was sitting. Now he’s standing. (Ooooo, you’d better watch out, Captain Andor. Jyn has friends in high places.

-I wanna high-five the person who shouted, “Just let the girl speak!” 

-Anyone else notice that Cassian and Jyn both said “I do” in this movie? No? Just me? Okay, then. *cough* They’re married. *cough*

-”I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.” WHEN? WHERE? HOW? I NEED ANSWERS, DANG IT! 

-Cassian, you smug little jerk, you could at least pretend to be embarrassed about K-2.

-Okay, so I love the cute scene on the ship. Like, so, so, SO much. But I just have to ask- what was Jyn’s plan there? “Awe, Cassian’s smile is so adorable, and I’m just so happy right now. Imma go, uh… stand awkwardly close to him, freak the both of us out, and then make it look like an accident.” Real smooth, Jyn.  

-Grenades are pure evil.

-”Who are you?” Krennic asks, after hearing Cassian scream her name in the data vault. Repeatedly. “Who are you?” he asks, after witnessing her hop out from behind some crates on Edu and shout, “FATHER!” in Galen Erso’s direction. “Who are you?” he asks, and then stares like an idiot when she answers, “You know who I am.” Orson, boy… You’re done. Go home.

-When Cassian keeps Jyn from attacking the dying Krennic, he says, “Leave it.” IT. Like Krennic isn’t even a human being. (Or maybe he meant leave ‘it’, as in her anger, because they’d won.) Either way, Jyn listened, and that’s awesome.

Okay, I’m finally done with this WAY too long post. 


There’s a fine line with humilation. But there’s a line nonetheless. You don’t get to call yourself Daddy if you don’t know how to treat your little. A little is not your emotional and physical fucking punching bag. I’m so sick of wannabes using this lifestyle to control and manipulate young women. A little is supposed to know she’s loved and cared for and nothing else. Ladies know your worth. If you question his intentions, if ever say to yourself “he only does it because he loves me” that’s not love that abuse.

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Imagine werewolf!Woozi smiling contently when you pet him.


Reaction no. 128: When you find a song with a great beat and you pretend to be a drummer. 

How to treat your little:

* Treat them the age they are, not the age you want them to be.

* Let them know when you are proud of them!

* Lot’s of attention! (Kisses and cuddwes don’t hurt either)

* Correct them when they are wrong, but gently, use your soft daddy voice, not the loud one ;)

* If you don’t understand what they are saying, ask them gently but firm to use their ‘big girl’ voice.

* Give them tasks: coloring, dressup, lists, notes etc. Let them know you care for them! When they show you their drawings and lists, tell them how good they did!

* Lots and lot of love!

-Remember, your little loves you very much, and looks up to you. Always be an example and never ever react out of anger.

@imdaddys-baby-girl <3

Imagine Request - Reconnections (MATURE)

Can you do an imagine where y/n keeps touching herself you know because J is so busy but he finds out and gives her the wildest/roughest night ever?

My back arched off of the bed in a moment of pleasure, my left hand ran down my thigh while the other rubbed circles on my clit. Soft moans left my throat as I took advantage of being home alone.

I laid spread out on the bed. My breath was steady but due to become heavy and rapid as I came closer. “Justin,” I whispered under my breath, imagining it was his fingers on me. I thought of him, busy doing interviews, having no idea what his girl was doing, what he was missing. I felt my actions increase in speed and pressure at the thought of him.

The bliss set in my stomach, causing me to cry out and grip the sheets beneath me. I only wished Justin was here to take care of me, to make me feel good, but right now, I’d settle for anything. I bit down on my bottom lip as I felt the increasing pleasure.

What I didn’t know was, Justin was seconds from walking through the door when he heard my moans and pleas for him. His eyes darkened at the sight of me spread out comfortably on our bed, my hands working their magic. He watched from the door.

“Oh, baby,” I heard a mumble, causing me to jolt up and bring my legs to my chest. I felt my cheeks heat up under Justin’s sympathetic gaze. He walked over to me and sat on the edge of the bed. “You poor girl.” His eyes glanced around my face, his left hand moved my messy hair out of my face.

I didn’t speak, I sat watching him. He took hold of my arms and moved them to my side, he ever so gently pushed me back so that my head hit the pillows and I was completely open to his eyes. His hands parted my legs and he climbed on the bed, nestling in front of me. “I’ve been so busy, I forgot to make sure my princess was satisfied.” His thumb ran down my clit, making me gasp. “Forgive me, baby.” He added more pressure when he repeated his previous action.

“Look at you.” He breathed out, his eyes never leaving the space between my legs. “Wet and swollen, how could I disown you like this?” He left a wet kiss on my knee that sat close to his face. He pulled away to pull his shirt over his head and discarded it carelessly on the floor.

He kept deep eye contact with me as he leaned down to leave a soft kiss on my clit, he watched the fire burn in my eyes. His lips wrapped around my sensitive area and sucked with pressure behind his actions, he lived for the moans that left my mouth. I ran my hand along his arm in attempt to grip onto something, anything that I could find.

“Mm.” My head fell forward, I sent him a pleading look. A low grunt escaped his lips and hit my clit.

“What? Does that feel good? I’m going to make you feel so, so good after how I’ve been treating you, babygirl. I’m going to make you cum so hard, you’ll forget all about those times you’ve had to put in effort to get yourself off.” He pressed two of his fingers at my entrance, slowly moving them inside.

I felt the rigidity of his fingers push up against my walls, I whimpered appreciatively. I was constantly under his gaze, his eyes switched from my face and his fingers burying themselves inside of me.

“Oh, that’s so good, baby. But,” A smirk edged at the very corner of his mouth. “I know you can take so much more.” He whispered, only seconds before adding another finger, I bit down on my bottom lip and took a hold of his silky hair, tugging on it. “Good girl.” He pressed his lips to my clit once more, leaving a wet kiss.

“Shit,” My back arched off of the bed in ecstasy. “My fingers feel so good inside you, I can’t wait to feel you around my cock, princess.” His breath felt like feathers running along my clit, making me come alive.

I felt the heat drag through my body, electrifying every inch, every corner. I soon felt my back leaving the soft sheets of the bed as I came. Justin’s tongue only heightened the strength of my orgasm by reconnecting with my clit while his fingers moved at an impossible speed inside of me. I cried out, writhing under his touch. His eyes never left me as he loved the feeling of making me fall apart.

His movements slow down but didn’t come to a halt like I expected. I cried out from the sensitivity. His eyes burned darker. “J-Justin,” I whimpered, trying to abandon him from my touch. He licked my clit with much more pressure than I needed, I felt the pain and pleasure mix and create something blissful.

“Shit, you must be so sensitive right now, baby. I’m sorry, but I need you worked up if I’m gonna fuck you good and hard like I plan to.” He grinned, sliding his tongue down the length of my clit once more.

He climbed off of me, making me whimper as I felt his body heat disintegrate from me. I watched him. He slid his trousers and his boxers down his legs, his socks followed. All the while, his eyes never left mine and the small smirk never left his lips. I felt a burn for him once again, for his touch. I struggled to keep my eyes level with his, feeling a hot flush when I noticed he was stood completely naked before me.

He moved over to me, leaning over my body. Letting out a breath, he scanned my body, his hand trailed from my chest to my thigh, not missing a spot on the way. “You,” He whispered. “are so fucking beautiful.” He hovered about me, his lips attacked my neck while he positioned himself at my entrance. “I’m going to make you feel so good to make up for how I’ve been treating you. Your poor little hole has been so deprived for such a long time.” He grunted when he pushed through the tightness of my walls, his eyes shuddered closed.

“I thought about you. All those times I was too busy, I thought about you, about us. I missed how good you looked bent over in front of me, or sat on top of me, riding me. Fuck, it’s only been a week and it feels like forever.” He muttered under his breath, looking down to watch himself moving against me. Without warning, he picked up the pace. My body jolted backwards with every thrust he gave, I clutched onto his shoulders for support. He watched my face the best that he could with his eyes rolling to the back of his head every time he moved his hips.

“D-Does that feel good?” His breath was heavy and unsteady, I could feel his breath against my face. “Tell me how good it feels, princess.

“Shit, it feels so good.” My fingernails dug into his skin, making him hiss, but he didn’t complain. “Oh, God.” I cried our involuntarily while the top part of my body lifted off the bed and I collided with Justin. I felt the slightest pain slide through my body as he dominated.

“Come here.” He retracted from me, making me whimper at the loss of his touch. “Lay on your stomach for me.” He rasped, biting down on his bottom lip as I rolled over and lay in front of him. “Mm.” The palm of his hand fell to my ass, sliding over it slowly. He squeezed it softly.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain hit the surface of my ass and a loud sound of skin hitting skin rang through the quietness of the room. I gasped when I felt it while Justin groaned. “I’m sorry, baby; I couldn’t help myself.” A few moments later, I then felt his lips on my ass, leaving a patch of wetness. I pushed my hips up backwards towards him. In response, he dug his fingernails into my thighs. “Justin, please.” I groaned.

“Patience, princess. I know I’ve made you wait, but I know how long it takes before you crack. If I’m correct, you can hold on just a little longer.” He took a hold of my hips and pulled them up. “Don’t start acting like this now, or I’m not going to be happy.” He directed a small slap on the side of my thigh.

I noticed the atmosphere of the room changing as his personality did. He became more degrading, rougher, more persistent. And I wasn’t complaining.

“You wanna make me happy, right?” He pulled me closer to him by my waist, my head rested on his shoulder, my back rested against his chest. He harshly took my right boob into his hand, using his thumb and finger to squeeze at my nipple. I cried out involuntarily. “I know you do, and the feelings mutual; I want only to make you happy, but I don’t think inpatient girls deserve to be fucked as good as I plan on fucking you. Are you going behave?” His breath dug into the skin on my neck, his eyes searched the side of my face. I nodded frantically, not trusting my voice.

He instantly let me go and I collapsed, landing on all fours. My hair fell in my face. My hips where pulled up and I felt Justin’s length at my entrance once more. “You want this inside of you, don’t you, babygirl?” I felt his hands scan my body constantly. I nodded once more. “Speak to me. I wanna hear you. Quiet girls don’t get fucked the way they want.” He spoke through gritted teeth.

“P-Please fuck me.” I whispered, I felt my hands shake while holding my body up.

“Louder.” He demanded, he only just pressed the tip of his dick inside of me.

“Fuck. Me.” I spat without thought, I felt his fingers dig into me once more. I felt myself become more and more tired as I awaited the feeling of pleasure.

Justin didn’t say anything. He simply slammed into me, causing me to moan in surprise. I already knew he was grinning to himself as he watched my body shake from in front of him. He kept his movements deep and slow, my hands balled into fists around the white sheets.

I heard various grunts and moans from behind me, making my body ignite as I heard Justin’s pleasure coming through his voice. We went on into the night, our sounds of bliss being the only thing that could be heard in the quietness of the bedroom. The moon shone down on us through the open window.

Happy Fourth of July

A/N: Hey guys! So here’s a special fic to celebrate the 4th of July! Hope you like!

Tagging: @sammyxorae @twoeggsonehart @clever-girl-velocistar237 @kangdaesungofficial @sammys-angel @samanthasmileys

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,687

Characters: God!Chuck x Reader

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Warnings: None, really. Swearing maybe? Some fluff as well. Oh, the use of the Lord’s name in vain. Lol.

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: It’s the Fourth of July and Chuck decides to take the reader out for a day at the beach and to a place for some special fireworks.

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Bangtan ships (as I see them)

Mini descriptions of what I think about when I see these ships ⚓️ These were all I could think of (and man, I’m a sucker for any ships with Jimin involved)


Yoonmin: dominant Yoongi, submissive Jimin but Jimin would always be a fucking tease —

tease tease tease until Yoongi’s had enough and pushes him on his knees and fucks his pretty little mouth.

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There’s a trend I’ve noticed in fiction that I honestly don’t like: When a book or movie is teaching us about values, they always teach us that the most important things in life are friendship and courage and the like. The bad guys are always the big-picture thinkers, the intelligent ones and the ones who value logic over emotion. I feel like these books are telling us that friendship is more important than hard work, and who cares if you have a future as long as you’re a nice person? I don’t think that’s a realistic message to send, to be honest. Intelligence and logic are important, in many ways just as important as friendship and bravery - in some ways, more important. They should be more balanced in fiction, in my opinion.

You Are The Reason I Can’t Control Myself - Pt. 2  (Jared Short Conclusion)

I glared up at him as he gestured for me to get on the bed.  "I don’t feel like playing this game tonight, Jared.  I said I was sorry for what I did to you.  What more do you want from me?“

 He stood behind me knowing that unless I said a particular word, no matter what I said or how hard I fought him,  I chose to be there. He leaned down to my ear "I really don’t care if you feel like playing or not, baby.  Get on the fucking bed.”

 I squinted at him over my shoulder and that turned into a glare.  He turned me around and gripped my chin with a gentle hand, tipping it up to make me look at him.  "You know the drill baby.  It will go much smoother if you cooperate.  I have all night.  If you want to be in this room all night, that’s fine with me.  Get on the bed.“

 I spun on my heel and crawled up on the bed and then flung my arms and legs out spread eagle.  Each ankle was put into a restraint and then he straddled me at my waist and stretched up to put one around each wrist.  He moved off of the bed and retrieved the crop and then a feather.  Again he straddled me at my waist and used the tip of the crop to trace the line of my lower lip.  I looked into his eyes and caught a glimpse of the pain I had inflicted on him.  A tear trickled down the side of my face.  He threw the crop aside and caught my tear with his finger.  He leaned down to me and kissed me gently and then sat back up and picked up the feather.

 "Close your eyes” he murmured and then the feather slid down my throat and circled one nipple before moving to the other.  I felt another tear slide down my skin.  He looked up at me and then the feather trailed down my stomach and circled my belly button.  He set the feather aside and stretched out on top of me, hands covering mine. I opened my eyes as his breath cascaded across my lips.  

 He looked deep into my eyes, knowing the tears were necessary for me to forgive myself and was the final barrier for me to be able to do that.  

 "Now?  Are you ready to cooperate now?“ he asked.

 With tears still flowing I nodded my head yes in response to his question.  He placed a few kisses on my lips before pulling himself off of me.

He paced around the bed as he spoke. “So, you wanted to know why I’ve been so stressed and short with you?” He asked looking over at me.

“Yes.” I was dying to know if it was something I did and didn’t realize it.  He stopped walking and stood at the foot of the bed looking from my feet to my face.

“It was going to be a surprise for you actually.  I know that your birthday is coming up and I was trying to make sure that my schedule is cleared so that I can take you some place nice.  And not just for the day.  I’m talking like a week or two.  So that means that I have to leave earlier and move some things around.  I want to take you somewhere you’ve never been. I’ve been on my phone a lot trying to do all of this without you knowing anything about it.  That’s why your little comment about how I don’t treat you good pissed me off so bad.”

I felt awful about what I said. “Jared I’m sorry about what I said. I was just mad and trying to get back at you.”

“I know.” He climbed back on the bed throwing a leg over me straddling my body once again.  He leaned down “I know you didn’t mean what you said but…you almost got me in a fight.  That’s not ok and don’t do that ever again.”

“I wasn’t interested in him at all.” I wanted him to know that.  I was not even attracted to the tattooed guy.

“You think I don’t know that? You think I don’t know how deeply you care about me? You think I would ever do anything that wouldn’t take you into consideration? I wouldn’t.  I won’t tell you where we are going though. Just that we are. So hush. I need you right now.” He reclined on my body again and pushed a hand under my back.

He kissed his way down my body, making my toes curl when he would concentrate on one particular spot he knew I liked.

He knelt at my feet and released my ankles from the restraints and then placed my feet on the bed, while placing a hand behind my knee to bend it.  God I love when he puts me exactly where he wants me.  

His hands slid from my ankles all the way up my inner leg over my inner thighs and spread my legs out further to accommodate him when he rested his weight on me again.

He kissed me softly and looked into my eyes.

I pulled at my hand restraints and said “Are you going to release my hands?”

He winked at me and shook his head no before bending to my neck and nibbling his way down it.

His mouth was making its way down my body kissing and softly biting.  The way he swirled his tongue around my nipples was making me breathe heavier.  I was begging for him to touch me more.

Moving down farther kissing all the way down my belly as his hands remained on my breasts cupping them and occasionally running his thumbs over my nipples.  His hands moved down farther rubbing them down my inner thighs and pushing them fully open.  I was having trouble keeping still with his face so close to my throbbing clit.  He locked eyes with me smiling as his tongue flicked over my clit making me cry out.

The battle inside of me between wanting so desperately to watch his every move and the need to lay back and lose myself in pleasure was overwhelming. One hand wrapped around my leg and the other he used to push his fingers inside of me while he sucked my aching clit into his mouth. Throwing my head back I moaned loudly rocking my hips toward his mouth.

I pulled against the restraints as he worked me with his fingers and mouth. Somewhere in the background I think I heard him groan but I can’t be sure.  Screaming his name as my body shook and convulsed, he pulled himself up looking down at me as he fumbled with the button and zipper of his jeans. Turning to hop off the bed, he pulled the jeans completely off before climbing back up.

I can’t explain how it makes me feel, how it strikes me every time he looks down at me.  Maybe it’s the look in his eyes or maybe it’s the way that he treats me so tenderly no matter his mood.

He knelt between my thighs and lifted me as he moved forward.  I grabbed the strap on each hand restraint and held on tight as I straightened my legs and rested my ankles on his shoulders.  His hands wrapped partially around my thighs and he looked into my eyes as he sank into me fully with one thrust.

I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he filled me. He leaned towards me, knowing I would want to reach out to touch him but I couldn’t.  I pulled hard against the hand restraints to no avail.

He slammed into me hard making me arch my back in response. He eased up only to hammer into me harder when I shrieked “No…no…don’t go easy now.”

I couldn’t explain it if I had to but I love when he loses control.  It’s my goal sometimes.  

Harder and harder he worked my body until I was a quivering mass beneath him. He raised an eyebrow and pulled out of me without warning.

“Wait, what?” I groaned.

“Shhhh” he said as he unfastened the wrist cuffs.

“On your hands and knees baby.” He said and stared at me as he waited.

I rolled over and got into position and closed my eyes as his hands began to wander over my skin. He slid his hands over every inch of my body before finally cupping my breasts in his hands.

I dropped to my elbows and waited as his hands gripped my hips firmly and then again with one thrust he filled me, groaning as he did.

Feeling his legs between mine he dug his fingers into my hips. I pushed back against him as his hands dug into my skin. Looking to my side I enjoyed the sight as I could see us in the mirror. Staring at his triad tattoos and then to his ass I loved the way his body looked as it moved against mine. He was looking down watching himself fuck me.

I begged him to go faster but all he did was slap my ass. “Don’t tell me what to do. Just because I told you about your surprise doesn’t mean that I’m not in control.” Taking his time to move even slower, I knew that I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

He pulled my hair back as he finally began to move faster with one hand still on my waist. He was now looking in the mirror watching us also. An occasional groan coming from him was the only sound he made.

Yanking my hair back hard he pulled my back against his chest and wrapped his arm around my waist. “You’re mine. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Yes!” I answered him, his strokes becoming faster and more forceful. I love when he is like this. Rough but not enough to actually hurt me. He would never do that. He’s actually not violent. He put this play room in but doesn’t even use half of the shit in here. It’s mostly for show and to intimidate me.

Although he threatens to beat my ass with a belt, he would never. His hand sliding around to my clit and rubbing his fingers over it pulled me from my thoughts. “Oh fuck!” I whimpered.

He knew that I was close and it hit me hard and fast. He held me around the waist but let me go as I was still trembling from my orgasm. He wasn’t far behind me losing control and exploding. His now loud moans filled the room as his hips came to a stop.

He collapsed on the bed next to me breathing heavy. I laid on my stomach staring at him. He cleared his throat “We need a shower. I’m sweaty.” He put his arm over his eyes “You seriously owe me for the way that you acted tonight. I want breakfast in bed.”

I smiled looking at him. He looked exhausted “Anything for you my love.”

He smacked me on my ass “Smartass” he laughed.

“You wouldn’t have me be any other way” I returned as I managed to rise from the bed and crawl off of it.  My legs were still trembling.

I turned away from him to leave the room, gasping when his arms were suddenly around me and his teeth were sinking into the side of my neck “You’re right about that.  Let’s go shower.” He murmured in my ear before releasing me.

Written by @thepromiseofanend and myself last summer

Thank you so much for reading!!

BTS taking care of you with really bad period cramps

Jhope is very very affectionate and he wouldn’t at all feel uncomfortable with your period situation.He would have prepared a really nice afternoon with you,with greasy foods ( just like you want them) and a comedy movie playing.All these of course,after taking your medicine.”Come here jagiiii~ you need to take your medicine //reveals shoulder”

Jimin is really good to be a mood maker,especially when you’re rather moody because of the pain.He would concentrate on solving it with skinship but also doing aegyo to you and acting like an adorable puffy fluff.After a lot of cuddling and chit chat in the sofa he might fall asleep on your stomach,making it warmer.

He always knows how to take a very good care of you.He would have put netflix and would have prepared a full meal of all your favorite foods to show his love and caring.Then he would sit next to you,cover you with a blanket and start munching,asking every now and then how you feel.”Does the food taste good hun?Anything else you need?”

For him it will be a little difficult to understand how you feel,since he didn’t have much experience with girls before you.He will probably go online to find a guide on “how to treat your gf while on pms” and maybe mess it up a little but in a cute way.His innocent approach will win you and make you forget about your pain.”Now?! You hurt now?! what to do-”

He will treat the situation very normally,since his mind is working great.He will start asking you where you hurt and he will buy hot pads or something to help you go through the pain.After that he will probably lay his head on your shoulder and listen to how you feel,if you’re moody etc. “Let’s write down the things you will need,baby”

He will be awkward as hell.Despite his laid back image and cool character,period is a thing he hasnt come across.He won’t know how to act around you much,but he will manage to get you the necessary (snacks,chocolate).In the end if it doesnt help,he would suggest you to sleep next to him in the warm bed.”Ah…I dont know much about what to do babe…//sweats”

He will panic.His nature is not trained to such a situation so he will try to entertain you in any way he finds.Most of the time you will laugh at the derp faces he makes,but if you cringe because of pain,he will worry again and ask you 1000 times if you’re alright ”JAGI! What is it?! Don’t scare me..”

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Baekhyun - (M) Sillage pt. 1

A/N: Part one got deleted, i don’t know why but here it is again. sorry about that, guys 

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He strolled, frustrated, through a dull back road where he last saw her running. His eyes were dim red― as red as pure human blood, his lips beyond a reasonable doubt wanted for her body yet he knew he ought to hold up because of the way that she was a minor. Baekhyun had watched her grow up and dependably dealt with her at whatever point he had the time. They both developed so near each other that Baekhyun experienced considerable difficulties since he generally had dirty thoughts about her, particularly when she innocently takes a gander at him. It was only eight more years left until she turns eighteen and his entire life, he had held up many years just to claim her as his.

“Eun Ae.” Her name slipped out of his mouth when he discovered her stowing away inside one of only a couple of cardboard boxes. “What are you doing there? It’s dangerous over here. Come out and let me take you home.”

“Get away from me!” Eun Ae froze. “I saw you do something to that woman, Baek. She was naked and she was shouting. I saw you put something inside her that made her scream. What did you do to her?”

He truly adored realizing that she was innocent. That made him even more turned on.

“Eun Ae, I didn’t hurt her one piece. We should go home before your dad discovers that you’re with me.”

“You’re not going to hurt me as well, are you?” Eun Ae whined while Baekhyun hauled her out.

“I will never hurt you, Baby.” Baekhyun’s heart softened. “Now, how about we go.”

Baekhyun was the devil himself. Ordinary, he craved for ladies and for some odd reason Eun Ae discovered him fingering a lady who he brought home with him, but he knew his limits. Eun Ae, on the other hand, was coming home from school until it down-poured. Since she realized that Baekhyun lived near, so she chose to go there as opposed to going home.

“Daddy!” The young girl ran towards a man who was calmly remaining at his front entryway. “I’m sad I didn’t let you know that I would have been late.”

“Go inside, Eun Ae.” Her dad opened the entryway behind him. “How frequently did I instruct you to never associate with him?”

“But…I’m sorry. I won’t do it once more.” She murmured, strolling inside the house.

Baekhyun brought Eun Ae home, he knew immediately that he ought to have turned back in the wake of entering her property. His eyes glowed again as her dad made a couple strides nearer towards him. Eun Ae’s dad was a perilous man. He was an exorcist and every one of the demons knew yet Baekhyun never dreaded to love his lone girl.

“What do you need?”

“You realize what I need,” Baekhyun grinned, “and I won’t stop until I get her.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Don’t you worry. Eun Ae is very special to me. I won’t treat her badly like how your first little girl was dealt with. Miyoung was an excellent young lady however I figure you surrendered her to the wrong person.” Baekhyun smirked. “This is the thing that happens when you wed a demon from a lower class rank, exorcist. You give your female kids away to our higher class.”

“Don’t you dare touch her ever again, you weakling.”

“I won’t for some time yet I let you know as of now, I’ll return for your little girl.” Baekhyun grinned and waved. “I’ll see you in eight years, Father.”

“I will figure out how to stop this so you won’t ever see her until the end of time. Every one of you demons sicken me. How could you let me know that you need to take Eun Ae away from me after I gave you Miyoung?” Eun Ae’s dad snarled as Baekhyun left the house. “I will figure out how to execute you before you get to her.”

The Boys from 105

||Prompt|| College Steve and Bucky!! The reader and her best friend attend the same college and are neighbors with Bucky and Steve. 

||Pairing|| Bucky x Reader and some Steve x bestfriend

||Warning|| Bucky might be a douchebag but I promise he’ll be a gentleman in the next few parts.

||Word count|| 1,252

Not edited…


The Boys from 105

It was a week before Uni started and all freshman students got the opportunity to roam around campus and place some things in their dorms, so you and your best friend, y/f/n, took the opportunity to bring some boxes. The two of you were so glad that both of you got accepted to the same university and even got to share rooms. Like who hasn’t dreamt of that. 

“Oh god Y/N, I don’t think I can handle these boxes anymore.” Y/f/n stopped going up the stairs which made you bump into her since the boxes in your hands blocked your view.

“Y/f/n, you are literally carrying the lightest things we have.” You pointed at the blankets and pillows label on the boxes. You let go of your boxes putting them on one of the stairs, taking a break as well. “Hey shut up, the box brings more weight into it.” She commented, “They at least add 5 more pounds.”  

You faced palmed yourself, “Just hurry up before someone comes by.” You grabbed your boxes and so did y/f/n. “Fine but we are so getting some Mc Donalds after this.” You rolled your eyes not answering her. 

You were at the 3rd level before y/f/n gave up again. “I swear this is torture.” She let the boxes lean on the handrail and let her body lean on top of the boxes, then wiping away the sweat from her forehead using the back of her hand.  “Omg, I swear if you stop one more time.” You squeezed passed her and made your way up the stairs since the dorm was on the fourth floor and you didn’t want to pick the actual heavy boxes again.  

You heard Y/f/n’s heavy breathing as she caught up to you finally making your way through the corridors searching for the right number for the dorm. 

“96, 97, 98, 99,” You turned a left. “100, 101, 102, 103 and finally  104.” You smiled happily to yourself staring at the door waiting for y/f/n to take out her keys.

 “Finally,” you heard her let out a sigh before throwing the boxes to the floor not even gently settling them down. “You are so lucky there isn’t anything fragile in there.” She simply shrugged and opened the door letting you in first. It wasn’t as big as you imagined but it’ll have to do. 

Y/f/n came in just a few seconds later, both of you walking towards the table that was given and settled the boxes there. “Home sweet home, I guess.” You commented feeling a little weird in a new place. “God this place needs a touch-up.” Y/f/n noticed as she touched the table and saw her fingertips covered in dust. “That’s later business, first, we need to bring the other boxes we have left in our cars.” You made your way towards the open door before spinning around almost bumping into your friend. “Or why don’t I get the boxes and you start unpacking?” That got her smiling, “That sounds amazing.” You watched her make her way back to the table while you went back down the stairs. 

You were going as fast as your feet took you down the stairs, trying to finish the task as soon as possible. You passed a few people from your left and few said hello, while the majority either stared at your moving body or others waved with a smile on their faces. That’s until you passed by the grumpiest person ever, or maybe he wasn’t mad until your shoulder bumped into his causing the coffee in his hand to fall on the floor. 

“I’m so so-” The man interrupted you.

“God dang it, lady, I hadn’t even taken a sip out of it.”  You stared at the coffee stain on the newly cleaned carpet until you looked up at him. His beautiful blue eyes already staring back at you, as if he was waiting for you to say something. 

“Uh…hey listen sorry…can you wait here for at least 2 minutes? I can bring my wallet and pay for it.” You waited for him to answer but all you got was a stare. 

“Okay…I’ll be back?”  You awkwardly smiled going back up the stairs, but you didn’t even take two steps before the man’s hand reached for your forearm causing you to turn around.

“No, it’s okay I don’t need money, you poor freshman should save all the money you can.” You glared at him unsurprised at how they treated the new incomers. 

“Fuck you, you little prick. For your information, I am well of.” You took one last glanced at him before flicking him off and made your way down the stairs. 

Bucky shrugged and made his way up to the 4th level and found his dorm really quick since he had been there for over a year now. He walked past a few dorms when he noticed the dorm to the left of his had the door open.

He peeked in to see what new guys would be there. Where they freshman or transfers? But the sad part would be that now Bucky couldn’t use the dorm to sleep when his friend Steve would bring girls.

But to his surprise, he saw a woman placing pink covers on the pillow in her hand. Bucky went inside about to tell the lady she was in the wrong room when he noticed Steve already talking to her as he installed the printer and two laptops. No one had noticed his appearance into the room and took the chance to hear what they were saying, “So where you from, Y/f/n?” 

“Queens. How about you?” Y/f/n asked looking up at him as she settled herself on her new bed.

“Brooklyn.” Steve had finally finished installing everything. “We’re both far away from home, don’t you think?”

“Very mu-”

“Y/f/n, I swear if I have to carry more boxes my arms will break in half.” You walked into the dorm not noticing the guys were in there. “Why the hell would you bring a fucking mini oven?” You placed the boxes on the floor and looked up to see all 3 people, instantly recognizing the man from the stairs. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked glaring at him.

“I can ask the same question.” You gave him a what-the-fuck look.

“Hey, I’m Steve.” The tall light skin man walked up to you.”You must be Y/n, y/f/n has talked a lot about you.” He extended his hand for you to shake and you took the gesture. “Hey.”

“Anyways what my friend here Bucky is trying to say is, why are there two young lovely women on the 4th level. Since its only for guys.”

“Oh really?” Y/f/n asked. 

“Yeah, all last year there were no women on this floor.” Steve walked up to the door waving goodbye saying he needed to put the ice cream in the fridge before it completely melted.

“Well, I’m not moving any boxes up or down the stairs anymore.” You moved away from the entrance giving Steve room to leave. Bucky soon followed him before he approached you, “Next time try using the elevator sweetheart.” With that, he was out the room.

“Ugh, I hate him.” You yelled,  slamming the door shut. Bucky heard you and let out a chuckle. 

“I think I like this Bucky dude. Reminds me a lot about you.” Y/f/n commented as you glared at her.

“You are lucky you haven’t unpacked any knives.” 


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Imagine requested: Princesses

Imagine Brett Talbot is the father to one of your preschooler’s, and it surprises you because you hadn’t seen Brett since your Senior year which was half a decade ago, and you were absolutely stunned when he walked in with his little girl for Teacher Meeting Day. You had to act as if you hadn’t even realized it was him, and waited if he would realize you first.

“Hi there beautiful, what’s your name?” You ask playfully with the adorable little 4 year old girl. She giggled and says her name is Avea, and smiled widely, “Well I’m Ms. (Y/L/N).”

“Avea, baby, what did I tell you about going off without asking me first?” You froze only for a second hearing his voice again after so many years. It still had its heart fluttering effect on you but you had to remember that his werewolf senses probably could detect it, so you tried to breath calmly.

Brett told you about his supernatural powers back in junior year, at first you were totally freaked and didn’t talk to him for weeks on end, absolutely afraid, but when he saved you from a flying arrow at archery practice, you felt the flutter of your heart beat again when he was around so you made up with him, and since then you were his best friend. How he didn’t realize your feelings for him is still a mystery to you.

You took a soft breath, and you straightened your posture, and turned around to see him, his blue eyes still shimmering brightly as they did the last time.

“(Y/N)?” He asks, looking taken back and all around stunned to see your face once again. It makes you smile to see he’s remembered you after so many years.

“Brett,” You confirm his question, and smile widely as he smiles back, “It’s been so long, is.. is this your daughter?” You take a slight step away so the little girl is in full view, and is shyly looking up at the two of you.

“Yes, my little princess.” He bends down for a moment, easily picking her up, and in the moment you take a glance at his arms, that was your biggest weakness for him when it came to his body in high school other then his amazing personality, “How’ve you been (Y/N)?”

You smile and nod a little bit, “I’ve been good, got my degree last year, and this is my first year teaching, guess this is a small town after all.” You look around seeing the other parents and children walking, all curiously looking around the classroom of yours.

“Yeah, yeah it is.” He smiles softly, and glances down, maybe to your heels, and you smile to yourself.

“Well, I really should get going to talk to the other parents, but I’d love to meet your wife or- or girlfriend soon.” You nearly slap yourself for stuttering or even bringing that topic up, but you just had to get rid of the curiosity.

“I actually don’t have a wife, or girlfriend, just me and my little Avea, aint that right princess?” He nuzzles his nose into her cheek making her giggle, and it made your heart grow a little more closer to your old feelings for him at how he treated his little girl.

“Oh, oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up-”

“Ms. (Y/L/N), may you start the presentation, please?” One of the impatient parents asked, and you nodded, apologizing, and gave a smile to Brett and his daughter, going to the front of the class to start speaking.


It was a few hours after all of your new students and the parents left, and all of the Teacher Meetings were over, and everyone, even Brett and his daughter had left, and you leaned back in your desk chair, taking your bobby pins out, ruffling your hair because your hair was too tight for too long and it was starting to hurt. And you were nervous all day since these were going to be your first students so this was your first Teacher’s Meeting Day, and Brett made you even more nervous since you wanted to look good since you succeeded at what you had wanted to become.

“Mrs. Devan said you might be in here.” You sat up quickly, and tried to fix your hair but he had already seen it down and ruffled, so you gave up, leaving it partly messy. He was without his daughter, and your mouth opened before you could think.

“Hello, Brett.” You smile slightly, and got up from your chair, “Where is Avea?” Brett nodded behind him before speaking.

“She went to dinner with my mother tonight since that was her plans with her for her birthday, but it happened a little sooner.” You nod, understanding.

“Was there a question you forgot to ask earlier, or?” You trailed your sentence a little, waiting for him to finish it and answer.

“Oh, uh, yeah, there was.” He stepped a little closer to you. The thought of his werewolf senses popped back into your mind and you tried to keep your heart rate steady so he wouldn’t know you were nervous, “I miss you, (Y/N).” He spoke lightly as if he were worried someone else would here, and he raised his hand to your cheek, and you swallowed to try to keep your breathing down.

“I miss you too, Brett.” You sigh, closing your eyes. You missed him, a lot, and you leaned in, hugging him. After a second, he hugged you back tightly, “I’m sorry.” You say gently, pulling away after you were done hugging.

“For what, princess?” You laughed at that, remembering your nickname he’d given you so many years ago.

“For that argument we had before I left.” It was right after senior prom, right before Graduation, and you two hadn’t talked since. It was over him being too over- protective of you, and you thought it was because of the supernatural issues, but really it was because he was jealous of your former boyfriend that took you to Prom.

“It’s nothing now.”

“No, it’s still something, why were you so upset?” You asked, your curiosity getting the best of you still.

“I was jealous, okay?” He leaned in and kissed you passionately, taking you off guard, making you hold your breath. Brett pulled away slowly, and you opened your eyes slowly.

“Wha-what was that for?” You asked, absolutely stunned.

“I love you, (Y/N), and I tried to get over it, and I thought I did get over it, but when I saw you today, it was like, I don’t know, every emotion I thought I got rid of, just came over flowing, and-”

You leaned in, getting confidence from when he said he loved you, and kissed him gently to stop his rambles. He held his breath this time, and pulled away slowly a few moments after.

“I love you too, Brett Talbot.” You whisper onto his lips, looking into his eyes.

He closed his eyes slowly, and then they opened again, showing his real eyes. They were bright, beautiful red, and you waited to ask him later about his Alpha status, but now you leaned in and kissed him again, him kissing you back gently.

You had your daughter at a really young age. The father left as you have grown to believe that all men do, but then Calum came into your life. He loved you but the thing that won your heart was how he treated your little girl. There was rarely a date that he would plan that didn’t involve her. He knew that as a mother, your life revolved around her. He admired that about you. One day he asked if you would let him take her out on his own today. He has spent time alone with her before so you said it was fine. After your relaxing (and quiet) day alone, Calum brought your little girl home and she was bursting with energy. She told you about the great day she had with calum and about the new book he got her. She said it was a special one that had all of you in it, so you both had to read it to her before bed. You agreed and got her ready. She decided that calum should be the one that read it. She then gave him an obvious wink which made you question calum but he just shook it off and started reading. The story was about a princess and a queen who lived alone and ruled the kingdom by themselves. Your daughter loved being a princess so you knew this was going to become a favorite book of hers. Then a “brave and handsome knight” came to stay in the kingdom and you had to roll your eyes at that. Calum smiled over at you. The story continued with the knight becoming closer with the queen and princess and the book included some of your memorable moments as a family.As you got closer to the end of the book you could tell Calum was growing more nervous. You could hear it in his voice. The last page had the knight down on one knee in front of the queen. He was holding a beautiful ring and the princess had a huge smile on her face as she watched the couple. Once you realized what this meant you looked over at calum. He had a ring out and a hopeful smile on his face. “So will you?” he asked. “Mommy say yes!” Your little girl bounced in your lap. Tears welled up in your eyes and you nodded. “Yes” you cried out. Calum slipped the ring on your finger and kissed your lips while your little girl cheered.