how to treat your little


Reaction no. 128: When you find a song with a great beat and you pretend to be a drummer. 

Imagine werewolf!Woozi smiling contently when you pet him.

Bangtan ships (as I see them)

Mini descriptions of what I think about when I see these ships ⚓️ These were all I could think of (and man, I’m a sucker for any ships with Jimin involved)


Yoonmin: dominant Yoongi, submissive Jimin but Jimin would always be a fucking tease —

tease tease tease until Yoongi’s had enough and pushes him on his knees and fucks his pretty little mouth.

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anonymous asked:

Darling, Im speaking at the moment with Mia. She is a wonderful granddaughter. And she would be a great legacy. So. Don't act like a toddler. We could be a family again Fergus. And Vilesca is not happy about it, how you treat her. Why did you put your little sister in chains? -#motherofthecentury

Stay out of this, mother. And I didn’t chain her up. She got herself in trouble and got herself chained up for being trouble.


Listen here good old pal chum friend @teddy–roastvelt

Get a fucking life. Is bullying people making you feel better about your absolute pathetic self? Did you finish stroking your ego with being the most disgusting person on planet eart? Cool.

Let me tell you something friend. We are after you. And I will personally make sure you rot in hell for eternity. You treated Dragon awfully. You get treated worse.

So just close your little tumblr app and go outside kid. Nobody needs you.

I may not know Dragon very well,but my friends love her so I love her too. Because she is so strong,amazing and talented.

Let me tell you a word you may not have in your little brain: respect. Treat people how you want to be treated.

You had your daughter at a really young age. The father left as you have grown to believe that all men do, but then Calum came into your life. He loved you but the thing that won your heart was how he treated your little girl. There was rarely a date that he would plan that didn’t involve her. He knew that as a mother, your life revolved around her. He admired that about you. One day he asked if you would let him take her out on his own today. He has spent time alone with her before so you said it was fine. After your relaxing (and quiet) day alone, Calum brought your little girl home and she was bursting with energy. She told you about the great day she had with calum and about the new book he got her. She said it was a special one that had all of you in it, so you both had to read it to her before bed. You agreed and got her ready. She decided that calum should be the one that read it. She then gave him an obvious wink which made you question calum but he just shook it off and started reading. The story was about a princess and a queen who lived alone and ruled the kingdom by themselves. Your daughter loved being a princess so you knew this was going to become a favorite book of hers. Then a “brave and handsome knight” came to stay in the kingdom and you had to roll your eyes at that. Calum smiled over at you. The story continued with the knight becoming closer with the queen and princess and the book included some of your memorable moments as a family.As you got closer to the end of the book you could tell Calum was growing more nervous. You could hear it in his voice. The last page had the knight down on one knee in front of the queen. He was holding a beautiful ring and the princess had a huge smile on her face as she watched the couple. Once you realized what this meant you looked over at calum. He had a ring out and a hopeful smile on his face. “So will you?” he asked. “Mommy say yes!” Your little girl bounced in your lap. Tears welled up in your eyes and you nodded. “Yes” you cried out. Calum slipped the ring on your finger and kissed your lips while your little girl cheered.