how to train you dragon 2

  • Me:*walks out of bedroom all sleepy*
  • Daddi:Hey baby *notices I'm sleepy* You're not sleeping in your dress, are you?
  • Me:no Daddi. I was watching How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Daddi:oh, okay. Don't sleep in your dress.
  • Me:*instantly not tired anymore and bratty mode takes over* I can sleep in whatever I want to! *goes back out the room before he can say otherwise*
  • Daddi:*chuckles*

“The eyes are the point where body and soul are one

Eyes (Blue/green/brown) / Gaze appreciation Animation

(Can you see how it changed the eyebrows, eyelashes and eye color of Rapunzel? woooow!!)


Well, I think it’s very interesting that in reality although the history books is not equal to the film, they really are very similar.

Not just in the film, also in the series, the characters and places tend to look alike, and it is important to thank the Dreamworks studios, for modify a work of Cressida Cowell and adapt it to television and film, but not remove these details.

We are so close to the movie HTTYD 2 and I’m as excited as all of you, really … wait is torture.


My HTTYD2 artwork post before the weekend. In the new film, all the hero dragons get a cool saddle upgrade. These are some of my saddle designs for Astrid and Storm Fly. Also, the Art of HTTYD2 show at Gallery Nucleus is opening this saturday night. Come hang out, see the amazing original art and get your book signed!