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Things I don’t care about in womens sport:

  • how their hair looks
  • how sweaty they are
  • their make-up (or lack thereof)
  • how big their muscles are
  • whether or not they win
  • being able to see their bra straps
  • how ugly/cute their game face is

Things I DO care about in womens sport:

  • their sportsmanship 
  • the inspiration they give to other girls/women
  • their commitment to training/fitness
  • their passion
[INTERVIEW] 160330 10Asia: KNK, let’s find out about their importance

It’s a first for anyone. Time passes by, and it’s important that we don’t lose the value of those overwhelming thoughts and moments, when the moments we had been longing for play out in front of our eyes. Knowing desperation from the beginning, it’s not easy making a start, but male idol group KNK whose debut was announced at the beginning of 2016 is different. They each went through a training period in different companies, disappointed from within their teams set to debut. That’s why, more than anyone, they were desperate and are now familiarizing us with the importance of this moment. Knowing full well that everything before their eyes isn’t something granted to them, they can’t just let go of those times either. With their valuable and eager hearts, they took their ambitious first steps. All that’s left now is for them to take off.

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yay! Can you write me a jackson scenario,when we spend the night together at his house but i don't have any clothes to wear,so i wear his?

“Hey babe, I have to change.”

“Change? Why?” He adjusted his hat slightly while looking at you with a rather dignified smile. “You look fine and besides, we’re only going to the supermarket.”

“I want to change though,” You insisted, especially after last night. “ — I just want to get in some fresh clothes.”

Jackson actually rolled his eyes a little before passing by you and heading into his room, biting down on his lip in thought while taking out a gray t-shirt and soccer training pants that were a little tight on him. “Here, I think these’ll fit you. I’ll get a hoodie, it’s cold out.”

A small smile formed as you saw how serious he was in this process, a small ‘thank you’ made way before you began pulling at the hem of your shirt for a firm grip, then pulling it over your head. You used to be shy even in the girl’s locker room, but changing in front of Jackson was nothing now, it was almost a pure habit.

Jackson passed by and tossed a hoodie on the bed by the training pants, he then planted a kiss on your cheek while softly putting his hand around the back of your neck. “Think you’ll be warm enough?” He kissed the side of your head and began to play with the ends of your hair, his hand brushing your bare back and shoulders.

You nodded and slipped on the t-shirt, feeling Jackson’s hands helping you along the way. A v-neck that fit you quite nicely, though it was pretty thin. “You going to help me with the pants too?” You smiled and began to unbutton your jeans, his hand pulled at the hem.

Provocative, as always. He whispered in your ear and laughed, “Duh.”

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Okay so most ppl don't have enough time to workout. Well I play soccer and do a class that works small muscles that I don't train with weights and I also lift weights and ride a road bike. How can I manage all of that in a week? I normally exercise one way or another 2/3 times A day. Please help me bc I can't get up the stairs lol

Nobody has time to workout (srs)

It’s your job to take 30 mins during the weekend to plan your week. Don’t let your schedule define you, you define your schedule!

More motivation:

“Dawn Scott is an amazing resource to have on the Physical Preparation Podcast. She’s currently the physical preparation coach for the US Women’s National team, and she has some really unique insight as to what goes on at the highest level of sport. In this show Dawn and I chat about what’s going on with the women’s national team leading up to the Olympics, the tools they are using to keep their athletes healthy and fit, and the three big recovery tools that every athlete should use to improve their performance.” 


We all know Dawn, she’s the fitness coach for the USWNT. Dawn can be seen running the gals through fitness tests or even goofing off with some of the players at trainings, games and in US Soccer videos but she is a huge reason in why the team has been so successful over the years. Take a listen to see how Dawn prepares the best team in the world to ensure high level performance on the national team level as well as in the NWSL. In this podcast she talks all about her job, how she prepares new players to come into national team camp, the young Mallory Pugh, player recovery, and also throws a little bit of shade towards the men’s team.

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