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hello may i request something if the requests are open ? im new and im in love with your blog these days when i get back from school immediately open your blog i just adore you girl :)<3 anyway can i get a scenarios or headcanons or anything about BTS with there GF hard and painful period you how that cute helpful things , make it long if you don’t mind , thank you so much you make my day always <3

a/n: i changed it so it was just a general how they’d be when their partner is going through this to save any duplications in the future. 


★seokjin’s soft meter would go up during this time 

★he’d make anything you were craving 

★he’d have a special washing powder for your dressing gown and blankets 

★something like lavender to help you relax 

★kisses your stomach alot

★healing kisses

★’how ugly do i look?’

★’you look very cute right now’

★’don’t lie’

★’i could eat you up you look that cute in my hoodie’

★legit thinks this is when you’re the cutest

★with your messy hair and his baggy hoodie


★yoongi will try take your mind off the pain 

★he’ll bring you to his studio 

★and play for you 

★holds your hand 95% of the time 

★kisses your fingers

★has heatpacks on standby to stick to your clothes

★’i know it hurts… it’ll be over soon,”

★clings to you 

★’let me get you pregnant and it won’t happen for nearly a year’

★’fuck off yoongi’

★’i’m fine here thanks’


★hoseok would rely alot on natural remedies to help you 

★such as herbal tea 

★and yoga

★’i know you don’t have energy but stretching will help with the pain. i’m going to do it with you’  

★treats the entire week like a spa week

★facepacks are a must

★as are massages

★nail painting sometimes happens

★he has matching pyjamas with you during this time 


★namjoon would treat you like you’re the most fragile ornament on earth 

★asks if you’re okay 32034829348 times every hour 

★gets advice from his mum and sister  

★holds you close to him  

★rubs your back to get rid of pain

★’my brave baby’

★has learned how to put your hair in a tie so it’s out of your way


★tbh he kinda loves it 

★bc you get really bad cravings for food he loves

★and it gives him the opportunity to order a crap load of it and eat it with you 

★eating lifts your mood during this week 

★so he gets you to do as much as it of as possible

★’i bet i can eat more rice cakes than you’  


★’prove me wrong’

★he also loves how clingy you are

★you’re in his lap 80% of the time

★this is the only time he’ll let you be the big spoon


★has an app that tracks your period 

★so the day before he gets stocked up on everything you’ll need 

★and prepare black bed sheets so there’s an accident you don’t get upset

★on the day he’ll leave out a pad for you in the bathroom

★sends you texts throughout the day to see how you are

★binging shows with you to kep your mind off things

★’come to bed. we want cuddles’ 

★sings to you


★wraps you up in one of his shirts 

★shoves you on the bed

★doesn’t let you move  

★endless kisses

★tries his best to keep your mood up by being playful

★makes you sleep on him so he can have his hands rested on your stomach 

★gets offended if you buy a hot water bottle 

★’you don’t need that you have me. am i not hot enough for you’  

★if you have an accident 10/10 he’s got your back

★’i feel like a slug’

★’you look like a slug’

★’you look like an uglier slug’

★’i am the king slug’

How To Do Dragon-Witch Makeup

Ok, so first step, tie your hair back

Next step, you need a base color, the color that’s going to peak through your scales. It should, therefore, complement your scale color. I chose silver base coat with purple scales, but feel red to color your dragon-witch as you like. So once you have this:

This stuff can be found at target, or party city, or any spirit halloween store. Smear it all over your face

Make sure you get a nice even coating all over. (except your eyes, we will be doing eye makeup later, so it’s ok for that not to be coated)

Next you’re going to put nets over your face. I, personally, just use the nets they sell tangerines in, but fishnets also work. To make sure these nets don’t move, use booby pins to pin them to your hair. If you have insufficient hair, you can pin them to your ears, or have someone hold them in place.

Next, you get whatever color scales you want, and squirt the make up into some tin/container that you can easily access. (Note: i mixed blue and red to make purple, so if you can’t find the color you want, you can always mix colors till you get it)

Next get a make up sponge. This will be what you use to create these scales. However, don’t just dip the sponge in the makeup and get large globs of it, this will make your makeup weird and messy. Instead dip a finger into the makeup and spread a thin layer onto the sponge

Next, sponge on your scales. I usually do a triangle going down the forehead, triangles across the cheekbones, and a small triangle on my chin. I then connect all the triangles and then do a line down the nose

You can stop here if you want, but I also often add another color for mottling, this time black. Spread a thin layer of your mottling color on the clean side of the sponge, and pat lightly in spots all over your face

Next, carefully peel off the nets. Congrats you have scales. For the next step, yu need something like this:

Again, found at target, party city, spirit halloween. Now choose a matching color to your scales, this time purple, and smear it in a big circle around your eye using the little wand thing that comes with it

Then pick another color for an eyeliner, this case black and use the thin side of the wand to paint a thick line around your eye, embrace your inner goth for this

After that, you do your other eye, add some lipstick and voila! You are a a dragon-witch. The only other thing is to remember to set your make up, you can use pretty much any makeup setting spray, or if you do scales anywhere other than your face, hairspray. Now go out and wreak havoc!

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im calling it now, the strong emotional interactions between keith and allura are gonna be about keith being a galra

possible keith/allura s2 interactions:

  • keith wants to know how allura gets lance to flirt with her?? he wants her secrets. he wants lance’s attention. allura wants keith to take all of lance’s attention and get it far away from Her
  • yer an alien, keith
  • “you always tie your hair up and it stays… how do i do that” “um. well, keith. you might wash it, first?”
    • allura braiding keith’s hair, visibly disgusted by the texture but beaming when he smiles over his shoulder at her
  • allura goes to keith asking about the gossip on the other paladins and keith just. makes shit up because he’s really bad at reading people. it only works because allura’s worse
    • “lance WHAT” “i know..” “that’s terribly sad” “……………..yeah. it is”
  • keith finds allura somewhere in the castle while she’s doing something and just. sits down in the same room. and stays there for like two hours while she’s working, then just as abruptly gets up and leaves with a parting “good talk, princess”
  • a scene where they’re alone and the stakes are high and there’s a really romantic swell of music and you think an emotional confession is coming but at the same time they both confess
    •  “i’m in love with shiro” “i’m in love with lance” “SHIRO? my BROTHER SHIRO?” “LANCE?????????????????”

Title: I’ll be seeing you

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane x Bastard Stark reader

Quick apology for any mistakes, I tired my best to proof read and edit. Hope everyone who reads enjoys it, and requests are open.  

(Found the gif on Google, but still credit to whomever made it)

You were surprised at how long you lasted in Kings Landing, after all you were a bastard. You remembered the day Lady Catelyn told you that your presence was a insult to the royal family, yet here you were still alive. Though, you got the worst of it being here, probably worse than Sansa or so you thought. Poor Sansa still had to marry the boy King Joffrey, which made you sick to your stomach.

You had found yourself biting your tongue to keep from firing back at them with comments that could possibly have your head rotting next your fathers or rather where your fathers head once was. There was one person that would hold you back, or give you a warning glare to stop, and his name was Sandor Clegane

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Can you do headcanons of Dazai bragging about Chuuya to the Agency?

  • He’s always talking about how he has “such a lovely person to try out my clothes for me” and no one has any idea what tf he means
  • And he brings in lunches that are very obviously homemade and brags about how talented his “special someone” is
  • And sometimes Dazai will get a text message and he’ll just stare at it and smile for a few minutes until someone reminds him to keep working
  • Whenever Chuuya leaves hickies, he unbuttons his shirt to expose the soft blue blossoms peppered over his collarbone
  • When everyone finds out, he drops the ambiguity and just full on brags about Chuuya - like, everything about chuuya
  • Atsushi’s most heard is, “No one’s boyfriend has a butt as beautiful and luscious as his” and he wants a raise.
  • Whenever Kunikida reties his hair, Dazai jumps up and says, “Chuuya can show you how to tie your hair up! He has such nice locks!”
  • “Chuuya’s strong he could probably open this jar” even though he could do it himself but….
  • “Chuuya did so well on last night’s mission”
  • “Chuuya really fu-”
  • He gets paid leave
{Monsta X Scenario/Reaction} to S/O wrapped in a towel at a bathhouse

Scene: It’s been a rough few months for you and your S/O. Your jobs have been working you to the bone and all you guys want is a break. So a mutual friend tells you about a private bathhouse just up the mountains, giving it a good review. Seeing as it was secluded and private, you both pack somethings and head out, ready to shed some stress and find mental balance.

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Okay but consider Hanzo, Genji, Junkrat and Roadhog with an s/o that has long hair they loosely tie in a small bun and they are MASTER CHEF.


  • He loves your cooking. Will always ask to be your guinea pig if you’re trying a new recipe.
  • He’s a tad picky. He grew up eating the best of the best, after all.
  • The first time he saw you tie your hair back before you cooked, he wondered if you did it every time. 
  • He thought the bun was cute, and he made sure to compliment you on it. 
  • Often tells you that you should pursue culinary arts. 
  • His compliments always made you blush. You knew he meant it as he was not usually one for giving out compliments. 
  • He was touched when you made him lunch one day. He was shocked when you handed him a lunch bag and told him not to open it until he was ready to eat.
  • Honestly he might have had to choke back some tears. He thought it was so sweet that you took the time and effort to cook for him.


  • Like Hanzo, he loves your cooking.
  • He was the exact opposite of Hanzo; he would eat whatever he got his hands on.
  • When he found out you were a cook, he was delighted. 
  • Always asked you to cook for him, and would run out and get you whatever ingredients you needed or wanted. 
  • Extremely supportive! 
  • Always brags about your achievements and how wonderful your cooking was.
  • He loved watching you tie your hair up into a messy bun. 
  • He honestly wondered how you weren’t world famous.


  • He’s not used to high end food.
  • He always eats with Roadhog, and his appetite doesn’t always make it easy for them to eat out at fancy restaurants. Most places won’t let him in anyway.
  • When you offer to cook for him one day, he’s a bit skeptical. He watches you throw together the ingredients, your hair tied back in a messy bun on top of your head. 
  • “Ay babe, you should really wear your hair like that more often. It suits ya.”
  • You tossed him a smile over your shoulder, thanking him for the compliment. 
  • You placed the plate of food in front of him, his mouth already watering from the wonderful smell. 
  • He was in heaven when he took the first bite.
  • “The only thing better than this food is you, Y/N.” 
  • What a charmer.


  • He too was a bit skeptical when you told him you liked to cook and that you wanted to cook for him.
  • He didn’t exactly have a small appetite. 
  • He let you try, however. He didn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you no. 
  • He sat and watched as you cooked, his head tilted slightly. Already he was able to smell the food cooking, and he began to grow excited even though he didn’t show it.
  • He was surprised when you put an amazing looking plate of food in front of him. 
  • He ate every bite, loving the excited look on your face.
  • He was sure to ask you to cook more often for him.

Carl teaching you how to fire a gun

- He tells you to tie your hair back, saying its safer. Really, he just likes your hair tied fully up

-He laughs at first when your hand keeps shaking

-But shuts the fuck up when you hit your target exact

-He pretends you still need help, because he just wants to spend time with you

-He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you

-He places his hands over yours and you pull the trigger together

-This is the time your shot is off slightly

-He claims you just need more lessons

-You humour him though, because his smile is something you love but rarely see anymore

-He decides to kiss you for every target you hit, motivating you even more

-You get every kiss you could have

-Him being incredibly proud of you

-But also mildly terrified after finding just how good a shot you are

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Sona left a note in Yi's room, hoping he might see it while she was out and about. "Yi - I have a sack of sweet potatoes in the kitchen that need to be peeled. If you see this before I return, could you please get started on them for me? It would be a tremendous help. Be sure to wash them first! If not I will get to them when I can. - Sona ❤"

“What an… appeeling proposition.”

As soon as he saw the note, he was sure to swiftly get to the busy work. Out of tune humming could be heard throughout the manse the entire time, much to the dismay of everything within earshot. If anything, he just liked to feel useful after so much drama and failure.

EXO reacts to their S/O having naturally curly hair

(gif credit to owners)

Request found here.

A/N: Thank you to the beautiful curly haired anon that requested this.

I hope you all like it!


Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

Minseok would have zero issues with your hair. I mean he’s had his share of hairstyles. But it wouldn’t be until one date night when he saw you walking down the stairs with your curly hair bouncing off your shoulders that he would come to admire it. As you neared him, he would hold out his hand to help you down the last few steps and make you blush with a cheesy pick-up line.

“How do you do it to walk in slow-motion like that?” he would ask, twirling you around and letting your hair softly graze his face.

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Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

Junmyeon would be extra kind when it came to insecurities you may have regarding your hair. He would listen to you complain about your limited styling options and would even suggest taking you to a stylist to have your hair straightened if that is what you wanted. Otherwise he would enjoy playing with your beautiful curls and would wrap his finger around them when you two cuddled.

“Your hair always looks and smells amazing, Jagiyah.”

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Zhang Yixing (Lay)

You would be standing in front of the bathroom mirror trying desperately to style your curly hair, when Yixing walks in and leans against the door. He knew about the troubles you had with your hair and how you mostly liked to tie it back to avoid having to spend hours straightening it and basically to not deal with it. To make you feel better he would tell you the story of his hair issues from when he was younger while helping you pick up your hair and compliment you any chance he had.

“Bǎobèi, how is it that you get more and more beautiful every day?” he would ask hugging you from behind and looking at you through the mirror with his head on your shoulder.

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Byun Baekhyun

Baekhyun would have so much fun having a naturally curly haired S/O. He’d love to tease you about your hair, but only when you initiated a war against his. After you made fun of his hair first thing in the morning, he would carefully plan his revenge. You would be in the kitchen preparing him some lunch and he would go up to you and fluff up your hair with his hands and run away. One of the things he loves most about you is your hair. He is the only one that you allow to tease you about it and he would definitely voice his distaste at anyone for commenting something negative about it.

“I’ll always be here for my jagi.”

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Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Maybe you weren’t so innocent when you teased Mr. Sassy-pants, Jongdae during his curly hair phase. So you were not surprised when one day as you arrived home from a long day at work, he laughed at the sight of your unruly hair. You would just give him an unpleasant look and look down at your shoes.

“Ha, you can dish it but can’t take it huh?” he would say teasingly as you went to tie your back. “Don’t you dare, missy. I love my jagi’s hair nice and big,” he would comment as he ran up to you and welcomed you home with a nice soft kiss.

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Park Chanyeol

It was a cool, windy day and you had just come out of the movie theater with Chanyeol. As we curly haired peeps know, the wind along with humidity is one of our biggest enemies.

“Sometimes I hate my big, poofy hair!” you would complain to your boyfriend.

Frustrated with your hair covering your field of view you decide to remedy the situation by sporting a pony tail, but your hair tie gave out and snapped. Noticing that you had become embarrassed, Chanyeol would quickly dash to your side and bundle your hair in his hand, holding it in place as he escorted you to the car, where he would give you one of his baseball caps to wear in the meantime.

“I love everything about you. Including your “big, poofy hair,” Jagiyah,” he would lovingly say as he caressed your chin and started the car.

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Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Being the quiet type, Kyungsoo would not know what to say when you complained about your curly hair one day while at the friend’s house warming party. You would look to him for some reassurance and he would just look at you with a blank look. When you tried to get up to leave, he would gently pull your arm down so that you sat back down and wrap his arms around your shoulder; placing his head on top of yours.

“Please don’t ever think of my wordless actions as a negative thing. I love your hair, Jagiyah. It’s like a sweet smelling, fluffy pillow to me” he would say as he kissed the top of your head.

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Kim Jongin (Kai)

You and Jongin would be having an afternoon date at the park and while he went to go get you a snow cone from one of the vendors, you untied your hair and raked your fingers through it. When he returned he stood in front of you staring and admiring your luscious curls.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” he would say while handing you a snow cone.

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Oh Sehun

We all know that Sehun can be a little shit at times, but it seems that you bring out his sensitive side. When he overheard you criticizing your hair to your friend on the phone, he interrupted you by back hugging you and gently moving your hair back to kiss your cheek.

“Don’t talk like that, Jagiyah? I love every bit of you. Every bit.”

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random AU scene

“Have you figured out where your loyalties lie yet?” she asked, her tone biting and sarcastic.

His lips curved upward into its usual smirk, “With me, I suppose.”  Her eyes narrowed, and he took a moment to admire the shape of them. “Where does yours lie?”

“Definitely not with you,” came the reply, overly sharp.

“Glad to know where we all stand, I suppose,”  he laughed, but it sounded a little harsh, and more than a little unpleasant.

“You don’t really stand anywhere though, do you?” she asked, pointedly. “More like crawling low –” her sneer gave away her opinion on this “– and waiting to see which side will win.”

“In the war times, people standing tall do make a more obvious target,” he commented tangentially. “Not all of us have the kink of being overexposed, despite what you might think.”

She began to retort but immediately cut herself short as they both heard footsteps from the other end of the corridor.  He scowled, and began casting spells to change colour of her tie to green and silver. “I don’t know how you like your hair, so I’ll leave that to you, anything that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a Weasley is fine’,” he muttered under his breath, and she was already taking out her wand to turn her hair into dark brown.  The two of them exchanged a glance, and decided at the same time to walk directly towards the sound of footsteps rather than run in the other direction.  Running away made things seemed suspicious, but if you pretended that everything was fine and acted like you were not being out of place, there were more chances to convince people.

They met Alecto Carrow on the other end, who asked, “Heading back to the Slytherin common room?”

“Yes, professor,” they chorused.  She nodded absentmindedly, and they walked away.

When they reached the common entrance – the Gryffindor one instead of the Slytherin Alecto Carrow thought they were going – they both hesitated for a moment in front of the entrance. 

“I might be a crawling coward, but sometimes I’m useful to have around,” he finally said.

“I think, Zabini, that maybe you actually know where your loyalties lie, aside from yourself, you’re just not admitting it,” she replied.

He didn’t answer to her assumption, but merely gave her a ghost of a smile as he turned to leave. “See you around, Ginevra.”


• First off he will know so much about hair
• like how it’s a pain to have long hair
• but he can braid it for you
• and dry it for you too
• while brushing it
• and knows how to tie your hair
• you know he will understand why you take a long time to dry your hair out
• A lot of your time will be used to wake him up
• “Jeonghan come on you promised a date”
• “Jagi it’s too early let’s just sleep”
• “Jeonghan it’s 2pm in the afternoon get your lazy ass out of bed”
• Most dates will probably just be home dates
• Just watching a movie and eating oven popcorn
• to which both of you will end up sleeping together (not in that way you pervs)
• no matter what you do Jeonghan will know a way to tease you jokingly of course
• “y/n please stop making faces it’s ugly”
• “but I’m not doing anything”
• “exactly your face is ugly baby”
• offended, but you should be used to this
• play fights
• giving him the silent treatment until he starts trailing you like a lost puppy
• with Jeonghan most kisses you just be pecks
• cause his hugs are enough
• both of your personality would most likely be similar in which both of you are lazy bums
• so you would spend a lot of time laying around
• having takeouts since both of you are too lazy to cook
• even if you cook the kitchen will be a mess cause jeonghan will bother you every minute
• “jagi you done?”
• “it’s been 5 minutes sine i started cooking jeonghan ofc not”
• “but I’m bored jagi”
• “Sleep then”
• “but i woke up an hour ago”
• “Jeonghan I’m cooking dinner -3-”
• he is the type to wake you up at 3 to looks at the stars but sleep the moment you start to lay on your backyard
• and you’ll sleep under the stars
• one of your most memorable moments
• most of your memories will be in pictures
• selfies and what not
• jeonghan insist on keeping every memory of you two together
• “cause I want to show them to our future kids”


#3~ Wow, luv, my muse is churning it out toniiight! xD

Art by: @fenrae-l <3 Send her some love!

Blink after blink, Kiyoharu wonder when his presence would be acknowledge. It should have been seeing he had just come out of the shower and only ended up having time to wrap the towel around his waist. His eyes narrowed in wait while observing the sleepy female in front of the sink. He knew he should have asked for the two rooms, but leave it to his dance partner to be okay with sharing a hotel room. Sometimes he wondered if she was even aware of the obvious issues with the things she considered ‘little’.

Watching her yawn in front of the mirror, he shook his head noticing she had walked into the bathroom (which he forgot to lock) with closed eyes. His eyes traveled to the bed hair: messy.


“Eh…?” The miko cracked an eye open as she turned her head to the side. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she gave Kiyoharu a lazy smile. “Good morning, Kiyo-kun.”

“The bathroom is occupied.” He sighed.

“Oh,” she blinked again, “sorry.”

She turned her body back to the mirror in search of her brush. Of course she would not care about the situation. She was lucky he also did not mind the openness of their ‘relationship’. After all, they had been dance partners ever since high school, and now as young adults entering the real world of dance, these things were not a big deal.

But he would still like his privacy.

Sighing under his breath, Kiyoharu grabbed the brush from her fingers and the hair tie on her other hand. “How you are able to get your hair ready for competitions is a mystery; you move too much in bed.”

Closing her eyes, Kagome chuckled. “I’m still cute.”

He stared at her from across the mirror as he placed the hair tie between his lips. He was not even going to agree.

Or disagree.

Hearing her yawn again, Kiyoharu began to brush her hair. “We have rehearsal in two hours.”

“I know.” She smiled again. “We got this.”


Today, the Wata teaches you how to tie your hair up using a kanzashi/hairpin.
I think the vid is quite self-explanatory and I don’t need to translate.

My Own Hairstylist (jeonghan)

pairing: jeonghan x reader

genre: fluff

synopsis: making fun of your bangs and tries to tie your hair

note: this drabble was inspired with one of my mutuals on twitter. we were just talking about how she hated the way she cut her bangs and i suddenly came up with this. hope you guys enjoy this!

  • you’ve just finished taking a shower
  • you look at the mirror and look at your hair
  • you’ve always had the same hairstyle
  • and you were kinda bored out of it
  • you wanted to try something new
  • you were feeling super impulsive
  • so you thought of having full bangs
  • and you wanted to do it yourself
  • bc yolo
  • you’re prepping the equipment you need
  • scissors
  • and snip!
  • you already have bangs
  • it looks okay
  • and so the next day when you wake up, you find your bangs looking horrid
  • your bangs were above your eyebrows
  • you couldn’t help but cry at how horrible it looked
  • you should have just went to the parlor or something to get your hair done
  • you were sulking all day at your room, convinced that you wouldn’t get out of the house until your bangs grew out until it reaches your eyebrows
  • just as you were watching your third movie for the day, you got a text from your boyfriend, jeonghan
  • “hey babe, practice just finished and I have spare time to visit you. I’m on my way to your house :)”
  • you’re panicking
  • your boyfriend could not see you like this
  • he would end up teasing you for like, forever
  • you were thinking of reasons that would prevent him from coming to your house
  • you could fake being sick? nah, he’d still go to your house to comfort you
  • say that your out with friends? nah, he’ll he knows how lazy your are on a saturday
  • you couldn’t really think of any excuse
  • and then you suddenly hear the doorbell ring
  • you were panicking
  • you didn’t want jeonghan to see you like that
  • you knew he was only taking a bit longer downstairs bc he was chatting with your mom
  • you grab the nearest hoodie you could find and instantly wear it
  • you put on the hood and tighten it
  • the only thing that can be seen now is your face, eyebrows to chin
  • he knocks on your door and opens it
  • “y/n, it’s your lovely boyfriend. Can I come in?”
  • you roll your eyes at him
  • “you always say that after you’ve opened the door, why not try before knocking”
  • “why is my princess(prince) wrapped up in a bunch? why are you wearing my hoodie like that?”
  • you knew you couldn’t avoid it
  • “i’m imitating you guys, you had that one vlive right? Where you were all looking like this hahaha”
  • you were now awkwardly laughing
  • “what’s your reason to do it tho? Have you changed your hair too??”
  • you knew he was quick witted
  • he was already trying to pull off your hoodie
  • but you wouldn’t let him
  • “come on y/n, I wanna see your beautiful hair. It isn’t everyday that my girlfriend(boyfriend) tries a new hairstyle”
  • “noooo, it looks so ugly”
  • he stops as you are struggling to keep on the hoodie
  • “okay I won’t force you to take it off”
  • you calm down a bit 
  • you take your hands of off your head 
  • but then he suddenly gets a hold of your hoodie and take it off
  • you knew your boyfriend was too sneaky to let it go
  • and now your hair is exposed, your horrible bangs
  • you were just waiting for your boyfriend to react
  • 3 2 1
  • and on cue he laughs at your bangs
  • you are just pouting at him, you know you couldn’t stay mad at him
  • just as you thought he calmed down, he laughs more
  • while he was laughing, you couldn’t help but admire how he looks
  • even if he was laughing at you, you couldn’t help but love his laugh
  • you see that he has already calmed down a bit
  • “are you done laughing?”
  • “give me a second”
  • he’s wiping fake tears from his eyes
  • the audacity of your boyfriend
  • “now, care to share me the story on how you got those bangs”
  • and so you do tell him the story
  • “you know y/n, I still love you despite having this cute bangs of yours”
  • he was now hugging you, you were wrapped in his arms and he was kinda playing with your bangs
  • “aww look at how short your bangs are”
  • he looks directly in your eyes
  • you loved his eyes, there was this certain gleam to it that you couldn’t help but be hypnotized by it
  • he lifts up your bangs with his hand and he kisses your forehead
  • you couldn’t help but feel so lovestruck
  • “you might not like your hair, but we have to put up with it”
  • you just sigh
  • “how do I go to school looking like this??”
  • “why not try wearing it like when a dog ties it’s hair. that would really look cute on you”
  • he releases you from the hug and looks around your room
  • you didn’t know what he was up to
  • you could only see his back, he was getting something from your dresser
  • he walks to you and shows what he has on his hands
  • it was a brush and a hair tie
  • “can I at least try to tie your hair?”
  • you were melting at how cute he is right now
  • despite him laughing at you like there’s no tomorrow, he was trying to find a way to lighten up the mood
  • you nod at him
  • he sits down behind you
  • he brushes your bed hair first, you haven’t stood up from the bed since you woke up
  • “tsk tsk so many tangles”
  • “i’m sorry for not having such beautiful hair like yours that gets styled by professional hairstylists everyday”
  • “i accept your apology”
  • “you really are the sweetest”
  • your voice was dripping with sarcasm
  • “and you are the most sarcastic person that i’ve ever met”
  • he twists you around so that you are now facing him
  • he brushes your bangs down and quickly surveys your face
  • he chuckles a bit, still laughing at how you look like
  • he tries to bunch up your hair and quickly puts on the hair tie
  • you were sure what he had done was a mess
  • and so he brings you a mirror and you survey it
  • ofc you were right
  • “i appreciate your efforts jeonghan, but this really wouldn’t work out”
  • you remove the hair tie from your hair
  • you get the brush from him and smoothen your bangs
  • you try to find a way to tie this nasty bangs of yours
  • you did the exact same thing that he did
  • and it looked better
  • you look at him for his approval
  • but he was on his phone
  • “jeonghan”
  • you call him to get his attention
  • and as he looked at you, he showed you a picture on his phone
  • it was a shih tzu, with his hair tied up
  • “you both look the same”
  • he is now alternately looking at you and his phone, and was once again laughing
  • “you know, whatever your hair looks like, I need to learn to love it. I love you not bc of what you look like, but bc of your heart and personality. Your beauty is just added points”
  • “that was the sweetest thing that you have said so far. you’ve been laughing at my hair the whole day”
  • “i was trying to lighten up the mood, you looked so down. I promise, now that it’s tied like that, you look extra cute. I hope nobody steals you from me”
  • sometimes your boyfriend can really be so possessive of you
  • “i wouldn’t allow them to steal me from you”
  • he has his arms extended, and you wrap into his arms, loving the hug he was giving
  • he really was the best at comforting you
  • “you know, your bangs isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen”
  • “what’s worse than this?”
  • “dino’s mansae era hair”
  • And you both laugh at that
Complexion Series (Blonde Girls)

black girls

admin k: I realized this was wayy longer than my black girls scenario and I’m so sorry for that! I really didn’t meant to but it just ended up happening. I’ll probably put a pt 2 for black girls just to maybe even it out? idk, inbox me. 

disclaimer: I’m in no way trying to be racist or trying to offend any race at all. If you are offended by about something in my scenario, please inbox me and I’ll glad rewrite and fix it :) 

ik not all blonde girls have blue/green eyes but most do so that is why I chose that colour instead of brown. If you guys really want blonde girls with brown eyes than inbox me, thanks.

Originally posted by sneezes

You waited for your boyfriend, sitting at one of the tables in the cafe, near the huge window. You looked out, seeing cars drive by and people walking out on the sidewalk in the bright day. The snow fell quite heavily and fast, making the outside look very white and heavenly.

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uni . *

lol this one is a little bit smutty 

Shawn’s arm is draped around you lazily, fingers tracing over the lace in your top as he chats with one of his teammates who’s sat across the table. Three beer bottles and four glasses of some mixed, fruity beverages are in a line, all of which are empty and all of which have some residue of your bright red lipstick on the rim. You tap your fingers on the surface in something that sounds close to a steady rhythm and lean further into your boyfriend, waiting for the world to stop spinning.

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anonymous asked:

How would the guys play with ur hair? Like braid, comb, stroke, etc. Idk if it sounds weird but I just feels so good!!

Not weird at all! I love it when people play with my hair too! *a rare occasion where I will do all the members*

Mark: Would run his fingers through your hair if you were sitting in front of him, just casually untangling it. “Sorry it’s so tangled” you’d laugh, “It’s okay, your hair’s soft anyway” he’d chuckle as he continues to run his fingers through your hair.

Jaebum: Would casually comb his fingers through the ends of your hair as he has his arm around your shoulders while you two are cuddling and watching a movie.

Jackson: Would try to braid your hair but would instead end up knotting it and getting it all tangly like a bird’s nest. 

Jinyoung: Would stroke the back of your head as you laid on his chest in the morning. He would have just woken up, but not wanting to wake you, he let you remain on his chest while he stroked your hair to keep you at peace.

Youngjae: Would probably try to braid your hair for fun, and would give up when your hair continues to fall out of your braid.

Bambam: Would attempt to give you a fancy updo like one he saw on TV, but would end up not even knowing how to use a hair tie. 

Yugyeom: Would stroke the back of your head while he hugged you. As your hug lingered, he would pick up the end of your hair, running his fingers through it. “Your hair always smells so good” he’d mumble.

Author’s Note: Hey all, I’m new to this blog. I’d like to thank admin Jiah and admin Yuni for letting me become a part of their team ♥ I hope I’ll live up to the name and fame of this wonderful and amazing blog, since it is one of my most, most favourites.
I wrote a little one-shot for you all. It’s about Taeyong, and idk I just wanted to make it something international fans like us could relate to… I’m sorry if it’s crappy. And I am a crappy writer, I can’t always fill in requests till I feel them since I feel like I’d be dishonest to both myself and the readers that way. But admin Yuni and admin Jiah have given me so much love, I couldn’t help wanting to become a part of this team.

Title: WISH
Word count: 682
Genre: One Shot, Romance.

Taeyong had wishes, he had dreams. He seemed like an accomplished man in the eyes of others. However, Taeyong had a lot left to do, and his bucket list just got longer every day; the more he fell for you, that is.

He wanted to be the one to wake you every morning at 6 for school, before running down to your mother and helping her in the kitchen, letting your father sleep or go for a morning walk, which he loved. He wanted to secretly make hearts with the ketchup on your rice for lunch at school while your mother collected the newspaper. He wanted to call you down again from the stairs, and smile at you as you groggily walked down, with the bag in one hand and comb in the other, whining on and on about how you barely got any sleep. He wanted to help you tie your hair, then drive you to school, before heading for practice himself.

He wanted to send you small texts in between, and get an irritated and heated up voice message from you due to the embarrassment her lunch box had caused her in front of her friends. He wanted to send a voice message laughing, just to calm you down, and imagine you blushing at the sound of his voice which was so explicit with the emotions stuck up in his heart.

He wanted to be the one to pick you up from school, and not bring his car because he wanted to walk home with you, before boarding an underground train halfway, that is. After all, he knew you couldn’t walk for long because how easily you’d get exhausted. He wanted to walk across the street to you and take your backpack in his. He would try to look cool in the process, so he’d just smile shortly and jerk his head the way to your home before setting off.

He wanted to help your mom make some dinner for you, while you struggled with homework. He wanted to eat with you, and hear all the complaints you would gather for the day. He wanted to sit down before you as you did some self-study, and pretend he’s fallen asleep just so that you’d take the opportunity to softly kiss his lips.

However, he couldn’t do any of them. He was an adult already, while you were a year away from becoming one. You both spoke different languages. You both belonged to two COMPLETELY different worlds; for which your parents didn’t approve of the friendship you two seemingly shared. And, he was well aware of the fact that even if you two did get together, it’d still be hard for him to be there for you as much as he wanted to.

But you two shared a heart, where both your thoughts swam parallel, toward the same direction. He could barely understand your words, which made him regret not taking English lessons seriously back in school, and nor did you understand his. However, whenever he looked into your eyes with your hands in his in a darkened alley, or your bedroom in the middle of the night; you felt as if he was drinking in your words, and that was the best feeling ever.

He loved setting you between his feet, with your back against his chest. And he loved kissing the top of your head when he felt both your heartbeats aligning, beating almost as one.

So, owing to all these unearthly feelings, he was ready to wait for you. Because, despite all the fatigue and tight schedule, he had finally known what relieve in a second is, when he came to know you. Till then, he could never regret just staring at you from afar with mask and shades on, to just receive a small smile from you when you’d, or sneaking into your room through the window in the middle of the night.

He was in love with you, and all the waiting was worth it; even when you might not become his in the long run.

 Hey, it’s my very first time writing an NCT scenario or one-shot. So I’m very sorry if it’s not perfect. And I know the title is cliche but I couldn’t think of a better one. Lemme know if you guys like it ^^ and surely, criticisms are welcome :)