how to tie shoes

at first glance 2d looks like he’s one of those edgy 20something demon ocs but no he’s nearly 40 years old and he doesnt know how to tie his shoes

Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤ 

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊 

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic sex. Semi-public sex. Fluffiness. Bucky’s just having a good time.

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“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (IV)

A/N: Almost 20k words IM TIRED. This one contains smut, daddy kink, and is very very emotional and sad. I listened to this song a lot while I was writing and I wanted to share it with you all. By the way, this is the last part of this series (not of the story!!!). Epilogue coming soon. Thank you for your patience, support and enthusiams because I assure you I would’ve not been able to write without all of you. I love you and I hope you all enjoy this and tell me what you think please pretty please???? xxx ♥♥♥

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV

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In the ideal scheme of things, Y/N shouldn’t have had anything to do with Harry Styles in the first place. Not in any way at all. People like her simply don’t have anything to do with people like him. That’s how things are and how they’re supposed to be, which was why no one who’s ever been an advocate of that implicit social norm would be able to comprehend how it hadn’t been possible for her to shift her sliding gaze from the bodily pull of his charm the moment they’d met in the dim light of a crowded art gallery that had suddenly felt empty and silent, as if the world had shrunk down to just the two of them, the surface under their feet heaving with the sharp metallic sound of attraction, nearly tossing them into the air. Their vastly different spheres of existence had rolled towards each other and somehow it had all made sense.

And now that he was gone without a single trace of him ever being in her life, all she could do was plough through the universe for every possible reason why it wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t stop feeling like there was a missing piece in her puzzle. She hadn’t asked for it. She hadn’t asked for him to barge into her, sweep her off her feet and push her towards a precipice with his delicate but deadly touch. It was fucking unfair that she had to feel that way over someone who was never an option.

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Hi! Can you draw Lumiere and Plumette with modern outfits?


So I in no way want to rain on anybody’s Hipster!Lumiere parade, but I would urge you to also consider overly dapper Lumiere who is never not wearing a three piece suit:

I thought i posted this before i left for vaca but i guess that was lie ;v;!

So here is Techie waving at you  *waves back*! 

This will be a sticker c:..just a couple more designs and i can do samples soon!

  • youngjae: jaebum i need help tying my shoes
  • jaebum: aw! you're so cute when you need help
  • bambam: i also need help tying my shoes
  • jaebum: wtf do it yourself, you little shit. you should know how to tie your shoes

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I have a character who did not have much interaction with others during her childhood. Would this have any lasting effects on her?

Being around other people is CRITICAL for a child’s development.

Okay. So I’m going to talk about two levels of isolation here.

The first level is going to be the Romanian Orphanage level of neglect.

The backstory is a bit complicated, but the upshot is that Romania suddenly had a hell of a lot of unwanted children, most of which had to be raised in institutional orphanages. There were not enough caregivers for the amount of children they had to deal with.

So what ended up happening is that babies were left in their cribs, 24/7, and fed and changed on a strict schedule. The babies learned not to cry, because it didn’t make a caregiver come running any faster. They didn’t have toys; all they could do is stare at their hands or the ceiling.

That lack of stimulation was found to have pretty significantly negative effects as the kids grew up. These kids are often physically stunted – they’re not as big as they should be for their age. Their brains are often actually physically smaller. They have lower IQs. They struggle with language. They also have problems with attachment.

Things do start to get better if the character is put into a foster home quickly, but they may still have emotional and psychological problems (there are some links below for further research).

Now. The other level of isolation I’m going to talk about is, for lack of a better term, the horror stories. These are children who were raised in extreme isolation by severely abusive caretakers, if they had caretakers at all.

Most children who are completely isolated or severely deprived of interaction have not learned, or have extreme difficulties with, language.

They also have difficulty with basic motor skills. There’s something in our brain called “mirror neurons.” @scriptbrainscientist will be able to elaborate more, but basically it boils down to “Monkey see, monkey do.” We learn how to do things because we mimic the behaviors of people around us. If there’s no one around the character, they won’t know how to do things. The character won’t know how to put on clothes or tie their shoes. They won’t know how to use a fork or knife. They may not even know how to walk.

Even if the character does have some social interaction, if they are mostly isolated, the level of interaction they get isn’t enough to foster normal development.

Now. That’s not to say that the character won’t ever be able to develop language and learn those skills. This kind of thing is not seen often enough for psychologists to make that kind of a conclusion. But every report we’ve seen so far says that feral or isolated kids never reach the level of functioning of same-age peers.

The best-studied case of a child being raised in isolation is that of a girl who was nicknamed “Genie.” 

I’m putting the rest of this post under the jump because what was done to her is nothing short of horrific.

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No Memories

Pairing: Dean x Winchester Sister!Reader, Sam x Winchester Sister!Reader, John x daughter!reader

Warnings: Abandonment, drugging, kidnapping, abuse, car crash, hospitalization

Word Count: 4721

A/N: This was written for Kas’ 2.5k Dialogue Prompt Challenge @kas-not-cas My prompt was “You have no idea who I am, do you?”. This takes place about mid season 5, not that it really matters. That is the time frame that fits the ages I’m working with and it was before the bunker. This isn’t the whole story I promise. I meant for this to be a one-shot but it got really long, like this is the longest one-shot I’ve written, and I’m tired from cleaning all day so I thought this was a good place to stop. The second part will probably be really short but it will wrap things up and will be out tomorrow. That being said, I am really proud of this one so tell me what you think feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.Also un-beta-ed and unedited because I’m tired af so all mistakes are mine and I apologize in advance. 

Summary: You are John’s youngest and Sam and Dean’s little sister. You were basically left in their laps by your mother as an infant. One day, when your five years old, you are kidnapped on Dean’s watch. Ten years later you run into Dean in a coincidental accident. What happens when he recognizes you?

^ pretend thats young Dean 

^ I know that’s JJ but lets pretend this is the relationship that Dean and his little sister have.

^When the part comes and you will know it. Imagine this but obviously not as romantic because that would be weird, especially considering the events taking place at that moment.

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Positivity post for boys who can’t tie their shoes! ✨

I know how hard it is to do the loopdy-loop, and trying to fumble around with the laces is super tiring. You are valid for getting tired and just giving up. You don’t need to mess with them for 30 minutes just to get it wrong and have them unlace and trip over them and smash your face in and bust up your nose on the sidewalk, or tie them so tight that you can’t untie them and end up having to cut the laces and buy a new pair in humiliation at the Macy’s wifth your mom, who told you a billion times over to just learn how to do them.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to tie your sohoes. YOu can get along in life without know hing how to tie your rshoes, and you don’t have to feel bad abot it ! There are plenty of people who don’t know how to tie teir shoes…. here’s a list of celebri- well, a-…. I… There’s plenty of people for sure that… . I mean……… It’s okay . You..  You don’t have to know how to t-tie your shoes, I mean…. It’s fine… I don’t know how to t- tie my ssshoes either, and it’s - …

100 quote prompts

Feel free to use these quotes directly, or just use them as inspiration!

1-“These are my absolute favorite pajamas!”
2-“How could you say that to their face?”
3-“Woah, nice catch!”
4-“You’re lucky to be alive right now.”
5-“This is the last chance we’re ever going to get.”
6-“When was the last time you flossed?”
7-Wait, wait, how many did you say there were?“
8-"I’m horrified, yet impressed.”
9-“Give it to me straight,  Doc!”
10-“I miss someone i never knew.”
11-“I didn’t know you could sing!”
12-“This is all the money I have.”
13-“Oh please, please pick up the phone!”
14-“Do you think you could teach me?”
15-“Just answer this one question and i won’t ever bother you again.”
16-“I don’t actually like sushi, I lied to impress you.”
17-“uhhh…anyone know what poison ivy looks like?”
18-“What do you mean you never learned how to tie your shoes?”
19-“Name one thing I’m bad at. Ha, you can’t,  can you?”
20-“I just don’t think we’re compatable.”
21-“I bet you 50 bucks you can’t drink this entire thing of hot sauce.”
22-I really don’t want to hear about medical problems"
23-“Stop saying your worthless, because you’re not.”
24-“Wow, that’s a really wierd looking bug.”
25-“Just because you saved my life dosent mean I owe you anything!”
26-“I will never die!”
27-“Today would’ve been a disaster without you.”
28-“I’m begging you,  go change your clothes. ”
29-“You still haven’t found them?”
30-“I’m not sure how you did it,  but I’m glad you did.”
31-“Not around the baby!”
32-“Hey, do you think horses know they’re horses?”
33-“How much of my life has been a lie?”
34-“If you don’t tell them you like them,  I’m going to do it for you.”
35-“Wow, that’s almost as old as you are!”
36-“Its because of you my arm hurts so much.”
37-“I told you never to open that!”
38-“Everything has to be a goddam ordeal with you,  dosent it?”
39-“Sorry, but that’s just not your color.”
40-“How do you live like this?”
41-“You’ll always be my best friend,  but…”
42-“Is that really the best insult you could come up with?
43-"There’s a reason I never go outside.”
44-“You should really get that checked out.”
45-“Why are you ignoring me?”
46-“Can you believe it’s been so long?”
47-“I just want one nice picture of us!”
48-“Really? You’re going to judge me for this?”
49-“It’s ok, just ask first next time.”
50-“What could go wrong?”
51-“We’ve both changed”
52-“I was a fool to trust you.”
53-“I’m mad at myself.”
54-“You promised you wouldn’t laugh!”
55-“I know it'stechnically not a big deal but i will totally fight you over this.”
56-“Would whoever left their dirty sock on the living room floor please come pick it up.”
57-“I didn’t push you,  the wind pushed you. ”
58-“Hey, thanks for making an effort.”
59-“I totally called it, but no one listened!”
60-“How can you stand this mess?”
61-“But you have to remember!”
62-“You’re not the person I thought you were.”
63-“That was incredibly stupid and dangerous. Nice job. ”
64-“It’s your birthday!?”
65-“Can I tell you about a dream I had?”
66-“How was i supposed to know that’s a a rude gesture here?”
67-“I wasn’t certain that really happened.”
68-“Why do you smell so wierd?”
69-“That was awful! Let’s do it again!”
70-“It’s time to face the consequences.”
71-“That is the most elaborate prank I’ve ever seen.”
72-“You know I love you, but that was the worst.”
73-“I’m trying my best,  but it’s just not good enough!”
74-“Now who’s ready to probably die!”
75-“Well,  it turns out I’m allergic.”
76-“Why do all of your socks have holes in them?”
77-“Please stop crying on my papers”
78-“Well, if that’s really what you want.”
79-“I’ve never felt like that before.”
80-“This changes everything!”
81-“Are you sure you triple checked?”
82-“Don’t tell me to calm down! You calm down!”
83-“I’m going to give you the best night of your life.”
84-“So I bet you’re all wondering how I’m still alive.”
85-“Not them.  Anyone but them. ”
86-“Why won’t you say I love you back?”
87-“That was the grossest thing ever.”
88-“I don’t think that qualifies as a sport.”
89-“If I do this,  will you leave me alone?”
90-“You’re an idiot. I like that about you.”
91-“No, you know what? Don’t answer that.”
92-“I know you said I don’t want to know,  but i really want to know.”
93-“I followed you into hell!”
94-“Oooh, this is great blackmail!”
95-“I won’t tell anyone you were crying.”
96-“No way,  that’s also my favorite!”
97-“Don’t you dare ruin this for them.”
98-“That’s just sick. I can’t believe you.”
99-“Ok fine. Maybe we are friends. 
100-"No matter what, I want you to know that I’m proud of you.”

Let me help.

A/n: This was meant to be posted last week but I was on holiday and didn’t have any wifi, and I have only just got home, but I wrote an extra 200 words for this in that time so there’s that!

(Also unrelated but I’m overwhelmed af by all the stuff coming out of the Disney thingy, it’s so late in the UK and I need to sleep so I’m going to post this and then log tf out!)

If you’re not over 18 please don’t read.

Proof read by way of a text-speech device

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Female)

Word count: 2174

Warnings: Smut. Swearing. Dirty talk? I’m not really sure if what I wrote counts but just in case… 

I would say use a condom but they did, and also go to the toilet after sex (I learnt that from smut!) but I kinda suggested Y/N did. Nothing graphic! Just can be interpreted that way.

Again I would like to apologise for the last line, it’s overly soppy I know but I’m keeping it anyway!

Summary: Not much plot, basically just Bucky helps Y/N do something about the lack of action in her life, of which he may be the cause…


Here’s your problem. You are out of breath, your heart is racing, and a slight sweat is breaking out all over your skin, but you’ve not started working out yet. 

No, this is just your bodies usual reaction to being in the same room as Bucky. More specifically, a half naked, very flushed, making-stupidly-attractive-noises-every-time-he-pushes-the-weight-bar-back-up, Bucky.

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One time somebody told me that they loved me and I felt my heart stop.
Then it began to beat once more because I accidentally told them ‘gesundheit’.
Because how can you love me when you cant even tell me my favorite color.?
How can you love me if you don’t know that I despise using the one bunny ear rule when I tie my shoes?
How can you love me if you haven’t seen me at my worst, broken down sobbing into my hand as I try to hold the fragments of my sanity together?
How can you love me if you don’t find comfort within my smile, no matter how goofy it is?
How can you love me if you don’t appreciate the way I cant walk a straight line to save my life?
How can you love me if you won’t stay up for my Disney marathons and belt out lyrics?
How could you have ever loved me in the first place?
—  S.n (DONT tell me you love me if you cant tell me my favorite color.)

ya know how people headcanon/write nursey being helpless as fuck (i.e. can’t cook for shit, can’t do laundry, can’t clean, etc.) cause he was a rich kid and they expected him to have paid for people to do it for him. but! if we’re going along with the hc that his moms were always out on business and he raised himself then at the very least, this kid is probably all aces when it comes to domestic responsibilities. knowing nursey, he’s probably the rachel ray of his apartment building and all the old ladies love him because they trade recipes with him and he used to wander to their places whenever his nanny fell asleep so he could listen to their old stories. they probably taught him not to overfill his washing machine and which clothes needed to be hung, how to season his food by taste and not recipe, how to tie his shoes and that it was okay to ask for help sometimes. they probably cried when he told them about going to college and he taught them how to use their expensive phones and computers so they could have group skype calls for stitch n’ bitch twice a month. nursey loves his moms but he also loves his lil old ladies so he’s really happy when members of the haus gradually find out about his knitting sessions and ask him to teach them instead of chirping him to the high heavens (okay, minimal chirping until they realize how complicated but very stress relieving it is).

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I had this sudden idea , i dont really headcanon it but it seemed interesting to me , what if lance is adopted, its not really likely but maybe thats why he cherishes his family, i mean its not likely but it seems interesting,

[fandom exists to enjoy things - seriously, it doesn’t matter how likely an idea is to be canon, you are here to explore things and play with the characters you’ve come to know and love. so never hesitate to send us an ask, no matter how (un)likely it seems to be, we’re open for everything^^]


Imagine tiny, 3 years old Lance in an orphanage with next to no memories of his real parents. And he’s getting along fine with the other kids, he isn’t the most popular but not the most unpopular either, but he doesn’t have real friends. Sure, there is always someone to hang out and have fun with, but no one he can come to when he’s crying over the hurt bird he found in the backyard. Crying is looked down upon - everyone has a hard life, so what business does he have crying about anything? Learn to grow up.

So young Lance learns. He learns to smile and tease and be happy and outgoing. He learns to be confident and radiate positive energy because that’s what makes people want to stick around. When he is 7 years old, he knows how to be a “cool kid”.

A year later he gets put into a foster family. A foster family with lots of other children, all older than him. They are happy and outgoing and touchy and love to hang out with him. 

[Once, just once he tested how far this love would go: he pretended to have a stomachache. His foster parents were so worried for him that they forbade him to go to school, his siblings brought him crackers and kept him company in his room while he ‘rested to get better’. His grandma went out and bought new medicine, ‘just in case it might get worse’. For Lance, it was heaven - he thought that these people might really become “family”. People that maybe, one day, he could share secrets with and depend on.]

The first time he cries is when he gets adopted into the family. He is 10 years old then; he is 10 years old and loved and knows that these people want him. 

When his family sees him crying, their reaction is not the friendly teasing he anticipates. It’s shocked faces and hugs and reassurances and, finally, laughter when he admits that he is just so happy that he couldn’t help himself. He gets his hair ruffled and arms arounds his shoulders - and when they take their picture with a “612 days in foster care: now we are one family” shield held up by him and his siblings, he later discovers that he wasn’t the only one that had tears in his eyes.

They move to the US. The first months are harsh; he has learned some English in school but it wasn’t nearly enough to keep up with the kids over here. And the first time he cries because of insults getting hurled his way, his mother comes and envelops him in a hug.

A hug.

No one laughs about his tears anymore. No one puts their image above anyone’s feelings and for the first time Lance really understands what it means to have a family. He vows to protect them all and help them in any way he can. He cooks with his mom; he talks about planes with his dad; he knits with his grandma; he does face masks with his sister; he learns how to play soccer with his brother. Once a week, they all go swimming together - they all miss the ocean. They all miss their home in Cuba.

When a few years later the topic of adoption comes up again, Lance is the first one to say “yes”. His parents look at him in surprise and for the first time ever he really tells everyone how much becoming part of their family means to him. It’s an emotional event and more than one of them ends up crying. But it’s okay: it’s okay because crying is not a bad thing here, they are family, they are each other’s support, they have hugs and shoulder pats and cuddle piles. It’s okay.

A few months later, they adopt two new children. Lance is happy and proud and makes sure to be the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. He teaches them how to tie their shoes, how to sneak out of the house, how to whistle and how to properly throw a ball. 

Not even a month later, he goes on a school trip to a planetarium. It’s when he realizes that he wants to become a pilot - he wants to reach for the stars. He wants to fly and reach for the stars and be free of judgement. He wants to fly and have a home to come back to.

When he excitedly tells his family about it, they cheer for him and support him. They help him look for programs to get into flight schools, his father lends him all the plane magazines he has, they buy glow-in-the-dark paint and paint his bedroom ceiling. They help him with his grades to get him into the Garrison flight program and when he gets accepted, they have a huge celebration party in his honor.

He never forgets the picture they made at the airport, all together, waving him goodbye.

[He misses their hugs.]

[He misses their hugs just like he misses the ocean.]

[He misses their hugs, he misses the ocean, he misses home - but over time he comes to realize that he has found a new family. A smaller one than before but one that’s just as lively, just as fun. He still misses them, of course; but this new family makes the distance between them much more bearable.]

-mod: happylance

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ooh, if you're accepted requests! after last week's episode, I kept wondering to myself how bughead would be in a long distance relationship? with him in toldedo and her still in riverdale. I imagine they would last pretty long. lol. could you write something on that? I'm curious to how you would picture it!


Jughead sighed heavily, dropping his bag to the floor and kicking one of Jellybeans endless pairs of converse across the room, she may be a tomboy but the ten year old could never have enough shoes. Today had been a particularly brutal day at school for the beanie wearing boy, after being tossed around by the football team he was left with a bruise on his cheek and a serious appreciation for Reggie Mantle, atleast the airhead jock didn’t beat him up on a regular basis.

Throwing himself on his bed and grabbing his laptop he said a quick Thankyou to whatever God was up there, Betty was online and her Skype name was blinking. Jughead clicked on the green telephone and adjusted himself so he was as close to the screen as possible, suddenly dark green eyes and dimples graced his laptop and he instantly found himself relaxing.

“Hey there Juliet” he mumbled, the smile breaking free on his face as he saw her own eyes light up.

“Juggie” she said softly, eyes scanning his face and Landing instantly on the purple bruise forming quickly “what is that!” Her fingers reached out to the screen, desperately trying to touch his pain, make it better.

“It’s nothing.” He said quickly, his own fingers reaching out almost as if there weren’t hours between them.

Betty shook her head vehemently
“It’s not nothing! Someone hit you! Someone hit my boyfriend!” Her eyes lit up and he saw the raw determination pass over her.

“Bets.. it was just a couple of idiot jocks, it’s really not worth my time. I wanna talk about you, how was cheerleading?” He quickly changed the subject, leaning closer and memorizing every freckle, every beauty mark.

She sighed again before launching into a story about how Cheryl had fallen when Ginger bent down to tie her shoe in the middle of a lift, suddenly she was cut off by the familiar high pitched giggle from outside her window
“That’s Ronnie, her, Archie and I are heading to Pops. Burgers and shake night, it’s a new thing he’s doing, buy a burger get a free shake.” She rolled her eyes at the silly town she lived in as Jughead felt the familiar ache in his chest. he was homesick. He was Betty sick.

“Come on Bets! You know vanilla goes fast and we all know my beautiful yet fiery girlfriend always takes the last one!” Archie called from below her window, slinging an arm around Veronica and kissing her cheek.

Betty laughed out her window and looked back at the screen with sad eyes
“I have to go.” She whispered.

“I know.” He answered.

She sighed again and rested her chin in her palm
“I wish you were here” she said wistfully

“I know” he said again, laying his palm flat on the screen as she did the same

“Text me?” Betty asked softly.


Just as he was about to hit the end button Betty spoke again

“Don’t forget to check your mail today Romeo.” She winked and ended the call.

He practically ran towards the mailbox, tripping over his feet and ignoring his mother calling his name. Sure enough sticking out of the mailbox was a white envelope with Betty’s distinct girly handwriting. He tore into it with a smile, taking in the faint scent of her vanilla and peach perfume. They had been doing this ever since Jughead had moved to Toledo five months ago, they would write letters to one another, silly letters with poems and drawing, blurbs about how they were feeling, sentences for a novel they claimed they would string together one day. It was so old fashioned, so lame, yet so very Betty and Jughead.

“Even if I saw you only once
I would long for you for worlds,
Worlds and worlds”

Her neatly swirled cursive stuck out against the doodles she had drawn and he felt something wet drip onto his hand. Putting his fingers to his face he realized he was crying.

He held the letter to his chest when the soft fingers of his mother rested on his shoulder

“You love her.” She said simply.

He couldn’t do anything but nod. His mother wiped her hands on her apron and shook her head

“Okay then, you’ll leave next week.” She said firmly.

Jughead turned to look at her with wide eyes,
“Leave where? I can’t leave. This is my family.” He said beaten.

“Yes it is, but that.” She pointed to the letter in his hands “that is your home. I’ve found a job in Riverdale. Your father wasn’t happy about it, but I’ve seen how miserable you are here. I don’t want that for you, I want you to be happy. And that beautiful young woman is who makes you happy. Face it, Jellybean is flunking out of fourth grade, maybe a change of scenery will do her some good. Plus, it might be nice to catch up with Alice Cooper, she was always so lovely to me.” His mother said with a wistful smile.“you’ll stay with the Andrews until your father can find us a place but it shouldn’t take too long, I’ve been on google.” Jughead laughed heartily as his mother proudly smiled.

“We’ll be with you soon enough, but as of now? You need to go home.”

Jughead lunged at his mother, wrapping his arms around her neck and burying his face in her chest “Thankyou” he whispered as she rubbed his back.

A week later Jughead stood outside of Riverdale high, his hands shoved into his pockets as he waited for his girlfriend to exit the building. Soon enough, the familiar blonde ponytail was coming towards him, her eyes focused on something he couldn’t see.

“Hey Juliet.” He called towards her, a genuine smile lighting up his face. Betty’s eyes whipped to his before she was standing there slack jawed and wide eyed

“Juggie?” She whispered.

“In the flesh” he called out, reaching his arms out.

Betty dropped her book bag and ran towards her boyfriend, jumping into his arms and almost knocking him to the ground, her lips attacking his as her tears wet his face (it definitely wasn’t a mixture of both of their tears, he had allergies, it was the pollen. god)

“What are you doing here?!” She asked, her smile so big he was afraid she would break

“This whole long distance relationship? It wasn’t working for me.” He shrugged, his hands squeezing her waist sincerely.

“You’re staying?” She whispered.

“I’m staying”

Betty threw her arms around Jugheads neck and squeezed him.

Sure he loved his family, and they were some of the most important people to him, but right here? Right now?

He was finally home.

Drabble Challenge:

Rules: Followers send a number to your Inbox (Ask), and you write a drabble using that dialogue in your piece. Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. Don’t you dare say another word.
  2. We’re going to freeze to death
  3. I don’t mind if I do
  4. I’ve never seen you dance before
  5. What do you mean you’re leaving?
  6. You drank a gallon of milk over night
  7. Please, I’m begging you.
  8. You don’t know how to tie your shoes?
  9. Is a chicken really a bird if they can’t fly?
  10. You it be a grown up, but you’re still my baby
  11. I got fired.
  12. We’re out of money?!?
  13. Have you seen my stamp collection?
  14. Fire! Fire! Fire!
  15. You watched 4 seasons today?
  16. Stop questioning my life choices.
  17. You didn’t have to marry me, you know
  18. It’s my turn to pick
  19. It’s a hundred degrees out
  20. When’s the last time you smiled?
  21. Stop being such a brat
  22. If I wanted one, I would have gotten it myself
  23. Wanna see something cool?
  24. I think it’s broken
  25. This is a once in a lifetime thing and you want me to blow it off
  26. Friends don’t last, they never last
  27. Sometimes I just don’t want to exist
  28. I should’ve written it down
  29. Go eat an exotic food or something
  30. Way to not like my Instagram post
  31. Remember Walkmans?
  32. He would have really loved that…
  33. It’s a shame when things, when people, go so soon
  34. They used to tell me I’d never amount to anything
  35. I almost didn’t graduate
  36. I should’ve stayed in bed
  37. I woke up knowing this would happen
  38. I had a dream last night about _____
  39. She sat next to me on the bus
  40. Just promise to never lie to me, okay?
  41. I thought you said you were a doctor
  42. This cost a thousand dollars?!
  43. Foreigners…pffft
  44. He used to be my best friend.
  45. Look at them, their perfect tans and cold margaritas…assholes
  46. I’m not the jealous type, I swear
  47. I didn’t cheat!
  48. Let me smell your breath
  49. Did you let the dog out?
  50. We’re taking you downtown
  51. If you don’t like it, leave.
  52. She’s got a way with words
  53. I didn’t know it when I met her
  54. It sure as hell does change things!
  55. I remember when you were a baby!
  56. Give me my beer, or else
  57. You asked me if unicorns were real
  58. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
  59. Why so glum?
  60. Cotton candy is for adults too, leave me alone.
  61. Yeah, okay, when pigs fly.
  62. I haven’t seen you in ages!
  63. Picnics are for losers
  64. If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything
  65. Somethings are just better as memories
  66. She was hot, admit it
  67. When the hell did you break the vacuum?
  68. We’re rich.
  69. Bed. Now.
  70. Call me that one more time, see what happens
  71. Don’t ever call here again
  72. Your brother told me all about it
  73. I’m pregnant.
  74. Happy birthday!
  75. Apples, oranges, same thing
  76. Don’t let it go to your head
  77. Is it gone?
  78. Where’s the first aid kit?
  79. What do you mean you’re in jail?
  80. Fight me.
  81. Will you marry me?
  82. stop worrying so much
  83. Come on! Hurry!
  84. Put your hands where I can see them
  85. Strike 3
  86. You’re cute with glasses
  87. Are you five?
  88. You have enough
  89. Are you drunk?
  90. Road trip!
  91. You’ve been listening to the same song on repeat all week….
  92. She’s your sister. You have to help her.
  93. I owe you what?
  94. Let’s bet.
  95. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
  96. I could’ve gone pro
  97. All I need is you, and Cheerios
  98. You don’t need another dog
  99. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth
  100. Nobody needs fake friends
  101. I just want somebody who’ll text first
  102. Buy me chocolates and tell me everything’s going to be okay
  103. Are you asking me out?
  104. Remember that really embarrassing memory you told me to never speak of again?
  105. I’m soaked.
  106. He’s been like that all day
  107. This house isn’t even haunted
  108. Isn’t that bad luck?
  109. Shut up and dance
  110. *Make your own*

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Random Sentence Starters:
  • "Any time I say "asking for a friend" you know it's fake because I have no friends."
  • "God bless that ass."
  • "In eight hours I will have been awake for twenty four hours."
  • "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple."
  • "You can't snort Captain Crunch. That's what Cocoa Puffs are for."
  • "These skinny jeans are stifling."
  • "Are your pants made out of Fruit Loops?"
  • "Yoga pants are the reason corporations go bankrupt."
  • "Your mother would never lie to me."
  • "I'm pretty sure Ren and Stimpy were werewolves."
  • "It's like he has chicken pox but like... on his dick."
  • "Call the government."
  • "Everyone has that one emo band that got them through puberty."
  • "Between you and me I love her shoes but I hate everything that she stands for, if you know what I mean."
  • "The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist."
  • "I don't speak German but I'm pretty sure that dude just said go fuck yourself."
  • "I'd sell my soul for a cheesy snack."
  • "I can't date guys who look better in eyeliner than I do."
  • "I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was sixteen and three quarters."
  • "If you know that vampires exist it's your civil duty to report that shit to someone."
  • "I'd really like to smack a bitch."
  • "Who gave you permission to breathe my air?"
  • "Would you rather fuck Edward Cullen or Peter Parker?"
Tying His Tie

Originally posted by outerspaceimagines

*** Just a fair warning this contains strong language and some sexual themes! Thank you so much to whoever requested this! I had so much fun writing this, I hope you love it. Please feel free to send in more requests!***

Calum (AU)

You step out of your shower lightly, being careful not to drip anywhere but the fluffy green towel that lay below your feet. You grab a separate towel and wrap your hair up carefully inside it, letting the swirl sit on top of your head. Grabbing one more towel, you dry yourself off before wrapping it around yourself and walking into your bedroom.

“Good morning,” You greeted, throwing your dirty clothes in the hamper.

“Babe, I’m freaking out,” Calum whined, “I don’t even know how to use a copier. How am I ever going to do this? I’m just not ready.” He was half dressed in a starch white shirt, collar up, and no pants.

“Sweetie, you’re going to do great. My dad loves you, and he believes in you- just like I do.” You affirmed, gliding over and running your hand down his chest. Calum recently finished college, gaining his degree in communications. When your father offered him an interview at Verizon, Calum couldn’t thank him enough. Your father had the same degree, and ended up as one of the heads of the company.

Calum sat down on the edge of your bed, his pants clutched in his hands. His dark hair cascaded down the side of his face, the light from the window illuminating his profile as you sat next to him. You place your hand on his thigh, giving him your silent support.

“Y/N… I just don’t want to let you down. This is the best opportunity I’m going to get right now now,” He explains, turning to face you. You set your hand on his face, running your thumb over his cheek.

“You will not let me down if you don’t get this job,” You urge, looking straight into his eyes. He gives you a weak smile, taking your hand off his face and standing up to put his pants on.

You smile at him, finishing getting dressed yourself. You pull on a sweater, along with a pencil skirt and flats. You pulled up your hair and swiped on your makeup quickly.

“Kitten?” Calums soft voice echos, you look over your shoulder and see him adorned in his crisp white shirt tucked neatly into his black slacks, and his freshly buffed black shoes. “I uh- I don’t know how to tie this,” he admits sheepishly, holding up his dark grey tie you got him for his graduation present. You got him that along with the 50 Shades of Grey series, and this wasn’t the first time he used it.

“Don’t worry Mr. Grey,” You joked, walking over and setting the tie under his stiff collar. Your breath hitches in your throat as he grabs your hips and pulls your groin to his. You smirk up at him with shaky hands, trying to appear confident. You finish up the knot, pulling it straight for him smoothing out his shirt.

“We will finish this later.” He growls, kissing you hard and quick, before heading off.

“I love you!” He calls over his shoulder, while you sat breathlessly. I guess he found his confidence again


“God.. fuck-” Luke’s voice projects through the apartment. You set your tray cheese down on the kitchen counter quickly going to investigate.

“Luke?” You chimed, quickly turning into your bedroom to find in sat in front of your mirror, his phone in his large hand and a tie around his neck. He quickly paused his video upon hearing you enter, twisting his neck to look at you. “What’s going on?” You inquire, looking at his flushed cheeks and disheveled hair.

“Nothing,” He rumbled, “you can go back to the kitchen, I’ll be there in a second.” You notice how fake the smile he was giving you was, and decided to press further.

“Is this about meeting my parents?” You blurt out. Your eyes get big, trying to gage his reaction to your question. His shoulders slouched slightly while he let out a breath.

“Yes… And no,” He admits, giving a sheepish grin. You had noticed him acting a little weird ever since you made plans with your mom and dad to come over and have dinner with you and Luke.

“I-I can probably still cancel…” You stammered, looking down at your feet. You and him had only been dating a few months, maybe he just wasn’t ready yet.

“No! I want them to come,” He blustered, “Why would you think I didn’t?” He walked over to you, tipping your chin up to look him in the eye.

You take a deep breath in, chewing on your bottom lip.

“I mean, you’ve just been acting weird since I invited them. I thought maybe you would think it’s too soon,” you explain, shrugging your shoulders.

“What? No, I just… I want this to be perfect. I’m really nervous and-” He runs a hand through his hair, frustrated, “I don’t know how to tie a tie. My dad never taught me and my mom always did it and I just can’t figure it out.” He professed, watching your face carefully. You burst out laughing, looking at him like he’s an idiot.

“Seriously? This is what you’ve been stressing about?” You giggle, while he looks at you annoyed.

“Yeah, it’s a big deal.” He growls, sulking over to the mirror and trying to knot the damn thing himself.

“Luke, don’t be upset. I’ll help you.” You quickly sober up and walk over in front of him.

“It’s easy once you do it a few times,” You explain, grabbing his blue tie and start to knot it for him. He looks down and watched your delicate fingers move gracefully. You pull the knot up to his neck smiling up at him.

“You are amazing,” He states, looking down at you.
“I know, now you have to come help me in the kitchen. They’ll be here any minute.”  

Michael (AU)

You watched Michael lazily from your shared bed. The sun had just started coming through the blinds while the birds outside started singing good morning. Michel had just landed his first big boy job at a record label, mostly getting everyone coffee and making copies, but he was finally getting into his field. He was excruciatingly talented, but nobody wanted to give him a chance, until recently. You were beyond proud of him.

You on the other hand, had the day off, so you just watched him from the comfort of your warm blanket cocoon.

“What tie?” He asks, noticing you sitting up. He holds up two ties, trying to decide what would go best with his outfit.

“The green, I’ll bring out your eyes.” You choose, smiling warmly. You watch him nod i agreement, putting it around his neck and tiring it up.

“How do I look?” He asks nervously, spreading his arms out and turning slowly. He was wearing tan slacks with a navy shirt and, of course, his green tie. You look closely, noticing his tie was tied like a five year old did it,

“Oh honey, what is wrong with your tie?” You immediately crawl out of bed, looking at the abomination around his neck. You quickly untie it and start to work your fingers to redo it.

“Was it that bad?” He chortles, looking down at you.

“Probably the worst I’ve ever seen,” You admit, pulling it tight for him. You take a step back, admiring how sexy your boyfriend really is. Even dressed in a suit, he was still the hottest guy around.

“You look so sexy,” You admit, your cheeks flushing with your bold statement. His gaze turns to your barely clothed body, making your face turn even darker scarlet.

“You’re the sexy one. I better come home not you in less than this though.” He demands, giving you a wink.


You look around nervously, trying to catch a glimpse of Ashton anywhere. He had gone to the bathroom over 30 minutes ago and you were growing worried he had left you here to fend for yourself. Just as your reached the point of anger, your phone buzzes on the table.

‘Can you come to the bathroom?’  Your phone lit up with a text from Ashton. You were his date to the Grammys this year, and the boys were up for Song of the Year. It was huge deal, and Ashton hadn’t been sleeping right since it was announced. You knew he was nervous, you could feel his palms sweating all night.

All the boys were at the table with you, so you quickly made an excuse and got up to find Ashton. You walked briskly through the corridor, finding the men’s room at the back.

“Ashton?” You call, looking around and only seeing an older couple sitting on a bench.

‘I’m outside’ you shoot him a text, nervously tapping your stiletto clad foot on the floor.

“Y/N,” You see Ashton walking towards you, his hair disheveled and his bowtie undone.

“What’s going on?” You ask, alarmed. As he got closer you noticed his eyes were bloodshot and his nose a little red.

“I’m just… really nervous.” He admits, pulling you to his chest. You accept his hug, letting him hold you. Whenever he was really upset, he would just hold you until it passed. It was one of the best things in your relationship. He would always be calmed down with a hug.

“Sweetie, we have to go back, your category is coming up.” You pull back, looking up at him with concern. It was closing in on 12, and you knew it would be awful if he missed the announcement.

“I know… I just don’t know how to tie this thing.” He motions to his cherry red bow tie hanging around his neck. “I undid it to breath better and now I can’t figure it out.” He runs his hands through his blonde curls with a nervous sigh.

“I can do it, hold my purse.” You demand, giving him your small black clutch. He takes it gratefully while you go to work on his bow tie. “Now, you look handsome as ever.” You lean up to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you… I don’t know what I would do without you.” He gushed, grabbing your hand in his.

“You would probably die,” you joke, walking with him back to the ceremony.

I feel like the Futurama writers should have capitalized on Fry being thrust “a 1000 years into the future” more often. There’s so much comedic potential in it, just imagine.

[when he first arrives in the future] “The year 3000!? …You mean I haven’t bathed in a thousand years? Oh, my God! Where’s the phone book, Ripley’s not gonna believe this!”


“My answer is the same as it was a thousand years ago: No, I do not want to join the Jehovah’s Witness.”


“Haven’t you heard of ‘respect your elders’? I’m a thousand years older then you! If I tell you to order pizza you’re answer should be ‘How high?’”

“Fry, that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Hermes. When you’ve lived a thousand years maybe you can decide whether or not my phrases make any sense. Until then-”

And then there are the rebuttals:

“You’re a thousand years old and you still don’t know how to tie your shoes? Really, meatbag?”

“Shut up, Bender.”


[Fry speaks]

“Says the person who hasn’t gotten laid in a thousand years.”

“Shut up, Bender.”


“Yeah, you don’t wanna get with him, lady. He’s a thousand year old senile. The forecast for the weather in his Netherlands is ‘2.3 inches of poor performance, 100% chance of disappointment.’” 

“Shut UP, Bender!”