how to tie a trinity knot tie

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oh, and of course will burton deserves some love too, so maybe ties and smut for him?

This is erotica. 18+. For grown folks, in both the literal and metaphysical sense. 

Enjoy responsibly.

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“What are you doing?” he said, ducking into his walk in closet, where she sat on the floor, fiddling with a striped silk tie.

She had tied a beautiful trinity knot and it hung from her bare neck, a strange sight to him.

“I like it here,” she said simply, bringing the tie to her nose. She smiled. “This one still smells like you.” She stood up and wrapped her arms around his waist. “How was work?”

He was rigid. She was new, and after nearly a year and a half, he had finally mustered the courage to ask her to move in with him. Jamie loved her. And she was making herself at home in every sense - changing the furniture, and the color scheme.

Magenta was now pale, pearly blue. Lambswool had been switched with oriental carpeting. And Kate’s while flowers were replaced with sandalwood and roses. It hurt, but not in a way he could express outwardly to anyone.

But only because he loved it. He loved her.

She pulled the trench coat from his shoulders and hung it, smoothing it with a smile.

“Seriously. Why were you in here?” he said, but he took the sting from the question with a smile.

“I already told you. I like it here. I feel … love, here,” she said, and started to loosen his tie. It was a dark blue, with a velvet stripe down the front. Damn tasteful, but that was him. Composed. Brilliant. But there was more, which she hadn’t accessed yet. But she had faith that in time, she could.

She hung the tie around her neck and unbuttoned his collar button.

“Love. How?” he said, but let her continue. She seemed happy in her task.

“You pride yourself on looking nice. You picked out every single piece in this closet. And each article of clothing just exudes you,” she said, gently pulling the shirt tails from his pants. She took his hands and took out the silver cuff links, and put them in a velvet box on one of his shelves. “So, when you’re really busy, I sometimes come in here. Just to … breathe you in.”

He raised an eyebrow. She smiled at him, and started to unbutton his pants. He leaned back to let her unzip, and she got on her haunches as he stepped out of them. She folded them neatly and put them on the pants press to air out.

“You think it’s weird?” she asked, tugging on his undershirt. He raised his arms and she got on tiptoes to pull it off. Then, she threw it aside and caressed his chest, running her fingers through the fine, soft hair. His nipples hardened in the chill and she rubbed them with the pad of her thumb. He sighed.

“A little,” he said finally, and pulled his loose tie from her neck. It whispered against her hair, and he put it around his neck again.

“I don’t care,” she said, and got a firm hold of the tie and pulled him to his knees in front of her. “And like I said before, you haven’t been around much lately-“

“I’m sorry. My latest case has been … I didn’t want to bring it home,” he said, rubbing her thighs and looking up at her.

She cocked her head to the side. “Don’t apologize about doing your job well,” she said, and she walked them against a sturdy shelf. “You’re doing your duty, as you’ve always done.”

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Tied Up [Part 2]

Sequel to BusinessMan!Derek and CollegeStudent!Stiles

because I’m a slave to Torah’s whims

“Do you often catcall people in suits?” Derek asked, a lot less uptight now that he wasn’t entirely out of his comfort zone in the middle of a park, having been jeered at by a spiky haired college student.

They were now sat in a nice little restaurant of Derek’s choosing, which was a much classier place than Stiles would have brought them considering Stiles frequented a local diner primarily for their curly fries. 

“You’re the first, Suit.” Stiles winked, stretching out in his comfortable chair as he got a feel for the environment. He was glad he dressed up for the date. He was still wearing jeans but he was also sporting a black button down shirt, no tie, although he had considered a bowtie, and he actually did something with his hair instead of letting his bedhead take control.

Derek, however, was wearing another fine pair of dress pants for an even finer ass that he was currently sitting on and keeping out of view. It was a crime, naturally. But most importantly, his light blue button down shirt was topped off with a dark striped tie in a passable half Windsor knot.

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