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How to write your book step 201


Think about your book. Always. Have it boiling away in your mind all the time. Next time you are cooking dinner, or having a cup of tea, or tuning out while watching someone else’s story, think of your own. Don’t just think about it when you are already thinking about it.. remember to think about it. Draw yourself into your story make yourself think about your book, your characters, your world. Don’t let it get too far away, have it constantly on your mind, do it deliberately. 

When you stop to look at a sunset, think about how you would write it into your book. When you stop to write a shopping list imagine the handwriting of your characters. When you shower,  think about the next scene you’re going to write. 

Reading books is fantastic escapism, but writing books is even more so. 


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“piano jam” theory

okay so, first of all, i’m absolute trash, and i know way too much about mcr, but also….

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Love Conquers All

The theme of this season was prevalent in every episode, though more subtle at some points than others. Most people for some reason think love=romance and absolutely nothing else, and don’t see how this theme worked, I’m not sure how they reached that conclusion but…

1. The Six Thatchers- This one was pretty on the nose, but translations of the word ‘love’ are literally what the thing that helps Sherlock beat the villain, in this case love being a clue to the culprit’s identity.

2. The Lying Detective- The whole beginning of this episode is pretty much an anti-suicide after school special. Sherlock stops “Faith” from doing it just by spending an evening with her. Love can be as small as compassion to a stranger, as shown here. But it’s more creative, I think, how displays of affection are used to get the upper hand. What does Sherlock’s initial plan to catch Culverton Smith revolve around? A hug. And it’s nice how the hug, which was objectively bullshit on both sides, is juxtaposed by the genuine hug at the end with Sherlock and John.

3. The Final Problem- This one’s so blatantly obvious I can’t believe people don’t get it. Sherlock has a crazy, evil sister that causes a bunch of destruction and chaos. Mycroft, who has a personal philosophy that emotions and human connections are redundant, deals with her by locking her away to rot. That doesn’t work and she just comes back with vengeance. Sherlock, who has been shedding the sociopath label over the years and has been learning to understand connections and emotions over the course of the show, deals with her by offering his compassion. He didn’t make a crazy elaborate plan to outsmart her, he didn’t shoot her in the head, he reached out his arms and hugged her. The villain was stopped by a tearful hug; there couldn’t have possibly been a clearer way to say “Love conquers all”

And that’s ultimately what this whole series has been about from Study In Pink all the way up to now; Sherlock learning to let people into his heart, so to speak. He spent these 13 episodes learning the importance and power of love, be it romantic, platonic, familial, or whatever, as long as it was the deep connection between human beings that he spent his whole life trying to shut out.

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hi there - it's the same anon as before ^^ I was just wondering how you make your background images and promos - I commission people to do mine, but I want to learn for myself ^^; and your graphics are sooooo pretty ^_^

         HEY   FRIEND  so my background image was made by @notoriouswitch ; i commissioned my entire theme from her. really wonderful work (  i can relate to commissioning people on that end ;u;  ) as far as my promo’s go, the size varies, but you absolutely have to make sure that the width of the image is 540px cause that’s the tumblr image thingy. but the height i vary depending on how i feel, sometimes it’s 240px, sometimes it’s 300px. and again, sometimes i just throw a few psd’s together, alter them a bit if i feel like it or sometimes it’s already available to adjust. i usually just do regular images that i get off fan websites or use my own screencaps that i took while watching one of angie’s movies. make sure you find hd image’s too ! pinterest can help sometimes if you wanna get crafty.

my recent promo just has a screencap i used, plus some image i found from pintrest and i just right clicked the “RAMPAGE” image and duplicated it a few times. oh ! and i also made the base image 540px, 280px and then made a new, smaller file like 500px, 240px or something like that to fit it inside the larger image. then lastly i find a quote or something fancy to say or just put my url on the image (  i have a lot of different fonts which you can also find on here or on  ) and boom there’s a fancy freaking promo ! 

also as a small note : is a good blog to look at for tutorials. it also has A LOT of downloadable content you can use !


14/100 | Monday February 9 2016 | Tips

A much requested question! I answered it a bit differently this time - it is intended to be read in order, like a script. I wanted to be direct, but also calming. Let me know if it works?? I 100% stand by every thing I’ve written here, because I just did it recently and it worked for me. #Honest

If you want to know how to be more creative, quick, think more critically or just know more, I’ve got some tips for that too for a separate post. Let me know if that interests you : )

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can u do headcanon for a maya/smackle friendship

  • it all started when isadora was yelled at in art class
  • like not yelled at exactly but that was how it felt to her
  • the teacher demanded to know why she drew nothing but shapes every lesson
  • she usually had good comebacks (a fact the gang was aware of as they usually had to stop her getting in trouble) but this time she was silent
  • i mean maya was next to her, all ready to throw her hand out and block isadora’s mouth
  • but nothing came out
  • the teacher sighed and moved on to the next pupil, smiling at maya’s drawing of a building
  • but maya didn’t notice because she was too busy frowning at isadora, face creased in worry
  • isadora was mostly silent the rest of the lesson, despite maya’s attempts at conversation
  • the two girls didn’t have that much in common but they usually talked in art class, even if it was about boring stuff like the news
  • but at least it was communication
  • this wasn’t
  • and maya didn’t like it
  • at the end of the class, isadora put away her things quietly and when farkle asked the lot of them if they wanted to sit outside for lunch, she claimed that she needed to finish a project in the library
  • none of the others noticed, laughing among themselves on the walk outisde
  • but maya couldn’t help looking back at isadora’s retreating back
  • ‘sorry guys, i have a test i forgot about… i’ll catch up with you later’
  • in a flash she was gone, hurrying back the way they came and over to the library
  • lucas looked at her strangely, but dismissed it and the four of them continued outside
  • maya had one stop on her way to the library
  • she also had to ask a kid for directions to it on the way
  • but she made it there alive
  • and lo and behold, there was isadora, sitting alone at a table surrounded by books
  • maya went up to her quietly and pulled out the chair opposite
  • ‘maya? what are you doing here?’
  • ‘i wanted to ask you a question.’
  • isadora looked really worried at that, probably nervous that maya would ask her what had happened in art
  • ‘what’s your question?’
  • ‘what the hell is an electrophile?’
  • isadora looked confused
  • ‘what?’
  • maya rolled her eyes
  • ‘i have some stupid chemistry assignment but i can’t for the life of me figure out what an electrophile is’
  • isadora laughed, and maya smiled back, glad that she no longer looked unhappy
  • ‘okay, firstly: positive and negative charge!’
  • (smackle really was in her element now)
  • that whole lunchtime, isadora had explained about the mechanisms and everything else related
  • when she was done explaining, maya’s head was reeling but she finally understood some of it
  • they had ten minutes left before maths, so they gathered their stuff away
  • and then isadora’s stomach rumbled
  • ‘i guess i forgot to eat actual lunch’ she looked sheepish
  • ‘i’ve got you covered’
  • maya smiles as she pulled out two paninis from her bag
  • it becomes a regular thing that at least two days a week, isadora helps maya with science or maths in the library at lunch
  • other days, they sometimes go after school so isadora can tutor maya
  • maya always wanted to do better at school - the only subjects she really did well in were art and spanish - but was always too embarrassed to ask for help
  • she never got embarrassed with isadora though, because isadora never really gave her the chance
  • one day, maya was doodling in the library (having just finished her science homework) while isadora was reading some fascinating textbook (according to her)
  • when suddenly isadora blurts out
  • ‘i know why you’re doing this, maya’
  • maya looks confused
  • ‘so i can understand this shit and do better at school?’
  • isadora laughs (maya is the best person to help her do that)
  • ‘i mean, i know why you started it’
  • (maya is still a little confused)
  • ‘care to explain?’
  • ‘because i suck at art’
  • isadora says it in such a matter of fact way that maya almost misses the hurt in her voice
  • almost
  • ‘you don’t suck, izzy’
  • (because isadora had given maya and only maya the privilege of calling her that now)
  • ‘have you seen my work?’
  • it takes maya a while to explain to isadora that art is subjective; you can’t suck at it just because some people don’t appreciate it
  • ‘you just need to think a little bit more… creatively.’
  • ‘how do i do that?’
  • ‘draw anything you want. anything that makes sense to you, or confuses you, or makes you happy or sad… anything.’
  • maya almost misses isadora’s next sentence, she mumbles it so quietly
  • ‘i like drawing shapes.’
  • ‘then draw shapes, izzy. draw anything you want.’
  • next art class, isadora draws her shapes (again), and the teacher frowns (again) but just moves past her without saying anything
  • he looks down at maya’s work, ready to smile
  • but he frowns (again)
  • because this time, maya has drawn shapes too.
  • ‘what do you think of my work, sir?’ maya asks
  • he stutters, unsure of what to say because how can his prize pupil maya draw something as un-creative as this?
  • ‘it isn’t your best work, maya, i’m sorry to say’
  • next to maya, she can tell that isadora is looking down in embarrassment and apology
  • ‘that’s okay, sir. only i can determine what my best work is, anyway.’
  • she shoots him a bright smile, picks up her paintbrush and keeps painting like nothing had happened
  • the teacher shook his head and walked away, the class went back to drawing and painting, and maya started to hum subconsiously
  • it was all back to normal
  • other than one thing
  • isadora was now drawing with a smile on her face
  • and the shapes on her page were all starting to fit together, looking almost like a house or something
  • a square with a triangle on top, a circle in the corner like a sun, some pretty almost flowers dotted about
  • it really was looking pretty good
  • (not that anyone could tell her otherwise, anyway)

send me any other headcanons



29 (thanks leap day) consecutive days of outfits for fatshion february. I can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe how many clothes I have wow. Reflecting on this experience, not only am I more confident but I was happier all month. I had to think more creatively on how clothes work together and how they make an outfit. It inspired me to create more art and I definitely appreciate my clothes a WHOLE lot more. I don’t know how I was under the impression that I didn’t have enough clothes because my laundry begs to differ. 

Thank you all for your support, your kind words, and bearing with me popping up on your social media all month long. <3

“…I am made of stars, and you are just a dull spec.”

there has never been a show that i’ve wanted to rip out of a creators’ hands more than rwby.

*hugs you all*

When I first read Originals I couldn’t help but take notes. What I jotted down was essentially a to-do list for how I could be more creative, how I could think up and then communicate new ideas.

But the book — written by Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania — is not just a guide for adults.

Its pages are littered with interesting advice on how teachers and parents can encourage and cultivate their kids to be original, too.

Grant writes about the importance of getting kids to take risks, to embrace their own curiosity and to be confident in where their minds wander. So how can adults create spaces and cultures of originality to breed these new ideas?

How Adults Can Encourage Kids To Be Original Thinkers

Illustration: Sam Rowe for NPR

A Harmless Prank

Oblivious to the panic attacks his housemates were currently experiencing, Pinhead awoke to what he assumed would be a typical morning. The unusual sluggishness of his awakening blinded him to some other oddities, such as the strangely nostalgic sensation in his lower belly. Eyes barely open, Pinhead shuffled out of his bedroom in a heavy robe, making his way to the kitchen. As he made his way to the tea kettle, he nodded to the blurred figure of Angela at the counter. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he did finally take notice of one thing: the confused expression on the teen girl’s face as she looked him over.

“Is there something wrong, Angela?” he asked, turning on the kettle. “Don’t tell me I woke up with a Mogwai on my head again. I would think Frederick would be more creative this year.”

“How do you know my name?” Angela asked.

Pinhead stared at her, eyes finally opening fully. What brought that on? Before he could ask, his eyes were drawn to the very prominent- and evidently very real- cleavage exposed by her white tank top.

“Goodness me, when did those appear?” he asked with an amused smirk. “I was unaware gender reassignment surgery could be achieved in only a day. Human technology improves every time I close my eyes.”

Angela’s eyes narrowed. “Hey, asshole, I don’t know who you are, but don’t you dare talk about me like you know me.”

Pinhead blinked. “Are you alright, Angela? Did you hit your head this morning?”

“Who the Hell are you?” Angela snapped. “And why are you wearing Pinhead’s robe? You one of his fuckbuddies or something?”

“…Angela, why would I allow any of my partners to wear my robe? That’s a privilege I would not bestow upon anyone.”

Angela’s face turned from anger to shock and confusion. “Wait…so…you’re Pinhead? …Dude, what the fuck happened to you??”

“What are you talking about? I’m just fi–” Pinhead raised his hand to assure the girl…and finally noticed the smooth pink flesh of his arms. His expression froze in horror as his shaking hands raised to his head, expecting to feel the sharp pins- and instead caressing soft hair.

“Angela. Mirror. Now.”

Angela ran from the kitchen, returning with a mirror from the bathroom.

Pinhead ran his hands over his now human face, still dumbfounded.

“Well,” he said, his calm tone not matching his expression, “it would appear I am the victim of a rather…elaborate prank.”

“Wait, so…are you all the way human?” Angela asked. “Like, this is what you looked like before you were a Cenobite?”

“Indeed,” Pinhead nodded. “This is the body of one Elliot Spencer- a body I have not inhabited in quite some time.”

“Well, how the hell did that happen?”

“I cannot say for certain…but I have a theory. There is someone I have to pay a visit to.”

Pinhead stood in place with his eyes closed for a good minute before remembering he could no longer teleport.

“Damn…” Pinhead sighed. “Well, to answer your question, Angela, I am indeed ‘all the way human’. I will have to ask the assistance of one of our comrades to get a ride to where I need to be.”

The stirring in his stomach returned and his cheeks turned pink as he realized what it was.

“…In just a moment. For right now, I believe I need to use the facilities for the first time in a century.”


The mechanism of ice generation used by the Bewilderbeast most closely resembles the behavior of supercooled water upon impact. For the ice to be a solid structure, not a bunch of small pieces, it has to adhere, meaning the particles in the “breath” are initially mostly liquid. Upon impact, they almost instantly freeze, forming branches of solid ice.

The idea of supercooled water as a weapon is actually something that has been proposed in real-life warfare. Journalist-inventor Geoffrey Pyke, who is probably best known for his Project Habakkuk, a proposal for an aircraft carrier built with ice-based material (named pykrete), also suggested using supercooled water spray from huge supply tanks to do things like creating street barriers, sabotaging enemy ships and even encasing enemy soldiers.

However, Pyke’s proposals were often impractical. Habakkuk, despite showing pykrete’s effectiveness, never got actually produced because they didn’t need such a carrier anymore. Pyke’s proposal regarding supercooled water greatly overestimates how it actually behaves, and was never put into use.

Nevertheless, all this shows how great creative minds think alike.

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Izzy! Hope you're okay. I have a question that I was hoping you could answer. What do you reckon some of Zayn's qualities are? His most important qualities. I'm trying to write a story but I can't quite place my finger on the most important aspects of him. Not him in regards to the boys, but just him. What is important about Zayn by himself? Thanks, Iz. Much appreciated.

Ooooh, okay! Here we go! In no real order: 

1) Zayn is quiet. I don’t mean that he can’t talk, or doesn’t; or that he isn’t loud and giggly and bubbly sometimes. but he’s quieter, in general. he likes to stay in with his pets. he likes to define his space and stay in it. He doesn’t like to talk when he doesn’t want to or doesn’t have anything to say. He doesn’t feel the need to fill up silence, is perfectly happy sitting in silence. 

2) Zayn is loving. He just is so affectionate and loving to the people he loves–his family, his boys, his pets. He bought his mum a house, and it’s pretty clear his family’s still the most important thing to him. He was so obvious and kissy and huggy and praising with his boys. He clearly dotes on all million of his pets. And on all other sorts of animals, like, Zayn and puppies is the worst thing ever. And don’t even get me started on Zayn with babies. That one gifset of Zayn and Brooklyn where he’s following her around as she walks and he’s letting her go where she wants? How he grins at Lux in that interview where he’s talking about how she messed up his hair? Zayn’s just got so much love in him, and he’s not afraid of letting it out. 

3) that being said, Zayn takes no shit. He will absolutely clap back, he will argue if he thinks you’re doing something stupid, he will make snarky sarcastic comments. He will not put up with anyone coming at him or the people he loves (even if it’s other people he loves). He isn’t always mean about it, though he can be, but he’s immovable and will not let anyone walk over him. He decides what he does and he does it, and he doesn’t let other people change that. 

4) He’s creative. He’s definitely clever as well, the English teacher to be, but I think it manifests more in creativity–in how he just likes to draw, even though he doesn’t think he’s good at it, in his tattoos, in his music, in his style. I just remember that one interview where he talks about the connection between music and art? He clearly thought about it, is mulling it over, but he’s got so many facets to his creativity. 

5) Zayn, and this cannot be overstated, is a giant fucking geeky weirdo. This is possibly the most important. (and is said with the greatest of affection, from a total geek). Zayn can wear leather jackets and shave his head and everything, but he is still a giant geek who has a zap tattoo and loves superheroes. He is also still that kid who decided to attack his bandmates with a light saber. Who gets great pleasure in putting a bandana over his head. Who uses what we can all agree are the worst filters ever. Who tweets just the weirdest shit. He is a giant nerdy weirdo child, and that should never be forgotten under the piercing cheekbones and blonde hair. 

There are, of course, so many more qualities that I could rave about, but these are the most important and general that come to mind. I hope it helps!

Five words, one tip for creative thinking

External image

Clear your mind. Change perspective.

Two things with a tremendous impact on your ability to think creatively. In most cases, there is no better order of operation.

Clearing your mind – through meditation, exercise, sleep, or taking a break – allows you to break your usual thinking cycles that lead you to the same ideas and solutions. If you’re feeling creatively stuck or unmotivated, clearing your mind will help.

Changing perspective – by experiencing something new, physically changing perspective, introducing constraints, or conversing with a friend (or stranger) – helps to overcome your biases that lead you back into your routine thinking cycles. What good is clearing your mind if you’re simply going to fall back into your regular mode of thinking?

If I had to give advice on how to be more creative using only five words, these would be it.

Clear your mind. Change perspective.

Photo by Nickolai Kashirin.