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I recently just finished this amazing book, & I wanted to share a section that I could completely relate to, the author Debbie Millman interviewed Michael Bierut and asked him what he attributes his success to:

My guidance counselor thought I was really smart & felt it was a waste for me to go into art instead of becoming a doctor or a lawyer….And I remember thinking, “I bet a smart commercial artist would really have an edge on things.”

And thats what I think I am. I’m a smart commercial artist. There were at least two other kids in my college classes that were better natural designers than I was. But at the end of the day, having something issue forth from just your imagination will only get you so far….See More

That doesn’t win you a project. That doesn’t find a specific solution to a design problem, that doesn’t explain that solution to your client….

All of that takes something else: brains. I actually think that I’ve compensated for whatever flaws and shortcomings I have as a creative person by being smart & well-read & by working really, really hard. And I get more at-bats. I seem to hit alot of home runs because I have ten times as may at-bats as everybody else in the league. Meanwhile, the stands are littered with foul balls and strikeouts. And no one knows about them because I don’t count those.

Its sad that I’m just now experiencing that “man I can’t put down this book” moment so late in life but I plan on being more “well-read” as Mr. Bierut said. One of the biggest things he mentioned is having more at-bats, thats been my goal lately, trying to design more & create more art then most, that way I can have that competitive edge. This is such a great book & I highly recommend it. See you in the next post.

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Name: Mariette
Age: 22
Country: France

Hey there ! Ok so, hmm.. Where should I start ? I don’t really know how to introduce myself, that seems weird and awkward, as I’m not used to it haha (by it I mean wanting to make international friends online haha).
As you can see I’m a 22 years old girl from France.
So, firstly, I think that this all penpal thing seems like a great way to meet people you wouldn’t meet in another way ! And this place seems like a good one to meet you (yeah, you, who’s reading this !) Getting to know you along with you culture and listen to what you have to say seems interesting and cool and everything. Like having interesting and deep discussions or random chats through to week etc.. I’m open-minded and curious, and of course that would be great if you are too ! And also that you are real and genuine and not a creepy 76 y.o (we are never too careful huh..)
About me: I have a degree in Graphic Design and am an illustrator. So, yeah, I like art and drawing a lot !
Otherwise I’m pretty much a basic humanoïd-being concerning my other interests: watching tv-series, cats, eating, baking, listening to music, spending time with friends, drinking tea, autumn, traveling, reading graphic novels, etc… I like to learn more about various subjects depending on what I’m interested in at the time.
I’m currently learning Norwegian and I love it, so if you’re Norwegian that would be cool, but I’m not looking especially for a language partner here, so anyone from anywhere is welcome to write to me of course ! It will be like traveling (except online haha, well.. but you know what I mean, learning about other cultures etc..)
I guess I’m more of an introvert ? (but people generally don’t notice it I guess, I don’t know) but I don’t really like putting people and myself into boxes, it’s not that important ! If we get along, we get along, and that’s awesome, so I hope we do! I can be pretty talkative, so yeah, please let’s not only have small talks about the weather haha. Instead, let’s share glimpses of our daily lives, and talk about various subjects, yeay !
I’d like to talk by e-mail first (to get to know you), then maybe other social medias and/or Skype ? (even tho that would be very awkward at first I guess haha) And after that if we get along, snailmail would be cool if you want !
So, hmm, if you feel like we could get along from this random rambling here, feel free to contact me and tell me about yourself. I’d be happy to hear from you, dear stranger behind your keyboard ! In the meantime, take care !

Preferences: Well I guess I’d like to talk to people around my age (so like 19-26 ?) and as specified earlier, open minded (but I guess if you are sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic, a compulsive liar and so on,.. well just a not so good human in general (to put it that way), you wouldn’t bother looking for penpals on this website, right ? :) )
(Also please no reblog as I’d like this post to just stay on penship, thanks !)

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Hey can you recommend me any nice just wholesome d&p blogs? Like some that aren't huge shippers and don't freak out over a tiny insignificant thing every 5 minutes. I've been in this fandom for a while and I had a d&p blog until 2013 when I deleted it so I kinda don't know anyone anymore...I'm just so over that kinda attitude now but I still wanna see d&p on my dash so I need people to follow...(also how's architecture school? I'm starting next year!)

ok so i don’t really pay attention to that because sometimes it’s fun to freak out and stuff so i don’t really know who doesn’t do that but i’ll just recommend off the top of my head some mutuals that i love and whose blogs are some of my favourites and u should definitely follow them bc they’re amazing and make beautiful content!!

@astronautdan, @ratinof, @softdnp, @demonphannie, @dansucc, @heckdan, @danhowellgifs, @fuckinlester, @prettydan, @heartphil, @artsyphil, @formsprings, @sadistdan, @dimplydan, @wispyphil

as for architecture school: 

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Don’t Think They Know.

I never thought the day would come when we’d meet face to face again. It had been years since I had seen him and I didn’t ever think of there being another moment where we would cross paths. There were plenty of moments I saw him with how many times he popped onto my television for commercials and advertisements or a match my television was already set on.

But now here he was in the flesh, looking as great as he had the final moment we saw each other. I could tell he was avoiding my inquisitive gaze, his thumb tracing the top of his mug I had set out for him. There was so much that could be said but it seemed my words got caught in my throat as I thought of all I had endured the past few years.

The media had painted their very own identity of me, carried by works of fiction and dramatic stories. In reality, they knew nothing of me. I was a college student at the time of me and Cristiano’s encounter. A shy one at that. I still struggled to piece together what sort of sick fate brought us to each other and how I of all people had attracted his wandering eye.

But I had.

I also had the hidden label of being the mother to his child. There were many moments I would see people around campus soon after I delivered Junior, trotting around in their Ronaldo jerseys and I would just smile to myself realizing that I knew that man even if our contact was limited to holiday texts and short conversation.

I didn’t want to develop a relationship beyond that because I knew how dangerous that could come to be. I was sure he knew that too.

“So how are things? Nice place you have,” he commented as he took a brief look around my apartment. Now a working woman, I had a decent amount of money I could contribute to fixing up my own place. Contrary to media reports, I hadn’t received some hefty lump sum from Cristiano for having his child. He had offered to help me some as he felt I was burdened by carrying his child but I had refused the money. Our sexual encounter wasn’t a mistake and it wasn’t something I regretted, even if it ended with me being pregnant with a child I was unable to take care of. Taking money for that didn’t feel right. I decided to build my own financial stability the right way and I had done a damn good job of it since graduating.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

It seemed a certain object caught his eye as he pointed off to the near distance. “What’s that?” I turned my head in the direction he pointed to see a picture of my young niece framed on the wall. “My sister’s baby. She just had her a few months ago.”


I could tell by his curt response he was unsure of what else to say but he cleared his throat and found a suitable response contrary to my thoughts. “Does that bother you?”

“Does what bother me?” I was asking a question I already knew the answer to but he entertained it anyway. “That she has a child and yours is…with me,” he paused.

I shrugged my shoulders. It was definitely something I thought about but I didn’t feel too bothered by it. I was happy for my sister. “She’s much more capable of taking care of a child than I am. She’s settled down with her husband and everything. It’s sweet to see them start their own family. It’ll happen for me one day. At the right time,” I assured. I still considered Junior a part of my family even if he didn’t know who I was or if I even existed. We had the connection of a mother and a son through birth. That was unbreakable in my eyes.

He nodded. “Understood.”

“How’s Cris?”

“He’s great. He’s getting so big so fast. I brought you pictures. I wasn’t sure if you would feel comfortable with that or not?”

I waved it off with ease. “It’s fine. I want to see.” A bright smile flashed across my face as I leaned forward, waiting for Cristiano to reveal the images. He reached into his bag and handed the few over and I could feel myself beaming with internal pride as I saw the young boy. It was much different seeing him in personal pictures than the paparazzi pictures I caught on the internet. I could immediately see small pieces of me in him.

While I was flipping through pictures, he took the opportunity to question me. “How have you been? Congratulations again on graduating and getting your job. Sounds pretty big.”

I laughed slightly. “Big? I wouldn’t say that. My pay is modest at best but I love what I do so I’m fine with it. I’ve been great though.”

“What is it that you do again?”

“Graphic design.” It was my odd passion. I always had a thing for art and design. Graphics just quickly became an addiction of mine.

“You ever want to snag a job in Madrid, let me know,” he winked before chuckling, causing me to laugh as well. “That sounds like loads of trouble for me. I think I’ll stay here.”

“Ah, if you insist.”

“I’m surprised you’re in this area. Hanging around here for leisure?”

“I just had some free time. Figured I’d drop by and see how you’re doing. It’s been a while.”

“That it has.”

My eyes mindlessly drifted to his powerful jawline to his lips and then down to his muscled chest, seeing the form poke through his tight shirt. If his voice hadn’t interrupted my thoughts, I may have continued on staring. “I just want you to know that I really appreciate you doing this for me.”

My brows furrowed in confusion. “Doing what?”

“Staying quiet about everything. Not running off to the media and telling all of my secrets.” A grateful smile graced his lips and all I could do was give a reassuring smile in return. “They’re my secrets too. I just think its best we keep things as is, you know? With my friends not knowing I’m Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby’s mother,” I giggled. “That’ll keep my life normal. The media has already formed their own image of me. I’ll let them keep that.”

I wasn’t looking to seek approval from outsiders on who I really was. I couldn’t care less what they put out about me and it surely wasn’t enough for me to ruin the agreement Cristiano and I had created together.

“You’ve always been a level headed one.”

“One of us has to stay sane in all of this madness, right?”

“I guess that’s true.”

It seemed for the next hour we lost ourselves in conversation, forgetting the burden of the hidden connection we had, and instead focusing on other aspects of our lives and divulging that information to each other. He told me of all the stress he had been under due to competition and the things he did in his free time to free his mind from the pressure of it all. I told him about my dreams in my career field and all I wanted to accomplish in the next few years that I had even written into a checklist. It was a conversation that I never wanted to end and a connection I never wanted to forget.

I knew we wouldn’t even if the world knew nothing of it.

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do you have to be good at drawing and illustration to work with prints and graphic design :(?

I get this question a lot. Every time someone asks me this, I always share how pen and paper frustrate me, that I don’t keep a sketch pad with me, and I can’t draw to save my life, because it saddens me when people already get discouraged to pursue art and design just because they think they don’t know how to draw. It’s understandable that people always assume that art and graphic design depend on your ability to draw but that’s not entirely the case. If you have a great eye in design, everything else will follow through. Like there are artists who can’t draw human anatomy so they draw caricature. Some can’t draw realistic objects, so they strip off the realism and do flat design. It’s just a matter of finding your own weakness and turning that weakness into your own design weapon. 

So to answer your question, no. I don’t think you need to be good at drawing to do print and design work.

okay but listen to me for a sec okay? we all know about those lame ass movies making fun of another movie or tv-show or something and i was thinking how about we do that with harry potter but we get some awesome writers, fantastic directors and super great graphic designers to make it? and like to make really fun of it we also get really awesome actors and actresses and like the most hilarious part would be that harry and draco were together and basically they’re the only characters in the movie because the movie is actually about them, and they’re characterized perfectly and they have a lot of sex?

i mea that would be a pretty great spoof movie right??????????

I had a new client meeting today with my boss and the client interviewed me and wanted to know about my skills, and showed my art portfolio. I felt a complete failure when the client said that I’m not exactly what they were hoping to get, as they have different kind of need for an assistant. 

I went home and later my boss dropped me a call. She said that she had had 2 options for the client; me and another one of our team. The client had already made their mind that they want the other team member and agreed meeting me only because my boss had already arranged the meeting. But after they met me and heard how super versatile I am they absolutely wanted me in!

“I know they will take you in!” my boss said happily. “They wanted to have a general assistant and for that they can have our other team member. However you made such a great impression with all your communication and visual skills they started to think that they would want you there to produce writing and visual material for their needs”.

So, instead of just assisting or be dropped out as unneeded, it seems I can create and get myself a new client just by being who I am! How wonderful. I was so very happy! I always think I’m not that versatile or skilled, I mean, anyone can write and draw and spreading them to other fields like social media or graphic designs isn’t such a big deal. But apparently it really is!

If you are young and thinking your fanfics, edits, theme creating, comics or fanart won’t help you in the “adults’” world or in the job markets, you are absolutely wrong! 

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Hi Victoria! I just found your tumblr blog today but I've been a fan for a while. I'm a graphic designer who enjoys illustration. I really love the visual development and would like to know how should I go about it as a graphic designer. What should I learn in order to start visual development? Thank you for your time. Smiles-Lala

Hey There! Great question! I would say start by creating your own project, pretend you ARE a visual development artist and develop a story with characters and environments. Try to start thinking like a designer would. Your first might not be portfolio ready, but it’s a great way to get into the mindset and figure out what skills you need to improve upon!