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Proud Mama -Auston Matthews

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A/N: So this is one I’d been playing with for a few weeks prior to starting to write, this is about a teen pregnancy, I hope you guys like it! 

When you had started dating Auston nearly eight months ago, you had no idea that it would end up as seriously as it had. Most of your relationships hadn’t lasted longer than a month due to one factor you had managed to keep hidden from Auston for most of your relationship, you were nineteen years old… and you were a mom. A mom to a two year old little girl. Seeing as how you were now invested in Auston and him in you, you decided you needed to tell him about your little girl, Kierstin.

Kierstin’s father had left shortly after you discovered you were pregnant and you hadn’t heard from him since then which you could kind of understand. You were still kids when you found out you were pregnant with her and he had his whole life ahead of him. You didn’t hold it against him by any means, some people weren’t ready to grow up as fast as you did and you understood that now.

“Auston, would you stop pacing so I can talk to you?” You pleaded, watching as he walked back and forth in front of you, muttering to himself.

“Are you cheating on me? Are you breaking up with me?” He asked, turning to look at you as he continued to move, trying to figure out what on Earth you had to tell him.

You tried to get him to sit down and stop muttering, but he kept going, going off on a rant about how if you were breaking up with him that you guys could work it out and you didn’t need to. It almost broke your heart to see him so worked up over something that wasn’t even going to happen.

“Auston! I have a kid!” You finally blurted, watching as his movement stopped.

“You… You what?” He asked, completely dumbfounded, he had been planning on a break up or a confession of disloyalty, not that you had a child.

You gently guided him back to the couch and went on to explain how you had a two year old daughter named Kierstin from a teen pregnancy back in high school, also bringing up the idea that you wanted him to meet her at his next game to which he hesitantly agreed.

So here you were, one week later, walking into ACC with your two year old in hand, her blonde hair in two pigtails, proudly showing off the small Matthews jersey she was sporting. You picked her up once you got inside, adjusting your bag as you showed the worker your tickets. Auston had been nice enough to get you guys seats right up front, wanting to make sure that your little girl’s first hockey experience was a memorable one.

You found your seats quickly and stood by the glass, letting Kierstin look out onto the ice as you explained what was going to go on there in a few minutes. Soon enough both teams were skating out for a warm up and you smiled as you found Auston on the ice, standing beside Mitch and Matt across the ice from you two.

“See that one, thirty four, That’s mommy’s boyfriend.” You said softly, pointing to him as he waved to you and Kierstin, causing her to squeal in excitement and wave back.

You two sat and watched the game together, her on your lap to help her see, while you explained what was going on, covering up her eyes whenever someone got slammed into the glass in front of you, even though you could feel her jump occasionally at the noise. She even cheered with you when Auston scored, her little scream and laugh echoing in your ears making you smile widely.

Soon enough the game ended with a win and you picked her up as she rested her head on your shoulder, drained from all the excitement from the game. You made your way down towards the locker room, flashing security the passes that Auston had given you before the game. You paused outside the locker room to set Kierstin down and knock, making sure everyone was decent before you poked your head in, leading the small toddler in. You instantly felt her shy into your leg as all eyes turned to you two and you crouched down to her level, smiling gently at her as you squeezed her hands.

“It’s okay baby, these are just some of mommy’s friends, okay?” You reassured her, looking up to find Auston standing a few feet away, watching you to apprehensively.

You waved him over and stayed down at Kierstin’s level, knowing that she would be more comfortable there rather than having you two look down at her, especially considering how tall Auston was.

“Kierstin, this is Auston. Auston, this is Kierstin.” You introduced the two, glancing between them anxiously waiting for them to do something.

“Hi, your mommy has told me lots about you.” Auston spoke gently and you watched Kierstin look at you before a wide smile broke out on her face.

“I like your jersey, it matches mine.” He said, pointing back to his stall where his own 34 jersey hung and you were partially sure that he had done that so he had something to talk about with the small girl.

“It matches mommy’s too!” She smiled proudly and you nodded. “That’s right baby, just like mommy’s.”

You sat with her and Auston for a few more minutes before Kierstin let Auston take her around the room, showing her different things and introducing her to the other teammates. The very sight of them together made tears prick your eyes, smiling and nodding as Auston turned back to look at you.

Soon enough Kierstin was dozing off in his arms and you carefully took her from him, waiting outside for him to finish changing before the both of you walked out to your car where you buckled her in, carefully shutting the door so as not to wake her.

“She’s a cutie.” Auston admitted, glancing at her through the window as you two stood outside  your car and you smiled at him.

“Thank you for meeting her, she was very excited.” You chuckled softly.

“You don’t have to thank me, she’s a part of your life, it’s only fair for me to get to know her, seeing as how I don’t plan on going anywhere for a while?” He questioned, as if there was a possibility of you breaking up with him.

“Seeing how she acted with you tonight…You’re stuck with both of us for a while.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his lips before you climbed inside your car.

The whole way home the only thing you could think about was how well Auston had handled it and how quickly the two most important people in your life had gotten along. Once you got home you moved Kierstin to her bed, carefully changing her before tucking her in. When you fell back onto your own bed you pulled out your phone, noticing you had a notification from Auston’s instagram.

Curious, you opened it up to reveal a picture of him and Kierstin, which you assumed Mitch must have taken during their little tour of the locker room, with the caption

“Had the chance to spend some time with this cutie tonight, couldn’t be prouder to call her and her mama mine.”  

You felt the tears once more fill your eyes as you liked the picture, letting your eyes drift shut at the thought of one little family.

baby howlett|| old man logan

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I’m going to try and get two of these out today because due to me being in work twice this week, I haven’t had availability to write. I hope to post at least three today, so I hope you all enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Since Laura is already a handful, when the reader discovers she’s pregnant she panics and keeps it a secret from Logan. When she begins to show and has incredibly odd food cravings, Laura finds her pregnancy test and decides to tell her father instead. 

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Baby I’m Helpless (Daveed x Reader)

Request: can i get a daveed one where the reader plays one of the leading ladies in hamilton and it shows how daveed and her start dating then finally get married. when the reader gets pregnant she finds a cool way to reveal it to daveed and the cast but it’s while they are performing. thank ya!! :)

TW: Swearing, Pregnancy?

Tags: @cinnalin-roll @elisethepensivewriter


You nervously twist your wedding band, while you sit in the bathroom, waiting for this little stick to determine your future. “Oh God,” you gasp and cover your mouth. The two little white lines staring back at you tell you everything you need to know. You’re pregnant. You are going to be a mom. And Daveed. Oh God, Daveed. What was he going think? The two of you had always talked about kids, but what if he didn’t actually want kids.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts when Renee knocks on the door. “(Y/N), you’ve been in there for thirty minutes. Are you okay?” You quickly wash your hands and walk out of the bathroom, test in hand. “Help.” You show her the stick, causing her to squeal. “When did you find out?”

“Thirty minutes ago?”

She smiles and hugs you. “Did you tell him?”

“No. I literally just found out.”

“I have an idea!” She exclaims, leading you into the Schuyler Sisters’ dressing room. “Put on Pip’s dress. I’ll try to get Lin on board with this. We still have time to rehearse for this.” She doesn’t give you time to ask any questions before leaving the room to find Lin.

You sigh and change into the blue dress, rather than your yellow one. Not even ten minutes later, she comes back. “We’re switching roles for the show! I told Lin to have the guys trade roles. Daveed is going to be Hamilton.”

You give her a quizzical look. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“You’ll be singing ‘That Would Be Enough’. For your husband,” she explains.

You smile and hug her. “You are a genius.”


You take a deep breath before ‘Helpless’ starts. Smiling, you twirl around remembering when you met Daveed.

You stare at your laptop, trying to finish your English essay. You look up and take a sip of your coffee.

“Excuse me,” a deep voice starts, “can I sit here?”

You move some of your papers out of the way. “Yeah. I should probably get going anyway.” You close your laptop and grab your binder.

“Do you need some help?” the man asks.

You smile. “I don’t want to bother you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let me help.”

You take a seat next to him and pull up your essay. “Thank you.”

“Really, it’s no problem. Let me see what you have.”

You watch him read over your work. You watch as his eyes scan over the words, gently biting his lip.

“I’m helpless.”

You smile as Pippa starts singing “Satisfied”, leaning into Daveed’s chest, you’re suddenly flooded with memories of your wedding.

Daveed leads you into the middle of the floor for your first dance. You rest your head on his chest while he guides you. “I love you. I love you so fucking much.”

You smile and kiss his cheek. “Not nearly as much as I love you.”

He shakes his head slightly. “Whatever you say, Mrs. Diggs.”

You chuckle. “God, I love that.”

Once the song ends, you make your way back into the crowd and talk to his family. His mom immediately engulfs you in a hug. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you. And thank you so much for coming.”

She sighs. “He is incredibly lucky.”

You stand next to her and watch Daveed talk to your parents. “If anything, I’m the lucky one.”

She rubs your back. “You two really seem to love each other.”

“We do. We really do.”

You leave the stage as the opening notes of the next song start playing, giving Renee a hug as soon as you see her. “Thank you!”

She grins. “I’m really enjoying this.”


You slowly walk over to Daveed.

“How long have you known?”

“Not long ago.” You place his hands on your stomach.

He continues singing, not processing that you changed the lyric.

“But you deserve the chance to meet your son.” Your eyes meet his, and he suddenly seems to understand what you mean, pulling you closer to him.

As soon the song stops, he turns to you. “You’re pregnant?”

You take a deep breath. “Yeah.”

His smile widens, and he kisses your forehead.


The two of you are inseparable during intermission. After the show, the cast congratulates the two of you. Almost everyone knew what was going on because Lin can’t keep a secret.

Once you get back to your apartment, Daveed kisses you. “We’re going to be parents.”

You smile. “Yeah, yeah we are.”

“You’re going to be the best mom.”

“Only because you’re going to be the best dad.”

Get out!

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Genevieve, Jensen
Word count : 1,485
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 14 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Jared stood there staring at you, his heart sinking into the pit of his stomach. “Wh-what?”

“I’m pregnant.” You sounded annoyed.

“Oh…” His eyes drifted down to your stomach. You could see uncertainty there, and…

You groaned. “It’s yours, you fucking asshole.”

You smacked him in the chest, and made to leave, but he grabbed your wrist and his eyes shot back up. “Wait, what!? But we- It was-”

“I haven’t been with anyone else since I moved back.” You shrugged pulling from his grasp. “I haven’t even dated since coming back.”

“Why?” Now he looked confused.

“You know why.” You answered softly. When he continued to look confused, you rolled your eyes. “Because, I was madly in love with this guy? He’s tall, kind of an idiot at times, married though. But I ignored everything that told me to stay away because he’s the father of my kid?” You glanced down at your stomach. “Kids?”

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lite smut, fluff

it was cold outside so, you had the heat booming and episodes of your favorite tv show rolling. your little sister, yenan cuddled up by your side with the hugest grin on her face.

“is he here?! is that him!?” she jumped up in excitement at the sound of a car door.

you shrugged. “it could be him, im not sure.”

sometimes, you thought that your little sister was more in love with dean than you were. she’s basically his #1 fangirl. she knows all of his songs which is super shocking since his songs are in korean and she only speaks english.

lucky for her, she’s been backstage at a few of his performances with you. it’s so cute when they see each other, she buries herself in his clothes, does a little handshake that they made up with him and then she’d sit on his lap and play with his hair until you got noticeably jealous.

you were definitely the jealous type when it came to dean. he was yours and only yours but sometimes, even your sister seemed to get in the way. it was whatever though.

“dean!” yenan screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran to open the knocking door.

“yenan-ah!” dean picked her up by her under arms and swung her around.

feeling a little jealous at how they acted towards each other, you cleared your throat. “hey dean.”

his eyes switched over to yours. ‘damn.’ he thought to himself. your eyes were intimidating him. he knew he fucked up, giving all of his attention to yenan instead of you.

“hey jagiya.” he sat down beside you, pecked your lips and pulled you into a quick hug.

immediately, you recognized that smell that you loved. his cologne was titled ‘bad boy’ but it smelled sweet and innocent, kind of like candy. that was the smell you craved. you craved it so much and at the moment, you couldn’t do anything about it.

“did you miss me?” he nudged you.

“i missed you dean!” you rolled your eyes at your attention seeking little sister.

“shut up yenan.” you pulled her scrunchie out of her hair, causing her curls to fall all over her face.

“yah y/n why you do that?!” she ran away, probably to her room to fix her hair.

“somebody’s jealous.” dean teased you.

you rolled your eyes and masked your smile. he was right, you were jealous. as soon as he came through your door, he was supposed to be all over you, not yenan. it was time to play a little hard to get.

“yupp.” you said as plain as you could.

“yahh don’t act like that. what did i do?” he asked.

you shifted to your side and focused back on the television. you squeezed in a few fake laughs as the minutes past until he realized what you were doing.

“dean! i’m leaving, mommies here bye!” yenan came running back into the living room with her backpack on and stuffed animal in her arms.

“bye my caramel princess. and tell eomma i said hey.” he kissed the top of her head and let her go after saying her goodbyes to you.

as soon as the door shut and the two of you were alone, dean got closer to you and whispered in your ear, “what’s up with you?”.

you bit down on your lip hoping that he didn’t hear the slight moan that escaped your lips. but, he did. you hated when he could control you. when he would make you moan, it meant that you were basically under his control. he knew that most things he did could turn you on. like, just the sound of his voice, his presence or his soft touch.

“nothing.” you responded.

“oh, really? so why didn’t you talk to me for ten fucking minutes?” he placed his index finger on your chin and turned your face to face his.

“because, i was jealous.” you spat out.

he smirked, looked down and back at you. that look fucking killed. every single inch of his face was carved perfectly. his eyebrows gave a mischievous look to his face along with his high cheekbones and tanned skin. he looked like a playboy.

“you were jealous of your nine year old sister? baby if attention is what you want i’ll give it to you.” he kissed your lips.

his lips fit perfectly with yours. although yours were a bit more thicker than his, it still felt satisfyingly equal.

“i want something else..” you decided to make the real first move.

you reached for his pants zipper bit he stopped you. confused as to why he did let you proceed, you looked at him. “what?”

“you wanna do it on the couch? or in bed?” he asked, not even caring about your answer since he most definitely wanted to do it in bed.

ignoring your answer, he picked you up in one swift and carried you to your bedroom. he leaned into you which made you fall backwards onto the bed.

as he left soft wet kisses on your neck, you ruffled his hair around with your fingers. you learned that that fueled him up. it made his performance ten times better than it could’ve been if you didn’t play around in his hair.

“hyuk..” you titled your head back. you were so busy thinking about how good he was that you didn’t realize that he had already peeled your underwear off.


sooner than later, your room filled up with a mix of moans and groans from both you and hyuk. sex with him was amazing. he was gentle but rough at the same time. he would tell you how beautiful your skin and hair is while pounding the shit out of you and you liked it. scratch that, you loved it.

“babygirl look at me while i fuck you.” he grunted as he held your leg up on his shoulder.

the amount of pleasure that you got from this position was unbearable, so instead of trying to escape it, you closed your eyes and bit down on your lip. he hated when you closed your eyes while he fucked you so he would anyways tell you to open them and look at him.

you fought everything that you had in you to keep them fixed on his, staring back at him through your thick lashes gave him such a drive.

“don’t ever ignore me again..” he ordered you.

“yes… i won’t ignore you” you sat up on your shoulders to watch him stroke into;out of you.

suddenly, he sped up his pace. most likely because he was near. realizing the stiffening in your legs, you too were near. “say my name y/n.”

“hyuk…hyuk…hyuk…hyuk..!” you moaned aloud.

he slowed down as his strokes became a sloppy mess. he fell on the side of you after you came together. you rolled over into his chest and kissed the chisel of his jaw.

“you’re not on the pill anymore are you? i haven’t…you know for awhile.” hyuk asked, getting rid of the comfortable silence.

you thought of the last time you even took the pill. you damn sure couldn’t remember. “ahh no.”

“i can’t believe im having a blasian kid.” he lightly chuckled.

your eyes widened out of shock at what your boyfriend had just said. hearing that made you the happiest girl on earth. this meant that, he wasn’t going to care about what his parents would think when he tells them the unconfirmed news. it meant that he wasn’t scared. it meant that you were possibly going to have your own little family with the man you loved.

“go get a test.” you sat up with the sheets thrown over your shoulders.

it had been a long time since you saw hyuk move as fast as he did to put on his clothes and head out the door. he was so excited that he forgot all about a shower.

what if you were pregnant? how would your mom react to it? she would probably think that you’re too young and that it’s too early to start having kids when you just graduated from college. the thought of her reaction made you feel a bit worried so you prayed that it would be a good one. that is, if you were pregnant.

you got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower.


“is it finished yet?” hyuk yelled from the living room.

you checked the clock on your phone and the five minutes that you had to wait were up. slowly, you turned the test over and indeed, you were pregnant.

trying to not be obvious at all, you covered the smile that formed on your lips with your resting bitch face. you walked into the living area and sat beside hyuk, handing him the test after telling him to close his eyes.

“okay, 1, 2, 3 open them.”

he quickly opened them and looked down at the small test in his hands. with just his mouth in the shape of an o, and his watery eyes, you could tell that this was indeed a very special moment for him.

“im gonna…be a…father.” he said in english.

you pecked his cheek and leaned into him. he wrapped his arms around you and lightly sobbed until he remembered that he was man and sucked it up.

“we should tell our parents.” he coughed to cover up the fact that he was just crying.

you giggled. “you’re really gonna pretend like you weren’t just crying?”

“baby i wasn’t, i’m a man.” he pouted.

“whatever you say hyuk.” you picked up your phone and dialed your mom’s number.

“hello?” she answered on the second ring.

“yea eomma, i have some news. are you listening?” you took in a deep breath.

dean noticed your nervous state, so he intertwined his fingers with yours to reassure that everything would be fine.

“yeah go ahead.” she responded.

“well, i’ve took a pregnancy test. and it says that im pregnant.” you smiled a little at the fact that you could say that now.

“you’re what?!” she sounded happy.


“i heard! wait until i tell yenan! i just can’t believe it my baby’s pregnant i gotta tell everyone child im-… where’s dean?” you didn’t know this, but she was jumping around in her place of work.

everyone’s eyes were on her with the thought, ‘what the hell’s gotten into her?’

“right here eomma!” he spoke into the phone.

“congratulations.. i’ve got to go.” she finally calmed down same caught her breath.

“ok mom we’ll talk later.” you hung up the phone and looked over at dean who was dialing his parents number.

“hello eomma? is appa there with you? i have important news.” he softly spoke into the phone.

he put it on speaker, so that you could hear. “yes he’s here, what is it?”

“y/n is pregnant.” he bit down on his lip, hoping for a good reaction.

“what? you’re not married to her hyuk! what if she’s using you for-”

“she’s not, i will marry her. i love her and she loves me. just because she’s foreign it doesn’t mean that she’s different. you have to trust me eomma.” his eyes shifted over to you, he was shocked that you kept a smile on your face.

“i see..” she sighed.

“we’ll support you hyuk. we’ll support the both of you and congratulations to you and y/n. i can’t wait to see my grandchild.” his father spoke into the phone with his soothing and reassuring voice.

“thanks appa. we’ll talk later.” hyuk hung up the phone and tossed it to the side.

“you good?” he asked you, lightly tugging on one of your curls.

you nodded. his mother liked you, and you could see where she was coming from. that was her culture so you couldn’t really be upset with it. hopefully, she’ll be more accepting of the fact that you’re going to be carrying her son’s child. hopefully.

“i put a baby in you..” he poked your stomach. “that’s so sexy.”

you giggled at his stupidness and straddled him, unexpectedly. “promise me we’ll be alright.”

“y/n i promise you we’ll be alright. fuck what a hater gotta say. you’re mine and i’m yours. we’re together until the end.”


lite smut cause, i didn’t want to go into detail with that stuff yet. i hope that you still like it.

keep requests coming cause i love getting requests 💗

the-wandering-vagina-deactivate  asked:

My cat insists on a few licks of milk everyday. My mom gives it to her from her cereal. How bad is that really? She's also a billion years old so she pretty much get what's she wants and she doesn't really take no for an answer...

For your cat, it’s fine. For your mother, that’s how you get brain parasites. 

I know people are really casual about toxoplasmosis unless they’re pregnant but my brain still starts screaming about biosafety. Just… just tell your mom to let her lick the milk once she’s done eating, not while she’s eating the cereal, okay? Cats are lactose intolerant but a lick or two isn’t going to be a big deal. 

Two's Company - Stiles Stilinski - Part 2

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Reader.

Part 1

Originally posted by inderlander

You were having trouble coming to terms with your pregnancy. You slept at Stiles’ every night and you cried yourself to sleep. It was tough to say the least. At this point you thought you were 24 weeks. You hadn’t said anything, you hadn’t talked to Stiles about it any further, you hadn’t even gone to the doctor, you’d figured your own due date.

You opened Stiles’ closet and sighed. You were even starting to grow out of his clothes. “Babe..let me take you shopping for maternity clothes…please?” Stiles placed his hands on your hips and you laid your head on his chest.

“I want to tell your dad.” You mutter.

“He’s at the station. Let’s go.” Stiles said nonchalantly.

“What? I thought you’d say no.” You back away.

“Nah, he needs to know.” He holds his hand out and laces his fingers with yours. “Let’s go.”

You both walk into the station and head straight for the sheriff’s office. Stiles knocks on the door and the two of you walk in.

“Hey, you two. I was just about to call and see what you wanted for dinner.” He smiles.

You both sit down and look at him. “Dad, we need to talk to you.” Stiles looks at his hands.

“Is everything okay?” Noah looks to you.

“No? I mean yes..but no.” You say quickly.

He chuckles. “You and Stiles are quite the pair.”

Stiles sits up. “We may have gotten ourselves into a situation…which led to many other situations that put us in the situation we’re in now…” He mumbles.

Your boyfriend’s father looks at you. “Translate?”

“I’m pregnant.” You blurt out.

He chuckles. “I know. I just wondered when you’d tell me.”

Stiles squints at his father. “How?”

“Obviously you’re growing quickly, plus you both have been pretty quiet lately which isn’t normal…you kinda live with us too..not that I mind. It’s just obvious.” He shrugs. “Your mom was the same way with me. When she was pregnant we were attached at the hip.” He smiles at you.

“You’re okay with this?” You say surprised.

“No..but I know I’ve raised my son well and he’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of you. I know you two are responsible.” He nods at Stiles. “Have you been to the doctor?” He asks and you shake your head.

“I don’t want people to judge me…” You say quietly.

“Make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.”

The three of you stand and hugs are exchanged.

“I’ll see you at home. Chinese okay?”

“More than okay.” You and Stiles say in unison. You intertwine hands and leave.

You get in the Jeep and look at Stiles. “That was easy.” Stiles laughs.

“ was.” You smile. “I guess I should make an appointment.”

You pick up your phone and dial your gynecologist. Luckily they have a spot open in thirty minutes. You tell Stiles and you head to the doctor. You go inside and wait for them to call you back. You look around at all of the other women, most of them pregnant.

You look up at Stiles and smile. He looks way out of his league. You get called back and you get set up on a bed.

The nurse gives you an ultrasound and she gathers your information. She leaves the room and Stiles looks at you. “Why didn’t she tell us anything?”

“Nurses aren’t allowed to tell genders or anything. Doctors do that.” You smile. He nods in understanding as the doctor walks in. She introduces herself to Stiles and begins the second ultrasound. “ looks like you’re having a boy.” You smile at Stiles. He’d guessed that in the waiting room. “Oh! Two boys.” She smiles at you.

“Wait..two?” You look at her wide-eyed and she nods.

You hear a loud thump and when you look over Stiles is on the floor. He fainted. You roll your eyes and look at the doctor. “Two…for sure?” She nods and you groan. One was overwhelming but two?“

“I’ll go get the pictures and I’ll let you two talk.” She leaves the room. You swing your leg over the table and kick Stiles. He groans and stands up. “Two boys.” He looks at you like he might pass out again.

“I just turned 18 and I’m going to have two sons.” He covers his eyes with his hands.

You scoff. “You’re worried about you? Stiles I’m 16 and having two sons. I’m not even a senior yet.”

He turns to face you and takes your hand. “You’re right..I’m sorry.” He kisses your forehead. “We definitely need to talk to my dad…wow. Twins.”

He sits in the chair beside you. He zones out when the doctor comes back in.

“Well, Y/N, you’re about 26 weeks. Here are your ultrasound pictures.”

She hands you pictures of your babies. You look at them and suddenly nothing else matters. A flip has switched in you. You smile softly as you look at the two babies nestled next to each other. You are no longer a teenager. You’re a parent. All it took was a doctor’s appointment.

You schedule an appointment for a check up before leaving. You get in the car with Stiles and you hand him the pictures. You see the same emotions flash through his eyes that went through your head. You see his demeanor change and you know these babies were not an accident.

“It’s so much different seeing it as a picture instead of on a screen.” He says in amazement. He places a hand on your belly. “Hey little dudes. It’s your daddy.” You watch him as he rubs your stomach and you smile.

Stiles Stilinski is the love of your life and the father of your children.

You invited everyone over to update them on the pregnancy. “So, do you have pictures of the ultrasound?” Lydia asks.

You nod. “You can’t see them yet.”

She groans. “I want to see the little Stilinskis.” She pats your bump. You laugh and follow her into the living room. You sit beside Stiles and he wraps an arm around you.

You’d been a bit sick after coming home from the doctor. It was normal, nausea and a headache.

He kisses your forehead. “How are you, baby girl?” You melt at his pet name.

“Much better.” You peck him on the lips and lay your head on his shoulder.

“So..we’re having a boy.” Stiles grins as everyone claps with excitement. “There’s more..we’re having two boys! Talk about good sperm, huh babe?” He nudges you and you move away from him.

“You’re such a boy.” You smack his arm.

“Can we see the ultrasound pictures?” Lydia asks and you hand them to her. Everyone crowds around her and looks.

Scott walks over and sits beside Stiles. You hear the two of them talk but you’re distracted by your thoughts. You think about your future, how you and Stiles will provide for your babies. You wonder how many jobs the two of you will have to work while maintaining good grades in school.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts by a sudden movement. “Oh my god, babe! Babe, the babies are kicking!” You smile at him and he whips his head towards you. He immediately places both hands on your stomach. He gets up and squats in front of you. He puts his head on your stomach and whispers. “Hi, it’s your dad here.” You smile at your dork of a boyfriend. “You both are going to be so spoiled and so loved.” He rubs circles on your belly. “You’re lucky to have the mommy you do, too. Now, if you could kindly stop kicking her that’d be great.”

“Stiles don’t smart off to our babies.” You laugh.

“I’m just getting them used to it.” He grins up at you. “Our babies have to have a sense of humor, right?”

“Are you upset with me?” You asked Happy as you walked into the kitchen.
The only light on in the kitchen was the light above the sink. He was sitting at the table with only a pair of shorts on. Wearing a expression you couldn’t read. Looking up at you like he was seeing you for the first time.
“I’m not upset at you.”
“You haven’t said anything since I told your mom I was having a baby.”
“Why didn’t you tell me first?”
Walking over to him.
“I had planned on telling you tonight. I swear Happy. While we were making dinner I got dizzy and feeling sick. She made a comment that was how she felt when she was pregnant with you and without thinking I go I hope this doesn’t last the whole pregnancy.” You said feeling your eyes fell with tears.
“Come here babe.” He said calling you over to him.
You had moved in with Happy but that was as far as you two had taken the relationship.
“We are having a baby.” You said to him
This wasn’t the way you wanted to share the news.
“We are.” He said giving you a kiss.
“I’m seriously sorry I didn’t tell you first.” You said playing with one of his tattoos.
“Mom was very happy. I walk in and see her crying and the first thing I do is get defensive. You made my mom very happy Y/N. Shes wanted a grandchild for a long time and I’m glad we can give her one.”
This time you had happy tears.
“I love you Happy.”
“I love you too.” He said placing his hand on your stomach.
“Our little family.” You said kissing him.

anonymous asked:

'Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?' With Warren x Alex x Reader? I love the dynamic

i do too, and that’s why i love writing for my favorite boys! <3

warren + alex + “why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash”

You’re not stupid. Having a pretty active sex life with two men calls for all sorts of contraceptives. You had yet to get around to getting an IUD, so for the entirety of your relationship, you’ve been on the pill.

Again, you’re not stupid. You’re just stupid for forgetting to take it.

So that’s how you ended up in your current predicament: sitting on the toilet, knee bouncing up and down out of nerves. Your eyes are glued to the stick, running your free hand through your hair anxiously.

“How much fucking longer?” You whisper to yourself, standing up from the toilet. You rest your hands on the edge of the sink, and take a look at yourself in the mirror.

If you are pregnant, what the fuck will you do?! You’re far from being ready to becoming a parent. How would you break it to the boys that you’re pregnant? How the fuck-

You’re ripped from your thoughts as the timer on your phone goes off, and you take a deep breath before looking at the results on the test. And much to your relief, there’s only a single red line, indicating that you’re not pregnant.

You literally let out a breathy laugh, fully processing the fact that no, you’re not pregnant, and you won’t have to deal with nine months of hell and a screaming baby. You grin at yourself stupidly in the mirror, mindlessly tossing the test in the trash can. A stressful day like this, calls for lunch at your favorite café down the street. The boys should be home before you, they can fix up a sandwich of their own.

When Alex and Warren get home from the Mansion, they’re gross and sweaty from training the recruits. Alex says he’ll make them a snack, and Warren will shower first.

As Warren’s stripping off his clothes, his wings accidentally knock the soap by the sink into the trash. Sighing, he leans down in the trash to pick it up. When he grabs it, the little white stick catches his eye - and there’s no denying that it’s exactly what he thinks it is.

“Alex?” Warren calls out to the other room, peering down at the pregnancy test. “Why is there a pregnancy test in the garbage?”

You decided to stop off at the pharmacy to get a refill of your birth control and some condoms, because honestly? The pregnancy scare is enough to make you want to remain celibate for the next year.

As you unlock the door, you’re humming happily to yourself as you walk through the door. The boy’s shoes are on the rug, and you call out their names.

“Alex, Warren, I’m home!” You announce, toeing off your shoes. As you set the groceries on the kitchen counter, you freeze when you see Alex and Warren anxiously sitting at the table.

“What’s up, guys? Bad day at the Mansion?” You ask, walking towards to where they’re sitting. You wrap your arms around Alex’s shoulders and drop a kiss on his head.

Alex just sighs and turns around.

“Baby- how come you didn’t tell us-” He begins, struggling to find the words. “How come you didn’t tell us you thought you were pregnant?”

You unlatch yourself from Alex and feel your heartbeat pickup out of the confrontation. Warren stands, and moves to rub your arms out of comfort.

“I just- I just didn’t want to freak you guys out or anything,” You begin, as Alex joins the two of you. “I was just feeling sick in the mornings and- fuck, I don’t know, I just- I’m just not ready to be a Mom. I was going to tell you guys later.”

Warren just smiles softly and brings you in for a hug, dropping a kiss to your temple. Alex joins in too, ducking down to kiss your cheek.

“That’s understandable, baby girl,” Warren assures you, pulling back so that you’ll look at him. “And if I’m being honest, I’m not too sure I’m ready to be a dad yet.”

“Same goes here,” Alex adds, causing you all to chuckle. “I’m not ready at all.”

You lean up on your tippy toes to kiss them both, and you say,

“Thanks for understanding, guys. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys sooner.”

“It’s alright, baby, just know that we want to be here for you if this ever happens again, okay?” Alex reassures, kissing you one more time. “Now, I made a bunch of sandwiches. So how about we call it a day and watch some TV?”

You chuckle and agree, and as you walk into the living room with your plate, you hear Warren announce,

“I didn’t even know Costco sells bulk packs of condoms!”

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Bulletpoint of y/n visiting shawn on tour and telling him your pregnant and how he would react and maybe you two are married and have been trying

  • He wouldn’t believe you at first
  • Because you had been trying for a while
  • He thought you were playing a cruel joke, getting his hopes up
  • “Shawn, I’m dead serious.”
  • “You’re serious, you’re pregnant?”
  • “Yes.”
  • He would start crying
  • He’d pull you into his arms
  • And kiss you
  • “You’re going to be a mom, we’re going to be parents!” 
  • Then he would start touching your nonexistent baby bump
  • And start talking to your baby
  • He would want to tell everyone immediately
  • But you’d have to remind him that you’re only in your first trimester
  • And you need to tell your families before you tell anyone else
  • You’d make plans on how you were going to tell your families
  • And he’d keep looking at your belly
  • And touching it
  • Even when his crew members and band are around
  • “Shawn, stop, people are going to know somethings up.”
  • Him whispering back, “Something is up. We made a baby!” 
☆Pregnancy Series☆ Jimin


How you tell him/happens:

Jimin already knew you were pregnant.

A few weeks ago, you two had thought about being parents, but you were both frightened by his work and by being new to this experience. So while Jimin asked Yoongi for advice, you asked Namjoon. After discussing everything, Jimin and you decided that you were prepared. 
The night your future baby was going to be conceived, Jimin was totally nervous, it seemed that you had returned to years ago, the first time. 

“Jimin…are you okay?” You covered your body in shame, not really knowing why Jimin acted that way. His eyes were numbly lost, and he kept them from making contact with your eyes. On his cheeks, you could see how a reddish tone decided to come out. “If you want…ah…we can wait more?" 

Didn’t Jimin want to have a child with you after all?

"No!” Your husband finally looked at you. Jimin let a sigh out of his mouth. “I feel shy.” His face was picking a more reddish color.

You laughed. “Yeobo, this isn’t the first time we’ve done this.” Jimin sat on the bed and you kissed his lips slowly. “Everything is alright.”

Jimin started to laugh uncontrollably. “Oh baby, I feel so shy.” His giggles occupied the whole room. You stopped him with a kiss, and Jimin didn’t seem to be embarrassed anymore.

And 3 weeks later you were pregnant. When you told your husband, he kept smiling broadly, showing off his beautiful but slightly crooked teeth. His eyes closed at the action of smiling, probably he couldn’t see anything.
Jimin didn’t hesitate for a second to hold you tightly and tell you how he loved you, and how wonderful your future child would be.

Jimin couldn’t help telling everyone he knew that you were pregnant.

“Mom, I’m going to be a dad! Yes! I’m so excited!”
“Hyungs, is the speaker on? Are you all? I’m going to be a father!!!”

When he knows the gender (3 months of pregnancy):

Hoseok held the camera in his hands, recording Jimin who was entering through the door of your house, completely confused. His hair was wet because of the intense dance session he had have with Jungkook. The maknae, who was behind Jimin, smiled at the camera, leaving his backpack on the floor and knowing what to do.
Jimin looked into the living room to see that all the members of Bangtan were there. “Oh, what are you all doing here?”

“They’ve come for a drink and sweets.” You smiled. You tried to stay calm but it was almost impossible, your big smile about to betray you.

“I’m going to take a quick shower and I will come back.” He walked to the stairs when Namjoon rose quickly from the couch and shouted no. Jimin confused with everyone’s attitude sat in the living room, by your side, not before asking how you were and resting his hand gently on your little belly. Something that had become almost a routine.

You smiled and told him you were fine. Yoongi left a box on the table, Jimin looked at everyone confused and opened the box, seeing that there was a cake, he cut it into several pieces, serving them on a plate. When he realized that the color of the cake was pink. His head slowly turned to you. “It’s a girl?” You smiled, a tear falling from your eye while you nodded. Jimin started to get sentimental and hugged you tightly.

“Holy Shit.”

Things he does for you:

  • He would create fun distractions, so you aren’t thinking that you are fat, tired or ugly. Because you aren’t!
  • Give you body massages. 
  • Play ballad songs and read to the baby in your belly.
  • Take you out of dates, because like he says: “I need to feed our love.”
  • Help you in everything.
  • Go always with you to the hospital.
  • Go home earlier so he can take care of you.
  • Help you stay hydrated. He will fill your water bottle and put it in the car for you, and keep a glass next to the bed. 

What he enjoys about pregnancy:

  • Caressing your belly and resting his head on it, just to hear his little girl moving around. “She is going to be a ballerina. Oh! Or a football player, I don’t care! Whatever she wants!”
  • He would love going with you baby shopping! Looking at the little shoes makes his heart beat really fast. “Will I feel like this when our baby is born.”
  • Loves trying to picture how your little girl will be like.
  • Cuddling you. But like, everywhere. Back-hugs. Neck-kisses. Caressing hands.
  • Thinking of spoiling his little girl.
  • “She will be the cutest.”
  • Fights with Yoongi. “Hyung! I don’t care that SangHee got your gummy smile, my little girl will be prettier! I’m sorry SangHee! Uncle Jimin still loves you!”
  • Records every day of your pregnancy. “This is important, yeobo.”
  • Looks at your stomach and can’t help smiling, as if the mere thought of you being pregnant has actually made his day a little bit brighter.
  • The amazing anticipation.
  • Baby showers! They remind him how special your friends and family think you two are.

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The day of the birth:

Your eyes opened slowly, and you rubbed them with your right hand. You felt a pressure in the lower part of your belly, but you didn’t give it much importance, thinking that it was the arm of your husband, surrounding you to feel you close in the cold nights. When you realized it wasn’t Jimin’s arm, you decided to go to the bathroom, thinking that maybe you would want to pee.

Even if you got up slowly from the bed, Jimin lifted his head from his pillow, his eyes still closed with sleep, and his hair was disordered in all directions. “Baby, are you okay?” His voice was hoarse, and you couldn’t help but shudder.

“Yes baby, I’m just going to pee.”

“Do you need me to accompany you?” He ran his tongue over his lip, noticing his dehydrated mouth.

You laughed. “Jimin…I’m just going to pee!”

Jimin smiled, loving the sound of your laugh. “Mmmh, come back soon. The bed is cold without you.”

You smiled, your face turning reddish. You walked to the door of the bathroom in your room, when you noticed a liquid flowing down your leg. “J-Jimin!”

In seconds, Jimin was at your side. “What, what’s going on? Are you okay?” His eyes traveled over your bare legs. “Fuck…” Jimin looked at you and began to kiss your lips.

“Baby, I know you’re excited, but we should go to the hospital.”

“Oh, yeah, right, I’m going to get the car keys, and the bag!” Jimin opened the door of the house and went through it, leaving you completely confused. Jimin came back in and laughed in embarrassment. "Sorry, I’m nervous.” You laughed thinking that Jimin was going to go to the hospital without you, but the laugh was gone when the pain started to get harder.

Jimin stroked your hair with his right hand, while on his left arm he held your newborn babygirl. 

“Hi dear.” Jimin smiled. “Mom is tired, she’s been carrying you in her belly for 9 months and she had to make a big effort so we could have you with us, that’s why she’s sleeping now.” The little girl moved her right hand, trying to grab Jimin’s cheek. “Wow…you have a lot of hair.” He laughed.

 "I guess I have to introduce myself.“ He stopped stroking your hair to touch your daughter’s lips sweetly. "My name is Park Jimin. You’ll see me for many years, although you’ll probably miss me out a lot of times. It’s not because I want to be away from you, it’s because I have to work to make it go well.” He stroked her cheek. “I will try to play with you always, and I don’t care if in a few years I have to drink tea with you dressed in a pink tutu…We will do many things together, and you will be my little one even if you grow up. As I said before, my name is Park Jimin, but you can call me Appa.” A tear fell down his cheek. “Welcome to the world, Park Haneul.”

We Intertwined: Ch. 17

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 16 | AO3 | Chapter 18
Word Count: 2,451

A/N: Slight NSFW in this one, as well as some very monumental realizations. Let me know what you think!

Raine awoke the next morning feeling more rested than she had in years. In her sleep, she’d shifted onto her side, and she felt Ignis’ chest pressed up against her back. She rolled over in his grip to face him, and he mumbled something incoherent. He was still out, and his usually perfectly styled tawny hair fell onto his face.

Ignis looked so peaceful as he slept. His brow relaxed, and his lips were parted slightly to let out small, even breaths. Raine couldn’t help herself. She scooted a little closer and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, and he started to stir.

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♡Baby Surprise♡

Originally posted by myunqdae

Characters: You x Yongguk

Genre: Fluff

Length: 851 words

Summary: Yongguk happens to overhear a conversation where you asking for advice on how to tell him you are expecting.

A/N: I hope you like it anon ^^ Fun fact my brother and his girlfriend is actually expecting a child in May, so I am going to be an aunt soon (doesn’t really have anything to do with the scenario, just felt like sharing it)

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Our Child: Oak X Pregnant!Reader

Warning: a natural ‘condition/disorder/disability’ that prevents pregnancy repeatedly mentioned but never actually named and by some unexplainable miracle the reader does get pregnant even though she had never thought it was a possibility for her

Also, I don’t have much to go off of for accuracy…on literally anything…like I’ve not been around someone who is pregnant since my mom with my baby sister who is now 13 so… I’ve read a few books here and there where a character is pregnant but I don’t think that that qualifies me in the least to say I have any idea what I am talking about.

requested by anon-fluffy oak x pregnant reader where she’s like hugely pregnant and feels achy and gross?? Bonus points for baby belly kisses because I’m ready to die

I strayed a wee bit from the prompt but I hope this is okay!

Word Count: about 2,600

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Derek Grant #1 - Baby, Baby

Originally posted by vinniehinostroza

A/N - so sorry I haven’t been as active! I’m going to try to put out some more writings this weekend but I also have a whole bunch of assignments to do so… we’ll see

this is for anon: hi! could you write an imagine about Derek Grant? maybe something like you’re pregnant and it’s the baby shower? idk, whatever you’re comfortable with! xxx


“I feel like an elephant.” you groaned as you flopped down on the couch. Your husband, Derek Grant just pouted at you from where he was sitting beside you.

“Aw, honey. Can I get you anything?”

“Your baby out of my body!” Derek laughed and kissed you on the forehead.

“That bad?” he asked while stroking your hand.

“No…” you admitted, “I just really don’t know how I’m going to be able to get this huge body into a dress for the baby shower. I voted for a pajama  party when Michelle said she was going to throw me a party but apparently a summer beach theme was more instagram-worthy.” you sighed.

“They just want to be supportive.” Derek reasoned, “And it will be good for you to get out. You haven’t done anything fun with your friends since what, the end of your first trimester? And you won’t want to do anything after the lil’ munchkin comes so this will be fun.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” you resolved and leaned your head onto Derek’s shoulder, “Curse you and your not hormone-crazy thought processes.”

Derek chuckled at that before kissing you on the forehead once more, “Alright, up we get.” you groaned, “Nope, come on. We are going to go get you dressed into something that you like and I’ll even do your hair for you. Then we are going to drive to Michelle’s house because she is your best friend and did something incredibly generous for you. And then we are going to have fun because all of our friends are there and you deserve it. Ok?”

“Alright, you convinced me.” you grinned, “You are going to be awesome at this dad-thing.” Derek just smiled before hoisting you to your feet and teasing you as you muttered about how big you felt while walking.


When you walked into your best friend’s house, you had to restrain yourself from facepalming at the cheesiness of the whole party. Michelle came running when she saw you and almost crushed you in a hug.

“Alright Mickey we can take like 20% off the enthusiasm, I am carrying precious cargo.” you laughed.

“(Y/N) we have been friends since we could talk you should know by now that I never miss an opportunity to be extra. Look! I can’t tell you how long I spent on Pinterest, I just tried to make every cheesy thing possible on here.”

You laughed at your best friend’s antics and looked over your shoulder to Derek. He just shrugged and mouthed that he was going to find a couple of the boys that he convinced to come help him get through the girly party. Michelle paraded you through her living room and backyard where every inch was covered in some kind of cute decoration ranging everything from cupcakes decorated like baby rattles and balloons in the shape of pacifiers.

“Michelle,  you really didn’t have to do all this. I would’ve been more than happy to chill with all my favourite people watching a movie that is not anywhere near kid appropriate for the last time in awhile.” you tried to calm your bubbly friend.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), you know I love you but come on! It’s not everyday that I have an excuse to dust off my pinterest account and go full party-planner. As much as this is for you because you are amazing and I can’t wait to be an aunt, this is also a ridiculously cute party and I am LIVING for it.”

“I love you crazy girl.” you laughed.

“Oh I know. What’s not to love?” Michelle winked over her shoulder before pulling you behind her into the living room. “Alright everyone, let’s have some fun.” she announced while  forcing you and Derek into the loveseat facing where everyone was mingling around.

“So, originally I was all for the stereotypical baby shower activities as you probably noticed by the way my house looks like a mommy-blog threw up on it.” everyone who was listening attentively started laughing as Michelle continued on, “Well, I was also going to do baby shower party games but all of the ones I came across were either lame, boring, or just plain weird so we are not going to do any sort of measuring (Y/N)’s waist or making her try to guess baby food flavours.”

“Oh thank god.” you sighed relieved.

“Nope, we are going to do an actual fun game that isn’t demeaning to the mom-to-be. It’s like the Newlyweds Game, except these two have been married for for two years so it’s more of a newly parents game.” you and Derek exchanged glances when Michelle handed you both mini whiteboards and erasable markers before sitting on the floor with some of the party guests.

“Okay, who wants to go first?” you asked your friends.

One of your old college friends called out, “How long did you wait before telling Derek you were pregnant.”

You blushed and immediately looked at Derek but he was so confident in his answer that you felt a little bad. You quickly wrote your answer down and looked back up at your group. You and Derek turned to face each other and revealed your answers at the same time. His eyes went so wide when he saw 3 weeks on your whiteboard and you saw that he wrote ‘told me right away’. Your friends all saw this and burst into laughter. You giggled a little bit at Derek spluttering, “3-3 weeks! You knew for that long and didn’t tell me?”

“I knew before Derek did?” one of your best friends, Sydney, who is another WAG on the team laughed

“Well… I missed my period the first time and I didn’t think anything of it because that happens sometime. And then I started feeling sick right when you went on that two week road trip and I didn’t want to do it over skype so yeah, 3 weeks.” you tried to explain, “And yeah, I was trying to figure out how to tell you and I needed ideas so I asked Syd.”

“How did you end up breaking the good news to Derek?” one of his teammates asked.

“Well, I came home from said road-trip and (Y/N) was acting really awkward because she would say something completely random or like, not really following with the conversation and then giggling to herself. I later realized it was because she was trying to make horrible pregnancy puns and was way too proud of herself.” Derek rolled his eyes but there was a big grin on his face

“And then we were having dinner and (Y/N) just casually mentioned that the guest room would be great for a nursery so I just kind of agreed because one of our favourite pastimes in the early years of our relationship was talking about our dream lives so I thought we were just being nostalgic. But then (Y/N) rolled her eyes and called over the dog and when I saw something sticking out of Duke’s collar I knew right away.” Derek finished


“That’s so cute”

“You guys are disgustingly cute”

You laughed at everyone’s reactions, “I knew that Derek wasn’t going to get any subtle messages so I had about five backup plans, the final being me just dragging him to the guest room where I had laid out a tiny Grant jersey with little shoes that look like skates with a big sign that said “I’m pregnant!” and the picture of the positive test in case he thought i was joking.”

“Ah, you know me too well.” Derek was grinning at you now and placed a chaste kiss on your lips.


When you finally got home you were more waddling than walking, but still had a large smile on your face.

“How you doing honey-bun?” Derek asked.

“Back’s sore, but I’m really happy.” you smiled up at him and wrapped your arms around his torso in a hug

Derek enveloped you with his big arms and you rested your head against his chest. “Why don’t I draw us up a nice hot bath in the big tub while you get us some comfy clothes to change into after and I will give you a massage with those bath salts you like?”

“You really want to take a bath with this swollen lady?” you laughed



Next up: Sebastian Aho!

I'll Never Leave You

Requested by: Anon
Request: Spencer x Reader // #27: “I’m pregnant.”


Today was probably the worst day of your life.
You stared down at the small stick in your hands, hoping that maybe if you looked at it long enough, something would change. The two lines became blurry as tears flooded your eyes and ran down your face. This couldn’t be happening.
You and Spencer had only been seeing each other for a few months. You hadn’t even told the team about your relationship, yet. The only people who knew besides the two of you were your mothers. You weren’t ready to tell the team you were together, let alone tell them you were pregnant.
How did this even happen? You were on birth control and he had always used protection. You haven’t even talked about kids yet, and now you were supposed to be having one. You didn’t know what to do, so you called your mom to ask for some advice.
She knew something was wrong as soon as you spoke. Her tone changed from excited to worried as she asked, “(Y/N), sweetie, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?” You wanted to tell her no. You wanted to tell her that you were safe, just scared, but the only sounds that you could get out were loud sobs. You finally managed to get out “I’m pregnant.”
Your mom finally got you calmed down. She advised you to just go ahead and tell him, and make a mutual decision after discussing the situation. So, that’s what you did. You invited Spencer over for dinner and everything turned out really nice. Your nerves were bad, but not as bad as you thought they’d be (not until dinner was over and it was time to tell him, anyway).
The two of you were laying on the couch, your back pressed against the soft fabric, your head on his chest and your arm across his stomach. You let out a shaky breath, which caught his attention. He looked down at you and pushed his eyebrows together with worry, “Are you okay, babe?” He asked. You closed your eyes and sat up a bit, “Actually, I need to talk to you about something.”
You studied his body language. He tensed up a bit and his eyes began to fill with worry and fear. He slowly sat up so the two of your were facing each other on the couch. You decided to just say it - like ripping a bandaid off of a healed wound. “I’m pregnant.” Without missing a beat he asked, “When did you find out?”
You tried to avoid eye contact as you said, “This morning. If you don’t want to keep it, or me, I understand. If you don’t want to tell anyone, I understand. I have no idea how this happened, and Spencer, I’m so sorry.” You could hear your voice breaking and you couldn’t hold back the tears that began spilling from your (y/e/c) eyes.
It only took a couple of minutes before Spencer pulled you into his arms, whispering sweet things in your ear until you calmed down. “I’m not leaving you or our baby. This wasn’t planned, but I’m not upset at all. We can tell people whenever you’re ready, it’s okay, (Y/N). I love you.”
A couple weeks later, you told the team, and a week after that you told the world through social media. A few months later, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and it’s been a few years but now your family is still as happy as it was before, it’s just a little bigger now.


Hey, guys! This is absolute trash but I haven’t posted a request in so long and I know it’s frustrating. Hopefully you enjoy this!!

I love you all! 💛

End of Innocence

Characters- Dad!Jared, Mom!Gen, Reader, Jensen, Misha, Mark S

Words- 2602

Request by Anonymous- If your requests are open, can you write Dad!Jared and Mom!Gen where they find out that the reader has a boyfriend, after they finally accept him, they find out that the readers boyfriend abuses her. So protective parents kind of thing, I loved Some Wounds Don’t Heal.

Warnings- Abuse, abusive boyfriend. Protective parents(for some because of the youngsters), I think that’s it. If there’s more let me know.

A/n- Sad request, I really need to write more fluffy before I am known as the person that only writes sad stuff. I am just kidding, I will be writing fluffy stuff soon. I’m also guessing that the reader is a teen so she’s gonna be 16 if this fic. Also, I had this sitting in my writings for so long, I am so sorry, I don’t know how I feel about this. 

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You were nervous to do this. I mean you’re parents were Genevieve Padalecki and Jared Padalecki, you’re uncles were Jensen Misha and Mark. This could only end badly. They were overprotective of you. Big time. You were lucky when you had a moment to call James, you’re boyfriend, you guys had been together for a month. You decided to take things slow but enjoyed eachothers company. Trying to get some alone time with him was difficult, you’re parents always wanted to know where you were and where you were going. But they trusted you with telling them and almost always let you go out as long as they knew with who. You didn’t want to break their trust by doing this behind their back.

You had a different kind of relationship with your parents then most kids your age, you always went to them when you had a problem or needed help. They were always there to talk or give you hug. Jared and Gen meant the world to you. They loved you for every flaw and everything that you didn’t like about yourself. So keeping this from them was to much. It broke your heart. James tried to talk you out of it but you couldn’t do it. Maybe they would understand.

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For: Anon

Imagine: Telling your boyfriend, Thomas, that you are pregnant with twins and that he is the father.

You hear the blazing alarm go off, it’s been a week since WICKED had sent up the pregnancy test which had resulted as positive, and the supplies were due to come in again. Once the box arrived, Alby jumped in, and pulled out the supplies one-by-one, until the end when he picks up an envelope, “Y/N, this is for you!”

You look at him confused and take it, “Um, thanks.”

You walk into the deadheads and open the letter:


As you probably know, you are pregnant, we have tracking devices in all of our subjects, including you, and we have detected, not two, but three heart beats in your body, your’s and two babies, meaning you are carrying twins. We thought it would be important to inform you.

Best of luck,


You drop the letter and fall to your knees, crying. It was bad enough that you would be having a baby in such a cruel, horrible place, but two?! You hadn’t even told Thomas, your boyfriend, the news of your pregnancy, how would you. What if he got mad, or worse, left you? But you’d have to tell him, you can’t keep this secret from the rest of the guys for long, they’d all find out eventually, so Thomas should be the one to find out first, he did love you after all.

You sat in the deadheads until the sun began to sink, you heard the rattling of the maze walls closing, Thomas must be back. You get up and head towards the Glade.

Thomas stood with Minho, Newt, and Alby; the three of them were talking and laughing. You take a deep breath and head towards them, “Um, Tommy, can I talk to you?”

“Yeah, of course! What is it Y/N?” He asks cheerily.

You briefly glance at the other boys, “Not here.”

“Uh, we’ll be back in a minute guys,” Thomas says concerned, he then walks towards the deadheads.

Once you were secluded from the rest of the Gladers, he turns to you and says, “Alright, what’s wrong Y/N?”

“Okay, Tommy, I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m just going to tell you up front.”

“Tell me what?” A tear escapes your eye and he quickly reaches out and wipes your tear, “Baby what’s wrong?”

“Tommy, I-I’m pregnant.”

His jaw drops in shock, “Wh-what? How?!”

“Thomas, you know how!” You widen you eyes at his stupid question.

“I mean, how do you know?”

“WICKED sent in a test last week.”

“And you’re telling me now?!”

“I’m sorry Tommy, I was just so scared! I didn’t know what to do, how the shuck are we gonna raise a baby here?!” You begin crying.

“Shh, don’t cry princess, we’ll figure it out, besides, our kid will have an amazing mom, and so many loving uncles!” He smiles.

“So you’re not mad?”

“Of course not! I’m actually kind of excited! I’m going to be a dad!” He jumps up and down like a child.

“Um, Thomas, there’s one more thing.”


“We’re having twins!”

“What?!” Your face drops at his reaction, and he instantly corrects himself, “Well, hey, now our child will also have an amazing sibling too!”

“And an amazing father!” Thomas pulls you in for a hug and you kiss him, “I love you Tommy!”

“I love you too Y/N!” You stay there for a moment, in each other’s arms, forgetting about all your worries, “Now, we should probably tell the others.”

“Alby’s gonna shucking banish you!” You giggle.

“He wouldn’t make our child fatherless!” Thomas scoffs, making you laugh.

You were right; Thomas would be an amazing father!  

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