how to tell your mom youre pregnant

Prompt:  Request where you’re significantly younger than sebastian (still legal though? So early 20s?) and you’re a one night stand and on the pill but you still end up pregnant? You can decide how he reacts 😂

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: GUYS!!! We hit 4,000 a few days ago, and wow o wow! Thank you guy so much!!!!! We love you guys!

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Imagine if Percy and Annabeth’s child was born like her just suddenly from her mind? Percy informing Sally like

Percy: “Hey, Mom?”

Sally: “Percy! I’m glad you called, Paul and I were just talking about you.”

Percy: “Yeah, Mom…I need to tell you something.”

Sally: “What is it sweetie?”

Percy: “You know how you wanted grandchildren?”

Sally: “Is…is Annabeth pregnant?! How far along is she? Wait, this means you two…?”

Percy: “Mom! Not exactly. The thing is that she kind of just-”

Annabeth: “Seaweed brain! Get in here and hold your daughter! She needs to be changed!”

Sally: “Percy? What is she talking about ‘your’ daughter? When did you have the baby?! Were you planning on telling me that I have a granddaughter?!”

Percy: “Mom, it’s a bit more complicated than that. She wasn’t exactly planned.”

Sally: “Perseus Jackson!”

Percy: “Mom! It’s not like that! We were thinking about having kids but she just happened.”

Sally: “Paul talk to your stepson. I need a minute to calm down.”

Paul: “Hey, kid! Why is your mom so worked up?”

Percy: “Me and Annabeth had a baby.”

Paul: “What?! When was Annabeth pregnant? You guys were over here a few weeks ago. Did you adopt one?

Percy: ”….Its complicated, Paul. Please put mom back on.“

Paul: “Here she is.”

Sally: “Why wouldn’t you run this by me? I want pictures of the ultrasound.”

Percy: “Mom, we don’t have any pictur-”

Sally: “Percy!”

Percy: “Mom, Sally was born like all of Athena’s children. She was born from Annabeth’s thoughts.”

Sally: “….Sally?”

Percy: “Yeah, we named her after you.”

Sally: “………”

Percy: “Mom? Are you ok? Why are you crying? Please don’t be mad-”

Sally: “How can I be mad?! My baby named his baby after me!”

Paul: “Hello? You still there?”

Percy: “Hey, Paul.”

Paul: “Why is your mom crying?”

Percy: “I don’t know. I think it’s because we named our daughter Sally.”

Paul: “……..”

Percy: “Paul? Did you hang up?”

Paul: “N-no!”

Percy: “Oh my gods. Are you crying too? Why?”

Paul: “Because! You’re such a thoughtful kid and that was a beautiful gesture!“

Percy: "I’ll call you guys later. I have to change Sally’s diaper.”

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Matsu's wife is pregnant with a second baby. So how does Matsu tell his young son/daughter or teen son/daughter that they are going to be a older sibling.

Oh man, My mom straight up told me I was having a sibling; when I was a only child for 12 years.

Osomatsu: “Your mom and I didn’t wear a condom, so your getting another sibling! Isn’t that exciting?”

Karamatsu: “My young one, you shall not be the youngest anymore! For I shall bestow upon you a younger sibling!”

Choromatsu:”…so…did you always want a sibling? Does it matter? Well…Your mother and I are having another…”

Ichimatsu: “Your mom and I boned, so now your the eldest.”

Jyushimatsu: “Finally! A new member to our family to play baseball with! Are you excited!”

Todomatsu: “Your getting another sibling, which is great. People love babies, you can take selfies and people will like it.”

Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen ((Part 5))

Word Count – 3,283

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader

Triggers – Pregnancy? If that’s even a warning? Swearing.


-A few months after-

You looked down and your heart stopped at your view, positive. You were pregnant. All the random thoughts were running through your head, good and bad. You were finally going to be a mom, not that you didn’t feel like one to JJ but officially. But how would Jensen react? How would JJ react? He’s so busy with work, and would she want a baby brother or sister?

The sounds of Jensen’s car pulling in caught you out of your thoughts, you put the stick in the bag and put it behind your pocket, thinking of ways to tell him. He had to be happy, right? He loves you.

“But what if he really doesn’t?” Your brain asked, making you cringe at the thought.

“What if he’s to busy for another child, what if he doesn’t want another one? What if it’s to much? What if, what if?” You couldn’t handle the thoughts and decided to not tell him till later, hopefully.

“Hey baby girl! I missed ya so much!” Jensen said, hugging you tightly while you gently hugged him back, still terrified from your thoughts.

“Missed you too…babe.” You said shly, making him nervous.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?”

“No, no. Just … don’t feel well I guess.” He placed his hand on your forehead and cheeks

“You do feel kind of warm, lay on the couch I’ll make ya some soup, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too, Jense.”

He brought you in chicken noodle soup along with a bottle of beer, your favorite kind too. He brought you in some medicine and a cold wet rag to bring down your fever you didn’t know you had. He sat at your feet on the couch and rested his hand on your leg, rubbing it up and down softly while watching tv.

“Thank you baby, really.” You said softly, taking a sip of your soup. He nodded and kissed your hand.

You were to stressed to eat and blamed it on the stomach bug. You both finished the night watching random shows on the tv, both falling asleep on the couch eventually.


It was a week later and you still haven’t told Jensen. JJ was with Danneel and Jensen was out somewhere with Misha so you decided to leave and go to Jared’s to get your mind off things.

“Heya y/n, everything okay?” He asked, bringing you in for a hug.

“Um, I don’t know. Can I come in and talk to you for a little?” He nodded with a quiet of course, letting you in.

You sat on the couch while he left to get you both beers, sitting next to you after.

“So what’s on your mind, everything with Jensen okay?”

You didn’t answer and just showed him the positive pregnancy test in a bag, his eyes got wide but excited. He hugged you as tight as he ever has before, feeling like you were about to pop but you hugged back.

“That’s so cool! Holy shit, congrats! Does he know?” You shook your head, making him confused.

“Why not?”

“I’m scared he’ll leave, Jared. I’m scared he’ll be to busy, or to I don’t know, not in the mood for another kid or he just doesn’t want another one in general, or maybe not want one with me! I’m scared JJ won’t want a baby sister, or a baby brother and I… and I….” By now you were sobbing.

Jared brought you into his arms and rocked you back and forth, shushing you softly and rubbing your back as you cried and let everything out.

“Y/N, I may not know a lot of things but one thing I know for sure is that Jensen and JJ love you, very, very much. I have never seen them so happy with anyone, and I knew Jensen loved ya from the start. I noticed the way his eyes light up when he stares at you, or how he can never keep his eyes or hands off you. How he talks about you nonstop, and how excited he was when he told me you two were together. He loves you y/n, and I can’t even imagine how excited he’s going to be to find out he’s going to have a baby with you, with the person he loves. Also JJ loves babies! I’m positive she’ll love her baby brother or sister just as much.”

You gave him another tight hug along with a quiet thank you. He nodded and kissed the top of your head. The sound of the phone ringing made you and him jump. He walked over and grabbed it.

“Hello?” He asked

“Jared! Have you seen y/n? She’s … she’s not home and she won’t answer my calls and I … I don’t know. She’s been acting weird this week and I’m absolutely fucking terrified, please tell me you’ve seen her or heard from her? Please!” He paced around the room, half way in tears and biting his nails nervously.

Jared nodded over at you and passed you the phone, you knew right away who it was.

“Jared!” He yelled

“Not quite, babe.” You smiled, making him sigh in relief that you were okay.

“Oh baby, it’s so good to hear your voice. How come you’re at Jared’s?”

“Just felt like visiting, I’ll be home soon, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart, forever?”

“Forever.” You passed Jared back the phone, they talked for a few minutes then got off.

“Christmas is next Friday, I think you should tell him then, ya know? Christmas surprise.” You loved the idea.

“That’s an amazing idea, what would I do without you?”

“Well, you wouldn’t have a moose, and that would just suck.” You both chuckled, giving each other another hug before you left.

-Christmas Morning-

You woke up to JJ jumping on your bed with a smiling Jensen holding her so she wouldn’t fall, both of their hair going in directions. You laughed and picked her up, holding her up in the air while she laughed.

“Santa! Santa came! Santa!” She kept yelling, making you and Jensen both laugh.

“Really!? Nah, you’re just foolin’ me!” You joked

“He did! He did! Come see!” She ran off the bed and ran downstairs.

“We’ll be here in a minute, sweetie!” Jensen yelled, climbing over you and kissing you softly.

“Did you eat the cookies?” You asked, realizing his kisses tasted like them. He nodded with a giggle.

“Your hair is all over the place, it’s so cute!” You ran your fingers in his hair, while he kissed you again.

He rolled off and grabbed his phone, looking at the time. After he looked he looked at you with a shock expression.

“Holy shit, it’s 7.”

“Yeah, so?”

“JJ usually wakes up earlier on Christmas.”

You both finally got up and put on your pajamas you planned on wearing all day, the tradition on Christmas you, Jensen, JJ, Jared and his family, Misha and his family always had was to wear PJ’s all through Christmas day, which of course you loved. Who could not love that?

Jensen had on his batman PJ pants with a black shirt and you had on (whatever PJ’s you own that’s your fav) while JJ had on her Mickey Mouse onesie on.

You went downstairs to see JJ didn’t open any of the presents yet, thankfully. You put in a box full of balloons a sign that said “Hello Daddy and JJ” With a picture of your latest ultrasound on it. You were so excited, but also nervous.

You sat JJ in her highchair while you sat at the table, and Jensen was making his usual amazing pancakes for breakfast, not wanting to open presents on an empty stomach. JJ kept looking over at the big, glowing tree with lots of lights around it and smiling at the presents.

“Oh right, J did you see Santa ate some of your cookies and had some milk?” She shook her head.

You went over and grabbed the plate of cookies with one of them having a bite mark, originally from Jensen and half the glass of milk gone, also from Jensen. She looked at the plate and glass with amazement, clapping after.

“How come he didn’t eat all the cookies?” she frowned.

“He goes to many houses overnight honey, his tummy gets full. I think he actually took some home with him just to eat when he got home!” her smile came back while Jensen smiled to himself, loving how close you and his daughter were.

He finished making the pancakes and cut some pieces up for JJ, then placing a plate for you. You gave him a quiet thank you with a kiss on the cheek and ate away, all as a family.

“So what do you think you got for Christmas, babe?” He asked, helping JJ eat as he ate too, like normal.

“I have absolutely no clue, what do you think you got?”

“I’m not sure, but I know I’m going to love it either way.” He smiled, making you smile too.

“J, what do you think Santa got you?” Jensen asked

“Toys!” her normal answer which of course was true.

You all finished your pancakes and sat around the tree, playing whatever Christmas movie was on on the TV and passing out presents while JJ sat and waited patiently, playing with her toy Impala.

“I still can’t believe you gave her that” You laughed, setting a present on the floor.

“I still can’t believe you can’t believe I got her that” He winked, making you roll your eyes with a smile.

You finished passing the presents around and sat together around the tree, watching JJ already tear in.

“Hold on J, gotta see which ones are from Santa and which are from Mommy y/n and Daddy.” Your heart melted at him mentioning you as mommy, something you both agreed on doing. Danneel was of course still her mommy and she always will be.

Jensen looked at the tag on the gift, it was from you and him

“This ones from mommy y/n and daddy.” He passed the present back to her, moved back over next to you and held your hand, making you smile

“A Cinderella doll! I love it mommy and daddy!” she yelled happily, giving you both a tight hug.

Next was Jensen to open his, you decided to leave the big gift for last, knowing exactly what it was

“To Jense From Santa JJ! Santa got me a gift, too!” He said happily while she got excited and squealed, sitting on his lap after.

“An AC/DC CD, fu – he stopped himself, realizing JJ was right there

“Totally awesome! Thank you Santa!” He said to make JJ smile, winking at you after.

“mommy, you’re next!” she said happily, waddling over to your pile and passing you a tiny present in a shape of a tiny box.

You opened it to find a beautiful blue diamond necklace inside with a note that said I love you with a small smiley face. Your eyes welled up in tears as you hugged Jensen and JJ.

“Thank you guys, it’s beautiful!” They both nodded, fist bumping after.

“Told ya she’d like it” Jensen whispered to her, kissing the top of her head after.


It was finally time for Jensen to open his last, big gift. He got up when you stopped him. You grabbed the camera and started recording everything. Jensen didn’t bother asking, knowing you love to record everything and anything.

“JJ, why don’t you open this with daddy too, it’s for both of you.” She nodded and ran up to the wrapped box, tearing off the paper with her daddy. They both opened up the box and left the balloons fly up to the ceiling, looking at you with confusion.

“Just keep looking.”

They turned back to the box and Jensen picked up the card, jaw dropping when he realized what it was. He looked at you with amazement and glassy eyes, holding up the card.

“Is this … is this real? If this is a prank I –“ you cut him off, shaking your head with a smile and glassy eyes as well while JJ was climbing into the box, not worrying about the card.

He ran up to you and hugged you tightly nearly knocking the camera out of your hands, sobbing tears of happiness into your hair while you rubbed his back and squeezed your eyes tight, letting the tears flow as well. He clenched onto your shirt as if it was the last time he was going to see you again and kissed you as many times as he could.

“You’re – you’re fucking serious? I’m going to be a daddy … again?” He whispered.

“I was not expecting that at all” he laughed, sniffling and wiping his teary eyes.

“that’s why I was acting weird all week, I was terrified of what you’d think. I went to Jared’s to get advice, so he said I should do it as a Christmas present.”

“Did you think I was going to be upset?” You nodded sadly.

“Of course not! This is freaking amazing, y/n. I’m so so excited to have a child with the woman I love! I love you, I love you, I love you!” He said happily, picking you up and spinning you in the air while kissing.

“Daddy? What’s going on?” JJ asked with a nervous and confused look, noticing the tears running down both of your faces.

“Oh honey! y/n, tell her the good news!” Jensen said excitedly, passing JJ the card.

“It says “Hello Daddy and JJ” with a picture of a baby, do you know who that baby is?” You asked, pointing at the ultrasound. She shook her head, still confused.

You tapped her shoulder so she’d look at you and pointed at your stomach, making her eyes nearly pop from being so wide.

“You have a baby in your tummy?!” She yelled happily, Jensen grabbed the camera and kept on recording everything.

“Yep! Merry Christmas, J!” You said happily while she hugged you just as tight as Jensen did.

“Is it a boy or girl?!”

“I’m not sure yet sweetie, won’t know till later.”

She placed her head on your stomach along with her hand.

“I love you little baby.” She said softly to your stomach, making you and Jensen almost burst into tears.

You shared the good news to everyone, Misha and his family, the rest of Jared’s family, your parents, Jensen’s parents. Everyone was so supportive and excited, everything you hopped for.

-6 months-

You felt as shitty as ever. Your ankles were always swollen, your back was always killing you, morning sickness sucked, and not to mention none of your clothes would fit anymore. Thankfully you had Jensen and JJ to help you through it.

Jensen was there every night you’re crying in pain, telling you it’ll all be worth it in the end. He was rubbing your back through the morning sickness and rubbing your feet and back. JJ would hug you if she saw you crying, and talk to your stomach to cheer you up.

One of the things you’re mostly thankful for Jensen dealing with was the mood swings and random cravings.

“Who ate the last of my ice cream? I’ve been saving it for days.” You grumbled.

“I’ll be you some more sweetie, I’ll go right now.” Jensen said, remembering he ate the rest of the ice cream the other night.


“Jesus H Christ I’m so fucking fat! How could you love me?” You cried, staring at yourself in the mirror.

Jensen came up behind you, wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek, wiping your tears away.

“You’re so beautiful, not fat. You and our baby are going to be beautiful y/n/n. You’ve always been beautiful and you always will be.”


“Why don’t they make candy pizza? Or I don’t know some kind of chocolate thing!” You sighed, watching the pizza commercial on the TV.

“I’ll let them know to create that.” Jensen chuckled, reading the script for an episode.

“I would fucking swim in chocolate right now, Jense. I want to swim in chocolate. I’m going insane, I think that sounds better than sex!” He spat out his beer in shock, looking at you like you’re crazy.

“Damn, these hormones really are getting to you? Nothing competes with sex!”

-9 months-

You were sitting on the couch, practicing and reading the script with Jensen while JJ was with Danneel for the day.

“What part of no don’t you get? How many times do I gotta tell you this is a bad idea!”

“Dean, God’s sending me messages if I like it or not! I have to do something about it!”

“We’re not doing this, you’re not doing this! Unless you are safe, Sam.”

“Well Dean I – “ you stopped, feeling your water break.

“My water broke.” You said with fear.

“Um … um that’s not in the script.” Jensen said nervously, knowing what you meant.

“Jensen, my fucking water broke.” He dropped the papers and grabbed his car keys.

He held your hand the whole way to the hospital, no matter how tight and painful it was he didn’t let go. He told you how strong you were as you cried in pain.

“It hurts, Jense! I cant – I cant do this!” You cried, holding onto your stomach and punching the seat in pain.

He placed his hand on your stomach and rubbed it softly.

“Be easy on your mommy, she’s a fighter” He winked, making you smile a little. You loved when he talked to or rubbed your belly.

You both finally arrived to the hospital after a 25 minute drive. Jensen got you a wheel chair and let you sat in it, wheeling you in to the room as the doctor leaded you both.

You laid on the bed and Jensen sat next to you in a chair, holding your hand still and running your hair back so it’d be out of your eyes.

“It’s going to be okay baby girl, I love you so, so much.” He said quietly, kissing you after.


“Forever” You gave him a smile before screaming in pain again.

After all the pain, screaming and crying you gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. He had green apple eyes like his daddy, and beautiful y/h/c hair like yours. His nose was tiny and his lips always had a curve to them.

“What’s his name?” The nurse asked, looking at you and Jensen while you held him gently and Jensen wouldn’t take his eyes off him or you.

“Sam, his name is Sam.” Jensen said with the biggest smile, looking down at his son with love.

“Adorable name for an adorable baby boy, congrats to both of you.” You both said thank you and she left.

“Thank you for giving me a beautiful son.” You said, kissing him then kissing Sam’s head.

“No, no, no. Thank YOU for giving US a beautiful son, and thank you for being you and never leaving me or J.”

“Thank you for not leaving me, I know I was a crazy … uh crazy …” Jensen cut you off

“I know what you’re going to say, but you weren’t. It was understandable babe, I’m just glad we got to experience it together. I couldn’t ask for a better family.”



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“What?” You asked, trying to remain positive. Stiles, your boyfriends best friend, just called you saying that Scott couldn’t make your one month anniversary. 

“Yeah, he’s uhhh.” Stiles didn’t know how to tell you that your boyfriend was a werewolf, and due to the full moon, the other side of your always happy boyfriend came out. “His mom is um, giving birth.”

“Stiles, Melissa isn’t pregnant.” Sometimes you wondered about Stiles. Most of the time when he was around he didn’t seem… All there. “And when I come over Scott better have a real reason for missing today.” You told him, hanging up the phone before Stiles could protest. 

Pulling up to Scott’s house, you sighed in disgust when you saw the lights on. You were confused- and mad. Scott basically showered you in gifts on your one week. He gave you a teddy bear, a small one that he won in a prize machine at the carnival he took you for your first date, and tapped balloons to your car. Don’t forget the million “I’m so glad you said yes.” “I’m the luckiest man in the world.” “You are an amazing girlfriend.” You were positive he wouldn’t forget today. 

You got out of your car, locking it, before walking up to the McCall’s front door, ring the doorbell before crossing your arms. This was defiantly not how you wanted to spend today. 

“Y/N!” Stiles shouted in shock, practically ripping the door open. “You- you shouldn’t be here right now. Its late and-”

“Wheres Scott.” 

“Oh, Scott. He’s um..” Stiles trailed off, scratching his head looking to the side.

“What the hell was that?” You cut him off, hearing deep growling. 

“Oh that’s the neighbors dog..” He began before you pushed him aside, done with the stalling.  “Oh, that. That’s uh… Scott.” 

You couldn’t believe what was in front of you. Your boyfriend was on the ground, his eyes were glowing yellow, his fangs were out, not to mention the claws. 

“Y/N I can explain.” 

What?” You asked, look at Stiles who sat next to Scott, scrunching your eyebrows a little bit in confusion, hoping he would jump out and yell PRANK! “A wolf.” You looked back at Scott, who just nodded his head, looking down at his hands in shame. “Oh my God…”

“Y/n, please I can explain.” Scott said, finally. 

“Why didn’t you kill me?” You interrupted him. “I mean, if Stiles couldn’t calm you down this whole night, why are you human?” 

“You’re my anchor Y/N. Your the thing that keeps me tied down to Earth so I don’t go and shift and do harm.”

“So I guess date night won’t be canceled.”

Exo reaction when you tell them that you’ll be needing a bigger house for three

Sehun: If you want a dog we can keep it on the balcony, why move?

Kai:*hard to contain his excitement*  You are pregnant aren’t you? please tell me that you are pregnant and that I will be  a dad soon?

Tao:*finally onto something* This has something to do with that ultrasound that I saw in your wallet?

Kyungsoo:*a little bit lost* You wanna move into a bigger house? but why for three? are you……

Chanyeol: Why for three? do you want to bring your mom to leave with us? it’s cause we don’t know how to cook? is that why

Chen: You didn’t bring another dog from the street that ruined our bedroom again did you?

Baekhyun: Is this some kind of a hint for something that you wanna tell me? cause I feel like it but I’m not sure

Lay: I’m not following what you are trying to say

Suho: Omg you are pregnant is that it? that;s a smooth way to tell your husband

Kris: You want a new house but what is wrong with this one?

Luhan: *can not believe what he is hearing* You said three didn’t you? are you pregnant? oh god I can not believe this, I will have a bambi 

Xiumin:*gif talks for himself*

8. “I’m Pregnant...” Sam Wilkinson

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You looked the test in fear. “Shit,” You hurriedly take another test. And another. And another. All positive. “Okay, its okay. Doctors, I’ll go to the doctor’s tomorrow and make sure. It could just be a fluke.” You mutter, you weren’t ready to be a Mom. 

“Congratulations, Ms. Y/L/N, you’re pregnant.” The doctor tells you smiling. 

“Thanks Doc.” You smiling politely before rushing out of the room and right out of the hospital. You sat behind the wheel of your car, taking deep breaths. “Holy shit, I’m pregnant.” Your head falls into your hands. “How the hell am I supposed to tell Sam?” You ask yourself. 

The drive home was filled with songs from the radio, an attempt to distract yourself from the truth, but there wasn’t any running from this one. You were pregnant. 

Sam’s car was in the driveway, a chill went up your spine. Its now or never. “Sam?” You called to your long time boyfriend. 

“Hey, where’d you go?” He smiles, leaning down to give you kiss. “Are you okay? Have you been crying?” He looks worried, “What happened?” 

He loves you, he will love this baby. 

“Sam, I went to the doctors today.” 

“Is everything alright? Are you okay?” 

“We’re fine, Sam.” 

“Okay, that’s good.” He kisses your cheek, “We?” He furrows is eyebrows. “Who went with you?” Sighing, you grab both of his hands and place them softly on your stomach. 

“Sam, I’m pregnant.” He’s quiet for a moment, before pulling you into an embrace. 

“Hey, look at me.” He softly says, cupping your jaw, “I love you, nothing will ever change that. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to keep you and this baby healthy and happy, I promise Y/N.” You smile as he wipes the fallen tears off your face. 

“I love you.” 

“I love you, and our baby. Our miracle.” 


Tanner: What happened between you and mom.

Brayan: I didn’t want to tell you everything until you were older… When your mom was pregnant with you I walked in on her sleeping with a guy who I thought was my friend. 

Tanner: Wait wait, is this guy Keith?

Brayan: Yeah… How did you…

Tanner: He’s still in the house… I can’t believe this. 

Brayan: When I left I took you because your mom refused to be part of your life if I wasn’t going to take her back so I had to raise you. I didn’t want to tell you because you love her so much…

Tanner: She isn’t deserving of it…. Dad, I’m sorry.

Brayan: You are the last person who should apologise! I promised myself that I would never let her hurt you. I’m sorry I failed to do that.

Tanner: Dad there was no way you could have protected me from that. I know now and I’ll try my best to move on from her and what she’s done. I love all you guys… thank you…

Brayan: Bud… 

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