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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn

sweet creature, had another talk about how you ‘don’t get cats’ x

“So, what did you do at work today?”

Between work, the DLC and other pictures that captured my attention, this one got buried. So this is about a month late, but I really wanted to do josephodayum’s “Fuck Cops” meme pic recreation prompt!

I had to add my own twist, because I thought… who would be taking the photo, anyway? ;D I hope ya’ll enjoy, because this was ridiculous but I love me some cop trio, and also Juli being BFFs with Tati workin’ hard (or hardly workin’) back at Mobius/Beacon. Juli’s gotta keep up her street cred while paling around with these adorable men that she totally doesn’t like at all ok.

Other people did this too and everyone’s take is unique and awesome so you should plzplz give them all some love:
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Also a bonus cuz I couldn’t resist (plz feel free to use!)

Sometimes I get requests like “hc for this character please” and sometimes I get requests like “I want this character!manga (not the anime version cause they are ooc) and I want a scenario where they are confessing to their s/o while riding a unicorn over the pacific coast at 7:54pm in the late 1850s but the s/o is in love with someone else who is actually dead but they don’t know that yet. Also please write it in the first person. Hope it’s not too confusing thanks” and I’m like … :’D ???

  • a regular healthy person who doesn't obsess over things: OMG I love that movie I have seen it like a DOZEN times!
  • me: *sweats*
Trying Again Because the Mood is Right

I write lame poetry all the time because i’m a lame poet. You know how it is, somebody takes themselves too seriously on the internet and thinks they’re the next Shakespeare. Yeah, well, that’s me guys. I’m Shakespeare Reincarnated. (Dang, that’s a good title. I should use that.).
So, this is not my first go at a poetry blog. I’ve done this twice before. I once tried to start a WordPress, but two minutes in I felt embarrassed and I deleted the entire thing and it never saw the day of light again. Until, I tried my hand at Tumblr Poetry. I did that for a long time, but eventually got sick of it because I would post rather sporadically and didn’t find myself gaining in either followers or notes. Probably because I don’t know how to properly run a blog.
This time will be very different though, I’m sure. (That was sarcasm)
So, i’m going to run the blog here of course, but i’m also going to try to connect it to separate social media accounts and we’ll see what happens. (Not much probably.) (I’ll probably forget to actually do that.) 
So, welcome to my blog and to my lame poetry.



It’s ridiculous how hard it is to find quality stydia fanfics, and most of them are hidden under piles and piles of sterek, so I have - with the help of lots of recommendations and people like Ray - compiled a database of my favourite. Regularly updated, so check back for more! 

As the hiatus has approached us, I am in need of more recommendations, so feel free to send me your favourite fics, or even submit your own writing and I’ll add it to the list if I love it. 

Superior Foes of Spider-Man fancast – Lyndie Greenwood as Janice Lincoln

My generation is supposed to be past this, you know – but everywhere, they still say you can’t really be at the top – maybe a token board seat, you get to be the woman behind the man – and your industry – crime – is the worst! Bunch of troglodytes, getting each other killed. No organisational skills, no people management. Well, I am gonna be the one that breaks that glass ceiling. I’m gonna be the Hilary Clinton

– But you know…

… Of drug lords

~Princess Marble~

I drew this 2 days ago, but i procrastinate until now to post it. Sorry if the quality is bad, i drew this on my phone and i don’t know how to configure the size (aside that i dont know how anatomy works) (*ノ∀`*)

I love this AU so much! i wanted to draw Prince Carpet too, but i’m still not confident enough to put my Philly online (o^ ^o)

Thanks so much @phantheraglama for making another precious AU (*´▽`*)

btw… gender rolls are the worst kind of bread