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You Are Cordially Invited [5/?]

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Sakura is so determined to complete everything before her departure, that she would forget to go home if Tsunade didn’t order her to. As it is, she’s been avoiding her house as much as possible since telling her parents about the engagement.

When she’s there her mother (and now Ino) are constantly bombarding her with questions and plans concerning the wedding. The worst part is when they feed into each other’s increasingly more elaborate plans, and then get upset with her when she reminds them it has to be simple or if she is too busy with her work plans to show what they consider to be “proper enthusiasm”.

It’s annoying.

I wonder if this is how Sasuke felt when all the girls in class used to talk over him, she thinks idly, glancing across the table to where he is silently cleaning and oiling his weapons. Kusanagi is already lying polished to one side as he starts on his set of kunai.

It’s a rare afternoon where neither of them has anything pressing to do in the village, and Sasuke wordlessly offered her the use of his apartment as a quiet space. She’s appropriated half of the kitchen table, spreading it with notebooks and charts and lists of notes in her own shorthand which he’s informed her are incomprehensible.

(She feels kind of proud of that.)

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B.A.P: How they react when they’re talking about how good looking a foreign girl is, not thinking she understands, and her saying ‘thank you’ in Korean


Yongguk would find this situation so funny, even though he was a bit embarrassed. He’d play it off really well and probably end up using it as an opportunity to be even more straightforward. “Since you know I like you already, do you want to go out sometime~?” 


Himchan would be so embarrassed, he’d completely ignore you when you said ‘thank you’, hoping to play it off. 

You: Thank you~~

Him, internally: *dies, gif* Don’t make eye contact, Himchan. *casually gets up and runs away* 


Lol Daehyun would be shook! He’d be impressed that you new Korean so well and would be intrigued. Probably not that embarrassed, would just be completely more into you for it. 


Youngjae would be so flustered when he realized you understood what he was saying about you. He’d turn pink and just giggle a little bit, probably apologizing even though everything he said was nice.


Jongup would be so uncomfortable and awkward lol. He’d just laugh nervously after you thanked him and would just *gif*. “Oh…you speak Korean?…So you understood…You should have said…” 


Even though Zelo would want to react like Himchan, he’d play it off amazingly well. “Oh, you understood? So you’re beautiful and smart.” All the while he’s dying inside of embarrassment while the other members are laughing.

I hope you like it! I’ve got such a long list of requests for reactions I’m trying to get to. If it takes a while to get to a ship that is why!

Language practice tip: talk to your pet in your target language.

Your pet is going to just be happy you’re doing a happy voice at then because that’s how they are.

You’re likely going to use simpler words because that’s how people talk to pets. “What a pretty girl!” “Who’s a good good boy? You are!”

It’s good to just speak your target language as often as you can, and this gets just a bit more in.

“You really think nothing else is going to happen?” Melissa asked, frowning as she did so. “I mean, I don’t want to doubt anyone but it just feels like I’ve thought that too many times for me to realistically believe it.”

“I know, but you’ve gotta have faith in people sometimes, you know?” Mikey reasoned, glancing over at her. He wasn’t sure why, but he didn’t feel nervous talking to her like how he did with some other girls. Maybe it’s because he knew there was zero chance of anything ever happening (he was happy with Elle, and needless to say that he was far from being her type) or maybe it was because of something else…


favourite queens in no specific order [1/?]: adore delano

“I do have really dirty tights. They smell like feet. I’m too punk to wash my tights.”

the older i get the creepier it seems to me when men make a big deal of how young a woman is. when i was young it seemed normal for men to mention she’s nineteen with that certain type of eyebrow move, that knowing look passed between them. it seemed normal because i felt mature; i was mature in all accounts - twenty-five year olds who called me attractive were just stating the obvious. i remember the summer of my eighteenth year being drunk by a river - and having a man tell me i was the perfect age.

it is frightening to me that twenty-five is when women stop being considered attractive, that thirty is “old”. it is frightening. a girl at nineteen is still a teenager. i think often of the men in movies who have kissed women literally half their age and i wonder - how can that be enjoyable? you have her entire lifetime, doubled. she could be your daughter. 

the most telling i think is the way they act when they find out my face - so close to that of me at eighteen - is a lie. that i’m older than they think. they recoil as if i struck them. they find another fish to hunt.

maybe it’s me and how sensitive i am about everything. but i see eighteen year olds and at twenty-three i am already wondering how i didn’t notice that older men are predatory. how i didn’t notice that there’s a time stamp on my beauty. how i didn’t notice how incredibly creepy the fascination with eighteen is; how odd it is that the fixation on skinny lends itself to looking that same underdeveloped age, innocent and fresh. how did i not see this.

oh, being queer in a world that wants us to be straight. we are innocent until we pull out our guilty words, lay out the poker hand proving we’ve hid that fifth ace up our sleeve. but first, in here, in this space we occupy, uncomfortable, sweating out the wrong skin, weighing the word girlfriend on our tongues: we hear what they say about us.

i am told often homophobia “isn’t that bad anymore”, can we stop it with the singing and the slam poetry and the constant making things about us. how not everything needs to be gay or it wasn’t because you’re gay or we get it you’re gay. they say it like that. they say it with this tone, with this particular heft to it.

do they forget how they talked when they thought “this girl is one of us”? do they forget how they called the boy in pink shorts slurs. how they giggled behind their hands about boys in makeup but still made some “this is great!” comment for likes while promising us they’d never have a son that grew up in glitter. did you forget what you said when you talked about them being bi, how you spat and hissed and tutted about pronouns and how we should just give up and how people are so full of themselves now they won’t even take one of two options, they need a third to feel full.

remember once i told you about my friend. how she might be a lesbian. how she isn’t sure but she’s pretty sure and how the word scares her because it’s dirty. you waved it away and said she’d get over it, it’s just a phase, she needed the right man and she’d be happy.

no, there’s no homophobia though. it’s just that “my friend” was me. it’s just that we hear what you say and swallow our tongues and you tell us the bruise heals before the pain is even done.

Favourite things in Spider-man: Homecoming

- Peter Parker is an absolute Cinnamon roll
- Peter actually looking like a teenager
- protective dad Tony!
- “patience” god poor Cap hahaha
- the spider-man theme playing over the marvel title
- Peter just wanting to save everyone and be accepted by Tony #myheart
- he’s scared of heights
- the whole cam recording at the beginning! Why is Peter so adorable jeez
- happy hogan I have missed you
- Ned is so pure
- Flash not being the typical bully
- the gym video with Cap and the teacher is just like “I think he’s a war criminal now”
- the fact that we get to see how normal people view the avengers
- even in a school setting. Like how the girls talk about the hottest avenger and in class they are being taught the accords etc
- Pepper and Tony are engaged!!!!!!!
- Peter so badly wanting to be an avenger and in the end turning the offer down
- Karen is the most adorable AI
- Michael Keaton actually being a pretty decent bad guy
- the scene where Peter gets crushed. Tom is an impeccable actor!
- “what the fu-” god I love Aunt May hahaha
- All the girls are amazing!
- Michelle’s initials being MJ
- Peter trying to be intimidating “I’m not a boy! I’m a man!” In his fake deep voice

anonymous asked:

can i get a little help here?? i have a crush on this girl, and i love talking to her, but i run out of ideas of what to talk about!!! can you think of anything? also im bad at flirting, do you have any subtle ideas? thanks ~antisocial anon

compliments!!! everyone loves them and brute a surefire way to make a good impression

as a rule of thumb, compliment temporary stuff/personality traits rather than permanent/body stuff – like “i love your earrings/dyed hair/outfit” is good while “you have nice legs” is a lil creepy

(also pls use asocial instead of antisocial, that refers to aspd which is a mental illness! they mean very different things)