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Fans always talk about how happy and comfortable Donghae is around Hyukjae but then I was looking through your gifset, and god!doesn't Hyukjae looks like the happiest little shit when donghae goes to the shows with him?Is like he enjoys more, laughs more and those little shinee eyes when donghae makes a joke.(Now I understand why was he so mad when donghae drops out on OFD, his happines just goes away without a warning)

True. As long as they’re together, they’ll be happy ^^

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I wonder how vegan fans feel about BTS 🙍 like, they talk about meat all the time

I’M LAUGHING SO HARD FOR SOME REASON AHAHA. do I have any vegan followers? Pls tell this anon how you feel pfhaha

i can’t stop thinking about how that fan sabrina was talking about how bts inspires her and how much she loves their music and ryan seacrest was like “ok sure but which one do you have the biggest crush on” as if that was somehow more important and she was just making stuff up :/ american interviewers truly do not care about them

We were talking in the fan discord about how some members of the party might not be available for next week because of Thanksgiving, so Phil would have to do the session by himself, then someone suggested a dream-like sequence, maybe Wizard of Oz inspired, and people started naming characters and someone asked for drawings/fanfics of it, and since I have NO LIFE, I did this. 


i can’t imagine what she’s going through right now…..a fan did an interview with a news station just now and talked about how ariana’s mom literally pulled fans that were in the first few rows backstage along with security to get them to safety. her family and team saved fans lives tonight. absolutely nobody deserves this and i just know ariana’s taking it all to heart. she’s going to be traumatized by all of this. i feel so terrible for everybody involved i don’t even know how to begin to put it into words

     [ Just realized that I never posted this here~ but fun fact, this is the very first drawing of Professor Kukui I ever did lol way back before the games even came out! 

     Surprisingly… I still kinda like it haha! ]

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.

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So Harry basically sang the soft songs off his album😢

i can’t really emphasize how much this is…. i just i really can’t articulate it. he wasn’t in much of a mood to celebrate, as he said. it wasn’t a night for dancing around and screaming to lyrics and getting hyped up. he’s heartbroken, and he’s hurting for his home and for the victims and for their families. that was a very respectful tribute, picking the softer songs and doing an acoustic set, while allowing a moment of silence for the victims. he still went on stage and performed for those fans because he knew that a lot of them traveled to see him and they paid money. and they paid money for charity, too. like, every dollar went to a local charity. that’s just - i’m really emotional because of the generosity in his heart and how kind and considerate he is. it couldn’t have been easy to get on that stage, but he did it. for charity, no less. for the fans. as a tribute to those lives lost and the families broken. with a lot of emphasis on putting love back into the world, for pleading with people just to love one another

Dude, I love how Jacksepticeye talks and reshares his fans post. Scratch that, I love how he’s so active with his fans. It’s really cool, and makes it seem like Jack actually cares and loves all of his fans. Like, Jack could’ve been a greedy person and doesn’t really care about his fans, but he isn’t. It’s nice to know that one of the biggest channels on youtube isn’t just doing this because it’s their job.


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