how to take a punch

Saitama: *sipping tea, out of nowhere* Ah so you love me?

Genos: Sensei! I’m sorry! I don’t know what gave it away! I will do my best to not bother you with my inappropriate feelings-

Saitama: Yeah about that maybe if you stopped calling me sensei they wouldn’t be so inappropriate *calmly turning back to the TV*

Genos: *glitching mechanical whale noises*

Don’t tell me that the kind ones aren’t strong.

They’ve been thrown in fires but that has only hardened the iron in their veins. They’ve learned how to protect the ones they love even if it means taking the punches for them. They’ve used their warm hearts and helpful hands to reach out to people instead of hiding behind walls of hatred. They have helped guide the lost ones home because they know what it feels like to be caught in a storm.

It takes a great deal of courage to love freely, to give even though sometimes people won’t return the favor, and to hold out a hand without knowing whether someone will choose to grasp it or not.

The ones who reach out are stronger than you’ll ever know, because they’ve stared the misery of this world in the eye and instead of losing hope, have decided to just be kind.