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I revisited the pinescone tag for the first time in a million years and ohmygod im so glad to see the lifeline of this tiny ship still hanging onnn and your art for them is beautiful ugnhngh But yeah what I meant to ask was that I want to write something for them but I have no idea what to write so I was wondering if there were any scenarios/AUs you wanted to see..?

Oh boy, oh shit, anon do you have any idea how many scenarios I have on my mind for this ship (at least 2 months worth of ship rambling on whatsapp conversations, that much)

Ok so one AU I made is where Dipper is a famous paranormal fantasy author, best seller, everyone love the series of a pair of twins investigating different mysteries, what no one knows is that those stories are inspired by his and Mabel’s real life adventures, and that aside from the fantasy books written under his real name there are also many books circling around under an Alias he and Mabel use to write about real paranormal stuff, something like the journals their great uncle Stanford made but now way more of them.

He and Mabel live at the shack, while Stan and Ford travel around the world documenting everything they encounter.

Wirt on the other hands lives in the city on the other side of the country from Mabel and Dipper. He lives in a two bedroom apartment, only because Greg somehow convinced their parents to let him go and live with him during high school. So while Greg goes to school Wirt stays at home working, he is a poetry author, popular enough but not as much as Dipper, instead it is his Alias who is popular.

After the Unknow he took the time to write down everything that happened back then, years later he rewrote it and Greg found it adding his drawings to it, even later when he was a published author he found the books while going through his old stuff to rest during an writer’s block as he worked on his next poetry project. When he finds the book he brings it to Greg and together they go through it and decide hey why not publish it? So they publish “The tome of the unknown” a fantasy series about two brother and their adventures, with Greg doing the art (because you will not convince me that this boy is not a great artist).

The thing is this, Greg is a fan of Dipper’s work, Dipper and Mabel are huge fans of Wirt’s alias work. When the last book of Dipper comes out Greg obviously gets it and rushes home to read it, but just a few hours after he starts calling for Wirt desperate enough that the older man rushes in fear of his brother being hurt, instead what he finds is his brother clutching the book staring at the pages in fear before pushing it into Wirt’s hands demanding him to read it.

Turns out what is wrote there is way too similar to the unknown, too similar to those stories they have yet to publish, and is the last page with a detailed inked art of something dark and tall, hiding between the trees that finally make him close the book in fear, because there in the pages, as impossible as it can be, was the beast.

So Wirt and Greg decide to find out the author of the book, because there is no way anyone should know about the Unknow.

And that is it, I want Greg and Wirt to find out where Dipper lives, go there and talk etc. Idk I imagine this as a slow burn with lots of problems in the way because let’s face it, these two boys looooove to get in trouble.

Then again anon I just want these two to be happy so any sappy thing will do.

—  a book by shizuo