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To all the awesome people I met at ikkicon this past weekend. I wasn’t ever able to get a full group shot but I think this one includes most everyone. And I know I lot of you jerks don’t have Tumblr so! How dare! Regardless, here’s the nerds I hung out with to end the year 💜 tag if you see yourself!

Grillby - @rasana2
Inksans and Errorsans - @thenoblescosplay

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I relate to angsty tags c: My Fe is a bitch and it also comes at 2am and makes me regret everything I've ever said and done :( :( :( + Can you do INTP/INFP/ENFJ/INTJ friend group?

l… I feel called out. We don’t mention my angst filled tag posts :)

INFP: Halllppppppppp meeeeee INTJ
INTJ: what do you want
INFP: INTP’s being meeeeeaaannn. They made me swear in German when I wanted to know how to say happyyyy

ENFJ and INTP, separately
ENFJ: Did you really?
INTP: I have the right to remain silent.

often - Trash Triplets AU smutfest

For the amazing @lilithsaur, whose trash triplets are the fucking best thing ever. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a group sex scene and hey, the spirit moved me to write the three of them getting it on in the same room. Because what the hell why not? 

Thank you so much, lilithsaur, for your amazing art and for everything you do for this fandom! <3 

Summary:  “If the Kenobi sisters had to be in control, then the Solo brothers, it seemed, were destined to give in to them every step of the way.”

Rating: E

Found on my AO3

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*Curtsies* Congratulations on the book! Do you know of any books about intense, codependent and/or dysfunctional platonic or familial relationships? Especially between two people (rather than a group - I found your excellent group mentality list).

*Curtsies* Sure thing, man. Some ideas: Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner, The Keep by Jennifer Egan, Complicity by Iain Banks (but dear God be careful because every trigger warning ever), The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan, The Collector by John Fowles, The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith, and The Bone People by Keri Hulme (check the tag for trigger warnings). I don’t know how dysfunctional you were looking for but actually just check trigger warnings for all of these because they’re dysfunctional in the extreme.

Tickles // Bellamy Blake

A/N: I’m not sure I like how I wrote this, but I hope you all like it. xx.
Requested? Yes.
Word Count: 735.
Warnings: None.
#52: “Can I kiss you?”
#63: “Are you ticklish?”

“Let’s split up so we can cover more ground,” Sterling suggests to the group. You, Bellamy, Miller and Sterling were all out hunting for food. Bellamy was hesitant at first to let you tag along as you’ve never been in any sort of combat before and also due to the fact that you could all get attacked by the grounders at any moment. And he couldn’t live with himself if anything ever happened to you.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sterling…” You state, feeling unsure about splitting up.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. I’ll protect you.” Bellamy smirks, bumping you with his shoulder lightly.


“Meet back here at sundown.“ 

“What will we do if it storms? This isn’t a good idea, guys.” Miller stresses as he glances up at the grey cloudy sky.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Sterling says also looking up at the darkening sky.

“If it does come to that, make sure you two find shelter,” You tell the two boys with a worried tone as they’re like your little brothers.

“Let’s go.”

After a short while, you two finally spot a hog sleeping in a burrow. Bellamy motions for you to be on guard as he walks ever so slowly towards the hog.

“Chase it!” Bellamy accidentally stepped on a branch which then broke in half causing the hog to wake up and run away. You chase the hog for a good 5 minutes with Bellamy quickly catching up. As you were running, you felt an wooden landing under your feet. Confused, you stop and bend down to see what it is, not caring that the hog was long gone.

“Is that what I think it is?” Bellamy says coming up beside you.

“I think so!” You grinned as you opened the door to reveal a hidden bunker.
“Good timing too!” He stated, glancing up at the sunless sky with light rain falling from it. You climbed down the ladder and took your torch out of your backpack. With the help of the torch, you found some candles and lit them with your trusty lighter.

“It looks like it’s going to storm…” Bellamy says as he closes the bunker door and climbs down the ladder.

“Hopefully Sterling and Miller were as lucky as us.” You go over to the bed and lay on it. It’s been way too long since you have slept in a real bed.

“What else does this place have…?”

“You check, I relax.” You laugh as you eagerly watch on from the bed. Bellamy ended up finding some nuts and red wine. As he came walking towards the bed, you heard the rain pounding on the ceiling door.

“Looks like we’ll have to stay the night…” Bellamy said softly, taking a seat next to you and handing you the nuts.

“It’s only one night, we’ll share the bed,” you suggest, thinking about how close you and Bellamy would be. You two finished the wine and nuts in no time and decided to take a much-needed break to relax. While talking about what’s in store for the camp in the following weeks, Bellamy started to look at you weirdly with a wicked smile.


“Are you ticklish?”

“No, of course, I’m not.” You started to back away from him and slid off the bed.

“Where are you going?”
You feel a strong hand on your wrist, pulling you back on the bed.

“Please, Bellamy…don’t,” you say because you know if he tickles you, he’ll find out you’re very ticklish and he’ll use it against you all the time. You fall back on the bed, and he pins you down, holding both of your wrists to the mattress with a big smile on his face.

“I’ll do anything, just d-”

“Too late.” He then grabs your wrists and puts them under his knees so you can’t escape. He begins to tickle your sides and you begin to laugh out loud uncontrollably.

“I can’t take anymore.” You laugh, managing to get out of his hold and started to push him off of you with your hands on his toned chest. He takes your hands and pinned them down over your head, stares down at your lips for a moment then back up to your eyes.

“Can I kiss you?”
You nod as places a gentle kiss on your lips as he intertwined his fingers with yours.

hella people in the tmithc tag bitching about how they saw a swastika so they hate amazon

here’s a fuckin concept: consider what the actual message of the goddamn show is before jumping to be offended

the genocides by the nazi and imperial japanese regimes were disgusting, no-one decent would ever deny that

and if you’re jewish, romany, gay, disabled, or a member of any other group the nazis persecuted, it’s okay to want to steer clear of histories where an ideology like that is dominant

but the imagery in the show is supposed to be bleak and chilling, and it’s supposed to force you to confront, in gruesome detail, the horror of this hypothetical world

chill tf out and stop flipping shit over friggin symbols

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Could I be cheeky and ask for both a male match & a female match, as I'm kinda unsure of my sexuality? I'm female, 5'6", chubby, curly brown hair & brown eyes behind my glasses (I am long-sighted, probably from staring at computer screens & reading books!) I like video games, singing & embroidery. I have a good sense of humour but can sometimes get a bit too sarcastic & hurt people's feelings. I love the sea, the countryside & the peace of being away from large groups of people.

Of course you can :D!

Your female match is!!


- The sea, the country side and the peace? Yes! If you ever wanted to travel out to such serene places, she’d tag along and bring her camera for some photos!
- She finds your interest in embroidery cute and wants to learn how to do it with you!
- Haley is a bit of a social butterfly, but as her story progresses in game she seems to get a bit more comfortable going about scenarios with the people of the valley and her girlfriend, instead of the large city crowds. Going off of her early game desires to go to malls
- She is a big fan of your singing!! Expect her to join in~ She’s actually really good at singing too~
- She can handle the sarcastic humor, she can absolutely dish it too. Lowkey savage.

Your male matchup is!!


- Alex admires your singing voice so much! He may not want to join in, but he always wants to hear you sing! He’ll even make song requests sometimes. Sometimes in public, but he just wants to show off his beautiful singing girlfriend!
Alex would love to play video games with you! Especially competitive games over co-op games. Mario kart is a favorite~
- He honestly might try wearing your glasses at some point, but he’ll soon realize why he shouldn’t!! (Though he kinda looked cute in them) (but you look even cuter in them~)
- Alex would love to cuddle you in his strong arms, like often. Like really often.
- He also really loves your sense of humor, he likes making you laugh and you in return make him laugh.

Thank you for the matchup ask! <3

if i could save you (i would i would i would)

A/N: for anyone that has ever messaged me anything ever. because i adore all of them and all of you. 

WARNING: graphic depictions of violence and very sad things ahead and in general im just v sorry for this whole thing

Lily wears her new cloak backwards. This is how it starts. James tells her in potions and she laughs. It feels weird to laugh at something James Potter has said because she’s in seventh year and hasn’t spoken to him since Sev broke her in front of the whole school. He laughs at her like he’s pretending not to. Sirius gets detention and forces Remus to get one so he won’t be lonely. Marlene slips in the hallway and almost fractures her tailbone. Evangeline and Mary have to lug her up three flights of stairs to the hospital wing while she yells at them to be gentle. They yell at her to shut up and when she doesn’t Mary ‘accidentally’ let’s go and Marlene really breaks her tailbone. Lily puts her cloak on the right way. James applauds her for this in the middle of the corridor. She bows.

Mary and Peter are partnered for charms but have an epic wand-sword fight instead. Sirius calls Melina Spillini a ‘hot chick’ and Marlene calls him a ‘fucking pig’ and then stomps on his toe. James laughs. Lily takes her earrings out, loses them and every time she tries ‘accio earrings’ all of the girls in the area yell at her to stop stealing their jewellery. Remus skips Care of Magical Creatures to help her look. Lily calls him a darling and he blushes because he is. Three people go missing and the ministry doesn’t know here to look because they don’t seem to know anything.  James dares Sirius to swing from the chandelier on the second floor and it breaks mid swing. McGonagall gives the whole lot of them detention and Evangeline is laughing so hard she falls over and lands in the chandelier. Mary fails a paper and cries because she really did try. Lily tells her it’s okay and it’s not, but it will be. Marlene calls James a ‘plastic bottle of toads piss.’ And Peter copies it into his charms notes because he wants to tell Sirius about it later.

James lends Lily his charms notes. She spills coffee on them. Sirius tells Remus his theory about Merlin being Dumbledore. Mary overhears. They start a secret club dedicated to exposing the truth. Evangeline calls them idiots but is always ‘stumbling’ onto their meetings. Marlene ruffles James hair when she walks past him in the library. Mary pulls Remus’s tie when they eat breakfast. Lily uses her quill to tickle the back of Peter’s hand when they sit next to each other during astronomy. Evangeline just calls Sirius a ‘fuckface’ as often as she can. Remus tries to paint the dormitory wall and gets a months’ worth of detentions from McGonagall. Sirius calls it ‘noble work’. Janet Brown’s mother is killed by a man with red eyes and Remus can’t get her face out of his head because her daughter was twelve and this woman will never see her get any older. Lily gives James’s charms notes back with the coffee stains on them while apologising profusely. James just charms the stain off. Lily realises she didn’t read the notes carefully enough.

Sirius goes out with Janie Porter. Peter rereads his favourite book, where everybody is brave and nobody dies. Mary reads gossip magazines while Marlene draws moustaches on all the people. The bodies of the three missing people are found drawn and quartered in Diagon ally, hanging from ‘Flourish and Blott’s’ light fixture. Evangeline hears this and goes to throw up in the toilet. Lily starts studying with James in the library on Thursday’s. Marlene puts her feet on Sirius’s face when they’re lying on the common room floor. Remus writes to his mother. James and Peter flood the staffroom with orange juice and blame it on Lily and Sirius. Mary eats so much cake on Evangeline’s birthday that she ends up throwing up over the toilet while Remus holds her hair back. James and Lily start studying together on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s because he can’t do potions for shit and Lily thinks it’s hilarious. Sirius breaks up with Janie and she calls him a ‘FUCKING GARBAGE SCUM WHORE’ in front of the whole school. Remus laughs so hard he gets a detention.

James steals Lily’s toast off her plate at breakfast. Evangeline locks Mrs Norris in a broom closet and tells Filtch he’s an ‘embarrassment to the human race’ when he catches her doing it. Jason Lee calls Marlene a bitch and James punches him because only they’re allowed to call Marlene a bitch. He gets a detention and, although she’ll deny it till the end of time, Marlene gets a detention on purpose so she can keep him company.  Mary pops her chewing gum in people’s faces because she thinks it’s funny. Lily finds out Peter can’t peel an orange without a knife, tells Sirius by accident and by the end of the week Sirius is putting oranges in all of Peters stuff. The next week a rumour goes around school that Sirius Black likes to eat dog biscuits in his spare time and Sirius stands on the table in the Great Hall during breakfast trying to convince everyone it’s false. James and Lily boo while throwing oranges at him. James bets Lily three galleons that she can’t get one in Sirius’s mouth. She does, and calls James a loser for the rest of the month.

Evangeline covers for Marlene when she’s late to early morning Defence because she can’t wake up to any alarm. Sometimes Sirius wakes up retching in the middle of the night because he’s dreamed he’s become his father. There is a school assembly about how to handle the death of a loved one. Remus and Peter convince half the sixth year that they have to take N.E.W.T.S one year early. 23 people cry and 14 faint, Mary calls them arseholes but can’t stop laughing behind her hand. Lily eats half a handful of Bowtruckle Wings on a dare from Sirius, locks herself in the bathroom to throw up and passes out over the toilet. James breaks down the door to get her out and Remus clears the hallways by yelling ‘WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE A LIFE HERE PEOPLE’ while Sirius runs to Madame Pomfrey. Peter alerts the girls and within twenty minutes four girls, three boys and one frantic Sirius Black are pacing the waiting room refusing to leave. Lily wakes up thirty minutes later, and the first thing she says is: ‘Black you owe me five galleons’. James has never smiled so hard in his life.

All 121 women in ‘Mothers against Muggle-Born Murder’ are found buried in a field, their bodies tangled together in one huge hole like they’re  clothes in a drawer. James hears on a Tuesday when he’s studying with Lily in the library. Lily thinks about all of those women’s families and how they were fighting for her right to live. James curls his fingers around hers and it feels like he is trying to anchor her to the world. Sirius convinces the girls to sneak into the boy’s dorm that night, they sit on the floor eating liquorice and Mary leans on Remus’s knees while Lily plaits Evangeline’s hair and nobody says much of anything. Then James says he’s just discovered that sucking on ice-cubes is the best thing ever, and Marlene tells him he’s weirdo, so then Remus tells Marlene that’s she’s a weirdo for still using the word weirdo and life goes on. Because life has a tendency to do that.

Mary becomes hooked on records and won’t stop humming, much to everyone’s annoyance. Lily puts her feet on James when she’s lying on the couch and he draws flowers on her anklebone. Sirius sleeps with two girls in the same broom closet at two different times, and both times manages to get caught by a teacher. He says he has a gift as he sits in detention. Evangeline forgets how to spell the word ‘combined’ for no good reason. Mary paints Lily’s toenails. Marlene makes a first year cry by asking them to pass the marmalade. Peter thinks this is hilarious. James talks a fourth year out of throwing away all of her high heels because her boyfriend doesn’t like it when she’s taller than him. James reminds her that girls don’t exist to make boys feel important. He is right. Lily and James have a three hour debate about whether the Giant Squid can read and then they fall asleep in the common room, her head on his chest with his heartbeat in her ears. Regulus spits in Sirius’s face when he walked past him and Sirius wanted to hit him but somehow couldn’t make himself do it. His hands were shaking too much. So Marlene did it for him and called Regulus a ‘spineless fucking piece of shit’ for good measure. Then she leads Sirius around the corner and asks him if he’s alright in her sharp Marlene voice and Sirius can’t answer the question because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know.

There is now a column in the paper solely dedicated to reporting the new names of the dead each morning. Remus gets a bruise from hitting the side of the common room table. Evangeline throws grapes at James face and he tries to catch them in his mouth. Lily joins in and the whole thing deteriorates until Lily is straddling James’s chest while Evangeline shoves as many grapes as she can in his mouth. Peter breaks a common room window by throwing a Quaffle through it accidentally. Lily and Sirius play a game where they try and come up with the lamest joke. Lily wins and Sirius gives her a daisy crown he made earlier as a prize. She kisses his check and falls in love with him a little bit, he does the same.  Remus and Mary attempt to cover Peter’s broken window by getting Mary to sit on Remus’s shoulders and refusing to move when McGonagall comes into the room. When Lily smiles a cracking noise like a firework going off happens in James’s brain. He decides to ignore it the hope that maybe it will go away.

Peter falls asleep in one of Dumbledore’s speeches after a full moon. Evangeline draws a moustache on Sirius while he’s sleeping and he doesn’t notice for three classes until Mary finally gives into the guilt and whispers it to him during Defence. A ministry spokesperson calls for the downfall of the dark arts and is found the next day by his screaming wife, his head floating in her best soup pot. Lily calls James a twat for getting a better charms mark than her and he flicks her on the nose and calls her jealous. She flicks him in the eye and laughs while he drags her to the hospital wing because ‘honestly Lily I think I am blind take me to Madam Pomfrey’. Marlene can’t master the Owl summoning spell and she sort-of loses it, crying angry frustrated tears because she can’t do it and everything is shit and a second year came up to her yesterday wanting to be walked to the bathroom because she was scared she would be attacked on the way there. And Marlene is crying and crying and crying and then she is screaming and screaming and when Peter finds her on the bathroom floor he first begins to think that there is a small chance that they aren’t winning. That maybe they were never even playing the right game.

Lily and James take turns piggybacking each other while the others clap, lying on the Quidditch pitch. They end up collapsing and James is laughing and Lily wants to crawl into it, to crawl into his happiness and live there for her whole life. Sirius calls Remus a ‘sunflower’ and then proceeds to make up a song about it. Mary does the harmony and Evangeline walks ahead of them on the hallway so people don’t think she’s with them. But everyone knows that she is, including her. Professor Flitwick’s teacher in training Professor Arlinta breaks down crying in the middle of a charms lesson because her sister is no longer on the planet. Mary tells a group of third year girls that if a boy tells a joke they don’t think is funny they don’t have to laugh. Marlene listens while leaning against a wall. She is all at once very proud that she is friends with this person, in the way that only girls can be. Peter and James charm all of the walls so that they’re no longer stone, but shag carpet, Lily says it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. Her and Evangeline slide against the wall for the whole day until the teachers figure out how to change it back. More people die. Remus hears all their names thump against his brain and slides down the bathroom wall.

All at once everything seems to get very dark very quickly. Mary can no longer see light unless she is doing something routine, like putting on her makeup. Marlene can only glimpse it when she’s flying. James can only see it when he’s listening to Lily’s voice. Sirius can’t see it at all. Names are plastered in the papers. Teachers stare into space in the middle of lessons. The whole thing seems like a horrible, horrible dream. And then Mary is taken out of Astronomy by McGonagall and James hears a scream from outside and he runs out just in time to catch her before she hits the floor. And she’s screaming screaming screaming and crying crying crying because her mother wrote to her last week about how she was planning on getting new curtains for the kitchen and how her father wouldn’t help pick and now they will never ever get to pick anything ever again. James is holding her and they’re lying on the floor of the hallway when Evangeline finds them, and then Remus with Lily and Sirius stumbles in through a daze being led by Marlene. They’re lying on the corridor floor when Peter finally gets to them, they take up the whole space and Mary is crying into Sirius’s shirt while Lily leans her head into James and Peter thinks of his favourite book. The one where everyone is brave and nobody dies. But the thing is that not everyone is brave, and not everyone can live. And that’s when Peter knows, with horrifying clarity, what he is going to do.

Marlene carves her name onto her headboard so there will be something left of her. James kisses Lily, or Lily kisses James and it’s not beautiful or romantic but full of teeth and swelling heart. Lily wants to kiss him forever because when she does her brain goes quiet and she doesn’t have to think of a single thing. James traces his long fingers along her collar bones and has a feeling that she will be his downfall. He doesn’t care. He will throw everything away, all of it, on her if he has to. He can live without her but he doesn’t ever want to. Mary wears oversized shirts and feels lost in all of the space. Remus looks at things without seeing and Evangeline’s teeth trap in all of the words she wants to say. Marlene bites her lip until it bleeds. Sirius sits in trees alone and has sex with random girls and falls asleep outside because he feels so trapped in every place where he can’t see the sky. Peter sets his jaw. Evangeline wishes she could become gold light, and pour over everyone she loves.

And then they’re graduating, sitting on the astronomy tower roof drinking firewhiskey that heats their blood. And Evangeline has her head in Marlene’s stomach while Mary sits in between Peter’s legs. Remus has his legs on James’s as Lily leans into Sirius’s chest, her hands curled around James’s bony fingers. And in this universe they are betrayed, and in this universe they are all dead before they have really lived and in this universe something worse than death will find some of them. But in this same universe they sit on a roof and love each other with their whole hearts. And that is not enough but it has to be because there isn’t going to be anything else. There isn’t going to be another single thing.

Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do

Jensen x Reader

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Your favourite part about going to conventions was the photo ops. You loved how the look on the fans faces before they walked up to you. You knew just how nervous yet excited you were, you got the same way. Right now, Jared and Jensen were doing their second session together, their last group for the night.

You decided it was a good idea to sneak in towards the end, hoping to surprise him, and to catch a quick glance at Jensen before you headed back to your hotel room for the night.

Clif was standing in clear view of you, he broke out in a wide smile when he realized what you were up to. The line up was almost done, you could see the last few fans, and the bright smiles on their faces before Jared and Jensen realized that you were in the room.

  You jumped on Jared’s back, causing him to let out a girlish streak before realizing it was you. Jensen burst out in laughter, his whole body shaking. You couldn’t help but smile widely at how happy they looked. The next fan shyly came up.

  “Hey do you mind if I crash your picture?” you asked her sweetly.

  “N-no, that’s okay. You’re one of my favourites,” she said quietly.

  “Sweet, what do you want us to do?” Jared asked her.

  “I was hoping I could hug you, Jared. And Jensen you can do something you’ve always wanted to do with Y/N,” she told us, avoiding looking at us.

  “Sounds awesome,” Jensen chuckled.

  “Come here, sweetheart,” Jared said as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

  “Here’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Jensen smiled. His hand came up to cup your cheek, brushing the hair away from your face, before leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. Your heart began to race, and you got butterflies in your stomach. It was perfect.

  “Thank you,” she smiled as she walked away.

Boy was she going to get a surprise when she picked up her photo later.

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Rule: Use songs only from one artist!

I picked EXO because they were the first boy group I ever got into, they were my first love. 

Gender: “Transformer”

Describe yourself: “She’s dreaming″

How do you feel: “Hurt”

Where do you currently live: “Cloud 9”

If you could go anywhere, where: “El Dorado”

Favorite form of transport: “Run” 

Best friend is: “Peter Pan”

You and your best friends are: “Beautiful”

Favorite time of the day: “Christmas day”

If your life was a TV show: “Black pearl”

What is life to you: “Unfair”

Your relationship: “What is love”

Your fear: “Wolf”

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NAME.    smer !
PRONOUNS.    she  /  her !
SEXUALITY.    the  most  bisexual  person  you  will  ever  meet  .  .  .
TAKEN OR SINGLE.    taken  by  my  very  own  spider  -  man  (  &  two  wives  )


ONE.    i  am  a  full  time  waitress  at  olive  garden  with  absolutely  no  time  on  my  hands !
TWO.    i  spend  600  dollars  a  year  to  geek  out  at  walt  disney  world  !
THREE.    to  my  research  ,  there’s  no  other  person  in  the  world  with  my  name  !


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?).    i  started  on  tumblr  roleplay  in  2010  as  part  of  the  group  COMEPLETELY  WHELMED  who  i’m  not  tagging  in  this  ,  but  you  can  find  at  the  url  !
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED.     tumblr  /  KIK  /  skype  !
BEST EXPERIENCE.    my  first  week  or  two  on  KYLO  .  honestly  i  had  such  a  blast  ,  &  of  course  ,  i  still  do  but  that  first  week  sold  me  on  sticking  with  the  sw  rp  community  .


FEMALE OR MALE.    males  with  daddy  issues  .  (  dont  believe  me  ?  castiel  ,  kylo  ,  peter  parker  ,  etc.  .  .  .  )
MULTI OR SINGLE.    single  ,  but  i’m  in  the  process  of  creating  a  multi  for  all  those  muses  that  want  attention  ,  but  i’m  not  dedicated  enough  to  make  singular  blogs  for  !


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT.    ANGST  !  whump  ,  even  ,  kick  KYLO’s  ass  please  ?
PLOTS OR MEMES.     plots  !
BEST TIME TO WRITE.     1  AM  when  i  finally  finish  my coffee  &  the  muse  starts  kicking  &  screaming  !
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S).     oh  my  GOD  i  hope  not  ?

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Happy birthday Miyu, 4th of September! Thanks for being the go-to character when I need to make someone suffer! Plese enjoy your happy day and birthday-cake!

This is as much as another coffee break allows me. I haven’t drawn a group picture in a while – it was actually pretty fun. Birthday cake with the family, what’s better than this? Let’s play a game of “spot all the custom units“!

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1. Who was your first fictional crush?
mine was harry potter too oops,,

2. When/How did you discover fanfiction?
like? 7th grade? and i honestly don’t know how, it just sorta became a part of my life somehow…

3. What’s the weirdest fanfic you’ve ever read?
i rarely ever read weird fanfic so i have to say my immortal i guess. i did read all 52 chapters of it so

4. What was the first fandom you joined? (Not specifically a Tumblr one, just a group that all had a common interest)
percy jackson for sure

5. Have you ever named anything after a book/TV show? Or plan to?
i don’t have any children or pets so not really nah

6. Give us a brief history of your otps, spanning from childhood till now.
hoo boy. i guess it all started with hanleia and hinny when i was little, probably,and the first ship that i was super invested in was fourtris, in like 6th grade, and now they’re all still amazing but i’ve picked up a lot more (merthur, shules, scorbus, etcetc) there are too many to list tbh

7. Do you own any fan merchandise for something ? If so, what? If not, what would you have?
hooly crap i have a lot like i can’t fit it all into one post but currently i’m wearing a hamilton shirt that says “burr 1800″ and sitting next to a wall with a star wars poster, a sherlock poster, a merlin one, and two harry potter ones (& i’m wearing a harry potter neckalce) to give u a sampling

8. If you had the opportunity to be part of your favourite book or TV series would you want to be? Or would you rather stay an observer?
hell yeah i would totally go to hogwarts, harry’s graduated by now so it’d probably be pretty chill

9. When did you join Tumblr?                                                                             mm about a year ago idk

10. If you had to pick one fictional boyfriend or girlfriend, who would it be and why?

um barry b benson obviously

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do you ever just realize thanks to some random reminder of the past that one of your elementary school teachers was probably a racist to the point of being a white supremacist/aryan nation type, bc once she told the whole class that scientific studies had shown people with blue eyes to be smarter than those with brown eyes, then made each group raise their hands in turn (with grey and green sorted under blue and hazel under brown) and just said “well there you go” like that proved everything?

going to school in super super small, isolated towns is a wild fucking ride.

anonymous asked:

vent: did you ever notice how the higher the population of a certain minority group is in a certain area, the more widespread and aggressive the prejudice against that minority group is? ex: I live in BC Canada with a lot of East Asian ppl. literally every single one of my white friends hate the Chinese. it's so bad that talking to my friends for too long makes me nauseous. they were talking about Chinese ppl today at lunch and I almost slapped my best friend. like they arent even joking.. wtf.

Yes, I have noticed that! Here in my town in Washington, 80 percent of the population are white people. It’s not nearly as actively racist up here than it is in the south. However, I’m not the best one to explain why this is because 1. i’m white, 2. Someone did explain this to me once but i forgot most of it because i have the worst attention span ever. (also i’d slap your friend too)

Okay so I’m going through the tag and seeing a few of you saying how you want to talk to someone about HP/Dramione and share headcanons and basically just suffer together

So… why don’t we create a network for that?

Would anyone be interested in something of that nature? Because it could have so many applications. If enough people are interested, I have no problem creating one.

Basically, I’d make a Slack group for all of us. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s one of the most useful sites I’ve ever encountered; it has a group chat, and you can create subchats (e.g. by region, or by House, or by category–head canons, prompts, rp I suppose for those of you into that, etc) as well. You can send files directly through the site, so you can private chat people if you want (think of talking to your beta in real-time and sending them your fic’s draft and then flicking over to the next chat and your friend can send you their wip graphic, for example. It’s essentially a less glitchy Skype without a download and with more organisational capabilities). 

What I’m getting at is, it’s extremely convenient, and would essentially be a fandom-wide IM group with highly customisable ‘folders’. So you could give me your House and I’d give you access to your Common Room’s ‘folder’ and you could even chat to your House mates. 

This is just an off-the-cuff idea and I’m literally typing whatever comes to mind at the moment, but really if you are all interested, then I think it would be worth it! Think about it, as popular of a ship as we are, the fandom is still dwindling. This could strengthen it and make things fun in a really new way.

With that said, I would be doing this for the fandom so I’m 100% open to any suggestions you may have. :) I’m also open to the idea of allowing different ‘folders’ or chat groups, rather, for other ships if non-Dramione shippers want to join, too! But the central theme would be Dramione.

Again, this is just me talking off the top of my head because I’ve seen an interest in the tags for DHr buddies, and really–from experience I’ve seen that we’re a rather shy group. So this could be fun for all of you, yeah?

So if you ARE interested, please let me know. This simply wouldn’t be practical if only around five of you wanted something like this.

And if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know! I’ve used Slack for political organising before so I’m reasonably familiar with it, but I know it’s still relatively unheard of.