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Happy Birthday Niles~


haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


“With bros like Jack, who needs enemies?” @therealjacksepticeye @pewdie

An inverted drawing i did today and man was it hard

I am so looking forward to Scare Pewdiepie S2, especially with these two together!!

listen i just. alec has his hands behind his back so often and when he doesn’t he’s nearly always stimming with them and it just makes me wonder ???? how many times growing up did maryse snap at him to keep them still until he started just putting them behind his back out of habit to stop himself from ‘fidgeting’ because he was told it was annoying and childish? also i’ve noticed he kinda rocks on his heels sometimes when his hands are behind his back?? like he’s doing that Instead of the hand things so

Since @fangsmagicandinspiration made me a fic for one of my sketches, I made a sketch for a different scene in their fic! Maybe were just gonna have an endless cycle of making stuff inspired by the other and end up with a weird game of art/writing telephone lol

Check out their awesome fic here

kevin williamson needs to sit julie plec down and explain to her that you don’t meet a new soulmate every year and that you only have one love of your life

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm the anon who NEVER asked you to put a full citation list. you did that yourself. I asked you to be accurate, exactly like Radio Times has been by the way. Mixed reviews are not the same than "all the reviews are terrible" like you said. RT did a summary with the good and bad reviews. You said all of them were bad, so don't compare yourself with RT. I think you just read what you want to read. You can criticise others, but others cannot criticise you. It's ok. It's your blog. Good luck!

i think you need a hug, bb

  • for the third time, for the last time, i was not lying, i was being accurate at the very time that i wrote the post, i legit had mostly seen poor ones at that point, and there have been some very good ones since that demonstrate how mixed/extreme/love-hate the reaction has been overall. which i have said several times now. perhaps you just listen to what you want to listen to. 
  • i wrote the initial post hurriedly on my phone as a quick, shocked reaction post to the reviews i had read so far at that point, so give me a break, and stop taking this so personally
  • if you seriously believe that i would actually want my favourite dude to have a dent in his reputation (which i never said btw; i have never ever said that david tennant’s acting was in question here. it is the writing the negative reviews have taken issue with. not him) by virtue of him being in a dud play then why the f do u think i would dedicate so much time to blogging about the life and times of this man lmao
  • people have seriously reacted to that radio times article in a way i find hilarious, because yes, they were like ‘mixed reviews? EXCUSE ME look at these 4 and 5 stars!’ when there have also been a whole bunch of 2s too, that is a fact, and the very definition of mixed reviews, hence why the  radio times wrote that
  • why can you not just admit that this play has received an objectively worse reaction to it than his previous plays? i have zero memory of seeing a tennant play get 2 stars by one critic before now, let alone by several. the 4 and 5 stars are a relief and great, but the 2s are still like, wtf?? for tennant?? unheard of.
  • i spend my entire life thinking critically about every decision i make because i am incredibly easily embarrassed but more than that will feel guilt over the slightest mis-speak for years, but i don’t feel it’s warranted for me to have to defend myself to a person who doesn’t even have the gall to put a name to their, let’s face it, incredibly rude messages
  • i try not to judge other people and to be kind, to live and let live, but when faced with five messages from you in particular and two from another anon (or maybe 2 other separate anons? not sure if the first two i answered were from the same person), ranting in my inbox, possibly the same or maybe different people to the ones who come have a go at me every time i so much as tease david tennant about his fashion sense or harmlessly wish he didn’t assume decent human beings are dull to play, is it any wonder that i might be a little bit done. with the defensive and self-righteous attitude. of some of you people. hence why i get a little bit defensive and a little bit self-righteous myself. 
  • thanks for that nice threatening little ‘good luck’ at the end, there. proper appreciate that.
  • /brb going on a mindfulness course for seventeen years to deal w/ this shit
A recipe for me:


  • ½ cup English
  • ½ cup Kiwi (New Zealand)
  • a pinch of crazy Welsh blood
  • a shit ton of sweet food
  • 3 tbsp emo music
  • tbsp of strange obsessions
  • 5 cups of a need for band merch
  • 3 buckets of hidden depression
  • 4 cans of internal screaming
  • a pinch of fangirl crying
  • 3 cups anxiety
  • a pinch of insanity
  • 3 truckloads of procrastination
  • a can of laziness
  • 4 cups of really thick hair
  • 2 tsp musical aspiration
  • a cheap version of Dean’s amulet
  • 1 pair of converse shoes
  • a packet of Airwaves chewing gum
  • tsp confusion
  • 1 bucket of: “School doesn’t matter, we are all gonna die *does homework anyway and stresses immensely about getting good grades*”
  • a grain of an eccedentesiast (look that shit up on google)
  • 3 tbsp social awkwardness
  • 1 tbsp of strangely dark eyebrows
  • 2 grinds of quiet swearing
  • 2 cups of someone who is: actually nice, quite shy, probably not as messed up as she thinks she is, and afraid to offend anyone in any way, in real life, but makes it seem like they are an asshole by doing this
  • 3 strips of loneliness
  • 2 cans of a need for hugs
  • and 15 years of stone cold livin


Mix all ingredi-… oh… you dropped all of them on the floor?… it’s okay, just… scoop them up-… wait- no that’s okay, yeah use some glue… just… put that weird spot on their face and you’re done.

Serve cold

Show me your recipes: @mychemicalchinchilla @shipsareamazing123 @omg-i-cannot-even @victorious-killjoys @gerardstolemycookie @trashholeofshittybandstuff @potterlock5ever @poppunkisbetterthanyou @immacrazyfangirl @kindasortamaybeemo @lizbeth-loves-bobear @dallnweeks @anyone who wants to <3 and you guys don’t have to do it lmao


Knuckles: “I feel so bad when she gives me those eyes, so I panicked and told her my mom’s the reason i have it…. she started crying.”

 Knuckles: “But anyways, weirdly enough, Sonic is the only one who hasn’t asked me yet.”

Everyone always talks about Noya dressed in the girls’ seifuku, but I also think Tanaka would look absolutely stunning, and Noya agrees.


so, @kevinkevinson and me accidentally stumbled upon this

Until there are official answers I’m gonna roll with Casey’s hc

i just remembered one of the first vividly gay moments i had back in highschool when i was in denial. i was friends with two girls who were dating and one of them made the other cry for some reason all the time like all the time. and i was always trying to comfort the one who was crying. and one day i had the thought “i wouldn’t treat you like this.”

and my het™ oriented mind immediately rejected that thought like “too bad she’s a GIRL so you wouldn’t be dating her IN THE FIRST PLACE b/c YOU’RE TOTALLY STRAIGHT.”