how to style t shirts

harpoonzz  asked:

8, 29, & 60? :0

8. which color do you wear the most?

Purple definitely! (mainly because it’s my favourite colour)

29. how would you describe your style?

Loose upper clothing (like hoodies or oversized t-shirts) and skinny jeans are like the only things I wear

60. favorite fruit?

APPLES ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

aprincesswholovesinsects  asked:

for the unusual asks: 7, 10, 14, 30, 34, 67, 99

7: what color hair do you have?

10: how would you describe your style?
-neutral tones, oversized sweaters/t shirts, and ripped jeans

14: if you can live anywhere in the world
where would it be? why?
-OH MAN MY DUDE this is hard idk definitely nowhere too cold or too hot or too cloudy… other than that i’m good anywhere

30: whats your favorite candle scent?
-lavender is my favorite scent of anything

34: favorite actress
carrie fisher will forever be my favorite actress

67: what are your hobbies?
waiting for the sweet release of death (i also sing)

99: what is your zodiac sign?

sorry i took so long to answer but thanks for asking my dude!!!!!!

ieskapieska  asked:

1-10 + 13 and 14 :)

Thank you Isabelle ✨

1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? - Spotify, tho i can’t afford it atm 😂
2. is your room messy or clean? - messy af
3. what color are your eyes? - brown
4. do you like your name? why? - yeah, it’s quite unique in my country and sounds nice
5. what is your relationship status? - single 
6. describe your personality in 3 words or less - happy sad extrovert
7. what color hair do you have? - brown 
8. what kind of car do you drive? color? - i don’t drive :v
9. where do you shop? - what kind of shopping ;_; idk i like Carrefour and Cropp and House and Sin Say
10. how would you describe your style? - simple, just some jeans and t shirt but i love big comfy sweaters and these nice pastel coats
13. any siblings? - i’ve got to know i have a half-brother recently
14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? - just wherever i’d be happy, i have no idea tbh

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Hi! Any advice on how to style oversized t-shirts? Thanks!

i usually tuck them into high-waisted shorts/skirts and belt them!! or if they’re really long, i wear them as shirt dresses. you can also wear collared shirts underneath so the collar pokes out oRRR three-quarter/long-sleeve high/mock necks too!!!! so many possibilities 😱😱😱


Uta no Prince-sama Idol Produce Couple-Look T-shirts

Just three of the shirts I saw at the Shibuya Marui Broccoli store~ Camus’s was cute because it has a mini pocket on the bottom, and Natsuki’s design is one I’d actually wear outside. Ai’s design was nice as well, but white shirts are always see-through so I don’t buy them often. I didn’t take a picture, but Tokiya’s design was super cool with constellations and would also be something I’d wear normally. The signs at the bottom tell you how to style the T-shirt in an outfit which was cute.

As of now, only way to buy the shirts is online in the webstore.

Holy Sh*t Hilary Duff and Ed Sheeran Are Recording a Song Together! 

See the Instagram Proof…#BringBackHilaryDuff

It’s been 11 (!!) years since HDuff released her last album, so we’re stoked to hear she’s returning to the recording studio. If you grew up with Lizzie McGuire you’ve probably watched Hilary’s fashion transformation. Today, her street style is killer.

Here’s how to get her look:

T-Shirt: Chaser Seamed Double-V Tee from Urban Outfitters (Loose, comfy look that’s hard to find!)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Round Metal Framed Sunglasses from FarFetch (Classic style that you’ll never get sick of)

Jeans: Charlotte Russe Red Denim Leggings (On sale for $25 right now!) 

Lipstick: Bite Beauty Set with 4 matte pencils from Sephora (So good. Get it before it’s gone: $28 for $64 value!)

As for her duet with Ed? We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Have an awesome day!

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Instagram Photo Credit: Hilary Duff Instagram


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