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The Color Of My World // A Stiles Stilinski AU

Prompt: Soulmate AU where for your entire life you’ve only ever seen black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. But, what would you do if you found out your soulmate was the one person your current boyfriend hates the most in this world?

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Theo Raeken x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Intimate Dancing, Kissing, Swearing, and Future Smut (I gotta build it up first y’all but smut is coming)

Song: Flaslight by Jessie J (Cover by Leroy Sánchez)

Word Count: 3,157

A/N: Y’all this was a long time coming. This series is so incredibly important to me, it took me months on end to write. This is without a doubt my favorite story I have written so far and has become my baby. Special thanks to @sarcasticallystilinski for reading it over and supporting me! I really hope you guys love this as much as I do.

P.s. All of the songs will be in Stiles’ POV and, Oh My God, I highly recommend you listen to them after every part to know what’s going on in his mind throughout the story. 

Love, Soulmates and Colors are the three words I despise the most in this world. They ring in my ears like sharp nails scratching against a dry chalkboard and, yet, it seems to be all everyone ever talks about.

“When will I find my soulmate?”

“All I ever see is black and white, I hope one day I’ll meet her and see color.”

“Wait, what do you mean you’re only seeing blue?”

Everyone on this God forsaken planet can only see the dull shades of black and white. However, rumor has it, that that completely changes when you meet your soulmate - as if that bullshit actually exists. Apparently, the moment your skin touches theirs, your entire world becomes vibrant with color and life.

I don’t believe it for one second. Not because I’m bitter or anything, but because I’ve never actually met anyone who can see in color and, therefore, I don’t believe that possibility exists. What would a world full of color even look like? I’m so used to the reality of black and white that the idea of shades other than these two seem so foreign and impossible.

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rachel--watkins  asked:

How would you describe characters face or what they look like?

Well it kind of depends on how descriptive you or the character whose point of view your in, likes to get. I have some characters that could tell you every last detail about someone they just met, and I have characters that could tell you what there best friend was wearing two days ago if they tried, and I have characters who couldn’t tell you what they looked like unless they had already been staring into a mirror for an hour. 

But here are some descriptive points about the face you could make:

Face Shape: 

-Oval (Tapers towards the chin, wider forehead)

-Round(Length and width usually similar, usually larger in the cheek area)

-Long( Elongated features, this face type is usally combined with others. Example: Combined with a square face type to make more of a rectangle look) 

-Square(Forehead, cheekbones, jawline at similar widths. Square, prominent jawline.) 

-Heart (Face strongly tapers to the chin, forehead or chin tend to be prominent) 

-Diamond(Very angled, wider at the temples. ) 

Face Types/Bone Structure: 

-Rounder features

-Sharper featured 



Some other things you can use to describe someone: 

-Skin Tone

-Skin Color

-Skin Type (Oily, dry, ashy, clear, etc) 

-Distinguishing features (Moles, freckles, scars, tattoos, piercings, etc) 

-Eye color

-Eye Shape 

-Hair Color

-Hair Type(Thick, curly, straight, wavy, thin, etc)

-Hair Style (Short, long, messy, neat, kept up, kept down, etc) 

-Eyebrows (Color, shape, style)

-Nose(Round, button, long, wide/large, etc) 

-Lips (Thin, thick, chapped, dry, arched, flat, color, etc) 



-Physical mannerisms (How they walk, move, their posture, how they gesture, etc) 

-Voice (How they talk: Verb and word choice, fast, slow, etc, The sound of their voice: Loud, quiet, soft, harsh, etc) 

-Aura (How they naturally appear/ demeanor/ what people assume before meeting them. Example: Mean, nice, polite, rude, prissy, classy, rebellious, etc.) 

I hope this helps, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

EXO: Where They Love Touching You

A/N: Finally my first post! I hope you’ll like it <3

Minseok (Xiumin)
—Xiumin seems like the type of boyfriend who enjoys skinship. So when he gets a chance, he would always touch your hands. He loves how soft your hands are. With your cute little obsession with hand creams or lotions, no wonder your hands were as soft as a baby’s bum. Furthermore, it’s the way the spaces between his are filled by yours was what keeps him going.

Junmyeon (Suho)
—Suho loves your hair. The two of you would be having a lazy day, watching your favorite tv shows in your pajamas, your head resting on his lap. He’ll first rest his hand on top of your head, somehow awkward at first, but he’d then run his fingers through your soft hair. It became a habit but you don’t mind. You’ll fall asleep with the comforting sensation.

Yixing (Lay)
—Just like Xiumin, Yixing loves holding your hands. Either in public or just in the space of your own home, he’d never let go of your hands. He finds comfort when feeling your warm fingers wrapped against his. He also lowkey likes the way your hands are just too small compared to his, it reminds him to always love and protect you.

—Now Baekhyun would love touching your thighs. The first time his hand fell to your thighs made you nervous, and of course he felt the tension. He made sure it wasn’t a perverted act, instead he’ll explain that’s the way he likes to express his affection. His hand would be cupping your thigh, lightly squeezing it then running his thumb across it. Such a sweet and gentle gesture for a wild boy.

Jongdae (Chen)
Cheeks. Your cheeks is his favorite. He’ll sometimes jokingly tease you and compare his sharp cheekbones to your soft ones. He’d poke your cheeks when he wants attention, or just to annoy you. But of course, he loves pressing his lips against them and how soft they felt against his. Imagine all the eye contact whilst he cups your cheeks. My heart is melting.

—Hmm.. This gentle giant probably doesn’t have a favorite place when it comes to touching you. As long as it’s you, he will straight up melt. Even if it’s just your fingers accidentally brushing against each other when you’re passing the salt in the dining table. He loves wrapping his arms around you. His height serving as a big advantage to imprison you in his own love and affection.

Kyungsoo (D.O.)
—Despite his not-so-tall figure, he loves spooning you. So most of the time, his arms are wrapped around your waist. He would draw random shapes on your tummy using his fingers. Sometimes writing “I love you” or “Perfect”. Enveloping you in his arms made him feel like the strongest man in the world. After all, you are his world, so he’d give his all just to protect you.

Jongin (Kai)
—Okay have you seen this man’s hair? It’s like Sex Hair 24/7. So no wonder he loves your hair as well. Whether it’s long or short, curly or straight, however you style it, his heart would pound against his chest when his fingers touch even just a strand. Jongin would suggest tying your hair himself, explaining that’s how a great boyfriend should be. But it’s just really an excuse to touch you hair. Let him touch it.

—He likes holding your hands. He thinks it’s sweet and innocent. Although most of the time, his hands would go up to your arms. He likes to softly stroke your arms and watch you get goosebumps. He also loves wrapping his hands around your arms, securing you in his embrace. A little pinching and poking would come, but not without pressing soft kisses on a few spots.

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ichigobunnybun-fairy  asked:

Hi! Do you have any advice on curly/fluffy hair and what kind of hairstyle would look good for fairy kei?

I think it depends on how curly your hair is there are lots of cute styles! 80s inspired styles are also a good way to go~ (they didn’t have hair straighteners back then!) Buns, side-ponytails, half-styles, buns… You can try all sorts of looks♪

Curly hair usually has a lot of volume, so you can use that to your advantage!

Here is some cute, curly inspo!

@bundiesss​ has wonderful, curly hair and she leaves it her natural colour! Her coords have an adorable 80s feeling and her hair really finishes the look off ♡

Solarkid_ on Instagram! She has short, fluffy n curly hair which is sooo dreamy! It’s naturally curly and she works it to her advantage to make these adorable styles like twin buns and half buns!

Peco’s hair isn’t naturally curly, but it’s a trademark part of her look! Her style is inspired by 1980′s American preppy style, so again we’re going back to the 80s~ While her hair is obviously more “tame” compared to natural curls, it’s still great for style references!

This character by Manamoko (Fancy Surprise) @fancysurprise has long, curly hair~ It’s always held back with cute lil grips which would be fun to try!

If you’re after more afro-hair inspo rather than curls, check out my “natural hair” tag☆彡

I hope that helps!

emperorlester  asked:

how in the world am i supposed to draw hair. i think the world is expecting too much of me. could you possibly help me with drawing hair?

Hey I think YOU’RE putting too much pressure on yourself to draw perfect hair instantly!! You gotta take it slow. Drawing takes TIME and lots of practice. What style of hair do you want? Curly, straight, voluminous, short, long, etc? Also what DRAWING style are you aiming for? Cartoon, anime, realistic? 

My advice for hair is go with the flow - depending on the style of hair (and there are MANY), you generally want to make your strokes LOOSE and flowy. The exception to this suggestion would be if you’re drawing spiky short hair. 

For shading of the hair, as with anything else, think about light source(s). Generally you can get away with shading hair close to the neck and part(s), and highlighting hair on top of the head and the crests of curves. 

Also check out some tutorials online! There are TONS. Some good starters are here and here. Hope that helped :)

BTS finding you have short, curly hair

They’d think you look so cute when you come out from your room after just drying your hair and it’s down and slightly in your face curling all over the place in a sort of organised disarray. You’re too chill and relaxed from your warm shower to care too much about styling it and putting it up like usual so this is the first time they’ve seen your short, curly hair.

Hoseok (J-Hope)

He’d be so into your curly hair, he’d pull you down next to him on the sofa and nuzzle into your hair, letting your soft curls surround him, inhaling your clean scent.


He’d be so in love. He’d think you look so beautiful and natural he’d get all shy and smiley, not sure how he was so lucky to be able to see such a beautiful creature as you. He’d cuddle you and never want to let go, feeling blessed.


The second you came in his view, he wouldbe beaming, as he always does when in your presence but then he notices your hair. He’s shocked, not expecting that and you notice, feeling self concious you try to push it back into a ponytail but he quickly stops you. 

“You’re so cute Y/N please leave it down” 


This child might tease you a little at first but just because he doesn’t know how to express how cute he thinks you look. It’d take until you’re genuinely upset for him to realise he chose the wrong approach and he’d immediately try to comfort you, apologising and trying to explain himself.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m an idiot. I didn’t know how to tell you how beautiful you are. Please don’t be sad, I didn’t mean the teasing.”

Namjoon (Rap Monster)

He’d grin like a fool. He was so used to you being so well put together, always in makeup and trying hard to look good that seeing you relaxed and so natural, so comfortable with him, he’d feel like the most privileged person to have lived. You’d sit next to him to watch the TV but he’d be watching you. He doesn’t even faulter when you catch him, just smile that stupid smile of his and say something cheesy making you blush before you cuddle up together.

Taehyung (V)

This little shit would be so freaking extra about it. He’d make a fuss over how cute your curly hair is and would touch it non stop, making you sit between his legs, back to his chest so he could run his fingers through it. Eventually you’d just let him do what he wants knowing he’d sulk otherwise and that was too much effort to deal with. Once he was satisfied with playing with your hair, he’d pull you back and wrap his arms around you, resting his head on yours so he could still experience your soft curls. (I am weak af for Tae can I have curly hair just for this pls)

Yoongi (Suga) 

He wouldn’t really say or do too much in terms of showing his appreciation for your natural hair but would low key love it. To him, it meant you were comfortable enough to be your true self around him, whether you’re in a relationship or just friends, his heart would flutter realising that you think of him as someone so important that you can be yourself. He’d smile fondly at you as you sit next to him but other than that, he probably wouldn’t do too much but you might catch him smiling dopily from the corner of your eye, your lips lifting too while you pretend you didn’t catch him but you both knew you did.

I never intended to write individual actual scenarios which is why Hoseok’s is so much shorter than the rest so sorry about that

Thank you for the request anon!

~Admin Chee

lookingaroundforlife  asked:

Am I the only one who noticed how inconsistent Harley's pigtails are in Suicide Squad? In one scene, they are short and slightly curly, then in the next they are long (which they shouldn't be because you can see her cut her hair when they suit up) then they super curly like she took a break and styled them, then they are suddenly flat with no curl (and this was before the rain scene) and it just really chaps my khakis as someone who is hair and makeup fan

You’re definitely not the only one who noticed that lol

I’m fairly certain the main reason for that was reshoots. Whoever was in charge of hair for the reshoot scenes clearly wasn’t paying attention to continuity…

Signs as I know them

Aries: bold, always laughing, funny, v pretty, average to tall, always knows how to have fun, knows how to cheer someone up, adventurous, brave, has many friends, v loud, kind of annoying, dabs a lot, competitive, athletic, imaginative, dank memes

Taurus: body goals, artistic, nice sense of fashion, v smart, has lots of friends, nice, sarcastic, the mom friend,always with someone, organized, likes memes, loves science and art, wants to be an architect, curly sun kissed hair, tan skin, worries about those around them

Gemini: quiet, a bit intense, popular, doesn’t go to class but has good marks, doesn’t do commitment, v good looking, lots of friends, likeable, charming, likes astrology, palmistry and stuff like that, artsy, caring, creative,likes to read, observant

Cancer: whiny, nice eyes, quiet, shy but will fight a bitch, emotional,takes 5 hours in the bathroom, caring, straight A’s, has a small round face, v pretty, average height, fine eyebrows, curly hair, smiley, athletic, likes to dance and do gymnastics

Leo: big golden hair, tan skin, popular,rlly nice, v smiley, looks like a model, confident, bold, can be a bit over dramatic, competitive, athletic, selfish, big personality, parties and drinks a lot, small to average height, understanding, centre of attention

Virgo: soft hair, freckles, kind of a round face, has lots of friends, loud, sarcastic, doesn’t like emotions, makes friends easily, small but pretty eyes,strong physically and emotionally, laughs a lot, v fun and lovely, ambitious, doesn’t believe in astrology or supernatural, loves astronomy, practical

Libra: nice big curly hair, heart shaped face, charming, likeable, pretty brown eyes, unique laugh, small, short to average height, big smile, can be mean, loud, will be dramatic over nothing, likes to be in action, popular, cool, people pleasers, symmetrical face, superficial

Scorpio: either loud or quiet af, v nice, makes friends easily, doesn’t like being alone, strong jawline, nice eyebrows, emotional, resting bitch face, acts tough, funny, v talented, artistic, curly hair, likes to be right, stubborn, small to average height, shy, nice sense of style, intense eyes, people pleasers, empathetic, philosophical, nice eyelashes, soft, craves attention

Sagittarius: loud af, always has plans you would literally have to make an appointment, lots of friends, lots of snapchat streaks, tells it how it is, v emotional, nice, has lots of admirers, fun, pretty eyes, dancer, does bad in school but teachers love them, bold, charming, soft features, affectionate, a bit selfish tho, loves attention

Capricorn: strong jawline, fun to be around, loud, likes to start fights, v short or v tall, rebellious, athletic, parties a lot, rude, doesn’t like emotions and doesn’t know how to deal with them, stubborn, good looking, cuts ppl off a lot, independent, tough, courageous, says bro and mans too much, does stupid stuff, not too many friends but v loyal, ambitious

Aquarius: loud, v sweet, friends with everyone, always smiling, literally the nicest people I know, caring, teachers love them, popular, everyone loves them, nice eyebrows, pretty laugh, v cute, smart, charming, big personality, accepting, average to tall, nice jawline, waits till last minute to do stuff, bold, v funny, cruel when angry, competitive

Pisces: quiet, emotional, v nice but will cut a bitch, lots of friends,artistic, doodles a lot in class, loves animals, big curly hair, watery eyes, too trusting, smiley, strong, soft features, short to average, nice eyelashes, kind of a fuckboy/fuckgirl, sarcastic,daydreams a lot, worries about the future and the past too much and forgets to live in the present

rising signs = appearance

(but sun signs can fit these descriptors too of course)

aries: red hair, athletic or strong body, scar or mole on the face

taurus: full lips; sensual; wears clothes of very nice material, big cow eyes

gemini: youthful, flat chested, freckles, can see their veins, typically pale

cancer: round pale moon face, can look sad or worried in expression

leo: big hair, bright in vibe somehow like they can be very blonde or “golden” or have a big smile

virgo: classic beauty, look like nerds; glasses; prim and proper

libra: has a girl or guy next door appeal; good looking but not in an intimidating or overwhelming way

scorpio: intense gaze, dark skin tone, immediate sex appeal, possibly green or blue eyes, powerful presence

sagittarius: short, hyper all-over-the-place vibes like a child, big laugh, may show a lot of skin with how they dress

capricorn: “old hollywood” type of beauty, serious expression, good bone structure, somehow always dignified even if they have a sun sign that contradicts that

aquarius: curly, big hair, bohemian sense of style, long nose, bright, small eyes

pisces: youthful face, long hair, may be on the heavier side, soft-spoken, have feet problems/small feet


Classes for me ended about three weeks ago. On the last week of school, I was sitting at my morning table full of mixed, and white kids. The girl sitting next to me this particular day is half white and half Mexican. She is a freshman, and I adopted her as my ‘fish’ as upperclass men do at my school. Anyway, throughout the whole school year, she has put her arm to mine and said- “Now I see why people think I’m black-” We have the same skin tone. Through out the year, she has gotten mad because people think she is black and people look at me and think I am Mexican or at least half Mexican. On the last week of classes, she was almost in tears. She was looking at short hairstyles she wanted that are made for white women. Everyone at the table, including the white kids where telling her that her hair (wavy/curly) would never naturally work out with the white hairstyles she was looking at. I straight up told her she would have to get a perm, and most likely end up damaging her hair in the long run. Also we live in a very white town and the white hairdressers would have no clue how to deal with her hairtype and honestly it would come out looking bad and not like the style she wants. Everyone was telling her her best option was to seek an African American short hairstyle. Everything she saw, she hated. Some styles looked simply like the curled version of what she wanted- but nope. She wanted the straight hairstyles. She went on to say because she was so upset- that she had no problem with black people but she hated being told that she looked black and had black hair. She was HALF WHITE so that meant that her hair had to work better. She wasn’t have black. Everyone say there in silence but I couldn’t help but feel bad and happy at the same time. She has a lot of self hate- and clearly a problem with being treated as if she is black. But I’m happy because she will learn when her hair comes out looking like crap. Opps.

anonymous asked:

I reaaaaally love your art style and I was wondering if you had any pointers or tips on how to draw short curly hair?? I've been trying to draw a character that has that sort of hairstyle, but I just can't get the hair to look as curly as I'd like.... I even tried looking up pictures and tutorials but I only ever found ones for long curly hair and didn't it help at all.

thank you very much!! 

I tried my best to create a simplified tutorial for short curly hair. Since you didn’t specify the exact lenght, I’m making one for pixie cuts and one for shoulder-lenght (or shorter) hair!

First of all, there are two main kinds of curls: The more open ones (01) and the closed ones (02). Type 01 is usually more flowy/wavy, and type 02 is more dense and messy. If the pictures seem small, just open them on a new tab!

If you have any doubts, please, ask me!

I hope it helps!

Pixie cuts:


anonymous asked:

baby omega getting his first hair cut and Kenny sitting there with him telling him it won't hurt a bit and he looks at him all wide eyed "daddy I scared, please no cut" and Kenny's about to give into him but you shoot him a look and he just sighs and consoles him the best he can as he gets those little curly blonde locks trimmed and kenny lowkey tears up at the end of it because now he looks like such a big boy with his short pushed back locks but still like his twin

Nwaaah 😭

I love that Kenny is an emotional Dad. But he genuinely would be so heart warmed and proud of everything that his little does.

I remember when i took my baby brother for his first ever hair cut and how terrified he was of the scissors. It was so cute seeing him with his hair all cut and styled omg now im emotional thinking about it.

So my mom thinks mohawks are disgusting

but seriously?









with a bandanna





short spiked

long spiked

there’s faux hawks

you have this adorable little kid





My mom needs to stop judging people for their choices of style.



Pic #1. Install Curlformers

Pic #2. I knew I was going to run out of curlformers so I did the middle last and used the perm rods there.

Pic #3. Curlers taken out and curls seperated.

Pic #4. Curlers out - curls not seperated

Pic #5. Pinned my hair back because the front, in my opinion, is too short to leave out. 

Pic #6. Final look; satisfied with results. I’ll try curlformers again to get better results. 

Re-blog if you want more details on what products I used, how I did this, tutorial type of info.

Follow me, NaturallyBlessedHair, for more natural hair pics and style ideas for short hair; and long hair too I guess ;)

caring-is-creepy  asked:

Hey, how does one describe the kind of hair Lupita Nyong'o has, and I mean the shortest version of her hair. I tried 'short, curly dark hair' (or something like that), but she doesn't really have curls. What words do you suggest I use? Thanks!

Thank you for your question. I think what will help you best is to learn more about POC hair descriptors, which I’ve included below as well as some resources on general hair terms and styles. I hope this helps!


Recently, I saw this campaign and it really hit close to home. All my life growing up i HATED my curly hair. Dry, wet, up or down it was my least favorite part of looking in the mirror. I used to cry when my mom would blow dry my hair and it came out as a poofy lions mane. But years passed and products ran out and eventually I learned how to tame it. 

Once I entered my senior year of high school I decided enough was enough, my curly hair is here to stay…for LIFE. So slowly but surely I became fond of my hair, it turned into my favorite feature. I now know how to care for it and how to style it with products I can get for less than $7 at a drugstore. My curly hair is beautiful up, down, wet, or dry.

Dove is trying to pass along what took me 18 years to realize…curly hair is beautiful. This #loveyourcurls campaign was started due to the fact that only 10% of women love their curls…thats awful INSANE. This video is beautiful and the message should be spread all around the globe. We have to show these young girls that they too are beautiful and the curls on their head are nothing short of that.

Watch this video, get inspired, and pass it along.

:-* much love curly beauties.

Elijah Imagine: You See Each Other After 500 years

This was actually really fun to write so I might even make a part 2! Thank you guys all so much for reading my imagines, I seriously can’t thank you guys enough for that. I wasn’t even sure if anyone would like them so you guys rock. No smut in this one, its 100% clean. There are some spoilers in case you haven’t seen past season 2 or 3, about Elijah’s past so be aware of that if you are new to the show. Xx ceecee


The year was 1510, a fairly easy year to remember, when I first met Elijah. He had lost his love, Katerina Petrova, only a few years prior to meeting me which at the time I never thought he could move on fom her. You see, she was the Petrova doppelgänger of Tatia of whom he and his brother Klaus were in love with until their transition into vampires when he accidentally killed her. It was a tragic event he hadn’t told me about until we had known each other for two years. 

I was fascinated with Elijah from the moment I layed eyes on him. I attended his family’s ball in their England mansion that year of 1515 where we danced together the whole night. He’d taken quite a liking towards me and I him so we began seing each other. It wasn’t until a year later that I found out by incident what he was, an original vampire. 

I questioned everything we had once he explained himself, he was heartbroken but patient with me still. Eventually I came around and we continued being together for the next four years until 1515. There were people after Elijah who knew what he and his family were and that wanted them dead. I was caught in the crossfire, believed to be a vampire even though I wasn’t, and shot dead. Elijah fed me his blood in a desperate attempt to save my life but it was too late, I was gone. Or so I thought. 

I woke up in an empty room by myself and utterly confused. What had happened? Where was I? Was Elijah okay and where was he? I got up and wandered around the lonely mansion finding my way to the washroom. In the mirror I saw myself with a bleeding chest, a bullet shot right through my heart. I was in shock and couldn’t move for what felt like hours but must have been only minutes. I remembered dying, Elijah hunched over my body with tears falling down his rosy cheeks, feeding me his cursed blood…I knew what that meant; I was in transition. 

The flickering candles in the room burned my eyes. I had a headache that caused a throbbing sensation and all I could think of was blood, blood, blood. I began to cry, I needed someone, I needed Elijah but he wasn’t there. He was gone and I wasn’t sure if he had made it out alive. He has to be alive, I have to see him again. I thought. And that was my deciding factor, I would finish my transition in hopes that I could see the love of my life again and spend all of eternity with him. 

I’ll spare the gory details of the rest of my transition and skip ahead to the year 1560 when I finally found Elijah, alive and back in England. I cried tears of joy but was instantly crushed when a beautiful girl jumped into his arms, kissing him and showering him in love which he happily accepted. I didn’t think but ran far, far away and shoving all my pain away. 

Today it’s the year of 2015 and I still haven’t seen Elijah since that day with the girl. In fact, he still isn’t aware that I’m alive, or should I say “undead”. But now, I’m finally ready to see him again. I’ve tracked him down - which was surprisingly easy to do - in Mystic Falls, Virginia; an American town and state. He lives with his brother Klaus and sister Rebekah. 

500 years I’ve anticipated this moment, and still I’m not ready. As I stand here on the porch of their extravagent household I can feel my hands shaking as I hesitantly knock on the door. The seconds I wait for someone to answer the door feel like lifetimes of anxiety. Rebekah is the one to open the door. 

She gives me an odd look, she must not remember me. “Can I help you?” She asked. 

“Um, yes, I’m looking for Elijah.” I answer, trying to hide the crack in my voice. 

“I see…” She looks me up and down skeptically. “Can I get a name?” 

“Of course, my name is Y/N.” I say politely. “And I know yours is Rebekah, we used to know each other many years ago.” 

I can’t read her expression when she begins to close the door. “I’ll go get Elijah.” 

With the door shut again I’m left with haunting memories to ravavge my mind. He must remember me but will he want to see me? Will he be upset that I waited so long to let him know I’m alive or will he not even care? What if he’s already with someone else? My thoughts were cut short when the door reopened with Elijah standing right in front of me. 

My heart stopped and I forgot how to breath. He was breathtakingly beautiful, his face so clean cut and in an all black suit with perfectly styled hair. He wasn’t how I remembered him, he was even more handsome. He looked a kind of mature that could only come from over a thousand years of living. Absolutely stunning.

His face was unreadable and he said nothing. He reached out and placed his hands in my hair, pulling out my pontail. The locks of curly hair fell down my shoulders and down my back. 

“Dear god,” Elijah said under his breath. He cupped my face in his hands and a grin broke out on his face. “This isn’t possible.”He pulled my face to his and kissed me with passion and fervor. His lips were soft and felt amazing on mine. I felt my stomach drop when he pulled back. 

“But you were dead?” He said not letting me go for a moment. Tears slipped down my face and his eyes were slightly watering with such hightened emotions. He pulled me into a tight hug, one hand holding my head to his chest, the other around my waist.

“Not quite,” I couldn’t help but cry in his arms. The one I have loved for over 500 years is once again holding me in his strong arms. “You saved me with your blood, you turned me into a vampire unknowingly and it saved my life but now I’m here with you! And I love you, Elijah. More than anything in the world, I love you.”

“It’s been 500 years, 500 years of hell for me thinking that you were dead because of me, Y/N.” Elijah said looking into my eyes. “Why have you waited all these years to find me?”

“It was the biggest mistake I ever made but I intend to make up for every second I was gone when I should have been with you.” 

“Y/N you are the one and only love of my life. What I had with Tatia and Katerina will never compare to the five years we shared together. If you will, I want us to start again. Come with me, Y/N and we will share our eternity together.”

I laughed with joy, tears uncontrollably tumbling from my eyes. “Of course, of course. There is nothing I want more than to be with you!” I exclaimed. 

His face shone with glee and he brought his lips back down to meet mine again, tilting my chin up with his fingers. I kissed him back, melting into his touch and lacing my fingers with his when his tongue pressed into my mouth exploring what he had missed out on for years. He pulled back and caught my gaze with his enchanting brown eyes. 

“Come in, come in.” He invited me. “Klaus and Rebekah wil be pleased with your return.” 


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