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(Holy shit, I’ve been running this blog for a year? I honestly didn’t expect to get this far - nor does it feel like it’s actually been that long - but here we are, regardless! I never expected to get 50 followers in the first weekend, and I sure as hell didn’t expect that I’d have 500 by now! If I can, I’d love to plan something to celebrate that!)

(Looking back at my art in the first posts, it’s really embarrassing how bad it looks in comparison to my current art - even down to the gaudy colours. I’d suggest you not look at it.
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(But either way, I’d like to thank everybody in the community, and all of my followers and just– everyone!! For everything!! I’ve drawn more in this last year than I ever have before, and made so many new friends!)

(I’ve never actually really been active in any sort of fandoms or communities before this, despite having joined the website back in 2011 - this is my first ever! And it’s been a wonderful experience! The last year of college has been really tough, and even though my activity slowed massively while there, these blogs have helped me get through like you wouldn’t imagine!)


(Here’s to another year of gags & fluff & suffering & as much art as possible!)

Stuck in the Middle: How to Style Midi Skirts and Dresses

Midi-length skirts and dresses cut right below the knee where the shin starts. This length is a great transition for spring when it’s begun to warm up, but not quite enough yet to wear miniskirts without tights. They can also be extremely versatile—sophisticated, sexy, grungy, or however else you want to style it!


Try a full skirt in a bright color for something flirty and fun. Pair it with a crop top and a pair of strappy heels or wedges for a perfectly spring look. Pop on a floral blazer for some pattern, or color block with a cropped jacket from the opposite side of the color wheel. Don’t want to mix and match skirts and tops? Throw on a dress instead! If you’re on the petite side, make sure you stick to shoes with a little bit of a heel, so you don’t look like you’re drowning in fabric.

Left: ASOS Full Midi Skirt
Right: ASOS Midi Dress

Grungy & Street-Style

If you’re looking for a midi style that’s tighter and fitted all the way down, opt for a dress instead of a skirt. A dress can do double duty for you too! You can layer a cropped sweater or t-shirt over it, or just wear it without any top layers. Throw on a motorcycle jacket, a chain necklace, and Doc Martens for a grungy, street-style effect. Stick with acid-wash or a single solid color if you’re worried about making patterns work. Play around with patterns and punches of color if you’re feeling adventurous! (Note: If you get a striped dress, look for something with thinner stripes so it doesn’t give the illusion that you look wider than you look!)

Left: Forever21 Shoreline Striped Midi Dress
Right: Topshop Check Zip Side Midi Dress

Modestly Sexy

Wear backless dress to work and keep the sexy under wraps by topping off with a sophisticated blazer. The high neckline keeps the front modest, but the open back amps it up for a night out after work. Strut in some sky-high heels to lengthen your legs.

Left: Oh My Love Midi Dress
Right: ASOS T Cut Out Midi Dress

Didn’t see a midi skirt or dress that really jumped out at you? You’re bound to like at least one of the more than 2,000 options for women’s midi fashion we have for you over at the Wantering site.

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Styling a Masculine Blazer

My number one go-to jacket in everyday life is undoubtedly my simple, black blazer with a masculine cut. The style of the blazer goes with anything and can be worn to any occasion, from a hectic day running errands to a more formal event in the evening with friends. To honour this totally versatile and timeless piece I am going to share with you four of the many ways that I wear this piece of clothing.

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