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Hello, why is it wrong to laminate those documents?

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Just in case anyone is confused, lamination is NOT the same as encapsulation. Encapsulation seals the document in a sandwich of stable plastic sheets, but only the edges of the plastic are sealed and nothing is directly attached to the document during the process. Lamination adheres the plastic TO the object itself, via heat.

Lamination is a terrible thing to do to historical or important documents because….

  • lamination is what we call an irreversible treatment because it is fundamentally impossible to remove without causing great risk to the item that was laminated (the plastic actually melts *into* the structure of the paper fibers themselves). Removing it often requires the use of solvents or other chemicals that can also damage the inks, the paper, or the conservator during treatment.
  • lamination restricts further scientific analysis of the document by preventing immediate access to the document’s actual surface and inks
  • the plastics used in lamination are themselves inherently unstable (cellulose acetate was a very popular choice when lamination was first considered an acceptable “preservation” method for documents) and over time can deteriorate and cause more damage to the documents within. As the lamination plastic breaks down, it can also produce harmful chemicals that will damage nearby, non-laminated, items stored next to the laminated item.
  • the process of lamination itself can cause damage to the item, by solubilizing inks and causing them to become blurry, melting wax seals or other heat-sensitive attachments to the document, or even burning the paper itself
  • it looks bad and has a negative effect on the aesthetic of the document- it gives a shiny surface to the document that is always there (unlike with encapsulation, where you can easily slip a document in and out of the plastic sleeve) and also makes it hard to get a good image during digitization

Here are some links to more examples of why lamination is no longer considered an acceptable preservation method for archival documents or anything else that we would like to keep around long-term in our collections. 

In conclusion, I’ll say it again..


college boy shawn {blurb}


He wasn’t like all the others. I didn’t know him very well but from what I’d seen this whole semester I could tell he didn’t party, get drunk every weekend, and hook up with every girl that would give him a chance. Although he looked like the type to partake in those activities, he wasn’t. He was taking school seriously, trying to graduate. Most days, I found him in the library. This is where I spent a majority of my days as well.

Every afternoon I would walk into the library quietly, trying not to disrupt anyone. He was always sitting at the same table with the same laptop and the same three books open. On this particular afternoon, my usual seat was taken. Not wanting to sit next to some stranger I’d never even seen before, I went over and sat next to the boy. I don’t know his name even though I see him almost every day.

“Hi, my name is Y/N. My usual seat is taken so is it okay if I sit beside you?” I asked. He looked up at me, bringing himself out of his state of concentration.

“Oh, yeah that’s fine. Let me move my stuff. My name is Shawn.” He said. He stuck out his hand for me to shake and I did, then moved his books to one side of the table, making room for me to study as well. We sat in silence for at least an hour, both engulfed in our homework that seemed to never end.

Sitting so much closer to him than before, I noticed his beautiful features. He was dorky, but definitely attractive. He had wavy dark brown hair and light skin. His eyes were a caramel color and were framed with long eyelashes that fluttered delicately. His lips were plump and, from what I could tell, he had a nice smile. When he became frustrated with his work, his brows would furrow together.

“Sorry to bother you, but I have this really important test tomorrow in chemistry so could you maybe quiz me over it?” Shawn asked.

“Sure!” I said. He handed me the sheet which he had been studying for a while. “What’s the chemical formula for acetate?”

“C2H3O2?” He said, unsure of his answer. I nodded my head and continued quizzing him. I was almost intimidated by how smart he was. He didn’t miss a question and I wondered if he actually needed to be quizzed or not. The studying turned into talking and we soon forgot we were in a library. We both laughed whenever someone glared at us for talking too loudly.

It became dark outside so I figured it was time to go back to my dorm. I stood up and said my goodbyes to Shawn.

“Wait, it’s getting pretty late. Let me walk you to your dorm. Just to be safe.” He said, his cheeks blotchy with red patches. I agreed and we walked together to my dorm, still carrying on our conversation. We were outside my dorm building after fifteen minutes of walking.

“I guess I’ll see you in the library tomorrow?” He asked.

“You know it.” I spoke. Unexpectedly, Shawn hugged me. Not a full-on embrace, but an awkward side hug. I smiled at the sweet gesture as I made my way to my room.

When You Are Studying For Exams - Campus Diaries AU

A/N - Hey lovelies!!! I hope you all are having a great day! I have a TMR preference for you requested by an anon and it’s a College Campus AU which was pretty interesting to write hehe If you guys want more of this AU let me know and I can make a series of this. I hope you all enjoy it! I’ll meet you all with another preference soon!!! 


Thomas would do anything to make you feel comfortable. Whether it be bringing you your favorite type of chocolates, a large cup of coffee or even just staying by your side, he would do it. The only issue? He may be so curious about whatever you’re studying that he may start asking countless number of questions. While you were going through your notes he would ask, “So wait, the Krebs cycle is the same as the Citric Acid Cycle?” “And everything takes place in the Mitochondria?” “So you start with two acetate right?” Sometimes you would have a strong desire to kick him out for some peace and quiet but he was way too adorable trying to study along with you that you couldn’t bring yourself to do that.

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Newt would be strumming on his guitar while you studied for your exam. He understood how important your grades were to you so he never disturbed you during your Finals Cram Session. There would be times where he would see you so stressed that you would get cranky and avoid talking to anyone. It concerned him a lot. So during this time he would pull you from your chair, place you on his lap and gently play a familiar tune on his guitar while you rested your head on his shoulder. When he was done playing, you would be cuddled into his chest, fast sleep. Newt would smile and gently brush your hair from your face while saying, “Why do you make me worry so much about you, love?”

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Minho would have no clue as to why you were studying when you already do so well in exams. He would be too preoccupied in preparing for his next soccer match to even pick up a Calculus book. Nevertheless, he always admired your passion for doing well in school. Even if you were up at 2 AM in your dorm, he would sometimes try to sneak into your room to offer you late night snacks. You being an Honors student had no choice but to always stick your nose in a book. There would be times when you would be locked in your room for days trying to prepare for your finals. On days like these, Minho wouldn’t be able to take it any longer. He would burst into your room, sweep you into his arms bridal style and whisper into your ears, “I can’t go another day without seeing you, you have to stay with me tonight.”

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Butt batteries: Scientists store energy in used cigarette filters

“Scientists in South Korea say they have found a way of converting used cigarette butts into a material capable of storing energy that could help power everything from mobile phones to electric cars.

In a study published on Tuesday in the journal Nanotechnology, researchers from Seoul National University outlined how they transformed the used filters, which are composed mainly of cellulose acetate fibers and are considered toxic and a risk to the environment when discarded.”