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Hi 👋 Here is the video of my fire nails and how I used the fire 🔥 stencils to get this look. I hope you guys like it and have a great day

Fire stencils

Coca-Cola Red
A Good Mandarin is Hard To Find
Need Sunglasses?
Alpine snow
Black onyx

Lace liquid latex

Golden enchantment

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Sherlock Wallpaper Paint

Hey everyone! I’ve had a few questions about how I did my wall so I just wanted to answer that, here:

So how I painted my wall was with a stencil. The stencil itself measures at 17 inches wide and 24 inches tall, and it’s made to tile so after you’ve made the first “square” of it (or whatever you want to all it) all the rest depend on you lining it up so it fits together! Kind of like a puzzle.

The closer you look at it, the more little errors and imperfections you’ll notice but when you’re looking at it full-scale, it looks just fine.

Doing one wall in my room as pictured took me an entire day (I started at 9 am and ended around 9:30 pm) and let me just say my arms were literally dying. I painted the stencil around 60 times, roughly.

Each time I painted over the stencil, the stencil had another layer of paint on it, and the thicker the stencil got, the harder it was to paint in the smaller more detailed spots on the pattern. So while it managed to last one wall, if I were to do more than one I’d either have had to wash the stencil in intervals or get another one! They’re sturdy but fragile! They will rip!

As you can see in my picture, I didn’t go completely to the ceiling. It’s not impossible to do, but at that point I would’ve had to cut the stencil and I have popcorn ceiling so it just would’ve been a mess so I decided to opt out. Regardless, I’m very happy with it!

This was my first time ever painting with a stencil and I watched a lot of tutorial videos and read up a lot on it and it was a fun experience but definitely a huge time consumer, depending on how intricate the stencil is! All in all, I’m really happy with it (and my mom actually likes it, too).

One thing to keep in mind is it’s a pretty busy pattern. In my room I have a lot of stuff up on my walls and before I painted this wall, while it was the emptiest one in my room (with the most visible wall showing) I did end up taking some stuff down in the end anyways because it was just too busy. I’ll share some before/after pics below so you can see!

Hope that answers any questions you guys had! Thanks for showing an interest! It was a lot of work, but it was fun, too!

If you’re interested in purchasing this stencil, I bought mine HERE on Etsy! 

Thanks for reading!


So I been getting asked to do a tutorial video from a lot of people and by a lot i mean A LOT lol so I finally made a Stencil Tutorial! So to everyone whos been asking and been wanting to learn how to do them, go check it out!


This is how I made my shirt. I used some editing tools to make the pic black and white. I printed it out on photo paper and cut out the positive space with an x-acto knife.I made sure to wash my shirt first so the paint would stick. don’t use fabric softener. I sprayed the stencil with spray adhesive so it would stick to the shirt. I used fabric paint and put it on there with a brush. Waited for it to dry, removed the stencil and tada!

Modern AU where Rey is a tattoo artist who works in a tattoo parlor owned and operated by Unkar Platt (who really doesn’t do anything but scoff and scold and chastise, and it’s beyond aggravating but Rey stifles her complaints because she can’t risk losing the job).

And one day a group of people walk in while Rey is getting set up for her next appointment. Poe, Jess, and Snap are all getting tattoos - just something small, for fun. Finn tags along to keep them company, but really would rather not get a tattoo, despite their attempts at persuasion.

So while they go to the other artists available, Finn stands around looking at the photos of tattoos and artwork on the walls and can’t help thinking they all look really good.

Rey notices him. “You here for an appointment?” She calls.

He turns, blinks, and shakes his head. “No. I’m just keeping them company.” A smile tugs at his lips.

Rey blinks. That smile is incredibly distracting - all teeth and genuineness. She gives him a somewhat awkward grin back, nods, and turns back to prepping her station.

Finn, however, is immediately distracted from the art work on the walls - he’s entranced by this tattoo artist and can’t help wanting to talk to her more. “Hey, did you draw all of this?” He motions to the photos.

Rey looks up again. “Not all. Most.” She grins and wipes a few droplets of sweat off of her forehead.

“Wow. It looks awesome. Especially that desert - that would look good as a sleeve, I bet,” Finn remarks. Despite not wanting a tattoo, he knows a little about them (well, he’s watched Ink Master a couple of times. That counts, right?).

“Thanks. Yeah. I grew up in the desert, so I thought it would make a good piece.” Why was she telling him this, she wonders. She shrugs it off - turns her attention back to her station. But she’s still curious. “Hey,” she calls again. “What’s your name?”

Finn, having been studying little business cards on the counter, blinks. “Oh, I’m Finn. And yours?”

Finn. She rolls the name around and decides she likes it. And she definitely likes the face that goes with it. “Rey,” she says, smiling.

As it turns out, Rey’s appointment cancels, so she’s left with pretty much nothing to do. She asks Finn if he’d like to know more about the tattoo business, and he says sure - so she spends the time pointing out different needles and inks and exactly how stencils are applied and different styles of tattoos, and she initially expected him to drone off, but when she looks at him, he’s totally absorbed in what she’s saying, and she’s beyond pleasantly surprised.

Finn is reluctant to leave, but Poe, Snap, and Jess are done with their tattoos, and they’re his ride home. So he gets up from his chair, gives Rey another one of those charming grins, and says “It was nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” Rey replies, and she means it. “Come back anytime.”

Finn grins as he walks backwards towards the parlor’s entrance. “Don’t worry. I will.”

And Rey turns her attention back to her station and grins and really hopes he’ll keep good on his word.


This video goes with my written tutorial on How to remove “easy” necklaces/stencils
I hope this will be useful for some of you (especially you, AerynSims!)

Be nice with me, it’s my first time making a video tutorial!

Let me know if you have any more questions! ^_^

phitenite  asked:

After your promo for instagram is a picture of someone's eyebrow/eye makeup! How in the world do you get your eyebrows to look like this? Do I use a pencil or powder? A stencil? How should I pluck my brows to mimic this look? I'm at a loss. I've tried everything and it seems nobody has done a tutorial to get a look like that. Please help if you can :)

Hi! I’m guessing you want that fierce, sharp brow look. Usually to achieve this you need to use a pencil or brow gel something creamy that has strong color pay off. Sometimes powder can look too soft which is good for a more natural look but not everyone wants a natural look which is the fun part of makeup! :)

As for the shape, you want to put strong emphasis on the arch of the brow and keep it more natural in the front. You can even create your shape first with a gel or pencil and then fill in with powder so it’s still soft but you’re getting that intense shape. Outlining your brow first allows you create your shape first and basically filling in the lines making it a little easier.

You could also outline your brows with a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to make your brows pop a little more and look more sharp. Just make sure to blend out the concealer well!

A great product to get strong brows is the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. It’s basically a gel liner for your eyebrows. It’s dries to more of a powder finish and is extremely long lasting which is why it’s great for brows. 


Custom Skateboard Deck by Sara C

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Dan Smith - plays solo (In the Den) x

Important Lessons I've Learned from Signs in my Life
  • Aries: Sometimes your rage and emotions boil violently for a reason. Vent, find help, go to someone who will listen. It's your life- keep it happy and healthy!
  • Taurus: Get things done that you never knew you could. Everyone has a chance to blossom! Get what needs to be done first, and you'll soon find yourself having time for everything else~
  • Gemini: Cruelty sometimes takes walks with Justice. They often separate, and mostly that's good. But sometimes, people see the Cruelty's ghost, and will avoid justice. Learn to balance. Learn to speak.
  • Cancer: What you give to people is theirs to treasure, so keep a guest book. Remember those who have been important to you. Let them be involved, and never let go of them. Treasure them, spoil them, and give them your all. Not everyone is a boomerang, hold on tight to what you have when you have it.
  • Leo: Present to the world your best. Lying is not living, and if you give all you've got, you can be trustworthy and loyal.
  • Virgo: Perfection isn't possible, but you can damn well try. Make the absolute best of what you have, and absorb the honest you- the best you.
  • Libra: Presentation is important, as is status. Be sure to make the world see the you that you want the world to see. Confidence is your best accessory yet~
  • Scorpio: Sometimes "I love you" isn't always presented the way most would expect. Don't let people touch your soft spots, but ease them into comfort zone. You'd be surprised how much someone actually cares.
  • Sagittarius: Freedom is important, but so are jokes. Be who you are, not how you're stenciled. But be sure to laugh at yourself! Be the Laughing Cow- "Have you laughed today?"
  • Capricorn: Even simpletons can be emperors. Pillow forts can be skyscrapers. Continue on a smooth path, and never loose sight of your desired path, you'll end up somewhere great doing what you love.
  • Aquarius: Winds change- don't be startled. Change isn't always bad, even if it may seem like that at first. Go with the flow, but stand out from the crowd.
  • Pisces: Reality can be really tough- but that doesn't mean you have to be. Be kind and sweet, but guarded and planted.


Today on Tutorial Sunday: How to make your own stencil

Perfect to embellish doll clothes and less expensive than transfer paper ^ç^ 

You can use either Laminator paper, thick paper or transparent paper; You can wash the laminator paper; therefore you can use it and reuse it as many time as you want; the paper can be used once or twice… 

(You can also bleach your doll’s jeans using a stencil it’s quite cute)