how to steal an election

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and recording engineer Peter Dilg are photographed recording on an Edison wax cylinder record in the Edison Lab, as a part of her Save America’s Treasures tour, on July 14, 1998 in West Orange, New Jersey.

I can’t even deal with how Burr went to so much trouble to try to steal the 1800 election and then when there was a tie couldn’t bring himself to actually steal it! But he also couldn’t bring himself to not steal it! What the hell, Burr? I just read about him receiving a letter from Albert Gallatin before the voting, telling him which senators/congressmen might vote for him and saying that “to secure them he must be on the spot himself, and urging him by all means to hasten to Washington without an instants delay.” 

The rest of Howell’s account of the incident…was that Burr showed his friends Gallatin’s letter and asked them what he should do. “They replied–get into the first conveyance you can procure–lose not a moment–hasten to Washington and secure the prize–He agreed to do so–they left him–went to the legislature–Burr did not come–they supposed he was preparing–After the House adjourned, they called at his lodgings–found his luggage packed and he ready–but at the critical moment his heart failed him–he remained at Albany and wrote letters…”

My other favorite thing: what was Burr’s excuse for staying in Albany before the tie-breaking vote, doing nothing while Hamilton and Jefferson campaigned against him? That he was planning his daughter’s wedding.

The Sunday AM Media Whine
  • Host: So the Russians stole the election.
  • Media 1: Yeah. Whoa. That was bad.
  • Media 2: We're not SURE they stole it.
  • Media 3: It's a shame cuz it's really bad.
  • Media 4: What can we do, tho? We can't do anything.
  • Media 1: Yeah. We can't do anything.
  • Media 2: It's really Hillary's fault.
  • Media 3: Yeah. Her message was bad.
  • Media 4: Yeah. Her message was so old fashioned.
  • Media 1: I mean like Trump said something people liked.
  • Media 2: We can't forget Trump said things people liked.
  • Host: But what about Russia stealing the election?
  • Media 3: Trump won because he said things people liked.
  • Media 4: Hillary had a shrill tone.
  • Host: But what about Russia stealing the election? How will you respond to that? Are you going to just accept this?
  • Media 1, 2, 3, 4: We're completely powerless in this situation.

sinful-saturn-deactivated201611  asked:

Are you planning to leave the political scene if Hillary is nominated? I just want to know how you feel about Hillary stealing the California election. (Provisional ballots, switching registered voters party preferences, straight out neglecting bernie votes). What does this mean to you? Are you planning on taking a stand at the Democratic Convention in philli? I am terrified and I want to fight for democracy. If you have anything planned please let me in. Thank you

I am 100% protesting at the DNC & I will not leave the political scene until Bernie’s message is heard. I will be damned if his message isn’t heard. And I very well think thats what is important now.

It is, however, a bit unseemly for Sanders to blast New York’s primary for barring independent voters only to have his campaign manager go out and say they’re explicitly planning to use superdelegates to overturn the will of the voters. But what turns this into an unusually difficult argument for Sanders is that, early in the race, Sanders’s supporters feared this is how Clinton would steal the election, and so they mobilized their supporters to demand that the superdelegates abide by the will of the voters. Even today, some Sanders supporters (wrongly) think Clinton’s lead is the unfair result of superdelegates ignoring the voters and backing her campaign. Theres nothing new about seemingly principled arguments about process covering opportunistic jockeying for candidate advantage. But imagine if it was Sanders who was leading in pledged delegates and Clinton who was suggesting New York’s primary results weren’t legitimate and her campaign would use superdelegates to win even if they lost the primaries. Sanders’s voters would be furious, and rightly so.