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One thing I always bring up that straight writers obviously don’t understand but every gay person ever can attest to is that queer people stick together. Like, every queer person knows like 15 other ones and those 15 know even more. 

Like, having only One in your story completely misses the point of how we organize and stay safe, in addition to completely missing the point on being progressive (ie, having A Single Gay in your story isn’t special anymore and hasn’t been for decades now)

It is a fundamental misunderstanding of how marginalized people act bc straight people are allowed to be solitary and they don’t understand any other way of Being

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, but do things really get better? I'm 16 right now and everything I know is sadness and exhaustion and anger and then I talk to my parents and they just complain about adult life... is it worth it to go on?

oh gosh, i promise, it’s worth waiting, buddy. i know there are a lot of people who say, oh it gets better. and it does in some ways, but what it really gets is different. the people who are angry and mean and horrible often stay that way. the people who cut you off or who flip you off or who piss you off often are the same people at 16 as at 26. 

i think i hated people telling me “it gets better” because what could get better about being a mentally ill queer cuban girl in a world that wanted to eat me. i got spat out. my writing isn’t published because i’ve been rejected so many times i don’t even notice anymore. i was told a few times “make it less obviously homosexual”. what is going to get better about that, i said to myself. the memory of it will never be a nice one.

things got different slowly. like i didn’t realize until i was far on the other side of it. i wasn’t kidding in that last post when i said today i read my writing at 15 and it was painfully obvious how depressed i was. i didn’t have a diagnosis. like you, all i knew was that i was exhausted and angry and sad all the time and when i talked about it, i was told “everyone feels that way sometimes.” i felt that way all the time. in this story, i don’t suddenly wake up after turning 18 and have a magical life where it is all bunnies and flowers and loving. it took me 3 years of trying before i finally managed to quit self-harm completely. my eating disorder and i are still not on speaking terms, luckily. i’m slowly getting a handle on my ocd. i didn’t realize that the biggest thing that was changing was me.

yeah. being out of the house made it easier. away from where people knew me as a certain person. being someone new or being who i was or being in a room full of people who didn’t care how gay i was. being in control made it better. finding real and true friends made it better. being able to make my own plans and choose my own story and do more than just wait until i was old enough to be taken seriously - it got better.

but honestly it’s me. i learned how to shake hands with depression, he and i are such good old buddies i sometimes see him before he’s even coming. and i’ve gotten so good at getting out of his embrace, because practice makes perfect, same as anything. and i’ve learned things about myself i had no idea about at 16. i didn’t even realize i’m funny. i had never been skinny dipping. my only kiss had been sort of an accident. there was a lot i cared about then that i don’t care about now, because in my new world outside of that, the people i surround myself with don’t care either. i’ve worn a dinosaur onesie pajama set to eight parties now when 19 year old me wouldn’t be seen without her makeup. i wear glasses in public even though i’m nervous they make me look like a bug. i have tattoos and new piercings and a bank account (and no money) and i have love. and i don’t mean with a partner, although i’m blessed enough to say i have that as well - i mean. i just found it. i taught myself how to look for it. i figured - listen, i’m here still, so i might as well, like, try to enjoy it. and it wasn’t overnight. it still goes away sometimes. but i love so much and so easily now. i laugh more because of it. i let myself love dogs and movies and silly things. and this love sort of … makes things better. because it reflects off of everything into you. like a mirror.

at sixteen… at sixteen i was very suicidal. i didn’t know that it applied to me, because i thought i was just annoying and lazy. looking back now i always pull a face at how obvious it was, and how close i got to walking myself into a grave. it was more than a close call. death, like, waved. i actually believed i wouldn’t make it past 18. what was the point? what was the point of anything? i think if i’d told myself then, “it gets better”, i would have laughed. “maybe for you!” i would have said, “you have money and a life and you’re not like this.” but it did get better. in inches. stick around to see it. stick around to see everything wonderful that’s waiting in the wings for you. that knows your name. a fate of beautiful moments that are small and precious, like butterflies landing on fingers or snowflakes on tongues, or just sitting with a good book during the rainfall. hell, stick around to write the book, because (trust me), if you believe in your art and yourself - it can be done.

stick around most of all because what gets better is you fall in love with yourself. the world doesn’t become suddenly sickeningly sweet, even if the people around you become better and you’re given more opportunity. that’s wonderful too but… what happens is that over time, the stuff they told you stops sticking. you realize that just because your nose is crooked it doesn’t even matter because it doesn’t stop you from being the best dang ping pong player in your family. you realize you have a family, even if they’re not blood. you realize you are your own family. and you learn to take care of yourself and yes, it gets ugly at times, but you manage. and inside of managing there’s all these wonderful successes like mac and cheese and getting the bills done and the smell of clean laundry and friends that make you laugh so hard you almost pee and an apartment with plants in every corner and a hairless cat in sweaters or a dog with a bowtie or both and watching movies and reading books and seeing art, all of which haven’t been created yet, and possibly you’re the one who makes them. and managing … managing doesn’t have to be big. sometimes it’s just making a small difference. and sometimes the person you make a difference to is yourself. and that’s amazing.

stick around because, trust me, somewhere in there, you meet your younger self in your dreams and you tell her - oh gosh, i promise, it’s worth waiting, buddy.

Beginner Witchcraft - UPDATE

A common post request.

How to begin:

  • Begin by reading everything you possibly can about witchcraft, plants, other religions, etc.
  • Take notes on everything you can.
  • Be creative and use your imagination, look for symbols in your day-to-day lives.  
  • Re-read your notes and important information,
  • Do your research.
  • Make sure you research all paths and philosophies.
  • Start a consistent meditation and visualization regime.
  • Find a path you love.
  • Learn about yourself and your path and beliefs.
  • Work with your energy and practice harnessing it.
  • Start practicing your spells after enough research.
  • Write your own spells and start a grimoire.
  • Continue reading and learning.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Topics to research:    

  • Herbalism
  • Different witchcraft paths
  • Witchcraft history and its origins.
  • Different deities in different cultures
  • Folklore, superstitions,  and wives tales
  • Mythology from different cultures
  • The elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire
  • Basic tools and supplies for the craft
  • Sabbats and esabats
  • Witchcraft misconceptions
  • Nature cycles and lunar phases
  • Divination
  • Alchemy
  • Chakras
  • Auras
  • Working with spirits and angels
  • Tarot
  • Crystals
  • Runes                                                                                                       Magickal theory
  • Spells
  • Curses - the dangers and how to cast them properly
  • Sigils
  • Familiars
  • Incense
  • Ways to stay safe when practising
  • Types of Witches
  • Cheap witchcraft supplies
  • Dangers of witchcraft
  • Solitary v.s Coven witchcraft
  • Ritual structure
  • How to set up an altar
  • Study Nature
  • Negative energy and how to rid of it.
  • Candle magick
  • Astrology
  • Psychic Practises
  • Faeries
  • Protection against harm

Things to practice:

  • Grounding and centering
  • Meditation
  • Casting and closing a circle
  • Raising, releasing, and visualizing energy.
  • Record any magick practices, visions, or dreams you receive.   
  • Spend as much time as possible in nature.        
  • Listen and observe.               
  • Practice invoking Gods, Goddesses, and elements.  
  • Cleansing
  • Charging
  • Warding
  • Keep your grimoire up-to-date
  • Find a mentor - Someone to help you find your path
  • Practise staying concentrated
  • Intent


  • All paths are good paths, do not insult anyone’s path.
  • You do not need any fancy equipment to practise
  • You don’t need to practise everyday
  • Follow your path don’t  let others tell you what to do or force their beliefs on you.
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Take care of yourself
  • Be respectful of others paths and beliefs
  • Never stop learning
  • Ask questions
  • Make lots of friends in the community
  • Stay safe
  • Make sure you do not steal from closed religions!
  • Have fun!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!

💕The Empath Tarot Spread💕

Being an empath certainly has had its challenges over the years, you pick up negative energy and positive energy and then what? Sometimes it just weighs you down till you feel like a pancake but we’re strong little cookies.🍪 You can clear out the negative energy and protect yourself. This spread is for each person trying to grow as an empath or already an empath, it should help you find your grounding. I’ve used this with both tarot and oracle! As always, I hope it can help.💜

The First Card: This card is about who you are without all the energies of everyone around you. Sometimes we pick up so much from other people it’s hard to see who we truly are or how we feel. What’s really going on in our heart? What is in your heart when you take away the residue energy others left behind?

The Second Card: This is very important because this will give you some information on your grounding. Are you even grounded? If not, what can you do about it? How can you get grounded? We empaths gotta make sure we’re grounded.

The Third Card: Is there anything affecting you, if so what is majorly affecting your energy right now. It could be what happened today or on a bigger scale - like something that might have been wearing you down for a while now. This card is to help you understand it all. What’s affecting me if anything?

The Fourth Card: As an empath making sure your energy is clear/clean can be pretty important. This card will give you insight on how to clear away junk you might already have but clear away future junk too. What can I do to help clear away negative energy, now and in the future?

The Fifth Card: Protecting yourself from bad energy is pretty imperative, little loves. Your protection bubble or shield is one way to stay safe from impending bad energy. How can I shield myself or what kind of shield should I create?

The Sixth Card: So now that you know what’s going on where do you go from here? This card is to inspire you! Go out and live your amazing empath life and stay strong despite the feelings, good and bad, we pick up.


Meet the Girl Scouts that will earn badges for being cybersecurity experts

  • Samantha, a 15-year-old Girl Scouts ambassador in the greater Chicago and northwest Indiana region, said that one of her school friends had an issue with a classmate using her login to send out messages.
  • “The cybersecurity training will help girls avoid situations like this!” said Samantha.
  • It’s true: Girl Scouts will offer cybersecurity badges beginning in September 2018. The series will begin with 18 badges, covering topics from how to stay safe online, how to avoid online scams, cryptography, coding and computer skills needed to pursue a career in cybersecurity — to name a few. Read more. (7/24/17, 11:38 PM)
  • shout out to witches who use the “nasty” ingredients that cause other witches to say “im not one of THOSE witches”
  • shout out to the witches who use spiderwebs, dead insects, raw meat, and mud.
  • shout out to the witches who use blood, bones, chicken feet, and poisonous plants.
  • shout out to the witches who use dolls, fingernails, mold and drugs.
  • shout out to the witches who use sex magic, demon summoning, spirit work and cursing.
  • shout out to the witches who know how to stay safe while doing all of these things and have studied up on proper usage and sanitation methods.
  • shout out to the witches who are shamed for using things that were used in the “old days”
  • shout out to the witches who are shamed for doing the things their ancestors did to get by but have been called users of “black magic”
  • shout out to the witches who do what they fucking want and dont water down our craft to look better for others.
Back To School Tips: Transgender Edition

- contact your professors before classes start. Send them an e-mail explaining your chosen name and/or pronouns! It’ll make the first day go a lot more smoothly!

- remember not to wear your binder for more than 8 hours max!!! Allow yourself time during lunch or in between classes to stay safe while binding!

- we all know how trans bathroom rules are unnecessarily complicated.. so ask what your school’s policy is to avoid running into accidental trouble!

- if you aren’t outed yet, don’t worry. You can still express yourself more masculine or feminine with hygienic products (like wearing flower scented soap or some musky deodorant!) Bonus: if you’re nb just use hypoallergenic products, they usually don’t have fragrance because it’s a skin irritant!

- have a bomb ass school year and remember you’re valid no matter what. Pre-transition, post-transition, no transition at all! Whether you’re outed or still in the shadows! You’re gonna accomplish great things this year and I’m so proud of you! Best of luck kiddo! 💞

i don’t even have words. i made this blog just out of boredom about half a year ago and i never would’ve thought that people would actually care about me and my content here. it feels surreal to imagine a number of people like 800, y'know irl and it truly means the world so thank u all sm for sticking around. i did do a ff when i reached 300 too, but i just rly felt like i wanted to show my gratitude somehow so yeah. enough being sappy so here r some of my favs (my lovly mutuals are bolded):


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Concert explosion

There has been an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. There are some reports of fatalities but I’m not sure how confirmed these are.

Thoughts are with those involved. Stay safe folks.

when it comes to character development, there is a bunch of things we need keep in mind – and mostly, to ourselves – about our beloved muses. not regular or basic stuff, but interesting stuff that should be there if you want to put verity into your writing or that are simply cool.  some of these are very deep / hard, so i recommend you take your time and answer one at a time! feel free to repost and fill up with your particular info, credit is appreciated. stay safe! 

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If your parents belittle the types of hobbies you partake in or the friends you have, it is not “tough love”.

If your parents tell you that you are a failure or a horrible person because you make a mistake or don’t have something in order, it is not “tough love”.

If your parents do not comfort you when you need it but rather take it as an opportunity to aggregate the situation by saying you “set yourself up for it” and therefore deserve it, it is not “tough love”!

It is emotionally abusive behavior that is not intended to help you grow, but rather to control you under the guise of “concern” for your well being.

Do not find yourself in their pitfalls: do not convince yourself that you are nothing more than a failure and mold yourself into their “ideals”. You are an individual worthy of leading your life the way you want it and you don’t need none of that shit.

Continue being yourself and reach out to your support group in a time of need. They are there to help you and they can definitely testament to the fact that you are not what your parents make you out to be.

You are not a failure, a piece of shit, a worthless kid, a selfish brat. You are a unique individual with feelings, vices, and interests just like everyone else.

Nothing is going to dissuade me from the visual of Allura, sitting alone at her kitchen table. A cup of tea in her hand as she reflects on the news she had received from Vox Machina. The room is silent, calm as she watches the steam slowly rising from the cup. 

All is peaceful until the door slams open, rattling on its hinges, to reveal Kima standing in the doorway. She’s breathing heavily, her cheeks pink from her mad dash from the castle, her eyes glowing as she practically vibrates with barely suppressed excitement.