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We’ve seen meditation used many times before. From our favorites who need to regain clarity after losing a battle. 

Prepping themselves for an amazing confrontation or just using to control their emotions in a way that will make them better at anything they want to attain 

but is it accurate. 

Does meditation actually work like it did for Samurai Jack, Piccolo, Aang and Goku or is all Hippie nonsense. 

Today we Talk about Meditating like the Toonz AND HOW YOU CAN START DOING IT EASILY



So this is a silly little thing I wrote for my lovely friend @anuecc. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 💙 I am still intent on dragging your cute, yoga toned ass down to drarry hell ;)

Harry should have known this was a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. But to be fair, who in Merlin’s name would have expected Draco Malfoy showing up here, looking… like this?

“Malfoy,” Harry spluttered, his voice sounding embarrassingly raspy. “Are you… Is that a crop top?”

Malfoy raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest, seeming unconcerned.

“Is that what this is called?”

Harry swallowed around the lump that was building in his throat. Dear Merlin! Malfoy’s stomach looked simply delicious! And the way his trousers hugged his hips!

“Um… aren’t those trousers a little tight?”

Malfoy narrowed his eyes.

“I was told this is what Muggles wear when they do…” He waved a hand around in the air, clearly searching for the right word. “Whatever this is called.”

“It’s called Yoga,” Harry sighed, “and we’re going to be late. Come on.”

Harry held the door open for him and immediately wished he had gone in first. Watching Malfoy’s perfect bum move in those trousers was torture. Malfoy briefly hesitated after a few steps, looking around the room.

“What is this, Potter?” he hissed under his breath. “We’re the only blokes here.”

Harry blushed and wordlessly made his way to the last two spare yoga mats, right in the middle of the room.

“I will kill Shacklebolt for this,” Harry heard Malfoy mutter. “Last week, he sent us on that bloody camping trip and now this?”

Harry sighed as he sat down on his yoga mat. He peeked at the two girls beside him, who were laughing about something and tying their blonde hair into buns. Trying to drop his voice into a whisper, so they wouldn’t hear, he spat, “It would be so much easier if you weren’t such a prat, Malfoy. He wants us to get along. I hate to say this, but we’ve compromised two of our missions now because we couldn’t agree on-”

“That wasn’t my fault,” Malfoy interrupted him. “My approach was better than yours. Why did I have to get you as my partner anyway?”

“Well, maybe you should have thought about that before you applied to become an Auror. You knew it was what I wanted to do and you knew there would be a chance we would end up as partners. Just my luck.” Harry muttered the last part under his breath, but Malfoy must have heard, because he shot Harry a dark look, before plopping down on the yoga mat in front of him.

“Hello everyone,” the instructor said in an overly breathy voice. Harry suspected it was meant to be soothing, but it just sounded really odd.

“We will begin today’s class by trying to reconnect to our breath,” she continued. “Now, bring your palms together in front of your heart, really press them together and close your eyes.”

“You must be kidding me,” Harry heard Malfoy sneer.

“Now take a deep breath in through your nose… but do it gently…”

Harry startled at the collective intake of breath that sounded like a giant was gasping.

“… and then press your lips together as you slooooowly exhale. Imagine that the sound you’re making right now is the sound of ocean waves rolling in and out, in and out…”

Harry could practically see Malfoy rolling his eyes, even from the back of his head.

“Breathe innnn…. breathe ou-hhhh-t.”

“Seriously, she wants to teach me how to breathe?” Malfoy snarled, turning his head back to Harry.

“Stop complaining and just do it,” Harry whispered.

Of course, Malfoy continued with his little commentary.

“…Downward-facing dog? Who came up with that name?”

“…Ow! This is not a natural pose for a human!”

“…What do you mean ‘lift your leg’? If I do that, I’m never going to have any children!”

“…Merlin, is this woman trying to break my neck?”

Harry pressed his lips into a tight line to keep himself from snickering. Malfoy’s hissing was rather distracting. As was…

“Potter! Stop staring at my arse!”

“Am not,” Harry mumbled, mentally slapping himself for getting caught like that.

“Good, good,” the instructor crooned. “Now, we take a little break. Sit down on your yoga mat and let the person next to you massage your feet.

“Ugh, why feet,” the girl next to Harry groaned. He smiled at her awkwardly, to which she bit her lip.

“No offense,” she said, “but I’m not letting a stranger touch my feet.”

“Fair enough,” Harry mumbled and turned to Malfoy.

“Don’t you dare, Potter,” he growled, when Harry stretched out his hands towards his feet.

“Yeah okay, maybe we skip that one,” Harry muttered sheepishly.

“We should have skipped the whole class.”

Harry usually didn’t agree with Malfoy, but when the instructor told them they would be doing partner poses now, he cursed Kingsley under his breath.

“Now, stand up and face each other.”

They did, but not without scowling at each other.

“Place your feet firmly on the ground and stretch out your hands. Press your palms against the palms of your partner.”

Harry almost flinched when their hands touched. If he had known touching would be involved, he probably would have refused to come here altogether. Thinking about touching Malfoy in the privacy of his own home was one thing, but actually doing it in a room with a bunch of strangers, that was something else entirely. Why did Malfoy have to be so handsome? It was irritating.

“Now slowly bend forward,” the instructor said in her breathy voice, “until your foreheads are touching. Your arms should be up, over your head.”

Harry tried to control his face, praying he wasn’t blushing. When his black hair mingled with blonde, he heard Malfoy making an odd sound.

“This is disgusting,” Malfoy muttered. “We’re both sweating.”

“And it wouldn’t be disgusting if we weren’t?”

Harry startled when Malfoy slightly raised his chin. Their noses were touching and Harry could feel Malfoy’s breath on his lips.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you have been looking at me all day,” Malfoy said with narrowed eyes. “Or how I woke up with an arm draped over me when we were camping last week.”

“Oh. I- I thought you woke up after me,” Harry mumbled, definitely blushing now. “You didn’t say anything about it.”

Yes, why hadn’t Malfoy said anything about that? He could have made fun of Harry for days.

“You really are thick, Potter,” Malfoy said in a teasing tone, as the instructor walked by them to correct the pose of the couple beside them.

“Good job everyone. Now, turn around, so you’re back to back and link your arms at the elbows.”

“Um, Malfoy,” Harry said, when Malfoy stepped closer to him and put his hands on Harry’s hip. “I think she just told us to turn around.”

Malfoy’s lips stretched into a huge smirk. He leaned forward, his cheek briefly brushing Harry’s, until his lips were right at Harry’s ear.

“I won’t stop you if you want to.”

Harry choked on his own breath, his eyes going wide.

“Come on,” Malfoy chuckled, “we’re hitting the showers.”

“But class is not over yet,” Harry mumbled absentmindedly.

“Well, I want to try some… different kind of poses.”

“Oh,” was all Harry was able to say.

“You do remember how to do a water repellant charm, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Why?” Harry frowned.

“We need to use it on your Muggle distant-talking device.”

“My… you mean my phone.”

Malfoy nodded.

“And why exactly do we need to do that?”

“Well, after Shacklebolt went through all this trouble, so we would get along, he really should get something in return for his hard work.”

Harry stared blankly at him.


“We’ll send him proof,” Malfoy winked.

“We’ll- what?”

“Come on, Potter,” Malfoy chuckled darkly as he tugged Harry forward, “we have important Auror business to attend to.”

Special thanks to @demelzasings, the Ellipsis Queen! :D


I don’t believe in god, I believe in myself! Focusing on how great I am today. Started the morning off with some yoga now having a cup of coffee, time to get this house clean so I can enjoy my day off work! Limitless options! Never forget that being a satanist isn’t all about working your ass to death, it’s about balance and doing what it takes to make you happy! Take some time to treat yourself, to buy that thing you really want, to do that thing you wanna do! Just take a minute today to breathe and take in nature and sit in awe of this beautiful hunk of space rock that we’re all spinning around on!
Hail Satan!!!


My last weekend of summer. As usual I have spent the summer trying to plan some scheme where I can quit teaching and never have to go back :( oh well. The summer was only two months but it’s kind of crazy how much stuff happened. it started in Durango. Back when I’d do yoga every morning, hike every afternoon, and cook some nice meal. Then we frantically moved out of our apartment to a house in Denver. I am trying to learn how to be a city girl. I don’t get it. Then flew to Cali to see siblings, then drove to Bellingham to visit my old beach home, then to Leavenworth to be with my best friends, then back to Denver and went on an insane backpacking excursion. And then yesterday one of my friends who was in a coma for a while finally woke up. 

anonymous asked:

how are you so confident in your self? i wish i could love my body and myself

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.
-Paulo Coelho

The answer is simple: I’m not, but I want to be and I am trying to be and that’s what matters. I have my “off days” but I’ve noticed lately that they are few and far between and after giving it much thought, I think I know why/how that is. The turning point for me was when I started practicing yoga. I became conscious of my body - of what it could already do and of its potential. Sure, I had already been running for four years, but (at that time) running seemed to only put a strain on my relationship with my body whereas yoga felt to me like this sacred hour where I was forced to approach my self with a gentleness and patience that I had never allowed myself before. A sort of intimacy that can’t be put into words… almost romantic. When I looked in the mirror I saw myself in a new light. I couldn’t even bring myself to nitpick at all of the different things I didn’t like about my body because I realized how absurd it was to be at war with the very thing that kept me alive. I started to view my body not as a depiction of who I am but as an all-encompassing representation of what I can do. My legs have been walking this earth for 18 whole years, my arms have wrapped around the people I love for as long as I can remember, my wild locks are quite possibly the only thing that truly convey the wildness I feel inside, my eyes have devoured the pages of everything from Judy Blume to Virginia Woolf, and my hands, frail as they may appear, are a mirror image of my mother’s. How can I not love my body?! How can I stand here and hate the same skin that, someday, my daughter may look up to? In this way, it’s not necessarily that I’m confident in myself as much as it is that I refuse to be against myself. That’s not to say that I never have days where I want nothing more than to jump out of my own skin but rather that I never allow myself to do so. This is the body I’m in and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I am my own best friend and best friends bicker every now and then but they never turn their backs on each other. I think that’s the most important thing. The moment you turn your back on yourself, you lose your power.

The thing about body image is that it’s not entirely in our hands. Over the years, we’re fed images and ideas that convince us that no matter what we do we will always be unworthy and undeserving of confidence, love, and acceptance. We try to bend and fold ourselves into shapes that are not ours, and I don’t think it’s out of deep-rooted masochism or a fascination with self-destruction but rather simply that we don’t know any better. For that reason, you need to be your own best friend; in a world that is constantly trying to convince us that we’re not good enough, we can’t afford to turn our backs on ourselves.

I’m not saying that we should all practice yoga or that doing so will give you the confidence you’re lacking. What I’m trying to say is that something truly beautiful happens when we make the conscious decision to work with and not against our bodies.

So I just hit 100 followers and I’d like to thank everyone who follows me by posting this list of all the links I’ve acquired on this studyblr so far. Shoutout to studyign for inspiring me to use my studyblr again! I’m having so much fun with it.  I hope this helps someone! I believe in you all and my askbox is always open if anyone needs advice or a friend.

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Mental Health

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  • 16 Small Steps to Happiness
  • How to Love Yourself
  • How to Start Recovery
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  • Stress Analyst
  • Dealing with Test Anxiety (1, 2, 3)
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HOW TO ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Start with your feet about as wide as your yoga mat, with your toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle. Lower your hips as low as they can go, with your knees tracking out in the same direction of your feet. Bring your hands to prayer at your heart, and use your elbows to gently push your legs apart. Open your chest and keep your spine straight.


🌟 Opens your hips and groin.
🌟 Stretches your ankles, lower hamstrings, back and neck.
🌟 Tones your abdominals.
🌟 Aids in digestion.
🌟 Strengthens your metabolism.
🌟 Keeps your pelvic and hip joints healthy.

BONUS TIP/CHALLENGE: try to put all of the poses we have done so far together into a flow. So cat/cow ➡️ core prep ➡️ vinyasa ➡️ malasana. I will do a video of this later for you guys! This will help you get your form and point, and warm you up for more intense poses like this big hip opening pose! 👌🏻

Kind of a silly looking pose 😂 you can see me laughing because my husband was there watching lmao

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Y'all, @workmanpub, @jadeyogamats, & I have teamed up for a preorder sweepstakes celebrating my new book, “Every Body Yoga: Let Go Of Fear, Get On The Mat, Love Your Body”! The story of my personal yoga practice is much more complex than what could possibly be shown in a few instagram photos. In “Every Body Yoga”, I’m finally able to give a full and clear answer to everyone who asks ‘Hey Jessamyn, How Do I Start Practicing Yoga?’

Click the link in my profile to check out the book + a chance to win:

1 . Coffee or a meal date with me, @mynameisjessamyn/@jessamynstanley
2. A signed copy of #EveryBodyYoga
3. A 68" mat and large cork block from @Jadeyogamats

Throwback to that time @yogicphotos convinced me to practice my #handstand game in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge while wearing @k.deer leggings.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, thanks to everyone who entered the @k.deer gift card giveaway! I went through and read all of your answers to the question “what pose kicks your ass?” and I was inspired to the brink of tears by how many of you are able to be completely fucking honest with yourselves about the reality of your personal practices. I could ramble forever on this topic but in short- thank you for being vulnerable with me. If you’ve ever feared beginning a yoga practice, do yourself a favor and scroll down a few entries to the giveaway post- there is some genuine human development going on in y'all’s practices, and you can take comfort in knowing that everyone (yes, everyone) is challenged by asana practice. Anyway, YOU GET A CARD:

$50 gift cards- Marie-Hélène Dugal (Facebook) & @soulfulshania (instagram)
$500 gift card- @retroengineer

Congrats, y'all- if you’re a winner, shoot an email at to collect your prize!

Leggings- @k.deer
Photo by @yogicphotos

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Charlene was slowly getting used to being at the school. So far nothing bad had happened. She was still a virgin, she hadn’t met anyone cruel or crazy yet. And no werewolf had hunted her down. She felt like that was an accomplishment, even though she wasn’t here for even a week yet. To relax a bit she had started her yoga exercises again, so that’s how she ended up on the ground bended in half. When she heard footsteps coming closer she chuckled. “It’s really just yoga.” She said.

You’re his older girlfriend (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -you were part of their favorite girls group and how all of you had almost a year on Seungcheol alone so they naturally thought you’d all go for older men/women. But he managed to get your number at comeback. Which was a shocker to all the boys- “I gotta noona romance thing now. I’m gonna make her melt when I convince her to go on a date with her.”

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Jeonghan: -he scored a model. To be exact an Angel for VS and definitely his favorite. So naturally all the boys were interested in what you were doing while with the other Angels. Mingyu got the most recent group picture and rushed to show him- “god she looks hot. You better be looking at all the others or I’ll kill you. It must suck to think these girls could go to jail for dating most of you guys. Aren’t I lucky I got noona?”

Originally posted by gyuwoo

Joshua: -no one knew how old you were out of the boys. Jeonghan remember you from school but he didn’t know how old you were. But they soon found out how you were a year older than the 95′s and that you just turned 21 a week ago- “no way you can ditch me and go to the bar for a year, in America. You wouldn’t do that to me right? We’ll go drinking when I’m old enough when we visit my parents.”

Originally posted by vernon---baby

Jun: -he managed to be in the media with his news, he wasn’t just dating an older girl. No he was dating a very very well known actress. So he got to meet so many new people through you but he honestly wanted to be alone with you most of the time- “yeah I know she looks great. But you know she always has that skill. I need this time to move faster so I can take her out for dinner after this, it’s our 1 year tomorrow” 

Originally posted by hojoun

Hoshi: -the model older girlfriend that no one was sure how he met was you. But none of the boys thought you were real. But as soon as you had time off he asked you to meet the boys and by their surprise you were very much real- “noona these are all my group members. You know the one’s who thought you weren’t real because you’re dating me, you remember them right?”

Originally posted by 17sons

Wonwoo: -he liked how you were older but he hated hearing your talk about your classwork for college. It sounded more foreign that English to him. You’d be talking then stop when he was staring out the window. When he came back into reality he sent you a look- “I’m busted I guess? I’m sorry babe I just don’t know what you’re talking about” 

Originally posted by cosmic--confetti

Woozi: -he was playfully teased about it. They would ask him what it was like to be stolen from the cradle and how in the world he got a girl to like him- “she’s only 2 years older nothing serious. She thinks I’m youthful and cute so you know I got lucky”

Originally posted by hvung

DK: -you told all of them about college life and how you were stressed enough to start yoga and running. He wasn’t liking how all the boys got extremely happy when you came over. S.Coups even convinced you to show them some yoga poses.- “babe you need to stop before some get too ‘excited’ to learn. Can you start bringing your friends from class or something. The boys need to get their own college girl”

Originally posted by 12fools

Mingyu: -he was shocked you had barely a week on him and he thought you were at least a year older. He didn’t like that it took 2 months for him to figure it out for the first time- “wait does this mean I have to still call you noona. I mean I know you’re older but not by much”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

The8: -the girl that was the maknae of her group but still was older than him, lucky for him your group worked in the same company which made seeing you easier. But you guys were sneaking around often so no one would find out and you joked you were getting to old for all the sneaking. He took it upon himself to joke- “well you are old babe almost have 3 years on me. But you look really good for your age old lady”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Seungkwan: -he bragged about his college girlfriend. The music major, campus babe, into Seventeen, and his all around perfect girlfriend. So when it came down to it you had to meet the boys which was going to be interesting- “noona should be here any second I hope she likes my gift. And none of these losers try to be cute with her or I’ll slap the cute right off of them”

Originally posted by thekpopfix

Vernon: -you were old enough to drink which was something he liked, he’d steal you drink every now and again to taste it before long he’d be caught by you. Getting a lecture about underage drinking- “this is really good noona we should drink these when I’m old enough yeah? Also no lecture I don’t need it. I have it kinda memorized from the other 2 times”

Originally posted by chwelove

Dino: -you were almost 2 years older than him so some of the boys started to teasing flirting with you while others held him back. The all listened to the disinterested tone you held which all shocked them- “she doesn’t need a whole bunch of boys flirting with her, she just needs me to. No one else. Now let go I have to save her from idiots”

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Today, I went out with two of my girl friends. We went to happy hour, ate sushi, then walked to a newly-opened yoga place near my house. We were having a lovely, relaxing time, sipping sherry and eating dark chocolate with the woman at the “bar” set up for the yoga open house. My friend, who had been up since 5am teaching, fell asleep on the pillows provided in the yoga studio. 

It happened with a flash. I turned around and saw a very large man taking a selfie with my sleeping friend. I was stunned for a minute. Then I confronted him about it. I felt weak, like I was failing to find the fiery words that were starting to boil within me. I told him that what he did wasn’t cool, and that he should delete the pictures. 

Then he made a racist comment about Asians. 

And that was how I almost started a bar fight in a yoga studio.

I was too shocked to respond. Also some small rational part of me told me that punching another human in the face in a public place would make me the criminal, no matter what shit he said. So I didn’t fight him. But afterwards I cried tears of rage, because I wish I would have had that kind of guts to defend my friend.

Fortunately, the rest of my female friends confronted the guy, telling him that snapping pictures without consent was inappropriate and rude. He finally turned tale with his buddy and ran.

But it made me think of an incident earlier this week, when an acquaintance I knew from high school said that he wanted to drive 3 hours to DC to come have dinner with me. I told him no thank you, that made me uncomfortable, because I was not into him. What followed was a persistent interrogation on why I would not meet with him and how I must think so negatively of men to assume that he wanted to be something other than friends.

I barely knew this guy, and he felt like he could question my decisions and make judgments about me.

Then he insisted he was not a dick. HA. HAHAHAHA.

My mother taught me to be polite. To be a Christian. To be selfless. But she did not teach me how to stand up to a world that would take advantage of me, that would question my voice, that would keep me forever on the defensive whether I was trying to unwind after a long day of work at 10pm on a Wednesday or going out with a few of my girlfriends at 8pm on a Friday.

Sexism and racism is alive and well, and the second we drop our guard is the second we become too surprised and wounded to speak up. It fills me with rage that people think they can say shit like that. 

And I will not be silent. I will not calm down. And I will certainly not let it go as long as I and my friends receive this kind of treatment.

And whoever would love me better understand and respect this.

It’s so crazy how a person can change so much over one year. I started doing yoga and eating healthy at the beginning of last summer and my entire mindset and life has completely changed. I’ve slowly stopped binge drinking, I don’t hate myself anymore, my eating disorder is actually under control and every time I have a negative thought about myself I replace it with a positive thought. Everything is just so much happier and brighter now.

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what are your tips for someone who wants to start yoga?

here are some great links:

Can I also refer you to my all time favourite yoga blog sassyyogi

And here is a list of also very good yoga blogs :)

hope that helps :)

How i started yoga

Hi guys!

So, i get a lot of questions about how i started yoga lately etc. here are some answers!
When did you start? - I started four months ago, in the middle of january i think

Do you join a yoga class? - no i’m practising on my own at home

How do you started? - I started on my own at home. first i used youtube videos from yoga with adriene for beginners, but i couldn’t even reach half of the poses she showed for beginners so i started completely on my own with stretching (touching the ground with my hands, coming in the downward facing dog etc.) . coincident i started working on headstands, later on handstands and one month or a bit more ago with forearm handstands. i always used a wall because i was shaky like hell (and i’m still often!). i don’t do yoga flows at the moment because first i want to be able to reach the poses, so that the flows ARE flows and not just pretending like i’m relaxed when i actually have to fight to hold or come into different poses (yes i know, some of you think this isn’t good, but that’s the way i do it!). so when i do yoga, i always work on headstand, handstand and forearmstand and other different difficult poses and then i stretch my legs, my back, arms etc.

What kind of yoga do you do? - As you can see i just do the whole thing on my own. i often look through tumblr, instagram or blogs (always professional yogis) and look how they come into different poses or if they post tips or so. I don’t do one special kind of yoga for now. i do what feels good for me and as i’ve said, when i’m able to hold different poses for long times i will start concentrating more on real yoga lessons.

How often do you practise? - i practise around every day or every second day at the moment because i don’t have school and study a lot for my exams, so i have a lot of free time. the first three months i practised around every second day. if i don’t feel good i don’t practise (did this once, and it was a REALLY bad decision). i also do abs workouts every third day and i’m sure they also really helped for head/hand/forearmstands.

Sooo, i hope this helped! :) if there are any more questions, feel free to ask.
lots of love, kai xxx


In my very first Question & Answer video I answer questions written to me on Instagram & Facebook such as: How I got started with yoga. Changes I’ve experienced in my yoga journey. How to learn from the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga without access to local classes & trainings. Is 1 class a week enough? How to sequence when you’re injured from demonstrating. How to find your healthy edge. 

I challenged myself to talk openly and candidly while answering these questions, so forgive me if I come off as human ;) 

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I really want to get started with Yoga, how should I start?

I’m still a beginner myself, so I’m probably not the best person to ask! But I’ll try my best :)

I personally love Yoga With Adriene! I tried Tara Stiles but I personally found her too quick paced and I much prefered Adriene. She does some great Yoga For Beginners videos, too!

Here are some really great links that I’ve found useful, too :)

Hope that helps a little bit! xxxxx