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okay pero linda, you need to tell me all of your hc for cuban lance bc I'mmm dying for a inner view of this like

pero like do uyou ever like get so flustered bc u don’t know how to take compliments and u just leave ur room to get some rice cakes to chow down and have no regard for the fact that u have three roommates and ur in ur panties bc like that’s what happened when i read the word linda


- after some time in the garrison, lance began to miss eating hispanic (esp cuban) treats, so he started looking up subscription boxes for them (ie abuela mami). tho he never actually got around to getting a subscription before blue lion happened tho so fuckdamnit he rly just wants a block of guayaba to have with some fuckin white cheese

- tbh like he only knows how to dance latin music because all his sisters and female cousins growing up have wanted them big ole quinceneras where all the cousins and siblings had to do that fancy opening dance and so he had to take a variety of classes like salsa classes and whatever like yeah he can dance latin music but like don’t ask him to dance anything else

- i’d like to think that in the futuristic-modern setting that cuba is somehow miraculously a better place (WHAT A FUCKIN IMPOSSIBLY RADICAL NOTION, RIGHT????), and so he has a grandmother who’s always talking about how she was present during the changes the country was going through in her time and lance had always been like “si abuela i get it u’ve mentioned the story like eighty-seven times this morning alone” but to be frank he never did pay much mind to it until he became homesick at the castle of lions and now he wished he did really listen to his grandmother’s stories

- it was a really awkward moment for him at the garrison when he found out that “eating shit” wasn’t actually a phrase used outside of cubans ((CUBAN SLANG EDUCATING TIME: “comiendo mierda”—translated as “eating shit”—is a phrase used by both spanish- and english-speaking cubans, and basically what the slang means is that you’re not doing anything productive. used in a sentence, “hey are you doing anything important rn?” “nah i’m just eating shit on my laptop, why?”)). 

- he has like at least one parent from trinidad, he has to have one parent from trinidad is2g 

i def have more headcanons pero like my brain is still processing the compliment rn so like LOL LIKE THANK U FOR IT REALLY I JUST AJEARKGEAR

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I started Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy yesterday and it’s everything I wanted it to be. I can’t wait to talk about it with you guys!

But today I wanted to talk about @dropandgivemenerdy’s new and awesome project: Nerdy Post! (@nerdypost)

If you know Alexis, then you know she’s got an amazing talent for drawing and hand lettering. She’s starting a new monthly subscription box filled with hand-lettered and illustrated posters, stickers, bookmarks and more. Each month the box will have a theme from books, TV shows, or movies.

The Hogwarts crest (pictured) is created by hand-lettered spells, people. I can’t imagine how long it took her to do, but it’s to die for.

The first box will ship in June, and if you follow @nerdypost, you’ll get clues soon as to what the first theme will be and updates on coming box themes and discount codes.


As a lover of hand lettered prints, I am very much looking forward to what Alexis has in store for this box.

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whenever i think of like “w*ke b*es”/those kinds of male feminist allies who are absolutely using the movement as a vehicle to fck libfems, to some extent, im always reminded of this clickbaity video i saw on fb of how these (im assuming cis) men started up some company or w/e that sends you like a period survival box in the mail once a month. & they all contained popcorn and candy and junk food, but you needed a premium subscription (& to shell out more $ obvi) if you wanted the box to include tampons and medicine… actual supplies for your period weren’t in the basic package. initially i jst thought it was a little weird but it’s rly such a telling illustration of those sorts of allies act. you have some men who are like “yeah we wanna do something to help out women” so they orient themselves around something they’re perceiving as a Women’s Issue, & provide some kind of support or service that they think is helping, but it doesn’t show any meaningful understanding of what the real underlying issue is. generally speaking, periods are tough for the people who get them bc they’re painful and menstrual hygiene supplies & ways to decrease the pain that can be quite debilitating aren’t always financially accessible to a lot of them. not bc of, like, chocolate cravings. there’s probably a deeper point to be made here but it’s also 2:30 in the morning and I’m too tired to go into it

i am tired of lifestyle newsletters and subscriptions to beauty boxes and minimalist bedrooms that originally started off as advertisements and then slowly became something actual consumers started mimicking i like shopping but it makes me depressed these days. i hate how “lifestyle” blogging has turned the consumer and the average everyday person into someone who advertises for the stuff they have through insidious little gestures that draw a connection between who you are and what you own. i hate it 

About Box of Shadows

Box of Shadows started out as a concept between two friends who wanted an easier and affordable way to access supplies for their craft. We both lived in areas where metaphysical stores were few and far between. The stores that were close were too expensive for a recent college grad and a current college student. That is how we developed Box of Shadows, a convenient and affordable monthly subscription service that brings customizable craft supplies to your doorstep.

Our principles:

  • By pagans, for pagans
  • Always affordable
  • Personalized for your practice
  • Supporting our community