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Jaime Davidovich’s “Cincinnati Tape Piece”

“I was able to start working there on videotapes and began using adhesive tape. In those works, like in my paintings, there was no starting point, no ending point; they would just continue and continue….”

In an interview with curator Ana Janevski, recorded a few months before his passing, Jaime Davidovich recounts how he began using tape in his works. One of his tape installations, Cincinnati Tape Piece, will be on view in our galleries tomorrow. Read the full interview.

[Jaime Davidovich. Cincinnati Tape Piece. 1972. Pressure-sensitive tape, gelatin silver print, felt-tip pen, and pencil on paperboard. The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift (purchase, and gift, in part, of The Eileen and Michael Cohen Collection). © 2016 Jamie Davidovich]

(via “I have to go back to New York. I have no choice": Interview with Jaime Davidovich (Part 1) | post)

I need witchy New Year goals

So here are a few:

- Make a pagan rosary and begin a daily devotion (which I will also record in a sort of witchy breviary or book of hours)

- Be more specific in my meditations

- Take more walks in the woods and learn to identify trees (as well as continuing my wildflower/plant studies)

- Read more books!!! (Maybe I need a 2017 reading list….)

- Start collecting more natural resources instead of buying items for my craft

- Stop using so many parenthetical statements (just kidding)

- Learn how to make incense cones

- Keep working on my small, potted herb garden on my patio

Please share! I would love some new ideas. Do you have any New Year goals for your craft?


Hi everyone! I posted a picture of my 1d cd collection a little while ago and as it started gaining notes, I read through the tags it was receiving. It made me realise how lucky I am to be able to own all of their records as many people tagged that they weren’t in a position to buy all the cds. It feels great as a fan to own the products that the boys have made for us. So I have picked up an extra copy of each standard and deluxe album as well as all 4 perfumes; if possible, I would like to pass this feeling on to one lucky fellow 1d trash.  


- All 5 standard One Direction albums (UAN, TMH, MM, FOUR, MITAM)

- All 5 deluxe (Aus version aka square) One Direction albums (UAN, TMH, MM, FOUR, MITAM)

- Our Moment Fragrance (100 mL)

- That Moment Fragrance (30 mL)

- You & I Fragrance (30 mL)

- Between Us Fragrance (30 mL)

Please note: Products used in images are from my personal collection and therefore are unpackaged. Products for the giveaway remain fully packaged :)


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Winner will be chosen via random number generator on April 2nd. I will ship internationally from Australia. 

Enjoy! :)

anonymous asked:

hey bowman ♥! i'm an aspiring musician/producer, and you're my biggest inspiration. could i ask you how you got started? did you learn how to mix on your own or do you have academical knowledge? ok thank bye have fun ily

I have a pretty mixed academic background, but my parents are musicians and I was in the marching band in high school. Aside from studying percussion, I took piano lessons at a young age and took a little music theory.

On my own I mostly listened to my parents’ record collection as a kid, which was mostly jazz and classical records with some rock essentials like the Beatles and Bowie scattered in there and my mom’s pretty forward-looking interests in electronic and world music. I picked up Finale from my father, but started really sequencing music with Anvil Studio in middle school. In high school, I borrowed Scott’s baritone ukulele permanently and slowly picked up a little guitar and bass. I used FL Studio to make most of my recordings up until 2012, when I moved to Logic.

Today I make all of my music by wishing upon The Statue. Anubis gives me the strength to continue my divine mission.

Let us first start with taking back your power, or rather taking responsibility for self. Remember, you create your own reality based on your frequency. You cannot truly change your external reality by rearranging the external. True change comes by altering your frequency, and the external reality alters to match your new vibrational state. The only person then that you can really change is you. You cannot change anyone else. Becoming the living example is the greatest way to affect change, even on the mass scale. As you enter into the holographic records your “how to” instructions, that information is shared with collective consciousness. As more of you begin to hold the new frequency, the amplitude of the signal is exponentially increased and broadcast, making it far easier for others to access and hold. This is how great mass change occurs.
—  The Great Human Potential - Wendy Kennedy - Ninth Dimensional Pleiadians

“A quick selfie with my girl Amy because I just can’t get enough of her. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this woman inspired me to start writing my own songs. She’s so full of soul! So honest and raw! You can’t help but feel all the different emotions SHE was feeling in each of her songs… And that to me, is making MUSIC, bringing people IN. What comes from the heart, reaches the heart. Gotta love her! ❤” - Chiquis Rivera on Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’

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Headcanon asks: part 2! Thanks @unwillingadventurer!


  • What they smell like: Mostly just the soap he uses, or sometimes a nice cologne for special occasions. After he and Barbara get married, she starts putting the lavender sachets in with his clothes too. ;)
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): He’s a pretty normal sleeper in most circumstances, but once he and Barbara become a couple, he absolutely cannot sleep unless he’s got his arms wrapped around her. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re sleeping on- having Barbara in his arms is his only requirement for sleeping peacefully.
  • What music they enjoy: He keeps up with all the pop and rock music of the day and has quite the record collection.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Not much. His routine is pretty simple- just shower, shave, drag a comb through his hair and throw on a suit, and he’s good to go.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Seashells or coins. His parents used to take him and his brother to the beach where they would collect shells, driftwood, and whatever they found on the beach, and then catalog them when they got home. It was one of the things that first sparked his interest in science. On his TARDIS travels seashells aren’t so plentiful, so he takes to collecting a coin from every place they land instead.
  • Left or right-handed: Right
  • Religion (if any): Also raised Church of England but tends more toward atheism. With his skeptical scientist’s nature he doesn’t set much store by the superstitious elements of religious practices.
  • Favorite sport: Cricket
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Ian is always happy to indulge in all the touristy things! Particularly food, fairs, sightseeing- anything fun really. His sense of joie de vivre  helps him make the most of any holiday he has.
  • Favorite kind of weather: When it’s sunny and raining at the same time. Or any kind of unusual weather, because he’s a nerdy science teacher and finds it fascinating.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Ian isn’t really afraid of most things, the one exception being a fear of anything bad happening to people he loves. Mostly it takes the form of being slightly overprotective, which his kids find annoying, but they know he means well.
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Ian is good at all the standard carnival games- it’s one of his favorite places to go on a date because he can show off to the girl he’s with by winning prizes for her. (He still does this with Barbara when they’re an old married couple and she thinks it’s adorable.)
  • Gypsy Trumpet Supercut
  • Jule Styne
  • Gypsy

Anyway, I made a thing that a) nobody could possibly want and b) somebody might already have made before. It’s a supercut of the Gypsy Overture Trumpet solo ad lib. thingy.  I’ve included all major Cast Recordings, and it’s ordered by personal taste - with the exception of the first one, which is taken from Jack Everly’s collection of Styne overtures. I figured that not everybody might have heard that version, so I thought it might be a more interesting start. The Original Broadway Cast version closes the cut with the rest of the Overture included.

I could also post a longer version, where every cut begins after the “Small World”-section as the first version included here does, but that comes to a total of 4:45 minutes, and, quite frankly, I doubt that anybody’s gonna make it that far.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get sick of the Gypsy Overture for the next few weeks: enjoy this (not very good) supercut.

(In order of appearance: “Everything’s Coming Up Roses: The Overtures of Jule Styne”; 2008 Broadway Cast Recording; 1990 Broadway Cast Recording; 2015 London Cast Recording; 2003 Broadway Cast Recording; 1973 Original London Cast Recording; 1959 Original Broadway Cast Recording.)

Stefan had a song stuck in his head.  Let the Good Times Roll by the Cars.  He couldn’t remember why, but it was wedged into his head.   Between worrying about when the next attack would come and thinking he really needed to go through his clothes.  He tried to write and couldn’t think, he tried to read and couldn’t concentrate.  That damn song. 

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Hey everyone! Bc people are starting to collect their bts supplies and are asking me how I take my notes in college I decided to shoe you all how I take all of my lecture notes!
**sorry about my handwriting oops
I take all of my notes initially using the Notability app on my iPad and I write using a stylus pen.
With the notability app you can change your paper, pen, highlighter, font (yes you can type using a keyboard), and most importantly for a large lecture, RECORD THE PROF.
I organize everything by subject and date as well as by section number. My notes are also set up to automatically upload to google drive also, that way I never gave to worry abt deleting a note.

Another awesome thing with the recording feature is that you can select text you write or tutor for highlight and skip to that part of the recorded lecture and listen to that section, this has saved me SO much time.

I highly rec this app, they also gave it available on your computer!!!!

Training an enthusiastic lesson horse –

So, before I start this post let me say that I am the worst worst WORST at collecting video of myself training.  I find it very distracting, as soon as a phone or camera comes out I lose focus and I find that the moments I record are never the best moments for this reason.  SO I have very little video of teaching/training and that’s why these clips are so horribly low quality.


A few days ago I shared this comic in this post:

As a follow-up, I wanted to demonstrate a tiny glimpse of how I’ve worked with one of my lesson horses, Spönn, so that she can carry children without needing to be ridden using escalating aversives - which then allows me to teach children to ride correctly, without kicking, tapping, yanking, etc.  I chose a very simple exercise - walk-tölt-walk transitions - as an example for the video.  I chose this exercise in part because I happened to have several clips of Spönn tölting, but also because many kids are taught to tölt by sort of pulling back on the reins and kicking the horse forward at the same time, which of course are very mixed signals and can create a pretty cranky and uncomfortable horse.  The clips are shaky and low quality and I’M SORRY but hopefully you can see what I’m trying to show.

The first clips show me working with Spönn at liberty.  I clicker trained Spönn to march along next to me in whichever gait I cue - could be walk, trot, tölt, even canter.  With R+ training she quickly became extremely enthusiastic about responding to voice commands, because she really wants to earn her food rewards.  This means that she is capable of performing these simple transitions with no pressure, which is great because I bought her with the idea that she would be a lesson horse for children.  She springs forward into whichever gait I ask for, and slows down or stops just as eagerly.  

The next clips show me leading a young student on Spönn.  The rider is holding on to the handle on the front of her saddle, and I have a longe line clipped to Spönn’s noseband, but otherwise I am not doing anything - my student is the one cueing the horse to tölt.  The goal here was for my student to practice cueing the horse using her seat, legs, and voice, and then to practice sitting the gait without losing her balance or bouncing - as we all know, it takes TIME to develop  the balance and core strength necessary for soft and correct riding.  

The final clips (which are SO shaky because I tried to record them myself without taking my eyes off of my student) show the same student a couple of months later, riding Spönn on her own in the same exercise.  She uses her seat and legs to softly and correctly cue the horse to speed up from walk into tölt, and to slow down from tölt back to walk.  Her reins are clipped to a padded noseband, not to a bit, so she is riding bitless although the horse is wearing a bit underneath the noseband.  Because Spönn has been clicker trained to respond enthusiastically to light cues, the rider does not have to kick, tap, displace her seat, or pull on the reins in order to achieve the correct response from the horse.  She need only apply the correct aids, and the horse immediately responds correctly.  The beauty of this is that if the correct aids are not applied, the horse does not respond. Balance is key.  We have had several great moments where the aids are applied incorrectly and the horse does something different - like trotting, or just stopping - and then we get to discuss what went wrong and how to do it correctly.  Because the rider has not had to worry about disciplining or forcing the horse to obey, she has been able to focus instead on her own riding - that she can remain balanced, work on her own strength and the correctness of her aids.  This means that she can now ride independently without bouncing or losing her position.  BY NO MEANS is any of this PERFECT - but it’s a great start to becoming a soft and balanced rider - and in Iceland there is a saying, “it takes 200 years to learn how to ride a horse.”  So we have plenty of time!  At this age, perfection isn’t the goal - safety, understanding, improvement, and HAVING FUN are the goals :)

At this stage, I still give Spönn her food rewards myself during her lessons because I don’t want my student to break her concentration - but we have now slowly started transitioning over to the rider rewarding the horse herself.  We have also had a number of conversations about learning theory, dressage, how horses learn and how their bodies work, and how we should best train and interact with our horses.  This rider knows that horses CAN be forced to obey using fear and pain, even though we are so much smaller than our horses - and she knows that we are actively working instead to make our horses feel safe and motivated using rewards as opposed to threats.  I even shared the above comic with some of my younger students’ parents, because I know that a lot of my lesson kids have schoolmates who ride horses and I guessed, correctly, that many of those children have already been taught to carry crops and tap their lesson horses.  I want to be honest with my students and prepare them for what they will encounter in the world - I know I can’t shelter them from what goes on in so much of the horse world - but I can teach them another way to be with their horses, and hopefully they will carry that with them into their interactions with people and other animals going forward as well.  

And that all starts with me doing MY homework, and preparing my lesson horses for their jobs.  Spönn gets trained by me several times a week, not just in hand as the above clips show, but under saddle as well.  I ride her out, I ride her in the ring, we practice dressage exercises and I keep her light, balanced, strong, and FIT so that she will not feel tired, frustrated, or uncomfortable in her lessons.  She has had one or two light chiropractic adjustments since she arrived in October, and just generally gets the best and most attentive care I can provide.  There are a lot of moving pieces that go into creating an enthusiastic lesson horse, but they’re all rooted in good horsemanship - something we should all strive to practice constantly :)

People Like Us

I am going to re-write this because I still don’t like how it turned out. ARGH

The looming buildings had quite an eerie and lonely atmosphere as the sun began to set over the rooftops of Hargeon. Fall was in full swing as the night of Halloween started with tacky ghouls and ghosts decorating the streets as children with handcrafted costumes scattered about the town in collection of the yearly due: candy.

Haunting music played from record speakers, mothers comforting the more timid children while fathers promised to fight off any monsters.

If only they had the power.

She watched them all wander past her dark post in the alley, smiling and happy without a care in the world. No wrongs committed on this night, just families enjoying the night of the thirty-first. Men, women, and children together as the night grew darker and the lanterns burned brighter.

Is this what normal was like?

Brown eyes watched a father pluck up his toddler daughter, placing her securely on his shoulders while the mother giggled and cleaned her cheeks. She saw a boy tug at his sister’s hand when she paused with fear at a particularly gruesome statue of a gargoyle. Happy, loving parents smiling as their child returned with an excited face and a bag full of new candy.

Normal must be nice. Normal but be so precious to them. If only they knew that it was so precious to her.

The wind picked up, sending chills through her coat. Blonde hair bold enough to escape her pony tail tickled at her cheeks as she saw one small boy glance over towards her location, blinking when she backed farther away into shadow. A moment more, and his family tugged him along to break his distraction.

The woman knew he would forget about the shadow he had seen at the sight of his haul, knew that he never saw past her eyes to see her secrets.

It was better to stay away and on the move.

With one last longing glance towards a mustached man and his long haired wife cradling a tiny girl in a frilly pink dress, the woman vanished into the alley way, never noticed by those she deemed ‘normal’.

She walked a lonely road, one that became far familiar in her years of solitude. A fitting fate for a monster, a creature, a thing. She required nothing for she was nothing.

Lucy Heartfilia, once a pampered heiress of the Heartfilia fortune, now a hidden stain in the genetics of humanity. A mutant is what she was, what scientists described her kind as. Her kind was never meant to be created equal to that of normal humans. That is what the public of Fiore decreed.

All mutants that were unregistered were to be arrested on sight, and detained until drafted into the Rune Knight Army to serve the king that saw them as creatures.

Lucy never wanted to fight. Fighting solved nothing and it was her own species that was deeming her an enemy, a tool to use and abuse.

No, she never wanted a fight.

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