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since I was talking about languages headcanons, let me share an actual fav of mine: Yuuri actually started studying Russian when he first fell in love with Viktor (’s skating).

A starry eyed little Yuuri, glued to the small bulky television in the living room of the onsen, watching the recording of a young Viktor’s Junior World Championship in Bulgaria, his ponytail whipping around as he twirls and cuts the air in a perfectly executed jump; there’s nothing more Yuuri wants than to be like him, to know what this person made of starlight looks like inside. How can this beautiful angelic boy do what he does, how is it even possible to glide so effortlessly on the unforgiving ice when all Yuuri can do is fall and cry and bruise?

So he starts info dumping, collecting scraps of rare skating magazines, reading article upon article about him and interviews; but then again, there’s only a certain number of them that’s in Japanese, a little more in English, of which Yuuri’s knowledge is still wonky at best. Most of them are in Russian, because you know, Viktor is Russia’s prodigy, so of course. It’s not easy to find them.

Their dial up connection cable whirrs ominously and sucks money and energy, but he doesn’t desist, finds some approximation of a skating fan site with grainy images and pages and pages of minuscule writing, so much it makes his head hurt. Even then, he doesn’t give up. Yuuri is twelve, and stubborn, so he goes to the library and brings home a dictionary, sits down in front of their outdated computer and squints at the screen, flips through the yellowed pages and reads, painstakingly, his vision going fuzzy in between kanji and cyrillic. It’s not the best, but it’s all worth it when one day he realizes he actually can recognize some of the words without even cracking open the ratty dictionary.

When Yuuri is eighteen, he places his heart and dreams in Detroit. He slices himself open and drips red on the pavement of the rink, strips his feet raw and never stops thinking about the force that drives him, locks a wish too big to be contained into the small space between lungs and ribcage. He signs up for a Russian Language course.

When asked, he tells Viktor he had to choose an extra class to take in college. He doesn’t tell him about the little kid hunched over a shitty dictionary at two am begging to know more about his idol (he’ll tell him, a whispered confession in the middle of the night, but now it’s too much, too early). He doesn’t tell him that he knows exactly what he’s doing when he brings a tub of ice cream home and Viktor beams delightedly, exclaims “that’s my favourite!” Yuuri smiles, replies he had a hunch it would be. The old article is clear in his mind, a stolen piece of memory of a Katsuki Yuuri that wanted nothing more than to know exactly what Viktor Nikiforov’s favourite ice cream flavor would be, not knowing there’d be a time where it would become as simple as asking. Viktor laughs, makes grabby hands at it. “I love you,” he sighs wistfully, wrapping his lips around the spoon, and Yuuri flushes, takes a spoonful too, feeling incredulous and warm.

The wish that was trapped inside crawls up his throat and takes off in a huff, no more than a whisper. It has no use now, for it’s fulfilled, at last.

The ice cream tastes better than anything he’s ever had.

(It’s strawberry.)

Okay, let’s just discuss the Weasley Twins in Slytherin, because, let’s be real, these boys were some cunning and ambitious mofos. 

  • Fred got Sorted first. He and everybody else thought he’d be in Gryffindor just like the rest of his family.
  • The Hat thought differently. Like, as soon he touched Fred’s hair, the Hat was like, ‘lol, nah bro. You Slytherin AF.’
  • So like, it’s a minute of silence before Fred just shrugs, like ‘a’ight’. And he goes and sits down and everybody just kind of blinks before McGonagall calls George’s name and the crowds like ‘okay the Weasleys can still redeem themselves.’
  • Then George is Sorted into Slytherin as well.
  • McGonagall’s eyebrow is twitching like she can just sense what kind of trouble the Twins of Terror are going to cause.
  • Seven years later as they cause the best fucking dramatic exit ever, she just tosses her hands in the air and goes ‘CALLED IT.’
  • But yeah, first year and people think they’d be uncomfortable af, right?
  • They manage to find the Slytherin Common Room, and figure out the password before the Prefects can tell them so when everybody is flooding in, ready to go to bed that night, they just see Fred and George Weasley sprawled on the couches like, ‘Sup?
  • Snape hates them instantly. And he’s hella pissed because they are FUCKING AMAZING at potions. Like, they might be better than him- not that he’d ever admit it.
  • And so they’re left alone for the first month, because nobody knows what to do with them???? Cuz, like they’re pulling pranks left and right, and every now and then they’ll sit with their brothers???? At the Gryffindor table????
  • BUT, one day, some annoying-ass seventh year Slytherin calls them ‘blood traitors’, and he’s laughing like he’s proud but then he glances at them and sees they just have this look in their eyes.
  • The next day, as everyone floods in for dinner, the seventh year is found in the Great hall hanging from an ankle, completely decked out in Gryffindor colors
  • Fred and George Weasley are never messed with again
  • Fred hears a Gryffindor call the very same Slytherin from before a ‘death eater’ and legit just yells ‘FIGHT ME’ and straight up tackles the Gryffindor
  • The Slytherin just kind of stares and is like …why??
  • George comes upon and tosses his arm around his brother’s shoulders and says “Just consider the Weasley Twins as Slytherin’s last defense line.”
  • And then Christmas is coming up, and they’re kind of, maybe, a little bit, very scared of going home because they’re ENTIRE family has been in Gryffindor. Like- every. Single. One. of. Them.
  • They mention it to Bill, and he just scoffs and calls them wimps.
  • They’re the first ones through the Burrow’s door that holiday. They also learn, thanks to their mother, that their uncles Fabian and Gideon were both considered to be put in Slytherin.
  • Couple months later they get the Marauders Map, but that a whole other thing
  • And then for years, they’re wreaking havoc upon Hogwarts. Nobody is safe from their pranks, and every other week you can hear them talking about the joke shop they’re going to create.
  • During the twins’ fourth year, as more and more people become petrified, the entire Hospital wing is covered with balloons, and streamers, and everything to make brighter and happier. Nobody found out who did it.
  • Draco Malfoy and other ignorant people who use disgraceful words disappear for a week that year.
  • Also, when Hermione was in the library she found a piece of paper with pipes? written on it. That’s when it hits her. She never finds out who left it on the table.
  • The next year, the twins practically worship the ground that Remus Lupin walks on. They also meet an adorable dog that looks like the Grimm, and legit let it sleep in their room more often than not.
  • Their roommates are just like WTF???? But they don’t give a fuck, because let’s be real, these boys did nearly everything out of spite.
  • During their sixth year, there’s a LOT of shade thrown and bitter bitchiness.
  • and they totally didn’t use the foreigner’s ignorance to be able to prank them via their Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes cuz that’d be cruel, and wrong, and mean, and bad
  • Yeah, they 100% did
  • During the opening ceremony of their seventh year they walk into the great hall and see a toad wearing pink from head-to-toe and they exchange this very, very sly grin that has the underclassmen around them shaking
  • McGonagall sees it and just starts snickering to herself.
  • If everybody thought the Weasley Twins were terrible before… it was nothing to how they were that year.
  • Like, they manage to get a detention during the feast. Over the last six years they had racked up about 350 detentions. That year they, collectively, gained 462 detentions.
  • There weren’t even that many days year.
  • They broke the Marauders’ record. Remus and Sirius refused to talk to them for the first week after they left Hogwarts because of how bitter they were.
  • A day after they dropped out of Hogwarts they received a Howler that just said “UMBRIDGE IS FUCKING PISSED AS HELL!!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BOYS!”
  • They went to an Order meeting after getting it, and McGonagall is there and all she says to them is; “get any interesting mail today, boys?”
  • I just… The Weasley Twins in Slytherin.

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AO3 Crosspost

Summary: In another universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi falls to General Grievous’s blades. In another universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi does not live to see the end of the war. In another universe, Anakin Skywalker hunts down General Grievous, intent on revenge.

someday when i’m gone away we’ll be all okay

The Force goes frighteningly silent.

Anakin doesn’t know what to make of it. He feels numb, empty, as though his insides have been scooped out and thrown away. The sounds of the dogfight taking place around him are muffled, like someone is covering his ears with cotton.

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Klance shippers of voltron fandom I have a writing prompt for you

Ok so before I got into reading voltron fanfics I would spend my time reading transformers Prowl/Jazz fanfics and mystery skulls animated lewvithur fanfics and well tonight I went back to read some prowl/Jazz fanfics I remember about prowl courting Jazz in one of them where his program to went to mate was accidentally twitched on and and he did all these crazy things like collect shiny metal things to build a nest with and chase off any other interested in jazz as well as chase jazz around until he got/won jazz over and how amusing of a read that was and well a thought hit me

Why hasn’t any klance writers though of something like this with Galra Keith like

Come on always making it that Galra Keith just goes into heart and becomes this shy uncomfortable kitty cat that begs for sex seems to be a little out of character for Keith (and becoming overuse in some cases)

So I was thinking when Galra Keith gets into a rut or like with some felines there is a time most Galra hit a mating season and/or when they find someone their instincts screams out as a preferred mate their instincts to court the someone who woke up their instincts to mate by collecting soft things to build a nest, and hoarding food/drink and trying to keep said someone all to themselves and away from danger as well as show off what a good fighter they are and how much of a good mate they’ll be

Just imagine Galra Keith (or Keith Galra genes kick in) starting to get these mating instincts around Lance and at 1st he’ll think there’ll something wrong with him until Coran, pidge and hunk look up some information they’ll get form old Galra records the castle has back when the Galra got along with Alteans and were not at war with them and find out about Galra mating season and mating instincts (or the marmoral blades (is that the right way to spell the name of the Galra dudes that helped Shiro out?) tells them about Galra mating season/ instincts that kick in when a Galra find a person they want to become mates with) and that Galra once those instincts kick can’t help but listen to these instincts until enther they win the affections of the one their instincts call out to mate with and becomes mates with them) and they become mates for life so once a Galra has a mate they don’t go through this mate to mate with others every mating season and Galra of the right age to mate (maybe late teens is when it starts for them) ) or when mating season is over

Imagine how embarrassed Keith will be to find this out but he can’t really not listen to his instincts so he starts to just listen to them much to Lance’s embarrassment Keith starts to court him by bringing all these blankets and pillows (even soft plush) and makes a nest with them and following Lance everywhere when he’s not making the nest and collecting stuff for the next or hoarding food Keith will be trying to cuddle and snuggle up to Lance and hissing at anyone getting to close to Lance

But as embarrassing as Lance is about it he can’t help but find it cute

I mean the possibilities are endless with this being as no one has tried to write or draw anything of this trope for voltron klance yet

Heck you could even throw in alpha betas omega dynamics in it like this is what Galra alphas are like with omegas (yeah alpha Keith with omega Lance but you could make it Alpha Galra Keith with Altean Lance if you wanted to)

Think about it klance voltron fan writers you could have so much fun with this trope


1982. The Number of the Beast

is the third album by legendary band Iron Maiden, released in March. It saw the debut of vocalist Bruce Dickinson, and the final appearance of drummer Clive Burr. The Number of the Beast met with considerable critical and commercial success and was a landmark release for the band,  The album was also controversial – particularly in the US – due to the religious nature of its lyrics and its artwork.

was the band’s first album to feature writing by guitarist Adrian Smith. In addition, the release saw Steve Harris adopt a different approach to writing, which would cater more for new vocalist Bruce Dickinson. The album’s producer, Martin Birch, remarked, “I simply didn’t think [former vocalist Paul Di'Anno] was capable of handling lead vocals on some of the quite complicated directions I knew Steve wanted to explore… when Bruce joined, it opened up the possibilities for the new album tremendously.

According to several interviews, Dickinson was heavily involved in writing several of the album’s songs, and in particular the tracks "Children of the Damned”, “The Prisoner” and “Run to the Hills”. Due to his previous band Samson’s ongoing contractual issues, Dickinson could not legally take part in any songwriting for the record, and had to make what he called a “moral contribution”, which meant he was able to influence particular tracks, but not provide enough creative input so as to earn a writing credit. The recording and mixing of the album had to be completed in only five weeks, after the band had spent too long constructing the new songs.  This was because the group were for the first time creating a new album from scratch, with very little material written prior to the record’s pre-production stage.

The album was strongly opposed by social conservatives – especially in the US, where Iron Maiden were accused of being Satanists. Public burnings of the band’s catalogue were organised, although some religious groups smashed the records with hammers, for fear of inhaling fumes from burning vinyl. The Beast on the Road tour was subject to numerous boycotts and demonstrations: venues were sometimes surrounded by activists who handed out leaflets and, in one case, a 25-foot cross was carried in protest. Harris has stated, “It was mad. They completely got the wrong end of the stick. They obviously hadn’t read the lyrics. They just wanted to believe all that rubbish about us being Satanists.

The cover was originally created for the song "Purgatory”, but Rod Smallwood deemed it of too high a calibre for a single release and decided to save it for The Number of the Beast album instead. The original 1982 artwork includes a blue sky in the background; this was a mistake by the printers of the album cover, and was later rectified and became black.

The Number of the Beast is a historical landmark, as it is where Iron Maiden first started on the path that would lead them to worldwide stardom, but it is a fucking great album all the way, too. It’s simple, it’s poppier than the previous albums, but it’s a well written, tight collection of songs from a band bursting with youthful fire. Maiden on here showed the first signs of their expertise at crafting memorable, hook-laden and commercially successful work, and it’s a testament to exactly how good writers they were that these songs are still so universally memorable and loved.

this ‘Masterpiece’ without a word of exaggeration is the greatest heavy metal record of all time – one that continues to enthral now and will no doubt do so for decades to come.

Steve Harris     Bruce Dickinson    Dave Murray   Adrian Smith    Clive Burr

anonymous asked:

Hey I read the Bruce headcanon for meeting his s/o's parents and I loved it!!! Could you please write a headcanon about Bruce proposing to his s/o please? Thanks!

Hi, this might be a bit short because I recently did an imagine about Bruce’s proposal if you are ever interested in reading it! That aside, this was also fun to do so thank you for sending in the request! Also I kinda put together two request because it was of the same nature! Anyways, I’ll try my hardest to make sure I give more!! Hope you enjoy!

Could you please do a Bruce Wayne headcanon about a wedding with his s/o? Thank you! Love your work!

  • Bruce’s proposal is beyond what you have expected because he is a man that goes to all extremes when it comes to his precious people. He probably is going to pop the question on your anniversary because he just wants to make your anniversary day extra special
  • He lets his sons – because of course Bruce will definitely let his sons be involved because you’re not only going to marry him but you are marrying Bruce and his sons. They come hand in hand – take you around, making you walk down memory lane with them or spend some time with his sons.
  • Then he has one of his sons bring you back to the manor where Bruce sweeps you off the floor because he went all out: carpet to the backyard, rose petals scattered on said carpet and the moment you get to the backyard – The Garden – Bruce is standing in the middle of the garden with candles – in the shape of heart – around him!
  • Of course, you will definitely tear up at the effort he put in and when Bruce gets down on one knee to ask you the question, you obviously say yes! Because this is what you have been wanting for as long as you can remember
  • “I knew right from the first moment I met you that you are going to be the one I will spend the rest of my life with, Y/N.”
  • Bruce lets you plan the wedding – he is willing to go along with whatever you have in mind because he just wants to make you happy. Even when you tell him you want a small wedding with only your closest families and friends in attendance, Bruce will agree to that.
  • “Alfred make sure all the names on the list gets invited and they are allowed to bring their plus one too.” Bruce even goes the extra mile in paying the trip for some of your families or friends that don’t live in Gotham. He also invites members of the league too.
  • Your dream wedding basically. Might even wear your mum’s old dress that you have altered a bit because you are a hopeless romantic and you have always dreamed about wearing her wedding dress to your own wedding.
  • All of the boys end up becoming Bruce’s best men and surprisingly Clark is the ring bearer. Bachelor party is pretty wild – leave it to Jason to bring out the booze like there is no tomorrow!
  • Diana and Dinah helps you get ready and your best girls becomes your bridesmaid. It’s really fun and crazy and they keep teasing you about your upcoming marriage with Bruce. Your bachelorette party is tame at first but halfway through dinner, Dinah announces she brought it a few surprises for you – it ends up being strippers and everyone is just having fun!
  • On the day of the wedding, who is Bruce trying to kid? He is nervous and Alfred is tearing up because he never thought he will ever get to see the lad marrying a fine lady like you. “Thank you, Master Bruce.”
  • The moment the music starts, nerves shot up the roof and despite his calm and collected demeanour, he is beyond nervous! Dick kept teasing him about how he was going to faint on his own wedding day and Damian is of course, defending him. Tim is the camera / videographer so obviously he has to make sure this is recorded! Jason hopes you can keep the big old bat in check!
  • As soon as you walk down that aisle with your father, Bruce is swept off his feet, breathless with how extremely beautiful and elegant you are. The smile on your face is also enough to make his nerves stop.
  • Bruce is more handsome than usual and holy crap, you can’t believe he is going to be your husband in just a few minutes hello heart, are you okay in there? Don’t stop now!
  • During the entire ceremony, Bruce isn’t sure where to keep his eyes at – he wants to stare at you but at the same time, he also keeps glancing at your hand; he feels very blessed to have you with him.
  • When it comes to doing the vows, yours are short and simple as your other friends still have no idea about Bruce’s superhero life. He is looking at you with such bright and adoring eyes you almost forgot what you wanted to say. You also thanked him for giving you four sons, a dog, a cat and a big bat (obviously you couldn’t really tell them you have Goliath).
  • When it was his turn, Bruce thanks you for being by his side even when he continued to push you away and he is thankful he didn’t manage to push you away and that you still supported him through thick and thin and all the beautiful things he can say to you, it makes you teary – Dinah had to keep giving you tissues because she didn’t want you to cry
  • By the time you are pronounced man and wife, Bruce doesn’t even wait for the priest to say the words and pulls you to him, giving you a very passionate kiss that had the crowd rowdy. Some of your families are crying, the boys are wolf-whistling, it was just amazing.

When I was a child in this house in Novi, Michigan, we went to church in the basement.
I didn’t grow up in a religious family. In my house it was simple, Bruce Springsteen was the Lord, and “Born To Run” was the Bible. I remember burning that album for hours on end downstairs with my dad, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out turned up to 11, pretending to play along on any instrument I could find. I was baptized by rock & roll music.

A big part of my story is rooted in this guitar in my dad’s hands.
It’s an early 1980’s fender esquire. My mom bought it for him as a gift. He never learned how to play it, but it always knew how to put on a show for the neighborhood kids on Chase Drive. Later on, when the DALES clan became a party of five and moved west to Arizona, the guitar came too. It survived a big fall out of the trunk on Route 66, my failed first guitar lessons, and even my awkward teenage years when all I wanted was be a drummer.

Eventually I turned 18, the dream became real, and I got to tour the world for the several years. Meanwhile, the guitar collected dust in the garage.

When I started making the DALES record with Matt, I took a trip back to Arizona and begged my dad to let me take the guitar home with me to LA. After a bittersweet debate, he gave in and we were on our way to dust off the cobwebs. A part of me always knew I wanted to tell this story with the very instrument that was so deeply rooted into my childhood DNA. (I also wanted to learn how to really fucking play, thanks Matt.)

It’s an out-of-body experience to hold something in your hands and it feel like a time capsule to your first memories of music. A portal to a basement in Michigan where I felt the feeling for the first time,
the same feeling I’ll be chasing for the rest of my life.

Now not a day goes by where I don’t pick up this guitar.


Eagle Scout Project benefits Greater sage-grouse and partnerships

When it came time to choose his Eagle Scout Service Project last year, 16-year-old Kolton Dahl had a pretty good idea that he wanted to do something related to the Greater sage-grouse.

Now in his junior year at Burns High School, Dahl had worked closely with Andrew Shields - a wildlife biologist at the Roaring Springs Ranch and an Eagle Scout himself - on projects monitoring Greater sage-grouse that call the ranch and neighboring public lands home.

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some of my headcanons about sirius black (✿◠‿◠)

- okay so this one technically isn’t mine i guess because i saw someone else post it i forget who but it’s that sirius is multilingual and i fell in love with it like can you imagine him fluently speaking italian out of no where or yelling in french when he gets mad just omg i could go on and on about this

- definitely played quidditch like idk i just can’t picture a sirius black that didn’t play quidditch

- had really pretty handwriting like i’m talking cursive, neat af, perfect loops, like it was remarkable and it bothered him so much but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t help it

- sirius played the piano!!! and he was amazing!!!! from a young age he had lessons, and though he would never admit it he secretly loved it. like he could sit there for hours and just play. anyone who knew about it could tell you how beautiful it was and how lucky you were if you got to listen to him play

- okay so every year sirius had a huuuuuuuge birthday celebration like it was the party of the year. the professors eventually started to give up on attempting to shut them down because they were so insane like there was nothing getting in the way of these parties. harry was probably conceived at sirius’ 20th birthday bash. (the dates make sense just think about it)

- sirius loved muggle music. he originally only listened to it to piss off his parents but he grew to really love it, like waaaaay more than music in the wizard world. like can you imagine how many rolling stones and beatles records he had. and then when he moved in with james the collection just grew bigger and rock was basically blasting from the house 114% of the time. he also had a bunch of band tees too. actually now that i think about it they probably got high listening to the grateful dead all the time.

- pretty sure this is already a given but i feel like i gotta include that his hair was something completely out of this world like it’s indescribably amazing


- sirius got top marks in school without even trying. he was just extremely intelligent but in the most nonchalant and un expecting way. like he wouldn’t be paying attention in class because he was thinking about his supply on dungbombs or some shit and the professor would call him out asking him about the lesson expecting him to be like “idk” but he would answer perfectly and no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t one up him. like they tried so hard to catch him off guard but never succeeded

- definitely the first person to realize that lily liked james. like he realized before lily even did. and he pestered her endlessly until he got her to admit it not only to him, but to herself. he&remus played a huge role in their getting together. it took a lot of hard work, time, patience, and bull shitting but it happened.

- and sometimes, whether he liked to admit it or not, he was human and underneath his cool flawless exterior he was cold, he was hurt, he was damaged. he may be funny, smart, and a damn great friend but he could get snappy, angry, and lash out. because as much as we like to dance around it, he is scarred from his childhood. him and his brother had no relationship whatsoever and it broke his heart. he watched regulus get corrupted little by little, and he dealt with his family hating him. there were nights where he would just stay awake all night, and days where he would seclude himself from his friends because sometimes it was a lot to handle AND THIS POST IS BECOMING REALLY SAD REALLY FAST SO IM JUST GONNA STOP NOW BECAUSE I COULD GO ONNNNNNNN AND ONNNNNNN ABOUT SIRIUS BLACK OKAY I LOVE SIRIUS BLACK

Words Change Everything

Paring: Peter Quill/Reader

Tags: female reader, established relationship, HYDRA, outer space, Peter is a little shit, fluff and angst, BAMF reader, set after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, some spoilers but I don’t name names or anything

Summary: He just wants to keep you (HYDRA-test subject, seasoned warrior, new hero) safe from battle. You just want to redeem yourself from the blood on your hands.

Word Count: 1,912

Current Date: 2017-08-21

Originally posted by marvelheroes

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The Collector

I’m a collector. Some might call me a hoarder and I can’t say they’d be wrong! I have many different things I like to collect: crystals, TY beanies, fairy ornaments, coins, stamps… you get the idea. Nothing brings me greater joy than adding new things to each collection, nothing gives me more of a rush than looking through my collections; all those years of hard work, saving money and hunting through pawn shops, yard sales and the internet to find the objects I most coveted. It brought me immense pride to look upon my work. It’s a hobby that has made my life what it is, and I wouldn’t be without it.

It seems twice or three times a year for the past four or so years, I’ve started collecting something new. Bottle caps and records, I have a fondness for deer and so started collecting knick-knacks of them.  I’m a big fan of numerous magical girl series and every time I find a new one to watch, I start adding merchandise for it to my collection.

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Taken pt. 2

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2316

A/N: So here is the second installment of Taken. I’m not sure how this turned out, but I hope you guys like it. I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything but I’m on summer break now and will probably be posting more. Also just let me know if you want to be tagged in this series or anything else that I write. 


Warnings: Nightmares and some angst (I guess)



Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a normal life? I do. To have a normal family. Normal friends. Normal… everything. But the thing is, I don’t even know what normal is. I have no idea what parents and friends are. All I know is the cold dark walls of this cell and  the agony of a knife at the hands of horrible men. That is where I am now, in a cell listening to the drops of water that is unseen in the pitch black cell I current call me home. When all of a sudden i hear the door at the end of the hall that is outside my cell door open. Your stomach sinks and your breathing and heart rate increases because you know what is coming Large boots stomp down the corridor and stop outside of your door. You scramble for something to cover your mouth with even though it’s futile. You take off the rag that is around your body and cover your face just in time for them to open the small gate on the door and shove the gas cans through. Despite your efforts, as the gas fills the cell you begin to feel light headed it starts to spin. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you lose consciousness just as you hear the sound of the cell door opening. 

You wake up with your heart hammering in your chest and the familiar sound of a heart monitor that is beeping in sync with your heart. Your breathing is so rapid as you try and slow it down. You begin to take in your surrounding and for some odd reason you were expecting to be bound by leather straps, instead it was a soft blanket that was draped a tossed your body. You look around the room and notice a figure sitting haphazardly in a very uncomfortable chair. The room was darker because the lights were off except a small light behind you so you could make out much of the figure except they were very large and had dark shoulder length hair.

“Good evening Ms. Y/L, I have notified Dr. Banner and Mr. Stark that you have regained consciousness.”  Stated a voice that seemed to come from the walls. As the voice spoke the figure next to you jumped up scaring you with their sudden movement. They walked over the light and turned it on and you could fully see who they were. The chin length hair that you saw before was a warm chestnut brown and he had stubble on his face that showed he had not shaved in many days. He was quite handsome, however, the most striking thing about his were his eyes. They were the bluest blue you have ever seen. They made you feel like you were home and that you surrounded by a warmth you have never felt before  you swear that you have never met this man before this moment, yet, his eyes are so familiar to you that you know that you have seen them before. As you stare that this man your heart beat quickens again as well as your breathing. He walks to the side of the bed with his hands stretched out in front of him as if one movement to quick and will cause you to run away like a small frightened animal.

“Y/N?”  He spoke in a rough voice?

Y/N? What does that mean? Clearly your confusion was displayed on your face and the man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, disappointment and saddened draping his features.

“Oh good. She’s awake.” You turn you head to see another man with tired yet kind eyes and very particular facial hair leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed in front of him.

 “Glad our Terminator 2.0 is back to her normal self. How are you feeling Y/N?” As he said this he walking toward the foot of you bed revealing a man with a white lab coat. All of a sudden you hear the faint beeping of you heart rate skyrocketing.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Asked the man with the coat as he walks into the room. He reached for you and out of reflex you push him against the wall and cabinets full of medical supplies.  You pulled the wires that connected you to the bed.

“Y/N stop!” yelled the man with the blue eyes.  You got off the bed, your heart hammering in your chest. The man that was at the foot of your bed moved in front of you and you stopped because he was blocking your only exit. He started to move towards you and said “Y/N you are okay.” 

You look behind him towards that  door and ran for it. He tried to stop you but as if it were instinct you threw you fist at his face and it made a sickening sound when it connected. He landed on ground and this was your chance. Running through the door you took a left and you could hear someone shouting at you and footsteps following you. You reach an elevator but you can open the door because you can’t find a handle, so instead you try and pry the doors apart and you see a dark cavern below.

“Y/N please stop you are safe.” Pleaded a voice behind you. Turning around you see the blue-eyed man from before.

“Why do you keep saying that?  What does Y/N mean?” you ask.

“That is your name.” he explained the man. Name? “It’s what you are called. My name is Bucky.”

“Okay Bucky, where am I? Why don’t I know my name or even anything else? It seems like important information.”

He slowly walked towards you with outstretched hand like before. He said, “You are at the Avengers compound. You live here. You had a run in with some very bad people who erased your memories.”

All this information was making your head hurt. You squeeze your eyes closed and run you hand through your hair. “Why would they do that? What the hell is an ‘Avenger’?” you asked in a strained voice. Opening you eyes you stare back into his sky-blue eyes.

“They did because you are an Avenger so that means you are incredibly powerful. I’m also an Avenger and Tony and Bruce are Avengers too. We fight bad guys because we have special skills.”

“Who are Tony and Bruce?” you ask.

“They are the two men from before.” Bucky said standing a few feet away from you, concern written all over his face. “Will you please come with me back to the medical room?” he asked softly giving you an outstretched hand.

“But what about the one with the coat? Is he a bad guy?” you ask in a small voice.

“No he is a doctor. That’s what doctors wear.” he replied.

“But is he a bad guy?” you ask again.

“No he is a good guy and he is going to help you. 

You stare back at Bucky with wary eyes, “If I go, can you stay with me?” you ask grabbing his hand. You don’t know this man but looking into his ocean blue eyes you can’t help but feel like you trust him with you life.

“I will always stay with you.” he replied. He led you back down the hall where you came from. You arrived back at the room and you saw the man in the lab coat checking the other man’s face. When you saw the man in the white coat you felt your stomach drop again. Your steps halted and you grip on Bucky’s hand tightened. “It’s okay. He’s a good guy.” Bucky whispers in your ears. He leads you back into the room and says “Y/N this is Bruce and Tony.” Pointing to the respective men.

— Later that day—

You talked with Tony and Bruce a bit after having Bruce check you out and he gave you “a clean bill of health”. Tony showed you around the compound, with Bucky in tow of course, and introduced you to various members of the Avengers and giving sassy remarks about everything and eveyone. You favorite so far was Natasha, she seemed like she was a capable woman who knows a lot of secrets but also could have a good time. They all however, seem sad when they met you. When you asked Bucky why, he said because we were all friends before and they are sad that their friend doesn’t remember them. I get it, I probably would be sad too. So there you were, in the room you had before with all the pictures of you, rather someone who looks like you, spread out all over the bed. Bucky said that when you joined the Avengers you loved to take pictures of everything and everyone you met. Bucky was sitting next to you going through each picture and talking about the memories that you can’t remember. You noticed that out of all the hundreds of pictures there wasn’t any of you and him.

“Hey Buck?” you asked looking up.

“Ya” he said putting the picture in his hand down.

“Why are there no pictures of us together? Clearly we are close because I feel safe with you, so why would I have pictures with everyone else and not you?”

After a moment  he answered, “Because those are for another time.” He checked the time and saw that it was almost midnight. “It’s getting late, you should probably go to bed.” he says standing up. You stood up with him and started to pick up all the photos.

“Uh okay, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You ask.

“Ya if you want to see me.” he said looking at the ground.

“I definitely want to see you tomorrow.” you say way too fast. You look down blushing, suddenly finding a corner of a picture incredibly interesting. He chuckles, “Alright doll see you in the morning.”

When he leaves you look around the room looking at all the books and records that you seem to have collected. Bucky showed you how to play a record on a record player so you take one off of the shelf and begin to play it. The sounds of an artist named Kansas fill the room.

I close my eyes, only for a moment

And the moment’s gone

All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Dust in the Wind

You pick up the pictures off of the bed and put them on the dresser. You then lay on top of the covers realizing how tired you were. It was exhausting meeting everyone today, you just felt so bad for not remembering them but Bucky said that you shouldn’t feel bad because it wasn’t your fault. Bucky. He is amazing. He knew exactly what to say and he was just so patient with you. As the song continues to play you let the drowsiness take over.

Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

You wake up cold, naked, and strapped to a table. The room is white and the all too familiar smell of sterilization invades your nose. You hear a pair of shoes walk over to your table.

“Good your awake. We shall begin.”

The man disappears and comes back with a knife. “This is only going to hurt just a bit.” he says with a evil smile on his lips. He brings the knife down to stomach and begins to cut. The white hot pain sears over your skin and you let out a guttural scream.

“Y/N!!” a frantic voice says. “Wake up!”

You also hear someone screaming out in pain, then you realize that it’s you who is screaming. You slowly open your eyes and find the ocean.

“Bucky?” you ask in a raspy voice.

“It was just a dream. You’re safe.” you break down in tears. What was that? Why would I think of that? These thoughts race through your head as Bucky brings you into his arms as you sob your heart out. As you begin to breath normally you ask Bucky, “What the hell was that?”

“We will talk about it in the morning. Do you want some water?” you shake your head yes. And he begins to untangle you from him. You grip him tighter and whisper “please don’t leave me.” You see his heart break in his sky-blue eyes. “Doll, if you want something to drink I have to get up, but I will be right back.” he says. You release him and he stands up and leaves without another word. He comes back and you’re in the same spot he left you. He hands you the water and you chug it like your life depended on it. When you’re done you handed it back to him and he sets it on the table behind him. He then sits on the edge of the bed and you curl into yourself. “Do you need anything else?” You shake your head no. When he gets up to leave you whisper “Can you stay with me please?”

“Of course doll.”

You scoot over and pull the covers back let him get in the bed with you. When he lays down you instantly attach yourself to him by putting your head on this chest and wrapping you arm around his torso, breathing in his scent. You relax your tense muscles when he wraps his arms around your waist. You stay in silence, only listening to the sounds of your breathing before the exhaustion of your nightmare takes over and you slip into you deep unconsciousness.



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So, you know how one of the ridiculous videos hockey teams make is the whole, let’s tour the players’ apartment! schtick?

So now I’m picturing the Falconers’ PR team deciding that Jack would be a perfect candidate for this year’s. I mean, he lives alone and is a quiet young guy, but not TOO young. They know about his past but know where he is in life now, so it’s not like they’re going to happen upon anything untoward. And he lives alone, which - it’s great when the younger guys room together and then the tours are kind of fun, college dorm type atmospheres, but let’s be real, college dorms are also kind of gross, and so are young men, even (especially) those who play hockey. And added bonus, it’s a check in the “look, he’s a normal guy who just had a rough time” column for those assholes out there who like to give Jack a hard time.

So they set up the tour and the day comes, and the camera crew comes in, and-

they’re not expecting the pies and cookies waiting for them, warm like they’re not long out of the oven. Or the sheer ABUNDANCE of Samwell clothing and memorabilia there is, both around the apartment, and in his closet, which seems to have a strange number of clothes in it that don’t quite look like they’d fit Jack. Or the fact that there are two bedside tables, one of which has a clock, and the other of which has a cookbook, with post-it notes marking recipes to try.

(and they definitely don’t expect the small blond spitfire coming through the door asking Jack how the filming went and then stuttering and getting red in the face when he realizes the cameras are still recording. it’s not Bitty’s fault they ran over because Jack started talking about his collection of documentaries.)

LOT/CC fic: Carry Me Home

I cut a bit from a WIP because it didn’t fit… but the idea was so fun that I couldn’t let it go. It demanded to be written.

For @larielromeniel. (Thanks as well for the beta!) Can be read here on AO3 or here on

Sara doesn’t need much sleep, really.

It’s just one of many useful skills she’d taken from the League of Assassins. She can stay awake for more than a day with no loss of concentration, no loss of those other abilities, all the better to track a mark and eliminate them if necessary. She’d picked up those techniques well and quickly, and frankly, she’s always been quite proud of them.

But even she will admit she’s pushing it right now.

“How long has it been since you slept?”

Sara starts awake even as her chin starts to slide off her left fist, where she’d propped it while studying Gideon’s records and the time charts. Collecting herself…and trying to pretend she hadn’t nodded off…she peers at the tall figure that’s leaning against the doorway to the room.

“I’m fine,” she tells him, purposely not answering the question. “Looking for the next likely connection. Has to be done.”

Leonard ambles farther into the room, laser-sharp gaze focused on her, and she’s pretty damned sure she’s not fooling him at all. He doesn’t say another word, but she snaps back anyway, weary and defensive.

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Who's tanner, petulla, getter

tanner petulla. he’s also known as getter

he used to be a pretty big dubstep/edm artist and that’s how he got signed with owsla, skrillex’s record label. he was with them for a while before he started his own label, shred collective. recently he’s been getting tired of the edm scene and the people in it, so he’s been branching out and making music that’s more along the lines of hip hop under the name terror reid while he finishes his last edm record. he also has a metal album he’s working on. other than that idk what else to tell you, he was the guy in the green suit in the hood rich music video, and a lot of people know him from the “suh dude” vines with nick colletti

Okay so hear me out: Magnus gives the best backrubs. E V E R. During the stolen century, everytime someone has a bad day, especially Lucretia, Magnus gives this legendary backrub that always makes you feel hella chill. To the point where he starts giving out coupons for it as a joke, and Lucretia collects them like crazy bc Magnus is such a doofus this will be a fun memory thing to look back on when we’re finally safe, right? She is the record keeper after all.
So fast forward to her first Candlenights with THB after they come to the BoB, she’s explaining how it would be unprofessional to receive gifts from them (low-key missing the dumb hand made presents that Merle used to make on the beach) and Magnus, her dear friend Magnus, without missing a beat offers her a coupon for one free backrub, with his giant goofy grin on his face that she missed so much.
And she’s instantly launched back to the days on the Starblaster, where she’d walk into a room, make eye contact with Magnus, and he’d immediately know something was bugging her. He’d pull her aside and they would talk it out, then he’d hand her one of those dumb coupons with a huge smirk.
And then she’s back in the BoB and she’s his boss and a stranger to him. And she takes him by the shoulders and tells him this is the nightmare scenario, but when no one’s looking she tucks the coupon into her pocket. A pocket filled with dozens of little slips of paper, worn from years of folding and unfolding. Each one with the words “one free backrub” in the same messy handwriting.

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Hi can you write a fic where narry wears someone's clothes (the boys or anyone) and harry gets jealous and make niall wear his clothes. Thank youu:)

Perhaps a bit edited from your initial request, but still along the same lines. Public thank you to @narents for helping me brainstorm and allowing me to adopt their idea.

Harry spent good money getting a half dozen silk shirts hand embroidered as a wedding gift to Niall – three colors each, some with white embroidered “Horan”’s or “Styles”’s, some with black. Niall seemed plenty grateful if not a bit bashful when Harry had presented them to him after the ceremony. He agreed to wear one of them, a black one with his own name over the breast, while Harry chose to wear a blush pink one with the same name. It was cute albeit a tad cheesy, but it showed their pride in their family names–each now hyphenated to Horan-Styles which didn’t exactly match the shirts, Niall pointed out, but same difference.

Niall didn’t mind wearing it then at the reception, but now as Harry buttons the black Horan shirt in front of his mirror, he realizes Niall hasn’t worn one since. It’s been months since the wedding and Harry has made the shirts with Niall’s name on them a staple in his ever expanding wardrobe, but Niall, now that he thinks of it, only wears someone’s name if it’s on a jersey they give to him or if he’s asked to do so.

Harry pouts at his reflection, absentmindedly reaching up to trace his finger across the white letters when Niall opens the bathroom door, entering the room with a puff of steam and warm air.

“Hello, petal,” he greets with a smile, walking past Harry while tying a white towel at his waist. “You okay?”

“Mhm,” Harry utters, turning to follow him into the closet. He leans in the doorframe and holds his attention on Niall’s face when he drops his towel in exchange for a pair of black briefs and green khakis.

“What’s in the schedule today?” Harry asks while Niall seeks out something to match.

“Gonna go to the studio for a bit,” he mumbles slowly, considering several shirts before skipping right over the silk section of their shared collection. “Start recording some demos for another album, but nothing too serious.”

“What are you looking for?” Harry asks, slowly reaching out to the rack, rifling through slowly, deliberately.

“Nothin’ particular, just something to wear.”

“How about this, then?” Harry says softly, holding up a matching shirt to his own with Niall’s newly added name on the chest.

Niall looks over his shoulder and raises an eyebrow.

“That’s not even my name. ‘Sides, it wouldn’t match my outfit.”

“Right,” Harry nods slowly, face falling from a smile rapidly.

“Shit, H–” Niall turns, dropping whatever he was holding. Harry cuts him off before he can continue his sentence.

“You should wear stripes. Like, wide stripes. It’ll look good with that color.” Harry nods towards Niall’s side of the closet while turning towards the door. He doesn’t really feel like he ran away, but Niall watches him go and feels an awful lot like he scared him off.

Harry’s in the living room when Niall finally goes to leave, curled up under a heavy blanket and scrolling through the rom com section on Netflix.

“Don’t watch anything new without me,” Niall says, sneaking up behind Harry to press a kiss to the top of his head. “I’ll be in by lunch, probably. Want me to bring anything back?”

“No,” Harry says, turning to look at his husband, “I was gonna make–wait, where are the stripes?”

“Stripes?” Niall asks, looking down at the black shirt with Harry’s family name stitched across his heart. “I don’t think this shirt ever had stripes, pet.”

Harry debates momentarily with himself on what to say next, watching as Niall’s smile grows.

“Just wanted to match my husband,” Niall says before Harry can question him.

“I’m not even goin’ out today, no one is gonna know we’re matching.”

“I’ll know, and everyone else will see part of my name on my shirt and think of you, so it’s kind of the same anyway. Now give us a kiss or I’ll be late.”

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"Well, hi there."

Just a simple morning at the local record store seemed to be a good way to start off the day and prepare oneself for the debauchery that would entail later on at the end of the night. The twenty- year old boy clad in a black and white striped mohair sweater, black leather trousers and red sneakers sifted through the collection, merely gazing at the covers to try and pick up who the artist was rather than actually read. He wasn’t doing it on purpose though, it was simply because he was illiterate and only knew how to write his name– not that he would let anyone know, of course. Running his fingers through his thick short brunet permanent and sniffling loudly, Steve struggled to identify the artists through the surreal sleeves. The young man was in a band of his own, though new in some respects, it was already building a minute following that gathered the attention from local journalists who focused on the music scene. It was rough, but he had lived through much worse since he had once been a juvenile delinquent with fourteen criminal convictions already under his belt. If anything the band was keeping him from pursuing a life of crime since the pay was better than nothing. Little did he know as he rummaged through various band files that a young lady had taken notice of him from the other side though he didn’t bother to glance up. For once he wasn’t in the mood for flirtation and instead merely replied in a defensive tone, “Wha’s it to you?” 

Jaime Davidovich’s “Cincinnati Tape Piece”

“I was able to start working there on videotapes and began using adhesive tape. In those works, like in my paintings, there was no starting point, no ending point; they would just continue and continue….”

In an interview with curator Ana Janevski, recorded a few months before his passing, Jaime Davidovich recounts how he began using tape in his works. One of his tape installations, Cincinnati Tape Piece, will be on view in our galleries tomorrow. Read the full interview.

[Jaime Davidovich. Cincinnati Tape Piece. 1972. Pressure-sensitive tape, gelatin silver print, felt-tip pen, and pencil on paperboard. The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift (purchase, and gift, in part, of The Eileen and Michael Cohen Collection). © 2016 Jamie Davidovich]

(via “I have to go back to New York. I have no choice": Interview with Jaime Davidovich (Part 1) | post)