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GOT7 Reaction : their S/o has a British accent that switches to American and back to British while she speaks

Anonymous : Could you do a Got7 reaction where their S/o has a British accent that switches to American and back to British while she speaks?

A/N : this is my first reaction and first got7 request !! y’all should know that got7 is my ult group so i’m hoping i’m as accurate as possible i wanted to add gifs but i still haven’t figured out how to post more than 3 someone help !!!!! anyway enjoy ehe

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Mark : he’s claimed before that he likes british accents so he’d love listening to you talk and pronounce things differently to him. But when you slip a word in american he’d laugh and teasingly accuse you of trying to copy him

Jaebum : tbh this guy would be a sucker for you . he’d love hearing your accent just because it’s different and he’d especially love it when you spoke korean and your accent was clear. i don’t think he’d really notice if you switched accent and you’d have to tell him then he’d ask how it’s said with a british accent.

jackson : oh my god he would be the most extra about your accent. if you said anything he’d mimic you and squeal exclaiming just how adorable you are. he would always try to speak in a british accent too which would make you cringe and make him pout. if you said something in an american accent he would say he had a better american accent and show you the right way to say it.

jinyoung : he would love your britihs accent so much !! he would find it sophisticated and he’d just like listening to it. he’d get jokingly sassy if you said something in an american accent and tell you you were hanging out with mark too much and couldn’t even get his accent right.

youngjae :this sunshine would see the change in expression whe you said something in an american accent and would just start laughing. he would adore your british accent but love when you switch just because he loved the face you made.

bambam : king of being extra, he would always exaggerate when copying your accent even though he loved it. if you said something with an american accent he would definitely copy you and make fun of the way you said it earning a pout or smack on the arm.

yugyeom : he would always try to speak to you in english because he wants to get better at it . he’d also try to speak in a british accent because he believe he’s good at it and it makes him look good. he’d like when you spoke in an american accent tho because he’s into america and would just like to hear the accent.


MNET: Yo Daniel tell us an English word which sounds like your group name or sth

Daniel: Eh…in his head flashback of him trying to speak in British accent Harry Pote™ … How about… Wannable?



Seongwoo: Daniel…no offense but is this even a word?

Daniel: Bro…idek tbh? I FELT PRESSURED?

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Prompt Neil has a British accent that he hide from the foxes but after Baltimore and when he gets to the hotel he doesn't have to hide anymore and there all kind of like wtf Neil

okay, i’ve seen posts about this before and i absolutely adore this idea! (i just reread the whole baltimore scene and sequence and i have so many feelings and ideas! tbh this is such a turning point in the book for so many reasons i’m glad i get to write something about it)

  • in my version of this au neil and his mom would have spent a lot more time in england than they did in the books, long enough for neil to pick up an accent that eventually becomes his default way of speaking
  • obviously, since they were always on the move his mom makes him stick to an american accent when they’re in america and after his mom dies, neil never slips out of the habit
  • it’s easier to hide in plain sight when you sound the same as everyone else (tbh neil also is very good at mimicking all sorts of american accents as well to fit into certain areas, but none of them are his default)
  • after baltimore, for the first time since his mother took him and ran, neil finally feels like he no longer has to hide, he feels safe with the foxes and trusts them with everything
  • at first, no one, not even neil, catches onto his new (or old) accent
  • neil only speaks for a couple minutes in english before him and andrew slip over to hushed german and his accent hadn’t started to come out yet
  • it only will finally make an appearance when neil is completely comfortable, and with the FBI breathing down his neck, he’s not quite there yet

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it’s official: i have a thing for luke evans’ voice

“A Cheesy Proposal” - Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 621

Warnings: JUST FLUFF (maybe a little swearing? I don’t remember)

Request: Hey girl I’d like to request a tom holland imagine where him and the reader have been dating for a couple years and they play love interests on spiderman? ;) thx!

Author’s Note: So this is my first request! I was excited to do this one too, it reminded me how excited I am for Spiderman: Homecoming!! Just a heads up, the beginning (in bold and italics) is actually the scene from The Amazing Spiderman when Peter asks Gwen out. Whale, I hope you enjoy this!!


“Um… so uh, you want to– I don’t know,” Peter said nervously.

“Want to what?” you said, looking into his soft brown eyes.

“I dunno, Just.. I don’t know we could… or we could do something else, or we could– if you don’t feel like we could..”

“Yeah, yeah. Either one,” you interrupt, with a smile.


“And, cut! That’s a wrap everybody. Good work today!” the director yelled. It had been a long day on the set of Spiderman: Homecoming, mostly because Tom kept making you laugh during scenes. You went up to the director and apologized for being so childish with Tom, and he forgave you.

“It’s fine, you guys are just happy together. Just try your best not to laugh every 3 seconds,” he joked as he walked away to get coffee. Everyone was jealous of how cute you and Tom were, but you were everyone’s favorite couple.

Tom walked with you back to your trailer, and the first thing you did when you walked in was run straight to the bathroom. You looked like a mess. The rain had ruined your hair, and your mascara was a little runny. Once you cleaned up, you stepped out of the bathroom and saw Tom lying on your couch. He was making a, and once he noticed you staring at him, he laughed and threw his phone on the table. He got off of your couch, kissed you and laid back down on the couch with you on top of him. You giggled and kissed his nose. The two of you just laid there for a moment, smiling and staring into each other’s eyes. You kissed him once more and then moved so you were next to him. He laughed.

“What are you laughing about Tommy boy?” you said, grinning because you knew he hated that nickname. You always called him that to tease him.

“Ughh… love, you know how much I hate that nickname,” he said, pulling you closer to him. “I was just thinking about today. The scene we shot reminded me of how we started dating, and how awkward I was at the time,” he said with a chuckle.

“I remember that day like it was yesterday. But if I remember it correctly, I made the first move.. and you still owe me a pizza,” you winked.

“It was a day like any other. We were studying for that damn history quiz that Mr. Segundo decided he wanted to make us take at last minute,” Tom laughed. All you could think about was how cute his laugh was, and how adorable his little British accent is every time he speaks.

“I was sick of hearing you complain about how hungry you were,” you said in a sarcastic tone, “So I proposed the idea of ordering a pizza. A CHEESE pizza!!” you giggled.

“When the pizza finally came, I found it a little strange you wanted to open it so badly. But when I did.. I swear I’ve never smiled so hard in my life,” Tom said sincerely, looking into your beautiful (y/e/c) eyes.

“I still don’t understand how you got the pizza man to do that,” he continued.

“Well, let’s just say that the pizza turned out to be $20 more than it should have been,” you replied with a laugh.

“How did I get so lucky to have such an amazing, beautiful girl like you?”

“I honestly don’t know… I guess you are lucky I grew a pair and asked you out,” you said with a hint of sarcasm. You both laughed and slowly fell asleep in each other’s arms.








World Building: Accents

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I am currently writing a fantasy book set in a kingdom of my own invention. The kingdom is part of a stand alone universe so Earth doesn’t exist. However, two of my main characters have British accents and I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to convey how they speak considering I can’t say “British.” Could you help me out in any way? Thanks for all you do! I appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog! :)

There are several British accents:

So, you have to start by figuring out which your character’s accents sound like. You can go to YouTube and type in the different ones to hear them. Listen to the videos and note how they sound to you. What makes them stand out from the others? You can also look them up on Google to find descriptions of how they sound.

But note: there is absolutely no way to describe an accent (without directly stating where it’s from) that will give your readers an accurate image of what you’re describing. It’s impossible, because every person isn’t familiar with every accent. That said, choose a few descriptors about the accent that stand out to you, then pair that with wherever they’re from in your fantasy realm. For example, “The young woman spoke in the melodic, non-rhotic accent of someone from the Kirandia highlands.” And leave it up to your reader’s imagination.

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To the anon talking about the lack of 'u' in 'honour': it's totally possible that Harry had an American iPhone that would automatically autocorrect to just the 'o'. I have a friend who's British but has an American phone and he gets so pissed every time something auto corrects to the American spelling 😂

Isn’t it so annoying? I’ve learned how to write/speak in British english but the damn phone is american so the same happens to me LMAO I’ve given up trying to change it

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Accent Challenge

Word list:
bath / house / lovely / tongue / down / laugh / garage / zebra / look / owl / aluminium / grass / schedule / stupid / rant / squirrel / blood / bowl / water / million / turkey / library / duck / either / epitome / food / castle / hour / transport / anorak / room / tractor / sponge / orange / towel / where / gravy / murder / heir / laughter / potato / moon / bottle / patio / lion / authenticity

Grab the nearest book, turn to a random page, read us a paragraph. Let us hear your voice is all it’s smooth and flowing glory. Seduce us with your accent, make us swoon.



Come have a butcher’s at Anglophenia’s guide to Britishisms! This video may not include Karen Gillan speaking Scottish, but it does feature accent extraordinaire Siobhan Thompson. She knows her onions. Do you? Click play to find out!

Things I Have Willingly Learned About Since Becoming a Colin Morgan Fan
  • Arthurian Legend
  • Geography of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland
  • Shakespearean Plays and Shakespearean English
  • 80’s Power Ballads (okay, I admit I knew about those already, just not that song)
  • History and Restoration of Pierrefonds Chateau
  • Effects of illegal drugs on addicts
  • Scottish history and legends
  • Irish history and culture of the 1950s
  • Culture surrounding 1950’s Soho
  • The book catalogue of Terry Pratchett
  • The music catalogue of Death Cab for Cutie
  • World War One and its effect on that generation
  • The lives of English Mobsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray
  • How long you can steep Barry’s Gold Label tea before it gets bitter
  • Or really, drinking tea at all
  • The Troubles 
  • Beanie Caps
  • Fat Face
  • The Art of Google Fu
  • Tim Burton (still don’t like him, though)
  • The life (and death) of Victor Richardson
  • That Radio Programmes still exist and are actually fun to listen to
  • Swedish Sci-Fi shows that I have to watch with subtitles
  • How to rig my laptop to play Region 2 DVDs
  • The ecstasy and agony of Google Docs
  • That the Tenth Doctor kind of rocks
  • The Irish Independence movement
  • Never take a road trip with Colin as your navigator if you want to get there on time
  • How to speak (write) British
  • The life (and death) of Sean MacDiarmada (pending)

And a couple more really important ones:

  • With enough determination, drive, and God-given talent you can accomplish anything
  • Internet friends can be absolutely wonderful real life friends too
  • The Colin Morgan/Merlin fandoms are a wonderful group of people! Thanks for letting me be a part of you!

I have learned more from Professor Morgan than I ever learned from a teacher in school. 


How To Speak British

(I will look through my notes and try and follow as many of you as i can!)