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Ask a Scientist: How do you store specimens that are too big to fit in jars?

Curatorial Assistant Kaylin Martin tells the story of how snake heads, giant turtles, and more are stored in the museum’s historic Alcohol House— home to more than 200,000 reptile and amphibian specimens that are jarred and preserved in alcohol.

Ask a Scientist is a new short video series where we ask our research staff questions about the millions of amazing objects and specimens stored in our collection. Tune in on YouTube, and submit your own questions via Twitter @CarnegieMNH.

anonymous asked:

As always, thank you for your hard work on this blog. Always makes my days easier. Could I please get head canons on how Snake and Dragon would deal with and help their s/o through the struggles of previous trauma? (Severe depression, dissociation, flashbacks) Sorry if this is really specific...

Thank you, I appreciate it ^^


  • He doesn’t really understand it, but he helps as much as he can
  • Dragon doesn’t strike me as someone who’s ever had mental problems, he’s pretty fine with who he is, so he can’t really relate to your illnesses
  • He might research a little bit, just to find out what can be helpful and harmful
  • In the end he probably just tries to treat you like a person, he wants you to know that your problems don’t define you


  • Truthfully he’s kind of bad at helping you out in this
  • Like his brother, he doesn’t have any of his own problems, so he also can’t relate to what you’re going through
  • He really doesn’t know what can and can’t help, so he just tries to calm you down when you need help, or just give you little reminders or gifts to show that he cares
  • He still doesn’t know what the hell to do, but he hopes he’s helping

prollycrying  asked:

Can we all take a moment to realize how oblivious snake ( or whatever his username is now ) is to how stupid he looks RIP Sending a prayer and love your way thooo. Hope one day you change for the better!!! FOR YOURSELF ❤👌🏻

Saw the Halloween ask on the arcana blog about what costumes they would wear and I needed to draw them and Faust 🎃

Something that makes me laugh is the fact that Thor is telling the story of when Loki stabbed him when they were 8 and he’s just so concerned with telling the story of how Loki knew he loved snakes and scared him anyway and then tacks on the “and then he stabbed me” at the end so flippantly.

Like how often has Loki been stabbing Thor in their childhood for Thor to just be like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “Yeah I think he stabbed me that sounds right anyway though bACK TO THE SNAKES” it’s just the funniest thing to me true sibling solidarity is when you’re more upset about being scared than stabbed 


@probablyfakeblonde said I can finish some of her sketches (thank you so much, I know I say it a lot, but honestly I needed a way to destress and this was a perfect!)

I did a lot more then I expected, so I’ll have to post them separately..