how to smoke on a plane

Sleepless nights

As I mentioned in my post for Nursey Week, I’m from New York City, and by that I mean Manhattan. But I go to school in the mountains, where the most noise we hear at night is the occasional truck passing by. What this all means is that I can barely sleep on breaks now, because it’s too noisy and there are always lights shining through the windows. If Nursey lives on the Upper East Side, he doesn’t have the lights problem, but I’m still going to project my exhaustion on him (with some NurseyDex because of course). Here’s to 4 hours of sleep a night.

It’s the first night of summer break and Nursey is in his childhood bed glaring at the ceiling wondering why his mind is refusing to let him sleep. Maybe it’s the incessant honking of taxis, maybe it’s the way the streetlamp shines directly through the slit in the curtains that can never be fully blocked. Maybe it’s the fact that the smell of cigarettes is filling his room from the assholes smoking on the stoop right below his window. Either way, Nursey’s done. He just wants to sleep, damn it. Heaving what he knows is an overly-dramatic sigh, he rolls onto his back and pulls the sheet over his head.

The phone’s light is harsh against Nursey’s eyes, but he squints at it anyway. 4:37 in the fucking morning. Nursey scowls and goes to Snapchat. If he can’t sleep, he might as well see how other people spent their first night of break. Ransom and Holster are unsurprisingly together, at a motel somewhere along the way to Ransom’s house. Bitty’s Snapstory shows a cute fully-stocked kitchen with a cobbler cooling on the counter; the timestamp says 1:12am. Farmer decided to practically livesnap her and Chowder’s trip to California, and the last photo is of Chowder passed out on the seat of a plane, captioned “we literally just boarded.” Shitty sent Nursey a series of videos at 12:43, smoking, ranting about a case he recently read, and telling Nursey to “get a night of some real sleep you fuckin’ beaut.” Nursey scoffs. Sleep. Right.

But then he gets to Dex’s Snapstory and is surprised to see a timestamp of 4:29am against a black background, captioned “it’s too early for this shit.” Nursey switches over to text and types with one eye open, hits send, and promptly drops his phone on his face.

Me: too early for what?

Nursey isn’t expecting Dex to respond, but a few seconds later his phone is buzzing against his nose from where he left it.

Dexyyy: tf are you doing awake Nurse

Me: idk man what are YOU doing awake

Dexyyy: You’re gonna chirp me and it’s too early to be chirped

Me: awww dexy you take away all my fun

Me: pinky promise i won’t

Dexyyy: Ugh fine. It’s the beginning of lobster season. Gotta start waking up before the spirits go to sleep.

Me: damnnn dex, cant catch a break can you

Dexyyyy: You promised

Me: that was hardly a chirp

Dexyyy: Whatever

Dexyyy: So what the fuck are you doing awake

Me: lol

Me: couldn’t sleep. Too many cars, too much light, too many thoughts

Dexyyy: City boy.

Me: is that supposed to be an insult?

Dexyyy: Don’t know. Maybe?

Me: gotta step up your game, poindexter

Dexyyy: Shut up Nurse

Dexyyy: I gotta go

Me: have fun killing innocent life forms

Dexyyy: Fuck off

Dexyyy: Just go the duck to sleep nursey

Dexyyy: *fuck. Ugh.

Me: lolll

Me: yessir

Me: gnight

Dexyyy: sleep well

Me: zzzzz

It’s 4:48 in the morning. Nursey is contemplating just getting up and starting his day. The pre-dawn light is starting to filter into his room through the curtain, casting a hazy rectangle onto the wall. Nursey gazes at it, thinking about how somewhere a few hundred miles away, Dex is preparing to get on his uncle’s boat and spend the morning hours on the water. Nursey wonders if the sun looks different from Dex’s amber eyes than it does from his own grey-green ones. He closes his eyes, thinking about how he and Dex went from nearly killing each other during the seniors’ graduation ceremony, to texting before the sun came up.

When Nursey opens his eyes, six hours have passed. He stumbles out of bed and stretches until his shoulder pops. Glancing at his phone, he sees three texts from Dex: the first two are sent at 6:26 in the morning, and the last at 11:39.

Dexyyy: Don’t tell Jack but I’d almost rather be doing suicides than fucking fishing for lobster. I smell like bait.

Dexyyy: Didn’t realize how used to cushy college life I’d gotten. I’m getting new blisters.

Dexyyy: Are you still asleep

Nursey realizes he’s smiling at his phone. And since it’s the first day of break and he has nothing to do all day, he’s pressing the call button before he can talk himself out of it. Dex picks up on the third ring.


“Finally get your ass out of bed?”

“You realize that you have to text me every night now? So I can go to sleep? I only was able to sleep because you told me to.”

“Nursey, what the fuck.”

“C’mon man.”


And then they’re off, Nursey asking about Dex’s morning and listening to Dex complain about ‘going soft’ during the year while Nursey rolls his eyes and gets dressed, then Dex grouching about how Nursey doesn’t have anything to do for the summer, and an hour later Nursey finds himself booking bus tickets up to Maine while talking about how they’re going to celebrate Chowder’s birthday that year. He pauses just before hitting the ‘book tickets’ button.



“Uh. You sure it’s cool if I come up? I mean, like, dude, this isn’t really…”

“What we do?”


“Well. I don’t know. Maybe we should try being friends without Chowder playing middleman.”

“Okay, yeah, that’s chill.”

“Ugh, if say ‘chill’ ONCE I will throw you off a pier.”

“You just want to see me wet.” (Nursey nearly smacks himself for that one.)

“Fuck off, Nurse. We literally see each other soaked in sweat like six days a week.”

“Okay, well, tickets are booked.”

“‘Swawesome. See you in a few days?”

“Yeah man, see you soon.”

And then Nursey is left in a New York City brownstone grinning madly in the middle of his room, thinking how much better this summer has suddenly become.

I am holding your hand in the hospital / I am half-asleep on the couch in another state and you are in the hospital / I am in the front seat of a pickup truck / and you are hopping a fence to pick me wildflowers / I am smearing berries on my face, pretending they are warpaint / and you are on the roof, framed by the sun / you are the roof / you are the sun / you are in the hospital / I am one thousand, five hundred miles away from the hospital / I am in Texas to prove a point to someone / only I can’t remember what the point is anymore / pride is funny like that / my mother tells me once a month that you quit smoking the day I was born / because she wants me to believe you are a good man / and I do / even if there is a shortage in my life of men who are good / even if there is a shortage in your life of women whom you were good to / you are in the hospital and this is the first time I can’t afford a ticket home / don’t know what to do with the luggage of my grief when I can’t shove it onto a plane / you are teaching me how to scale and gut a fish / and I am holding the knife / I am not holding your hand in the hospital / but I am still holding the knife
—  trista mateer
I have something to say
but I can’t say it.

So how about this, instead.
How about I never saw you coming.
Walking through July like
it was a ring of fire and then you.

You in all your morning glory.
You with the lighter fluid in your mouth.
You on my doorstep trying
to sell me a new security system,
smoke in your teeth.

I know the stories. Someone
is always leaving in them, so here,
take a copy of my keys.
Leave your coat. Make this harder
than it has to be. Make this
a disaster because you know I
live for that.

I was napping on the couch when
I dreamed that you got on a plane
and left.

I think it was a nightmare,
at least until you called from the
airport and begged me to come
meet you, then maybe stay forever.
I said yes.

And I know it’s not right,
to say things like this, so I’ll
only say it once.
Listen closely. Are you listening?
Bring your ear to my mouth.

I would follow you anywhere.
I would.
God, I would.
—  Caitlyn Siehl, What You’re Not Supposed to Say

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane/ It’s the funk doctor spock smokin buddha on a train/ How high? So high that I can kiss the sky!

My favorite things from the Leverage Gag Reel:

-”Hi, I’m Beth Riesgraf.”
-”Charles you’re on the wrong show.”
-*Intern finds Beth and Aldis secretly hiding behind some shit* Aldis: Get out of here, what the shit? Privacy.
-*Intern finds Beth, Aldis, and Christian all hiding in various states of undress.* Aldis: GET OUT OF HERE, WHAT THE SHIT! PRIVACY
-Literally like, they all know about the Ot3 and they love it.
-Beth: *in the middle of a crowded mall* SHIT. Oh SHIT. I’m sorry to all the parents and children. *Hiding her face in shame.*
-”What are we going to do, Nate?” “We’re going to convince him that you’re a lying greedy bitch.”
-Gina hitting Tim a lot.
-Gina cleaning a table with money she’s holding in between her toes.
-Gina sneezing.
-”It’s a dick in a box.”
-”Why yes my- my- my- my-”
-”Oh fucky ducky.”
You’ve spent a disproportional amount of your life in air ducts.” “I’m sorry.”
-”Mr.  Travers I am Agent…………….”
-Client: Isn’t…What you guys do help people when no one else will?
Tim: No.
-”You callin me a liar? Cause I’ll get on this fuckin plane and leave right now.”
-”There’s a subdivision of other buildins up above. You’re gonna- I’m gonna- You’re lookin at  another take from me cause I just fucked up.”
-(Blooper from the WWII episode.) Beth: Oh, Charlie.
Aldis: Sup boo how you livin?
-The entire cast fixing their hair in the camera at some point.
-Chair spinning.
-Aldis: We looked everywhere, but the f-farm- p- p- fuck.”
-The team skipping out of a cloud of smoke while holding hands

  • Aries: You are a bonfire on an autumn night, ash circles above you and mingles with the stars. You are blades of grass inching through the snow- the first sign of Spring. You are the half remembered lullaby that stays in the head of an adult long after they fell asleep as a child.
  • Taurus: You are the strings of a violin vibrating in harmony. You are dappled sunlight streaming through a canopy of green leaves. You are smooth round pebbles on a beach, kept and saved by children who see you as treasure.
  • Gemini: You are the darkness behind stars that heralds so much more than what we know. You are chopped wood outside a cottage on a Winter's night. You are a cold mountain stream destined to provide life for thousands.
  • Cancer: You are red coral in a reef, you have seen thousands of years and have sheltered generations of marine lie. You are the pollen on a bee's legs, spreading around gardens so that people miles away from where you once were can see you bloom. You are a plane ticket stub stored in an old woman's diary.
  • Leo: You are a childhood friendship revisited years later where time has not stopped compatibility. You are music blaring from the penthouse apartment of a man showing his first grandchild how to play the piano. You are the cool wind so dearly cherished on a hot summer's day.
  • Virgo: You are a forever expanding desert, the shape of you changes each day with the wind and animals and humans alike travel for days to enter your hidden oasis'. You are birthday candles blown out tentatively, silk-like smoke rises above you and you are a wish come true. You are a friendship bracelet, a wedding ring, a family heirloom, a locket containing pictures of loved ones.
  • Libra: You are a mirror that has seen beautiful, excited faces for hundreds of years. You are a field of daisies and dandelions, you are not a weed: you are the crowns on the heads of barefooted children. You are a painting in an art gallery, people fall in love with you and have fallen in love in front of you.
  • Scorpio: You are the righteous fury of the seas, nothing can curb your eternal majesty. You are beautiful clothes wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. You are a turquoise swimming pool on the hottest day of the year, they flock to the cool relief you give.
  • Sagittarius: You are a first kiss on New Years Eve, you prophesy a new year of happiness. You are the secret spot where lovers meet in the dead of night. You are a good book being read for the first time by candlelight during a black-out.
  • Capricorn: You are a pair of newly broken-in pointe shoes dancing on the stage for the first time. You are the blanket fort that protects children scared of the dark. You are the gleams of sunlight breaking through a cloudy sky.
  • Aquarius: You are sea foam crashing on cliffs hewn rough with erosion. You are comets swirling through a dancing glitter sky. You are the shared dreams between people who have never met.
  • Pisces: You are a train journey to a new, exciting place. You are lined paper covered in half-thought poems and sketches of friends during class. You are the planets orbiting around the sun like pieces of a watch that have spilled out into the galaxy.
The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 16)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Angst!!

Word Count – 979

Notes – Whew!!!  This part was hard to write!!  So many feels!!!  I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger at the end of this one!!!  I’ve been waiting a while to drop this one on you guys!!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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By the time you made it to the beach, the Soldier had stopped coughing.  You looked up and down the shoreline, hoping to see a village or a boat.  Seeing neither, you turned back toward your companion.

“It’ll be wiser for us to split up and search for help,” you said as you looked at the sun in the sky. “I figure we have a couple more hours of daylight left, so it’s best if we go now.  I’ll head north, you go south.  If you find help, get a message to the team and meet me back here at sundown.”

“How do I know you’ll come back for me if you find help first?” he asked, a wary look in his eye.

You shrugged your shoulders as you turned and started walking away.  “You don’t.”


You were hot and thirsty and every single part of your body ached.  Between the fighting at the base and the plane crash, you were sure that you’d at least bruised some ribs, if not broken a few.  Your feet were screaming at you to stop walking, but you needed to find civilization.  You couldn’t stand the thought of being stranded here, especially with the Soldier. You wondered if he’d had any luck, and if he had, would he even bother coming back for you.  It would be just as easy for him to leave you for dead.  

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i feel like i’m just too much always. i am too much of a person and i don’t know how to feel anything except that. like bursting at the seams with how much i am. like there must be some way to get rid of it, to let some of it out, but no matter how much, i can’t. i wonder what it’s like to be a person who isn’t too much all the time. i want to scream! i want to play guitar! i want to start a punk band! i want to run but i can’t run. i want to smoke so that i have something to do with my hands. i am not enough and too much but never just right and that is just how it is.

what’s it like to be a person? to feel like you work on the same plane as the world you’re in? i feel like i just am at a different frequency, constantly getting faster and faster until i explode at the end.

when they were like 16 my dad and uncle were really into these OBSCENELY intricate war simulation board games like Tobruk that had a dozen different types of vehicles and dice rolls to check for accuracy when shooting over hills and through smoke and different armor ratings for different parts of the tank. they had a game for tanks, a game for ships, and a game for planes, and they would combine all three of them on the floor of their house using rulers instead of squares on a board and treating tile as land and carpet as water and argue for hours over how the various rulesets interacted. they would start at opposite ends of the house and take at least half an hour just to move their pieces within firing distance of each other and then my grandpa would come home from work and kick them all over the place walking through the foyer and tell them to set the table for dinner

with you, i remember the moments.

i remember what you were wearing
the first time i saw your underwear
inching up your back as you bent over
your passenger seat. i remember your bed,
comforter bunched up like bath cloths
lathering the only body you knew how to feed.

i remember climbing out your bedroom window
and rolling joints on your rooftop,
pretending we were on the planes
flashing seamlessly through the night sky
like a rescue mission. i remember air
heavy with summer, smoking weed in
my underwear between breaths. i told you
it felt like i was dreaming and you laughed.

we got lost in a state park once and
we had to jump a fence in the darkness.
you tried to kiss me in front of the flowerbeds
because i didn’t take your hand coming down.
the sky swallowed the stars whole
that night, but i was too busy staring
at your eyelashes to realize that we kind of
like it when our dark smothers our light.

i remember the first hickey you sucked out
of my heart, imprinting the bruises
on my body, vodka harsh on your lungs
like thunderstorms. i remember you
held my hand, cheeks roaring like forest fires.
my hands started shaking, fists like newborns.

with you, i remember the moments–
and with him it was all him him him.
god, i loved him so much i couldn’t sleep.
i remember waking up missing him
like his lungs were attached to my breath
and smelling his scent on my skin
for three days after we met.

i remember feeling hallow. empty.
climbing through dark tunnels with
nothing to grasp onto except
for old feelings. i remember feeling
like a character in his novel that everyone
knew the title of but me, where the first
kiss goodbye felt like crumpled leaves.

but you turned my story into potpourri.
and with you, i remember the moments.

—  with you, i remember the moments

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do you watch bill wurtz's videos on yt?? if so i'd like to request nct as "history of the entire world, i guess" quotes :)

i just watched this lgnsjsjsjsjsj fuck okay so.. i don’t think i can do every member. i wrote down some quotes

ten: “you could make a religion out of this”


johnny: “but he came BACK”

renle: “hows china? ~~[[[BACK TOGETHERRRRRRRRR]]]~~”

mark: “hey christians, do you sin? now you can BUY your way out of hell”

jaehyun: “it’s a bird it’s a plane its the ~~[[[SELJUK TURKSSSSS]]]~~”

donghyuck: “~~[[[THE SUNNNNN is a DEADLY LAZER]]]~~”

taeyong, taeil: “WAIT said christopher columbus, probably smoking crack”

yuta, dy: “~~[[[is LOVING JESUS LEGAL YETTTT]]]~~”


For anon…enjoy the gif ;)

A supersonic boom quaking the earth beneath you caused you to look up from your book. You shot your gaze to look out the window only to see smoke rising high into the atmosphere. You were surprised there weren’t any flames considering how loud the impact was. Nonetheless, in your panicked state, you rushed from your house and to the crash site.

Upon further inspection, you realized it was a rather large ship-like structure. Or was it a plane? A hybrid of the two? Whatever it was, half of it was in the dirt. You skid to a stop when you heard a rather angry voice.

“You just had to say something.”
“I am Groot.”
“Don’t give me that!”
“I did not see him give you anything,” a third voice spoke.
“That is another expression,” a female voice spoke.

Despite your confusion, you hurried over to a door near you that seemed to be only slightly open. As you were inspecting it, a hand shot through the small opening and waved around. You gripped the back part of the bent piece and placed your foot on the side of the vehicle. Seeing as how your adrenaline was still pumping, you managed to pry the hole even wider. With a final pull, you slipped on your hold and fell onto the ground with a grunt.

“Woo! Thanks for opening that, Drax,” the voice paused, “You’re definitely not Drax.”

You flicked your eyes up to see a shirtless man. Recognizing your childhood sweetheart immediately, your eyes widened. He seemed to do the same.

You glanced around quickly and rambled, “How-What happened? And why aren’t you wearing a shirt? Not that I’m complaining because, mmm. I thought you ran away after-”
“Who’s she?” the first voice asked a bit irritated.

You glanced back to see a talking raccoon. A tree-man thing stood next to him along with a tattooed man and a green-skinned girl. With a yipe, you scrambled to your feet, gripping tightly onto Peter.

“That’s…a talking raccoon. And a walking tree,” you continued to panic, “Her skin is green! What-How-Huh?” You gripped your head. “Oh boy, I’m dizzy.”
Peter chuckled as he steadied you. “It’s a long story. Let’s get you back to your house.”

He began to walk you in the direction you had come from. You nodded as you tried to make sense of everything.

“Yeah. Home makes sense.”

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Hey! I just saw your post about the J's and Favor not delivering the food for their kids, and I saw your comment about "the smoke and mirrors regarding the flights" and I was just wondering what happened? I looked down in your blog to see if something explained it but I didn't notice anything- then again it's 4am and I'm half asleep I could've missed it hahahaha. Thanks :) 💕

Hello, dear anon!

I haven’t posted about the flights because I didn’t have the time to take a proper interest at the time. Talking to my fellow hatters kept me somewhat in the loop, so let’s go over the timeline real quick.

  1. 12th of April: Jared’s private plane en route from Houston->Austin->Van Nyus, California (p!a @ spn-gossip)
  2. 13th of April: Jensen spotted by the paparazzi at YVR
  3. 13th of April: Jared (or “Jared”) posts a pic in his trailer
  4. 14th of April: A paparazzi claims to have spotted Jared, location unspecified
  5. 14th of April: A fan thinks she saw Jared in a plane from Van to LAX
  6. 14th of April: Jared’s private plane flies to LAX from Van Nyus and an hour later heads to Austin. (p!a @ spn-gossip)

Now, I don’t have a minute schedule and I doubt we need one. ;) I’m sure you understand how confusing this all looked to us before Jared’s tweet from last night. Some people speculated that this could’ve been a kid pick-up, and it certainly looks like that in hindsight!

Smoke and mirrors is what it looked like, but now it makes sense, so that wording doesn’t apply anymore. ;) I hope my timeline helped you out, sweet anon! Have a wonderful day.

Hachiya Mai - Vice Japan Interview


Interview & Text by 浅原裕久, Photo by 池田宏
Translation by notautumnperson

Cutting into the skin with a razorblade, then rubbing the area with the ashes from burning white birch, the blood is stopped with a solution of boiled Aodamo (type of ash tree).  Hachiya Mai, who currently lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido, applies tattoos to her own skin in the traditional Ainu method.  While she is known for her work in the vocal group Marewrew, we are documenting another side to her.  The photo (above) was taken by Ikeda Hiroshi who has been following Ainu people since 2008.


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Mchanzo and 8

it’s been so long since I got this ask and IM REALLY SORRY….tbh i shouldn’t even be writing now I still have finals looooooool yolobutiamsodead

anyways here’s prompt 8: Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.

(Sad and a little depress McCree in this!)

And as always, a link to Ao3 if you prefer it there!

McCree thought about how broken he was quite often.

Two times the least every day. Sometimes, constantly until he falls asleep.

It got better once, a long, long time ago, when he was lying on the ground panting. Bullets wounds a familiar and dull ache in his skin, Gabriel Reyes standing next to him looking austere and horrified. “What are you doing in a gang, kid?”

That was the first of the many days followed that McCree thought about not how broken he was – but how he could mend the cracks.

Although that ended. As he packed his bag with a sense of guilt and the same childhood fear of I can’t do anything – I need to run –

And so he did.

Not long after McCree saw the news of an explosion that he knew would happen, but was too…to stop.

(Was he afraid? Was he clueless? Or did he just think he was too useless to stop it?)

It was a rainy afternoon. He was staying for a day or two in Morro Bay when McCree got the signal for Recall.

And it was another two weeks, when he had landed in Taiwan and was getting baked like a literal roast animal when Lena called him.

“Woah!” she exclaimed. “You look like you’re dying!”

“I feel like I’m dying,” McCree answered, wiping away the sweat on his brow while he ducked to take shelter in a shaved ice shop. He couldn’t even wear his hat without feeling like he was drowning in his own sweat, the humidity was something he never got used to.

They chatted about what they were doing recently. McCree sat in a corner, eating some of the sweetest mangoes he had ever tasted and red beans drenched in condensed milk. Gazing at the dirty walls that was covered entirely in scribbles and doodles what went all the way onto the ceilings when Lena got too caught up in her rambling.

“-Winston and Athena is here all alone, I try to visit more, but Emily’s job is in England and I just don’t want to leave her too long…you listening?”

“Yeah,” McCree said, that was half true. He long developed the ability to have his mind wandered while still being able to catch on to whatever other people were talking about.

Thinking about Winston did make him feel a little uneasy – not everyone enjoyed the solitude, especially when it was forced on you –

“Jesse,” Lena sighed, shifting the phone. There was another woman talking in the background, and a smacking sound of a kiss. “You know why I’m calling…Why didn’t you answer the recall?”

McCree knew, but he was still caught off guard. Not that the question was unexpected, but the way it was delivered and from whom. When he was still in – with them, Lena was the girl that talked too much but never really have the guts to confront. Always beating around the bush, blurting out strange slangs that confused people more than it conveyed. Now here she was, throwing him a straight question and demanding an answer.

It just reminded McCree of how long it has been.

“I don’t feel right about the Recall,” McCree admitted.

Lena hummed. Would she disagree? “I get what you mean,” she said. “But…it’s not the same. We can run it now. Winston is the leader, and he’s got the biggest heart.”

“He does,” McCree agreed. “But…Lena…”

“I know, Jesse, I know. But we’ve seen what happened, we can’t just shy away from it forever. We gotta learn and make it better, right?”

McCree sighed. His shaved ice had melted into a gooey, white mess. He stirred the content, picking out the beans and mangos.

“Jesse, please…” Lena said quietly. “You don’t have to rejoin, just come back to visit and stay for a bit, see everyone? Angela is arriving today, I’m here with Emily. Genji is coming back with someone. We just want to see you, if nothing else.”

The cracks inside him trembled, wondering if what she was saying was true or just something to get him going.  

“What do you have to lose, right?” Lena added good-naturedly.

McCree laughed, and his stomach twisted painfully. He knew she didn’t mean it like that but, she was right – he had nothing to lose. He had nothing to begin with.

“Ah,” McCree sighed. “Alright, you convinced me, Missy, I’ll go.”

Lena cheered. She laughed and there was another kissing sound and a fait “He agreed! Oh, I’m so excited! I missed h– ”

“Though I don’t promise anything,” McCree said loudly. Some people spared a glance at him.

“Yeah! Of course! And you can meet all the new recruits!”

“There’re new people?”

“So many…”

Lena’s voice drifted off as McCree’s phone buzzed with a new email. The familiar and nostalgic logo of Athena flashed on his screen. “Here’s your plane tickets, Agent McCree.”


The new recruits were all so young.

Sometimes McCree had to hide in Angela’s office with her just to not feel so fucking old. He wasn’t even forty yet and here he was having a crisis.

Angela wasn’t much help. “You should have stopped smoking and eat better, Jesse.” She always chastised him. It did, however, made him feel better to know that she hasn’t changed in this aspect.

Another thing that hadn’t changed was how McCree never listened to her. So he wandered around base at night (or rather early morning) when he felt exhausted but couldn’t sleep, finding some corner or nooks that no one would go to and smoke.

Well, he might run into one person.

The first time he met Hanzo was during his night smoke. McCree hadn’t known who he was at the time. Hanzo was wearing a long sleeve black sweater and tight fitting workout pants. The man had tucked himself away in the corner of the roof overlooking the sea.

Hanzo didn’t respond when McCree approached and take out his cigarillo. But he did respond when McCree realized his lighter was out of oil.

“Aw, crap,” McCree cursed. The thing had been giving him trouble lately, but he always convinced himself that the oil inside could last him another night.

“No one uses oil lighters anymore,” Hanzo spoke up.

McCree huffed a laugh. “I like the style.”

Hanzo rustled a bit. A hand reached to pat his waist and he seemed to realize there was no pockets there. “I would lend you mine, but I’m afraid I do not have them with me now.”

“That’s alright, partner,” McCree said, because he didn’t know Hanzo’s name at that time. “Say, what are you doing here so late?”

Hanzo’s eyes were fixed on the sky, and the stars and the void in-between the stars reflected in them. He didn’t reply.

McCree sat down next to him and looked at the moon. “Same,” he said, and Hanzo nodded.


The next day, Genji introduced the man as Shimada Hanzo. McCree shook Hanzo’s hand. Neither of them mentioned seeing each other the night before, and they didn’t say anything when they met that night once again.


Despite saying he wasn’t thinking about joining, McCree still went on missions. If there was anything he hated, that would be doing nothing.

If he did nothing, the thoughts would return, and McCree had no clue how to stop them.

“Reading,” Hanzo said, “Reading helps me.”

“Does it?” McCree blew out some smoke and passed the cigarette to Hanzo. Their fingers brushed and they both started at the contact, even if neither of them looked away from the sky.  

“Though I have run out of readings lately,” Hanzo said. He didn’t take a smoke, the cigarette hung loosely in his hand. McCree took it back, Hanzo let him.

“I have a book in my room,” McCree said. “It ain’t mine, it was just there when I moved in. It’s paper, too.”

That got Hanzo’s attention. “What’s the book?”

McCree shrugged. “No idea, didn’t look.” Hanzo turned his gaze away from McCree and he had to improvise to get those eyes back. “Norwegian Wood,” he blurted out, remembering Hanzo mentioned it in a passing conversation.

Hanzo’s brow shot up as he looked back at McCree. McCree held his breathing, blinking at the stars in Hanzo’s eyes.

“The book by Haruki Murakami?”

“Yeah, it’s in English, though.” McCree glanced at the ground, knowing how to make the lie more believable but for once not being able to. His face flushed.

“I haven’t read that book in a long time.”

“I could bring it to you, if you want.” McCree said. “After I find it.”

Hanzo’s gaze dropped to the concrete floor as well. He smiled a small smile. “I would like that very much.”

And if McCree skipped a little on his way back to his room, at least no one but Athena saw.


“Athena, could you order me a paper copy of Norwegian Wood? And have it sent here as soon as possible.”

“Already done, Agent McCree.”

“Thanks, you’re a dear.”

“You’re welcome.”


Sometimes Jesse thought his dreams were like a broken record, repeating the same tune over and over, for so long. It was always the same, ever since he left Blackwatch.

He would wander, his legs would be hurting like he was walking for days. Sometimes he would be walking in the New Mexico desert, sometimes alone on a highway, sometimes in the corridors of Blackwatch HQ, sometimes in his childhood house.

But McCree would always, always end up in Reyes’ office. A folder with his name printed on it.

McCree opens it every time, despite the drop in his chest. Inside it was his data, like every other Blackwatch agent, only difference was beside his name, there would be a neatly written sic.

McCree knew what that sic meant – this is the way I found it, errors and all.

This was the same dream that woke McCree up in his bunk. Hana and Lena chatted outside of his room as they walked pass. The soft sounds of water dripping in his bathroom. McCree was fine, he was with friends.

McCree sighed, rubbed the sweat and grease off of his face. It was only seven at night, and he had hoped his nap would last a little longer.

Grunting and cracking his bones. Splashing his face with ice cold water. Sitting on his bed thinking about what he should do.

His eyes fell on a package on his desk, and McCree’s mood instantly lifted.

Hanzo was working on a mission report when McCree knocked on his door. His face softened when he saw the book in Jesse’s hands.

Hanzo flipped through the book, fingers touching the paper lightly. It was too new, too neat to be a book that McCree claimed to have found left in his room, but Hanzo said nothing.

“I need to finish the report,” Hanzo said, the corner of his eyes crinkled. “But…I will see you tonight?”

“Yeah,” McCree said, a little sheepishly. “Hope you enjoy the book.”

“Thank you,” Hanzo said. “Good night, Jesse.”

“Night,” McCree stepped out of Hanzo’s room backward, eyes locked with the archer’s until the door slid shut.

McCree stood there for a few more seconds.

And that night Jesse only meant to leave his book with Hanzo, but ended up feeling like he left something else, too.

“Hey!” Reinhardt shouted from across the compound when he spotted McCree on his way back. “How are you, my friend?”

“Scared!” Jesse shouted back. The warm, dark feeling filled him to the brim, almost breaking his heart. “But good!”

Reinhardt boomed with laughter. “That is the best kind!”

McCree could convince himself he didn’t feel something for Hanzo, but not when the moonlight clung onto Hanzo’s ribbon like sands to Jesse’s hair in the dry New Mexico air. Or when Hanzo’s eyes held his so prettily under the dim fluorescent light of the hallway that McCree could easily mistake it for stars in his eyes.

McCree could, but what was the point, really? He wanted this feeling that McCree hadn’t felt for someone for so long to burn him up, melt him down, and leave him weak.


Honestly, McCree didn’t even consider confessing. He was just happy with having someone that he felt for in his life. That was safer, anyways, if Hanzo didn’t know.

And he still thought that when a bullet struck him in the abdomen. The force was so strong, it shattered his armor and Jesse could feel the metal shards cutting into his skin.

The time slowed and McCree blinked once, twice on the ground, and after the third blink, he found himself staring at Angela’s face.

“Jesse?” she asked, voice calm as a doctor. “Can you hear me?”

He grunted as an answer. She nodded. “You passed out, but you’re okay. He’s going to okay, Hanzo, please.”

The edge of McCree’s vision was still dotted with black, but he managed to turn his face enough to see Hanzo on the other side.

Hanzo stared down at him. There was a nasty gash on his temple, and McCree couldn’t help but ask, “Are you alright, darling?”

Hanzo choked in a breath and leaned down. McCree tuned his face towards Hanzo as the archer buried his face in the crook of McCree’s neck.

“I thought you were going to die,” Hanzo’s voice was deep, and slow. He didn’t sound like he was crying, but then again, McCree didn’t think Hanzo was the crying type anyhow. “Please don’t ever scare me like that again.”

McCree wanted to wrap an arm around the man so much, but he was too tired. “‘M sorry,” he said.

“There’s no need to apologize,” Hanzo said, his words hot and soft against McCree’s skin. “I just do not wish to lose you.”

McCree didn’t reply. He turned his head more, placing a kiss on Hanzo’s messy hair, and realize at the very same time that – he had something he did not want to lose now.

“Flyboy 3″ - The things you let go will someday teach you how to fly. Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Photography: Gabe Tomoiaga

You Don’t Work Here Anymore

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: You’re a barista in New York City, and a cute new customer has started coming to your coffee shop to work on his drawings. You begin to develop a connection with the man, who you discover his named Gerard…….but, then, tragedy strikes. 

You’d just started working at a cute, mom-and-pop coffeeshop in the big city. You loved the smell of beans roasting and bagels baking in the morning when you walked in. It was kind of hard to learn how to make all the different kinds of drinks, especially when you always had a long line. But, so far, you still thought it was a pretty cool job. You even got free coffee once in a while.

You watched the man at the furthest table from the counter out of the corner of your eye as you prepared a cappuccino. He was handsome, with long, dark hair and hazel eyes that you wished would glance your way. He’d started coming here almost every day recently, ordering a single latte and then sitting in the corner for hours, bent over his sketchbook. You were curious as to what he was working on, but you didn’t want to bother him. He seemed really shy, and the last thing you wanted to do was make him anxious.

“Hey, Y/N, can you go wipe the tables while we’re not busy?” your boss asked. “I’ll finish that cappuccino for Mrs. Benson, don’t worry.”

“Yeah, I can do that,” you nodded, and grabbed a rag. The rush was going to start soon, and so this was the only time today you’d have time to do this. You started at the first table, wiping away donut crumbs and spilled espresso. Most of the tables weren’t that dirty, so it didn’t take you long. Soon, you were at the table beside the one where the raven-haired man sat.

You craned your neck as you scrubbed, trying to sneak a peek at his drawing. He didn’t seem to notice you were there. He was completely absorbed in his work, tongue sticking out of his mouth slightly as he inked over a pencil line with laser-like focus. You saw that the sketch depicted a cartoon monkey eating pancakes.

“It’s so cute,” you said softly, unable to resist a smile.

The man jumped at the sound of your voice, clearly startled. His knee knocked the table when he bolted, sending his latte tumbling to the floor with a splash.

“Oh, shit, I’m so sorry!” you gasped. “Let me get a mop and clean that up for you!”

“It’s ok, it’s my fault,” the man said quietly, grabbing a napkin from the dispenser and bending down to wipe up the spill. “I, uh, didn’t see you over there.”

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” you apologized. “I just thought your drawing was really good.”

“Oh, well, um, thank you,” the man blushed. “I actually work at Cartoon Network, and the sketch is part of some concept art for a show idea I’m about to pitch to them, called The Breakfast Monkey.”

“That’s so cool!” you beamed, impressed. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“I’m Gerard,” the man introduced. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” you smiled. “Listen, I feel really bad for making you spill your drink. I can get you a new latte on the house, if you want.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” Gerard waved his hand.

“I don’t have to,” you agreed. “I want to.”

“Are you sure you won’t get in trouble with your manager?” Gerard asked.

“Yeah, it should be fine,” you assured him. “I’ll go get one for you right now. And good luck with your pitch!”

“Thanks,” Gerard smiled, playing with a lock of hair nervously. You found him even cuter now that you’d have the nerve to talk to him.

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fluff friday “gas station” {borage}

is it still friday? hell no, but I don’t care!

A bracing chill greets Sakura as she opens the cooler. She draws out a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, enjoying the jolt of cold that sweeps through her as her fingers encircle its body. As she meanders toward the counter, Sakura grabs a few different types of sour candy, a sickeningly sweet bar of white chocolate, and a bag of Hershey kisses.

She places her spoils upon the counter in front of the cashier, whose bored gaze looks over her items, unimpressed. “Will that be all?” he asks, scratching along the raggedy mustache he wears to appear older than he is.

Sakura hums, looking at the display behind him. “A dozen packs of Camels, three of Marlboro, and one Lucky Strike.” She rocks on her heels, ignoring the cashier’s suddenly incredulous look. “And two lotto cards; any type.”

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Such a joker (7/?)

pervious part

warning: SMUT

The rest of the summer I saw Jerome 6 more times just wishing it was more and or I could just stay with him. One time we had a fight over his mother and we almost broke up, but we both know we can’t be apart. Even if we’re not always together in person we have the bond. Every time I look at my finger I know he’s there for me. Who would have thought (y/n) Gordon would fall for a circus boy? Certainly not me. As the year comes closer to fall I get very excited to see him again. He told me he had something special planed for us. He even said we could leave the circus grounds and just enjoy each others company. How did I ever get so lucky to have him? 

 The night of the circus I leave extra early wearing a cute dress as requested by Jerome accompanied by a jacket to keep my arms warm from the fall air. As I pull into the makeshift parking lot I see Jerome smoking a cigarette and waiting patiently. I park and walk right to him smashing my lips to him. He looks me up and down blowing the smoke out. “You look amazing darling.” He says and brings me closer hugging me tight. “I missed you so much Jerome.” “I missed you too doll. How do we do it? Honestly most people would go insane.” I grab his tie pulling him down to me. “we’ve been over this. Me and you? Already off our rocker.” “Now that is very very true my dear.” We laugh as stay till he finishes his cigarette. I almost feel bad. He was so shy, and innocent before he met me. Now he’s smoking, and is very outgoing. What else could be do if it came to it? “What are you thinking about doll?”

 I look up to him with a smile. “Do you regret it?” “Regret what?” “Saving me that night. I mean look at you. You use to be so shy. You were a good boy and now you’re smoking a cigarette, and you’ve smoked weed. I mean if you look at it I’ve kinda ruined your life.” Jerome just laughs and holds me closer. “Don’t forget the sex we had in the woods right behind your RV.” “See? I’ve changed you! You used to be so good.” I say laughing and coving my face. “But in all honesty no. Yeah I’ve changed, and yes I have some bad habits, but you just say the word and it’s gone. This box? Trash if you want because I know you stopped and if you want me to stop I will.”

 I says holding up the box of cigarettes. “You’d do that for me?” Jerome puts a strand of hair behind my ear. “I’d die for you doll.” My smile gets wider and all I do is stare at him. “I love you Jerome.” “I love you too darling. Now give me your keys.” “What? Why?” “I’m going to take you somewhere special.”

 Jerome smiles at me with an innocent look. As I pass him my keys he bounces up and down like a kid in a candy store and runs to my car. as we drive around I just look at Gotham. It looks so nice, but really in the alleyways you know someone is getting mugged, shot, or stabbed. That’s just the type of world I live in. “Put this on.” Jerome passes me a blind fold. “You’re not going to kill me right?” “Now that’s a dumb question. You know if I wanted to I already would have.” I shake my head laughing and slip the blind fold over my eyes.

 "How long do I have to leave this on for?“ "Just relax doll.” Jerome say softly and slides his hand up my thigh. “Jerome you’re driving.” “I’m good at multitasking. Just relax.” He says and slides his hand up further. My breath hitches in my throat as he rubs my center right through my panties. He rubs my clit harshly though the thin cloth making me soaked for him. “Jerome please.” I moan out pushing into his hand. He chuckles and presses very hard onto my center causing me to gasp. “Please what doll? What do you want huh?” He continues to rub me hard. “Do you want me to do this?” Jerome moves my panties a side and slides his finger up and down my slit. “Yes Jerome.” I breath out. My eye blinded makes the pleasure even more intense. “What about this baby?” Jerome slides one of his long fingers into my soaking core pushing deep. I let out a little moan and open my legs wider for him. “More Jerome please.” I say craving a release. He chuckles and wastes not time plunging two fingers into me. Curling them inside me and pushing me closer to the edge. “Jerome.” I loudly moan out throwing my head back. 

 "SHIT!“ Jerome yells and all I feel is the swerve of the car, a huge bump, and a scream. The car comes to a fast stop and I rip off the blind fold. "Jerome what the hell did you hit?” I ask looking at him. He just sits there his hands gripping the wheel. Harsh knocks on my window take my attention away from him. I turn to see a man who’s now covered in dirt and seems to be blood on his lower chest. The man tears open my door and grips my wrist. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO! CANT YOU WATCH THE FUCKING ROAD? I SWEAR IM GONNA BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF BOTH OF YOU!" 

The man throws me out of the car roughly. The man tackles me to the ground and starts choking me. As I struggle trying to get him off of me I see Jerome looming over the man. A second later Jerome rips the man off of me and starts fighting with him. Punches here kicks there. It’s only when the man pulls out a knife I spring into action. I open my car and grasp the first thing closet to a weapon. I run over the then and swing the metal baseball bat onto the mans head. I keep hitting him over the head till a crack is heard. 

 I look down and see blood splatters everywhere. On my dress, face, the car, and even Jerome. I look up at him and to my surprise he has a smile on his face. Not his regular smile, but a scary smile. I don’t notice it till a couple minutes later, but I have a smile on my face too. Jerome strides over to me, and pushes me back against the side of the car, a deep moan rising from his throat. I try to protest seeing as there is a dead body just feet away from us, but I can’t help it as I melt away into him. I wrap my arms around his neck. Using one hand to open the car door Jerome pushing me inside on the backseat before climbing on top of me. 

I quickly unbutton his shirt sliding my hands up his chest. I could feel Jerome growing even harder against my thigh as he slid my dress up on to my stomach. He undid his jeans and pulled them down his legs along with his boxers. Jerome got closer to my center teasing me with the tip of his cock. He attached his limps to my neck as he thrusted into me harshly, forcing me to moan his name. His hands on my hips holding me in place as he fucked me senseless. As my fingers tugged at his hair, he groaned, reaching down to rub my clit with his thumb. “Come for me (y/n),” 

his hot breath and deep voice next to your ear sent me over the edge as I reached my orgasm at the same time as him. He pulled out of me and laid on top of me breathing hard. He gently connected our lips pressing his hands into my hair. As he let go and sits up everything comes crashing down on me. "Jerome.” I say after a long silence reality comes crashing down to me once again. “D-did I really just… I killed someone.” I say pulling my knees to my chest and starring at the black night sky. I murdered someone. Me. The daughter of detective Jim Gordon. I murdered someone right in front of my boyfriend, and he wasn’t scared of me. I’m going to go to jail. Oh my god. I’m going to get sent away. “Jerome. I just killed someone.” He turns to face me with that smile he had before. “I know. You looked so sexy baby!”

 He say laughing. I stare at him in shock. He sounds almost proud. How on earth could he be proud of his girlfriend killing someone in front of him? A warm feeling erupts in me. Just swinging the bat into his skull. I feel so happy, and free. Almost as if times frozen and we’re the only ones here. We can do anything. We feel free. “How did it feel doll?” I dry my tears and look at Jerome with a smile. “It felt amazing. It felt like I was free for a spit second in time.” I say laughing as I move over to straddle Jerome. “You looked like you were having fun.” He says smirking at me. He roughly kisses me again tangling his fingers in my hair. “One problem…how are we gonna hide it? We can’t go down for this.” I ask brushing my hair away from my face.

 "We?“ He smirks looking at me. I giggle and hop out of the car. I step over the dead body and open up my trunk. I rummage through my junk till I find it. I grab the old rusty shovel bringing it over to Jerome. "Well look at you. All prepared.” He laughs patting me on the head. “Oh hush. We gotta work fast.” We go about a mile or two into the deep woods and burry the body. He looked homeless so hopefully no one will even look for him, but even if they did Jerome and I would have good alibis to go by. Plus my dad will believe anything if it comes to me. He wouldn’t accuse his own child of being involved with murder. As we get back to the car I notice the splatters of blood that are very clear on the side of the car. “That’s one out of 3 problems solved.”

 "Now the car and our clothes?“ Jerome nods looking at his bloody clothes. "Maybe I was prepared for this.” I laugh as I grab my fathers bag full of clothes he told me to wash. I open it grabbing a T-shirts and some joggers that he gave to me. “Here these should fit.” “What about you? I’m sure you can’t have everything in there.” I cross my arms and smile at him. “Aw J don’t doubt me now.” I laugh getting out a spare outfit I always keep in my car along with cleaning wipes for the car. “I’m pretty sure you were just planning to kill me by the looks of it doll.” “How could I kill my partner in crime huh? I kinda need you.” I kiss his cheek and start cleaning the car. Something changed tonight. Something in my changed in me, and I like it.