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To Anyone who bought a print. PLEASE READ
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> Hey guys I just wanted make a quick little message. Thank you all for helping us raise money for jasper, we have been working our butts off by recording, packaging, organizing, writing, typing/emailing filling out forms, and shipping about 300+ orders in only the past two or so weeks. We care so much about all of you and want everyone to arrive with their orders in great condition. And it means the world to us to get a 5 star rating because it helps the shop for future sales. I can't express how much it helps us for rating how well we work.<p/><b></b> Please please PLEASE if your print arrives damaged in any way, please understand that it is, Not, something me and Sam and control. We have bubbled double padded envelopes with two pieces of cardboard as extra protection. There literally isn't a way to make a package more secure for prints. Once we ship them, they are out of our hands. Please don't leave a review based on what USPS has done.<p/><b></b> Please DX and also please remember that we will ///send you new prints for free if your package arrives damaged at all. We make up for the mistakes that USPS does./// We are trying our hardest to make sure everyone is happy and will appreciate our service with so many customers all at once. Please remember all of this when you make a review on the product, how soon it shipped, our replacement policy if its damaged, and the quality of the print. Please don't make a review based on the shipping service. Please. DX<p/><b></b> Please guys remember we are not a company, we are TWO people. And irpnically the company, USPS, is what is causing damages, which again we will gladly replace. Please understand. DX<p/><b></b>
  • I am fine with ppl giving us 1 star reviews or 4 star reviews but just as long as it is based on us, me and Sam, and not because if the shipping service, which we are willing to fix anyways.
  • Thank you. ;3;<p/></p><p/></p>

hey guys!!!
im an autistic lesbian minor, who’s in a bit of a tough spot financially, sooo…
im thinking of starting to sell slime!!! it would be super affordable, handmade, and if people were interested i could totally do custom orders, like colors, decorations, scents, pretty much anything!
i won’t have a shop until i know how big a sales base im looking at, but if any stim/slime/other blogs want to promo this post, id be so happy!!
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Dean Thomas’s healing trip through the great expanses of America turns out to be more than even bargained for. A smallish continuation of this

  • As he and Seamus and Parvati are preparing to leave from London, though, a familiar blonde head comes barreling towards them. Hannah Abbott, with a duffel bag so pink and fluffy it makes Dean want to laugh, sheepishly asks if she can come with. 
  • She’s directionless, after the war, and sad - and Dean’s heart can’t take it. Despite the protests of his two companions, he agrees immediately. 
  • They pick up Dean’s RV in Manhattan, and buy enough maps to cover all the tables and walls inside of it. Dean and Seamus take the big bed in the back, and Parvati grudgingly agrees to rotate with Hannah between the twin bed above the cabin, and the little couch that smells like it once housed a large cat. 
  • The boys…aren’t together yet - they don’t kiss or touch or do the things Dean would eventually like to, but they’re both comfortable with the eventuality, with the energy and the intimacy between them. 
  • The boys start out liking the RV for its campiness and cliche, and the girls dislike it because it’s dirty and a little melancholy, but it slowly becomes home.
  • They set up cleaning, cooking, and driving rotations. 
  • Dean looks out the window and sketches for hours. 
  • Hannah buys pink curtains to replace the dingy ones that had come in. 
  • They have lots of late nights together, the four of them, talking about everything and telling stories. 
  • Parvati cries a lot - Hannah is nice but she is not Lavender
  • They try to see everything - the vastness none of them experienced in cramped England, the national parks, the tourist traps, all of it. Everything they can see to distract from the horrors of the last year. 
  • Dean likes driving, on rotation with Seamus (who can’t obey stop signs or use turn signals to save his life…or Dean’s…but can drive long stretches of highway without a single complaint), Parvati (who uses a matchbox car and her wand to develop a magical form of cruise-control so she doesn’t have to steer), and Hannah (who is willing to trying anything, and works hard to get as good as Dean.) 
  • The wind farms in big open spaces of country remind him of Luna. The turbines are spindly and pale and powerful (so powerful). They stand alone and draw energy from the air - they’re melancholy and beautiful. And goodness, they’re weird. Dean feels a pang of homesickness for the first time since he’s been out there, and writes Luna a long letter.
  • They get letters from home - from their parents and Padma and Neville and Hermione - in big packages from an albatross leaving from New York that seem to find them everywhere. They send replies in similar bundles, after Parvati figures out the post system to get them their contact in New York. 
  • Hannah finds she’s really good at sweet-talking and getting what she wants - park rangers, diner owners, Wizarding officials who detect their spells. 
  • Deanmus finally happens when the nights start getting colder at the end and they start having to huddle together for warmth towards the end of September. Other than the physicality, nothing really changes. They’ve been together for years, really. 
  • Dear Hermione, I couldn’t BELIEVE it when you and Ron sorted yourselves out before Dean and Seamus did, but now all of you are where you’re meant to be. So that’s one more thing off my plate. America’s huge and empty. Hope everything is okay with your parents. Love Parvati. PS - These two are way too secretive for me. Send me a couple pages of intimate details about you and Ron, will you? I’m starving.
  • They learn about things like mile markers and laundromats and how to shop sales for groceries and how to barter for space for their RV. They try not to use magic, except for Parvati’s impromptu cruise control.
  • Dean and Hannah battle it out for the position of Dominant Mother Friend. Seamus and Parvati usually favor Dean, because they’re used to him, but Hannah can cook like none of them have every experienced. 
  • Seamus discovers Muggle music. Not classic rock, or even Top 40 - he discovers country music.
  • The space helps. Dean stops having panic attacks, Seamus stops having nightmares. Parvati changes a lot, but also regains some of herself. Everyone likes the Lavender-less qualities she develops, even though they miss her like a phantom limb. Hannah, to whom the war had not been kind, although the DA gave her her life, learned how to be a person again. 

anonymous asked:

I could use a little advice, if possible. I very much want to get into cosplay, but I don't even know where to begin. There are characters I love, but I don't understand how to convincingly pull off these characters, so have no idea how to choose one. I can't make anything because my skillset doesn't go farther than the most basic repair work, and the premade stuff I've found is pretty expensive. I see makeup tutorials and end up completely baffled, so I'm kind of lost.

Hello there!

First of all, you don’t have to choose a character because you think you can pull it off, regardless of what you mean by that. Want to do an outfit but don’t have sewing skills? You can always learn and practice (or put off the costume until you’ve built up your skills more). Think you don’t look like a character? You don’t have to look like the character. If you want to wear the outfit but don’t look like them, then ignore that. The only time it matter is your personal comfort – if you don’t feel right doing a character you don’t look like, you should let your comfort take priority, but if you don’t want to do a character because you aren’t as thin, attractive, pale, whatever else as them, don’t worry about those things. this isn’t a lookalike contest, it’s cosplay. It’s for fun. 
(Examples of being personally uncomfortable would be things like how I recently did a fem version of a character because I knew I’d be uncomfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t pass as a teenage boy in spandex – still did the character, but I changed some things so I’d be comfortable with it. But if I did cosplay, let’s say, a beefy man like Joseph Joestar, and was comfortable with it and enjoyed it, despite being scrawny, no one should have a problem with that. Your own feelings about your cosplay are what matters. If I did that and someone said something about my size and apparent gender not matching the character’s? That’s not someone I’d want in my life. their opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t outright being a jerk and harming others, no one has any right to tell you that you are having fun wrong, and you always have the power of the block button if they do.)

The thing with a hobby like cosplay is that we all have to start somewhere. No one is going to go from not being able to sew to pulling out masters-level costumes overnight. Building up a lot of these skills involves a lot of practice and dedication.

That said, you don’t have to make your costumes. You always start somewhere. Are there any characters where you can modify storebought or thrifted items? That’s a great way to get started with cosplay, and you can still dress in costume, but you don’t have to worry about making some complicated. Do you want to learn to sew? Choosing a simple outfit that you can find a pattern for (things like schoolgirl uniforms are great for this) can really help, since it gives you instructions on how to make the item, and you can build up your skills with easier garments and work your way up. If you have money for premade or commissions, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can do a lot on your own for very cheap if you know how to shop sales or can get items at a thrift store. With luck, a good eye for sales, using items from your closet (shoes are the big expense here), and often a little bit of skill (such as dyeing a piece or cutting and rehemming a piece or adding some decoration), you can make an entire cosplay for $15. I’ve done it. 

For building up your skillset, it’s all about practice. Find a very basic makeup tutorial and try following it, step by step. Do it every day, or twice a day, until you master the techniques. Try another one. A lot of tutorials assume that you have at least some basic skills in the area that the tutorial is for, but you can find tutorials that explain every step. For sewing, start with something very simple, like a pillowcase, if you need to. You don’t /need/ these skills, though, unless you /want/ to make your cosplays. Often, however, due to cost and availability (or costumes, of sizes, etc.), you end up needing to make something yourself if you want it at all, or else pay a commissioner. It sounds like making is the path you want to go down, though, and this can include both making from scratch and altering pre-existing items.

It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself when it comes to this kind of thing. You just started, you don’t need to be an expert yet. No one was born an expert, which is why things like tutorials exist – people are often more than willing to share their knowledge. If you don’t understand a step in a tutorial, ask. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has been cosplaying for 15 years and works in the costuming industry and has the free time, money, and experience to pull out amazing costume after amazing costume. Do you know what they were doing 15 years ago? Probably starting on their first project, like a simple skirt or a pillowcase or a plush toy. Certainly messing up. Certainly learning from those mistakes as they went. You have the advantage of building on a lot of that knowledge that is now being shared in the community (and so many more materials and resources!), but there’s no substitute for trying something yourself and learning from that. Don’t be afraid to fail. You often learn more from mistakes than from successes. 

As for how to start on costumes, it really helps to take things step by step, a little bit at a time. Look at one item first, rather than the overwhelming whole. Look at one part of that item. Start there. You’ll be far less baffled if you think of it as one small piece, rather than an entire costume. For tutorials, break them down as well. What are they doing in this step, exactly? Can you mimic that? Try it, over and over. 

I also have a Powerpoint on how to choose and plan cosplays here.

Cosplay is a hobby. It should be fun, not an overwhelming stress. I would say to take it slow, choose something simple at first, build up whatever skills you are trying to build (whether that is sewing, armor, makeup, or even bargain shopping), take your time with your projects, and enjoy wearing them, even if they aren’t something that’s going to be winning a contest any time soon. Be proud that you made that. Be proud that you can show off your fandom in that way. Meet new fans. Build up your skills. And keep having fun with it. There’s no wrong way to be a fan.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

HnKnA Mall AU!

Literally because the Discord is amazing nonsense and why not? Thanks to @alicesoneandonly and @asicklydreamdemon and all the others from the discord for helping put this together!

So the basic premise of this AU is that rather than everyone being in Wonderland, they all work at the same local mall. They’re still kind of set up in their territories, but that’s more of a coincidence rather than the mall is actually split into those sections.

Alice works at Barnes and Noble. She became acquainted with everyone through getting applications from all these different places. Once she started working at the mall and got to know everyone, she eventually gave them their “roles” as a big reference to Alice in Wonderland.

Blood works at Teavana, or an equivalent tea store. He’s exceptionally good at giving suggestions for tea blends and encourages everyone to try tea at least once. He doesn’t understand iced tea, though, and thinks hot tea is the best.

Peter is a manager at Forever 21 through the sheer fact that Sidney works at Hot Topic and they’re rivals. Hence, opposite stores. 

Boris also works at Hot Topic, purely for the discount. His wardrobe is literally 98% Hot Topic at this point.

Vivaldi is a manager at JCPenny. She’s known for keeping the schedule strict and is fond of “beheading” (firing) people that don’t do their work well or that don’t arrive on time.

Julius works at a small watch repair shop towards the center of the mall. He doesn’t get too many customers, so it’s a mystery as to how the shop is still in business.

Elliot is a sales rep at Under Armor. He doesn’t seem to realize just how many people check him out in his tight muscle shirt and claims that anyone being flustered is just confused and needs his help picking out something.

Pierce is a barista at Starbucks. It’s right next to the place Blood works at.

Gray used to work at the food court, but got fired from literally everywhere because he kept making the food inedible somehow. He now works at a cookware place since he knows how to use all the items, he just can’t use them well.

Nightmare works across the hall from Gray at a mattress store. He’s nicknamed a “dream demon” since he somehow manages to keep selling the most despite almost never being healthy enough to work there.

Gowland works at a music store, and he gets particularly offended and sad if someone comes in and doesn’t know what a cassette is.

Crysta is a manager at Khol’s, which rivals JCPenny. She has an intense love of cute things and Sidney usually has to drag her out of Toys R Us otherwise she’ll buy everything.

Humpty works at Claire’s due to his naturally affinity for sparkly, shiny, beautiful things. 

Dumpty is an associate at Spencer’s. 

Jericho is an assistant manager at Tommy Bahama. Surprisingly, he has yet to realize that his name is basically what off-brand Tommy Bahama is. 

Black Joker and White Joker are two seemingly omnipotent mall security guards. Even with security cameras, they still seem to be able to predict where crime is going to take place. Ace also is a mall cop who works at Julius’ watch shop, but he’s usually lost despite working there for years due to his poor sense of direction. He uses his authority to swipe snacks at the food court even if that’s not technically allowed.

Dee and Dum are two middle school kids who are always just hanging out and causing mischief at the mall. They hang out a lot near the “Hatter’s” which is basically just where Pierce, Blood, and Elliot work.

Random Haul (#1)

So I (sort of) shopped the other day…

1. Pop socket (Moon). I actually like this better than key rings. They’re much more convenient for me—and cuter! I got this moon one from a classmate for P100.

2. Shoelace earphones. I had to shop for stuff to replace the ones that I’d broken (for an annoyingly ton of times already) and this was the cheapest and the cutest (no it’s not obvi that I like cute things) pair of earphones I could find. I got this for only P139!

3. Style My Brow pencils. I’m not a makeup person. My friends know it. My family knows it. My boyf—ah ha ha ha well. Everyone who knows me well knows that I’m a lazy bum especially when it comes to putting on a little shade here and a little glimmer there on my face. But after borrowing my mom’s eyebrow pencil and practicing over my hairless brows, I magically felt satisfied with the outcome thus making me want to buy my own. And I got both my pencils for P150 only at The Face Shop (#03 dark brown). Y'all know how sales. Are. Just. The. Best. Thing. Especially when you don’t even know there’s a sale going on in the first place haha!

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Pack Mom:Part 1

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Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Jordan, Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Liam, Jackson, Malia, Allison, Kira, Aiden, Ethan, Isaac

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series)

Word count: 1938

Warning: I don’t think there’s anything to be honest. No swear words that i can find. This is purely fluff right now. Not really angst. Well i wouldn’t really class it as angst. No smut either. 

Summary: An announcement at a pack dinner changes everything for Y/n and Derek. 

A/N:This is the first part of a new series requested by an anon. A purely fluffy Pack Mom series, female reader. Not sure how many parts I’m going to write, but check it out and enjoy. 


Pack Mom Masterlist

The loud clattering of pans made Derek walk into the kitchen of the Hale house, being fixed after the fire. 

He looked at his girlfriend, smiling at her clumsiness. 

“You ok there baby?” he asked with a grin on his face, chuckling to himself.

“Shut up, Derek! Stop standing there and come help me”, y/n replied, trying to sound angry, but just sounding adorable to Derek. 

Everything she did was adorable to Derek. 

He loved her. 

Every day he thanked whatever god or deity there was, wondering how he was lucky enough to get her in his life, after all the pain and loss he went through. 

She completed him. She was his mate. His and only his. He was hers and only hers.

He knelt down beside her and helped put the pans back into the cupboard they fell out of. 

“Oh wait. That one right there was the one I was looking for. Gimme it please”, she said, rushing out the words, trying to get dinner ready, her stomach grumbling with hunger and also nerves. 

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Aqours Shopping HCs


  • She is such a shopaholic.
  • She spends most of her money on clothes, and the worst thing is:  she doesn’t even wear half of them.
  • Literally, her wardrobe is a MESS. Most of her clothes aren’t even hung up, they’re just strewn around.
  • She loves going to town and shopping, especially when she’s with friends! 
  • Trying on Riko’s and You’s clothes has always been pretty fun for her as well.
  • But god, someone put a handle on this girl.
  • She has NEVER seen the sales sections of shops, no matter how hard You tries to drag her there.
  • Her mum hates her and her wardrobe.
  • Her sister just laughs at her though.
  • Honestly, all of this just fuels her addiction.
  • She’s impossible.


  • You also really likes shopping!
  • But she prefers making her own clothes out of plain outfits or cheap fabrics.
  • Usually, she just window shops to get inspiration.
  • She’s very, very good at managing her money with shopping. When she does buy clothes, they’re usually on sale. 
  • You is always found ripping through the sales section of the store due to this.
  • She really enjoys shopping for her friends and dolling them up as well!
  • She cannot stand Chika’s wardrobe. 
  • There’s so much potential
  • Why do you have a fedora in five different colours, nobody’s ever seen you wear one


  • Riko likes shopping!
  • She’s fairly particular about clothes though. She loves simple dresses, but refuses to buy one that’s tight in the bust, shows stomach or cleavage, or has a skirt that’s too short.
  • Unfortunately, dresses like that are pretty hard to find these days…
  • Riko’s fairly tall, but also very slim, so when she does find a dress, the ones left are usually two sizes too big.
  • She tends to shop online now, since it’s easy to filter out the stuff she doesn’t want.
  • Sometimes she goes to second hand shops, since they have cheaper and more simple clothes – which is exactly what she likes!
  • Whenever she has clothes she doesn’t want, she donates them to charity. One day she’d like to be like You and sew old clothes into better ones.
  • Overall, Riko’s a fairly normal shopper.


  • She isn’t very fond of shopping. It stresses her out too easily.
  • Which is a shame, since she really likes trying on new outfits.
  • But in stores she gets very overwhelmed with all the people and the huge range of clothes available…
  • It’s Dia who has always shopped for her. Ruby loves this, because she really admires Dia’s fashion sense!
  • Dia still shops for her even now, but the other members of Aqours like to send her pictures and outfit links to her that they think she’ll like!
  • Occasionally, she’ll tag along with Riko to second hand shops. They’re much less busy, so she enjoys going there. 
  • The clothes are really cute too!
  • This also doubles as a bonding time for the two, as they’ve never had much of an opportunity to interact. 
  • Ruby is incredibly grateful for everyone in Aqours.


  • Hanamaru doesn’t shop a lot by herself, but when she’s invited out, she’s like an excited puppy.
  • Everyone thinks it’s adorable.
  • What’s not so adorable is how much she wants to buy.
  • Hanamaru, are you sure you want three pairs of ripped jeans???
  • Yoshiko and Ruby decide to keep tabs on how often she shops and who accompanies her.
  • They feel guilty, but…it’s for her own good.
  • One time they found her almost giving 100 dollars to a scammer on the street.
  • It’s all very pure, but also very dangerous.
  • Hanamaru’s extremely confused over this, but she agrees not to go on a shopping spree without being ​accompanied.


  • Yoshiko does nothing but shop online.
  • She gets way too embarrassed buying little devil fashion in real life, so the internet quickly becomes her best friend.
  • She’s surprisingly careful with her money, even keeping a budget that she actually sticks to!
  • She has a super cute fashion sense too, and finds clothes that suit her perfectly.
  • Yoshiko isn’t very good at picking clothes for other people though. She can’t wrap her head around other people’s fashion.
  • On the odd occasion that she does go out, she prefers to shop by herself. She finds herself quickly becoming impatient picking out clothes with others; she personally finds independent shopping much more efficient.
  • While clumsy, she knows how to operate a sewing machine, so she often attempts to adjust clothes slightly so that they are more to her liking.
  • When she succeeds, she is really happy.
  • It’s cute to watch!


  • Mari also loves shopping!
  • Due to her money, she is lucky to buy whatever the hell she wants.
  • Trying on new clothes and styles is incredibly fun for her, so she tends to spend at least an hour in the changing room every time she shops.
  • It’s not surprising that literally nobody wants to go to clothes stores with her.
  • Her wardrobe is so stuffed with clothes it may as well be bursting – although, to be fair, she does wear all her numerous outfits (somehow).
  • She tries to buy expensive clothes for Aqours, which they are both flattered and horrified about.
  • Mari, NOBODY wants those $600 sparkly gold tube dresses.
  • Chika and You are jealous of Mari’s money. They could buy so much with it! Mari’s more than willing to buy things for them, but they immediately refuse.
  • It’s just not the same.


  • Dia is a very, VERY picky shopper.
  • She’s an absolute nightmare to shop for, because nobody knows what she’d like.
  • She cannot buy an outfit unless it is completely perfect in every way possible. 
  • Everyone thinks it’s ridiculous. She’ll ditch an otherwise cute outfit just because the sleeves are an inch too short.
  • You secretly puts more effort into Dia’s costumes because of this.
  • She generally prefers to shop online for herself since it’s much  less of a bother, and because whenever she goes to town the only outfits she brings back are ones for Ruby.
  • On that note, she’s great at picking outfits out for others! Dia has a very keen eye for detail and fashion.
  • She would like to start sewing one day, since that would mean she can adjust clothes to her liking.
  • She’s planning on asking You when she has more free time.


  • Kanan doesn’t understand how people can spend so much time wondering what outfits to get.
  • Like…she just gets the first thing she sees that she likes unless it’s too expensive.
  • Dia especially confuses her.
  • There’s so many nice clothes! How can you NOT find something you like?
  • She’s bewildered.
  • She has a surprisingly large amount of clothes, and like You, Kanan never throws away old ones. 
  • She tends to give them away to charity, and occasionally You or Chika.
  • Although she’s stopped giving them away to Chika now that she’s taken a good look at her wardrobe.
  • Kanan also has an amazing range of swimsuits, which everyone is astounded by.
  • They didn’t even know it was possible for someone to own so many wetsuits. 
  • Have rainbow printed wetsuits always existed?
  • Dia and Mari swear they’ve only seen her wear the same one bikini, which Kanan denies vehemently.
  • They’re just blind.
How to life

Short guide to becoming aware of what being an independent, organised and peaceful human being implies .

(feel free to complete the list)

1. Stay organised

  • Keep a journal
  • Manage your budget. Think before you spend money and take a couple of moments to decide whether you need that certain thing or naw. Ask yourself : Do I need it? Can`t I live without it? When it comes to spending money please don`t be a spoiled ass bitch. Don’t let money control you. You don’t belong to it, it belongs to you. It’s yours. Use it smart and wisely.
  • Manage your activities. (school+job+leisure)
  • Plan your day, week, month, year if needed. ( Set specific goals - so you won`t fail)
  • Have a calendar or planner attached on a wall. Stare at it, see the big picture of what your day, week, month looks like and imagine how you`ll go through what`s coming. 
  • Manage your time. I`ve said it before in a quote and I am going to say it again : Don’t let time control you. You don’t belong to it, it belongs to you.It’s yours. Use it smart and wisely. 

2. Know how to

  • cook
  • treat others
  • behave, act ( good manners are the key)
  • take care of your home ( know how to repair some things )
  • take care of yourself 
  • dress up
  • make up
  • drink alcohol ( don`t be garbage. have fun, get drunk af but know what drinks can be mixed with what drinks and same with drinks and pills. you`re a smart person. act like one.)
  • be alone, do things alone (get used to spending time with your own self)
  • pay bills ( money management + where to pay them)
  • treat yoself (self respect  etc)

3. Know where to

  • call when you have an emergency ( care provider, 911 etc.) ( here would be more than helpful a list with all them numbers and addresses)
  • shop (good prices, sales etc.)

anonymous asked:

i remember you saying you were about 4'11. Im about the same size and i was wondering what are some good place to shop for clothes?? Its so hard to find clothes that I can fit into and still look like someone in their 20s.

Yes I am 4′11. I weigh 107-110lbs. I’m just letting you know because sometimes that helps. I have slightly muscular legs (I often find that brands with petite sizing assumes that short people are all super thin so petite sizing can run narrow a lot *cough cough j.crew petite*)

Sizing: tops - XS, bottoms 0 (rarely 00), bras 34B @ gap body**

My Style: I like to wear longer tops with looser fits with skinny pants. I HATE wearing fitted tops. I just don’t like the way they look on me. All of my clothes are neutral colors (white, black, grey, blue, army green). This is only because I have a very hard time finding clothing that fits me so my options are limited. Petite lines also are usually very limited compared to the regular sized stuff so they don’t really have extensive options when it comes to color. I’m very picky when it comes to color too because I find it much harder for me to style color without it clashing. 

I’m also going to put a bracket pricing for every category so you can get an idea of how much I shop the sales/budget incase thats helpful. I personally find that sticking to certain price ranges keeps me in check with my money/budget. 

*For anyone that reads this, I’m aware of what fast fashion is and how some of the brands I mention are really shitty. I’m currently working on moving away from fast fashion but right now thats near impossible for me. I also don’t shop at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

Bottoms: [$20-30] I hate wearing jeans so I try and find stuff thats comfortable and stretchy. 

1. Ann Taylor LOFT Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings Petite $50 (I buy them when they are 60% off). I have 3 pairs and the black does NOT fade. I’ve had one of the pairs for over two years and they are still going strong.

2. New Look Petite Highwaist Skinny Jeggings. I like how the ankle part runs skinny. The sizing runs small. I’m a US 0 and I got a UK 8 in them. The black does wash out but I don’t mind for these.

3. Banana Republic Petite Hampton Pant. These are the BEST dress pants I’ve ever found. I got them on sale for about $30 but I haven’t been able to find them for the price again. The fabric is not too stretchy and gives you that perfect “structured” look without the material being too stiff. Most of their other dress pants are either really stiff or too stretchy where it looks too tight on your butt. I can’t find them in black anymore but they sell at the factory store. They also hit your ankles at the perfect spot for being a “cropped” style.

4. Gap Petite Jeggings. Their fits vary a lot so thats something you’ll just have to go in store and try on. 

5. Banana Republic Skinny Fit jeans. I got a pair at the factory store and the material isn’t too stiff! They don’t have an exact name and I’m not sure if they still sell the exact ones I bought since I got them on super clearance.

6. Ann Taylor Loft Petite jeans: I have a couple pairs of their petite jeans from them but I find the material to be pretty stiff. I have them as “emergency” jeans incase there’s that one time I’m forced into a situation that I need to wear actual blue jeans lol.

Skirts: [$15-25]

1. Zara: Their skirts for “regular” sizing run pretty short so it ends up working out perfectly for petite lengths. I tend to like that a good chunk of their skirts are made with a stiffer material so it doesn’t cling as much.

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite skirts: I have a couple of skirts from them but just a warning, they run just a tad big compared to “regular” sizing. So I’m usually a 0 but I get their skirts in a 00.

Sweaters: [$20-30] I very occasionally buy a sweater for $35.

1. COS Stores: So this brand is like the luxury brand of H&M (literally owned by H&M) with a very Scandinavian style. Their stuff is HELLA expensive but they have really great end of season sales. I like my sweaters to go past my butt and have a looser fit to them. I like that their sweaters fit my shoulders but still run long in length. **They have free returns when you order online. It’s a very hit or miss thing with some of their sweaters since lots of their stuff runs really boxy because its that Scandinavian style. You can generally gage the fit from the pictures online. Its the store where I get my “fancy” sweaters usually marked down to about $25-30. 

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite Sweaters: just great overall. I tend to get the sweaters from their Lou & Grey line because they always look more clean and minimal. Again only when they are 50%-60% off. Definitely try your normal size and a size up to see if you like the fit to be a bit more baggy. They do run at the “appropriate” length for petite sizing right at the top of your pants so if you want it to be longer, then just order the regular sizing and not petite. Thats what I do, depending on the style of the sweater. 

3. Gap: I haven’t liked any of their sweaters recently but they always have a few hidden gems. :) I buy their stuff in the regular size and they usually fit well on my shoulders. Again, I’ll purposefully get the sweaters that run long so I can wear them with leggings.

Tops: [$10-25] Basic tops are $10-15. Nicer tops are $15-25. This is where I struggle the most. I tend to just get stuff from all over but usually Ann Taylor Loft Petite, Banana Republic Petite, and the Asos Petite brands. J.Crew Petite has a couple cute tops but their style always looks a bit matronly for my liking (also extremely overpriced for the quality). I do a lot of online shopping just to try things on. I return almost everything whenever I’m searching for new tops. ugh. 
*Zara and H&M for some reason have the worst fitting tops for me.

1. Dress Shirts: Banana Republic Petite, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT Petite. They have great dress shirts! :) They also have styles that are more straight cut which I prefer. So its not as fitted at your waist.

Dresses: [$20-100] Basic dresses are $20-40. Fancy dresses are $40-100. I try and cap at $80 if I can.

1. Needle & Thread (found on Asos): expensive but they occasionally have a dress that goes on sale for $80ish. Their stuff is very fancy and usually heavily beaded. It’s the brand I keep an eye out on incase I need something for a wedding/winter holiday dress. They don’t have petite sizing but their dresses tend to run closer to petite sizing I have found. Sometimes the waist can run a little long but not enough where it looks disproportional on a petite frame (that always varies body to body). The quality of these dresses are also phenomenal. 

2. Millie Mackintosh: just the same as Needle & Thread, that her stuff runs closer to petite sizing. Even though lots of their dresses have the “fit & flare” cut, the waist part doesn’t hit weird like most of those types of dresses do in regular sizing. It’s the brand that I also keep an eye out on incase I need something for a summer wedding. Her style is a little more floral. If you are going to buy something from her line definitely order from Asos first so you can figure out your size and do the free return thing just incase. Then double check on her actual site to see if the prices is on sale more than the listing price on Asos. For some reason her stuff goes on super sale on her site but Asos doesn’t reflect those prices. If you’re in the US you’ll have to pay international shipping if you order from her site but for me it still ended up being cheaper than getting the same dress on Asos.

3. Banana Republic Petite: great options for more business formal dresses. Some of their dresses are great for also having the ability to be “dressed up and down” depending on the occasion. Again, I always buy their stuff on 50-60% off.

4. Asos Petite swing dresses: these are my favorite casual feel-good summer dresses. I usually buy them when Asos has a 20% off your purchase sale.

5. Maje: I don’t own anything from them because they are expensive but I hear their dresses are great for petite frames.

Coats: [$50-100] I’m desperately in search of a faux leather jacket that fits my frame. The sleeves always run extremely long?? Still haven’t found one.

1. Zara dress coats: So many of their coats run short! They have pretty good end of season sales. I like their coats that have a straight cut to them. **Generally anything that has that “fit & flare” cut with coats looks pretty shit on me.

Bras & Underwear: [Bras $10-15] [Underwear $2-3] 

1. GAP BODY is literally the only place that has bras that fit me. For some reason whenever I try on bras from other brands, I’ll find a cup size that works but the rib size is always so tight. Even though I’m petite, I’m not super narrow in my frame. Gap Body just has sizes that fit great. I don’t know how to explain it. Their hipster fit underwear are also great. I got like 30 pairs during black friday/holiday sales lol. Again, I only buy the stuff when its like 50% off.

Accessories: COS Stores & Etsy. :)

**EDIT: My petite friends that are more curvy say that jeans from Express are amazing! :)

A Practical Guide to Being Homeless

So as many of you who’ve been following me for a while may know, I’ve been homeless for almost two years now, and spent 7 months of that on an actual sidewalk. Leading up to the start of those two years (and for many years prior; my life has a habit of being unstable), I tried desperately to find any information I could on how to survive if I did end up on the streets. The day came where the concrete was my only option and I still hadn’t found anything useful beyond “get a car and a gym membership” as most “guides” have been written by people who could afford a car. Now, I could just have high standards for lowlife, but if you can afford a car, a gym membership, and a night at a hotel every week, you probably don’t actually need a guide telling you how to use those things. 

Currently one of my close friends is looking at being on the streets, and since I’ve been asked about stuff like this before and genuine resources are so hard to find, I figured I’d put together the best guide I could, informed by and based on my personal experiences actually living through this.

Some of the things I experienced will not happen to everyone– many of them never will. My situation was an extremely lucky one, in one of the safest, richest, and friendliest cities in the entire United States. But much of what I’m going to be talking about should apply to everyone. 

This list assumes that you are not going to be spending your nights in a shelter, for whatever reason you may have. Mine was social anxiety and a lack of queer-friendly options that weren’t already overflowing, and I chose not to put up with the few options I did have. Someone else’s reasoning might be a lack of a choice at all. Maybe you have no local shelters, or don’t have any that you are eligible for. Either way, you’re looking at spending your nights on the actual cold hard sidewalk.

This also assumes that you have virtually no money. You may occasionally wake up with large bills tucked between you and your bag or in the side of your shoe (one of the perks of being in a richer area), but let’s assume you don’t have a job yet. If you do, then you have a huge step up. Don’t let go of it.

So, given all that, here we go!

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The way someone talks about food. How they react to sale signs on the shop window. Whether or not they think midnight is late. The number of holes they have in their favorite sweater. How they feel when the sun shines just a bit too brightly.
—  things that give people away without them even realizing it
They quantify you
in the inches of your hair,
your heels, your waistline,
how many men you’ve kissed,
laid hands on, met gazes from
across the room,
how many calories in your coffee,
on your lunch break, the back of a
crushed aluminum soda can.
He touches your elbow and calls
you sweetheart and tells you he
likes girls with large appetites
and you think about devouring
his heart whole.
You wonder what your mother
would say, her bright face shaped
like a measuring tape with numbers
sized too big and at the same time
too small.
You wonder if anyone will ever ask
how it feels to be quantified.
Vanity sized shopping malls have sales
on clothes that try to fit inflated egos,
and he touches your shoulder
in the parking lot of Victoria’s Secret
and tells you, “You’re a C cup, right?”
You wish your breasts were a hundred
venomous snakes and when he looked
at them he’d turn to stone,
because in your mind you’ve built
a garden around his erected statue and,
with a gold plated summary,
let the leaves know how many pounds
it weighs and maybe then it
will become apparent
how it feels to live your life inside
a bathroom scale,
on a stage completely naked, handing hangers
to a hassled-looking sales clerk
while your toes take the shape of beluga whales
forgotten on a beach somewhere.
Your cellphone buzzes with a text and
it tells you not to spend too much
money on clothes you’ll probably outgrow
in the next year and you say the word
“and” much too often like you know
your sentences stretch as much
as your waistband.
You sit on a bench outside a
Dairy Queen in Ohio and watch passing
cars that guzzle gas like starved children
all with license plates that say “E A T” on them
and window wipers that wink in your direction.
You wonder if any of them know about the pills
in your pocket or the dreams in your mouth,
but you figure if they can’t count them, then they
don’t really care.
—  S.M.