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i'm new on this blog but are there fics with tae/kook as a side pairing? thank you so much for keeping this blog really neat and such! x

Boys who Talk Shit™

Cupcakes of Forgiveness

Up in the Air

need a little sweetness in my life

How To Seduce Your Basketball Coach: A Completely Insane Memoir By Park Jimin

Baby Baby, You’re A Caramel Macchiato

i carry your heart with me

The Feud of Agust D Tattoos and Park Jimin

who’d have known

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How to seduce the man you felt a connection with one (1) time, by Viktor Nikiforov:

Travel to his home without a word of warning and announce your intentions with your dick out

Ask him about his relationship status and hint that your dick is out

Tell him that you should sleep together on day one

When the first steps fail, bluntly try to inquire about his sexual orientation to make sure you didn’t misunderstand him during that one (1) connection

Come up with a program for your crush that solely focuses on sexual and erotic love

Be patient when your crush seems to have forgotten that he’s a sexual demon

Make sure to have your dick out and fully visible as much as possible during normal conversations

Approach your (naked) crush from behind (you should also be naked)

Initiate pda as much as possible

Congratulations! You have now seduced your crush, observe our success story:

according to sam, the pigeon that lives outside his window wakes up every morning and yells “HELLO EVERYONE I AM GORGEOUS” and someday i wanna be that confident

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Do you think jimin notices when kookie is staring? (i think he does but just pretends he's oblivious, this little sexy mochi shit knows what he's doing omg) Like legit someone else could be talking but then you see kookie turning his head and staring at jimin and when jimin finally looks at back him kookie looks away. I'm so weak for this stuff ghjfcvxv (btw you made me ship kook/min)

I would be really worried if he doesn’t notice something this:

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Or this:

Especially since JK like.. doesn’t blink sometimes. But for real, Jimin knows. Oh, he knows..

^ Source.

^ Source. That’s the look of a manggae who knows he’s got it all, okay.

oh my god am I the one who’s been misspelling kismessitude all this time I thought it was kismesissitude

EDIT: ok I was right, it is kismesissitude

there should be a version of the pregante video but with the names of the quadrants being misspelled on troll yahoo answers


“Red feelings for Kismis?!?”


“Is there potental for kismesited?”

“5 sweps too young for meatsprit??”

“Tips for seducing mesprit?”


“How to get mat spit FAST!?!?”

“Need Auspite, urgent?”

“What to do when auspisticice does not want to anymore?”

“Marill will not talk to me.?”

“i think my morale is flust for me??”

“WHY do all of my friends have morals except me?????”

Lucky Us: More Things That Won't Happen
  • Nino: If you want Marinette, you have to seduce her.
  • Adrien: *literally a supermodel* How do I do that?
  • Nino: *pinches the bridge of his nose*
  • Later:
  • Marinette: So how's your back doing?
  • Adrien: *remembers Nino's advice* Oh, it's much better! *pulls off his shirt* See?
  • Marinette: *shatters the glass in her hand*

“And I want you to seduce me,” she said. “Everywhere we go.”

“Seduce you?” He echoed.

“Yes,” she nodded.

He looked like he was trying not to laugh. It was a new expression on him, one that she hadn’t seen before. She decided that she liked it. “How would you like to be seduced?” He asked.

She couldn’t help the blush that spread across her face and ears, but she held her head high and tried to sound confident.

“Oh, I’m not picky,” she shrugged, “I just want you to use your imagination. Whatever’s in your head.”

He looked at her.

“You’re in my head.”

An awareness struck her of just how much he meant what he said. She felt the evidence of how profoundly they had changed each other – how they had carved themselves into the fabric of their beings, how they had become irreplaceable in each other’s lives. She saw it through their bond, and through his words, and through his eyes.

He told her that he loved her with that look.

Chapter 53, A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients

I commissioned this gorgeous image after reading chapter 53 of one of the best fanfics out there. I envisioned a future where Rey and Kylo are hopefully trying to seduce each other after the conclusion of the story. ;) Thank to @dustoftheancients for creating such a wonderfully developed and suspenseful work that I wish I would have stumbled upon sooner. And this piece would not have been possible without @panda-capuccino and her inspiring artistry.


Playing hard to get when your crush asks if you want to take a photo with him is a surefire way to get him to pay attention to you.