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♀Venus Signs and Seduction♀

Aries Venus - The Burning Flame

how they seduce: When they feel a strong pull towards you, they must have you, so they will immediately try to get your attention. They are normally very open and blunt and they will tell you what they want and how they want it. They are very likely to take the lead and show you how they like it by guiding your hands or just straight-off telling you. They will take your breath away with their tremendous passion and intensity and they know how to touch and kiss you until you are begging for more.

how to seduce them: They love the thrill of the chase, so make them conquer you because they want to earn your affection. They probably like little fights under the sheets with a lot of body touching.They possess an incredible amount of energy and passion, so give them all you have and more. Heat is very important, hold them, trace your fingertips over their skin, they want to feel your warmth. Playing with their hair, running your finger through it or even pulling it a little and touching their face is a big turn-on since Aries is the ruler of the head area.

Taurus Venus - The Sensualist

how they seduce: They will make you feel so adored. They will enjoy touching you, hearing you breathe, tasting your lips and skin. They take their time because they need to capture every inch of you and every moment you have together. They just generally like to have you around them which is why they are great cuddlers and will hold you very tighly to make you feel safe. They looove spending every free minute in bed where it is warm and they are alone with you .

how to seduce them: Let them see and know you completely.They will love to know every inch of you because they are best with the things they know. Give them a lot of physical affection, they want to really feel that they are loved. They probably like some good and alluring lingerine or a nice wine since they appreciate everything that intensifies the pleasures of love. They might also enjoy kisses on the neck or dirty talk since they are the ruler of the throat.

Gemini Venus - The Siren

how they seduce: They will bewitch you with great stories and words of kindness that will make you want to know more about them. They are very charming and know exactly what to say according to the situation you are in. You will feel like their best friend because they want to tell their loved one everything they feel and all that has importance for them. They are unbelievably stormy lovers who love to spice it up, take you on adventures and try something new and they know damn well how to kiss.

how to seduce them: Whisper sweet nothings in their ear and do not be too shy to talk about what you want and how you want it. Open communication is very important for this placement. They need fun in a relationship which is why they love playing games. Tease them, try new things, role-play and kiss them in every way possible because they love this shit. Intellectual and deep conversations are extremely arousing for them, so take your time, listen to them and discuss things with them before you take it to the next level.

Cancer Venus -  The Rose

how they seduce: This sign is especially known for seducing their lovers through caring for them or protecting them. But most of all they want you to be theirs entirely, they want to be able to touch and kiss you as often as possible. Venusian Cancers can sense your feelings and are able to adapt to them. Suprisingly, they know every trick there is to win the affection of their crush: they can use every feminine/masculine wile theres is, from mother/father to beauty queen/king and sex symbol. They will not only love but admire you for the beauty you possess inside out. Once they feel comfortable around you they will want to explore the adventures of love with you but they will most likely enjoy staying in because there they will not have to share you and are not afraid to be themselves.

how to seduce them: They looooove cuddling and touching you. Hugs and every other act of physical affection means security for them and therefore is a way to show them that they are safe. Their ideal men/women are typically masculine/feminine, at least in their fantasies and they are the sign most attracted to breasts. Not only physically but also mentally they search for a deep connection, so do not be afraid to show how you feel and what you want. Feeling is immensely important to them and you have to give them time to sort out what kind of emotion they sense when they are around you. But when they know what they feel around you, they open up to the point where everything is just natural, warm and suprisingly passionate.

Leo Venus - The Femme/Homme Fatale

how they seduce: This sign knows damn well how to seduce the subject of their desire. They enjoy looking good and getting the attention of those around them. They will dress, walk and talk to impress you and their facial as well as physical expressions sparkle with sex appeal. Probably most of all, they are persistent to the core and if they want you, they will hunt you like a lion(ess). They are very energetic and wild and most likely intoxicate you with their honesty and straightforwardness. While they want sex to first and foremost be a pleasure for them, they can not stand to be anything less but the best lover you had, which is why they will want to indulge you until you are completely satisfied just to see the gleam in your eyes or the smile on your face. They like to know that you want to be exclusively with them and desire to possess you.

how to seduce them: People with Venus in Leo want to be treated like royalty, showered with affection and romantic gestures. They can only feel good in your surrounding when they are comfortable with who they are around you which is why they want to look good for you. This placement wants to experience love with burning passion and just a hint of drama which is why they usually enjoy trying out new things in the bedroom or other locations. You need to stand out from the crowd to catch the attention of this sign (speak with passion, show your unique talents,..). It’s hard for them to separate love and sex which is why they need to sense a deep-reaching understanding between you two before they take it to the next level.

Virgo Venus - The Good Girl Gone Wild

how they seduce: This sign is fiercely devoted to you and enjoys handling the trouble in your life. They are very intelligent and reliable which is why you will feel safe in their surrounding. While they may come off as shy, sweet and polite, Virgos in Venus have serious potential to be aroused by kinks and everything unusual. They pay close attention to your body language and therefore know exactly what turns you on, determined to use that knowledge to your benefit. Most of all, this sign  is always good for a suprise, they are spontaneous and curious in bed and love to learn new things and show you new sides of themselves.

how to seduce them: Although they seldom ever tell you, those born with Venus in Virgo have some very dirty or unique fantasies and love experiencing something new in their bedroom. If you take the lead and express your ideas and desires in an open manner, those fantasies can turn into reality and bring some real passion under the sheets. They might feel a little insecure about their looks but they will give you all the love they have when you show them that they are the most beautiful person on earth for you. They generally expect you to be thoughtful and to see the details. They can not be with someone who is not able to read their body or face or think of something to make them feel better when they are sad.

Libra Venus -  The Enchanter/Enchantress

how they seduce: They carry an aura of aristocracy and elegance others admire and long for from afar. They are sweet and caring and love to spoil you with kisses, flowers and other affections in any form. Their smiles are usually disarming and they are polite from their head to their feet. They want pretty much everything to be beautiful which is why they will set the mood before having sex, lighting candles or arranging the sheets. Being beautiful themselves is also very important since sensual lingerine or red lips can get them exactly what they want. They are gentle lovers who enjoy being touched softly and with meaning but can definitely roughen up when they feel a strong connection to you.

how to seduce them: Since Libras in Venus worship harmony, they can not stand people who constantly need confrontation or drama. A surrounding of peace and understanding is more than arousing for their sexual appetite and they will want to spend some time in bed with you when they feel comfortable and loved around you. Romance is what keeps them lively and happy in a relationship and they will care for you if you fulfill their fantasies fuelled by movies and books now and then.

Scorpio Venus  - The Enigma

how they seduce: Their gaze conveys power and it seems like it is looking right into your soul. They can be very intimidating and mysterious but you long to uncover and know them although they may seem cold and reserved when you first meet them. They seem to promise intensity and commitment and are deeply sensual when it comes to sexual pleasures. They want to feel everything and combine deep physical and mental understanding to a sort of ecstatic experience. A Scorpio in Venus partner makes you feel understood and desired and sweeps you off your feet with their overwhelming passion which can be sensed in a very high sex drive.

how to seduce them: Lay your soul and heart bare at their feet and show them who you really are because they have no interest in people that barely ever express their feelings or true self. They love warmth and fire and people that sparkle with energy and life and passion is one of the essential things they need for an exciting sex life. Intimacy is also very important for them and they will not like it if you are someone who kisses and tells or drags your private life into the public. Honestly, there is not much you can actually do when the connection between you two is lacking. A Scorpio Venus will always love deeply and unconditionally when they sense a certain depth, loyalty and chemistry.

Sagittarius Venus  - The Adventure

how they seduce: They come across as optimistic, idealistic and lively and they just take your breath away with their love for life and all it has to offer. They can easily slip into excessive behaviour and you start to wonder where all those life inside them comes from. They are not bound by restrictions or rules and everything is just so easy and exciting with them, no secrets or taboos or pudency. They have a certain innocence about them and in bed they just charm you with endless giggles because they love to laugh. They are very direct in their approach to love and sex, so do not expect them to play with ambiguity, it is more likely that they will straight away tell you when they want to have sex.

how to seduce them: In a relationship honesty is essential to them, they do not like to hide their feelings and thoughts and they do not want to have a romance which is based on misunderstandings. So you should better tell them what you want straight away and they will surely appreciate that. Be open-minded and adventurous because they enjoy giving their love and sex life a new direction. They are easily  bored when sex or romance get too predictable, so try new things, change locations or positions or just generally soften or roughen up. Also make them feel alive, take them to beautiful places or challenge them with a different opinion/point of view, be everything but ordinary. They want love to feel like it is light and pure joy instead of serious business.

Capricorn Venus  - The Lady/ The Gentleman

how they seduce: They provide an alomst unreal amount of stability and warmth and you just have to feel at ease in their company. They might charm you with some very traditional flirting rules, like holding the door for you or taking your jacket. They can be real charmers, because they seem aloof and considerate at the same time. Alpha-males/females is one term especially accurate when it comes to Venus in Capricorn because they just naturally like to take the lead and show you that they can care for you. Their sexuality is deep and powerful but not a thing they want to be dragged out in public. What they do in the bedroom is a silent secret between the two of you and they would never hurt your intimate connection by kissing and telling.

how to seduce them: They generally fall for people that convey power, confidence and stability as they search for comittment and long-lasting relationships. Their approach to love is very mature, so they probably will not connect with persons that are volatile or unreliable. In bed they trust in experience and consistency because they probably know how they like it best and how it feels perfect for the both of you. If you want them to do something for you or to try something new, you have to challenge them because they are eager to prove their love for you every day. In fact, Capricorn Venus is a placement that feels very deeply but may never tell you about their emotions but you can show them that you understand this by holding them or just being there for them.

Aquarius Venus  - The Rebel

how they seduce: Those born with their Venus in Aquarius may seem unapproachable and a little cold which is not necessarily less magnetic than the burning heat of an Aries or a Scorpio. They just generally are not that good with commitment and like freedom, which is why some of them may not like the idea of a relationship at all. They are, however, very experimental when it comes to their sex-life and they love to try new things, although they might be too shy to turn their fantasies into reality.

how to seduce them: They need someone who is not only able to satisfy their physical but also intellectual needs. Talking about your ideals, philosophies or mantras is very interesting to them and also kind of arousing. They like intelligent people who look behind the nature of things. They can be quite turned on by situations that are unusual, like a love-affair with a married man/woman or cyber and phone sex (any situation where no direct commitment is needed is attractive). This placement is one that has no problem separating love and sex and might has a “friends with benefit”-relationship. They need their freedom under all circumstances. If you can show them that you will not try to change them or restrict them in any way and make them feel like they are in the company of a good friend, you stand good chances of receiving their undivided love.

Pisces Venus  - The Dream

how they seduce: Venus in Pisces is gentle and soft with a dreamy gleam in their eyes and an indescribable patience and acceptance. People with this placement will love you for who you truly are and they would give up themselves to please you. Nothing gives them more joy than to give and receive love and being their partner leaves you fulfilled and strangely complete. Their fantasies often mix with reality and they often seem more like a desired dream of yours. They pay attention to the details and love physical affection, so it is not unusual that a little touch from your fingertips leaves them with a racing heart. They want physical and mental intensity and search for purity and immense feelings in bed.

how to seduce them: They love romance and fantasy and sometimes they may search for their knight on a horse or their princess in the tower. Not only a connection to reality but also a strong contact to dreams and fantasy is required if you want to understand them. They search for someone tender-hearted who holds them when they are sad but is also able to turn their romantic ideals into reality. You should not be too straight-forward but gentle, also in bed. Although they enjoy caring for you and fulfilling your pleasures, you should definitely show them that you adore and admire them for who they are. They actually enjoy to try out new things and passionate people really turn them on.

  • Killua: *looking away with a blush* Dad, Grandpa, this is my boyfriend, Gon. He's not the brightest, but he's got the purest heart out of anyone I know. He cares about me, and I love him.
  • Leorio: *burst into his family house* MAMI, PAPI, THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND, KURAPIKA. HE'S TERRIBLE AND KILLED A MAN.
Astrology & Dicks

After a two year long intensive research, I was able to collect information about dick sizes and shapes and how the astrological signs influence them. For this particular scientific investigation in this unexplored realm, I concluded that more accurate results could be collected through the use of several methods. The methods were primarily pretested to validate the use of those particular approaches. The used methods of research concluded surveys (through Snapchat, Skype Calls and Twitter DM’s), observations (on various cam boy sites) and even personal, intimate Interviews (through the help of apps, such as Grindr). 

With the astrological foreknowledge on sexual intercourse, lust and the body, the consensus was to focus on the following areas: 

  • Sun Sign
  • Mars Sign
  • 8th house 

The results (*Disclaimer: Genetics exist*): 


  • Size and girth: They’ll usually either have very short and less girthy dicks, or very big, juicy ones. It’s hard to find an Aries dominant (Sun, Mars 8th) who’s in between. You either don’t feel it or you start walking side to side. 
  • Shape: Not the most pleasing to look at for many people. They’re not clean cut dicks, but rather the kind of dick, where you can count the veins. They also often have a foreskin, that they can not fully pull back. Very distinctive is the fact, that their dicks are almost always shaped in some weird way/angle. 
  • Recap: They are rough and wild as fuck. Even if you don’t like the D at first, they’ll make you love it. 


  • Size and girth: It’s hard to find a Taurus that’s below average, but it is also almost as hard to find one that is highly above average. If you are not a total size queen, they have the perfect size for you. Almost all of them are girthy, definitely above average. (though proportion-wise, so do not expect a small guy to have a dick as girthy as a red bull can) 
  • Shape: Very clean-cut & straight. Very pleasing to look at, very good to suck on. Not really about shape, but they usually trim their bushes, but the trimmed hair make the dick even more appealing. 
  • Recap: They won’t ever disappoint you. Very sensual and attractive.


  • Size and girth: Congrats Gemini Sun/Mars/8th house people! You guys are definitely above average (most of the time). Sadly, most of you guys also have pencil dicks. 
  • Shape: Mostly straight or banana-shaped. Not the best dicks in the zodiac, but DEFINITELY not the worst. Clean - looking. 
  • Recap: They know how to please you. Sneaky, charming, sexy. 


  • Size and girth: Usually really juicy, which makes everything better automatically. They’ll either have a slightly above average dick or a reaally small one. I’m sorry cancers. Your girth is alright though. But who cares anyways, they’re all bottoms. 
  • Shape: Nice to look at. As I said, very juicy. Either straight or banana-shaped. 
  • Recap: Great dicks to suck. There’s something special about their dicks. Cancers can be really kinky sometimes, so fun is guaranteed. 


  • Size and girth: You’d think all of them have huge dicks, but that is suprisingly not the case at all. A lot of them have really small ones. Maybe that’s why they have so many self esteem issues. The ones that don’t have small ones, are definitely above average. (7+ inches)
  • Shape: Nothing too wild, nothing too weird. Dicks are usually straight, could be curved downwards. 

  • Recap: They know (!!!) how to seduce you, they’re literally one of the, if not the best at making the experience one you’ll never forget. They know what to say and they know what to do. You won’t give a damn about the dicks shape or size. 


  • Size and girth: Usually, petite, not the biggest dicks in the zodiac. Girth is proportion-wise alright.
  • Shape: They have nice looking dicks. Probably the sign with the least deformed looking ones. Their dicks can look like Taurean dicks, which is supposed to be a compliment. 
  • Recap: Well, I guess they’ll try their best to please you. Many would describe them as boring, though that is not their dicks fault. 


  • Size and girth: There’s nothing to discuss here. Big long, girthy perfect dicks. 
  • Shape: Usually straight, some of them are curved left or right. The longer and cleaner looking versions of Taurean dicks. 
  • Recap: Not the most passionate lovers on earth, however they are charming, still really good at sex and usually have nice looking dicks too. 


  • Size and girth: The best dicks in the zodiac, don’t even try to argue with me. Big, long, girthy like the Libra dicks, however, Scorpio dicks look a bit rougher and realer, which is what you want in a perfect dick!!! 
  • Shape: PERFECT LOOKING. Girthy as fuck, really long, beautifully shaped (mostly straight or upwards curved). 
  • Recap: You wanna suck on that dick, till you make it cum. Besides Aries’, the most passionate lovers! Not as rough and wild as an Aries, but more emotinally intense sex, that will make you crave their dick at any time!


  • Size and girth: Their dicks are really similar to Gemini dicks, their opposite sign. Really long dicks (longer than Geminis), not that girthy though.
  • Shape: Juicy and clean looking. They usually have a long flaccid dick too. 
  • Recap: If you’re looking for size and quality sex, hunt a Sag dick. Though, do not get emotionally involved. 


  • Size and girth: As their fellow earth sign, Virgo, petite in size, but an average girth. Strong Saturn influence will not give one a huge dick (except genes say yes).
  • Shape: Nice to look at. Not rough looking like an Aries or Aquarius dick for example. Either fully shaved or a full bush. 
  • Recap: If they care about you, they’ll try their best. Like Sagittarians, not emotionally involed in the act. 


  • Size and girth: They’ll usually have long dicks and good girth too. (But just like their opposite sign, Leo, cases of small dicks are not rare.) 
  • Shape: A bit rough looking, they may have the same foreskin problem as Aries’. Though, rough looking is always a compliment. 
  • Recap: Freaks in bed, definitely not boring. They can be real wild and hardcore. 


  • Size and girth: Often said to have the largest dicks in the zodiac. I don’t want to go that far, but they’re definitely (!) one of the bigger signs. Very girthy too!!
  • Shape: Usually, curved upwards or simply straight. It’s somewhere inbetween rough and clean looking. Nevertheless, very good looking dicks.
  • Recap: Not boring either, they can be real freaky. However, most of the time, it is more emotionally intense than physically. 

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"I can't do this"

Harry dropped his bag, letting it sprawl out messily on the ground beside Ron and Hermione. He fell back and landed onto the couch, draping his arm over his eyes dramatically.

“Harry, honestly.” Hermione rolled her eyes as she quickly shoved an array of parchment and quills back into it.

“What’s with the the theatrics, Mate?” Ron asked through a full mouth. He seemed to have brought a to-go plate with him from the feast.

“I can’t do this.”

“Do what?”

“I made a bet.”

Ron’s eyes widened. He scooted closer, looking eager. “About what?”

“It's…” Harry hesitated.

Hermione sighed and turned back to her homework. “Just tell him, Harry.”

“You know?” Ron asked, sounding slightly offended. “Well, gee, thanks for letting me in on it.”

“I just heard it as a rumor. Don’t get mad.”

“I’m not mad…” Ron said, although he was pouting a bit.

“Wait, its spreading about the school?” Harry sat up straighter.

“Apparently.” Hermione said nonchalantly, still scribbling on her parchment.

“What is?” Ron said exasperated.

“Dean bet that I… That I couldn’t get Malfoy to go on a date with me by the end of the week.”

Ron blinked, at a loss for words. “… You-”

“Here it comes,” Hermione said under her breath.

“You’re trying to ask out Malfoy?” Ron exclaimed a bit too loudly. A few students turned their heads, but otherwise the common room was relatively empty.

“Ron!” Said Harry.

“Sorry, sorry.” Ron looked around, slightly ashamed. “But I thought you were dating that other bloke I set you up with. Also,” His face contorted in disgust, “Malfoy?”

“I know, I know.” Harry mirrored his expression. “But Seamus said that I could get any guy I wanted, which made Dean mad, so he said I couldn’t get anyone. Then Seamus said, ‘Name one bloke he couldn’t get,’ so Dean bet him I couldn’t get a date with Malfoy.

“And, I’m sorry, Ron, but I never ended up going on the date you set up.”

Ron looked hurt, “Why not?”

“I just-”

“Wait, wait,” Hermione intervened, the conversation finally piquing her interest. “This isn’t even your own bet?”


“Oh, Harry.”

“They forced me into it!”

“You couldn’t gotten out of it, mate.” Ron shook his head.

“Maybe he didn’t want to,” Hermione ventured.


Ron wrinkled his nose, “Harry, tell me it’s not true.”

“It’s not!”

Hermione smirked, “Of course.”

“I do not want to go on a date with-”

Suddenly, Hermione squeezed his knee tightly, making him yelp.

“Merlin, Hermione, that hurts!”

“Shush!” She whispered, glancing towards the common room entrance.

Harry turned to see Malfoy ducking in, a few school books in hand. He caught sight of the group, but quickly stuck his nose in the air, walking towards the dorm rooms.

Harry heard Ron whisper behind him, “Think he knows about the bet?” and watched as the pink in Malfoy cheeks brightened to a deep red. He quickened his pace, disappearing around the corner.

“… Yeah.” Harry murmured.

There was a pause as Harry continued to stare at the spot where Malfoy vanished. Hermione cleared her throat.

“So… What now, mate?” Ron asked.

Harry turned back to them, a slight pink creeping up his neck.

“I think I need to help Seamus win that bet.”

Hermione literally says “I knew it” 0.00001 seconds later

EDIT: Part two for you beautiful people

Pop and Wedlock

Same Campaign as Mother of (No) Mercy.

As the group of seven, irl 5 kids (8-14) and their (40s) parents goes further into the jungle, they are ambushed by a tribe of Cliffwalk Shifters. Everyone but the Monk fails their diplomacy check, so while the tribe lets them stay in their camp that night, they weren’t too friendly towards the party.

Now I like to get the players invested in the world as much as I can, so that night, the Shifters engaged in a tribal dance around a fire with a cool thing happening at the end. I’d rolled for the 4 Shifters dancing and the best got a 19 on his performance check. With no bard in the party, I expected the characters to just watch and learn some culture.

I did not expect the Dragonborn Paladin to try to redeem himself on the dance floor.

Paladin OOC: I’m gonna try to dance as best I can to make these people like me.

Me, surprised: Uh, sure. Roll performance.

*Nat 20*

The table roars and I feel the blood drain from my face.

Me: Ok, so all of you watch as your Dragonborn friend, known for his enforcement of justice and valor, absolutely kill it on the dance floor.

Rogue: Woo, you go Tornader!

Me: The Shifters are awestruck by the performance. After a moment of talking, a young and beautiful Shifter run out of a tent and straight up to Tornader. Before any of you can react, she kisses him passionately.

Paladin OOC: What’s happening?

Me, as the Shifter chief: Well done, scaled one. For your incredible performance in our ceremonial dance, you have won the hand of my daughter, Nutmeg, and are now a part of our tribe. Though we do not know the final place of the Journey Yet to Come, I am pleased to say you shall walk it together as Husband and Wife. Congratulations, my son.

Let me tell you, the look of horror that plays out on a 10 year old’s face when he finds out he has a wife to come home to is priceless. They are still married to this day, as he doesn’t think it would look good if a Paladin went through a divorce.

How much does Yuuri know?

Here’s something I’ve been wondering for a while.

In Barcelona, Victor finds out that Yuuri doesn’t remember the banquet.

They’re in a public place, they’re with their friends, and the situation is hilarious for almost everyone else, except it’s annoying for Yuri P., awkward and embarrassing for Yuuri, and if I have to guess I’d say that it’s awkward, slightly painful and a bit frustrating for Victor (though he probably also finds it a bit funny).

It’s really not the right place and time for Victor and Yuuri to talk about it in depth, especially considering that the focus shifts right away to the rings they’re wearing and their meaning.

After JJ makes his entrance, they all leave and presumably go back to the hotel, where we can only assume Yuuri had more questions about the banquet. And this is exactly what I’ve been wondering about.

Does Yuuri ask Victor for banquet details? Does Victor talk about it of his own accord?

I like to think that Victor does in fact share some things about that evening:

My question is: does Victor share The Moment? You know, this one?

The Moment all our hearts collectively broke because Victor had been pining over Yuuri since before going to Hasetsu. The Moment Victor fell in love. 

Because we watch the rest of the show with the new knowledge that Victor was in love (or had a major crush at the very least) with Yuuri, I think we all kind of assumed that Yuuri must also know the full extend of it.

But does he? 

Does Victor really tell Yuuri all of it? The way I see it, there are two options:

  • Victor tells Yuuri everything. How smitten he was with Yuuri. How much it hurt when he didn’t call him, didn’t send any signals, didn’t show up at competitions. And finally, how he thought that video was a direct message for him to go to Hasetsu and make good on his promise to be Yuuri’s coach. And how it confused the hell out of him when Yuuri acted all shy around him.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of this option. Victor has known Yuuri for a while at this point, and he knows about his anxiety and his low self-esteem. He has a big competition ahead of him, and he doesn’t need Victor adding to his anxiety by telling him how he (unintentionally) hurt him by leading him on, seducing him and abandoning him just like in the Eros story he tells in his SP. 

  • Victor only shares the bare minimum. He tells Yuuri that coming to Hasetsu to be his coach wasn’t, in fact, a decision made on a whim, but it was something Yuuri (drunkenly) asked him. And because Victor was getting bored with his skating and his life, he was glad to do it, and glad that this made it possible for them fall in love with each other. What he doesn’t share is the pining and the hurt.

I personally think that this is what happened, because Victor has learned how sensitive Yuuri is (even though he still doesn’t fully know how Yuuri truly feels about Victor leaving ice skating - something he finds out at the end of episode 11). He doesn’t need Yuuri to know he unintentionally hurt him, because it doesn’t matter anymore, and telling him would only hurt Yuuri, and that’s the last thing Victor wants.

TL;DR: we know exactly when Victor fell in love with Yuuri but Yuuri probably doesn’t know.

My opinion about the signs

Okay… I know this is not really my type of content but I always find these interesting to read so I thought I’ll post one myself.

Aries: you can count on them, don’t take things too seriously, get mad at small things, much fun to hang out with, somewhat egoistic, as soon as they find someone more interesting than you they will hang out with them (though, they will not forget about you)

Taurus: I always become extremly good friends with them, so relaxing to hang out with them, weird humour, very determined and stubborn, talk a loooot, in a relationship they need a lot of physical interaction, they make me feel like home, laughs about every little thing, cute laugh

Gemini: fun people to hang out with, their humour is so… unexpected like they say things you would have never thought about, tend to hide their serious feelings/emotions, take the side of the person they want to impress, think too much about how they can impress someone rather than just beeing themselves (even through their personality is way more charming)

Cancer: a little too sensitive for my taste, can get very annoying but they are too cute to be mad at, need a lot of protection, very giggly, great story-tellers (but they tend to tell you the same story over and over again), materialistic, put you first, loves from the bottom of their heart, pretty smart but dumb at the same time

Leo: warmhearted people, try to be funny and cool all the time (but fail eventually lol too cute), buys you a lot of gifts, attention-lovers, likes to meet new people, very vain when it comes to their appearance, very nervous when having tests/exams, naturally intelligent (unfortunately this doesn’t help them much in school), enjoys good food

Virgo: stress themselves way too much, overthink everything, usually very good in school, gets mad and stressed when things don’t work out as they thought they would, sort of a boring personality, they can talk sooooo much, very sensitive (!!!), tend to be too harsh on themselves, high expectations of themselves

Libra: naturally flirty af, cute smile, scared to be alone, talks most of the time about themselves, makes sure everybody is getting enough attention, very lazy, does things in the last minute, usually the one studying for a test/exam the lesson before, clumsy, needs protection, don’t like confrontations/fights, not good at making decisions or being on time

Scorpio: just like libras they talk a lot about themselves, get veeeeery obsessive over things and people, their staring is so intense that it makes me feel uncomfortable, cares a lot about their loved ones, scared to show feelings, makes very weird but cute compliments you would have never gotten from anybody else, sporty, try to flirt but that’s just a little… cringe-worthy lol

Sagittarius: now… these people are the absolut oppostie of me, always awkward when we hang out together, not the most loyal boyfriend/girlfriend/friend, always wearing top outfits, always looking good, cares a lot about their hair or in general their appearance, not the best in school, party every weekend, straightforward

Capricorn: makes sooo many cute compliments, I have this weird attraction towards them, extremly sexy, intelligent, can’t sit still, they are very weird people, humour consists of sarcasm and dad jokes and can be very dry, know way too well how to seduce people, not the best in expressing their feeling but they try, ABSOLUT SWEETHEARTS, gets shy when being complimented, very sensitive, never forget their mistakes and always regret them (no matter how small it was)

Aquarius: makes me feel like home at the very first meeting, either pretty chill or being pissed off at silly things, don’t like stubborn people, tendency to be very religious, very good friends, will do everything for and with you, works hard to reach their goals, plans everything weeks/months before

Pisces: I either like or can’t stand them, actually quite egoistic, not the best in using the right words, sensitive af 24/7, dark humour, cries a lot, scared to hurt someones feelings (even if they don’t like the person), avoids confrontations/fights by not saying what’s really on their mind, in a fight they will say the most hurtful things (and will regret them their whole life), using the victim-card way too often, most of the time smiling

There are older men in everything. Men don’t grow up with the idea that they’re somehow obsolete with age. Old men are brilliant, charismatic, fun, flirty mentors in everything the media puts out. They’re prestigious and powerful. Even if they’re abusers, they’re just misunderstood and broken hearted and it’s all very poetic.

Women are told that they peak at 18 and any nubile looks they maintain are a saving grace. Women are told that they’re worth precisely how much they can ensnare or seduce or benefit a man. Women’s lives, according to our society, begin at 18 and end at 29. If we manage to maintain the whole “young & fun” air we can get away with maybe a couple more years of being considered of worth.

Women don’t lose their vitality according to societally defined ideas about our age. Men aren’t the only ones who stay vital and passionate into their sixties. Young girls growing up have tragically few role models to look up to. They’re told there is nothing for them beyond being hot shit in their twenties.