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Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️

BTS Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked:  Hi there ! Can I get a BTS and EXO mafia reaction when their fiancee runs away? |||

EXO Reaction

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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He would find this whole situation amusing.

“It’s cute how you think you can just run away like that. You should know better that there is no easy escape.”

Park Jimin 

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He thought about the possibility of this happening but didn’t actually think you would do that.

“I guess I should lock her up when I get her back.”

V/Kim Taehyung

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A few weeks after your escape you came back to your new apartment to find him laying in your bed.

“Oh Jagi you’re back!! How did you like your vacation? I felt so lonely sleeping without you.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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He was at a business dinner when he was told that you ran away.

“She did what? I’m sorry gentlemen, I have to excuse myself. Some urgent problems came up.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

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He would be mad and annoyed. You already tried leaving him before so he enhanced the protection around you but this time you outsmarted him.

“There she goes, making trouble for me again.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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When he found you he pinned you down and decided to have a serious talk with you.

“Now Jagi, what did I say about trying anything stupid?”

Jeon Jungkook

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He would meet you outside your work.

“So you were smart enough to escape but not to change your job?” he smirked getting you in his car.

A/N: I wrote this as if the member is the leader. Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄


WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

My Fake Boyfriend Part 10

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2960

Warnings: A lot of emotions, a lot of fluffy and a lot of against

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta.

You and Bucky enter the church hand to hand. As soon as you step in you have a bad feeling. “Doll, relax, I am here for you and it’s only a wedding, it’s not like you are going to war, trust me this is easier.” Bucky says kissing your forehead, he is trying to be funny but his tone is serious.

“How do you always know what I am feeling?” You ask sitting on a bench close to where your family is. “I pay attention to you, doll. You always bit your lip and you run your fingers through your hair when you’re nervous.” He says putting a string of your hair behind your ear.

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Headcanon: Most of the Lions are highly conscious of their paladin’s safety, and for the most part won’t let their pilot do anything that crosses a certain threshold of danger. Black, Yellow, and Green can reason with their paladins, and Red will forcibly intervene as she sees fit.

But Blue, Blue. She senses something about Lance, senses how deep that heroism streak runs, knows better than to get in the way. So rather than trying to keep him safe, she works to help him accomplish what he’s trying to do. She needs him to trust her, and that’s important enough that when he’s about to do something crazy, she will always say, Here’s how I can support you, not No.

So when we have Lance eyeballing that rain of bullets, that wall of flames, that manacle around his wrist between him and an injured Keith, a trapped Pidge, a frightened Hunk, and he asks Blue, “How many hands do I need to pilot my Lion,” she says: <One.>

Open Ending | R.M.

 imagine requested by @ladyannikki

Summary: In which you get paired up for a project with Reggie friggin’ Mantle, and you just so happen to witness the duration & the aftermath of the scene in 1x02

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Fragments - Part 6

Word Count: 6811 - omg I’m so sorry

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence, drinking, some self loathing, mentions of suicide attempt

A/N: Unbeta’d and unedited. Mistakes are all mine. Constructive feedback is always welcome. 

Fragments Masterlist

Your phone vibrating across your nightstand pulled you from a restless sleep. Truth be told, you hadn’t slept soundly since you’d been back except for the night you’d fallen asleep in Dean’s arms. You’d been plagued by dreams of all the hunts you’d been on, the woman you’d killed, the spirits of those little kids, Magda, and her horrible mother. You reached your hand out into the darkness and fished around for your phone, finally finding it and pulling it back to your ear. “Hello?”

“Sorry to wake you, Y/N, but this is important.” Cas answered hastily. “I may have found a lead on the pieces of your soul.” You sat up, resting your back against the headboard and pulling your knees up to your chest.

“Ok.” You breathed. “Spill. What’d you find?”

“I’m hesitant to tell you over the phone, Y/N, I’m sorry, but someone could be listening.” Cas explained. “What I can tell you is we may need to talk to your father.”

“But he’s…he’s dead how are you gonna -“

“We can make it happen.” Cas cut you off before you could finish. Whatever he found out wasn’t good news and it was making you nervous. “I’ll be at the bunker soon.”

After Cas’ phone call you tried in vain to go back to sleep, tossing and turning, before you finally gave up. You changed your clothes and went to the kitchen, pouring yourself a tumbler of whiskey and making your way to the library, sitting in one of the chairs and thinking about what the angel had said.

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Living With BPD

So let me tell you about this. Let me tell you how BPD ruined my life.

BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder

Things that people with BPD do without knowing it:

-push everyone they love away

-say things hurtful or angry when they feel alone 


-isolate themselves

-stop taking care of themselves, their health, appearance

-tell themselves hurtful things every day “you’re so worthless”

-rationalize impulsive behavior with emotion

-read too far into things, worry, have constant anxiety

-never feel normal, always feel different

Let me tell you how when I get angry I say things to hurt you on purpose. How I compulsively lie to get attention or a reaction. How I replay the exact words of someone to feel sadness, because anything is better then feeling numb. How I run away from everything, just get in my car and go. How I make passive aggressive comments and hurt people without even trying or knowing I’m doing it. How I say “bye” when I’m hurt and “i’m sorry” at least 50 times a day. 

This is BPD. It is isolation. Fear of rejection. Alarming feelings that feel like drowning. Ruining all your relationships.

This is stage 1 of diagnosis, I feel so lost, like there is no hope.

Any words of encouragement is appreciated. Much love.

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I haven’t followed Mesozoica for like, a year, but I still checked back once in a while, and I just noticed their facebook page is completely gone? I don’t know if there’s a story behind that, or if they just slipped away into the shadows? @a-dinosaur-a-day @albertonykus @palaeofail-explained 

The Little Flower

Requested by: @potterhead236

Author’s note: I’m still new at this but I do believe I’m getting better. I have updated my prompts list and it only has prompts that I feel aren’t over used and go with the main imagines I do. Requests for everything are open and if you have any tips on how to run my blog better I would appreciate the help.

8. “Oh, so you think I’m cute when I’m angry?” Well, get ready because I’m about to be gorgeous.”

9. “I don’t understand why everyone believes I’m a sweet, delicate person. I mean, I’m violent, like all the time.”

33. “Remove your hand or I will rip you arm off and beat you to death with it.”

Words: 983

Warnings: None Draco Malfoy x reader


   (Y/n) was walking through the halls of Hogwarts on her way to Herbology when she heard that oh so similarly obnoxious voice. It stopped her almost in her tracks and she lifted her head to meet the eyes of the person it belonged to.

“Oh, look boys. It’s the little flower going right where she belongs,” Draco snickered as his friends and him walked past, clearly enjoying her reaction to the nickname he gave her. Little flower, only a name you give someone fragile, weak, and beautiful. (Y/n) was fragile or weak and hated the nickname, if it weren’t for the way he said it and how he implied it, she would have quite liked it. (Y/n) lowered her head back to the floor and kept walking, trying not to be late for class.

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I need a long slowburn Trimberly fanfic where...

It starts during the movie, and shows the evolution of Trini and Kimberly’s relationship from strangers to friends, and then it continues after the movie ends on how they slowly become girlfriends.

Like after the initial Zordon meeting and training, Kimberly seeks Trini out after class when she notices Trini avoiding her gaze during class.

She’ll approach her with “hey, we’re in this weird thing together, maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world for us to get to know each other”

Trini’s not into it at first for obvious reasons, but eventually warms up to it.  She and Kimberly do yoga and hiking together on the mountain.  They don’t talk much, but Kimberly senses some battle is being waged in Trini’s mind, so it comes as no shock when Trini hints at being queer during the fireplace scene.

Then after everything, Kimberly is worried how Trini is sleeping after Rita’s attach.  Trini claims she’s fine, but Kimberly helps her patch up her room and sometimes spends the night.

Trini’s parents are happy that she has a new friend who’s “normal”, and Trini rolls her eyes every time her parents invite Kimberly to stay for dinner.

Trini also learns what Kimberly did to her friend Amanda, and she’s not happy about it, but she knows that Kimberly learned her lesson.  She then confesses that one time she had a crush on a girl who was her friend, but didn’t know it was a crush at the time, but then the girl publicly ridiculed her and outed her, and she was glad when her family moved.

One night, Trini agrees to go swimming with Kimberly on the mountain, and they share their first kiss in the lake.  It’s Kimberly who kisses her first, and Trini is shocked, but then leans in to kiss Kimberly.  They kiss for a few minutes, and then build a fire to help dry themselves off.  They’re kind of awkward about it, but manage to talk through their feelings.

Well turns out, Amanda took some pics of the moment and wants revenge.  She threatens Trini with the pictures until Trini points out that she’s not out yet, and that her parents and Kimberly’s parents would react badly to the photo, and that it could actually put her life in danger.  Amanda deletes the photo and promises not to tell anyone.

Trini brings it up to Kimberly who gets very anxious over the entire thing and confront Amanda, who points out that she at least thought it through before not sending the photo.

Kimberly feels guilty for putting Trini in a situation where she was almost outed, bur Trini is learning how to better handle her feelings rather than just running, so she tells Kimberly that while it was a scare, they managed to avoid it.

Their relationship starts slow: flirtatious smiles during class, locking eyes in the hallway, holding hands when they jump into the water above the spaceship, goodnight cheek kisses, sneaking into each other’s rooms to cuddle in the middle of the night, morning kisses on the lips, etc.

Trini’s parents figure out Kimberly is dating their daughter, but they decide to wait until Trini brings it up.  In the meantime, they treat Kimberly like family and invite her to dinner often.

When they do come out, it’s on accident when Trini kisses her girlfriend before 1st period, and they both realize that they forgot to play it platonic, but decide that maybe it’s time for them to be out.

Their fellow rangers are supportive: Billy claps every time he sees them holding hands in the hallway and gives them a list of LGBT friendly safe spaces in Angel’s Grove, Zack brings them around his mom to play chess with her and Trini is suprisingly good at chess and Zack’s mom loves seeing her son happy with his friends and how much in love Trini and Kimberly are, and Jason calls out any homophobic behavior he witnesses at school or in Angel Grove and sometimes the perpetrator is met with a slap.

And they all live happily ever after.

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I've always been an INTJ on the MBTI test (via 16personalities)- however I decided to redo it. And this time around I've landed on INFJ. There's a lot there that's relatable. But one thing bothers me. I am not that emotional when it comes to me. When it comes to others, yes. Logic sometimes drifts, because I feel like I have to work on compassion in relationships. But when the focus on me, I'm 100% logical and take a rational approach. Can these co-exist? And would that fall under INTJ or INFJ?

Welcome to the blog!
Let’s try to define your type once and for all! =)

Option 1: Trying other binary tests

Here is another test that works similarly to 16personalities: . Fun fact: this is the one that made us question that my INFJ here was not an INFP after all. 

The thing about 16personalities (as much as I’ve used it in the past as a tool for character description when I write) and these sort of tests is that they are too binomial. They rely only in binary choices (you’re either one option or the other, eg. Feeling or Thinking) and in cases where this differentiation is not sharp enough (your F vs. T), it can end up sorting you into different types, which is what happened here. 

Option 2: Trying cognitive functions tests

Since I only want to recommend you sites that I’ve used, I can only suggest this one: 
I find it useful but difficult to answer for some reason. Plus, it sometimes types me as ENTJ because of my strong Te, but I’m positive that my dominant function is Ni and that I’m an introvert.

Option 3: Understanding cognitive functions and typing yourself

Let’s be honest, this is my favourite option. Why rely on tests when you can read the theory, understand it yourself and apply it on your own?
Since I don’t want to bore you with too much technical information, I’ll just mention the most important points.  INTJ and INFJ have similar functions: 

  • INTJ: Ni - Te - Fi - Se
  • INFJ: Ni - Fe - Ti - Se

Basically both types share the same dominant and inferior functions. Our work here is to see wether your auxiliary function is Te (INTJ) or Fe (INFJ). 

Both Te and Fe are extraverted and perceiving functions. This means that: a) they are focused on the outer world and its events; b) they are used in the process of decision-making. Now let’s spot their differences:

Te (extraverted thinking) – used by INTJ as the auxiliary function

Te uses objective facts when making decisions about the external world.
It values structural order and consistency, it tries to understand and organize the environment and its elements. 

Fe (extraverted feeling) – used by INFJ as the auxiliary function

Fe strives for interpersonal peace. Fe users are good at understanding the needs of others as well as their feelings, motivations, etc. It is generally based on collective rather than individual values.

I think the best hint to see wether you are a Te or a Fe user is analyzing how you make decisions. 

  • INTJ: you make decisions based on what you think. 
  • INFJ: you make decisions based on what you feel.

This has nothing to do with having feelings or not. I can be a very emotional being (a fact that surprises many people for some reason). I have emotions as a result of the situations that I am in and its circumstances, I just don’t act on them.  My decision making process is based on what I believe is the best option and not the one that feels like the best one. The difference might sound subtle but it is not. It also has a lot to do with your priorities.

Bonus: comparing myself to INFJ

Note: this is a subjective comparison between two specific individuals (me and the INFJ moderator of this blog) based on my own observations. What applies to us does not necessarily apply to other INTJs and INFJs. 

– INFJ: values the option that is most likely to assure emotional stability, well-being, feeling safe, comfort, their own happiness or the happiness of others.
– INTJ: values the option that is most likely to assure success (whatever definition it might have for each individual), what is better for the long-run no matter how unpleasant.

– INFJ: emotion-oriented (”I don’t feel like doing this”) 
–INTJ: duty-oriented (”So what?”)

Emotional support: 
– INFJ: is a very good listener. Offers both real emotional support and ways to deal with it (focusing on the first one). 
– INTJ: tell them your problems and they’ll help you deal with them and take action. Don’t expect any other kind of support (”why are people telling me this if they don’t want to deal with it? What’s the purpose of useless whining?”)

Imagine this situation: INFJ and INTJ are in any sort of social event and they want to leave.  
– INFJ: can’t leave because “what if someone gets upset”. 
– INTJ: “lol, bye”.

– INFJ: “If someone feels upset because of something I said, it’s probably my fault”. 
– INTJ: “If someone feels upset because of something I said, it’s probably their problem”. 

Please let us know if there’s any point in particular that you want us to analyse more in depth. 


A Hello From Dean Winchester...

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“Hey. I wanted to pop by for a sec and talk. You got a sec? All right. Good.

First of all, cut the shit. No, you know exactly what I mean. All this shit you keep going off on, talkin’ about how you’re not pretty as those other girls, or as thin as those girls: It’s horseshit, you get me?

Don’t you even start thinkin’ I’m sayin’ that to be nice. You and me both know I don’t do that. I don’t lie, I don’t bullshit, and I don’t play nice. I’m sayin’ this ‘cause you apparently don’t hear it when the rest of the world says it, so let me lay it out nice and clear for you.

You’re beautiful.

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And I mean just… fuckin’ gorgeous. You walk into a room and heads turn. Just… they turn. I can’t explain it. I see you comin’ and I stop. Always takes me a sec because I feel like you’re finally gonna realize exactly what’s goin’ on. You’re gonna realize just how gorgeous you are and run off with someone better.

Don’t go dismissing me, OK? That’s not fair. You don’t get to tell me I’m wrong here. You don’t get to do that. My opinion? My thoughts? This thing in my chest? It’s tellin’ me you’re the most amazing woman in the world. I could watch those hips sway for hours. Or your eyes. Fuck, Y/N, those eyes. You know what they do to me?

It’s cheesy, I get it, but you’re captivating. Oh, shut it. I can say it if I wanna. You’re goddamn captivating. When your hair falls by your eyes like that? Or when you laugh at one of my lame-ass jokes? I’m done. Just mail me home, I’m finished.

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It kills me when you hate on yourself the way you do sometimes. I wish you could see what I do. All those pictures you take that you delete, or the way you look at someone else and compare yourself… fuckin’ kills me every time. I wish you knew what I saw. What everyone sees. I call you princess because you are. Ain’t no other chick I’d rather spend my time with.

So put the phone away and come with me a sec. Ok, stand in front of the mirror. Yes, I’m serious. Look. Just look! Quit bein’ a smartass.

Ok, you know what I see? Beauty. Hey, don’t laugh! I’m bein’ honest, sweetheart. That’s what I see. That stomach you hate? It’s perfect. Or those hips? God, again with the hips… those thighs. I see these things and I love 'em. So I want you to look at 'em and see what I see.

Keep lookin’, I ain’t done. It’s not just the physical, you know that. You’re smart. Not every girl can keep up with Dean Winchester, right? I’ll grin at you if I wanna, I’m on a roll here.

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You’re funny, with a sense of humor that knocks me out every time. You put Cas to shame. And those brains… Sammy wishes he was half as smart as you. And you’re strong. Not just physical but emotional. You’re standing with me, right now, after everything you’ve been through, and you’re here. Not just here, but amazing. You get how that’s not a small thing?

I’ve been through hell, but so have you. And I’d say you look a hell of a lot better than me. You get up every morning and you keep going. Beautiful woman like you kickin’ ass every day? World doesn’t stand a chance.

Get back out there, gorgeous, and tell the world Dean Winchester sent you. Better yet, tell the world to watch out because if they piss you off, I wouldn’t wanna be in your way.”

Because sometimes we need Dean Winchester telling us how beautiful we are.

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