how to ruin a photo


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya

Phone: What is this strange thing you speak of? Quality? Never heard of it.

So, despite this photo looking absolutely awful and ruining how much detail is in the drawing, I’m posting it here. I’m a huge fan of Thomas Sanders (@thatsthat24 ). Ever since he was on vine and now that he’s on Youtube, I’ve wanted to work on something like this to give to him (and Joan + Talyn)(@welcome-to-the-joangle + @tallykat3) as thanks for everything they’re given us all. I love the videos with the different aspects of Thomas’s personality too so they’re in there. Maybe someday I’ll upload a better picture of this cause the colored pencil is not faring well. But thank you Thomas Sanders + friends for making such wonderful videos that have managed to cheer up my day many times over.

(Also idea: What if the weirdly aloof Thomas that was shown in Accepting Anxiety Part One actually became a humanized aspect? Like the closest thing I could describe that side would be like… Apathy or something? I dunno. Food for thought.)

A.C.E. as Artists


  • Illustrator and zine maker
  • yes zines are a form of art
  • Donghun loves communication so why not??
  • He made zines before he became an illustrator, everyone convinced him to insert his own little doodles into them and the rest was history
  • He’s made many posters and covers for people
  • You’ve probably seen his stuff somewhere before
  • Likes the quiet work place
  • The work place is less quiet with his friends in the room 
  • *cough* Jason and Chan *cough* *cough*
  • Always has a tiny sketchbook, he just prefers to work in small scales
  • Has Chan help him when he needed something printed on a larger scale
  • He may know how to work photo shop but printers are another story
  • He’s ruined many pieces in photoshop so Chan just does it automatically
  • It was a dark day for everyone when it first happened
  • Many late nights in the studio but unlike everyone else he always makes sure to go home
  • Will go around and tell everyone else in their studios to go home
  • “Get actual rest please”
  • He’s everyone’s art dad


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  • Simple oil painter
  • Nothing about his concepts are simple
  • Bounces between styles because he just has too many ideas to conform to one thing
  • Some people hate it and some people love it
  • Everyone could be his model
  • He will randomly go up to someone and ask “May I take a photo of you for a painting”
  • Will add “your face is perfect for it”
  • that usually gets him a giggle and a yes
  • or chased down the street
  • He gets the most frustrated because he feels like he has the least amount of time for all of the projects he wants to do
  • Once tried to work on multiple projects at once
  • it did not end well and none of them got done
  • Donghun had to convince him to take it one at a time
  • His goal is to make it into a large scale exhibition like at MoMA or something
  • He will always do his best

Seyoon (Wow)

  • Photographer extraordinaire 
  • Actually had photography classes, and some self taught knowledge and doesn’t classify himself as a photographer just because he has a nice phone camera 
  • *sips tea*
  • anyways
  • He rolls his eyes at the people that want him to have photo shoots with him for free
  • “Atleast support the artist” is his motto
  • He’s really good at documentation so his friends always bring their pieces to his studio to be photographed
  • If you call yourself a photographer he will be a little critical but also give good criticism
  • Has random shots of lots of things from the sky to a close up of Jason
  • Takes a good 10 minutes before he takes a photo because camera adjustments
  • If you criticize his work without giving an actual reason he will ignore you 
  • saying something like “I just don’t like it” will get you a death glare
  • He needs reasons he wants to improve
  • “There’s always room for improvement, always”


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  • I see him as a sculptor, or even a ceramicist
  • Just something hands on that he can do
  • He likes doing large scaled pieces
  • He often sometimes forgets about transporting pieces especially if they’re being put outside or in exhibitions
  • Sighs to himself as he realizes he has to dismantle it and put it back together where ever the piece is going
  • He often does get help from his other friends 
  • “Hey hand me the hammer please”
  • “Um…I’m holding this thing here”
  • “Okay then you hand it to me”
  • “I’m already holding these pieces”
  • He appreciates the help that he gets and always credits the friends that helped him
  • That friend is usually Seyoon
  • Seyoon often helps with cataloging his work because we always need photos
  • Just a little baby that enjoys his giant masterpieces


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  • Took up animation 
  • He’s just such an “animated” person in general, why wouldn’t he wanna create his own wacky characters?
  • Has made multiple animations of his friend Seyoon
  • Seyoon does not openly volunteer to be in these animations
  • Chan gets in trouble for including Seyoon in said animations, he now locks the door of studio and hides his equipment
  • His style is really clean and sharp but also really colorful 
  • He just loves the idea of making stories come to life and them bringing people joy
  • He has a mini fridge in his studio because he gets too engrossed in his work to leave so he just reaches over and pulls some random sandwich out of it maybe even a lunchable
  • Has made many shorts on youtube
  • Appreciate his work
VIXX REACTION: to their girlfriend saying they’re not sexy


Hakyeon will be upset that you couldn’t see the goddess he did. He’d wrap you in his arms and kiss your neck. “You’re the sexist person on this planet,” he whispered into your ear as he rubbed your back. 


Taekwoon would stay silent as you spoke to yourself through the mirror while trying to find something to wear. “I should just stay home in my pyjamas,” you mumbled, sitting next to the bed. “Don’t act like you wanted to go,” he laughed, wrapping an arm around you. “If you stay home, I can show you how sexy you are.”


If you think he’ll let his girlfriend say a single thing bad about herself, ding dong, you are wrong. The moment ‘I don’t think I’ve got a sexy side’ left your lips, he’d tackle you onto the sofa and wrap his limbs around you. “How dare you say such things about the woman I love?”


You’d be ranting to Wonsik over cam about how your friend had bought you ‘sexy silk pyjamas’, and how they’d look horrible on you. His face would scrunch up in disgust at your words, causing you to frown. “What’s up?” you asked as you watched him. “I just don’t like you telling lies. Your nose will grow if you keep telling them.”


Hongbin would see your comment on a photo your friend posted, talking about how you ruined the ‘sexy’ photo. He’d being to notice little things about your appearance, complimenting you on each one. 

“Your hair like that really draws attention to your beautiful eyes.”


Like Hongbin, Sanghuk wouldn’t tell you right away that he heard you speak poor about yourself, he would just compliment you more. When you walked out of the shower, he’d gasp and pull you close. 

“Woah! You look amazing!” he grinned. “I’m in a towel?” you raised a brow. “And you look amazing in it.”

bloodiedknuckls  asked:

i thoroughly agree that JR and Ian are fucking. lets talk more on that

Oh, darling, let’s. Let’s talk about how these two assholes blatantly show their love for each other. Let’s talk about how Ian liberates JR’s fucking jacket

and wears it to a fucking convention

like he’s declaring JR is mine, damn it, now stop asking to caress his beard, that’s mine too.

Let’s also talk about their obsessive need for couple selfies.


is not


you dicks.

And also, we must talk about this:

because why the fuck, you assholes.

Talk to me about these teasing little bastards, dearie. I need someone to rant with.

How I ruined an adorable behind the scenes AoS cast and crew photo:

Me: “BJ is such a sunshine. Clark looks like he was caught reading fan-fiction. …Why is Jason so angry? … Oh, maybe it was because Clark was reading fan-fiction out loud.”

*reading* “He knew what Mace was thinking. He knew what Mace wanted. He knew he could provide it, would provide it. – What? I’m not doing anything. …I’m checking Twitter.”


😂😂😂 I’m literally the worst.
(Clark’s chosen reading is borrowed from @lola381pce ‘s “Calling the shots” which I highly recommend if you’re a Coulson/Mace fan and you haven’t checked it out yet. :] )


Body image is important.
Tonight I found myself staring at these photos finding myself feeling absolutely awful about my body and the way it looks.

I hated that my legs didn’t look defined
I felt like my thighs looked huge and unathletic
I felt like I needed to loose weight asap

Until something clicked.

These photos are from my first meet last weekend. This body allowed me to run sub5 in the mile after a 2:10 800 only a few seconds away from my personal best and now here I am hating this body.

It’s scary and crazy how quickly a few unflattering photos can completely ruin the way you feel about and view your body.
I’m sorry body, you don’t deserve my negative criticisms

me: HOLY SHIT this is the BEST photo of Jin I’ve ever seen

(2 seconds later…)

me: HOLY SHIT this is the BEST photo of Jin I’ve ever seen

(2 seconds later…) 

me:: HOLY SHIT this is the BEST photo of Jin I’ve ever seen

(2 seconds later)


uncledeer  asked:

How do you feel about Hugh Hefner being buried next to Marilyn? After I read about how he almost ruined her career using those nude photos, it makes me feel so horrible :/

It honestly doesn’t really bother me. I don’t think Hugh Hefner was a bad guy (but I don’t know much about him) and I really don’t think it was ever his intention to ruin her career - even though that could have easily happened. Marilyn did not actually ever own the rights to those nude photos, either. 

v-mons  asked:

Hi there, so just a couple moments ago I stumbled upon an edited yoongi photoset and however much I am opposed to whitewashed Yoongi, the credits of the fansite state that it isn't editable. Now I understand that of course, this is a restoration blog and I understand that the main cause is to "restore" photos that have been whitewashed but at the same time we need to respect the original fansites regardless of whitewashing. (1/2)

I totally understand that you cannot control what has been submitted to you, and obviously you’d assume that if a photo has been edited that has respected the original fansite’s wishes but if you don’t mind, could you take it down? It was the flame in my heart: suga photoset from changwon kpop festival. I’m so sorry to send this message to you but it really does irk me when people edit non-editables, I hope you understand. (2/2)

It was nice of you to message us, but unfortunately we must decline on your request to take down “uneditable pictures”. 

But considering you were much nicer than most people that have talked to us, we will give you an explanation as to why:

  • Plenty of, but not all, fansites make profit off of their photos. Having a fansite means that you are offering a type of brand with the photos as a product. We as consumers are well within out rights to dispute, criticize, and call out on their behavior.
  • Some fansites that exist that are editable, also request us not to restore them. Because they don’t want people to criticize their behavior.
  • Think about the effect one whitewashed picture has on an idol: They have to deal with pressures of a damaging beauty standard by applying makeup/wearing skin whitening products/whitewashing their own selfies already from internalized colorism. And yet despite this, fansites are still DISRESPECTING and TREATING the idol/person they are taking pictures of as if they are a lesser being. Fansites/fans have already made fun of idols for their skin, whitewashed official photos, taken their selfies and whitewashed them more, etc. Idols have already publicly stated that they don’t like being treated this way. Including taehyung multiple times.
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo affects fans: Fans are going to be brainwashed into thinking that the whitewashed photo is an  accurate representation to the real thing, and when it comes to international fans, they start associating these traits to all east/southeast asian people. This has already led to racial fetishization and stereotyping what a east/southeast asian should look like. 
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo effects an east/southeast asian people: It fuels colorism and xenophobia within the east/southeast asian community. This would give more power to light skinned asians as they are seen as the “right version” of what an asian should look like. It also justifies discriminating behavior towards asians with average/dark skin tones through bullying, violence, sexual harassment, and other dehumanizing acts. 
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo affects dark skinned east/southeast asians: It builds up their insecurity with their skin, seeing how a person they look up to look a certain way, or how people call the person they look up to ugly because of their skin color, damages their self esteem from internalized colorism. If you add discrimination based on skin color to it, especially to young kids, it could ruin them for a long time.
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo leads to racism: Because colorism is based on the discrimination of dark skin color within a mono racial community, it already has lead into racism. This leads further prejudism and discrimination amongst race groups.

If you take these into account, from one whitewashed photo, it damages up to millions of people around the world. And the history of this has lasted for generations and generations.

Restores only hurt one person: The personal feelings of the whitewasher. Restore blogs have no respect to fansites whatsoever and we simply do not have to because of how damaging and prejudist their behavior is.

It’s not like the fansites respect company fan etiquette and idols’ personal space anyway. They aren’t supposed to take pictures at concerts and venues, they aren’t supposed to take pictures of them at private settings, they aren’t supposed to follow them around constantly, they aren’t supposed to make the idols feel horrible about themselves and yet they do.

And I will end off at this note. 

Why do you want us to respect the fansite, more than we should respect the person in the picture? 

Why do we have to respect people who hurt who they “supposedly” love?

- Admin Matte