how to rp nepeta

Do you ever think about how it was implied that vriska and nepeta had multiple rps together where vriska tried her best to relate with nepeta at her level but she still couldn’t relax enough to not have her characters do anything over the top in their rps? Cause I do and now I’m thinking about pale vrisnep where nepeta tries to use rping to get vriska to just be silly and enjoy herself and someone needs to save me from crackship hell.

Nepeta Leijon Cat Punning: A Refurence of Purrticularly Useful Cat Puns

With a hiatus, comes more people willing to read to catch up on Homestuck and become fans. With more fans, comes more RPers. Right here is just a nice little list of a few Nepeta puns (some canon and others not) for any fresh Nepeta RPer looking for a little help!

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