how to recognize different parts of the body

Personal Effects of Dissociation/Depersonalization

- gaps in your memory

- finding yourself in a strange place without knowing how you got there

- out-of-body experiences

- loss of feeling in parts of your body

- distorted views of your body

- forgetting important personal information

- being unable to recognize your image in a mirror

- a sense of detachment from your emotions

- the impression of watching a movie of yourself

- feelings of being unreal

- internal voices and dialogue

- feeling detached from the world

- forgetting appointments

- feeling that a customary environment is unfamiliar

- a sense that what is happening is unreal

- forgetting a talent or learned skill

- a sense that people you know are strangers

- feeling you don’t know who you are acting like different people, including child-like behaviour

-being unsure of the boundaries between yourself and others

- feeling like a stranger to yourself

- being confused about your sexuality or gender

- writing in different handwriting

- Feeling disconnected from yourself

- Problems with handling intense emotions

- Sudden and unexpected shifts in mood – for example, feeling very sad for no reason

- Depression or anxiety problems, or both

- Memory problems that aren’t linked to physical injury or medical conditions

- Other cognitive (thought-related) problems such as concentration problems

- Feeling compelled to behave in a certain way

By popular demand, I continued the Jasico Soulmate High Shcool AU. There will still be one more part after this.

Also, I just realized this fit the weeklypjoprompts High School prompt. I was planning on doing something else but unsurprisingly i haven’t finished it yet.

Part 1 is here.


He recognized that shape.

The mark wasn’t completely visible, but the top part definitely looked the same as the mark on his own body. Nico stared. He needed to see the rest of it, but how was he going to manage that. Just ask? “Hey, excuse me, let me just look down your shirt real quick, I think we might have the same mark.” Yes, that would work well. especially if he was wrong.

The lesson continued as their teacher went over the different topics they would be expected to cover during their discussions, but Nico didn’t hear any of it. His eyes kept glancing back at Jason, wondering if it could really be possible. And if it was, what then?

Jason wouldn’t be happy about it, that’s for sure. He probably expected his soulmate to be a pretty cheerleader, or something like that. Not a scrawny guy half his size who didn’t participate in any school activities, had basically no friends and spent most of his time in his own room.

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this is a very long long long one so i’m sorry i drag some things out in it, but i just wrote whatever came to. and i would like to say a gigantic thank you to itsluke5sos for writing the smut part for me due to the fact that i have no idea how to write smut oops. BUT THANK YOU LINDSAY !!!!! okay so in the picture i just put random pictures of calum and then your hair and makeup ok okokbye.


the way his lips moved against mine felt different than usual. usually our kisses were full of lust and need but this kiss was full of something i couldn’t quite recognize. the way his hands gripped onto my hips as if his life depended on it sent me over the edge. he continued to try and pull me closer to his body but there was no way we could get any closer to one another.

“okay guys, can you both move this to your room?”

we pulled away from each other quickly at the sound of ashton’s voice. my hand reached up to my swollen lips, the feeling of his lips against mine still present. even though he was standing in front of me glancing from me to ashton, i could still feel his lips against mine.

“use protection..” ashton mumbled as calum grabbed my hand yanking me from their hotel and into our’s.

his dark brown eyes stared at me for a moment before a sly smile fell onto his lips. he moved closer to me, closing the two feet radius he had set up between us, and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear as i looked up at him. it felt like an instinct to wrap my arms around his waist as i did it without thinking.

“as much as i want to take you right there on that bed right now, i’m not going to..” he whispered, his thumb running along my bottom lip.

“why not?” i asked, pouting playfully at him as he chuckled softly.

“because, my love, i want to take you out. just me and you.” he said to me taking me by surprise.

“are you sure? what if the pap-”

“i don’t care about them. i want to take you out and i will.” he said again, his voice harder now. “does that sound okay?” he asked again, his voice soft. i nodded and he smiled, cupping my cheeks with his large hands and pressing his lips to mine.

the kiss was soft and gentle and once he pulled away i was yearning for more. i couldn’t get enough of this boy.

“okay beautiful, i’m gonna go over to michael’s and let you get dressed..” he said making my heart flutter at his nickname.

“okay, thank you.” i whispered shyly as he walked out of the room leaving me where i had melted into a puddle.

i literally pranced into the bathroom like a ballerina, stripping from my clothes and turning on the shower. i washed my hair and made sure to shave, everywhere. after i had washed everything and was fresh and clean, i stepped out wrapping a towel around my hair and body. what the fuck am i supposed to wear? i tried to stay calm as i could as i washed my other makeup off that had come off in the shower. is this like a casual thing or like a fancy dinner date? should i text michael and ask? i think i’ll just do that. i walked out of the bathroom, still in nothing but my towel, and grabbed my phone from where i had laid it on the bed earlier. i text michael and firstly asked if calum was even there, he said yes, and then i asked what i should wear for him to take me out, which he replied with something casual and comfortable.

okay that was the answer i didn’t want, but actually did want to be honest. i didn’t want it in the first place because my casual and comfortable is like sweat pants and a tank top but a guys casual is like jeans and a shirt. i guess i could wear some blue jean shorts and a dressyish shirt. (i’ll put the outfit somewhere.)

it was around five o'clock when i was finally finished getting ready. my makeup was finished, my hair was straighten, and my outfit was looking gucci af. im sorry, i just went slightly ghetto. okay, so am i suppose to go to michael’s room or just sit here and wait for calum.

after five minutes of just sitting on the bed trying to keep my heart from racing at the thought of calum and what would occur on this very bed after we got back from wherever we were going, i decided to leave our hotel room.

as i closed our hotel door, i kept my hand on the door knob. i just confessed my love to him and he’s taking me out? did that mean he liked me or even loved me back? what am i getting myself into?

being so deep in my own thoughts, i didn’t even hear the hotel door open two doors down and calum walk towards me until his hand had brushed against my bicep, causing chill bumps to arise on my skin. it nearly made me jump out of my skin as he whispered my name. i turned to face him, his hair more perfected than before and his attire totally different. he wore a black, short sleeve t-shirt with drop dead written on the front and his sleeves slightly rolled up on each arm. on his bottom half he wore his usual black skinny jeans and his black vans. he looked so sexy in all black. i was like the black made him look tanner than he already was. his hair was styled like it was before my fingers were running through it relentlessly.

“you okay?” he asked softly, his hand still on my elbow.

“um, yeah. i was just trying to remember if i got everything i needed.” i said lying straight through my teeth as i plastered a fake smile onto my lips.

“okay, are you ready?” he asked again, leaning his shoulder against the wall next to our bedroom as his touch left my body. i nodded and he smiled, resembling a puppy. his hand outstretched to mine and i hesitantly took it in mine.

i was still trying to get used to every coupley thing he was throwing at me. we’d never actually held hands before unless we were going through a big crowd or we were in private.

i know what im about to say is gonna be very cliche, but my hand fit right in his. like it was made just for me. nobody else’s hand would connect to his like mine did; like a puzzle piece. as we arrived at the elevator, a smile had invaded my lips.

“why you smiling?” he questioned, poking at my side as we walked into the elevator, alone.

“because i’m not used to this side of you,” i said, turning my attention to my shoes shyly.

“what side are you used to?” he whispered, his body coming up behind me as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“the calum that would fuck me up against the elevator door without thinking twice..” i whispered, looking to my left to look at him as he propped his chin up on my shoulder.

“i can fuck you up against that wall right now, baby girl.” he growled lowly, his teeth nipping at my neck as i giggled.

as he went to turn me around the doors opened and we were in the lobby.

“lets hope there’s no fans out here, but if there is just stay by my side okay?” he said as he grabbed my hand once again squeezing it.

i nodded as we exited the lobby doors. thankfully there was no fans but papz were everywhere.

“calum is this your new whore?”

“is she pregnant?”

“you guys are cute together!”

that was the only positive one i heard. the other ones were like knifes in my heart. they stung harshly due to the fact that that’s what people think of me. just because i’m with someone popular in the music industry. i’ve was friends with luke before he even started this band thing. luke was like my first bestf-friend. that’s how i met calum-through luke. we weren’t always like friends with benefits, we were very good friends. then last year at new years something’s happened and you know the rest.

“hey just ignore them okay? their just trying to get a reaction..” he whispered, his hands gripping my shoulders as we arrived at a black van. this was usually what the band used to get around. i don’t know why he just didn’t use the rental car he had gotten at the airport. “that’s all those fuckers do is talk shit and try and get a reaction..” he muttered again, anger showing in his voice.

i sat down in the van with a glum look on my face. it was true. well one of them was.

“i am a whore..” i muttered under my breath, leaning my head back onto the head rest.

“can you take us to the pizza place on third(i dont know what roads are lol), okay thanks..” calum said to the driver which was one of their body guards. “you listen to me, you’re not a whore. what makes you even think that?” he asked with a bewildered expression on his face.

“because calum for a year and a half all i did was fuck around with you behind everyone’s back. i’m whore and a slu-”

his hand grabbed my chin making me look at him. the look in his eye slightly frightened me.

“you are a whore and a slut, but you’re my little slut and my little whore. no one else’s but mine.” he whispered lowly, his eyes never leaving mine. “not to the eye, to me and only for me.” he whispered again, his lips pressing to mine hurriedly.

i hope the driver hadn’t heard him. i was literally shaking in my seat once he had released my chin. jesus christ, can he just fuck me now? he’s making me all horny and everything and he’s being a fucking tease. maybe i should do the same. a lightbulb just went off in my head.

“we’re here.” the driver said as he pulled up to a curb.

calum thanked him and said he’d call when he was done. i hopped out of the van behind calum, ignoring his hand that he sent to me for help. i pranced over to the door of the pizza place and opened it for him, usually he’d do this for me but i just felt like doing it.

“i’m suppose to do that for you, missy.” he said pointing his finger at me playfully as he walked through the door.

“it’s ladies first.” i smirked, smacking his butt as he stood at the little sign that said ‘wait to be seated’.

“you need to stop it.” he said, placing his hand over his butt as he stared at me sternly.

“make me..” i whispered, moving to stand in front of him. i made sure to press my butt to his crotch area hard as we waited for a waitress to seat us.

i heard a groan escape his lips as his hands moved to grip my hips, “i know what you’re doing and we both know who is going to win..” he whispered in my ear, nibbling on my ear lobe before pulling away.

a lady finally walked over to us and took us to a small secluded table in a dark corner. it was so cute in this place. i took my seat as calum took his right beside me. there was four chairs at the table and we were only using the back two that had our backs towards the window.

“this place is so cute!” i said, folding my hands together under my chin and leaning my elbows on the round metal table.

“just like you.” he said, placing his hand on my thigh as a different waitress walked over to our table.

she glanced to me and then to calum, her eyes widening slightly as she stared at him for a second. she was a lot younger than the woman who seated us, she looked around our age, she obviously knew who they were.

“so, um, would you guys like to start off with something to drink?” she asked, her voice shaking slightly as she pulled out her notepad and pen.

“two waters please.” calum said smiling at her with his thousand dollar smile. “oh and can we go ahead and order aswell?” he asked again making her nod her head rapidly.

“yeah, that’s fine.” she said, her voice stronger than before.

“okay, we want one medium pepperoni pizza.” he said, glancing to me for approval and i just nodded.

she nodded and said that she’d have our drinks out in a minute.

“she was so cute.” i whispered to calum as his hand squeezed my thigh slightly.

“when their shy like that i always want to just say would you like a picture but i don’t want to sound conceded.” he whispered back to me as she approached our table with two waters.

she smiled at both of us as she placed them on the table along with our straws.

the rest of the “date” went as steady as steady goes. like we’d done it a hundred times before. like a professional. we couldn’t finish the entire pizza so we got a togo box for our leftover pizza, guessing that luke or someone would eat it.

calum paid for the food and we stood up from our seats. out of the corner of my eye i could see our waiter staring at us. as calum went to walk away, i grabbed his elbow and yanked him back to me.

“go get me a togo cup please. make sure you ask our waitress for it.” i said smiling at him as i pressed my lips to his cheek as an offering.

he obviously knew what i was trying to do as he walked cooly over to the counter, his smile seeming to make her melt. me too girl, me too. she nodded her head and began to fix the cup, calum continuing to conversate with her as she made the cup. before i knew it, he was holding her phone out in front of him and her as they both smiled widely. he gave her a hug and then walked back over to me.

“so cute!” i exclaimed, pinching his cheek as he walked back over to me.

“stop it,” he whined, swatting my hand away.

we finally made our way out of the shop as calum began to tell me that she had gone to their concert yesterday night, but her seats were like nosebleed seats.

“aren’t you suppose to call that guy and tell him to pick us up?” i questioned as he grabbed my hand in his and began to walk down the sidewalk.

“our night isn’t over yet, babe.” he said smiling cheekily at me as a blush crept onto my cheeks. “we are going to a few stores since it’s still daylight outside.” he said, almost in a questioning way.

“sounds good, where are we going first?” i asked swinging our intertwined hands back and forth.

“well, i wanted to go to vans and buy me a pair and after that we can go wherever you want to go.” he said, pointing to the vans store right next to us.

i nodded and we walked in. calum bought a pair of bright red vans with black lining on them. after thirty minutes of walking in stores and out of them without buying anything we somehow ended up in victoria’s secrets.

“THEIR HAVING A SALE ON PANTIES!! CALUM!!” i exclaimed running into the store without him.

i love their sales and their panties okay don’t judge me. i walked over to the large bin of underwear strewn everywhere as i felt a hot breath of air on my neck.

“jesus, i’m gonna get a boner just imagining you in this shit.” he muttered, his hand gripping my hips harshly.

“you can stand outside if you want to so you don’t get caught with a boner in public.” i giggled, turning around to stare at him.

“i might just do that, here.” he whispered, reaching into his back pocket.

“no, i don’t want that. i got it.” i said turning away from him quickly declining the credit card.

i felt his hand slide into my pocket as he pressed his lips to my neck, “you better buy some pretty ones to model for me tonight.” he whispered making a shiver go through my body as he pulled his hand from my pocket and walked out of the store.

i bit onto my lip as i continued to rummage through the underwear. now he’s making nervous about the pantie choosing. it was ten for twenty five(idk how vs does sales so just go with it). i quickly picked my ten and went to pay for them.

as i walked out of the store calum was by my side in seconds. his hand went to peek into the pink bag and i swatted his hand away.

“it’s a surprise.” i whispered glaring at him playfully.

he rolled his eyes at me as i placed the card back into his hands. “i called john while you were in the store. he should be here any minute.” calum informed me as i began to scuff the bottom of my shoe against the pavement.

“that was fun.” i said shyly, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear as i looked back up to him.

“it was very fun.” he said softly as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing me into his chest.

i laid my head on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat causing me to flutter my eyes closed. his hand ran up and down my back basically making me want to fall asleep right then and there.

within a few minutes john pulled up and we hopped in, heading back to the hotel.

-at the hotel-

“you guys share it. don’t fight.” i said as i sat down at the counter of the kitchenette in luke and ashton’s room.

calum stood beside me, leaning over the counter with his chin in his hand.

“so how’d it go guys?” ashton asked sitting on the other side of the island.

“it was really fun.” calum and i said at the same time making us look at each other.

“looks like it. calum got a boner at victoria secret’s.” luke laughed staring at his phone screen. my eyes widened as luke turned his phone to us a picture of calum standing outside vs a very evident you know what.

“okay well atleast i didn’t get mine on live tv.” calum argued back as luke’s cheeks flushed a dark red. “come on, (YN). lets go.” calum said, tapping my shoulder as he began to walk over to the door.

“bye guys.” i said waving to all them as calum basically forced me out of the room and into ours.

i placed my bag on the bed as he placed his bag from vans by his suitcase.

“stay out here. i’m gonna do something.” i said to him as i picked my bag back up and began to walk to the bathroom.

i sighed heavily as i stared at myself in the mirror. you can do this. this isn’t different than any other time you guys have fucked. that’s where i was beginning to second guess my self. it felt like the first time. like i had to impress him somehow. i rummaged through the bag looking for a certain pair i knew he’d like. they were light pink lace with a small black bow on the front. i stripped from my clothes and slid the panties on my body as i glanced around the bathroom frantically. i spotted one of his shirts laying on the ground and picked it up sliding it over my body. it was a grey mesh styled shirt with the word auto on my right. the sleeves were already rolled up slightly so left them that way. the shirt hung to just below my butt so i picked it up on my hips before i exit the bathroom.

-his POV-

i sat on the bed in nothing but my boxers, rubbing myself through the thin material. i could hear the bathroom door creak open making me look up from my hardening member.

“come here babe,” i groan. she comes in, only wearing one of my shirts and her panties. her eyes widen a bit. i pull her closer by her wrist, pulling her into my side. “babe, i’m so horny for you,” i whisper against her ear. i stop jerking off and push her shirt up till her tits come in view. “i love these” i whisper and wrap my lips around one of her nipples. she pants and moves her hand towards my erection. she starts jerking me off again with those soft hands of her. “i’m not gonna last long babe,” i moan.

if she keeps going like this, i’m gonna cum all over her hand and stomach. she would look gorgeous but i’d rather come inside of her.

i push down her panties and she steps out of them. i move my hand between her legs and cup her core, rubbing over her folds. “cal,” she squeaks.

“i know baby girl,” i groan, grabbing the hand that’s still jerking me off. “stop please,” i beg her, not wanting to cum yet. she nods and stands on her tippy toes to capture my lips. i move my hands towards her bum, pinching the soft skin. i grab her bum and lift her up on the counter of the bathroom. she spreads her legs so i can stand in between them. i move one of my hands back towards her core and start rubbing her clit roughly in circles. she starts moaning against my lips, trying to close her legs around my arm. “keep them spread baby,” i whisper against her lips.

“cal,” she moans, grabbing my wrist in her hand. i take her hand from my wrist and pin it against the mirror.

“i need you so bad baby,” i growl in her ear, sinking to my knees. “place your feet on the counter,” i say and she does as told. i spread her legs wider and lick up her slit, tasting her sweet pussy. i moan and do it again, wanting to eat her out for the rest of the night. she grips my hair hard and yanks on my strands.

“patience baby girl,” i say as i bury my face into her pussy, shaking my head before licking up to her clit and sucking hard on it. she starts bucking her hips up towards my face. i give the side of her thigh a slap, trying to get her sit still. she stops bucking her hips up and throws her head back. i move my tongue over her clit in kitten licks, knowing she loves it before i suck and pull on her clit with my lips. i move my lips down her slit and move my tongue over her entrance before sticking it in, moving my tongue in and out of her at a quick pace.

she starts whining and moaning, grabbing my hair more roughly and throwing her head back. her thighs start shaking. i move away from her pussy and stand up again. “come here, bend over for me babe,” i say, giving my cock a couple of pumps while watching her bend over for me. i move the tip of my cock a couple times over her wetness before i push the tip in. she pushes her hips back, making me slap her ass.

“calum please,” she moans.

“calm down baby,” i say, stroking over her bum and back. she looks back at me in the mirror, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. she’s watching me desperately, begging me with her eyes to fuck her already. i chuckle lightly and push further into her. she closes her eyes and moans loudly. “that’s it right?” i ask her and she nods. i grab her hips tightly in my hands and start fucking her at a slow pace. she tries to make me go faster, bucking her hips against mine. “keep still right now or i’m stopping,” i say and stop my hips.

“no calum, don’t stop please,” she says, stopping her hips immediately. i could never stop fucking her if i wanted. she feels too good to pull out. too warm and too tight to suddenly leave her again.

i grab her right shoulder in my hand and pick up the pace, snapping my hips against her bum, sending her into oblivion. her mouth opens and her eyes roll back but no noise is coming out. “i’m not gonna last long baby girl. you feel too good around me. and when i was jerking off, i couldn’t stop thinking about last night,” i groan, making her moan. “that’s right baby. i couldn’t stop thinking about your pretty little pussy,” i groan.

“calum,“ she groans, slamming her hand against the mirror, trying to hold onto something.

"you’re gonna cum baby? are you going to cum all over my cock? huh?” i ask and she nods, resting her cheek against the mirror as well, taking everything i give her.

“i’m gonna-i’m gonna cum,” she moans out, her eyes closed.

“good girl,” i say and stroke her soft back. i feel her squeeze around me, showing me that’s she’s close. i reach my hand around her and rub her clit harshly, trying to get her to cum before me. “c'mon pretty girl,” i whisper, pinching and playing with her clit.

“cal,” she whispers followed by moans while she cums around me, her thighs shaking. i hold her up by holding her hips, her legs almost giving out.

“you look so good baby. so wrecked,” i moan watching her face. her cheek is still resting against the mirror, her hair messy, her cheeks red and sweat covering her body that i need to hold up or she’d fall to the ground. “i’m close baby. just a little longer,” i groan, trying to get off as quickly as possible, knowing she’s sensitive. “i’m gonna cum deep in you baby. i’m so close. it’s not gonna last long anymore,” i groan, feeling my release go through my body. my pace is getting sloppier and i bury myself deep in her, feeling my cum spurt out and deep into her. “god (YN), you’re so good. so pretty,” i moan, rocking my hips back and forth, riding out my orgasm. “such a pretty girl for me,” i whisper and lean over her to kiss her cheek. i pull out of her and lift her up from the counter.

i carry her bridal style to the bed, my shirt still enveloping her tiny body.

"you okay?” i ask her as i lay her down onto the bed.

“fucking perfect.” she whispered smirking at me as she slides underneath the soft duvet of the hotel bed.

“can i tell you something?” i whisper to her as i sit down on th bed next to her. she nods and looks at me with all the care in the world. those fucking eyes. “that right there didn’t feel like all of our other times. something felt different about it.” i said to her my eyebrows furrowed together.

she holds a smirk on her lips as she stares at me.

“maybe it was love?” she questions shyly as she crawls out from underneath the cover to wrap her arms around my neck.

“was that what it was?” i asked her smiling at her as she sat down on my lap. she nods shyly again as i peck her nose, “i liked it.”