how to raise a kitten

I wonder how long I could raise a kitten in my room without my parents knowing?????

(Ollie’s plushy, Ollie’s orangeOllie peeking, Ollie reading)

Some of you guys’ comments and questions recently:

hi! i know that some people only raise animals for the time that they are young, and that’s what my family did with our cat because of our cat allergies. :( do you plan on keeping ollie?

olliethekitten: Oh my goodness, that sounds like a full time job!  Just having -one- Ollie is keeping our hands full!  He’s worth it though, and we are pretty committed to keeping him - just try and pry him away from Ryan, haha. :)

is Ollie betrothed? i’d like to take his paw in marriage VuV

olliethekitten: Mhh, we’ll run it by Ollie - where would the honeymoon be?

How old is Ollie? 

How long is ollie going to be a kitten? Did you guys take a bunch of photos while ollie was a kitten or has ollie just not grown?  

olliethekitten: These photos are on a time delay – Ollie is a few months old now, and bigger than these photos show, but we’ve been slow to take photos lately.  Also, we tryyy to keep it chronological, and there are a lot of fun kitten photos to share.

He’s a total handful, and takes up soooo much time… We’ll get to his current size eventually, and you guys will not believe how fluffy and big he’s become!  (And NAUGHTY – Oh wait, you guys will definitely believe that. ;))

Did he eat it? xD I know our cats would be ALL over that haha

olliethekitten: Oh yea, you better believe he tried.  I had to take it away, and he’s pictured here coming after it.

Ollie is just too cute!! He reminds me of my cat when she was a kitten (:

olliethekitten: We would love to see photos of your pet! 

A piece of that about 9” long wrapped in circle inside out makes a pretty handy cat hair collector though.

olliethekitten: That is a great suggestion, thanks!  Though Ollie will insist on getting the used tape after we’re done with it.  Maybe he’ll learn not to mess with tape after one time pulling his fur off the sticky parts… He wants to get his paws on -anything- he sees us doing…

I could just eat him; he’s so cute.

ADORABLE O_O. I want a kitty. Actually I wanna get 4 kitties. One for myself, another for my dear friends, Alyssa & Jojo…

olliethekitten: Kitties are soooo much work!  When you guys are ready for kitties, I hope you consider rescuing a homeless fluff ball from your local animal shelter.  :)  Say hello to your friends, Alyssa and Jojo from Ollie, and thanks for checking out Ollie’s pictures!

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Ball!  Give it!  Give it to Ollie!!

Ollie doesn’t really have a polite way of asking for his toys.  (Ollie the Kitten)


Ryan grooming Ollie. Ollie grooming Ryan.

Ollie likes to patpat/massage, especially when he is being groomed or fed.  It is said kitten massage instincts are from kneading their mothers to stimulate milk flow. Cats might also do it as a throw back when they’re spending time with their special humans.  (Ollie the Kitten)


Ollie the kitten plays with a box, a ball, and a feather on a string - and his mousie.  Then he promptly rolls over on his back and falls asleep.  Zonk!  (Ollie the Kitten)


How I am currently raising my kittens. :’) metal af