how to raise a kitten

Kiss It Better

Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 1254

Warnings: None

Summary: Reader takes care of Crowley’s wounds.

A/N: This was written for Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge !! @waywardmoeyy

English is not my native language, so excuse any grammar mistakes etc.

Prompt:  “I thought you forgot about me.”


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It’s been a few weeks since the Winchesters brought Crowley at the bunker, keeping him locked up in the dungeon in order for him to break and reveal every demon and the vessel they possessed that roams around on earth.

Despite giving the boys a hard time most of time, he was always surprisingly nice to Y/N from day one, but knowing a demon he was probably doing it to irritated the boys and nothing more. And yet here she was, standing a few feet away from the dungeon’s doors with a first aid kit in her hands.

“I’m so going to regret this.” she told herself sighing heavily.

From the moment she met him she knew he was trouble, he was a demon after all, but she couldn’t help having those feelings for him even though she knew her love for him was doomed because he would never return those feelings and he would unknowingly made it worse for her every time he looked her way or make a compliment.

 Taking a deep breath she finally pulled the doors open feeling her heartbeat increasing at the sigh of Crowley all messed up. Kevin had messed him up pretty good when the two of them came down the dungeon the other day.

“There you are darling.” he said gazing up at her “I thought you forgot about me.”

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A JJOtabek (or Otayuri, or Pliroy, or Otapliroy) drabble thing.

JJ swept his bangs, pulling on a cocky smirk as he leant against the wall. He was pretty sure that he–the perfection that he was–going to score a date with the handsome and mysterious Otabek Altin.

It was like a whiplash the first time JJ saw the Kazakhstan skater. A man with undercut hairstyle–which JJ admitted looking great on him, black leather jacket tight around his torso, dark eyes behind the sunglasses, and those legs draped over a motorcycle. Otabek Altin looked like something out of magazine photoshoot effortlessly.

How could JJ resist to wish the man to be in his arms?

Confidently, he approached the skater whom was sitting on the motorcycle with eyes focused on his phone. “Otabek!” He called, standing right in front of him. JJ couldn’t stop his straying eyes though, those thighs straddling the motorcycle looked straight out of a wet dream. “How about you and I take a ride today? I know many great places we could be right now.”

Otabek paused typing. He turned his head and shot a confused look at JJ, “Why are you talking to me again?”

“To ask you out of course.” JJ winked. “You are hot, I’m hot. We will look great together. Also–” JJ leaned forward, “I’m not a motorcycle but you can ride me later.”

It was such a satisfaction to see those dark eyes widened. However a shrill yell broke the moment. “Beka!” Yuri Plisetsky in a leopard print jacket was sporting a huge grin as he jogged to their side. “JJ just gave you permission to run him over with your motorcycle!” He quickly jumped on the seat behind Otabek. “FLAT HIM UNDER YOUR TIRES!!!”

“That’s not what I mean!” JJ protested.

But Yuri just raised an eyebrow. “Who gives a fuck?”

How dare this kitten interrupted his wooing attempt? Also, that seat should be his place. He should be the one riding motorcycle with Otabek, not an angry kitten like Yuri Plisetsky!

“Here you are,” Otabek tossed a helmet to Yuri. “Let’s go.”

JJ spluttered when the motorcycle turned on. “What about me?”

Otabek shrugged. “I have other plan. You can find yours.”

“But my plan is with you!”

“How about you stay in a garbage all day, that’s where you belong anyway,” Yuri stuck his tongue, giving a thumbs down to him. “Go, Beka!”

The motorcycle roared as they rode leaving JJ–and his plan of riding motorcycle with Otabek to the sunset–in the dust. 

Also in completely unrelated note, the maple syrup reserves tremendously decreased that evening.

@araminthe-ispwitch I feel like unrequited JJotabek would be like this.

NCT DREAM REACTION - To you buying them a kitten for you both to raise.

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When you had first showed him the kitten, he’d just think it was your pet but when you told him that you got for both of you, a huge smile would spread across his face. “You’re seriously the best”

When it came to raising the kitten, you two would take turns feeding it and everything. Sometimes you’d jokingly say it was like you were a family with the kitten being yours baby which would usually ended up with Mark getting all flustered.

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You had told him that you had a surprise for him, when he asked you what it was, you didn’t answer and grabbed his hand and lead him to your bedroom where the kitten was. When he had seen the kitten laying on the bed, a huge smile would come across his face. “Did you get me a kitten?” he’d asked all excitedly which you’d tell him that it was for both of you.

When it came to raising it, you’d both take turns. However, Renjun knew how forgetful you could be so he usually always sent to a reminder or do it himself but he didn’t really mind.

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As soon as he seen the kitten, he’d do his little eye smile that he does. When you told him you got it for the both of you guys, he’s smile would grow. He’d wonder what he did to get such an amazing girlfriend/boyfriend.

When it came to actually raising it, you’d take turns or do it together.

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You had told him that you had a present for him, when you had handed him the box the first thing that came out of his mouth was “Who puts holes on a present and why didn’t you wrap it?“which just made you roll your eyes and told him just to open it. His face would instantly light up when he seen the cat. "This is the best present ever!” he yelled slightly before hugging which took you slightly surprise but you hugged him back before he pulled away and pulled the cat out of the box.

When it came to raising the cat, Haechan surprisingly was a lot more responsible than you thought he would be, you both usually took care of it together.

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You had been hiding the kitten behind your back when you told him you had a surprise for him, however before he could even ask what it was, the kitten ended up meowing. Hearing the sound, Jaemin instantly jumped up from his seat on the couch all while yelling “You got me a cat!?” which of course you told him it was for both of you.

When it came to raising the kitten, you both took care of it but you had to be the more responsible since Jaemin would usually just ended up playing with it.

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Chenle had already been excited when you had told him you had a surprise for him but as soon as the kitten, he would be shouting and jumping all excitedly. “(Y/N), you’re the best!” he’d shout before taking the kitten from you and instantly started playing with. You couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was.

When it came to raising the kitten, you’d have to be the more responsible one, making the kitten was fed and everything since honestly all Chenle would do is play with it.

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Honestly, Jisung would be a lot like Chenle expect when you told him you had a surprise for him, he’d try and act all calm even tho on the inside he was dying to know what it was. However, that calm was quickly gone when he seen the kitten. Unlike Chenle, he probably wouldn’t jump around all excitedly, he’d just instantly take the kitten from you and play with it all while yelling how amazing you were.

A lot like Chenle, he’d most likely just play with it leading you to be the more responsible one, although he tried to help, he usually just gets distracted by how cute the kitten is.

One Tiny Kitten

Imagine: here || word count: 1296 || Genre: fluff || pairing: Lindir x reader. || a/n dedicated to songbirdlindir because she’s having a bad night and everything is better with cute kittens :)

“No absolutely not y/n!”

Lindir attempted to glare at you, but your face was partially hidden behind a small orange ball of fur, better known as an adorable kitten.

You sighed.
Lindirs protests weren’t really a surprise to you.
He’d always been so proper and a little strict. You also knew that he really disliked surprises and chaos, at least he had for all the time that you had known him.

Cuddling the tiny kitten closer to your chest you carefully watched his face, but he was as unreadable as always, except maybe for a slight twitch of an eyebrow.

You’d gone to Bree earlier that month with a couple of traders, hoping to find some new fabrics to use in the dresses that the ladies of Imladris had commissioned for the upcoming feast.
At first Lord Elrond hadn’t liked the idea of you going with them, but you’d been adamant that you’d be allowed to go, after all a good seamstress had to get new fabrics and new inspiration every once in awhile, right?
Promising to make a stunning gown for Arwen on your return had been the ace in your sleeve, he couldn’t deny your request after seeing her excitement.

On the way back you’d stumbled on the poor little kitten, all alone and defenseless. There was no way you could just leave it out in the wild, which is why you were now stuck trying to convince Lindir to let you keep it.

“But Lindir it’s just one tiny little kitten”.

Seeing that your statement had made no impact on him you resorted to begging.

“Please please please Lindir! I promise she’ll  stay in my room, you’ll never even notice that she’s here! And… And I’ll take care of her all on my own I promise!”

“Y/n do you even know how to care for a kitten?”


He sighed and raised an eyebrow, in that perfect infuriating way that made you weak in the knees and lose your train of thought.
It would be so much easier to come up with good arguments if you didn’t like him so much.

“I mean how hard can it be, right?”

As a last ditch effort you made your very best puppy dog eyes and fluttered your lashes.

Lindir looked away with a barely hidden groan.

“Fine y/n but if it causes any kind of trouble, it’ll have to go”.

“Yes, yes of course Lindir!”

You hugged him in your excitement and barely avoided squishing the protesting kitten between your bodies, before running off towards your rooms.

Carefully depositing the kitten on your bed you let out a tiny squeal, you could barely believe that Lindir had let you keep her.

“Now we need a name for you don’t we?”

The kitten meowed seemingly in agreement with your statement and contended flicked its bushy tail, it’s tiny yellow eyes following you with interest.

“Hmm how about Culuina?”

The only response was a tiny hiss.

“No? Well then how about Titta?”

This time the kitten purred and snuggled into your pillow.

“Well Titta it is then, now don’t go anywhere while I go find some food for you!”

You giggled at your own attempt at sounding stern and headed down to the kitchens carefully closing the door behind you so that Titta wouldn’t escape.

Gaeldir the head chef in the main kitchen had given you funny looks when you had asked for some raw fish, but he’d nonetheless chopped some into a bowl for you while you skillfully dodged his questions.
You were soon on your way back to your room, with some fish for Titta and some divine fresh honeybread for yourself.

Only to have your heart skip a beat when you discovered an empty room.
Quickly setting the food on the nearest surface, you got on your knees to look under the bed and the other furniture. There was no sign of the little fur ball anywhere, you even looked in the bathroom!


Where was she and how did she get out in the first place? The hallway was empty so you carefully called for her, no need to alert anyone to your missing kitten if you could help it.


By the valar where could the little fluff ball have gone? You had to find her before anyone noticed her especially Lindir.

Making your way into the gardens you were starting to get really worried Imladris was a big place and a kitten could hide pretty much anywhere.

“Are you looking for this?”

You froze, please dear Valar don’t do this to me, was the only thought running through your head as you turned in the direction of Lindirs voice.

You let out a barely audible gasp because resting in his arms was your missing kitten.

“Titta! I’m so sorry Lindir!”

You quickly made your way over to Lindir to reclaim your lost kitten, before she can upset Lindir further.
But as you attempted to pick Titta up, she hissed and dug her sharp little claws deeper into Lindirs arm.

“Auch! y/n your kitten is a little terror.”

“Amin hiraetha Lindir!”

Your hands were shaking as you carefully tried to untangled Titta’s claws from his robes.

“I don’t know how she got out I swear”.

You desperately tried to keep the tears at bay, you did not want to cry in front of Lindir, but you knew he was going to make you get rid of Titta after this mishap.

As you felt the first stubborn tears slide down your cheek, Lindir’s free hand firmly grasped your chin and turned your head so that he could look you in the eyes.

“Hush lirimaer I’m not upset.”

He softly stroked your cheek with his thumb catching the fresh tears and the corner of his mouth turned up in a small smile.

“But you said if she got out or caused trouble I… I couldn’t keep her” you sniffled.

He sighed and looked away. “I know, but I can’t bear to see you cry.”

“Really? So I can still keep her?” You questioned while sending him a watery smile.

He nodded still holding Titta who stubbornly refused to let go of his sleeve.

“I… Thank you Lindir”.

“Well let us get her back to your room shall we y/n?” As soon as you nodded he turned to walk back inside.

You were a little stunned at the turn of events so by the time you caught up Lindir had already placed Titta back on your bed and was softly petting the little troublemaker.
The sight was rather endearing and made you giggle, which in turn made Lindir look up at you a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Well I should be going, now try to keep her out of trouble y/n.”

He’d almost made it out the door when you decided to take a chance.

“Lindir wait!”

He turned to look at you but instead of saying anything, you simply walked up to him and standing on your toes pressed a kiss to his lips. Stepping back and looking at your feet you desperately hoped that your face wasn’t turning as red as you feared.


While you were afraid of his reaction, you simply couldn’t not look up at him when he said your name in such a way.
When your eyes met he reached out and grasping your waist he pulled you into a tender kiss.

“Amin mela lle y/n” he smiled teasingly “despite your little furry monster”.

You couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up at least Titta’s little adventure brought something good with it.

culuina - orange (colour)
Titta - tiny
Amin hiraetha - I’m sorry
Lirimaer - lovely one
Amin mela lle - I love you

The Adventures of Sehun and Vivi

Installment 2  |  Installment 3

In which Vivi gets lost and found–and somehow, Sehun does, too.

Featuring: Sehun, You

Written by: Admin V


You were pulling out groceries from the trunk of your car when you saw it.

A little puppy was bobbing along the street, not a care in the world. White fur, curls bouncing everywhere. It sniffed along the grass, decided it was an adequate spot, and promptly peed.

You watched as it continued it on its way down the sidewalk.

You frowned, placed the bags back into the trunk. Was the owner not here to watch his or her dog? Why was this adorable thing alone?

Tentatively, you carefully stepped towards the dog, not wanting to scare it.

It stopped in its tracks.

And then, oh-so adorably, looked up at you and cocked its head to the side.

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Getting a Pet
  • "What do you think we should get?"
  • "If you want a dog, we should adopt from a shelter."
  • "Have you seen the cat?"
  • "I think maybe a rabbit or a guinea pig would be a better pet."
  • "I'm not sure a pit bull is a great idea."
  • "Have you considered a hedgehog?"
  • "Ooo! How about a snake?"
  • "Do you think we're ready for a pet?"
  • "We are not getting a horse or a pony."
  • "Do you have any idea how to raise chickens, because I don't."
  • "This kitten is so fluffy!"
  • "He could really use a home..."
  • "No we re not adopting all the puppies."
  • "You're coming back to get your dog, right? ... Right?!"
  • "We have a new addition to the family."
  • "I decided I was tired of the house feeling so empty, so I got a pet."
  • "I had no idea having fish was so time consuming."
  • "What do these things eat?"
  • "You got what from where?"
  • "Isn't she adorable?"
  • "I got you something. Close your eyes..."
Mark (GOT7) Scenario (M)

Mark gets very jealous with you flirting with his bandmates and he decides to punish you when you get home.

uhhh, so no one requested this? i was just having major Mark feels and i wrote this and I’m sorry omg. enjoy? ♡

WARNINGS: angry sex, orgasm denial, daddy kink (hella I’m so s o r  r y), cursing

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Preference Requested: you tell them (5sos) that you’re pregnant

_ _ _ _

Ashton: Telling Ashton would feel natural, no fear or anxiety. You’d probably sit down to a dinner that consists of all of the foods you’ve read are good for the baby, but aren’t normally foods that either of you would eat. Ashton would make a comment about it, in the nicest way possible, about how, ‘this is really good!… But it really tastes like shit, why are we eating this?’ to which you’d reply ‘it really does, but the Internet says its good for the baby…’ and then you’d both scream and hug and insist on eating ‘McDonalds instead of this crap’.

Luke: I feel like with Luke, you’d make it as simple and intimate as possible. You’d probably go out to lunch and while you were waiting for your food you’d play a game of hangman, insisting he guess first, playing with the message ‘You’re going to be a dad!’. He’d be speechless at first, but then, once the initial shock was over, he would jump up, engulfing you in a hug just strong enough that he was sure he wouldn’t hurt whoever was growing inside of you.

Calum: With Calum, you’d make an all out game out of it. You’d send him on a scavenger hunt to different stores, playgrounds and friends as possible, picking up random supplies and other non-obvious baby items before finally meeting up with you at an empty house. There, you’d be standing in your soon-to-be-child’s nursery with ‘Baby Hood’s Room: Construction Done in *Insert due date here*’. Calum would drop everything he’d collected over the day, replacing them with you, as he kisses you passionately whispering sweet nothings against your lips.

Michael: Michael I feel would be the hardest to tell. He himself is just a little baby kitten, how could he be ready to raise one himself? You’d contemplate for days how you were going to tell him, acting quiet and just plain not yourself. Noticing how off you’d been, he would confront you one night before going to sleep. In your tired haze, you wouldn’t even realize what you were saying until after you blurted out the fact that you were pregnant, making you shoot up from your bed, shock clear on your face when you see the smile going from ear to ear on his while he exclaims his excitement and plans on teaching your child how to be punk rock.

_ _ _ _

It’s been forever since ANY of these requests have gotten done, and we feel like total shit because of it! So, here’s to hoping with this new album and tour upon us, we will be new bloggers and MUCH better about posting! Thank you to everyone who has been patient and waited, we will get these all done at some point! Please bare with us!

-Simone & Taylor

brain-blazer  asked:

"Hey there doll, how can I help you?"

At the words, Kitten raised her head, blinking a bit and looking more like a confused puppy with pigtail-ears. Soon enough, though, the smile was back on her face. “Mostly just lookin’,” She chirped. “Though, if you had any skating wheels I’d love to take ‘em off your hands!”