how to put a feather in my hair


i recently realized that i haven’t talked nearly enough about my favorite football commercial of all time, the commercial of my heart. i’d like to deeply apologize for that, and for anyone who might not have seen this masterpiece from 2003 (the date in the youtube description is wrong) before due to my silence. please enjoy what is truly the greatest work of commercial art, and art of any kind, of our times, featuring:

  • peak early aughts feathered hair heartthrob beckham
  • raul as the noblest, most put-upon sheriff in the west (with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from hierro, mori, and GUTI) 
  • tiny arrogant smooth-cheeked baby iker
  • rivaldo as the man-in-black outlaw?????!!!!
  • oh and gary neville is there too, “acting”
  • seriously you guys this whole thing is a giant becksillas wild west fanfic come to life how did this exist almost A YEAR before beckham moved to madrid 
  • wait wait wait but the end is probably the best part 

HI ROBERTO CARLOS - please call becks a gringo again thnx

do i have a million dumb promo and behind the scenes photos taken from this commercial? am i going to be posting them here forever because nothing makes a bad day better than seeing roberto carlos splayed out like the crankiest forties pinup girl ever, or raul and the team giggling like fifteen year olds playing their first round of strip poker? 

come on. you guys should know me by now.

inchocobotraining  asked:

Well, this was new. "Alright do you get into these situations again?" Amused she took the tiny man on her hands to put him down on her Chocobo, Spiky didn't mind anyway. "How about we find a safer spot to figure this out, my friend?" Non the less she couldn't help but smile in a rather mocking way. Ruffling through his tiny turf of hair with her pinky to not harm him in the process. " Maybe I can find a doll dress for you too."

Bartz sat in the Chocobo’s very soft and fluffy feathers, he never felt them like this before as they were super soft! He didn’t know how he came to be this tiny, he yelped which came out in a squeak as the girl’s pinky finger ruffled his tiny tuff of fluffy brown hair. 

A Chocobo could easily mistake him for a bug if he wasn’t careful, he gulped and shivered.

“I’m not going to tell you that I love you,” he states.

“What I will tell you is that when I wake up and your hair isn’t tickling my face and your arms aren’t wrapped around me and you aren’t tracing lazy circles in the crook of my elbow with a sleepy smile on your face I panic. I’ll tell you that your voice puts my fears to rest and the sound of your breathing can steady my beating heart just as much as your touch can send it racing. I’ll tell you how your feather soft lips grazing my collarbone takes my breath away and your fierce kisses on my mouth leave bruises I treasure. I’ll tell you how being in your arms feels like coming home and I’ll tell you that when my world is crumbling around me you are the only person I need to help me build it back up.”

A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, “I’ll tell you that on my worst days and best nights all I want to do is lie with you underneath the constellations and count stars.”

“So I might not say those three words which every human soul feels they need to carry on but if you really listen,” he urges, “you’ll realise I say those words every day.”

—  Actions speak volumes louder than words, 16/06/2015

    IT’S MAX WARREN, gUYs. I’ve been wanting to draw him for the longest time. This is actually for askmaxwarren and the lovely user behind it, gaixau! I really enjoy your ask blog and the art you make for it! Keep it up! (0v<) -


Put your sunglasses on cause this Angel fluff is SHINY!

I had an opportunity to do a redraw of @casuallybread‘s first Raphael piece. Honestly, I’m so proud of this piece and I love how it turned out. Still don’t know how I managed to not kill my hand with the wings lol.I love, especially how the hair and robe turned out too. 


Putting feathers extensions in your hair is extremely popular in California.  It costs around $15 at salons or farmers markets.  However, you can do it yourself and have extras for much cheaper.  Get ready for summer festivals with these…

What you need:

A feather or feathers

1 microbead (use microbeads/micro links like the ones sold by plumetopia on esty)

1 crochet hook (you can buy one at Michaels for cheap)

1 needle nose pliers (or crimping pliers)


1) separate hair where you want to put feather

2) Put microbead on crochet hook

3) Using crochet hook pull a small amount of hair through microbead

4) Put end of feather in microbead (make sure everything is positioned fairly close to your scalp)

5) Squeeze microbead with pliers until microbead is flat and securely holding feather and small amount of hair

*Most feathers can be washed, straightened, or curled

Had to do fanart inspired by ahmerst‘s fanfiction “Loose Ends” on AO3, where Aoba is picked up by Mink after Clear already started altering him and he’s not quite who he used to be anymore. His outfit was pieced together by me thinking about what to dress him in, instead of something being actually described in the fanfic btw.
(In case anybody feels like colouring my sketch, please go ahead, I just don’t trust myself with colours much. The only thing I’d ask for colourwise would for his “thigh socks” to be pinkish and for the feathers at the end of his long trail of hair to be reddish. Did it myself over here after all.)