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A concept: Soft MacDennis slow dancing in the bar after hours. Nighttime, dim lights, Mac is glowing and Dennis is feeling™ and there are hands on waists, extremely gentle and tender. They both have tears in their eyes and don't try to hide it. They don't talk about it in the morning

“Put on that one song again,” Mac says shyly, looking up at Dennis while he wipes down the bar counter. It’s their turn to close up Paddy’s for the night, and Dennis is avoiding doing any kind of actual work as usual. He’s been making eyes at the jukebox from his perch atop one of the bar stools for the past half hour, and Mac figures it couldn’t hurt to indulge the guy. He’s almost done with the cleaning anyway.

Dennis is already halfway out of his seat, ready to make a beeline for the jukebox. “Which song, dude?”

“You know. That slow one.”

A small smile lifts the corners of Dennis’s mouth as he heads toward the jukebox, fiddling around with the buttons until the familiar sweep of piano chords begins to play. He turns around to look back at Mac, who’s already tossed aside his dishrag and hopped over the counter, making his way to Dennis.

You know our love was meant to be…”

Dennis reaches over and flicks the light off, leaving the interior of Paddy’s illuminated solely by the various lamps hanging around the bar, creating a hypnotically hazy palette of neon colors. Of course, Mac glows with an incandescent intensity of his own, his warm gaze easily the brightest thing in the room.

…the kind of love to last forever…”

It’s routine, this. They’re facing each other, separated only by a couple feet. It gets easier to find a rhythm with each time they do this, and tonight is no exception to that rule; they’re mirroring each other’s gentle swaying in a matter of seconds. 

…and I want you here with me from tonight until the end of time.”

Dennis hooks his thumbs around Mac’s belt loops and pulls Mac flush against him, hiding a content sigh as he feels Mac’s lightly calloused hands find their place on either side of Dennis’s waist, thumbs stroking tiny circles along the skin peeking above his jeans. Dennis lets his head tip forward and rest against Mac’s, and they spend the next three minutes in their own little soft rock world.

Unsure of how to put into words the fact that these nights are all that he ever looks forward to anymore, Dennis settles for tangling his fingers into the other man’s hair and pressing feather light kisses against Mac’s forehead. “You’re my inspiration,” he swears he hears Mac say in a feverishly reverent whisper, before the first drops of water make their descent down his cheeks.

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#2 stony

‘hey hey, calm down- they can’t hurt you any more’.


I’m going to vomit, Tony thought vaguely, falling on to all fours as he gagged up the phantom water that he could feel crawling up his throat.

He couldn’t breathe. His chest was concaving in on itself, there was a jagged gap where his heart should be, someone had their hands in his chest on a dirty bench in a cave and he couldn’t fucking breathe, shit, all he could feel was water, all he could taste was sand and dirt and blood in the back of his mouth, Obie was there and he was laughing and Tony had no one left in the world to trust anymore-

“Today you woke up and ate two gluten free waffles, before stealing the remainder of Clint’s cereal to be petty.”

There was smoke and fire and bombs and screams and it was Tony’s fault, it was all his fault, he was going to die knowing that he could have prevented this, he could’ve stopped it-

“You said you wouldn’t have sex with me ever again if I didn’t protect you from his wrath when he found out, and I told you that you couldn’t go more than four days without me. You agreed, and said I had to protect you anyway. I did, because I’m a pushover for you in the mornings. Well, who am I kidding- I’m a pushover for you all the time.”

Tony was being dragged away now, and he could taste the disgusting water as it choked on the back of his throat- but now it was something else too- someone else was there, there was… someone was laughing. About cereal.

And Tony felt warm despite the freezing water that ran down his back.

“Clint came down the stairs and you looked like you were literally about to be murdered, so you launched yourself across the table and kissed me like it was the last time you ever would, and of course that was enough to persuade me to defend you from the oncoming wrath of Barton when he discovered his favourite box of cereal in the trash.”

…Things were getting confusing. 

Tony couldn’t- he didn’t know what was real any more, he was choking on bile and water and dirt and laughter, as he hightailed it through the tower in desperate attempt to avoid Clint’s outraged cries and projectiles while Steve just shook his head in the background and Natasha cheered them on.

He couldn’t… it didn’t… everything was a goddamn mess in his head, holy shit-

“Tony?” The voice was soft and gentle and near, but Tony didn’t flinch, because Tony knew that voice better than anything; that voice was safe. That voice was home.

He opened his eyes. Steve was crouched next to him, a safe distance away on the floor.

“If I’m allowed to touch you, just give me a nod,” he said.

God, if it had been any other person, Tony would have screamed at the very thought.
But Steve… Steve was so warm. So much warmer than that horrible fucking tank of water-

He nodded his head.

And suddenly, he could hear something that wasn’t his own screams. He felt something that wasn’t cold or scratchy or agony. He smelt something other than blood and stale air.

“Hey, hey,” Steve soothed, his arms so very gentle around Tony’s waist, “calm down, my love- they can’t hurt you any more. I swear.”

He could hear the wracking shudders of his own chest as it rattled against Steve’s; feel the shaking of his fingers as they curled into the fabric around Steve’s shoulders so hard that his knuckles turned white. 

It was proof that this was real. This was where he was. A broken mess of a man sobbing on the floor as the love of his life held him through it all. This was real. It was embarrassing and humiliating, but it wasn’t…

It wasn’t the cave.

He gasped, lungs failing to do their job effectively enough as he struggled to find air- but Steve was still there, rubbing his shoulders and gently coaxing the life back into his body, bit by painful bit, each second broken by the sound of steve’s voice, explaining his day so far and somehow making it into a great adventure, when Tony knew it was really quite dull.

He wasn’t sure how long he stayed there. But when he finally pulled away from Steve, he could not longer taste anything in the back of his throat.

“It will never happen again, Tony.” Steve whispered, his lips feather-light against Tony’s forehead.

Tony laughed, and his voice was broken from the crying. “You seem sure of that.”

Steve just gave him a long look, stroking the hair from his eyes and letting his thumb linger across the outline of his cheekbone.

“I am, yes. Because there is not a lot I can’t do when I put my mind to it, and Tony Stark, I would move heaven and Earth to make sure you never suffered like that. Never again.”

It was ridiculous. It was ridiculous and unrealistic and a perfect example of steve’s idealism. 

And yet-

“i believe you,” Tony whispered.

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Scenario please! Ravali has always made it a habit to braid his future s/o's hair (they are Hylian). One day, he adds his feathers to the braids and they are unaware that wearing them means the two are dating. Cue to them being confused when the other Rito in the village start congratulating them and asking how they got together. Revali is smug as ever but is also nervous because this is his way of confessing. I love your writing, it's amazing. And thank you for making it easy to read on mobile!

This is adorable, I love it!!

And it’s no problem at all! I hate when people get screwed over just because they’re on mobile. And thank you so much for the compliment aaaaaaaa–

This is super long and I’m not sorry because I love Revali so much??? I was honestly slayed when I saw him if I’m being honest.

The wind seemed to tear into the village in the light of the coming afternoon, turning simple errands into an annoying chore for the Rito.

Honestly, Revali could care less. Everything he needed to do was already done.

Well… Except for one thing.

But he couldn’t do that right now, because they still weren’t here, and they’re gonna be late.

Besides, the time wasn’t right yet.

Revali huffed, pacing around his little circular house as he fixed minor things that seemed to bother him, and deciding that his bed looked a bit wrong, he went to fix it.

He felt his throat go dry when he saw the perfect bouquet of blue feathers-his own feathers-lying there as if someone placed them under the blanket.

The time was right.

Revali swore under his breath in panic and hid the feathers right by the bed, feeling that they would be here soon, and he doesn’t know if they know about his people’s traditions or not.

The non-obscure ones anyway. None of the Rito talk about it.

 Turning, he made his way out of the village to wait for them, the wind decidedly unsupportive of his trek down, blowing straight at his face.

The bridge to the stable was as far as he needed to go to find them, and he immediately stalked over.

“There you are. You’re late.”

They turned to him with a jump, surprised by his sudden appearance.

“Revali? Jeez, you scared the hell out of me-wait. L-late?” they tilted their head, “What do you mean? We didn’t state a time for me to be over, did we?”

“Just come on. Look at you, your hair is an absolute mess. Why do you always come here with your hair all messy? Ugh, I have to braid it again, don’t I? Of course I do. You can’t resist the best, can’t you?” Revali snatches hold of their hand and tugs them to his side, leading them to the village, “Honestly, you could at least try to make it easy.”

They’re chuckling slightly, knowing the routine by now. They’ve admitted before that its their favorite thing to do with him, just relax while he braids their hair, acting all annoyed, but his attention to detail gave him away. He loves it just as much.

Once the two are in his little house, he sits them on the bed and straightens out their hair, expertly freeing the knots painlessly as he brushes through their hair. Their locks fall to his strokes perfectly, as if they knew what he was doing and knew exactly where to go.

Revali watches as their shoulders relax as they go along, comforted by his touch as he separates the locks of their smooth hair into three parts, and he lets his mind slip away into the normal routine, making small, grumbling remarks on the way.

It’s a good while before he nears the end of the session, and his heart is racing as he reaches for the last feathers he had, examining his work all the while. The feathers are incorporated expertly into the braid, noticeable and honestly quite intimidating. They clearly didn’t feel him adding something extra, as there was no question from them.

The last feathers were tied in with the end of the braid, and he makes sure that they’ll never fall out.

“There. Perfect as always.” Revali smirks as they finally move, stretching.

“Thanks, Revali..” they turn to him and smile, making his heart jump.

“Yeah. Sure. Now, everyone has to see how good I am at braiding. Come on.” he grins, and tugs them outside.

The winds have stopped, he noted, which was good, and now the Rito were all out and about.

It’s when they pass a group of little girls does the terrifying part start.

They’re staring at his crush’s hair, looking amazed, then the giggling begins. One of the girls gets up and runs over to them, tugging politely at his crush’s sleeve.

“C-congratulations, both of you! I’m glad it worked out.” the girl says, smiling, and they look confused.


Revali smirks again, but feels himself shudder at the feeling of being caught.

“Thank you, little one.”

The Rito girl giggles and goes back to her circle of friends, letting the two continue on.

“I wonder what that was all about..” he hears his, well, technically lover, mumble to no one in particular.

Revali doesn’t make a comment, and the both of them pass a couple of his friends.

“Whoa, what? No way! Revali, nice job!!”

Revali turns back to them and grins.

“Why thank you. I am the best, after all.”

“What-Revali, what is going on?” their voice is laced with confusion, “Am I missing something, here?”

“Not at all, but if I had to say something, you’re missing me.”

At their stumped look, he chuckles and says nothing more, but his heart is racing.

Just get up to the landing, he thinks,Get up to the landing, and you’ll say it there.

As they go on, they hear multiple “aww”s and “how cute”s, and another set of congratulations. He is beyond terrified by the time the two nears the landing, and his “lover” is just as confused.

Just as they’re about to make it onto the landing, they are met with a female Rito, the bard’s wife, Revali notes, and gives her grin in greeting.

“Oh!” she notices the feathers immediately and smiles, “Congratulations you two! If I might ask, how did you get together?”

“Wait, what? Together?” time seems to have frozen as Revali sees his crush look at him in questioning, and he sighs.

“Look-one moment please, ma’am-I have to talk to you.” he says, dragging them onto the landing, sighing once he reaches the top, “When I was braiding your hair, I put in some of my feathers in it, and, well, it kinda means you and I are dating in Rito culture.”

They blink at him, surprised by the stream of words that spilled out of him, and everything clicks together in their mind.

“So, you basically claimed me as yours?”

“Well, the best can’t have anything less than the best!” he grins, although there’s a nervous twitch that accompanies it.

Its then that the blush crosses their face, and he knows without words that he’s won.

“W-well, I’m flattered you think so. I suppose… no, I know I’ve got the best Rito as my partner.”

Revali felt as if his mind had detached from his body, as if this was just a dream, a silly one, for sure, but from the look of their eyes on his and their hands intertwining with his own, he knows with joy it isn’t.

The sound of an accordion snaps him right out of the scene, and the couple’s heads turn to the bard and his wife, who is giggling, and Revali flushes once he recognizes the song being played.

As soon as she’s supposed to, the bard’s wife begins singing her part, smiling at the flustered Rito-and-Hylian couple.

By the time they’re done, they’ve gathered the entire village in a crowd, and Revali’s back to his old smug act, with his s/o laughing along with it.


i recently realized that i haven’t talked nearly enough about my favorite football commercial of all time, the commercial of my heart. i’d like to deeply apologize for that, and for anyone who might not have seen this masterpiece from 2003 (the date in the youtube description is wrong) before due to my silence. please enjoy what is truly the greatest work of commercial art, and art of any kind, of our times, featuring:

  • peak early aughts feathered hair heartthrob beckham
  • raul as the noblest, most put-upon sheriff in the west (with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from hierro, mori, and GUTI) 
  • tiny arrogant smooth-cheeked baby iker
  • rivaldo as the man-in-black outlaw?????!!!!
  • oh and gary neville is there too, “acting”
  • seriously you guys this whole thing is a giant becksillas wild west fanfic come to life how did this exist almost A YEAR before beckham moved to madrid 
  • wait wait wait but the end is probably the best part 

HI ROBERTO CARLOS - please call becks a gringo again thnx

do i have a million dumb promo and behind the scenes photos taken from this commercial? am i going to be posting them here forever because nothing makes a bad day better than seeing roberto carlos splayed out like the crankiest forties pinup girl ever, or raul and the team giggling like fifteen year olds playing their first round of strip poker? 

come on. you guys should know me by now.


at the hannibal auction back in april, i won the collar hannibal wears in season 3 when he’s all naked and trussed up like a naughty piggy at muskrat farm

the day i received it in the post i set it up on my dining table with some dry flowers i had lying around (i’m not a fancy person, i’m just a lazy shit who doesn’t throw away their flowers when they start getting old and crispy) and took some ~nice pics~, but then it went back in its box until i could make a permanent home for it

i bought this very smart glass display cabinet from ikea a few months ago, and i was going to try and use the dead flowers i had to make some sort of fancy display thing like i did before, but then i happened across this shop selling the most amazing flower-decorated animal skulls. they had a bunch of ready-made skulls to purchase (even a muskrat skull, and i was tempted), but i contacted the owner and commissioned this hannibal-themed deer skull. she’d never seen the show before but i sent her some pics and yelled about how great it was, and she produced this beautiful work of art~ she even put on feathers for the ravenstag  👌

anyway, should you be in the market for a very hannibalesque centre piece/objet d’art/thing to mount on your wall, i would highly recommend paying the shop a visit on etsy. she’s also in the past made very lovely floral antler hair clips, and i was sorely tempted to buy one in addition to the skull

and now the best part of the story: thanks to my commission, the shop owner started watching the show (and loved it)


“You sound serious about it.”

“That’s because I am serious!” Rin says, enunciating with a pout. Eli hides a smile behind her hand and decides that all this paperwork can wait a little longer, because she obviously can’t say no to an argument like that.

Well, it was a bit more like a plea than an argument, but she would have agreed to help Rin out either way.

“Does Maki know you’re trying to learn?” Eli rummages in her bag for her phone.

Rin fidgets. “No… I wanna surprise her.”

That’s cute. That’s also a bit unnecessary, Eli thinks, but what does she know? She can still remember the look on Nozomi’s face when she presented her with school supplies as a gift, thinking it was such a great idea. Nozomi’s laughter from that day still haunts her.

“Maki-chan’s cousin’s wedding is this weekend so I’ve gotta learn everything by then, nya!” Rin says. “Maki-chan said, act natural and don’t be weird. Her whole family’s gonna banish Rin if she can’t blend in!!”

Somehow, Eli doubts that would happen, but at least Rin set a goal for herself. She selects a slow instrumental song on her phone and stands, motioning Rin over. “Of course, Rin. Here, we’ll start with some easy slow dancing.”

Rin suddenly seems to lose all her bravado at the mention of slow dancing and reluctantly shuffles over, averting her gaze. Trying to be encouraging, Eli takes the initiative and gently squeezes one of Rin’s hands. She vaguely remembers being taught by an aunt when she was much younger, in a similar fashion.

“Put your hands on my shoulders. Ah, and try not to stare at your feet the whole time.”

“Then where am I supposed to look?” Rin nervously gulps, her palms as light as quivering feathers on Eli’s shoulders.

“If it makes things easier, pretend I’m Maki.”

“… N-no, that makes it worse!” She vigorously shakes her head. They’re standing so close together that Rin can almost feel Eli’s breath on her hair, like how she can definitely feel her hands on her waist. Maki obviously wouldn’t be this bold about physical contact, especially not at a large venue with her extended family. Oh, god, what was she thinking asking Eli to teach her this kind of—

“Hey, just relax. Follow my steps.” Eli’s practically hugging Rin with how close she’s holding her.

Slowly but surely, Rin eases up and her hands stop shaking, and she stops accidentally kicking Eli’s ankles. The music guides her into a simple rhythm that nearly makes her sleepy. This is actually… kind of nice. Not nearly as fun as the high-energy constant-movement kind of dancing she prefers, but still. She shyly leans against Eli.

Unbeknownst to them, Nozomi is standing in the doorway with feigned hurt and disappointment in her sigh. “Elicchi. You’ve never taken me out dancing before.”

“N-Nozomi!” Eli startles, her hands flying off of Rin’s waist. Likewise, Rin releases Eli’s shoulders and takes a hasty step back. “How long have you been watching us—?!”

“It was Eli-chan’s idea!!”


“Oh, I wouldn’t doubt it. I always had a suspicion that she’s into younger, cuter girls,” Nozomi says with a completely straight face and a wink. She turns to Eli, whose face is steaming. “Though let me have a turn with Rin-chan too next time, ‘kay?”

“I… don’t know why, but I suddenly feel like I need to fight Eli and Nozomi,” Maki says out loud, bewildered.

Nico shrugs. “That’s how I feel all the time.”

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can you do jeffmads& #6 or hamburr #14 ??

#6 Collarbone kiss (this is so late i’m so sorry.) I wrote it as a prequel to my Prince AU but in Aaron’s kingdom and involving his not so sneaky in love guards ^-^

James Madison struggled with his trousers in his chambers, muttering curses as he tugged at the red fabric. If he didn’t hurry up, they’d leave without him and Theodosia would be without her right hand man. Well, actually Dolley was her right hand…man, but she was sick so he was the next best thing.

Theo always told him he was a great guard, but he knew he wasn’t as imposing or fierce as Dolley was, and that was okay. He was quiet, sneaky, faded into the background. No one ever saw him coming.

Finally, he buckled his pants and grabbed his tailcoat from the bed, untangling the medals which sat on the breast of the coat. He coughed quietly, pulling on the uniform and buttoning it up with near reverence.

The Royal Guard was a serious job, and James took it seriously too. After the death of the King and Queen, the need for his young Prince, now King’s, protection had doubled. There were those who thought that, with such a young ruler, they could easily take over the kingdom.

James Madison was there to bury those thoughts, and the people that thought them.

A quick series of knocks sounded on his door and he looked up, fumbling with the last two buttons of his uniform.

“Come in.” he called, 50% sure of who it was.

The door to the bedroom creaked open and lo and behold, Thomas Jefferson stood in the doorway, uniform neatly buttoned and medals polished to perfection. This wasn’t all too surprising as Jefferson took every opportunity he could to show off.  

“What’s taking so long?” he asked, grinning as James struggled with the buttons, “The carriages are waiting and Aaron’s already anxious about this meeting.”

“I know, I know. I just can’t get these damn buttons to-”

“Let me.”

Thomas stepped fully into the room, kicking the door shut behind him as he made his way over to James. The shorter man sighed, letting his hand drop to his sides as Thomas leaned down to fix the remaining buttons.

Working with Thomas Jefferson on a daily basis was exhausting. It occurred near daily that Aaron had to pull Thomas away from a fight or order him to step down in the face of a particularly offensive noble. Not that Aaron liked giving orders much at all, but with Jefferson it was the only way to get him to shut up and sit down.

So if working with Jefferson was bad, being in a relationship with him just made James eternally tired. Like right now, for instance. He was supposed to be helping James with his uniform so they could get to the carriages and make a good first impression with the royal family in the Kingdom beside their own.

Instead, Thomas’ hands were moving up James’ shoulders, his thumbs rubbing small circles in his muscles. He stepped closer, a full head taller than James, and ducked his head down, beginning to place small kisses along his neck.

“Thomas, we can’t do this now.” James said, his breath hitching slightly, “The carriages are waiting.”

“Let them wait.” his partner mumbled into his neck.

Now Thomas’ fingers began to undo the buttons he had just finished doing up. James sighed as he moved the coat down over his shoulders, exposing them.

“You’re undoing all my progress.”

“That’s not the only thing I’ll be undoing.” Jefferson grinned, his hands moving down to James’ belt buckle.

“No!” Madison said abruptly, and Thomas stopped, stepping away with his hands up, “Do you know how long it took for me to put on those pants!? The hem kept coming undone, we keep the pants on.”

Thomas huffed, but stepped back up so he was up against James again.

“Fine, but this coat’s got to go.”

“Don’t wrinkle it.”

Jefferson hummed, his lips back on James’ neck, moving down as James gripped his hair, feathering Thomas’ face with kisses of his own.

As much as James complained about his lover, the fact was they loved each other. Sure he’d thought Jefferson had been cocky, arrogant, and egotistical when Aaron had first introduced him to James, and honestly, Thomas was still all of those things.

But James had gotten used to it, after years of Thomas chasing after him like a lovesick puppy, James had finally given him a chance and they’d been together ever since, spending the day protecting their Prince and their nights together in their chambers.

Thomas pressed a gentle kiss to James’ collarbone, nipping slightly, causing James to emit a quiet moan. At this rate they’d never get to the carriages.

Lucky for them, Theodosia chose that moment to burst into the room.

“Jefferson, I thought you were getting oH MY GOD!”

“Theo!” James jumped back and away from Thomas, who only looked slightly perturbed.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking, Bartow?”

“Not when Aaron’s having a panic attack in the carriages while we’re waiting on you two!”

“We’ll be right down.”

“Yeah you better be.” she quirked an eyebrow but said no more, turning on her heel, her long braid whipping out behind her.

The two men listened to the click of her boots on the stone floor as they steadily grew quieter. They looked at each other slowly before erupting into giggles.

“Come on, help me with my coat.”

Thomas pulled the red tailcoat up back over the shorter man’s shoulders, a grin still on his lips as he buttoned it. James couldn’t help the small blush that settled on his cheeks, Jefferson’s strong hands straightening the fabric, letting his hand drift over Madison’s chest lightly.

“There,” he said, “now you look almost presentable.”

Almost presentable?” James raised an eyebrow.

“Well, not as attractive as me of course,” he leaned over, placing a kiss on James’ lips, “but you’ll do.”

“Right.” Madison laughed, crossing the room to grab his sword from beside the bed, “Cause that’s what I should be worried about right? Using my insanely good looks to woo our trade partners.”

“That’s what I’m planning to do.” Thomas shrugged.

James huffed a laugh, fastening the saber to his belt and walking over to the door. He swung it open, motioning for Thomas to go ahead, which he did, bending into a little curtsy as he passed. James rolled his eyes and shut the door behind him, the two marching down the corridor side by side.

When they stepped outside, they saw the two carriages, black wood ornately carved, and at their fronts, two white horses each. Thomas and James made a B-Line for the first carriage, climbing inside to sit across from Theodosia and a clearly panicking Aaron.

“Finally finished, you two?” Theo asked with a knowing look.

“Shut up.” Thomas waved a dismissive hand but a light blush crossed his face.

“Well while you two were having your little soiree, Aaron here was having a small heart attack.”

“I was not.” the young king bit out, though he did look flushed.

“Don’t worry, your highness.” James assured him, “They have no reason to quarrel with us. I’m sure it’ll go fine.”

“You know I hate it when you call me that.” Aaron grumbled, but a slow smile took over his lips.

The carriage began to move, bumping up and down over the course road as they began their journey to the neighboring kingdom. It wasn’t long before Aaron fell asleep, the lines of worry slowly smoothing out on his forehead.

Theo fell asleep next, her head back against the wood of the carriage, finally falling to the side as they hit a large hole in the road.

James and Thomas fell asleep last, hands intertwined on their laps as James’ head fell gently against Thomas’ shoulder. Thomas laid his head on James’, watching as day turned into night outside. His small lover’s soft snores echoed in the carriage, filling Thomas’ ears rhythmically.

The carriage driver would wake them when they got there, he thought, his eyes slowly closing.

Without another word, the man was asleep.

Strange Lofe

Nope, that’s not a typo–goblins can’t spell.

I found a new animated movie to gush over and a new ship–Butterfly Bog–just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve manage to see Strange Magic twice before it migrated from our theater during it’s short stay. It hasn’t been doing too well due to lack of advertising and bad critical reviews (some of which are downright, needlessly vulgar. If you’re gonna criticize/analyze a movie, even negatively, at least articulate it in a way without elaborate feces metaphors >_>). I, however, found it very entertaining for various reasons;

  • The animation was gorgeous with excellent detail in character design (including realistic, proportional butterfly wings on the fairies).
  • The soundtrack was catchy and well-performed–it’s basically a rock opera with covers of various love songs from Elvis to Lady Gaga. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past few days.
  • The story was entertaining–not the most complex story out there, but with it being loosely based on a Midsummer Night’s Dream, there are Shakespearean antics as various characters get inflicted with a love potion with confusing, amusing results.
  • There are actually alot of nods to other film/stage adaptations of Midsummer Night’s Dream and fey/fairy/goblin folklore throughout the movie.
  • Most of the characters, accenting their designs, were quirky–and many go through major character development. Especially the main protagonist, kickass-fairy Princess Marianne.
  • One of the few cases (I can think of, anyway) where the canon couple is a princess and a “villain”–Princess Marianne and The Bog King (though he’s actually just a dork and Megamind-brand evil). I’m a sucker for beauty-and-the-beast couples.
  • Said couple goes through an epic duel–romance through combat.
  • Alan Cumming voices the Bog King. :D
  • Strange Magic has good messages about how to heal from a broken heart and how to find true love based on deeper connections. 

So if you like fairies and goblins, see this movie. If you like good animation, see this movie. If you like musicals, see this movie. If you like romantic comedies–see this movie!

This piece was also practice digital painting with my new wacom over a fully-toned pencil drawing, done in a single day while I was snowed in my house.

And Bog putting flowers in Marianne’s hair is actually canon in the movie, too.They’re adorkable.

Hi. It’s been a while. 

It’s my birthday. My real birthday. It comes only every 4 years and when I was little it meant so much more to me - but today, in the best way, has been ordinary. 

I woke up to sun through my window. It’s been pouring on and off for weeks and then the past week and a half - nothing but sun. 

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Friendly Fire (pt. 5)

part four • part six

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 833

Warnings: Some cursing

Notes: im slowly lowering the amount of words in this. which is a good thing, since this is supposed to be a drabble lol. anyways, its 2:39 am and its like the earliest ive ever finished writing?? i am super proud of myself. also, maybe prepare for some jealousy in the next part heheh enjoy this ~

The anticipation had been building since Bucky crawled into bed. You came home so late, so Bucky was confident that you’d be too tired to notice anything. As silence lingered through the early morning, it was confirmed. His heartbeat was radiating throughout his body, along with the anxious shaking of his leg.

He turned over on his side, looking over at his clock sitting on the night stand.



Your scream nearly shook the walls of the entire facility. The emotions that began building inside of you consisted of confusion, frustration, and annoyance. You stood over the sink, rubbing your face in hopes that the blue colour would just rub off. It wasn’t.

Without thinking, you grabbed your face wash, and squeezed some out into your hand. Not knowing that it was the source, you began rubbing it all over your face, praying that it would wash it off. It wasn’t until you looked up, and noticed.

“Oh my god. I’m going to murder that popsicle.”

You quickly washed your face off, and dried it. You were going to head over to Bucky’s room, but as you headed out of the bathroom, you were greeted by half asleep Avengers.

“We heard you scream..?” Steve questioned you, while rubbing his eyes. When he looked up at you, his eyes grew wider than you had ever seen them before.

“Jesus Y/N! What the hell hap-” Natasha exclaimed, reaching a hand out and touching your blue tinted face.

Barnes” you mumbled.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe he went through with it!” Sam said, bending over in laughter.

“WAIT YOU KNEW? SAM WHAT THE HELL” you yelled at him, trying your best not to push him over and tackling him.

Before anything else was said, the rest of the team came out and you were bombarded with more wide eyes, laughter and questions. You could have sworn that your face was turning purple now, all from blushing out of embarrassment.

“You guys are being so heartless!” Wanda said, trying to comfort you.

“I agree. Come on Y/N, we’ll see if we can find some stuff to remove this crap” Nat replied, as she led you back to your room. Wanda followed behind, after she waved her hand up and to the side, causing Sam to slap himself.

A couple hours had passed by, and the noise had died down completely. Bucky finally deemed it safe to venture out of his room and check out what everyone was doing.

He went into the kitchen to grab some breakfast, not thinking much of the prank he just pulled on you.

“Oh man, that was colder than cryostasis” Sam stated, still chuckling softly.

“Hm?” Bucky replied, 

looking in the fridge.

“Y/N. Seriously Buck? She’s been in her room with Nat and Wanda, trying to get it off” Steve stated, unimpressed with his antics.

Closing the fridge, Bucky sighed and shook his head carelessly.

“Look, she had it coming. Why don’t you lecture her about turning me into a fucking fridge magnet?” he spat out.

“First off, this is the first I’m hearing about that” Steve replied, as he looked over at Sam’s face. He was trying so hard to keep a straight face.

Bucky rolled his eyes, before grabbing a couple plums and heading back to his room.

“You know that’s not how you attract a woman!” Sam yelled out to him.

“Sorry I don’t have some mating call like you, feathers!” Bucky sarcastically exclaimed back.

Meanwhile, the girls had managed to scrub off a majority of the blue tint. All that was left, were light spots on your forehead and cheek. Nothing makeup couldn’t cover up.

Your face was sore and pink, and all you could do was sigh.

“If it makes you feel better Y/N, when I was about seven, this boy put gum in my hair and I had to cut it” Wanda said, shrugging “All because he liked me.” She was holding a bowl of some concoction Natasha made.

“What does that have to do with this?” you asked nonchalantly.

Nat let out a small chuckle. “She’s trying to say Bucky has a crush on you.”

Your eyes widened for a moment, before letting out a snort.

“Hey, it’s true” Wanda said, “Do you forget that I can get into people’s heads?”

“Oh please, I know for a fact Bucky doesn’t like me” you replied, pointing at your pink face.

“I gotta side with Wanda on this one” Nat said, patting your face with a damp towel. “You ever notice how jealous he gets when you’re around Sam, for instance?”

You didn’t say anything at first. But then the idea came into mind.

“Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” you finally asked out.

“Yes, Miss Y/N?” 

“Tell Sam that I require his assistance immediately.”

Natasha and Wanda gave eachother a concerned look, before Sam walked in. You couldn’t help but express a mischievous smile. Sam looked at you, then Wanda and Natasha.

“I like where this is going already.”

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Put your sunglasses on cause this Angel fluff is SHINY!

I had an opportunity to do a redraw of @casuallybread‘s first Raphael piece. Honestly, I’m so proud of this piece and I love how it turned out. Still don’t know how I managed to not kill my hand with the wings lol.I love, especially how the hair and robe turned out too. 


jan. 9, 2017 // day 15 of 100 // here is a side-by-side of the physics notes i took in class (left) and those i rewrote at home (right). it took me longer to take and edit these photos and write this post than it did to actually rewrite the material. would be a different story if it was anything longer than a page, ofc. 

what i’m trying to show here is that anyone can make pretty notes with relatively little effort (if you’re not a complete, unwavering perfectionist). it’s all about how much time you’re willing to put in to it. if it would have taken me any longer than 10 minutes to rewrite these, i would have waited for the weekend. but i decided that tonight i’d give up the time to make some pretty notes. that’s the part that matters. how much time are you willing to give up? 

personally, i rather spend my precious time learning the material than maintaining the impeccable “studyblr” standard. for others, that’s what’s keeping them going, and that’s perfectly fine. don’t feel bad about not meeting the (perceived) expectations because you want the notes or reblogs. don’t feel bad about never seeing the stress and procrastination side of studying (honestly the rest of tumblr should be enough of that for you). at the end of the day, you’re the only one able to get the work done, and it’s you decision of how you want to spend your time. 

i’m honestly sick of seeing this argued over and over again within this community i’ve been a part of for almost three years. if you want to see imperfect notes and kids ripping their hair out, there is plenty of it if you just get off the “most popular” section of the studyblr tag. 

i don’t want to ruffle any feathers with this. just putting out my two cents on this issue we CANNOT possibly seem to resolve no matter how much time passes. 

Hasil Do

Hasil Do

By Stefwithanf


Sally Ann takes an opportunity she’s not sure she’ll ever get again. Hasil doesn’t mind giving his best girl the freedom to experiment.

A stolen moment that may have taken place before the laundromat declaration and the mother of all beat downs for James. I love Sasil and I needed them to have a bit more time in peace. This prompt came from a post I saw on Tumblr about Sally Ann pulling Hasil’s hair up into a bun and is a celebration of the show’s renewal for a second season! Thank you @dormantgenius for your hard work this season!


The dead church lady’s house wouldn’t be so quiet this afternoon. Sally Ann couldn’t have cared less.

Hasil was already lighting the candles around the room.

“Okay, Hasil. There’s something I want to try this time.”

“I’d be willin’ ta try anythin’ that'dit make ya feel fine, Sally Ann.”

“Then sit here facing the wall.”

She scooted back on the couch and pointed to the floor between her legs. She did her best to be a bit stern about it. If she didn’t steer their time alone together he would, and hairstyles would be the last thing on her mind.

She giggled aloud at his perplexed expression. He’d realize soon enough. She placed a small hand on each shoulder and leaned forward to press a kiss to the crown of his head.

“May I touch your hair, Hasil?”

“Y'can touch any part of me ya like, Sally Ann.”

She tightened her thighs on either side of him in gratitude and squeaked when he wrapped his hands around her calves.

“Always squirmin’…”

“Stop cutting up, Hasil. I’m trying to concentrate.”

He didn’t let go of her, but he settled down, shifting between her legs. She found the back of his neck and the tips of his ears were tinged pink when she gathered his hair in her hands. It was dawning on her just how much Hasil enjoyed her ‘proper’ voice. He’d have been a teacher’s pet in her class, for sure.

“Have you put your hair into a bun before?”

“That like tyin’ it up in the heat?”

“Yeah, but fancier. I’ve got some gel I make with flaxseeds in my purse. Can I use that to hold it in place?”


Unsurprisingly the more she worked her fingers through his hair, the more pliable he became. She undid the occasional braid here and there and gently removed the feather and placed it on the cushion next to her.

His hair wasn’t anything like she thought it would be. It could use some washing, naturally, but it smelled like the earth. The way he was leaning into her touch and humming whenever her nails caught his scalp was certainly distracting her. Without knowing how, she’d caught this wild man and here he was, tame at her feet.

As she whipped out the plastic baggie full of gel and an extra hair tie, she leaned forward enough to catch the unguarded bliss in his expression.

“Thanks for letting me play with your hair. I never get to do stuff like this with anybody.”

“Mmm, never took more of a shine ta gettin’ my hair put back. Ya takin’ right good care of me, Sally Ann.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

“It will be when yer done with my hair…” Face hidden, he smirked around the words into his lap.

“What was that, Hasil?”


His drawl was too teasing. Of course she heard him the first time, and of course she gave him the pleasure of almost getting caught.

“Mmhm, hold still. I’m almost done slicking down your edges.”

He didn’t know what edges were, but her careful hands gliding through his hair felt better even than the wind slipping through it as he ran. She was worth the risk of any freedom, his girl, Sally Ann.

Meanwhile with a few deft flicks of his ponytail, Sally Ann had his bun looking as good as she could make it without a comb.

“Oh, here. Take this.”

She handed him back his feather. More delicately than she’d have thought he could be, he placed the end just so it stuck out of the bun to one side. How he knew where he wanted it without looking, she didn’t know.

Before he could rise, she clenched her legs around him again to keep him in place.

“Wait, I’d like a picture of you, if that’s alright?”

“Never been in no pitchers before. Be an honor.”

“I won’t let anyone see it.”

His answer was to lean back into the cradle of her legs and press his face closer to hers. She snagged her phone out of her purse and placed it in front of them. When she switched the camera around to face them, she caught Hasil tilting his head to the side in puppy like confusion.

She smiled at first because she was learning to love that tilt and second because his hair was casually alluring this way.

“You are some of my best work. Now the light is coming off of you.”

She took the picture in time to catch his bashful grin.

“You r'member all that, Sally Ann?”

She nodded quickly and showed him the picture in hopes of distracting him. Who could get tired of the wonder in his eyes? He cradled the phone in his hands as if it were a baby.

“Sally Ann, ain’t ya supposed ta be lookin’ at the phone? But here ya are, smiling at me.”

Well, there she was, face turned toward him. She hadn’t even looked at herself when she snapped it. She scooped the phone back out of his hands and put an alarm for twenty minutes before James would be expecting her.

When she glanced up his face was so close. He’d twisted around between her knees and entwined their finger of his good hand with hers. Placing her forehead against his, Sally Ann did something she rarely ever did. She pushed away all the thoughts of her likely bleak future and took this moment for herself.

Whatever came next, right now, she had his caring; strong and fierce as any bear. It had to be enough.

“I’m not going to tell you that I love you,” he states.

“What I will tell you is that when I wake up and your hair isn’t tickling my face and your arms aren’t wrapped around me and you aren’t tracing lazy circles in the crook of my elbow with a sleepy smile on your face I panic. I’ll tell you that your voice puts my fears to rest and the sound of your breathing can steady my beating heart just as much as your touch can send it racing. I’ll tell you how your feather soft lips grazing my collarbone takes my breath away and your fierce kisses on my mouth leave bruises I treasure. I’ll tell you how being in your arms feels like coming home and I’ll tell you that when my world is crumbling around me you are the only person I need to help me build it back up.”

A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, “I’ll tell you that on my worst days and best nights all I want to do is lie with you underneath the constellations and count stars.”

“So I might not say those three words which every human soul feels they need to carry on but if you really listen,” he urges, “you’ll realise I say those words every day.”

—  Actions speak volumes louder than words, 16/06/2015
"Island of Misfit Toys" One Shot

Author: Archangel Raguel

Original Imagine Link:  Imagine Gabriel and Crowley cheering you up after finding out your boyfriend had been using you.

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,854

Fic or link to fic:

You slammed the door harder than you had initially intended. The room shook from the reverberation. If the Winchesters didn’t come running you would be surprised. The bunker was not the most soundproof building to be locked in. Your phone was gripped tightly in your hand and it vibrated for the fifth time since you had left the car. You stomped inside the Men of Letter’s fortress. The text was from your boyfriend…Well, your ex. You didn’t need to check your phone to know.

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December contest <3

Decided to do something a little different for the giveaway this month.
Going to try and get the creative gears turning<3

The winner will receive all photographed below along with a surprise item that will not be shown.

In order to enter the contest you can submit a customer photo to the blog ( )
Context of the photo is all up to your creativity… You can show where you house collections and curiosities you’ve purchased from the wolftea shop,creative ways of photographing jewelry, you modeling jewelry… so on and so forth
I will be publicly posting them, so please put links to your blog or even your shops if you like <3

Hoping the contest photos will not only show how awesome and beautiful all our customers are but give a shout out to fellow artists and jewelers.

My husband and i will be choosing a winner at the end of the month!!!

You will receive:
- Various little bones
- deer vertebra
- hand woven cedar wreath
- Single leather and feather earring
- single deer skin earring
- antler tip necklace
- little handmade leather pouch with raccoon bone ( filled with a small bit of horse hair)
- Old brooch adorned with salvaged beads and bone
- few little shells
- small bit of rabbit fur
- guinea feather
- and a secret surprise <3


Putting feathers extensions in your hair is extremely popular in California.  It costs around $15 at salons or farmers markets.  However, you can do it yourself and have extras for much cheaper.  Get ready for summer festivals with these…

What you need:

A feather or feathers

1 microbead (use microbeads/micro links like the ones sold by plumetopia on esty)

1 crochet hook (you can buy one at Michaels for cheap)

1 needle nose pliers (or crimping pliers)


1) separate hair where you want to put feather

2) Put microbead on crochet hook

3) Using crochet hook pull a small amount of hair through microbead

4) Put end of feather in microbead (make sure everything is positioned fairly close to your scalp)

5) Squeeze microbead with pliers until microbead is flat and securely holding feather and small amount of hair

*Most feathers can be washed, straightened, or curled

zarosiancovenant  asked:

You said, at one point, something about being called 'Sister Coyote'? Is there more of a story to that? I'd love to hear.

Story time, kiddos! 

Okay, so this one time in college, I was walking down a forest trail not far from town, where I saw three people and a llama walking toward me. No joke. This was Ashland Oregon, which is notorious for being kind of a weird town. I was pretty much used to such events at this point and kept on walking toward the three folks and their surly charge. 

When I neared them, the man holding the llama’s leash stopped and said, “Oh! You’re the girl with the tail! I was just talking about you!” and he explained how earlier in the day, he had seen me walking through town with a coyote tail keychain clipped to my side. He noted that I had apparently made myself invisible as I slipped through the crowd, and surmised it was because I had somehow “channeled the coyote’s stealthy energies.” The man’s companions (sans llama) nodded in agreement. 

I was skeptical, but intrigued, and explained that I was a taxidermist, which the group (sans llama) all thought to be quite impressive. 

The dude holding the llama asked me then if I had ever kissed a llama before, and of course I said no. So he assured me, “Lilly is very friendly! She loves kisses. Just put you face like this” - he leaned closer to the enormous animal’s disgruntled head and puckered his lips at her - “and she’ll give you a nuzzle!” 

Again, I was skeptical, but intrigued. So I leaned closer to the llama and puckered up. She looked at me for a moment then leaned toward me and did indeed nuzzle my mouth with her peach-fuzz lips. I nearly shit my pants. 

The man, named Howard, and his companions invited me then to join them on their walk, and while they were headed in the opposite direction of where I was initially going, I obliged. During the walk, Howard explained that he ran a healing arts center about a mile away, and invited me to visit his sanctuary and crystal garden. 

He was very nice, and his companions - a hippie woman with long graying hair and smile lines mapped across her face, and a middle-aged man with a glowing smile - were very amicable; I enjoyed the spirit of their company. 

Back at the healing arts school, Howard lead Lilly to her pasture and showed me around. 

The place was amazing - crystals, candles, skulls, and pelts everywhere throughout the house. The work room was low-lit and smelled like incense, and had a massage table in the middle of it, with some kind of three-dimensional star sculpture suspended from the ceiling directly above. It was made from copper tubes and decorated with feathers and more crystals - the owner said something about copper having properties which aligned peoples’ energies and cleaned their blood. It was all quite fascinating.

In discussion, I mentioned that I was a synesthete, and saw colors for things like numbers, letters, emotions, personalities, etc. 

Howard and his companions all turned to one another and smiled widely. “You’re an Indigo Child!” the gray-haired hippie woman, Sue, said to me. Howard put a hand on my shoulder and added, very seriously, “Your soul is not from this world,” and then went on to explain more about how the concept of Indigo Children was initially coined and studied by a woman who was, herself, a synesthete who could, like me, see colors for people’s personalities. I was fascinated by all of it, even if I didn’t exactly believe it to be true. 

I stuck around at the Healing Arts Center for a while longer before finally departing. It was growing dark by that time, but Howard and Sue invited me to come back for a full moon celebration and asked me to bring one of my pelt headdresses along. 

I never actually did go back there, but I ran into Howard and his companions (sans llama) a few more times before I moved away from Ashland after dropping out of college. Every time that one of them saw me, they would put their hands together and bow slightly while acknowledging me as “Sister Coyote” so I would bow back and continue on my way. 

The entire encounter from start to finish was actually quite fantastic, and I do fully believe that Howard, Sue, the other man (who’s name I cannot recall), believe strongly in the work they do. Whether it’s possible or not to ease a person’s anxiety, infertility, anger issues, etc. through aromatherapy, herbalism, or crystal meditations, I cannot say for certain, but my experience was eye-opening to say the very least.