how to produce a song

— settle down | (m)

• pairing: min yoongi x reader, roommate! yoongi
• genre/warnings: smut, angst, fluff, slow buuurrrn, enemies to lovers
• words: 14,930
→summary: An unfortunate event finds you living with the man you practically despise over the summer. However, maybe through a series of fortunate events, you find yourself falling for him…
• note. this is a remastered version of the originally story I wrote called ‘and july’ (found here) that I wrote for suho back when I started this blog, albeit slightly (very?) different.

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Before Niall played Flicker for the first time, he talked a little about how much the song meant to him, about how much the producers and session band loved it when he first performed it to them. He talked about how the song meant the most to him lyrically, how it was his favourite song on the album, and how natural it was for him to call these gigs the Flicker Sessions. Then he played the song, and the room fell completely silent. For a song that is relatively calm and quiet, and a perfect opportunity to proclaim your love for Niall, there was hardly a scream at all. Once it was over, the room erupted into the loudest cheers of the whole night so far and you could see on Niall’s face just how proud he was to have played this song and to have received such a response. His face lit up, he turned to his band mates, and everyone in the room shared that moment. Knowing that he was appreciated as an artist, and that his favourite song would soon become a favourite for many others. That was the best part of the entire night.

dead leaves will always be my fave bts song. just the amount of lines jin has???? like he even has the first verse??? & yoongis husky rapping and the fact he produced that song himself?? & how easily jungkooks and jimins voices flow into one another and their smooth harmonies &namjoons gasp and “woohoo” and how u can visually see him rap his part & how tae’s low vocals fit so well in this song….and i cant forget abt hobs iconic rap verse and how its the perfect transition to the climax of the song where the beats all escalate perfectly with vocal lines high notes and then the music fades and all u can hear is the piano and just tae whispering never never fall and then it ends and u feel almost empty but like mellow at the same time????? god i love dead leaves


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Percocet, Morgana, Percocet ⊟ 

I don’t know what possessed me to do it – possibly the ghost of Evanescence – but I decided yesterday to bring Anime Music Videos back, mashing up intros from 90s shows with bombastic tracks from Future.

In the midst of this anime fugue, I was challenged by Austin Walker (shout-outs to Waypoint) to produce a “Mask Off” video for Persona 5, which produced this. It’s eerie how well the song syncs up with the PS4 game’s intro animation!

If you want more of this, I also ruined Iria and Evangelion with rap music lol. Tweet at me “Tiny boomin want some more” if you need another one.

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To know about how Min Yoongi went from barely managing to eat, to producing songs for other artists, is one of the most inspiring tales that has been heard. Going from nothing to being recognized worldwide is a huge accomplishment that gives hope for all of us, and I could not be prouder to be his fan.
  • Namjin adopts you.
  • Namjoon reading to you since little, even when you are a teen he only changes the book for something more adult.
  • Jin being the caring omma that we know he is.
  • Jin also making your lunch, but its just so much food you have to share with your friends.
  • Namjoon always helping with homework and is basically him correcting the teacher and that’s why you never ask him for help.
  • But you love him anyway
  • You have to laugh when Jin makes dad jokes or else you are grounded.
  • “See Yoongi they laugh at my jokes”
  • “Of course, You blackmail them!”
  • The Maknae Line basically becomes your brothers
  • Annoy everyone with them.
  • Yoongi being protective over you 1000000x more than everyone. No one can touches his niece/nephew but he rarely shows it just when someone hurts you.
  • “They said what? Who the fuck called you ugly?! They said you were dumb too?! Oh hell no im gonna kill them hoSEOK BRING ME MY GUN  RN!”
  • “Yoongi, you don’t have one.”
  • Hoseok have to calm down Yoongi or else “bultaoreune” in your school.
  • Hobi being that cool older brother who cares a lot and is always cheering you up.
  • Hoseok and Jimin teaches you how to dance.
  • Jin and JungKook teaches you how to sing.
  • Namjoon how to write songs and produce it while Suga teaches how to rap.
  • But not because they force you. You like to learn that type of stuff cause
  • You wanna be like your dads.
  • But Tae should teach you how to be a good actor but he just take you to ice cream or cinema.
  • “You should be teaching her/him Taehyung!” Mad omme mode On
  • “Is the How To Have Fun 101, excuse me, I know what im doing.” Sassy Taetae mode on.
  • You would have the biggest family
  • You would feel so loved.
[LYRICS] Takada Kenta OST - “Wanna Be With You”

*bolded parts are Kenta’s lines

오늘따라 뭔가 되게 이상해
자꾸 숨겨 놓게 돼

누가 볼 것 같아

내 맘을 알아 맞춰 볼래
끝까지 원한다면 나를 보여줄게
Show me your love
내 모든걸 다 줄게

시간은 깜박 할새 지났지만
그래도 언젠가
우리 다시 만나게 될 거라고
내게서 멀어지게 두진 않아 미련하게
다시 나를 변하게 하는 너니까

바래왔던 만큼 더 진하게
기다렸던 만큼 확실하게
하루 종일 니가 생각나

바래왔던 만큼 더 진하게
기다렸던 만큼 확실하게
당장이라도 뛰어가서
갖고 싶은 너니까
Never want to let you go

I only wanna be with you (x5)

시간을 되돌리는 방법 따윈 없어
우연이라도 너와 딱 한번
마주칠 수 있다면 예전처럼 우리가
주변 눈치 보다 그저 서로에게 눈이가
해피엔딩 로멘틱 코미디
결국 만날 수 밖에 없는 연결고리
넌 그대로 있어 내가 달려갈게
한번 더 날 알아줘
i will get your back

시간은 깜박 할새 지났지만
그래도 언젠가
우리 다시 만나게 될 거라고
내게서 멀어지게 두진 않아 미련하게
다시 나를 변하게 하는 너니까

바래왔던 만큼 더 진하게
기다렸던 만큼 확실하게
하루 종일 니가 생각나
바래왔던 만큼 더 진하게
기다렸던 만큼 확실하게
내겐 너 하나 뿐 이니까

I only wanna be with you.


It’s strange to be something today.
I’ll keep it hidden.

Who would see

I will reveal my heart. 
I’ll show you to the end if you want
Show me your love
I’ll give you everything

Time will pass,
But one day
We’ll meet again
I do not keep you away from me foolishly
You’re the one who changes me again.

As dark as I had hoped
As surely as I waited
I remember you all day

As dark as I had hoped
As surely as I waited
I’ll run right now if you want it
Never want to let you go

I only wanna be with you (x5)

There’s no way to get back in time.
Just one chance with you
If we can face each other,
Is better than in the eyes of others.
A romantic comedy with a happy ending
An ending that can not wait to meet
You’re right. I’ll run.
You know me once more.
I will get your back

Time will pass,
But one day
We’ll meet again
I do not keep you away from me foolishly
You’re the one who changes me again.

As dark as I had hoped
As surely as I waited
I remember you all day
As dark as I had hoped
As surely as I waited
I’m the only one for you.

I only wanna be with you.

(a/n: translation may not be 100% accurate)

Sa oide nasai odori nasai…

I can’t stop listening to this song and at some point this happened. And well, since we have reached fanart levels, I think it is safe to say this guy is currently my fav of the show.

Let’s see what happens later on.

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"How to annoy Jimin?" Yoongi: "ask him to sing a rock song, his voice is too sweet/soft" im so!!!!! I love how yoongi has expressed many times just how much he really likes Jimin's voice, from constantly saying how he wants to produce songs for him to picking Jimin's voice as his favorite from the maknae line or even wanting to show off his rap skills! I can just imagine him closing his eyes/enjoying it whenever he hears Jimin sing (or even talk) I'm so soft :-(

ok but in the bts festa profiles that came out today there was the section “how to annoy jimin” and everyone wrote annoying things while yoongi said “make him do rock music cause his voice is sweet” like ??? it wasn’t the “compliment jimin” section ?? how is someone that whipped ???

!! he really does like jimin’s voice so much, he can’t even do something like this without making it known


Humpback Whales is an extraordinary journey into the mysterious world of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring marine mammals.

Set in the spectacular waters of Alaska, Hawaii, and the remote islands of Tonga, this ocean adventure offers audiences an up-close look at how these whales communicate, sing, feed, play, and care for their young.

Found in every ocean on Earth, humpbacks were nearly driven to extinction 50 years ago, but today are making a slow but remarkable recovery. Join a team of researchers as they unlock the secrets of the species and find out why humpbacks seem to be the most acrobatic of all whales, how they produce their haunting songs, and what drives these intelligent, 55-foot-long, 50-ton animals to migrate up to 10,000 miles round trip every year.

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100 for Andreil, pretty please❤❤

from this list of prompts - please don’t send more!

Neil focuses on breathing. It shouldn’t be a difficult task, but recently - again - it is. He’s never drawing in enough breath, but if he pulls more in, his chest feels full enough to explode. But he can go through the motions. In, and out, and again - eventually he’ll start to feel normal again.


Someone Neil doesn’t recognise, with an indistinctive face, pops his head in the door briefly to say, “Five minutes.” Either he doesn’t notice that Neil is on the verge of panic or he thinks it’s more polite not to comment, because he doesn’t attempt eye contact before backing out as fast as he entered.

Neil’s next visitor, though, has never been described as polite. Andrew walks in, leaving the door open a crack so it continues to swing, and opens the window to start smoking. He has always acted as though Neil doesn’t exist.

Sometimes it’s comforting, as the rest of the world pays far too much attention to him, but sometimes it’s another choking weight on his chest - everyone in the world cares about different parts of Neil, but never the whole of him. Take off an arm, a quarter of his heart, a lock of hair, that’s all they want; he’s not a package deal. He is a combination of a few winning traits, and the rest is merely- there.

“You have three minutes to get this out of your system before your timeslot starts,” Andrew says, blandly, to the window pane. “I’m sure they’ll forgive you for missing it. They can fit you in after that other group. The Jonas Brothers?”

“There isn’t even a band on the show today,” Neil replies. Short words are manageable. “It’s all - single artists and their fucking guitars.”

“Oh, I thought they were all a single act,” Andrew replies, disinterested.

He’d almost be a good manager, if it were only down to his single-minded focus: Neil. However, focus doesn’t always mean interest, and Neil is constantly reminding Andrew of the path they’re trying to navigate.

But he’s there. Through everything in Neil’s turbulent adult life, Andrew has been there; solid and unchanging, the one thing he can rely on. And the tether between them counts for more than either of them will ever say.

“I think it’s finally getting to me,” Neil blurts out on on short breath.

“No shit.”

“I’m just- a machine for music. No matter how uncool it is to produce songs with autotune or whatever, no one’s denying that the way labels churn out artists is working. The default sound is a good one. We never fucking moved past motown, and I’m no better than any other artificial, constructed band with the same sad songs and big, blue eyes.”

Andrew’s hazel eyes turn to watch Neil, and even after years, the intensity is as jarring as it is comforting. (Despite everything, Neil likes being the only one Andrew chooses to see.) “It’s far too early in the tour for an existential crisis.”

Neil shrugs a little, helpless, because existential crisis is exactly what this is. “They’re not here for me. They don’t care who me is. I fought for so long to be myself and get the things that I wanted by myself and in my way, and I’m still - a legacy. I’m still Nathaniel.”

“Neil wasn’t as marketable a name,” Andrew says, flicking ash out of the window. “Sounds like a balding tennis instructor’s name.”

“After all this time, Neil still isn’t a real person. He’s a façade.”

Andrew throws the cigarette out the window and finally settles next to Neil, holding his chin in a rough hand and forcing Neil’s gaze to land on him and stay there. “You’re worth more than you think.”

Neil laughs, a bitter sound from deep in his chest. “I know my net worth. It was published in Forbes last month. It’s the only reason the Moriyamas let me survive to embarrass them another day.”

Andrew’s eyes are as steady as always, unmoved by Neil’s disbelief or the weak attempt at humour. Neil can’t deny he breathes better with Andrew by his side. (He doesn’t remember exactly when Andrew became irreplaceable, but somehow he can’t regret it.) “I do not care about Nathaniel Wesninski.”

“He pays your bills,” Neil answers, because the answer is always that. Without Nathaniel, Andrew and Neil wouldn’t be Andrew and Neil. Neil wouldn’t know about the gap in his life that only Andrew could fill, and the smell of smoke would still be associated solely with old fashioned pyrotechnics and the beach.

Andrew’s grip tightens slowly, the only display of emotion. “I’m here for Neil.”

Neil won’t believe that today. He probably won’t believe it tomorrow, or next week, or on the next scheduled TV show, but it’s still enough that he can tell himself that Andrew wouldn’t lie to him, and his chest eases.

At the end of the day, they have always been Andrew and Neil. Nathaniel does not exist in their spaces - he’s a fabrication, a cover for their lives to hide behind.

Neil closes his eyes for half a minute, and lets the world shrink to Andrew and Neil for just that time.

And for now, it’s enough.