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Since I’ve been asked countless times about anything and everything relating to The X-Files, I figured I’d make a masterpost of everything you could possibly need in order to watch the show. Or, if you’re just looking for some conspiracy-laden 90’s nostalgia goodness… It’s all here. Enjoy!


  • a comprehensive, in-depth guide to common fears/triggers in the x-files by episode
  • kristyn’s guide to the x-files outlines the most important episodes/season for people who wish to get into the series quickly and understand the gist of it without having to sift through 202 episodes (thank you humancredentials!)
  • as of october 4, 2015, the x-files is streaming on subscription services hulu plus, amazon prime, and netflix
  • a torrent download of all nine seasons and two films can be found here and here
  • episodes of the x-files can be downloaded in HD by following the instructions here

✘ SEASON ONE, 1993 - 1994

  • pilot || deep throat || squeeze || conduit || the jersey devil || shadows || the ghost in the machine || ice || space || fallen angel || eve || fire || beyond the sea || gender bender || lazarus || young at heart || e.b.e || miracle man || shapes || darkness falls || tooms || born again || roland || the erlenmeyer flask

✘ SEASON TWO, 1994 - 1995

  • little green men || the host || blood || sleepless || duane barry || ascension || trinity || one breath || firewalker || red museum || excelsis dei || aubrey || irresistible || die hand die verletzt || fresh bones || colony || end game || fearful symmetry || dod kalm || humbug || the kalusari || f. emasculata || soft light || our town || anasazi

✘ SEASON THREE, 1995 - 1996

  • the blessing way || paper clip || d.p.o || clyde bruckman’s final repose || the list || 2shy || the walk || oubliette || nisei || 731 || revelations || war of the coprophages || syzygy || grotesque || piper maru || apocrypha || pusher || teso dos bichos || hell money || jose chung’s from outer space || avatar || quagmire || wetwired || talitha cumi

✘ SEASON FOUR, 1996-1997

  • herrenvolk || home || teliko || unruhe || the field where i died || sanguinarium || musings of a cigarette smoking man || tunguska || terma || paper hearts || el mundo gira || never again || leonard betts || memento mori || kaddish || unrequited || tempus fugit || max || synchrony || small potatoes || zero sum || elegy || demons || gethsemane

✘ SEASON FIVE, 1997-1998

  • redux i || redux ii || unusual suspects || detour || the post modern prometheus || christmas carol || emily || kitsunegari || schizogeny || chinga || kill switch || bad blood || patient x || the red and the black || travelers || mind’s eye || all souls || the pine bluff variant || folie a deux || the end

✘ FILM # 1, 1998

  • the x-files: fight the future

✘ SEASON SIX, 1998-1999

  • the beginning || drive || triangle || dreamland i || dreamland ii || how the ghosts stole christmas || terms of endearment || the rain king || s.r 819 || tithonus || two fathers || one son || agua mala || monday || arcadia || alpha || trevor || milagro || the unnatural || three of a kind || field trip || biogenesis

✘ SEASON SEVEN, 1999-2000

  • the sixth extinction i || the sixth extinction ii || hungry || millennium || rush || the goldberg variation || orison || the amazing maleeni || signs and wonders || sein und zeit || closure || x-cops || first person shooter || theef || en ami || chimera || all things || brand x || hollywood a.d. || fight club || je souhaite || requiem

✘ SEASON EIGHT, 2000-2001

  • within || without || patience || roadrunners || invocation || redrum || via negativa || surekill || salvage || badlaa || the gift || medusa || per manum || this is not happening || deadalive || three words || empedocles || vienen || alone || essence || existence

✘ SEASON NINE, 2001-2002

  • nothing important happened today i || nothing important happened today ii || daemonicus || 4-D || lord of the flies || trust no 1 || john doe || hellbound || provenance || providence || audrey pauley || underneath || improbable || scary monsters || jump the shark || william || release || sunshine days || the truth

✘ FILM #2, 2008

  • the x-files: i want to believe


  • the x-files revival


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  • X-FILES FIC RECS: gossamer, key of x, msrlibrary, x-files book club
  • X-FILES MUSIC: all scores + official soundtracks
  • X-FILES PANELS: SDCC 2013, NYCC 2013, paley 2013
  • ESSAY: the problem of feminism, subversion, and heteronormativity in the x-files
  • PODCAST: kumail nanjiani’s the x-files files
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twins- mike imagine

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Request: for lukeybabe26 - you’re Mona’s twin sister and mike develops a crush on you.

A/N: wow I got really into this… I also haven’t checked over it so sorry for any spelling mistakes. I know he doesn’t exactly develop a crush in this but when I read the request, this is what was in my head x

Being you as well as being Mona’s twin sister was difficult.

When you were younger you used to be bullied by a girl named Alison. You and Mona were very similar. You were interested in the same things and had the same level of intelligence, but you supposed it was because you were her twin.

You both hated Alison with a passion, she would walk down the hallway with her group of puppets and she would shove, you aside, as if you didn’t deserve to even walk down the corridor. She made fun of you for being smart. She made fun of what you wore. She did a lot more to you than anyone thought. She made your life hell and you wanted nothing more than to escape from the high school from hell, but your mother refused.

Mona tried to be her friend, although you didn’t know why. You supposed she wanted to be in that group. But you didn’t. In fact, as soon as you decided you didn’t care about them, you were happy. You had friends and people you could trust, even though you still had to put up with her, you weren’t suffocating anymore.

When she went missing you thought it was a blessing. Of course she had gotten what she always wanted; attention. She was all over the news, there were posters all around town. It was like she was famous and she would’ve loved it. You often wondered if she had done it for attention, you wouldn’t put it past her.

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Sterek Fanfiction Recs Under 500 Kudos - 2/5

(1) (3) (4) (5)

It’s finally here, after how many days working on this! *wipes forehead*

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who helped me bring this to life by reccing stuff from other people. In alphabetic order: accordingtomel (AO3) ||alocalband (Fic Tag) (AO3) || blamethewolf (AO3) || ccainewise || dream-about-dancing (AO3) || erciareyes (Fic Tag) (AO3) || fuchswrites (Fic Tag) (AO3) || greyhoundsgirl || hailtohale (AO3) (Fic Tag) || halesmut || herosterek (AO3) ||  knoxyd (AO3) (Fic Tag) || kolornadziei || pale-silver-comb (AO3) || picara93 ||redvelvet-things || scruffysterek || shut-up-and-sterek (AO3) || stilessredhoodie(AO3) || vintage-bispy || warlockintothetardis || wolfcured and also, of course, the anonymous users. (If I didn’t add your AO3 and/or fic tag was because I couldn’t find it, so please message me if you do have one! Also, if I forgot someone - PLEASE message me. There were so many of you and so much to do, I don’t really know if I’m missing people or fics anymore. It’s all jumbled in my head. :3)

The following fics are all under 500 kudos and ordered by word count. Remember that a lot of people will be recced, but there are still thousands more who didn’t make it to this list. It’s now up to you to make your own lists or even just rec one fic at a time. Please don’t let the injustice of before prevail. I really hope this doesn’t stop with me. :)

I didn’t have the time to find the author’s blogs so I could tag them, so if you know who any of them are on tumblr, please reblog this post and mention them so they can see they are loved. And even if you don’t know any of them, please reblog anyway to help these authors get the attention they deserve.

Now to the fics! Happy readings. ^^

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Grimes: 'In my life, I'm a lot more weird than this'

Claire Boucher wants to play it cool, but as her alter ego she just can’t help standing out. Meet the woman making the most exciting pop on the planet.

Published:  31 October 2015, text: Rachel Aroesti.

Claire Boucher sighs. It’s the sort of sigh that comes with an eye-roll and exasperated sub-vocal muttering. A sigh that, despite her best efforts, she can’t quite seem to suppress. She does it the first time when she hears which songs I’ve been allowed to listen to on her closely guarded fourth album Art Angels, a hyperactively eclectic record that piles up pop and dance tropes into gratifyingly alien forms.

“Oh, whatever, it’s fine,” she smiles, when I ask why she groaned at the mention of California, a faux-saccharine, addictively syncopated country-meets-K-pop track about the media’s treatment of female musicians. “It’s kind of a shitty song. It’s not a shitty song. OK, I’m already doing it.” Moments later, when I ask if the PR spiel was correct in its claim that the album title is a reference to archangels, she sighs again.“Sort of… The label has all these weird ideas. They wanted to put this corporate graffiti in Paris,” she winces. “They were like, ‘‘It could be graffiti but it could be Grimes graffiti.’ I was like, ‘No!’” She mimes despair. “Stop!”With Grimes, 27-year-old Claire Boucher has never made any secret of the fact that what you see is not what you get. When she released her last album Visions in 2012 – a collection of phantasmal, banging electropop that sounded as if it had been fed through both a rasping old desktop and the prism of a dream – its rapturous reception took the Vancouver native from cult concern to internet darling (Oblivion, the album’s best known song, was last year named Pitchfork’s track of the decade so far). At the time, Boucher spoke of Grimes as a business venture – a sort of Svengali-meets-singer deal in which she played both parts, exploiting her own self for her own ends. It was an idea that highlighted her creative clout, but it was also a coping mechanism, forming a pop-star proxy to deal with the invasiveness of fame.

“There are things I would never say in interviews that are my opinions. I’m way more political than I am publicly – significantly more extreme,” Boucher tells me when I ask how the Grimes persona manifests itself on occasions such as this (that is, being asked questions by a stranger while perched on the bed of a London hotel room). “There’s lots of people I hate,” she says. But Boucher is struggling to keep up anodyne appearances.And it’s not just the sighing. See also: her views on bombastic live shows (her upcoming Ac!d Reign tour will apparently be a pared-down affair). “I’m like, ‘Do you understand how fucking bad it is for the environment for everyone to be having 20,000 lbs of lights and this giant fucking fake set of New York?’ U2 had that giant crab – that’s fucked up.” She pauses. “I’m not shitting on U2.”Of PC Music, the London collective whose uncanny valley take on the top 40 of their childhoods provides a contextual touchstone for Art Angels, she says, “It’s really fucked up to call yourself Sophie and pretend you’re a girl when you’re a male producer [and] there are so few female producers,” she begins, before trailing off again. “I think it’s really good music. I probably shouldn’t have said that…”As an enterprise, Grimes has always seemed like a scuffle between creative abandon and calculated moves: what happens when a highly inventive mind attempts to construct a consumer product. The Grimes aesthetic – discordantly multi-coloured hair, not-quite-trendy clothes, album art that looks as if it was done on the inside of a ringbinder during double maths – I’d already describe as pretty unselfconscious-seeming. But Boucher insists her visuals are designed to appease the public.

“In my life, I’m a lot more weird than this,” she explains. “Grimes is more palatable for humans. If it was up to me maybe I’d wear a moustache or something,” she continues, as I start seeing her less as a hipster making bleeding-edge pop, more a kindred spirit of Vic Reeves.“I try to make it digestible to a degree.” Why? “That’s what I’m interested in seeing. I create a thing that I wish existed in the world, versus my own full unabashed creative expression.

In Art Angels, Boucher has produced something that manages to be both more jarringly bizarre and viscerally accessible than Visions ever was: wild ideas and incongruous references distilled into layered and irresistibly danceable pop songs.Visions was a record Boucher has said was born from a panicked, sleep-deprived fortnight. “My management was really crappy at the time and he’d set a release date before I’d even recorded the album. He was like, ‘The album will be coming out at this date,’ and I was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? I have no album!’ And he was like, ‘Well, you better get to it!’”.Art Angels, meanwhile, was made in controlled and leisurely conditions. “This time I made tons and tons of music and handpicked what I liked. I need unlimited time to make as much crazy shit as I want and then work backwards.” The album sounds like something that has had time lavished upon it, too, not least because of its mind-bending range.

Boucher has always claimed to be “post-internet” – of a generation whose fluid genre-identity was made possible by free web downloads – but has also claimed that Grimes was a more traditional pop project. I’m curtly informed that is no longer the case: “Pop is just another genre. Some of my songs are influenced by pop music. Some of them are not.” Now, she says, “the whole purpose of Grimes is that it’s genreless. Trying to constantly put a genre label on it makes no sense and then you are always eating your words two months later. So, why bother?”

She says the thread that binds her work together is not genre but her own authorship. “People keep trying to be like, ‘We’re trying to pin down the Grimes style.’ If you haven’t realised by now, you’re never going to be able to.”Still, I’m tempted to categorise Art Angels as belonging to my favourite genre: music that makes your eyes water, your heart beat faster, and prompts feelings of mild concern for everyone involved. “I like music that might make me feel uncomfortable the first time I listen to it,” she agrees. “I think that’s good, that’s important; sometimes it never gets better but sometimes it gets great.”Nowadays, when music has begun to imitate fashion’s tendency to reconstruct itself out of a relentlessly remembered past – dredging up the most hideously uncool trends, those being the ones that feel most refreshing (and Art Angels contains more than a hint of the Eurodance aped by the aforementioned PC Music) – how do you go about genuinely disconcerting people? “There’s no fully new sound, I think,” she says. “All music right now is seeing how crazy you can get with the genres. I feel like so many people are focused on the 70s to now. I’m curious about music in the year 1100. I think that’s really interesting – combining that with electronic stuff.” That might sound like a pursuit worthy enough to warrant a government grant, but with Grimes you imagine it would genuinely be great.

Boucher has other means of locating roads never travelled, too. One tactic is to transform dance music’s parasitic tendencies themselves. “In the early days I was like, ‘I love Burial – what if it was an intentional vocal instead of samples?’” she says. “I’ll hear some totally fucking crazy remix and I’m like, ‘But what if it wasn’t a remix? What if there were people actually making music like that and it wasn’t a Mariah Carey vocal being sampled?’” For Art Angels, Boucher blocked out all popular music for a year. “I just don’t want to sound current. If I sound current, it’s because I made the new current.”Boucher’s oblique approach to songwriting is partly a result of her coming to the world of music from the sidelines. She attended a school that specialised in creative subjects, but studied art and avoided music completely. “My mom had me do a violin lesson, and the lady told her, ‘Claire will never be able to play the violin, she’s too bad.’” It wasn’t until university in Montreal, when she was hanging out with friends – they were in bands, and one coerced her into singing backing vocals – that she began to suspect her music teacher might be wrong. “It was much easier than I thought to hit the notes. Later on I got one of my friends to show me how to use Garageband so I could start recording myself.” Out of those sessions came her 2010 Dune-referencing cassette-only debut Geidi Primes, released via Arbutus Records, the label that formed a cornerstone of the Montreal synthpop scene in which Boucher had been socialising. By 2011 she had released a second album and toured with Swedish singer Lykke Li, before signing to British indie 4AD in 2012 and releasing Visions.

Despite being managed by Jay Z’s entertainment corporation Roc Nation since 2013, Boucher did pretty much everything on Art Angels herself. It was a decision partially motivated by the treatment she receives in the male-dominated world of recording studios, but she also wants to draw attention to a more insidious male influence in the music industry.

“It’s of interest that we never hear anything where no men were involved,” she says. “But we hear things where no women were involved. [My album] was mixed and mastered by a man. There’s one mastering engineer who is a female, Emily Lazar. I don’t know any female mixers,” she says.“The whole record was produced, engineered, written, performed by a woman, which is pretty rare. I don’t know if I ever heard a record like that, fully, with vocals on and stuff.”Even so, Art Angels doesn’t need all-female production to qualify as one of the most innovative and interesting records of the decade so far: it looks as though Grimes will be among the most brilliant musicians of her generation regardless. Sigh.Art Angels is released on 6 November on 4AD

How I Wrote Through My Depression

I decided to write this post because one Tumblr user responding to How to Overcome Writing Excuses felt that there was a certain amount of ableism within it, as it didn’t take into account people with disabilities. This is a valid concern, as a lot of articles giving writers similar advice can sound very condescending, never taking into account that writers have lives and issues and a myriad of valid things that can get in the way of a writer accomplishing his/her goals. A lot of authors giving writers similar advice do the same thing as well, whether or not they mean to.

However, I feel the post I linked above is one of the more sensitive ones. Even so, there are hardly any posts on how people with disabilities manage to write with a disability that makes getting any writing done seem impossible.

When I went through my first depressive episode back in 2012, I had zero desire to write. I didn’t care if my PA ever finished going through When Stars Die. As far as I was concerned, I wasn’t going to be around long enough to even care what was going to happen with the dang book.  I had no motivation. I was sick with depression. Not to mention I do have a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia, and as we speak, I am in pain while writing this. But rest assured, my fibromyalgia is fairly mild, so I don’t experience pain from it too often. I am sitting in this chair, though, with an icepack on my shoulder because it seems one of my tender points is constantly being injured in ballet class–or just flares or something, because my left side is my weak side.

In any case, writing when you’re depressed is very, very difficult. You lack motivation, your concentration is often shot, you’re generally tired, you can become easily irritated, and you sometimes just want to stay in bed and avoid the world.

All of the above was true for me, except I suffer from insomnia, not hyperinsomnia, so staying in bed didn’t help me escape the feeling of depression. In fact, the longer I stayed in bed to shut myself off from my depression, the more anxious I became, so I generally messed around on my iPad the entire day while remaining in bed.

And then I got a Surface RT, which is more conducive to writing.

Well, one day I finished Emilie Autumn’s semi-autobiography, and one thing stuck out to me. Emilie Autumn wanted to keep going. As an incentive to stay alive, she wanted to complete Opheliac before deciding to do anything. She figured completing Opheliac would rid her of her suicidal feelings–and she was right. Until, of course, depression struck again. But this idea stuck to me, especially when I finally got When Stars Die back from Mariah.

So I made a goal with myself: get When Stars Die published, then I have permission to leave.

I was originally going to self-publish it. That obviously changed.

But the only thing I could do during this depressive episode was just do copy edits and proofreading on When Stars Die. These two stages don’t require too much brain power from me, but I was at least able to get some sort of writing done. So when I finished it, I was saving up for an editor, until I just decided to take a chance on sending to a few presses.

I had also started on Abilify during this time. 

But I landed the contract and was beyond the moon for several days. I thought landing this contract was the reason why I felt so great, until I realized the elevated mood remained. It wasn’t landing the contract that did it. It was my medications finally kicking in. So I was able to go in and start a new book.

However, the point with this first one is that I was able to get some sort of writing done.

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The Holiday: A Cameron Dallas Story (part three)

The amount of notes ive received on the first two parts is crazy so thank you! Hope you enjoy the next part!

I woke up from my nap on the plane to hear Emily and cam’s sister Lawrie giggling and my mum trying to quieten them down

“Leave them alone Emily!” them? Who was she on about? Then I realised that the window I thought I was leaning on, moved. I opened my eyes to see Emily, Lawrie, my mum and Gina all staring at me, I looked up to see that I’d fallen asleep on Cam and he had his arm around my waist. I tried to sit up as quickly as I could but Cam just pulled me in tighter and moaned.

“Cam” I whispered in his ear “Cam wake up”

He woke up and went through the same sequence as me and realised everyone (now including me) was staring at him and he looked down at me and removed his arm from my waist.

“Wow sorry…” he trailed off clearly embarrassed

“Don’t worry about it” I smiled up at him

“Okay show’s over now girls, leave them to it” Gina said to Emily and Lawrie and winked

I sat up and fixed my hair and turned back round to see Cam smiling at me

“What cam?”

“Nothing, you just look cute when you’ve been asleep”

“Oh right… Thanks” I smiled back at him. Did Cameron Dallas really just call me cute? Did I really just fall asleep in his arms? This is a lot to take in with my current state of exhaustion.

“Cabin crew could you prepare for landing, Cabin crew prepare for landing.”

I turned to Cam “Wow how long were we asleep for?!”

“Longer than I thought! You were just so comfy”

I sunk back into my seat and put my seat belt on quickly. Shit, landing scares me more than taking off does. Cam clearly noticed my nervous disposition because he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear: “its gunna be okay we’re almost there”

I shut my eyes and blocked everything out. I was doing well until I heard Gina shout

“Oh my God, no way! That’s amazing!”

I opened one eye and looked over to my Mum in the seat in front of Cam; she turned round to face me

“Did you hear that Bethany?! Cam and his family are staying in the same hotel as us!!”

My nervousness seemed to fade as I looked up at him with excitement

“Seriously Cam?!”

“Obviously so!” He replied as he squeezed my hand tighter. This was already turning into the best holiday ever and it had barely even started yet.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we touched down on the runway; Cam noticed this and smiled down at me as I opened my eyes.

He whispered in my ear “wasn’t that bad was it?”

I laughed and looked out the window. We both excitedly pointed things out and commented on the weather. I didn’t realise until it was time to leave the plane that me and Cam were still hand in hand. I looked down at our intertwined fingers and giggled. Our hands parted as we gathered our things and headed off the plane. We walked down the scarily flimsy stairs which leaded to the runway. I gripped as hard as I could to the handrail and took each step one at a time. Both our mums and our sisters were in front of us and Cam was behind me. He put his hand on my lower back and guided me down the stairs. He immediately made me feel safer. I’ve known this boy what, less than 24 hours and already just his touch on my skin made me feel supported and gave me a sense of security. We caught up to the rest of them and headed towards passport control. As we queued Emily and Lawrie were both on their phones catching up on any One Direction gossip they’d missed during the flight. They were turning into two peas in a pod! My mum and Gina were discussing how we were going to get the hotel since we had already booked a taxi and Gina hadn’t. I pulled out my phone and received a text from my best friend Brooke:

“Hey B, text me when you land! Miss you already:* xx”

“Hey Brooke! Just landed, you’ll never guess who I bumped into at the airport… Cameron Dallas! He’s a total sweetheart and we’re staying in the same hotel and everything. I’ll try facetime you when we’re at the hotel and tell you everything! Miss you more! Xx”

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket as I looked over to Cam to see him glued to his phone. It was just a constant vibrating sound with all the notifications he was getting. It made me realise that he wasn’t just a normal guy, he was famous. But I was still just a normal girl…

“I just posted the vine we made by the way Bethany” Cam snapped me out of my thoughts

“Okay ill check it out” I laughed

I pulled my phone back out and opened my vine app. surely enough the first vine to appear was Cam’s one. I watched it and laughed as I revined and liked it.

I looked ahead to realise we’d reached the passport control desk. We all handed our passports over to have them checked, when I handed mine over the man on the desk looked back and forth between my passport and me a few times before allowing me through. Everyone was waiting for me by the time I walked through.

“Hey what took so long?” Gina asked concerned

“It’s because she’s changed so much since her photo was taken” my mum responded.

It was true, I was only 14 when I had my photo taken and I happened to have braces, was wearing no make-up and was extremely pale. I’d been really sick the week it was taken but mum insisted I had to get it done that day so that I could get my passport back in time of the upcoming holiday we happened to be going on that summer.

“Let me see it then!” Cam teased

I held it tightly to my chest

“No oh my god it’s horrendous!”

“Let me see”

“No Cam!”

I ran away from him with my passport in hand. He ran up behind me, wrapped his hands around my waist, picked me up and span me round. He put me down and started tickling me

 “Alright, alright, you can see it” I said, breathless from the laughing “Just don’t laugh!”

Cam took the passport from my hand and opened it to the page of my picture he looked up at me and smiled

“It’s not even that bad, you still look beautiful”

Wait, what? Cam just said that possibly the ugliest photo in existence was beautiful? Does that mean he thought I was beautiful now?

I blushed, unable to take in the compliment I had just received as our family’s caught up with us.

“Come on you two!” Gina shouted as we walked towards them.

We all walked up to baggage claim and grabbed our suitcases before we saw our taxi driver holding our name on a sign.

“That’s our taxi Mum” I said to my mum, because there were only three of us we only ordered a normal taxi car so there wasn’t enough room for Cam, Gina and Lawrie.

“Don’t worry guys we’ll meet you at the hotel” Gina said

“Here, put in your number…” I said as I handed Cam my phone and he typed his number in.

“Okay, ill text you when we’re in the taxi so you’ve got my number, then text me when you guys are in the hotel and unpacked and we’ll meet round the pool or something?”

“Yeah sounds good, see you later guys!”