how to post art in the middle of the night when nobody's looking

Places where reality is a bit altered:

• any target
• churches in texas
• abandoned 7/11’s
• your bedroom at 5 am
• hospitals at midnight
• warehouses that smell like dust
• lighthouses with lights that don’t work anymore
• empty parking lots
• ponds and lakes in suburban neighborhoods
• rooftops in the early morning
• inside a dark cabinet

• playgrounds at night
• rest stops on highways
• deep in the mountains

• early in the morning wherever it’s just snowed
• trails by the highway just out of earshot of traffic
• schools during breaks
• those little beaches right next to ferry docks
• bowling alleys

• unfamiliar McDonalds’s on long road trips
• your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep
• laundromats at midnight

• galeries in art museums that are empty except for you
• the lighting section of home depot
• stairwells
• hospital waiting rooms
• airports from midnight to 7am
• bathrooms in small concert venues

• cemeteries
• abandoned penitentiaries
• hilltops at night in full moonlight
• most of Japan
• empty barns
• marshes
• really anywhere quiet at midnight, the air vibrates
• old stones and henge
• the ocean when it’s still quiet with fog over it
• train tracks that go through the middle of the woods
• bridges
• ancient places
• stands of old growth forest
• the Eastern Sierras/high desert

• rabbit paths off hiking tails
• trails between the main ski hills
• winter twilight
• back allies between houses
• logging roads
• dirt roads on fall evenings with leaves falling off the trees
• libraries before closing
• anyplace where it’s snowing before sunrise
• the woods during a rainstorm

• roads covered with snow with trees on the sideways while snowflakes are falling out of the sky
• train stations after 10 PM
• outside, right before a massive storm
• the woods just after twilight
• the beach in winter
• the bottom of swimming pools
• empty beaches when its snowing

• back part of a library
• late night empty streets
• highways late at night
• windy roads
• windy roads at night when you can only see the immediate road
• abandoned parking lots (office buildings, homes)
• anywhere immediately after a really bad fight
• little towns late at night when no ones awake and the only lights on are the street posts

• empty buses before sunrise/after sunset
• being the only one outside in the early morning when its almost dark and you feel alone on earth
• mountains with a big forest close to it
• being alone in a spot in ikea
• the lakeside anytime between 2 and 6 am
• firework shows when you’re sitting on the grass
• staring up at very tall buildings
• the tram at a big airport
• abandoned house by a lake

• being the only one downstairs on christmas  
• stepping outside in the early morning when it has just snowed
• when its dark and you see snowflakes falling down in the light of a lamppost on the lonely road
• that one clear spot in the forest with trees surrounding it
• a parked car in a snow/thunderstorm
• corn fields with the wind blowing over them
• malls when they’re about to close for the night
• woods at twilight/dawn
• being on a train after midnight
• theme parks at night

• winding back roads with rolling fog
• seeing “open” signs when its really foggy and cloudy
• being in a train that was crowded when you got in and now its quiet, looking at the seats knowing that there were people sitting there moments ago and now they’re gone
• hiking trails that have nobody on them
• being alone in an elevator for a few minutes
• looking down at the forest when you’re standing somewhere high and seeing the top of the trees with fog lingering over them
• the ferry about to take off in the middle of the night
• tree houses
• empty seats on the late night train
• 4-6 am on a winter morning

• the clouds/damp coming out of your mouth when its really cold in the morning
• stepping out on an unfamiliar metro/train stop
• greenhouses that have been left to grow alone
• cemeteries in the middle of fields
• biking/walking on the main road when its dark without cars
• swamps with fog
• hotel corridors in the middle of the night
• anywhere where you can hear a train whistle in the distance but you can’t see it or know just how far away it is
• foggy mornings in a meadow
• that flickering streetlight
• working offices at midnight

• abandoned amusement parks
• mirrors in an airplane bathroom
• being alone in a church
• empty hotel lobbies
• hearing trains off in the distance especially at night
• snow falling down in general
• being in a place thats supposed to have a lot of people but it doesn’t
• long, dark hallways
• the middle of a park when its snowing
• playgrounds at night
• work/school when you’re snowed in
• caves
• a field of power lines
• being in a forest where there are train tracks not knowing if the train may even ever approach
• bonfires

• being in a different room than everyone else at a party
• the woods on a night with a full moon
• empty stables
• empty metro stations that are usually crowded
• gas stations on long mountain roads
• the old part of a city when you’re the only one in the street
• stadiums when a game or concert is over
• entering a building with a really high ceiling
• moonlight, anywhere

• empty tennis or baseball courts with limited lightning
• times when you are transitioning from one phase to another
• lodges in the snow
• frozen water in the winter
• a little lake in the middle of the forest
• campus during summer
• family gatherings
• construction site after works have gone home
• leaving a tent at midnight
• lonely swings
• overgrown fields
• from twilight to dusk
• farmland thats covered in the morning fog
• suburban neighborhoods filled with tension and wind before a large summer thunderstorm
• being at an abandoned place knowing that years ago at that exact same moment there were people
• the feeling of being chased by someone/something
• knowing you’re not alone in a certain place like a forest

this feeling is scary as FUCK it dawns upon you that something is so quiet or abandoned or empty and vacant that its like the universe forgot to make something happen in the one spotlike you found a glitch in real life like everything seems fake and unreal and real and not fake all at one and youre so confused

Update (So I’ve done something extreme)

Hi everyone.

I know it’s a lot of ask for, because you’ve all always been there for me and I’ve always asked for your support. But I’ll have to ask again. My life has and was still going down a path I didn’t want to go down and I’ve let it get so out of hand until I just…I just snapped. Now, I’ve really really got no place to live, no money for food or anything. But I’ve got a direction I know I want to go.

First off, thank you to @curlysword @legitimateluffy @cyriusli @roomshxmbles @firecatkitten @sosolawlu @madame-austere @welcome-to-sanjis-shitty-kitchen @theveryhungrycatahitler @insatiable-curiosity85 @dragon-shade-lamp-posts @demonkidd-asura @malfunctioningkitten @ryuichicentric @auspizien and many more wonderful users for being here for me to talk to off and on. I am so sorry I haven’t been around lately because of my situation. It’s made me very sad to not be able to interact and be online like I used to be.

So I’m still alive, barely. Yesterday I had my work orientation at the hotel my parents were forcing me to work at. And I went through the day, holding it together pretty well. I was shown how the banquet works, how the system is supposed to log me in and out and how everything I do has to be signed for and documented. 

From buying a muffin to drinking coffee I would have to count every single second of every single thing I do at the office. My job was supposed to be Sales for Events. I had to close my triple earring piercing I got (just like Zoro’s), and I would have had to dye my hair black. I would be stuffed into a pencil skirt and look just like everyone else and talks just like everyone else and kiss ass to big-named corporate clients to convince them to have their events at the hotel.

I would have had to wear three inch heels from 7am to 6pm (minimum, sometimes these girls go home at 10 or more), until my toes cried every, damn, day, Monday to SATURDAY. Saturday. Those don’t count as overtime people. I get one day off a week.

I would have gone home, exhausted, stressed, confused and completely and utterly miserable with my life. I knew this. I knew I would hate this. I knew I would hate a corporate outfit. I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in a pencil skirt and made to look and act like some mindless, faceless drone.

And yet my parents wouldn’t listen. I already told them I would hate it. I went in to work, saw what was going to happen to me. Saw how they were dumping all the previous girl’s (she quit because she couldn’t take how they were treating her anymore, I went snooping and saw how she was getting penalties and timecards asking why she was even ONE MINUTE late to signing in to work and having tog ive reasons why she shouldn’t be penalized) stuff on me because nobody else would take it.

I never wanted that kidn of life where I could only think back and dream about how I used to draw, used to hang out with my art friends, used to chat, used to run for advertising deadlines and deal with clients who have no idea what they want and what I’m doing. I’d prefer that.

I’d prefer sleeping on someone else’s couch and wondering where my next meal is going to come than live in 3 inch heels and a pencil skirt, kissing up to people I don’t even know or care about to meet an impossibly high quota.

I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to even try. I know where I wanted to try my luck. I wanted to try advertising, I wanted to try concept art, I wanted to cry over why my designs weren’t good enough yet instead of cry over wondering how the fuck I became a pencil-pusher who was only earning 780 usd for going through this miserable bullshit. I’d rather work at a convenience store and take shifts and ride the bus and have an erratic schedule.

So I snapped. I came home. In the middle of opening my packages to dye my hair black I had a meltdown. I cried. I wailed, even. I didn’t want this and I don’t want this still and I will never want this experience ever in my life.

My dad kept insisting ‘just try it for 2 months and then look for another job?’ 2 months?! Does he really believe that I was going to be able to look for something else while waking up at 6 every morning and going home past ten every night MONDAY TO SATURDAY? This job was a TRAP. This job was so that I didn’t have time to do or work or think about anything else but this damn job. No. I’m not even going to try. This was a trap and I just know it was my mother’s idea. She’d even called the house before to ask people to make sure I wasn’t drawing. (Like wtf, woman?)

This may sound like a coward’s way out, but I know a trap when I see one. I know myself well enough to know that I was going to be miserable there and I was going to be cornered into not being able to leave unless I outright just walked out and quit like the last girl and just become unemployed again. So I might as well stay unemployed.

There were a lot of things that happened that led up to this meltdown but this post is long enough as it is. The gist of it is that I’m so, so, SO DAMN TIRED of my parents guilt-tripping me and calling me ungrateful just to force me to do something I don’t want to do. I have never EVER gotten any moral support or positive reinforcement from them my entire life and I had had ENOUGH.

I didn’t report in to work today. Last night, while I was wailing my head off and scaring the shit out of the neighbors I called my mom and screamed at her that I hated her. I messaged my dad and told him I hated him. Extreme and I was wrong to do that and I will apologize, but I don’t regret it. I’ve been keeping everything I want and everything I wanted to do and be inside me for so long they even managed to wedge me into a corporate outfit that wasn’t even remotely close to what I even studied for. They did it so easilly, because they have money and power and friends in high places…

I just want enough to get by in a small apartment, a bed, food, wifi, water, electricity and time to work on my art. That’s all I want and that’s all I ever wanted.

I’ve been kicked out of the house I forced to move into because that’s where my mom puts all the people and things she doesn’t want to look at and think about anymore. (My two aunts and grandma are either too old to work, have cancer or have strokes and fainting fits every once in awhile and they all say she’s just waiting for them to die.) Right now, my uncle is keeping me at his place where I’m typing this and figuring out what to do next.

I’ve planned to work at a call centre in the meantime to tide myself over while I look for a job at an ad agency or an animation company, no matter how small-time. I just don’t want to be in corporate. I was scared to apply before because I thought I wasn’t good enough. That’s how I ended up in this corporate-bullshit situation. Now, I have no choice.

I’ll still be posting art. I’ve got things done and scheduled until the 17th of May and I’m looking to make an even longer buffer this week while I also get my portfolio together. Thank you all so much for being with me. If you like my work, right now, I’d really, really appreciate it if you’d support me on my patreon. I’ve always got things for you guys to enjoy there, so I hope you don’t feel like you’ll be paying for nothing.

I’ve got to go for now. Battery’s dying and I’m at the house alone so I’ll have to figure out how to get my shit together to get started on moving on.

Wish me luck.

all of my freaking headcanons

Hold on guys this is gonna be a long ride-

Jesse will eat certain meats like chicken or rabbit, but he won’t eat steak or mutton unless he absolutely has to, and will NEVER eat pork. Ever.

Lukas sometimes builds giant statues of himself.

Olivia sometimes rambles on about redstone to her friends, who have absolutely no clue what she`s talking about.

Petra and Jesse are evenly matched in terms of combat, but Petra has the slightly better reflexes.

Axel tries to stand next to Jesse a lot to make himself look tall.

Ivor acts like Jesse’s dad, and will freak out if he thinks Jesse is hurt or in trouble.

Jesse also gets annoyed by Ivor`s dad behavior sometimes.

Petra often sneaks out at night to go mob-slaying without anyone`s knowing.

Olivia sometimes write down simple tutorials on how to build redstone contraptions and attempts to sell them on the streets. (It`s semi-successful.)

The Order often wear disguises when going out in public to do some stuff to avoid attention.

The only person shorter than Jesse is Dan.

Lukas is shy about asking his friends with training or help with something.

Petra doesn`t really like non-meat foods that aren’t sweets.

Lukas is the fangirl magnet of the group. He gets the most dirty fan-art and slightly creepy compliments.

Jesse gets a lot of short person jokes in fan mail. Which Jesse immediately throws at Axel`s face. It is all Axel`s fault.

Axel doesn’t like sharing food.

Axel`s not fat. Well not completely fat.

Lukas often asks Jesse to spar with him instead of Petra, because Jesse is more chill about stuff, while Petra`s like Undyne making pasta when it comes to fighting.

The fans want Jesse to dye his hair purple. None of the New Order really knows why, but the fans do.

Lukas has a fear of lava.

Petra secretly wishes Jesse wasn`t so cHILL ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Axel will willingly participate in redstone engineering with Olivia… as long as it involves TNT.

Olivia REALLY likes to drink milk.

Ivor likes to steal Olivia`s redstone for potions.

If one of Ivor`s friends are down, he won’t usually provide very helpful advice or support unless it`s Jesse. (*COUGH* FATHERANDSON *COUGH*)

Lukas likes fishing.

Jesse is decent with a bow and arrow, but still prefers swords.

Jesse is also a slight huge fucking weeaboo.

Ivor calls Axel tubby. Axel doesn’t like this.

Ivor had a secret stash of cookies that he steals from Axel.

Ivor plays pranks on the local kids on Halloween while they`re tick-or-treating.

Jesse likes to take walks in the middle of the night when he can’t sleep, even in winter.

Thanks to me drowning Jesse two times, I have decided Jesse isn`t that good of a swimmer.

Petra slaps anyone who makes her mad. She`d do it even to the dead Wither Storm.

Axel sometimes plays pranks on the other NOOTS members with Ivor.

Olivia one time accidentally flung Redstone into Lukas` eyes. Boy that was a fun experience.

Em is evenly matched with Petra in terms of arm wrestling.

Nobody can beat them in an arm wrestling contest.

Ivor has a room in the NOOTS temple where the floor is lava covered by two layers of black stained glass.

Lukas screams when people look at his journal without asking.

Lukas is secretly a very good artEEST.

Em gives Jesse Noogies because he’s freaking tiny.

Everyone in the NOOTS call Jesse ‘Jess’ a lot which annoys the crap out of him.

Em and Axel are perfect for each other (Not romantically). They’re always talking about explosions and things they think are cool.

Lukas can actually lift up Axel if he’s REALLY angry.

Lukas is bisexual.

Ivor steals food.

Petra makes cookies Undyne-style.

Jesse is calm until you insult him. He then proceeds to beat the crap out of you.

Petra treats Jesse like a little brother. I swear they`re all family.

Everyone goes on adventures in the portal hallway once in a while. It`s a lot more fun when you can find your way home.

All the guy fans have a massive crush on Petra. Whoever flirts with her gets a sword up the anus.

Axel is the guy who plays pranks on the rest of the NOOTS and records it and then proceeds to post it on social media.

Everyone is careful not to eat ham in front of Jesse.

Lukas has a diary, and freaks out if anyone knows about it.

Everyone in the NOOTS is afraid of bats for some reason. The NOOTS fan club finds that hilarious.

The NOOTS is squad goals af.

Ivor has trouble opening up to people, even if they`re close to him.

Lukas had to save Jesse from drowning once. It wasn`t fun.

Olivia likes Winter best. “Screw Summer”, as she has said.

Jesse is terrified of thunderstorms and he is reminded of the Wither Storm when he hears them.

Jesse hates it when his friends know he`s down or in a bad situation. He`s afraid they`ll look at him as weak.

Lukas is great at swimming.

Axel is actually a really good baker.

Lukas` nickname is “Luke”. He doesn`t get annoyed when he’s called it, unlike Jesse with his nickname.

Jesse owns a Saitama body pillow.

Lukas is a great cook.

The NOOTS are actually more like a band of siblings when not in public.

Olivia hates nicknames for whatever reason.

Jesse likes to crack puns. Only Axel likes them.

Em does not know what an “inside voice” is.

There`s crazy conspiracy theories that the NOOTS created the Wither Storm and killed the OOOTS. Ivor doesn`t like the theory.

Jesse and Petra both have a lot of scars on their arms. Probably because they like to go in head-first.

Jesse is an all-nighter. Lukas doesn`t like this and drags him to bed by 4:00 am.

Petra tells their fans that she`s actually the leader of the NOOTS. Nobody believes her.

Ivor is a hermit x1000. He`s also lazy a lot. 

“Speed Force has a crush on Barry pass it on.”

“PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER.  …itty bitty living space.”
“I’m six two.

The incomparably lovely @je-ne-ai-pas-peur​ and I were talking Speed Force last night, found a fantastic tangent, and I’ve decided to make a masterpost of that shenaniganry.


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Red - Chapter 11 “Green Monster” - Outlaw Queen Fanfic

Art by the amazing starscythe <3

What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White?

Outlaw Queen / AU Enchanted Forest / Angst, Drama, Romance / Rated M

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 |Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

It hadtaken her three whole days. 

Forthree days, Robin had not been graced even with a single glimpse of her shadow. 

The day after the mermaid incident he had woken up in the middle of the afternoon – still with his limbs aching from the straining and most senseless adventure he had ever had. He had gone to her chambers as soon as he had put something in his stomach. But she had not been there; she was nowhere to be found in the entire castle. He had asked around, every guard, every single soldier in sight but nobody seemed to know where she was, had been last seen with him the day before and then nothing. 

Robin was confused, painfully so, the numb feeling on his chest for once did not assist him in clearing his head off the events of that day. 

He did not know how to feel about it. He did not even know how he could feel anything at all. That day - the day she had almost killed half fish Snow White and they had been trapped on that damned tree - had been one of the most insane days of his life. 

He did not know what had possessed him to follow her - especially after she had dumped him inside that cold river. He had felt uneasy about her going out all by herself, even though he knew that she was more than capable to fare for herself. He did not even pretend that he was honoring his post as captain of her personal guard, that title and a pile of horse manure had the very same importance to him. 

Riding the whole night, he was able to reach the seaside kingdom just before sunrise and as soon as he found civilization, started inquiring about the whereabouts of the castle. It had not been that difficult to spot it, nor to find the Queen, for she was hoisting up a mermaid on the deck situated directly in front of the castle. A mermaid that had looked a lot like the brat she had commissioned him to kill, he felt a surge of strange joy in knowing the Queen would be fulfilling her revenge on the princess she searched for so manically. He chose to hide away near the deck, amongst several wooden barrels and boxes that were to be loaded inside a ship anchored a few paces away. She never needed to know he had been there, he just wanted to make sure nothing- 

When he had spotted the red haired girl making her way back towards the Queen Robin froze. She held unskillfully a silvery pointy object in one hand but her aim was quite clear, the Queen’s neck. He did not think twice. He shot her right in the gut, he did not even go for the mercy shot in the neck choosing to make her suffer for trying to harm her, possibly even kill his- 

But of course the Queen had acted like an ungrateful bitch from the moment she had spotted him. Their banter had been most of the times entertaining but she clearly had not been thinking straight at that particular moment. He had had just about enough of her retorts, screams and insults so he had simply walked away, had left her alone to scream at the wind. He knew she was more than capable of fairing for herself, puffing herself back home with a single flick of her wrist. 

Apparently, he had been mistaken, she had chased after him. Robin had been thoroughly confused when she called out for him the first time, 

Why hadn’t she simply used magic? 

She had looked different then, uneasy, as if she did not have all the answers in the book and also quite resolute in trying her best not to show that very same fact. However, her feelings were always bared to him for some inexplicable reason; he was able to read her moods almost second naturally by now. 

He had seen so many sides of her it made him dizzy and excessively uneasy. He had not known what to make of all the stormy spirits he had seen in her eyes, he had caught a small glimpse of her being vulnerable. It was obvious that she had been stripped of her magic and that that terrified the living shit out of her. 

He could have run, left her there, retrieved his heart from the castle and simply left forever. He would never have to listen to her insult him, or belittle him or through him in bloody rivers. He could have also bargained for his heart in exchange for assisting and protecting her. He could have even killed her himself - it would have been ridiculously easy, she was a petite woman behind all that power she had lacked at that moment - it would have only taken a snap or one single arrow. 

But the mere idea of killing her brought a chilling feeling up his spine, he could never do it, could never harm her. That realization hit him hard and deep whilst she stood in front of him waiting for his response. He did not understand why, but he simply did not have the strength to do it. Nor did he feel he was capable of leaving her to fend for herself, he would never forgive himself if something were to happen to her. Leaving her forever was completely out of the question. 

She had changed him, somehow she had. He had been then certain he would never be the same after he had met this maddening but stunning woman. He could not imagine himself being parted from her, even if she drove him up a wall with her attitude. 

He had been left with the option of simply helping her. But of course, she was not making it any easier for him, it seemed she grew more and more irritable by the second in their tracking. Their banter seemed to go on forever, her mood shifting so much Robin felt ready to simply knock her over the head and carry her unconscious self back to the castle. 

He did not, however, oppose to her shedding half her clothes off. By the time they had managed to get on top of that tree he was resolute that she had never looked more wild and exquisite. She had let down her hair, it was damp and clung to her skin in a way Robin did not know could be attractive, her brassiere was sin itself and barely left anything to the imagination, plus - after he had taken care of her skirt - quite a nice quantity of leg was at his eyes’ disposal. 

He could hardly even believe he had confessed to her about the electric feeling he experienced when they touched. He had been thankful she had not laughed at his face or taunted him but he had to salvage himself somehow so he made that ridiculous comment about her cunt being tailor made for him. He never thought it would have the effect it did upon her; she was on him a second later, all fiery, forgetting about her injured foot and her ruined clothes. 

It was a laughable affair that - for once - she had been wearing undergarments but they did not keep him from pumping his eager fingers inside her, hard and fast, and seeing her come apart with his touch. Her release over his curved fingers did something to Robin; it flared him up with an indescribable amount of pride and smugness. Of course, it had been his fatal mistake to actually voice his feelings the way he did. When her eyes acquired a new shimmer, they had been wide and almost unblinking. She was more looking through him, his words snapped her out of her haze but it only took a second for her to get her claws around his neck. Something that brought him back to their first time together, when she had almost killed him for having failed is mission. 

The situation then had been quite similar, for he felt her clutch was mighty even for a woman of her physical stature. Last time she had been assisted by magic but now even though he knew she was not using any of it she was managing to strangle him alright. However, Robin found himself unable to harm her, he did not have the strength to pull her hands away, and instead he just regarded her with questioning eyes. 


Why was she doing this? 

Why would she try to kill him? 

When their eyes met it was as if a spell on her own had been broken, her clutch became nonexistent and her body feel on his. This was the most unusual part of this whole exchange, the fact that after trying to openly kill him, she would quite simply through her weight on him and sigh. 


I am not weak


Switchblade (2/?)

Something based off of Yetiokay’s Michael from the streets!AU. This is kind of a work in progress, and I don’t know yet how often I’ll post, or how long this story will turn out.

Pairings: AH OT6

Summary: “AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place (because it really is) full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him.” When he meets the AH crew, he learns that there might actually be more to life than just surviving. 

Warnings: Language, violence

Word count: 3,964

Other Parts


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