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Hello, writerly friends~ ♥︎

It’s finally here! I’ve finally gotten around turning my old planning guide into a video series– and just in time for NaNoWriMo!

Over the course of a couple of years of running this blog I’ve gotten tons of writing questions, and without a doubt the #1 question I’ve gotten is: “Max, how do *you* plan a novel?” Well, click on the video above to find out how I go about brainstorming, fleshing out, and plotting a book! :D

This planning guide is broken into two parts. The video above should be annotated to take you to the second part, otherwise feel free to click on this link!

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How To Make A Plan To Write A Visual Novel In A Month So You Can Finish It In Three And A Half… — Mammon Machine: ZEAL
Postmortem: 100 Days On We Know The Devil
By Aevee Bee

Aevee Bee’s post-mortem of We Know The Devil is basically required reading for anyone looking to write a visual novel or text adventure (or any videogame really.) Choice quote:

After we bounced concept art and character profiles we would both have such a grasp of the characters we could both write scenes featuring them; Mia would message me at like 12AM with “this vine is totally Venus” and I’d be like, yes, and also the person who smashed the glass against her face is Neptune. We literally developed this game by shitposting with our own characters, so please value that work; it’s how we came up from everything from the underage drinking to the truth or dare and seven minutes in heaven scenes.

Kishi's Secret Plan
  • Kishi: Soo... I get hella uncomfortable doing romance, and everyone's begging for it so why don't you guys handle it when you write the hidens?
  • Assorted Hiden Authors: yeah okay. So we can go crazy?
  • Kishi: sure. No sex scenes tho.
  • Assorted Hiden Authors: obviously. Psshht.
  • *Kishi leaves*
  • Sakura Hiden Author: dammit.
  • -a few weeks later-
  • Kishi: So guys... How's the novel planning going?
  • Kakashi Hiden: I decided not to put too much romance in mine.
  • Kishi: cool I like that.
  • Shikamaru Hiden: So... I totally wrote about shikatema... That's okay right?
  • Kishi: well, yeah. I ship them. Obviously.
  • Akatsuki Hiden: lol no idea.
  • Kishi: Kk chill. You got time.
  • Kishi: okay! Okay!
  • Konoha Hiden: Also... *whispers* Kiba'slovestory *cough*
  • Kishi: say something?
  • Konoha Hiden: who me? Nah.
  • Gaara Hiden: so I decided to call mine a 'story of love' and Gaara's totally gonna get with a chick. I'm thinking Tenten or something XD
  • Kishi: ...what.... Who?
  • Gaara Hiden: yeah and Gaara's going to get a totally hilarious hairstyle, too!
  • Kishi: er, we'll... talk later. What about you, Sakura Hiden?
  • -everybody leaves except Sakura Hiden Author-
  • Sakura Hiden: Well... I want to- it would be... An honour, to write the Sasusaku love story.
  • Kishi: you... Want to write the Sasusaku love story?
  • Sakura Hiden: yeah... Is that okay...?
  • Kishi: ...s-sure. Go ahead.
  • Kishi: er... Sure.
  • -Sakura Hiden author leaves-
  • Kishi: So... She's going to write the Sasusaku love story, huh? Well... I suppose it makes sense. Everyone has been asking. I haven't really thought about it but I've always had this one scenario in my head... But she probably won't write it that way, haha... So... The story of how they got together will forever be different from how I imagined it? Um....
  • ------
  • -Sakura Hiden Author is walking down the street from Kishi's office-
  • Sakura Hiden: ooh I can't wait to write about how they finally get together!
  • Kishi: *calling from a distance as he runs towards her* WAIT!! WAITTT!!
  • Sakura Hiden: eh? It's... Masashi San?
  • Kishi: ha...ha...ha.... (Out of breathe) you...cannot... Write... The Sasusaku... Love story.... Hah.
  • Sakura Hiden: b-but-
  • Kishi: shhh! I have a plan! Sasuke will get his waifu!! But it will happen MY WAY.
  • Sakura Hiden: but, Masashi San... You will have to draw THOSE TYPE of scenes!
  • Kishi: IDC!! YOLO BABY!! Like my homegirl Hinata said, 'SAYONARA!'
  • -runs away-
  • ------------------
  • A/N
  • And that, everybody, is how I think it went down XD
  • Not really.

what if…. I drew a webcomic 👀

anonymous asked:

how do I plot ;-;

Hey Anon, I know plotting can be one of the most overwhelming parts of writing a new story and it can seem, at first, like too big of an endeavor to take on, but if you take the time to write down your ideas and map out whatever is currently flying around your imagination, plotting will guide you throughout the entire writing process. Here are some simple resources to get you started. 

noonecanknowtheirdestiny  asked:

Hi max! okay, so I have a question. I'm currently in university and I have a week to come up with a story idea. I don't want to force myself to come up with an idea that I don't connect with because I know I won't enjoy the writing process. Everytime I try to brainstorm I draw a blank which is causing me to stress and be less inspired. What you recommend for having to come up with a story idea under pressure Thank you! :)

I have just the thing for you~ ♥︎

We actually think alike. I know myself too well, and if a story doesn’t appeal to me then I will never finish it. Simple as that :/

Over the years, and nearly ten books, I actually developed a system for brainstorming ideas and planning novels. It was such a successful post that I updated it last October before NaNoWriMo and turned it into a two-part video series! You can find it here:

How to Plan Your Novel“ by M. Kirin

I am not sure if you’re looking to work on a full-fledged novel, but the basic idea is the same. This guide will walk you through the process of digging up the elements that inspire you to write, and melding them together into something new~

I hope it helps!

decided to start reading the ERASED manga after the third episode of the series, just wanted to see how the anime was adapting the novel, BUT I WAS NOT PLANNING ON READING ALL 35 CHAPTERS IN ONE GO ;_____; god this is easily one of the best mangas i’ve ever come across