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shayna louisbeckham’s HL fic rec!!!!

hi ok so i read a lot of fic and these were my favorites that i read in 2013 so i really hope everyone finds a favorite fic in here because there’s funny, sad, angsty, smutty and everything in between on this rec :) *THESE ARE ALL LARRY PAIRINGS, MOST FICS ARE LONG!!

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anonymous asked:

Hii! I'll be on a plane for 13 hours and im downloading some fanfics on my phone, can you recommend me some good chaptered (completed) larry fics pleasee? I look through some of your recs but theyre all oneshots:/

Sure!!!! I’m also going to include long oneshots as well :)  All fics below are either completed chaptered or oneshots that are over 50k words!!!!

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