how to paint a galaxy

DIY Galaxy Mason Jars

Use colorful acrylic paint to easily create colorful galaxy glass jars.

Find this DIY Galaxy Mason Jar Tutorial from The Swell Designer here.

More Constellation, Nebula and Galaxy DIYs

I like almost any Space DIY. You can check out my posts for Constellation DIYs here, Nebula DIYs here, and Galaxy DIYs here. What are the differences between a nebula and galaxy?

A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust located between stars and/or surrounding stars. A galaxy is a collection of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. (source)

If you need galaxy inspiration, check out the Copyright Free NASA Galaxy Photos here. These photos are from a huge collection of NASA’s “Picture of the Day” archive.  

Make a DIY Black Velvet Galaxy Cake with a tutorial and recipe from Sprinkle Bakes here.

Here is a Roundup of my 12 Favorite Constellation DIYs.

And for my Roundup of 6 DIY Nebula Galaxy Bottle and Jewelry Tutorials go here.


Step by step of my mini galaxy painting.

I used acrylics, my synthetic brushes and paper for acrylic painting (360 gsm).

P. S. It was harder to blend acrylics on the paper, i prefer to do it on canvas.

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“Her face was like the night sky…you could almost trace out the constellations with her star-like freckles”

Inspiration: @qinni ’s starred freckles painting.

I can’t speak to “the validity of the struggle” like most folks can but I will say this, oil painting manicures and magenta ombre hair is a ton of fun! Especially when your client’s willing to hold out each finger for you.

Progress and a detail shot of the Nebula Dress that’s currently on the easel.


Groot Fan Art

BUY as poster, case, pillow and more!

Some progress shots. I used overlay and multiply paint modes and started with a colourful base and gradually built up to more realistic colours before drawing the finer detail on top.