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Did you ever have insecurities while chasing your goal of becoming an astronaut? Were there pressures placed on you, by yourself or others, that you had to overcome? And if so, how did you overcome them? -Emma

Emma, I think everyone has insecurities about going into the unknown. The trick is not letting them get in the way. I think if you’re passionate about what you want, no amount of insecurities will keep you from it. 

BTS Reaction To You Having Low Self Esteem

Anon asked: bts reaction to you having low self esteem?

Here you go! I know that not only do I suffer from low self esteem but many other people do to, so I hope you all enjoy this. -Spice

Rap Monster:

It would upset him a little bit that you had no confidence in yourself, but he knew that anyone could gain confidence in themselves if they practiced. Namjoon would constant praise you and complement you, trying to help boost your confidence as he tried to guide you towards being completely self confident.

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Being the king of self confidence, it would worry him that you had low self esteem. Seokjin would likely give you suggestions and tips as to how to overcome your insecurities, such as surrounding yourself in them until you become adjusted and comfortable with them. If you didn’t want to do that, then he would just resort to telling you how beautiful you were every day.

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Yoongi would want you to be confident in yourself and not give a shit about what other people thought, but he wouldn’t really know how to help you. He would likely resort to complementing you on your flaws and emphasizing how amazing you looked with them. If anything, he wanted you to know that no matter what, he thought you were perfect in every way.

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Anytime he noticed you feeling insecure about yourself, he would immediately swoop in to save the day with loads of affection or jokes to make you laugh. Hoseok hated it whenever you felt down about yourself, so he’d do anything to boost your confidence or at least take you mind off your insecurities.

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When you told him about your low self esteem he would frown and pull you into his arms, asking you why you felt this way about yourself. He would reassure you that you were extremely beautiful in his eyes, and that there wasn’t a damn thing he would change about you.

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Out of all the boys, Jimin would probably understand the most about what it was like to have low self esteem. Although he couldn’t believe you thought so lowly of yourself, he would murmur encouraging words to you constantly and give tips on how to work towards self confidence.

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Jungkook would be confused that you didn’t have much self esteem. After all,  you were so beautiful, how could you not have confidence in yourself? Either way, he would make sure to complement you even more after you told him about your low self esteem, and would list every little thing about you that he liked.

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i think it’s nice and cute when conventionally attractive people make videos/write/speak on how to be confident and talk about overcoming their insecurities (everyone’s insecure yay!) but it’s probably not the best move cos if anything, it makes the rest of us feel worse 

The Signs as Self Love Tips

Aries: make a list of things you dislike about yourself.  don’t be hard or cruel to yourself, but keep it simple.  write down as many things as you can think of.  decorate this list with whatever you wish, using colors and objects that maybe you don’t like so much or that bring negative thoughts to your head.  now, in a very safe manner, make a fire and toss in the list.  watch it burn away all of the negative thoughts and energies.  after it is only ashes, create and decorate a similar list, but of things you love about yourself, and keep this one.

Taurus: make sure you feel comfortable in your space.  an important part of self-love is having an environment that makes you feel serene, happy, and healthy.  decorate your room (or whatever your safe space is) with colors and objects that make you feel good.  get rid of anything that holds bad memories or that you associate with your points of insecurities.  don’t be afraid to move things around and try a new feel for your space every once in a while.  arrange and rearrange until you feel completely wonderful in your space.

Gemini: write about yourself.  try doing so in third person, perhaps with a different name and identity as you.  however, give this person similar traits as you.  write about them, in any setting, going through a journey of self-discovery.  elaborate on their (your) good traits, and make sure they live up to your full potential.  take their (your) not-so-great traits (or points of insecurity) and write about how they overcome these, use them to their advantage, or learn to accept and love them.  try using what you wrote in your life.

Cancer: don’t be afraid to cry.  the idea that crying is a weakness is a social standard in today’s society, and there is actually much benefit that comes from crying.  read your favorite book, watch your favorite movie, hug your favorite stuffed animal.  gather all of the harmful thoughts you have about yourself and cry.  let all of those thoughts channel out through your tears, and visualize them leaving your body with every drop.  when you’re done, treat yourself to something you love and write down a few positive things about yourself.

Leo: every morning when you wake up, or every night before you go to sleep, look in the mirror.  stare at yourself, at all of your wonderfully human features and beautiful imperfections.  say “i am beautiful” (with variations such as handsome, pretty, gorgeous, good-looking, etc) three times, or write it down three times.  say it even if you don’t believe it.  you deserve to love yourself, and putting this self love into words, as well as associating it with your face/body, will help you come to realize what an amazing person you are!

Virgo: keep a self-love journal.  make sure to keep up with it, and once a day write a single thing you love about yourself.  make sure to include things about your appearance as well as personality.  after you have written your daily entry, say the words you wrote out loud to yourself.  say it as many times as you wish, as many times as it takes for the positive words to bring a smile to your face.  decorate this journal with colors, drawings, stickers, or other decor that makes you feel happy.  go back through the journal when needed.

Libra: do whatever you can to make yourself…you.  maybe you don’t feel comfortable wearing the kind of clothes, makeup, or accessories you like in public yet, so do it at home.  walk around with those new shoes or dye your hair temporarily.  look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate how you truly look like YOU.  perhaps try building up to presenting yourself this way in public, if you feel comfortable.  if you take a step toward feeling more confident and like yourself, whether in public or not, treat yourself to something you love.

Scorpio: do something nice for yourself.  try to think of something that you love doing, or experiencing.  think outside of the box, and make an attempt to do that.  if you can, try sharing it with someone else.  for example, take a friend to that art gallery you’ve been wanting to visit.  have fun, and get excited for this outing.  when you get back, find a piece of paper and write down all the things you did and how much fun you had.  afterwards, take a nap or do something to help you relax, and remember to breathe.  have fun.

Sagittarius: create a self-love jar.  cut up little pieces of paper, and on each piece, write something that you really love about yourself.  take a large mason jar (or whichever size you would like, really) and decorate it with ribbons, paint, stickers, or whatever you like.  choose your favorite colors and things that soothe you to decorate the jar.  place the pieces of paper in the jar, and put it somewhere that you can see it.  every time you’re feeling down or your self-esteem is low, pick out a piece of paper and read it out loud to yourslf.

Capricorn: take a bath.  fill up the tub with water, epson salt, bubble bath, a bath bomb, or whatever you like.  make sure the temperature is how you like it, and then relax.  you may be inclined to think about your worries and insecurities, but instead try to focus on listing off ten or more things that you love about yourself.  try to get as many as you can.  say them out loud if you wish, so that you can hear them, as well.  make sure to wash all of the negative thoughts off of your body during your peaceful bath.

Aquarius: meditate in your free time.  attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts, especially negative ones about yourself.  let those thoughts go, because they do nothing but weigh you down and make you feel heavy.  if you need, focus on your positive traits during your time.  use this medium of relaxation to learn to see yourself in a more serene, peaceful way.  potentially increase your acceptance of yourself and/or your body.  meditation also has many other positive effects, aside from self love, and can work wonders.

Pisces: practice art in place of self-hate, or practice art to celebrate self-love.  when you are feeling particularly bad about yourself, create a piece of art (whether it be a song, a poem, a sculpture, a painting, a drawing, etc) to release those negative feelings.  destroy it after you have made it, if you wish.  when you are feeling good about yourself, celebrate your happiness with a more loving, special piece of art.  with this type of art, you should either keep it to remind yourself how amazing you are or gift it to someone you love.

remember that all of these can be applied to anyone!  just because i classified a certain exercise under a certain sign does not mean it will only work for that sign.  i encourage you to try all of these!  remember to love yourself :)

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How to overcome insecurities? :(

I have overcome some of my insecurities (just some because I still have unresolved ones) either by accepting them or changing them. I accept what I could never change and try to like them anyway because hating something in yourself is too exhausting, although I’m still trying to fully like them. I change what I can which is more difficult for me. 

Just remind yourself that you are not your insecurities, you are not your flaws, your mistakes, your pain, your longing for something else. Remind yourself that everyone else you meet is imperfect just like you, facing battles everyday like insecurities and don’t try to compare yourself too much with others. It doesn’t help. 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14 

WARNING: EXTREMELY LONG POST.So, recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of tumblr love going around and I wanted to join the action, for all my followers because I know what it’s like when you’re going through a tough time and then you stumble upon something and it makes your day, maybe your week or your month, idk, I’m rambling, but I love you and I worked really hard on this so I hope you love it, I hope it helps you in some way



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“Social media has been a great platform to join the body positive movement by being transparent about my insecurities and talking about how I overcome them every day. Recently, @refinery29 a fashion, style and beauty website based in New York, reached out to me for an article interviewing and photographing 4 differently abled women in all their slayage at the beach & pool….”-
📷: @gigilaub
. #Mamacax #takebackthebeach #refinery29 #coneyisland #R29 #gillianlaub

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Hi, how are you? I'm a new follower to your blog, which I love by the way. I just saw, read, and re blogged your last post and the issues you've had with your skin and how you still love yourself despite what your skin may look or feel like. I wanted to know, in a society focused on looking "perfect" all the time especially girls with flawless skin, how did you overcome that mentally? How did you continue to love yourself despite what you saw and felt?

Hey love … thank you for following :)

It’s hard for me to write a testimony about how I overcome my insecurities about my skin because I really don’t know how it happened but I’ll try.

When I was younger, i couldn’t even go to the grocery store, clothes shopping or for a driving lesson without putting on makeup. Now I wear it in situations I actively want to look sexy in. Not to hide. Like when I’m going out or want to feel feisty with my lover.

Now, how I’ve come to accept myself? By not caring what people think of my face in situations I feel don’t require enhancements. I came to terms with reality and realised that in the grand scheme of things …. people do not care. No one cares about me apart from those who care about me. And those who care about me don’t care about the way I look.

Also, pretty girls? Dime a dozen. There are plenty. Plenty. We see, we tap like, we forget. I’ve a acknowledged that people are forgettable. So am I. It sounds grim but remember, we will be forgotten by 90% of people we are trying to impress. I’m not on Instagram and I don’t post selfies on twitter so I don’t know what it’s like to get an adrenaline rush from people’s compliments and constantly seek more. I’m not sure I’d even get a rush. Even on tumblr, I don’t get that many likes lol. Maybe the odd pic.

I think not being attracted to men helps as well. To be very honest and open with you. Not to say there aren’t plenty straight women who don’t give a toss and love themselves regardless, but not caring about the ill-informed opinions of men helped me too.

I just want to point out I don’t particularly like the way I look without makeup. I’m just comfortable it. I aim to accept yourself. Not necessarily like myself.

I accept myself a lot. Because I love myself and I respect myself. Which means I keep people around me who feel the same way. And that helps.

Long and punchy reply but I really want this to help people :)

anonymous asked:

how do you deal with/overcome insecurities?

Just try not to compare yourself to other people around you, you wouldn’t even know to be insecure if it wasn’t for comparing yourself to others.

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How do you deal with long distance when you don't see Arden for longer than a month? How do you overcome insecurity and jealousy? I know it's all about trust, but still when someone is insecure, trusting one another isn't enough. I've been long distance with my bf for over a year now and I haven't seen him for a month now and I always have such a bad time, I don't know what to do to overcome this insecurity and jealousy.

Yeah it’s super rough. We spend a lot of time together too so its weird when we’re so far apart. I think its probably perfectly normal to feel some jealously. Like if she’s out having fun, ill be jealous because I’m missing out. Not in a angry way, just in a kind of ‘i miss you’ way. Try and hang out with friends to take your time off it and make a time to talk everyday. Also stuff like whatsapp makes it so easy to stay in touch. We FaceTime lots too. There’s also this thing you can turn on in your iPhone which shares your location with that person. So if you’re ever feeling lonely you can just see what they’re up to. Being able to see their location sometimes makes things tangible. I dunno, fun stuff like that helps.  

The End of Evangelion, thougts

Shinji prefered to live in the real world, than in the alternate reality in which Rei and Shinji were “one”. Even Kaworu was there. His feelings were ambiguous & uncertain though. He couldn’t comprehend how he felt. ALL HUMANS WERE “ONE” THERE…

Rei said “The walls of their hearts will “seperate” them again.” Hurting each other… feeling fear…

He realised that… That’s how it’s supposed to be… Withstanding, understanding and overcoming your fears, insecurities while creating bonds and with the help, trust of those you love.


It’s not bad that humans’ hearts are surrounded by AT Fields (their bodies)…

Bonding may be difficult for some, easier for others. Some people like to keep a distance and making themselves unapproachable in the fear of ‘causing pain or getting hurt. But you have to try… Shinji… after all the fucked up stuff he’s been through…

HE WANTS TO TRY… SO CAN YOU… Keep fighting ! Keep trying ! ;) You can do it !

anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario where Oikawa n Akaashi are hanging out with their respective s.o., someone compliments the s.o. on how good they look, the s.o. responds along the lines saying Akaashi or Oikawa are prettier than them, how would the boys react?

Oikawa certainly would be flattered by the amount of honesty his partner would be replying to the compliment with. But despite all his own narcissistic tendencies, he would feel displeased by them not being able to embrace their own beauty. Frowning slightly, he would try to cut off his partner’s conversation with the other person so they could talk in private. He would probably seem just a tad bit intimidating, almost as if he was mad at them. Oikawa would try his best to tell them that comparing their looks to his was a waste of time and that he would love to see them happy with the way they looked. He would even go as far as pointing out all of their physical attributes that he fell in love with.

Akaashi would raise an eyebrow, honestly surprised about his partner pointing out his physical beauty instead of accepting the compliment. He wouldn’t say much though, waiting for them to finish their conversation with the other person. The setter would probably use this time to think about the best way to react to that, how to help them overcome their own insecurities. As a matter of fact he probably wouldn’t have expected them to compare their looks to his own in such a manner.
Once the two of them would share a more private moment, Akaashi would, matter-of-factly, ask them why they hadn’t simply taken the compliment. Hearing their reasoning would help him in deciding how to react to it properly.


If you don’t love how Troye is overcoming his insecurities and becoming more body confident and probably inspiring loads of other people to feel better about themselves too then you’re lying. 


Bobbi Morse in 3x06

Preference: What he Does When You're Feeling Insecure

Aaron: When you’re feeling insecure Aaron understands, he may not know how to help you overcome your insecurities but he is always there to tell you how much he loves you and how perfect you are. Even if you can’t see it, he does and he loves you.

Cameron: When you’re feeling insecure Cameron always tells you that you shouldn’t be, he tries to tell you that it doesn’t matter what other people think because you are beautiful and worth it and he wouldn’t change you for the world.

Carter: When you’re feeling insecure Carter will pull you into his arms, he doesn’t say anything but he let’s you cry. He doesn’t know how to make you believe how special you are, but to him your are the most special thing in his life.

Jack G: When you’re feeling insecure Jack G will come to you immediately, he never let’s you be alone when you’re insecure. Jack wants to be there so you can talk to him, he tells you over and over again how great you are and holds you until you feel better.

Jack J: When you’re feeling insecure Jack J would be so upset, he wouldn’t be able to believe that you could feel that way about yourself because he sees you so differently than you see yourself. He loves everything about you, and he will tell you that over and over again.

Matt: When you’re feeling insecure Matt will give you a speech, he’s prepared it and everything. The speech will be on every little thing he loves about you and how much you make his life better. In the end, Matt will hug you tightly telling you that you’re perfect.

Nash: When you’re feeling insecure Nash will lay with you, he will let you cry as much as you want but once you’re finished he will tell you that you need to stop thinking so negatively about yourself, because all he sees are positives, and he loves you so much.

Shawn: When you’re feeling insecure Shawn would be at a loss to what to do, he can’t see anything wrong with you and to him you are the best thing that ever happened in his life. To see you so upset about yourself makes him upset because you’re everything he ever wanted.

Taylor: When you’re feeling insecure Taylor would pull you close and hug you as tightly as he could, then he would make sure you looked him in the eyes as he told you how important you are to him and how he never wants to lose you because he would be lost without you.

- written by Nikki

Reasons why I love Yuri on ice

Right now I am literally yoi trash, but I have my reasons.
I just think this show is so much more than a gay sports anime.

So let me see. Where should I begin?

At first you might think, that the story is very simple and the characters are too, but just think about this for a moment.

- First just look at Yuri’s incredible development. How shy and insecure he was  and how he just grows stronger and more confident with each episode.
It is just so inspiring to see how he constantly works on himself and how Victor is by his side and helps him overcome his problems and insecurities.

And that’s the next thing that I love so much about this anime:
The incredible relationship between Yuri and Victor.

Victor gives Yuri so much strength and energy. It is purely amazing how he shows Yuri what he is capable of and how much potential he has. And on the other side there is Yuri who gives him so much back, seems to really inspire Victor and make him fall in love with him.

It is just beautiful to see how their relationship grows and grows from episode to episode and how you can purely feel the love between those two.

I mean just look at them. Just. take. a. look.

What I also wanted to point out is the fact, that they break gender roles, cause they don’t want to be very “manly” and “strong”. - Yuri finds his strongest side when he acts more smooth and soft, I think that is pretty cool. I also like the fact that the eros costume represents not only one gender (and how Yuri instantly picks it).

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I also love how they chose the soundtrack and the intro and how the intro becomes more colorful with each episode. It’s amazing to see how people interpret it in so many different ways. And ugh I can’t get enough of it.

So yeah… there is so much more that I love about this show, all the small moments, that have so much more meaning than you maybe first thought - like how they represent their relationship in public and how Yuri breaks the uncomfortable tension in episode 7 with this little head poke that he did a few episodes earlier.

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All those little moments that you might not notice at first, but then you watch them again and suddenly everything makes so much more sense, like how they take actions and how they react about certain things.

So yeah… that were just a few reasons. There is so much more, but I’ll let myself out now. This anime just took my life but it gave me so much and ugh I want episode nine! This will be a long week.

Feel free to add more reasons to this, I love to read all these blogs about yoi. Bye