how to overcome insecurity

i think it’s nice and cute when conventionally attractive people make videos/write/speak on how to be confident and talk about overcoming their insecurities (everyone’s insecure yay!) but it’s probably not the best move cos if anything, it makes the rest of us feel worse 

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How do you overcome a physical insecurity?

You aren’t supposed to be a certain way. You aren’t supposed to look a certain way. All of time has led to you being you and you looking this way you look. There are no mistakes in all of this and you are physically how you are to play your role perfectly in all of this and to push this whole thing forward. You’re doing your part for this if you know it or not and your role isn’t any less important than anyone else’s. The “perfect” people and the ones that look a certain way aren’t favored in this. All are necessary and all are here to push this forward. Try to sense that.

Drop the fight and be with yourself for a bit and try to sense your inherent perfection beyond this way you look. This is your body, your vehicle through all of this, it is not ultimately you, but it is yours and so needs your attention and respect and not your fight. Let it be how it is for a moment and just feel. Let the insecurities hang in you and just feel them. The feelings of insecurity are there, they are a remnant of what you were taught about how it all should be, but it all just is. Stop pushing away all those feelings and be with them for a change and welcome them in the same way you would happiness or joy, explore those feelings and try to sense that they come from a part of you that was taught that you should look a certain way and you simply don’t look that way or have those characteristics. Question those things you were taught. That is what those feelings would say if they could, they’d say: maybe your wrong, maybe everyone is wrong about all of this and your just here, you are simply flowing perfection in human skin. Look! Question! Feel! Pay attention.

I hope this helps and much Love.


Reasons why I love Yuri on ice

Right now I am literally yoi trash, but I have my reasons.
I just think this show is so much more than a gay sports anime.

So let me see. Where should I begin?

At first you might think, that the story is very simple and the characters are too, but just think about this for a moment.

- First just look at Yuri’s incredible development. How shy and insecure he was  and how he just grows stronger and more confident with each episode.
It is just so inspiring to see how he constantly works on himself and how Victor is by his side and helps him overcome his problems and insecurities.

And that’s the next thing that I love so much about this anime:
The incredible relationship between Yuri and Victor.

Victor gives Yuri so much strength and energy. It is purely amazing how he shows Yuri what he is capable of and how much potential he has. And on the other side there is Yuri who gives him so much back, seems to really inspire Victor and make him fall in love with him.

It is just beautiful to see how their relationship grows and grows from episode to episode and how you can purely feel the love between those two.

I mean just look at them. Just. take. a. look.

What I also wanted to point out is the fact, that they break gender roles, cause they don’t want to be very “manly” and “strong”. - Yuri finds his strongest side when he acts more smooth and soft, I think that is pretty cool. I also like the fact that the eros costume represents not only one gender (and how Yuri instantly picks it).

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I also love how they chose the soundtrack and the intro and how the intro becomes more colorful with each episode. It’s amazing to see how people interpret it in so many different ways. And ugh I can’t get enough of it.

So yeah… there is so much more that I love about this show, all the small moments, that have so much more meaning than you maybe first thought - like how they represent their relationship in public and how Yuri breaks the uncomfortable tension in episode 7 with this little head poke that he did a few episodes earlier.

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All those little moments that you might not notice at first, but then you watch them again and suddenly everything makes so much more sense, like how they take actions and how they react about certain things.

So yeah… that were just a few reasons. There is so much more, but I’ll let myself out now. This anime just took my life but it gave me so much and ugh I want episode nine! This will be a long week.

Feel free to add more reasons to this, I love to read all these blogs about yoi. Bye

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Do you sometime feel insecure about your own work? Like being afraid that it might not be as good? How can you overcome this insecure?

Sometimes I get nervous before I post, but really I’ve been writing seriously since the sixth grade, and over the years I’ve learned to just accept that there will always people who dislike my writing, but there will also always be people who like it. I’ve been through phases of writing. Poetry, original works, fandoms, and all different kinds. Not everyone is kind to author’s, and it sometimes becomes very stressful when it feels like no one appreciates what you’re doing.

Before I began writing for Prinxiety, and PTA, and all this stuff, I came out of a different fandom that was constant hate and anger. People there were just not right, and I can’t tell you how often I had come up with a brilliant new idea, but never posted it, or deleted it because people would tear me down instantly.

Coming here, I thought I just hadn’t been unlucky enough yet to find the mean side of everything. Yet, all I’ve received is kindness and honestly I can’t name a single person who’s been mean, on or off anon, or at all.

What I’m getting at is, sometimes the difference in getting over your insecurity, is just finding that place where you feel safe.

how being a lesbian is helping me overcome physical insecurities:

when i thought i was attracted to men and felt like that was the only option for me, i always thought i’d just set my bar really high. i could find physical flaws in every man i knew or met and i figured these were the reasons why i wasn’t attracted. i thought that was how it worked, that this impossible physical standard i had set for attraction to men was the way that i was being judged by others as well. i spent every moment, whether consciously or unconsciously, picking apart all the ways that someone would find fault with me in the same way that i was finding fault with the men around me.

when i realized my attraction to women and started accepting it, nurturing it, and celebrating it, i feel like i realized what beauty is. a stark contrast to my experience with male attraction, i feel that every woman is beautiful. i feel like every woman i meet takes my breath away, like every individuality and even “flaws” paint a picture that has endless beauty. i’ve realized that i love those things in women that i used to harshly criticize in myself. 

i’ve started to think of myself as beautiful because of it.


Bobbi Morse in 3x06

“Social media has been a great platform to join the body positive movement by being transparent about my insecurities and talking about how I overcome them every day. Recently, @refinery29 a fashion, style and beauty website based in New York, reached out to me for an article interviewing and photographing 4 differently abled women in all their slayage at the beach & pool….”-
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The End of Evangelion, thougts

Shinji prefered to live in the real world, than in the alternate reality in which Rei and Shinji were “one”. Even Kaworu was there. His feelings were ambiguous & uncertain though. He couldn’t comprehend how he felt. ALL HUMANS WERE “ONE” THERE…

Rei said “The walls of their hearts will “seperate” them again.” Hurting each other… feeling fear…

He realised that… That’s how it’s supposed to be… Withstanding, understanding and overcoming your fears, insecurities while creating bonds and with the help, trust of those you love.


It’s not bad that humans’ hearts are surrounded by AT Fields (their bodies)…

Bonding may be difficult for some, easier for others. Some people like to keep a distance and making themselves unapproachable in the fear of ‘causing pain or getting hurt. But you have to try… Shinji… after all the fucked up stuff he’s been through…

HE WANTS TO TRY… SO CAN YOU… Keep fighting ! Keep trying ! ;) You can do it !


Inspired by Callie and Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy. Dan and Phil are in a car accident that leads to Dan getting his leg amputated. He shuts down and Phil has to deal with the guilt and try to keep them both afloat. He’s trying to be supportive through physical therapy and doctors appointments but can’t help but break down sometimes. I would love scenes where Dan walks on his prosthetic for the first time, where Phil helps him overcome his insecurity when they get intimate, and how they deal with the day to day challenges. 

I always promote people into loving themselves and putting themselves first because horrible people are out there and you gotta learn how to overcome them. Or else you’ll just be drained and insecure and nobody got time for that when there’s so much you can be achieving!!!!!