how to overcome insecurity

marvelous-pretenders  asked:

Did you ever have insecurities while chasing your goal of becoming an astronaut? Were there pressures placed on you, by yourself or others, that you had to overcome? And if so, how did you overcome them? -Emma

Emma, I think everyone has insecurities about going into the unknown. The trick is not letting them get in the way. I think if you’re passionate about what you want, no amount of insecurities will keep you from it. 

some wholesome hance things to consider:
  • lance resting his head on hunk’s lap as they sit on a love-seat by the fireplace, talking to each other about their days & gushing about one another
  • hunk surprise-hugging lance from behind and then pecking little kisses into his neck and shoulder blades
  • the two of them cuddling in bed under twenty blankets, watching a bad, cliché movie and making fun of it the whole time
  • hunk letting lance vent about his lack of confidence/self-esteem and just listening to him; hunk comforting lance by running his hands through lance’s hair and giving him constant reassurances
  • lance telling hunk how much he loves him and helping him overcome his insecurity with his body image; lance touching him all over and whispering sweet nothings into hunk’s ear
  • hunk and lance holding bi-weekly gossip sessions discussing drama about everyone in the neighborhood; hunk and lance spying on the separated couple down the street & listening in on the phone conversations the cheating husband has with his mistress
  • playing mario kart together until they’re in a shouting match, throwing pillows at each other and knocking the controller out of the other person’s hands
  • lance stealing hunk’s shirt and headband when he wakes up every morning and cheekily wearing them both as he makes coffee; hunk getting flustered but acting all grumpy, & then taunting lance by saying how good he looks in his clothes, effectively turning lance into a blushing mess
  • hunk & lance snuggling on the couch late at night and just enjoying each other’s presence; lance using hunk’s belly as a pillow when he gets too tired to walk back to the bedroom and hunk holding lance close by the chest
  • hunk sending lance weird snapchats throughout the day, and lance replying with even more cryptic ones that don’t relate at all to his
  • lance pulling hunk down by the back of his neck and kissing him until he needs to breathe
  • hunk grabbing lance by the waist and dipping him down as he kisses him
Realities of writing

Assuming a typing speed of 100 words per minute, it takes 16.67 hours to write 100,000 words.

That’s without stopping to eat, sleep, use the facilities, flex fingers, or fidget in the writer’s hot seat.  It doesn’t include the time needed to come up with a character’s history, their personalities, or their quirks; the antagonist’s driving goal; the overachieving plot of a story; or, most importantly, to do the research that fills in the tiny gaps and makes the narrative more tangible and believable.

Let’s not forget the required rewriting, copy-editing, beta-reading, and polishing to whip a piece into shape.

A novel-length story written in 16.67 hours is most likely going to be a piece of absolute rubbish in the shape of a train-of-consciousness narrative, run-on and endless sentences, self-contradicting two-dimensional characters, unbelievable deus ex machina solutions, and, plot holes that a long-haul truck driver can drive a 24-wheeler through, with plenty of room for the oversize clearance load rumbling along behind them.

I know this because I have evidence in my file folders.  Let me tell you, the smell coming from those file folders is well past downwind sun-warmed rotting fruit and well into bloated-body decomposition while floating merrily along the river.  Nobody wants to read that shit.

Writing isn’t a race. It’s not a matter of how many words are written per minute, how many chapters are finished per day, how many books are completed per week.  It’s getting the story written, which is work, pure and simple.  Like any other job, for it to be done well, the writer has to put in the time.

And it takes time.  Time to come up with believable main characters, relatable evil protagonists, plots that appeal to the heart and outcomes that warm the soul.  Time to sit at a blank screen with a blinking cursor, in search of the battery charger when the laptop power dips below 10%, and to make the life-sustaining tea that’s going to go cold when a moment of inspiration hits.  Time to live life while thinking on how to finish a chapter, to overcome insecurities about a scene, and to find the confidence to release the story into the wild for others to capture and read.

It could take years before a story is finished and shared with others.  It could take a month.  It might never be completed, because the writer broke themselves trying to get to the end.

This is the reality of being a writer, whether it’s published fiction or fan fiction.  Yeah, someone could, in theory, write a whole book in less than 24 hours.  Does that mean it should be?  Is it a book that people would want to read?

(No.  Trust me.  Save yourselves.)

Support your favourite writer with encouragement and patience.  Pushing for more, faster, right away?  It only guarantees your favourite writer will burn out, and you’ll never find out how the story ends.

The Signs as Self Love Tips

Aries: make a list of things you dislike about yourself.  don’t be hard or cruel to yourself, but keep it simple.  write down as many things as you can think of.  decorate this list with whatever you wish, using colors and objects that maybe you don’t like so much or that bring negative thoughts to your head.  now, in a very safe manner, make a fire and toss in the list.  watch it burn away all of the negative thoughts and energies.  after it is only ashes, create and decorate a similar list, but of things you love about yourself, and keep this one.

Taurus: make sure you feel comfortable in your space.  an important part of self-love is having an environment that makes you feel serene, happy, and healthy.  decorate your room (or whatever your safe space is) with colors and objects that make you feel good.  get rid of anything that holds bad memories or that you associate with your points of insecurities.  don’t be afraid to move things around and try a new feel for your space every once in a while.  arrange and rearrange until you feel completely wonderful in your space.

Gemini: write about yourself.  try doing so in third person, perhaps with a different name and identity as you.  however, give this person similar traits as you.  write about them, in any setting, going through a journey of self-discovery.  elaborate on their (your) good traits, and make sure they live up to your full potential.  take their (your) not-so-great traits (or points of insecurity) and write about how they overcome these, use them to their advantage, or learn to accept and love them.  try using what you wrote in your life.

Cancer: don’t be afraid to cry.  the idea that crying is a weakness is a social standard in today’s society, and there is actually much benefit that comes from crying.  read your favorite book, watch your favorite movie, hug your favorite stuffed animal.  gather all of the harmful thoughts you have about yourself and cry.  let all of those thoughts channel out through your tears, and visualize them leaving your body with every drop.  when you’re done, treat yourself to something you love and write down a few positive things about yourself.

Leo: every morning when you wake up, or every night before you go to sleep, look in the mirror.  stare at yourself, at all of your wonderfully human features and beautiful imperfections.  say “i am beautiful” (with variations such as handsome, pretty, gorgeous, good-looking, etc) three times, or write it down three times.  say it even if you don’t believe it.  you deserve to love yourself, and putting this self love into words, as well as associating it with your face/body, will help you come to realize what an amazing person you are!

Virgo: keep a self-love journal.  make sure to keep up with it, and once a day write a single thing you love about yourself.  make sure to include things about your appearance as well as personality.  after you have written your daily entry, say the words you wrote out loud to yourself.  say it as many times as you wish, as many times as it takes for the positive words to bring a smile to your face.  decorate this journal with colors, drawings, stickers, or other decor that makes you feel happy.  go back through the journal when needed.

Libra: do whatever you can to make yourself…you.  maybe you don’t feel comfortable wearing the kind of clothes, makeup, or accessories you like in public yet, so do it at home.  walk around with those new shoes or dye your hair temporarily.  look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate how you truly look like YOU.  perhaps try building up to presenting yourself this way in public, if you feel comfortable.  if you take a step toward feeling more confident and like yourself, whether in public or not, treat yourself to something you love.

Scorpio: do something nice for yourself.  try to think of something that you love doing, or experiencing.  think outside of the box, and make an attempt to do that.  if you can, try sharing it with someone else.  for example, take a friend to that art gallery you’ve been wanting to visit.  have fun, and get excited for this outing.  when you get back, find a piece of paper and write down all the things you did and how much fun you had.  afterwards, take a nap or do something to help you relax, and remember to breathe.  have fun.

Sagittarius: create a self-love jar.  cut up little pieces of paper, and on each piece, write something that you really love about yourself.  take a large mason jar (or whichever size you would like, really) and decorate it with ribbons, paint, stickers, or whatever you like.  choose your favorite colors and things that soothe you to decorate the jar.  place the pieces of paper in the jar, and put it somewhere that you can see it.  every time you’re feeling down or your self-esteem is low, pick out a piece of paper and read it out loud to yourslf.

Capricorn: take a bath.  fill up the tub with water, epson salt, bubble bath, a bath bomb, or whatever you like.  make sure the temperature is how you like it, and then relax.  you may be inclined to think about your worries and insecurities, but instead try to focus on listing off ten or more things that you love about yourself.  try to get as many as you can.  say them out loud if you wish, so that you can hear them, as well.  make sure to wash all of the negative thoughts off of your body during your peaceful bath.

Aquarius: meditate in your free time.  attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts, especially negative ones about yourself.  let those thoughts go, because they do nothing but weigh you down and make you feel heavy.  if you need, focus on your positive traits during your time.  use this medium of relaxation to learn to see yourself in a more serene, peaceful way.  potentially increase your acceptance of yourself and/or your body.  meditation also has many other positive effects, aside from self love, and can work wonders.

Pisces: practice art in place of self-hate, or practice art to celebrate self-love.  when you are feeling particularly bad about yourself, create a piece of art (whether it be a song, a poem, a sculpture, a painting, a drawing, etc) to release those negative feelings.  destroy it after you have made it, if you wish.  when you are feeling good about yourself, celebrate your happiness with a more loving, special piece of art.  with this type of art, you should either keep it to remind yourself how amazing you are or gift it to someone you love.

remember that all of these can be applied to anyone!  just because i classified a certain exercise under a certain sign does not mean it will only work for that sign.  i encourage you to try all of these!  remember to love yourself :)

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how to overcome insecurities?

easy solution is death but safer solution is realizing your insecurities aren’t going anywhere so it’s better to spend your time loving yourself instead of wasting your time trying to erase yourself

WARNING: EXTREMELY LONG POST.So, recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of tumblr love going around and I wanted to join the action, for all my followers because I know what it’s like when you’re going through a tough time and then you stumble upon something and it makes your day, maybe your week or your month, idk, I’m rambling, but I love you and I worked really hard on this so I hope you love it, I hope it helps you in some way



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BTS Reaction To You Having Low Self Esteem

Anon asked: bts reaction to you having low self esteem?

Here you go! I know that not only do I suffer from low self esteem but many other people do to, so I hope you all enjoy this. -Spice

Rap Monster:

It would upset him a little bit that you had no confidence in yourself, but he knew that anyone could gain confidence in themselves if they practiced. Namjoon would constant praise you and complement you, trying to help boost your confidence as he tried to guide you towards being completely self confident.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


Being the king of self confidence, it would worry him that you had low self esteem. Seokjin would likely give you suggestions and tips as to how to overcome your insecurities, such as surrounding yourself in them until you become adjusted and comfortable with them. If you didn’t want to do that, then he would just resort to telling you how beautiful you were every day.

Originally posted by kissjins


Yoongi would want you to be confident in yourself and not give a shit about what other people thought, but he wouldn’t really know how to help you. He would likely resort to complementing you on your flaws and emphasizing how amazing you looked with them. If anything, he wanted you to know that no matter what, he thought you were perfect in every way.

Originally posted by kuromel


Anytime he noticed you feeling insecure about yourself, he would immediately swoop in to save the day with loads of affection or jokes to make you laugh. Hoseok hated it whenever you felt down about yourself, so he’d do anything to boost your confidence or at least take you mind off your insecurities.

Originally posted by ta3taetae


When you told him about your low self esteem he would frown and pull you into his arms, asking you why you felt this way about yourself. He would reassure you that you were extremely beautiful in his eyes, and that there wasn’t a damn thing he would change about you.

Originally posted by btsdaddy


Out of all the boys, Jimin would probably understand the most about what it was like to have low self esteem. Although he couldn’t believe you thought so lowly of yourself, he would murmur encouraging words to you constantly and give tips on how to work towards self confidence.

Originally posted by bangtan


Jungkook would be confused that you didn’t have much self esteem. After all,  you were so beautiful, how could you not have confidence in yourself? Either way, he would make sure to complement you even more after you told him about your low self esteem, and would list every little thing about you that he liked.

Originally posted by jeonify

i think it’s nice and cute when conventionally attractive people make videos/write/speak on how to be confident and talk about overcoming their insecurities (everyone’s insecure yay!) but it’s probably not the best move cos if anything, it makes the rest of us feel worse 

NCT’s reaction to you being very clumsy

Request: “Nct’s reaction to their so being very clumsy and feeling really bad when they Break anything even if it wasn’t their fault? PS. :love your blog😘💕”

A/N: Fuck, I miss and love Hansol so much already.


Taeil, being quite clumsy himself, would be very understanding with you. If you accidentally trip or break anything he would never make fun of you, just smile widely and tell you that is okay, even if at the same time he’s having a secondhand embarrassment for you.

Originally posted by planettaeil


Okay, Johnny may be quite an asshole with you whenever you break something, clearly not to make fun of you but just to joke around and let you know that it’s fine to laugh at your own mistakes. “See Y/N? And then you ask me why I never take you out with me, I just can’t be controling a clumsy five-year-old all the time!”

Originally posted by llovesehun


Taeyong would be really similar to Hansol. As soon as he notices how bad you feel for always being so clumsy and “dangerous” he would wrap his arms around you, leaving kisses in your face as he reassures you that everything is fine, maybe telling you a small joke here and there to make you smile.

Originally posted by exoticnctlife


“On it agan, princess? Here, let me help you, babygirl.” Yuta would also be an asshole and tease you but he would never feel ashamed or embarrased of you, not even when you two are in public. He would love this clumsy side of you and just would make him be twice as protective with you.

Originally posted by nakamotens


This angel would feel terrible when he sees the upset look in your face, feeling so frustrated with yourself and feeling bad over your mistake. Kun would grab your hand and take you away from the situation, comforting you with his sweet words and little loving touches, letting you know that he loves you anyways.

Originally posted by taeyonggi


Like Johnny, Doyoung would make jokes about it to let you know that laughing at your own mistakes is the best way of overcome your insecurity about how clumsy you are. But if he sees you starting to feeling really anxious because of it he would grab your hand let you know with all his sincerity that this is the most stupid reason to feel worried over, that it’s not as terrible as you think it is.

Originally posted by doyoukki


Ten wouldn’t be afraid of giggling at how clumsy you are since he actually founds this as something really cute and adorable about you, but when he notices that it’s making you feel bad he would stop, but still keeping a little smile on his face. “Princess, you just accidentally broke a glass, you didn’t commit murder, there’s no need to feel bad about something so irrelevant.”

Originally posted by visualjaehyun


Jaehyun would also be quite carefree in thi situation, telling you that there’s no need to get nervous or worried over something like this, but he would probably he would be having a secondhand embarrassment for you.

Originally posted by jyofanclub


Like Ten, Sicheng would show you a carefree side, not understanding why are you feeling so worried over something so silly. He would start giggling at the way you cutely start apologizing non stop as you try to fix whatever you accidentally broke. “Y/N, why are you getting so worried over this? Is not big deal..”

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts


Mark’s reaction would be the same as Sicheng’s! He would grab your hands to stop you for trying to fix the unfixable and giggling at the way you’re being so worried over something so irrelevant. “It’s fine, Y/N.” He would said in the softest voice, calming you and making you realize that it’s truly not big deal.

Originally posted by markleetrashh


Renjun would get quite surpried everytime you broke something and would start making really innocent joeks right away. “Wow, this would be your third glass in the week, you just broke your own record. I’m very proud of you, Y/N.”

Originally posted by jeongyunos


Jeno would never see this as a big deal, so in the moment where you accidentally broke something and exploted on anger he got really surprised. “What’s wrong, Y/N? Did something happened?” And once you teel him the reason he would explode in giggles, hugging you, “You’re adorable, Y/N.”

Originally posted by welltakeitslow


Donghyuck would react in the same way as Taeyong, he would NEVER let you feel bad about something so silly like this so he would embrace you in his arm and tell you that there are more important things to get worried over.

Originally posted by dovounq


Another angel who would never ever let you feel bad over something like this. Jaemin would smile widely at you before speaking, his smile already making you feel better. “You’re so adorable, Y/N. Let me help you.” 

Originally posted by haechannie


Chenle would make jokes and laugh out loud at your clumsiness, telling you without shame how much loves he loves this side of you. His words would surprise you and made you relax a little, making you realize that… maybe it wasn’t a big deal like you thought after all.

Originally posted by icetaeil


Jisung had said before that he’s also constantly breaking everything, so this baby wouldn’t make fun of you, especially if he sees that you start feeling bad after your little mistake. He would try to cheer you up with his words. “Wow, Y/N, you also have magic hands? Whenever I touch anything I have the power to break it in seconds, it’s good to know I’m not the only one.”

Originally posted by bts-xedas

Ballroom e Yaukoso was a great surprise for me =D Tatara is such a sweet and so relatable boy, I love how he looks dancing with Mako. I hope they both overcome their insecurities, they’re working so hard =,D

I had to watch and take references from foxtrot videos in YouTube X,D is such a tragedy when someone likes a lot to dance (alone…in my room) but really don’t know how, so I had no idea of how to draw them dancing X,D I’ll keep practicing

“Social media has been a great platform to join the body positive movement by being transparent about my insecurities and talking about how I overcome them every day. Recently, @refinery29 a fashion, style and beauty website based in New York, reached out to me for an article interviewing and photographing 4 differently abled women in all their slayage at the beach & pool….”-
📷: @gigilaub
. #Mamacax #takebackthebeach #refinery29 #coneyisland #R29 #gillianlaub

minhyukie  asked:

i love minhyuk. discuss

i love minhyuk too noah fence but it really Grinds my gears when people call him annoying or loud just bc he has a lot of energy or complain abt him being too Hyped all the time bc Listen !!!!!! thats one of his cutest traits !!!! he loves talking and all his solo vlives are so long because he has so much to say and u can tell he really wants mbbs to know ?? if he could he’d be on vlive for 8 straight hours just telling story after story

also not 2 be emo but monsta x really wouldnt be the same w/o him ?? he brings out everyone’s energy in a way that each of them Individually are comfortable with and idk abt u but that’s incredible ?? he lives with 6 different people, all w their own likes dislikes and problems and he manages to bring out the best in each of them, to make sure that the best in each of them is personalized to them like he never makes a general assumption that they’re all gonna react the same ?? he knows what he needs to do so everyone is hyped and thats !!! like wow he’s the best kind of social butterfly ??

and not 2 touch on his insecurities but lets touch on his insecurities and how he overcomes them ? im not a minhyukie so i feel like i dont See his insecurities as deeply as amy would but i feel like its obvious hes a little sensitive ?? he gets bothered when things dont go accordingly (back during beautiful when he messed his lines up, he fretted over them for a Long time) and often seeks reassurance from the members that it was okay ? i’ve noticed it a little but gkjhjs he does seek reassurance quite a bit ?? i think thats a very interesting way to overcome something bc if it were me and i messed up a line, i’d b bothered nd probably . sulk for twenty years :/ but he goes to seek reassurance nd pretty much bounces back after ?? thats ? very interesting to me

also !! abt his dynamic w the members,,,, it’s very interesting . when living w 6 people, ur bound to have different dynamics and different relationships but minhyuk makes all of them work and i feel like ,,, in mx ,,, hes smth akin to the mediator ? mayb its not so obvious but i get a feeling hes the one the members would go to for conflict just bc he kind of knows everyone very well ……. he’s very perceptive too so i feel like that ties in w the mediator feeling i associate w him …. 

also no one gives minhyuk Enough credit for being really smart,,, amy has pointed this out before but ?? he’s very smart . he recognized ck as the mafia instantly,,,, knew what was said in paragraph 3 on page 89 or smth and was Right and had everyone shook ,,,,, picks up children’s moods very well ?? i think the reason he’s so good w kids is because he can pick up the tiniest changes in their mood nd kids are rly . they’re wild but he handles it so well ?

anyways that was my minhyuk lovepost i love him nd k.will was right to put him into mx

New prompt via @starlightkissedsmiles! Thanks!

Rose dealing with Mickey’s poor treatment of her. Could be from while they were dating, his comments about her eating too many chips in School Reunion, “don’t read my emails”/implied cheating, etc. Anything where Mickey said or did something that was less than Rose deserved. 

  • It could be Rose seeking out the Doctor for reassurance later 
  • Mickey apologizing for how he treated her
  • Or some other way of Rose overcoming the insecurities that she might have picked up from Mickey’s words and actions toward her
  • Feel free to do missing scenes from canon, post-canon, AU… whatever works for you!  

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how do i overcome my insecurity

honestly idk too like me myself I have insecurities but I guess once we embrace them then no one can use it against us

but the question is: how

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ok this might be "vulgar" or tmi but i just am so insecure about my body, not my shape or anything but body hair. Like pubes and leg hair. i have this fear that i will never get married because of it... any tips on how to overcome my fear and insecurity

duuuude i used to be sooo insecure about my body hair esp my arms because my hair was sooo visible but i kinda grew to ignore it?? like after finishing hs i really realized i started to not care about it and it really doesnt bother me anymore 

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Hinata was a very tall s/o who's being made fun of because she's taller than all the girls are some of the guys (she's around Asahi's height but she's a first year). Idk

cute request ~ i actually have a tall friend and this made me think of her! i actually based little tid bits of my writing from her loving herself with height included ahah (will be headcanons) enjoy!

> Hinata would have a bit of trouble jumping into a relationship with an s/o so much taller than him because he’s still dealing with small insecurities that linger in the back of his mind with everyone. Even the team sometimes. He would tell her this too before they were even together (after it’s been established one likes the other).

> He wouldn’t know how to overcome the overwhelming feeling of insecurity but he admits he really likes hugging her for a numerous amount of reasons. 

> One being the perfect height to be lined up with her cute boobs 

> Okay seriously he just loves laying his head on her chest when they hug and he finds himself pushing his face into the crook of her neck when he’s feeling especially upset from a lost practice or Kageyama yelling at him like when they first met. 

> He wouldn’t be too forward with his feelings nor would he be super handsy when they’re just friends with a mutual romantic liking because he didn’t want to scare her off or make her feel bad while he was still working on himself.

> She’s actually his first anything. Crush, romantic partner, kiss, everything. And of course the first girl to be as tall as Asahi.

> Over time Hinata realizes that a girl being tall can make her just as insecure as a boy being short. So, when they first start dating, he tries his hardest to tell her how pretty she always looks on dates or how height shouldn’t make her unhappy. Little by little he does his best to support her and give her all the confidence boosts she needs. 

> Eventually she starts wearing heels and towers over even more people but he’s just !!!! so !!!! happy !!!! that she feels comfortable with wearing the shoes she loves and being tall !!!!

> At first he doesn’t like having to ask her to lean down or jumping up to kiss her on the cheek, nose, lips, forehead, etc. because he felt like it took out the element of surprise and that’s all he wanted to do! Surprise her! He found a way to do it with her favorite candies but he finds away to jump up without startling her and he loves her reaction every time. It becomes his thing for her.

> Sooner or later Hinata does get a growth spurt or two so now he isn’t at her chest anymore but, rather, a mere few inches shorter than her. The top of his head is around her cheeks and he loves jumping up to give her kisses still. 

> Through it all they often thank one another for giving each other the confidence and reassurance throughout their time together thus far. They both had the same height insecurity and yet they both helped one another overcome it along the way, which is something they voice often. It leads to embarrassed hugs but in the end the words hold a strong truth and each knows that the other would fiercely love the other.

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how do you deal with/overcome insecurities?

Just try not to compare yourself to other people around you, you wouldn’t even know to be insecure if it wasn’t for comparing yourself to others.

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I’m 18 and I have no experience with men at all. I’ve never even held a guys hand, never went on a date and haven’t even kissed someone. I mean, I’m definitely not naive or “innocent”, I just lack experience because I never had time for that and I don’t think that will change until I’m like 20 or 21 years old or so (I can guarantee that, trust me). I know that’s not a bad thing but it still makes me feel weird, insecure sad. How can I overcome that?

1)For me a thing that makes me feel better is to know that dating and love can be exciting but can also wait.

2) You need to do what’s good for you rn and remember ( I’m a hopeless romantic so this is gonna sound cheesy) that love will find you when you are ready!

3) No need to feel insecure because alot of people have little to no experience! It’s fine!