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Are you guys home yet? How's Ollie 😍?

He started whining because he got so excited to see Lance. It warmed my heart. And Ollie likes to cuddle when you hold him and he gave daddy all sorts of kisses!
- swan


“We have, I think, an obligation to help people in need. We should be welcoming people in. It’s an issue that’s very important, everyone is very aware of it in this time, which is good. But I think anything that can help bring awareness, anything that can help people engage with the topic, is a good thing.” - Olly Alexander


“That’s it?” You asked. “That’s your only reason? Because you’re old…?”

Older.” He corrected.  “And that’s not the only-”

“Okay, stop… Just… If you start feeding me that stupid I-don’t-want-to-hurt-you line, or that bullshit about our age gap being creepy-”

“No, that’s not it.” He chuckled. “I’ve just got some…” He paused and looked to the ground for a moment to think very carefully about what he was going to say. It wasn’t very often Oliver had trouble telling you how he felt but you noticed a wall going up around his heart after the two of you began drifting out of the friend-zone and you had a feeling it wasn’t only because you were younger than him. “There are things about me - about my past - things I cant tell you right now. There’s more to me than just Oliver Queen and I’m not sure if you…” He paused again. “Believe me when I say I want to be with you but if we rush into this; I don’t want to blow it and never get a second chance.”

You blinked and stared dumbly… It was the first time in your relationship that he’d ever actually admitted to wanting to pursue something. He may not have been ready to really take that leap but this was a start and you could certainly work with that.

“You don’t have to be afraid of losing me.” You offered; reaching forward to place your hand in his. His fingers automatically found yours and began tracing soothing patterns over your knuckles. “I’m not going anywhere. No matter what happens… Because I want to be with you too. I’ll wait as long as you need me to.”

He met your stare, then…

“I’ll get there, Y/N.” He promised. “I’ll get there for you. You have no idea how much I want this.”



This is probably the only time I’m ever going to say this:

Everyone in Real Life Westminster REALLY needs to listen to Ollie here.

Because yeah.

But since I find it impossible to let Ollie have the last word just because he’s actually, you know, MASSIVELY RIGHT about something (for once), here’s Malcolm being OUTRAGED! at Helen’s carelessness in the form of his old obsession with clowns

and an apparent new obsession with inferno Nicola in a Zumba class

while being as sarcastic as is humanly possible

which obviously is just a wee bit horribly mean and hypocritical of him since of course he did totally set Helen up in the first place with the visible notes and the swarming hack pack; but on the other hand, he was only able to do that

because she really IS *way* more clueless than an adult in politics in Westminster has any right to be in the age of powerful digital lenses.

Except actually I guess she isn’t since the exact same thing keeps happening to Real Life ministers and spads. And sure, a few are intentional (Hello Malcolm), most definitely aren’t which is a striking reminder how some lessons will clearly never EVER be learned – even if they’re repeated with an almost startling regularity.


I honestly think 3x14 will focus on covering up Connor’s mistakes. We all know he can’t be the killer that’s too obvious. When he got to Wes, he probably found him and tried to resuscitate him. When he clearly failed at that, he panicked at how stupid it was to walk in and try to save a dead guy, I guess he burned the house down so nobody would point fingers at Connor for murdering Wes. He must’ve been the guy that ran away when Laurel said she saw someone. Now the keating 4, Bonnie, and AK need to find the real killer. Oops but it’s hard with such little evidence cause a certain someone made a terrible mistake burning evidence down with the house, hence the title of the episode, “he made a terrible mistake.” Now it’s just a theory but we have to wait and watch. ALL THE WHILE the Keating 4 trying to find out who killed Wes like :

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How about Steve picking up the most random hobbies because he was bored.

There’s a familiar face in this one!


He wore the baseball hat backwards and kept his sunglasses on and for all the college kids knew, he was just another kid hanging out, dicking around on his skateboard.  

He wore an oversize hoodie, just to be safe. 

It didn’t take him long to get his balance when it came to turns and coasting, but it wasn’t until Markus showed him how that he learned how to land a proper Ollie.  Do an Ollie? Ollie?  He was still figuring the wording out, exactly.  

But he could do one, and he was getting better on the little half-pipe, and sliding along the rails.  Coasting on the rails.  He didn’t remember what Trey had called it, exactly.   Didn’t matter, he was getting better at it.  

It was quietest on Saturday mornings; Friday nights always a big night out for college kids.  He was just warming up and psyching himself up to try one of the more complicated things he’d seen Piper do the other day (she was incredibly creative and wasn’t afraid to take a spill) when he saw a familiar face set a backpack and a board down.

“Didn’t think I’d find you here.”

Steve grinned.  “Lucky guess?”

“Nah.”  Amal smiled. “I’ve seen you fiddling with those shop dollies in Stark’s lab.” He motioned to Steve’s feet.  “And those seemed a little out of character.”

He’d bought a pair of Converse to see what the big deal was and to blend in a little better.  “They’re comfortable.”

Amal smirked.  “So? Show me what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.  See if I can teach you anything new.”

Steve laughed.  “I only learned The Ollie a couple weeks ago, don’t expect too much.”

“The Ollie.  Oh my God. You geriatric.  Is that like The Charleston?”  

Steve scowled watching Amal try to control his giggles.  “Let’s see what you’ve got then, whippersnapper.”

Amal wiped an eye, still giggling and grabbed his board.  “You got it, Gramps.”