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Did no one notice that Mystic messenger is basically the whole "stranger danger"/"don't talk to strangers" thing that we were all told as kids? Only in this games case we followed the stranger and instead of getting kidnapped, we got hot people. I think about this any time there is a fic about the RFA guys as parents. "Daddy/Mommy, how did you meet Mommy/Daddy?" "So I met your mother/father when they logged into an app in an apartment that a stranger led the to......"

OMG hahahaha yes! THIS!!!! 

“How did you and mummy meet?” 

Yoosung: “I… uh… well we were both young and… we… um…. there was this app on the phone she downloaded where she thought she could talk to guys… wait no… I… online? Yes. We met online.” 

Child: “So you met through Tinder?” 

Yoosung (shocked): “Um, Yes! Okay! Let’s go with that!” 

Zen: “What?! Why do you want to know something like that? I… it was just how people met, you know, one of those star crossed fates things that happened that lead your mother and me to meet- that’s all.” 

Child: “So in other words, you don’t want to tell me.” 

Zen: “In other words, yes.” 

Child (to their sibling): “Told you he met Ma at a bar. Probably got her knocked up by accident and here we are.”


Child: “Was the bar Hooters? Is that why it’s inappropriate?” 

Zen: “MC! What the hell have you been telling these children?!” 

Jaehee: “Oh we met under odd circumstances. Your mother did a foolish thing and downloaded an app she wasn’t allowed to but that led her talking to me and that was that.” 

Child: “That’s nice Mama… but how did she get access to the app if she wasn’t allowed to have it?”

Jaehee (sweat drop): “Uh… ask… her about it, Sweetie.” 

Jumin: “Your mother followed her heart to me.”

Child: “That’s it? She just up and came to you out of nowhere?”

Jumin (stoic face): “Yes. Exactly.” 

Child: “That makes no sense Dad-”

Jumin: “No, what makes no sense is that I’m paying for the best tutor in Korea to teach you and you’re still only averaging a B in school-”

Child: “Awww Dad but-”

Jumin: “Don’t but me, I want you to tell me why…” (just relieved he dodged a bullet. Will have to ask advice from MC and the rest of the RFA (bar Zen, bastard will just laugh) about how to proceed. 

Saeyoung: “Well Mummy downloaded a mysterious app that let her speak to a strange man who told her to go to a strangers apartment and enter without permission. There the app started to work and she spoke to five beautiful people, one of them being me- and even though I tried my best to sway her advances, she finally swept me off my feet. After that we overturned not one, but two evil organisations and then came home and had some cake.” 

Child: “If you didn’t want to tell me the story that’s all you had to say Dad.” 

Saeran: “I tried to kidnap her.” 

Child: “You did not.”

Saeran: “I did. I swear. “

Child: “Dad this is pathetic, how did you meet Mum?”

Saeran (calling off to the side): “MC?! Come in here and tell our kid that I tried to kidnap you damn it!” 

V: “I had thought love to be completely out of my reach, and quite literally, out of nowehere- your mother appeared. She was helping us plan for the new RFA party.” 

Child: “Awww so you guys bonded through that whole experience?” 

V: “Mhmm, you’re mother was just an absolute angel.” (texting under the table to make sure MC corroborates his story to omit certain… details). 


Pero el amor no tiene sentido.

No puedes Enamorarte o desenamorarte logicamente.

El amor es un sin sentido total pero tenemos que seguir haciéndolo…

..O estamos perdidos, el amor esta muerto y la humanidad debería preparar las maletas..

Porque el amor es lo mejor que sabemos hacer. -Ted Mosby.

Não dá pra desistir de você assim, simplesmente não dá pra abrir mão. Não dá pra deixar pra lá, seguir em frente e esquecer, como se você fosse só mais uma passagem, só uma lembrança boa na minha vida, porque não é assim que eu te enxergo. Você é meu “lebenslangerschicksalsschatz” que traduzindo do alemão é o mais próximo de “O tesouro do destino ao longo da vida.” e não, eu não sei falar alemão, muito menos ler essa palavra, mas eu assisti “How I meet Your Mother” e eu pensei em você quando explicaram o que ela significa, e não só por você ter me apresentado Himym e quase tudo me lembrar a ti. Porque eu sempre quis que fossemos como “Marshmallow e Lilypad” ou até mesmo “Ted e Robin”, qualquer coisa que fizesse a gente ficar junto pra sempre. Mas você é minha Robin e eu sou o seu Barney, e o mais importante de tudo é que você é o meu tesouro e eu não sei abrir mão disso. Me desculpa a teimosia, mas é que a gente só encontra desses uma vez na vida e você é o meu. E eu só consigo pensar que qualquer outra pessoa seria meu “beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand” outra palavra que eu não consigo ler, mas que com certeza jamais te representaria, porque você é o suficiente, independente de qualquer coisa. Eu tenho certeza absoluta que eu consigo ser feliz sem você, mas é muito mais difícil e eu também não quero nem um pouco isso. Então para com essa teimosia e aceita que você é meu “lebenslangerschicksalsschatz” e que qualquer outra pessoa no mundo seria “beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand”.
—  Bianca Autran