how to match your makeup to your eye color

Makeup tips

For my fellow makeup wearing friends.

• Black eyeliner on your bottom waterline may make your eyes pop like fire, but it also narrows your eyes (helpful for my large eyed friends).

• White eyeliner on your waterline makes your eyes seem a lot bigger.

• Get some pencil or gel eyeliner that matches your mascara for your upper waterline. This’ll keep that annoying little flesh colored space that pops up in between your lashes and your top eyeliner

• Learn how to contour. That shit can create magic for your face

• Blush is hella awesome. Use more softer, skin tones for a natural look, and pretty pinks and reds for a bold look

• Blue eyes? Coppers and neutral eyeshadows will make your baby blues pop

• Brown eyes? Blues, neutrals, basically any cool colors. Be proud of your pretty warm eyes ♡

• Green/hazel? Warm colors, neutrals (literally neutrals go with anything!)

• All mascaras are not the same! Find what you need the most. If you have long lashes, but they’re thin, find some volumizing/plumping mascaras. Short but thick lashes? Lengthening mascara.

Feel free to add on! ♡


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Sephora PRO artist Helen Phillips shows off two looks using SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Blush.


THE TIP: “For a doll-like look, apply blush only to the apples of the cheeks in a rounded shape. Then match your lip color. Keep the eyes simple by just applying mascara to the top lash line—it will keep your flushed look focused!”


THE TIP: “If you’ve always wanted to try a purple-hued blush but don’t know how to wear it, make it a monochromatic look. Apply blush not only to cheeks but also under eyes as well. To define the eye, add a bit of black liner and mascara. Then apply a similar shade of lip color to create a sophisticated spring look.”